About Our Holy Christ Self # 1

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Today we talk about our Christed Natures. I speak often of our Souls which I describe as the Spark of Christ Light or Energy anchored in the heart, that gives Life to the physical body.

 Today I hope to suggest more Ways to magnify that sublime, Spiritual part of us.

As never in the history of mankind, we are today challenged to recognize our human/Soul Relationship and find ways to integrate that Christ Energy into our daily lives....using every practical and logical, human and Soul way we can think of to live our lives constructively.

It will come, eventually, to the point where the human us naturally defers to its Soul partner which for many is still a challenge. However, to the degree that we succeed, will we find ourselves moving in an ever more peaceful atmosphere of our own designing, in which darkness is eliminated from our lives.  

Our human intellect grapples with the Idea of allowing the Soul Nature to take over...isnít sure about letting the Soul Energy envelop the human form....isnít sure it wants to create a human/Soul Partnership....isnít sure it understands how man and God can work together on Earth.

 We have to stop trying to ďunderstandĒ our Christ Natures and just let It take over our lives. It comes down to trusting what we feel in our hearts....realizing what we are feeling is Love...realizing and accepting that this Feeling of Love is the Highest Vibration of that Supreme Being and Power we call God.

Today our job is to take that Vibration, that Love and use It to create a world where Peace can flower.

Wonít you join me again in saying,


As I write this in the Spring of 2002, I observe a destructive force at work that is making good use of the media, world and TV....newspapers and magazines....a 'force' that is promoting war between Israel and Palestine.

One would have to be blind not to see that a third world war is being promoted....that today the Palestinians are the pawns and the Israelis are the canary in the mind shaft....both are being used to fan the flames of a conflict desired by the power hungry, evil people who still exist on this Planet. And who can guess where it goes from here.

For thousands of years there has been a force constantly stirring up the feelings of hate between these two ancient enemies, these descendants of Abraham.

 In ancient times it was the Hebrews and Semites....then later it was the Jewish 'tribe'...those Hebrews still left in the Holy constant conflict with neighboring peoples.

And during the past thousand years, Christians, mostly of ancient Hebrew descent, have been drawn into the that we now have Christian and Jews, still fighting the Arabs, who are yet another part of that family of Abraham.

Eventually, this has to be resolved once and for all ....with everything coming back in line with its original Divine Purpose. These days may provide ways for that to happen....but it wonít happen through more hate and killing.

Unless the world can find peaceful answers to this ancient argument, it is a battle to be fought again and again, and will this time be fought with weapons of mass destruction. It will not be held to only that region, but will be fought and felt around the globe.

There is an accumulation of explosive warring energy caused by destructive and hateful feelings of thousands of years. This hate has fueled the wars of thousands of years. And evil individuals still exist on this Planet only too happy to use this anger and resentment and bigotry to play their war games....and if they are allowed to get away with the destruction they are planning, there will be little left of the human race or the civilization we enjoy.

This is the grim Truth of our time....and that is why we have to wake up, REALIZE WHO WE REALLY ARE AND DESIRE TO UNDERSTAND THE CAUSES, visible and invisible, OF BOTH PERSONAL AND NATIONAL FEELINGS OF BIGOTRY THAT EXIST ALL OVER THE PLANET...and we have to get to work to disarm the bomb of emotional, irrational energy, ready to go off any time. 


This is why I take time to come every week to speak of Peace and peaceful attitudes, as well as to share emerging Spiritual Concepts that contain the answers to all questions ABOUT WHO WE REALLY ARE....AND WHY WE ARE HERE.

 There is a large group of concerned people who believe that unless we consciously focus our attention away from war, unless we wake up....unless we call to God and all the Forces of Heaven to come and help us now, now today, we face a calamity that will us draw to us devastation that we can only imagine. So far our lives (in the U S) are only marginally impacted by what is going on in other parts of the world at this time.

 But we are far from safe.

And all the armaments, all the scientific ways to wage war, of which we are todayís masters, are not going to keep us safe....we have to understand that. And the most threatening force is coming from brainwashed zealots of the Muslim faith who are prepared to destroy their own futures in the hope of taking others with them. This is very reminiscent of the 1940s when Japanese Kamikaze pilots dove their planes into U S ships. Evil takes over the minds of and women....and it is only when they step out of their dead bodies will they realize the horror of what they have themselves and to others. 

Our safety and the safety of the rest of the countries still unaffected by this Middle East Conflict lies in finding a way to neutralize the misqualified Energy that otherwise is going to be used to destroy many innocent people.

 This Energy cannot be destroyed with guns, or any of the weapons of mass destruction....or suicidal actions.

It can only be handled as each one of us learns how to access the Consciousness of our own I AM Presence....the Consciousness and Power of Ascended and Angelic Beings....and learn how to use the Powerful Cosmic Healing, Transmuting Rays of Light that exist in this Universe.

There exists Cosmic Light or Energy that is more Powerful than any amount of foulness that can be used to try to destroy us.

 We need to know that there are Forces for Good, that not only are stronger than any evil that exists....but we must understand that we have to call that Cosmic Consciousness and Power into action

 and let it go to work to dissolve, consume and transmute all the less than pure Energy on this Planet....changing it back into all that is God-good.




We, all of us, must become Channels for Light to flow to Earth....we have to keep telling ourselves that....and understand that we have the Power to do it in the person of our own Christ Self, who waits above us....awaiting our commands to go into action in behalf of 'God'....

And we are to put on the Mind of Christ ....integrate that Consciousness  into our lives, and from that Mind-set, get to work to save this Planet from the actions of unconscionable life forms.

There is much current Spiritual Instruction telling us that we have the Help of Heavenly Legions as we pursue Peace and Happiness on this Planet. Great Beings of Light understand what we face and are offering us their Strength in solving this situation of war on Earth. Those of us who realize what is going on, also realize that humanity is not yet strong enough to stand against the darkness without the Help of Heaven.

 In many programs I have said that these are serious times, demanding serious people. If we are going to put an end once and for all to the hateful energy that pervades our lives....that kills members of our families....that destroys life everywhere, it will take serious people willing to fight to protect themselves and protect fight with guns if necessary....but what we are being asked to do by the Hierarchy of Heaven is to make the calls to Them and They will help us fight our battles....using powerful Energy that we can only imagine.   

So we who understand the issues are those people that God depends on to bring Peace to this Planet....we are those people...we who have no vested interest in war.

 What is the first step? Well, we begin by learning about the various God Levels of starts with the Human-us getting to know and be willing to work with our Souls...for that is where our Power is. This may mean changing our life styles. Certainly for many, it means expanding our horizons....thinking about and seeing ourselves as a human/Soul Partnership....seeing ourselves as both Body and Soul doing the work needed to save this Planet. 

This is the only way out of the dilemma of our times....for the human/Soul Partnership knows how to call for the Purification of the Energy of this Planet....

and it knows how to draw peaceful, loving, high vibrational Light here....Light that cannot be requalified with evil intent.

The human/Soul Partnership, acting in full Christ Consciousness knows how to transmute all the dirty energy back into its original Purity knows how to bring Miracles of Peace to the Earth. 

And this is what we have to understand....Our Souls are the Consciousness within the Christ Flame that is anchored in our hearts.

 The Soul Consciousness carries with it all the Knowledge needed by the human/Soul Partnership to carry out what is planned for each individual embodiment and for the work to be done for the Planet. This includes our normal daily activity and anything else we feel prompted to do, as we live and expand our Plan of Life we serve the Greater Plan of the Planet.


Two thousand years ago, when the Spiritual Energy of the earth was at another low ebb, One called 'Jesus' came to Earth to set into action the Christ Nature within each individual.

In order to teach us then, He lived and demonstrated His own Christ Consciousness.....leaving us with the Message that what He had done, we could all do. His Efforts started humanity on an upward spiral toward the Truth of God and the Truth of its individual Being.

 At that time 'Jesus' worked with us in a physical He serves us and the Earth, using a Powerful Energy Body....invisible to us....but no less real. He has never stopped working for mankind...and His Luminous Presence is always with any of us who wish to associate with Him.

 If we choose to do it we can integrate His Consciousness into that of our human/Soul Partnership, He will guide us to the Truths of Life.

Doing physical battle with evil is not one of those Truths....but calling in Oceans of Peaceful Energy onto the Planet is a Sacred Command to Life. 

In order to become the people He would like us to be....and the people we would like to be....kind, loving, peaceful, intelligent and compassionate, we have to go beyond the psychology of the human mind....which today is primarily focused on satisfying human desires.

 The solutions to the worldís problems do not exist in the human mind. The answers are found in the Spark of Mind anchored in our hearts. That Spark is the Life and Mind of our Christed Selves.

 It is so important that we get a sense of the reality of this Christ Self....

giving up any abstract concepts of It....seeing It as a Real Person....not human person obviously, but Spiritual person...for that is the only way we will finally develop a direct contact with our Christ Selves.

 We have to start with the Belief.....then we practice feeling the Realness of this indwelling Soul, as a Presence Active in our human lives. We choose Christ Activity in our lives and in the world.    

The Cosmic Law of our day is demanding the development of this human/Soul Relationship....for that will make it possible for everyone to be ready for whatever Cosmic Changes are in the works.

 We are all expected to become a Christ-in-action on this Planet....

Cosmic Law has set aside some of the old Spiritual concepts....

Many of those old Ways have been corrupted, resulting in gross misunderstanding and confusion among mankind. The old Idea of the 'sinful human' is out and a new focus on the Christed Self is in.

 Deliberate confusion has been the cause of most of the hate and arrogance at work on the Planet for far too long. Thatís also on itís way out.

Confusion about Spiritual issues is out and Christ Clarity is in.

 And humanity today has the choice to endure yet another war bringing mass misery in its wake or once and for all solve the problem by determining


 and in that Mind-set turning to God, asking for Peaceful Solutions to every unpeaceful situation facing mankind today.  

So though the handwriting is on the wall for that old energy....

the Powers of Heaven have spoken and the new Plan is unfolding.

 But we arenít quite there yet  I believe we are still at a 'choosing of the ways'. Our part in this Cosmic Drama comes as each one of us chooses which side weíre on....war or peace....

Do we choose to peacefully co-exist with our fellow men and women...and will we make the effort to understand the Bigger Issues and accept our responsibilities to be Channels for Solutions to manifest on Earth for the solving of the Bigger Issues.

 Never doubt for a moment that by our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words we donít let our human preference be known on the subject of  war or peace.

 Each of us has been put in situations where we demonstrate our action and reaction to the question of war or peace. And how we respond to that question, in our everyday reactions to life around us, will determine our place in that unfolding Plan.

Hopefully we will choose to play the Game of Life the Soulís Way....

the Way of the Christ.  

To be part of this Cosmic Plan of the Incoming Age of the Soul we need more up to date knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT OUR DIVINE PLAN IS.

The information we need first, concerns our own Spiritual make-up. We need to understand our personal history, which started ages ago when we were birthed as Sparks of some Great God. We were then just tiny I AM Beings ....tiny Sparks of Infinite Godness.

 As the ages moved along, we gained Knowledge and we have had the choice to go in many see, we were given the God Gift of Creative Free Will....we could choose then, even as we can choose now, what we will do and how we will do it, as we fulfill a pre-ordained Divine Plan... and each of us is a part of a Cosmic Plan....and no two of us are alike.

We each have a Specific Divine Purpose and Responsibility within that Cosmic Plan. 

Theosophical literature tells us that over the ages some of us worked our way through the entire Seven Causal Spheres of the Being that birthed us....and that we earned the right to grow and serve within the humanity of this Planet if we chose to do it.

 It is important to know this about us....we hear people whine and moan about not having asked to be born. Nothing could be farther from the Truth. In fact, much of what we are told and taught is not the Truth and is contrary to the way Life actually works.

At any rate, at some point in our long history, we were ready to try out this Earth Experience. And most of us have now come and gone many times...though perhaps, some only a few times. But for most of us there have been many trips as we have wanted to or needed to do this or that.

 Many times we have known WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT OUR PURPOSE REALLY IS....we have known about our I AM Presence, have known we are Sparks of Eternal Godness. Weíve known our Soul Partner in other times....and known how that Partnership is intended to call to the I AM Presence setting It into action to accomplish certain work on Earth.

Today in most people, that knowledge lies dormant....waiting for the human ego to stand aside and let the Soul Energy come in and participate in the human/Soul endeavor. 

Fortunately, some Great Souls embody in every Age to teach the understanding of the I AM Presence and the Christed Self.

'Jesus' was One of these.

Without those Teachers the Knowledge OF WHO WE ARE would be lost on Earth. And the Earth would also be lost. 

Jesus lit the Flame of Truth and It has sometimes flickered but has not gone out....and today there are many who have embodied with that Knowledge of their Godness. There are many who know themselves to be I AM Sparks of Eternal Godness.

Who know there exists just above them a Body of Christ Energy established there by the I AM Presence for the use of the Soul...for use of the human/Soul Partnership.

And these individuals carry the Flame of Truth. They are the Teachers of mankind. Iíve said that mankind has never been without Teachers. But today there is an unprecedented number of evolved Lifestreams working with the mankind of the Earth....And I tell you, that is our only hope of preventing the dark energy from trying to have its way with the constructive people of Earth. 


So I hope I have made the case for accepting and believing in the existence of our I AM Presence....and in the very close Presence of our Holy Christ Self. Once we reach that place of Understanding, we are on our way to developing the Spiritual Consciousness that can then be cultivated through the human/Soul partnership. To the degree that we can develop that Consciousness, will we accomplish what weíve come to do.....what needs to be done.

 Thus, it just a matter of getting ourselves into action at the combined levels of human and Soul thinking and feeling. AND allowing the Soul to have a say in our daily activity.... for the Soul knows the human requirements....and the Christ Mind is directly connected to the Higher God that we have direct access to all the Information and Direction we need for this Journey.  

Our job becomes one of encouraging and stimulating the Soul Flame anchored in the heart....stimulating and expanding all our God Qualities which includes our personal Unique Quality....for we each bring a Special Blessing to mankind....we are meant to be Blessings to each other....Body and Soul.

 Let me say again that the vibratory action of the Planet is being stepped up by Cosmic Command and Demand, becoming more rapid in order that all Life here may take a step forward in Spiritual Consciousness.

 Our four lower bodies must increase the frequency of their vibrations. Cosmic Law demands that this happen is no longer a matter of our waiting to decide if we want our vibration speeded up or is happening. And if we will accept it, we have at our fingertips all the Instruction we need about ourselves and about the cyclic changes underway. 

Please believe and understand that we are entering an Era of Freedom. in which no human negativity or ignorance of Godís Laws. will be allowed...

And no one is excused from taking this class....

one way or another every Lifestream connected with this Planet will have the opportunity to hear these Ideas....

everyone will be offered Freedom.

 And then comes the time of choosing....whether to go forward with the Increased Light or stay behind in a place of darkness. The hope is that all will choose to go forward into the Light of a new Day in Illumined Obedience to Cosmic Law. 

Today the Cosmic Law requires that everyone have access to enough information to make an informed choice about the Energy change thatís on going. Those of us who have shown an interest are being taught to use our Energy for constructive purposes.....

to start by increasing our capacity for Enlightenment...

to work for discrimination and Spiritual Direction in the use of our Energy. We are being asked to work for Understanding through using the Wisdom of the Christ Flame in our hearts and by focusing our human and Soul Minds on finding the best ways to become Masters of our Energy. 

We are being asked to expand the qualities of compassion, unity and Brotherhood. And to do this by harmonizing our feelings and by developing Ideas through which the Virtues of God are manifested in our lives.

 One of those Virtues is to learn to love our lives, to love what weíre do everything as a joyous service. This is where our attitudes of thought and feeling are so important....because in all that we do, we are seeking to draw out the good, not only in ourselves, but in others. Doing everything in an attitude of Love and Compassion.

       Humanly we live in a climate that rewards self-pride. The prideful human will not climb the mountain to God....

The lost art of Humility needs to be understood and applied.

Humanly we are trained to be concerned only with winning. We are now being asked to adopt unemotional, impersonal attitudes about winning and losing within the human arena...with a focus on an attitude of doing a good job ....of hanging on in spite of problems....of not giving up in spite of wanting to switch gears and do something different.

We are asked to train ourselves to see a project through to its conclusion. My sense of the quality we call 'humility' is that it represents a certain Purity of thought, feeling and action. That it is the art of calmly going about what we are doing, not concerned with whether we are winning or losing....doing it with a good attitude and a desire to bring what we are doing to the highest state of perfection of which we are capable.  

As we train the human us to cooperate with our Souls, we need a sense of a Spiritual Purpose....something in which we can focus and concentrate some of our Energies.

 My Special Purpose of the moment has been to develop this program consecrate some of my Life Energy to this Spiritual Outreach. This program has given me a Sense of Purpose....keeping me even more closely focused on WHO I REALLY AM as I am given to understand it at this moment.

We can all develop some special activity in regards to our human/Soul needs and desires to serve and to grow.

If we donít know what to do, we just start by planning and thinking about  something we might like to do....not hesitating to start in small ways, and remembering itís best to stay narrowly focused otherwise we get sidetracked and involved in too many projects thus scattering our Energy.

But in the midst of our busy days, always remembering to nourish our developing Spirituality by taking a little time each day to quiet the work of our heads, hands and hearts...if for just a few minutes.

It is imperative that we daily re-enforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around ourselves....

 and constantly ask for the expansion of the Christ Energy of Peace and Healing within every cell of our minds and feelings, physical and etheric bodies. This holds the Harmony of the Cosmic Christ around us.

That Blazing Harmony and Peace and Love defines our Service to Life.

Now we wrap ourselves, America and the whole world in the Loving Heart Light of Almighty God....

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around everything.

We open our minds and hearts to the Highest Information Channels

And invite the Cosmic Christ Light to

Stream forth into our hearts and minds

and into our entire Beings and Worlds

And into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on Earth.

That we may all become Channels for the Light of Peace, Harmony and Christ Love to descend and take control of the Earth and all Life there-on.

 And let us never forget to include Freedom in that formula for living.


Now in closing I want to talk again about one of the seven Cosmic Rays of Light that come from the Seven Spheres of Energy around the Supreme Being.

Iíve given you my Seven Ray Creed in several programs. Today let me tell you about The Seventh Ray which is the Ray of Freedom. The Energy of the Seventh Ray will be the dominant vibration for the Earth for the next two thousand year cycle. Its action is that of Purification through the transmuting properties of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is referred to as the Divine Alchemy that resurrects and perfects Energy.

Thus when we invoke and visualize the Violet Flame we are given the opportunity to ďmake things right. We can correct any human distortions we may have inflicted consciously or unconsciously on the Pure Energy as we receive it from the Christ Self.

 A large part of our Spiritual Process is to become completely conscious of how, in one unthinking moment, we can allow that Pure Energy to take on human qualities that are definitely less than perfect....less than peaceful, less than harmonious....less than acceptable to either our human/Soul partnership and Christ Selves or our I AM Presence.

So itís good to know 'God' has given us this Seventh Ray Activity that has the Power to clean up our mistakes, raising our Energy ever Higher in vibration, making It again acceptable and usable for constructive purposes.