About Our Holy Christ Self # 2      


The history of the human race records how smart we can be

 and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I’m here to continue to explore Spiritual Ideas with you.... Ideas not only to make our everyday lives more meaningful as we weave our humanness and Soulness together into the wonderful, creative patchwork quilt we call Life....but to further define our Identity as Sons and Daughters of God. 

Most of us identify with a Supreme Being....we accept the Idea that we have or are a Soul, depending on our point of view.... but our Soul Purpose hasn’t always been clear to us ....for that matter our human purpose isn’t clear to many of us...and the Idea of a human/Soul Partnership is just emerging as we are learning to accept the Idea that our Souls channel the Energy of the Supreme Being through the physical body.

 We are learning that Soul Energy is Almighty God Energy at work within each human body.  

 For us to be able to participate consciously in the Grand Plan of Life, we first have to know about our Soul Connection....

we have to know that the Soul is a Spark of Life coming from our Holy Christ Selves....

and beyond that, from our I AM Presence....

and beyond that, from some, as yet, undefined

Source of Almighty Power.

When we begin to get a sense of Those Ideas of WHO WE REALLY ARE,  we are then able to begin fulfilling our human/Soul Purpose.

 And that Purpose is to channel Light to the Earth and expand our Soulness as we do it. Minute by minute, if we’re getting it right, the human/Soul Partnership is expanding God’s Essence in small or great ways, bringing to Earth the “Quality of Love” needed to establish the Peace and Freedom so long absent from this Planet.

 For the sake of the peaceful future of mankind. ...let’s all work to “get it right”...and today, join together in saying....


At all times, if we’re getting it right,

we’re living our lives in Harmony with the Purposes of Infinite Intelligence.

Through the Soul flows the Mind and Heart of Infinite Intelligence.....and the human body provides the physical mind, heart and hands needed by the Soul to do the Cosmic Work of Earth.

If we’re getting it right, we know ourselves to be a human/Soul Partnership. If our lives feel empty, and we seem to be going nowhere....if Life has no meaning, Body or Soul, we can be assured that somewhere, sometime, somehow we experienced a dis-connect between ourselves and our Souls....

between ourselves and God.

 By our own, conscious or unconscious 'free will action', in some way at some point in time, the human-us distanced itself from its Soul Spark, leaving the Body free to do what it wanted to do and was naturally disposed to do, but without Higher Direction, Help or sense of Purpose.

Meanwhile we, the Immortal Soul wait patiently, hoping for a re-connect and trying to communicate with the human mind or heart....waiting until our human vehicle is ready and willing to accept the Re-connection. Then our Soul Journey through the physical experience can continue. 

The study of metaphysical and religious literature tells us that Great Teachers have come periodically to help the Soul and human being reconnect....this was certainly a primary part of the Mission of Jesus.

 And I have wondered if that “born again” feeling people talk of, whether through the teaching of Jesus or Others, can be anything but the human experience of reconnecting with the Soul Self. That deep, ecstatic, religious feeling has to be the Joy, we, the Soul feel, as we again, touch the hem of the garment of the Master Presence....our own Master I AM Presence....

and now we are ready to continue our Mission on Earth in a more Spiritual mind-set. I believe we each make many such re-commitments to God, as we work our Way back to our Source. Some people refer to these moments as “initiations”. That sounds right to me.


Now, let’s take a few moments to get as quiet as possible...and begin by again drawing all our Energy in around ourselves....calling in any Energy that is not serving a good purpose elsewhere....and bringing it all back and sealing it inside our auras.

We have no idea how we leave our Energy scattered everywhere we go and around everything we do.

 So we’ll see It all magnetized back to serve us here and now. At the same time, we want to move out any Energy that does not belong to us...

We’ll simply ask any Energy that should be elsewhere, to leave us....

then we’ll reinforce that Wall of Powerful White Light around our ourselves....

seeing It as both a Blessing and a Protection to all our Energy....

seeing It keep out Energy that doesn’t belong to us.

Now within that Wall of Light, we can see ourselves standing in a large Pillar of Blazing Violet Light, and watch as all dross, all darkness is being burnt out of our as our Energy begins to glow with pure Cosmic Coloration.....

always being aware that the Violet Light is magnetizing back to us all the Christ Good in the Universe as It is cleansing our Energy.  

As we provide ourselves with this quality 'quiet time', the Christ Self above is increasing Its outpouring of Love and Peace to us.

In my mind’s eye I see this Outpouring of Christness as an iridescent sparkling Light....

I watch It joyfully spiraling down into my body....

I see It filling every Chakra with sparkling Light,

causing every cell of my body to shine....

and then I see It expanding out beyond the Wall of Light

going on Its Way to Bless the World. 


Now let us again wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing this Iridescent Light spiraling around ourselves

Our minds are open to the Highest Information Channels

as we invite the Christ Light

To stream into our Hearts and Minds

And into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That we may all become Channels

  for Light and Illumination and Peace to descend to Earth.


Now: Today we again take up the topic of our Holy Christ Selves.

and I will include some Information about the various Mystical Rays, which emanate from Mind and Heart and the Aura of the Supreme Being.

Again I wish to point out that we are not only at a unique turning point in the history of humanity, but also at the “fast forward” point of expansion of the Soul Flame. That expansion is occurring whether we are aware of it or not...but occurring more rapidly as we give recognition to the Soul Flame as It flows into the physical body, seeing It coming from the Christ Self above us.

And if we follow that Flame back to the Heart of the Supreme Being which is where It originates....which is where everything We are originates.... we see that we are indeed, a Spark of the Heart Energy of our Source.  

In previous talks I described how that Flame becomes a Three Fold Flame as it anchors in our heart area.

 How It connects us first to our personal Higher Bodies of Light, and simultaneously to all Greater of Godness.

 This Cosmic Three Fold Flame contains the Consciousness (Soul) that is the Source of all the God Instruction needed by the human being.

The Soul (Christ Consciousness) is always giving Direction for the unfolding of Life on Earth.

The human mind has to have this Spiritual Information and Instruction if it (the human being) is ever to rise above the level of the animal nature and needs.

It needs to know about the Soul Flame if that Flame is ever to be activated within the human process.

and if ever the Soul is to be given the chance to make the difference on Earth as It strives to change the often ungodly human nature into that of the Spiritualized God-man.

 Today, as never before, we need Soul Information to lead the human-us as we walk the Path between the unpleasantness unfolding around us and the evolving Peaceful Transition.....between the old human patterns and the New Spiritual Patterns that are even now being lowered into the atmosphere of an ascending Earth.


So for a moment let's turn our attention to this Soul Flame, this Three fold Flame of Christ Consciousness anchored in our hearts.

...Knowing that through It, we are connected directly to all levels of Godness above....

to our Holy Christ Selves and I AM Presence and to all Greater Life in the Universe.

Part of our human Awakening process is realizing that when we speak to that Flame within us, when we say

 “Flame, within my heart, Expand and Light my way”,

we are speaking to 'God' (our own individualized I AM Godness and to Supreme I AM Consciousness and Beingness) in all His Heavens.

Again I think of that “born again” feeling and believe it comes over us as our Christed Soul Energy expands within the physical body.

The Soul Flame just naturally glows brighter...becomes stronger....we feel It more and more as we give It recognition. 

When we are ready to establish a strong human/Soul Partnership, we immediately sense a Personality within that Flame. I believe what we are experiencing is part of the Personality of our Christed Soul....a part of Our Divine Personality.

As we join forces with that Flame, we are allowing Its Guidance to lead us in all human/Soul endeavors....

we find we are often talking to It....

the human-us becoming the friend of the God-in-us in the Form of our Soul. Thus, every time we take time to picture that Flame glowing in our hearts, we are expanding It.

If we try, we can feel It.


So we can talk to that Three fold Flame that blazes away in our heart. We can become its friend.....Its confidante....and its Partner.

Minute by minute, as we keep the Vision of that Flame in our minds, it is expanding God’s Light into our human/Soul is expanding and Lighting the Way of the human-us....expanding and  healing the Way of the human-us....

It is expand and will unite us with our Soul partner.

It will expand until the human and the Soul are one Unit....a human/Soul time, a human/Soul Etherealized Partnership. At that point we are walking the Earth as completely Spiritualized human beings. ...fully conscious Representatives of Almighty God on the physical plane. 

Today the world....the whole world,  appears to be in a crisis mode.

We know for sure that it’s in a changing, evolving mode.

It’s possible we will have to make grave sacrifices if we can’t keep terror and maybe, even war out of our country (America)....and so it is so important that everyone of us, all over the world, keep ourselves Spiritually Focused....

that we learn to keep our Energy protected....

 that we continue to expand our Light to meet our needs, Body and Soul... and call forth all Cosmic Power that provides the Energy needed at this time world wide.

We are our Brother's Keepers....but first we must be able to protect ourselves if we are to be a help to others.

 In working for Peace and for Freedom on Earth today, much may depend those who have some Understanding about how to call their Christ Flame into action.

The safety and future of the present mankind may depend on our knowing about the more powerful Energies that exist for our use....

and knowing about the Evolved Beings, Ascended and Angelic, Who have offered us Their Help.

 There is no doubt that these are special times....critical times....

times when if we are ready to wake up from a long Spiritual sleep, we can reach out and begin to work with the Invisible Realities that exist to serve the Universe and today are ready to help us here.

 We are being given Information never before offered to the people of Earth.

Great Beings have come out of High Heaven to help us and help the Earth, make the transition from the Energies of the last two thousand years into the incoming Aquarian Energies.

 The people of the entire Planet are being given the chance to opt out of old, even ancient Belief patterns.....some still very much alive on Earth. Today everyone can step forward, into the new Dimension. Each individual.... each nation is even now being offered the choice to go forward in Freedom and True Compassion....humanity is being offered not a 'handout' but a 'hand up.' 

I pray that those stuck in what I call the “non-god” mentality, will voluntarily be open to changing direction.

 Many Souls have foolishly and blindly, accepted the lies of non-god forces. Many knowingly or unknowingly, talk and walk the dark path, looking to the world for validation and reinforcement....many Souls are too Spiritually weak or humanly arrogant to resist the darkened Energy.

 There is a great need for Information of all kinds....but especially, there is a need for simple, practical Spiritual Instruction which I offer here.

We live our physical lives in a God Drama that has been hi-jacked by non-god 'control freaks' that have been at work on this Planet for a very long time.


These times demand that the human ugliness that has crept into and intends to control the Drama, must go.

 To see that 'God' wins this battle to save the Souls here and indeed, save the Planet, Itself, the Heavenly Hierarchy responsible for the evolution of Earth and its people, are doing everything allowed to greatly expand the Loving, Peaceful Christ Energy, which is always flowing onto the Planet, but now is coming in, at a high speed and in Cosmic Concentration.

 This High Powered Energy is raising the vibration of all Energy everywhere and is beginning to 'cover over the darkness'....

validating those who have dared to dream the Dream of Peace and whose daily lives are dedicated to serving the Ideals of God rather than the appetites of man.

 Peace (and all Peace means to the Planet and to individual lives) will become a Reality for those who stay centered and focused on their own Christness.

This is the only Way. It is taking our minds off the old material non-gods....putting our minds on peaceful, nurturing Relationships.

 And working in all ways, to serve the Purpose of goodness and Godness in behalf of the people of this Planet....always focused from the perspective of the conscious human/Soul Partnership willingly, joyfully serving the Will of God, which can only be for the greatest good of all. 

Now to add a few more words about the Seven Cosmic Rays.

There is much Information available about the Activities of these Light Rays today.

Let me recap some of my thoughts on this subject:

These particular Cosmic Rays are basic to Life. These Rays become Seven Spheres of Energy that encircle and flow around and out from the Supreme Being to and into everything that exists in the Universe.

They provide...They are....the Creative Power/Energy/Mind out of which all Form comes into we can say They are involved in everything we do, Body and Soul.

 The Seven Ray Creed I've talked about in several programs simplistically describes the Activity of the various Rays in so far as They Power and give specific Direction to our daily lives.

We need this kind of practical information...

we need to have Ideas and Information that are very practical.... 

we need immediately available Spiritual Tools that exist to be used by us as we walk this way.

 These are not pie-in-the-sky Spiritual Ideas that have no relevance to our daily lives....but on the contrary, the human organism has no ability to rise higher on the evolutionary scale without the input of greater Energy of Higher Purpose. 

We, Body and Soul, need to understand that it was never intended that mankind would become so helpless....understand that mankind is its own worse enemy....that people continue to do terrible things to themselves humanly.

But be comforted and encouraged by the knowledge that the Way Out and Up has always been there.

 The human dilemma is solved by looking to and listening for the Knowledge of God (the Christ Consciousness) that’s always spiraling right there within us.

It helps if we take time to learn a few simple Spiritual Facts of Life...which is no different than the process we go through as we take time to learn about anything we must learn or have a special desire to learn.

As adults, we generally have a 'choice'....we generally can decide what we will or won’t learn. What we will or won’t do. Believe or not believe.

When we come to grips with our responsibility around 'choosing', we are half way there to becoming directors of our own lives. Otherwise, what is free will all about.

Probably a Fact of Life that is the hardest to swallow, is that we only have in our lives what we ourselves, have built into our lives....

We are the sum total of the choices we have made of this present embodiment and ones previous to this one.

So that when we understand that and we choose to grow a bit, Body and Soul, and begin to look for Answers, we often discover that They come fast and furious.

As we desire more Truth in our lives and put forth some Spiritual Effort and expend our time and Energy in that Direction....we give the Christ Self the opening (the Open Door) and the opportunity to enfold us and our Desires in Its Powers of Manifestation.

I want now to talk about the death of the physical body again...

and now in this context.

 When we speak of looking for Answers, it is wise to be aware that the Answers we are looking for, may not always seem to be what we’re asking for....for example, at some point in our lives, the body gets sick. We have learned how to ask for God’s Open the Door for Divine Manifestation of what we hope for.

 We've learned to call on the Law of Forgiveness....taking responsibility for something we’ve done or not done that may be allowing a condition of illness to manifest itself in our bodies.

 We’ve been taught to use the Violet Flame to transmute (forgive and purify) any Energy we have not used wisely.

In serious situations we employ the services of the medical world. And undoubtedly we and friends and family are hoping and praying that we will get well. But our physical body dies. 

And to the on looking world it appears that all the prayers and all efforts have failed.

 But what we may not realize is that Energy that was lowered in vibration, may have been raised to a higher vibration through what we experience in an sickness and particularly as we understand and cooperate with what’s happening.

 Illness, life disruptions of one kind or another, are often the Way used by the Christed Soul to teach Truth or cleanse Energy ....sometimes by shaking off the old, and providing a way to move to the next step on our Path. If, using our example of illness, for some reason the body can’t recover and the Soul casts it off in order to progress, it may be we will wish to and be allowed to come back again someday. And if we come this way again, hopefully we start off with a cleaner slate. It always depends on our attitudes and 'choices'.


And finally, and this is very important planning for the future....

If we have this Knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE....that we are an Immortal CHRISTED SOUL, then as we leave the Earth plane and enter the next one, we know how to ask for continuing Instruction from that Mind-set.

Thus, all the bits of Spiritual Information that come our way become very valuable to us....

not only here but 'there' as well.

  It really is important to both our present and our future lives to take the time to learn more ABOUT WHO WE REALLY cultivate a Relationship with Great Beings....Those like 'Jesus'...with Angels.

Many live their whole human lives without ever doing this and then the body dies to this world without any Soul progress having been made here. If the Soul is shrouded in human darkness It may have no Idea where It's going as It leaves here or why.....without knowing how to ask for Direction as It leave here or after It gets 'there'. Thus, It survives in 'limbo' so to speak until It connects with the Light/Truth in some way. This is the reason for all the prayers 'for the dead'. This is the way the physical side of Life can call to Greater Life to help a Soul who may be bound up in darkness (of Its own making) and can't progress without help. I think this is called 'hell'.

 There are so many practical reasons to learn all we can learn about Life....and Spiritual Information resonates for us if we desire to learn.

 We can use all the Information we can absorb....using It to live more creative lives here....and there.

 Life is all about getting an Education....and then using that Education....

and very little, if anything, happens until we make the effort to learn and then make ourselves push the button marked “go out and experience it”.

And so I have endeavored to share less known Concepts about the various Activities of Light and suggest how we can use them.

Years ago, in developing my version of the Seven Ray Creed, it was to give myself a set of Rules to help me become more inwardly and Spiritually focused, Body and Soul.

I spelled out this creed in Program #10.

And will only repeat this:  My understanding is that as we consciously cycle through the Energies of the Seven Cosmic Elohim Rays, we develop and balance the Energy of the major chakras within our individuated Bit of Godness as It exists in Soul Form on Earth.

Each Ray has a specific Vibration and Purpose...each Chakra translates and transforms these Cosmic Energies into a Vibration that works for the physical being....and Each Energy has a specific Vibration and Cosmic Purpose. And no one Ray Activity is more important than any Other....all being Specific Attributes of the Godhead, all needed in balance form to give the Soul the proper 'platform' from which to do 'God's work' here on this Planet. Thus, the Qualities of All Seven Rays within the scheme of the human/Soul Partnership are to be mastered in time.

 There is much modern Spiritual writing on this subject, and anyone who is interested can find it and study to their heart’s content.

I do wish to add this about The Seventh Ray which is called The Ray of Freedom and is the Ray from which we get the Violet Flame.

It is important for our well being and that of the Nations that we are aware of this Seventh Ray Energy, because It is the Incoming Dominant Vibration for the Earth and will be so for the next two thousand year cycle.

It is important that we give It our recognition....that we learn how It functions and what Its actions are....particularly as it works to purify our Energy and the hate filled Energy of the world.

  The Violet Flame can transmute...change the quality of and raise... our Energy from a lower frequency to a higher one....from dirty Energy to clean Energy....and is referred to as

the Divine Alchemy that resurrects and Perfects Universal Energy (causes It to ascend into a Higher Aspect, vibrationally speaking).

When we invoke and visualize the Violet Flame in our lives, we are acting on the opportunity we have been given in this century to “make things right”.

 The Violet Flame, working at invisible levels, corrects our mistakes when we make the human effort to correct our mistakes and when we ask for that transmutation and forgiveness.

 This is an example of the visible and invisible actions of man and God working together....together we clean up and raise both the visible and invisible distortions we may have inflicted consciously or unconsciously.

upon God’s Pure Energy,  

Think often on this:

The Energy we (the human body) receive from the Christ Self is Pure as it flows in.

So all things being considered our lives ought to be a picture of God Purity.

Now if our Lives aren’t 'perfect', what do we think has happened. Did God fail us?

 Or perhaps did we sometime, somewhere, somehow color that Pure Energy with what might have been less than perfect thoughts, feelings or actions.

 A large part of our initial Spiritual process has to do with understanding and strengthening our Awareness of how, in one unthinking moment, we can allow that pure Energy to lose God Qualities and take on human qualities that are less than peaceful, less than harmonious....less than acceptable to either our human/Soul Partnership or to our Christ Selves and I AM Presence....


So we can be grateful that the Power we call 'God' has provided a Way we can clean up our messes.

This particular and special Seventh Ray Activity of Transmutation really is a Miracle....and if we will use It....and yes, we do have to activate It and use It untiringly....but when we do, the Violet Flame has the Power to clean up our Energy, raising It in vibration, the Power to make it acceptable and usable for present and future constructive purposes.

 The Power to take us to the next level of Spiritual Consciousness

 Here then, is a decree that many people use to activate the Violet Flame in their goes like this....

Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self

Blaze up through me now Your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, the Purifying Power of Divine Love, in its most Powerful, Dynamic Activity.

Consume cause, effect, record and memory forever of all human concept, desires, and feelings in my being and world and every mistake for which my human self is responsible.

Replace it all with the Ascended Masters’ Electronic Substance of Light, Love, Purity and Perfection.

And hold your dominion with me forever....


The Violet Flame is the Flame of Forgiveness....this is the Affirmation I shared some time ago....

“I  AM the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and consuming Flame of all inharmonious action and human consciousness


When we combine

 the decree activating the Violet Flame Activity in our lives with this affirmation for forgiveness, always Invoking the Violet Flame with Understanding, we are able to clean up and raise any Energy we have ever lowered in vibration.

 Finally the Healing of the Earth will happen when enough of us are Invoking The Power of the Seventh Ray....particularly the Violet Ray.

Today this Knowledge has spread all over the planet. It is being taught through a number of organizations and extensively on the Internet.

 Asking the 'God' of our Being to blaze the Violet Flame into everything and everybody all over this Planet is the greatest Service anyone of us can render....

We who care about all Life, we can decree Perfection not only for our own Lifestream but for Life everywhere,

 Knowledge gained through educating ourselves is just the first step

The next step is to use it.

And as we tip toe into the Spiritual world, there’s much to know....for we are always dealing with Energy of a Vibration higher than we are accustomed to....and we have to learn to apply the Love, Wisdom and Power of our Souls if we are to use this new Energy.

 So knowledge is good....but the right use of Spiritual Knowledge that teaches us WHO WE REALLY ARE must be a big part of it.

 There is human confusion around the word 'Soul'....

and so let us differentiate between the human ego (human consciousness), and the Christed Soul which is the Personality and Consciousness of the Holy Christ Self.

Our human consciousness is the sum total or accumulation of all the Energy we have ever used qualified by our use of Energy. It is often a human burden of very soiled consciousness. It is this 'consciousness' that we are working to purify and raise to a higher vibration so that fresh, clean Energy can be brought into our lives.

The Soul is a Spark of the Divine Consciousness of the Holy Christ Self that embodies in the physical body to do God's Work here.

Now in closing let me add this.

 This Idea of our Christ Self....and the Christed Energy that flows into us is not some abstract Idea

. The Christ Self of each one of us is a Being of Light standing just above us....

and that Being puts a Spark of Itself into a physical Body, giving that Body 'Life'.

In time a human/Soul Partnership may result If so we are the Conscious Mind within that Partnership....a Spark of Christ Mind.

Through this Spark we are connected to all Spiritual Beings and Planes beyond.

Think about this.

 Once upon a time, long before we ever thought of coming to Earth and taking up residence in a physical body, we existed as an individualized I AM Presence.

 At that I AM level of Being, we projected forth a Replica of ourselves and created the Holy Christ Self....a stepped down version of the I AM Presence...

And from that level, when we were ready a physical body was designed, one best suited for our Life on Earth.

 Imagine our Christ Self projecting a Flame from the Its Heart and placing it in the heart of a physical body.

That Flame contains all the Qualities of the Flame in the heart of the Holy Christ Self and the I AM Presence....that is why we should say, many times a day....

Christ Flame, within my Heart, expand and Light my Way.....

 why we never forget to pay homage to that Spark of Christ Light....

the Flame within our hearts.