About Compassion and Mercy

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The history of the world records how smart we can be

 and how destructive we can be....

how cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Each week I speak for Peace....for Peaceful Energy. And share Ideas for ways and means of developing Peaceful Energy in our lives and in the life of the Nation.

 I share Ideas about WHO I THINK WE REALLY ARE AS A HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP....and encourage the cultivation of that Partnership....

for many reasons,

but certainly as a way to draw more Peace to Earth.

For until we can generate Peaceful Attitudes in our personal lives, thereís no way we will be able to draw the more Refined Energy of the Peaceful Soul into our daily lives. 

Our Souls do not fight nor hate, nor criticize, condemn, nor judge....

Our Souls, generally hidden to our view,

 are intent on drawing forth onto the physical plane,

Loving, Compassionate and Merciful Energy  for the use of

 the human partner, Energy that's always available,

 But now we, the human partner have to wake up

 and accept that Energy.

We have to wake up and learn to cooperate with our Souls,

We have to understand that our Soul is a Spark of

 the most HOLY CHRIST Energy anchored in our physical bodies.

We have to understand that when we are cooperating with our Souls

 we are cooperating with God. 

Because we do not 'understand' our Partnership with God

Peace continues to be poignantly and sadly absent in much of human society.

There still exists on the Planet some societies that prefer war and killing, to peace and prosperity....both as individuals and as nations.

  In high and low places, there is endless and mindless talk about Peace by factions who actually promote fighting as a way to get to Peace.

 In the Middle East, as I write this, the cry is for the United States to send our fighting men in to quell the fighting between people with ancient hatreds, between people who love to fight....who love to hate.

I say, itís time for those people, whoever and wherever they are, to

 'get a life, a constructive life'

 To put down their guns, and use that desire to kill

to instead plant a tree and a vegetable garden.

To tend to their own backyards and to nurture their families

while teaching Respect for all that

 The Creator has developed on this Planet.

It's time for every man, woman and child to stand up,

accept responsibility for their actions and say....


So we see people crying out for Peace.

And maybe, the earnest and sincere efforts of many sincere individuals over the past years will bear fruit....

as many of us have worked for, prayed and decreed for

 a Peace that brings with It the Gifts of Compassion  and Mercy to all Life everywhere.

It appears that it does little good for Governmental, religious and social groups to promote and extol institutional Peace.

The pressing need is for each one of us, individually to cultivate the Flame of Mercy within each Energy Center of our physical bodies.

T his Flame of Mercy smothers the darkness in us caused by our lack of Peace, it puts out the physical fires of darkness caused by doubt and fear, by hatred and condemnation.

 The Quality of Mercy is so important in our feeling natures especially as we develop the desire to heal all 'wounds of hate'....our own wounds and those of the Nation and Planet.

There is Teaching available that tells us how we can use the Energy of our emotional Selves as a Channel through which a Flame of Mercy and Compassion can we can be trained to the point where our feelings become master of any Energy we contact....this is what we saw in the healings performed by Jesus.  

When we speak of Compassion, we must be aware that we are not speaking of sympathy which is the opposite quality.

 Remember when we sympathize with a situation, we are, in essence, agreeing with it....our sympathetic feelings cause our Life Force, thatís our Energy, to rush forth and attach itself to a situation ....and our Energy immediately takes on the quality of the problem.

We not only take on a burden that isnít ours, but actually add our Energy to the problem.  

A good affirmation to keep on the tip of our tongues for those times when we start to sympathize with a person or with his or her problems goes like this.. 

I live, move and have my Being in the Indestructible Flame of Mercy and Compassion that controls and heals all human situations.

Another affirmation:

 Declare: I do not take on any Energy from anything or any body,

but God Good

and I Am always God commanded.

Using these powerful statements, allows us to begin to LIBERATE OUR HUMAN/SOUL SELVES from the wrong thinking and feeling that magnetizes to us and often binds us to problems.

As we bring our Soulness 'out of the closet' and onto the stage of human endeavor, we have to find new ways to work for man and for  God.

As we forge a human/Soul Partnership we have to learn to control our Energy and our focus. As we look upon problems, our own or that of the planet and people, we have to know positively that

 there is no Power acting other than God Power

 if we are to solve those problems.

We cannot approach the healing of self or nations with any negative Ideas....

for what we believe....

what we place our thoughts and feelings upon....

that is what we will have...

Believing in the 'problem' will only lead us to defeat.

 The merciful, compassionate individual, if he or she wishes to heal wounds of hate, must be totally sure first within his or her mind and feelings of a positive outcome.

And for there to be a positive outcome to any situation there can be only Godness in Action in all things concerned.

We learn to simply reject all Ideas and pictures to the contrary. We are training ourselves not to create a single thought or feeling that is inharmonious in any way....

Remember, we create from within ourselves by our intent to love

our intent to heal our fellow man or woman....

using our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words.   

We have nothing to deal with but Universal Energy

and our job is to channel It in Merciful and Compassionate ways....

letting Loving Energy come through us and go out from us....

Imagine with me how with a bit of practice and desire

 we can blanket the whole planet in healing vibration.

 If this is our desire, we automatically become Channels for the Love of God to flow through us....

enough Love of that intense vibration will put out the 'fires of hate and war'.

So, as we open our minds to these we open our is written that it will be done according to our Acceptance and to the degree we make ourselves Acceptable Chalices.

 Which means we are controlling our thoughts and feelings.... particularly our feelings where we often discover, deeply buried, rebellion to God Law....

or resentment against some aspect of life.

 As we move forward we will be rooting out all the old stuff that blocks our way to something better than we now know.

We feel there must be more....and there is!

 Our energy, Body and Soul, joined with the Energy of Jesus or any of the Great Beings or Powers of the Universe, is more powerful than the  combined mass of warring energy at work today on the earth.

And with Godís help, as we are raised up in Consciousness, we automatically raise the Consciousness of Energy everywhere.

May I say here how much Life needs our Conscious Understanding and Cooperation...

how much the people of Earth need the Love and Protection,

 the Mercy and Compassion that we can learn to draw forth from the Higher Planes.

 We all want to know more and do more to fulfill our part to ďmake things rightĒ on this planet. Starting today, we can work even harder to perfect our human/Soul Relationship for that is where our Power is.

 And calling to all Levels of Higher Godness as we know It, we can compel the old accumulations of impurity, caused by our negative thoughts, feelings and actions, to be dissolved and consumed from our Lifestreams. We can ask that all impurity be removed from the planet, cause, effect, record and memory....

and God listens....

and it will be done.

 And Life will be better here, because we passed this way.


We live in a time that will reveal or bring to fulfillment many Spiritual  Aspects of Life not currently known except by the few. Those who choose to come to the Spiritual Party of the Incoming Age of Enlightenment, stand at the brink of a great adventure....

one that finally brings the human-us and the Soul-us into a fully working Partnership here on Earth

 and gets us ready for the fulfillment of our Soul-reason-for- being.....

this is a time for Awakening to a new sense of Spiritual Beingness to a level we havenít known before....

one that will take us into an Elevated Consciousness filled with something more than our ordinary human-ness.

We are entering into a new

Faith in WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul,

 and that Faith builds a bridge between Heaven and Earth....

one where we work directly with the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy that is ever working with us,

 trying to get us to raise our individual Consciousness and, thus, the Consciousness of Earth....

 Consciousness in which Ascended Gifts of Mercy and Compassion flow.

Many of us carry a Sense of Expectancy. I believe this comes from the memories we all carry in our cellular memory banks.

This is Knowledge placed in us long ago prior to experiencing our initial descent from the Heaven planes to the dense material plane of Planet Earth.

And those of us who are here now have an unique Divine Mission....and we may have come over and over again, to finish that work. Perhaps we have labored over eons of time to be prepared to complete Our Mission when the 'pre-ordained time' comes.

 For many of us, this may be the time. 

A Call to Awaken was sounded at the turn of the last century. It asked us to remember who we really are....

asked us to take the Spiritual steps needed....

Steps  that will empower and enable us to outpicture our Christ Natures while yet embodied in these human vehicles.

Thus, we all have personal choices to make.....whether to go on in our old human ways....with our old human belief systems ...

or to answer the Soulís Call to grow.

 Will we respond to that Soul nudging? It is important to understand that what we are hearing is a Call to Action....

to understand that itís One of both Planetary and individual Cosmic Importance....

to understand that how we respond has lasting consequences for us

not only in how we live today, but what our lives will be tomorrow.

For what we do today determines our Pathway and affects all levels of our lives.

Today we have Teaching available to guide and inspire anyone interested in  Spiritual anyone of us the Opportunity to serve an extended and expanded Purpose.

I like to imagine, to wonder about the time when we were fashioned in High Vibratory what we call Heavens. And think about the Progress we had to have made in those Heavens....Soul Progress that led to our being ready to enter human forms, these physical bodies, specially prepared for our use.

And think about all the time since, as we have been making the effort to fulfill our part in some Cosmic Plan of grand proportions having to do with this Planet.

Our Purpose seems simple enough. We are to channel Christ-Consciousness here, raising the vibration of the planet by our efforts.

 Some Souls have done that from the beginning. We have the Example of Jesus to look to as our Beacon. And there has been the gradual Refinement of the human consciousness on earth as the Light of God has been expanded here.

 As the Holy Spirit has moved on the face of the water, gradually more and more Christ Consciousness has been added to the general 'race Consciousness'....

Godness doing for us what can only be done through us,

 Body and Soul....

 the human-us becoming an important part of the great Plan,

For it is through the human/Soul Connection and Partnership that

the work is done on Earth. 

We now know that the vibration of this Planet is raised or lowered by what we do, how we think and feel, Body and Soul. We know that all Life, developing on earth, continues to Evolve or Ascend into a Higher Expression of Life as human/Soul Effort is made

to draw more and more Christ Light here.

In our day we are being taught that our True Identity is defined by the

 Three fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power

 that causes our hearts to beat.

We are told This is a God-Flame of Christ Consciousness.

and that while It gives the human us life....

It also provides the Soul-us with all the Information we need to walk the face of the Earth in Godís Service.

Today more and more of us are ready to accept the fact that WHO WE REALLY ARE IS AN IMMORTAL SPARK OF GOD, each one of us, an Unique Flame of Conscious Cosmic Christ Spirit, each a part of some Divine Plan.

Today, we are being called upon to help in this Birthing of the New Level of Christ-Consciousness upon this Planet.

 That is the Cosmic Goal of the new Millennium, one which heralds the Dawn of a New and Higher Consciousness on Earth.

This is a  Consciousness in which warring of any kind will not be tolerated....will not be possible...

 and MERCY AND COMPASSION will rule among individuals and Nations....Mercy and Compassion will become the new heart and mind-set, and it is mandated for every physical man, woman and child.

For mankind to achieve this Level of Consciousness, the Flame of Purity must be expanded within the energy of every physical body. This will  clean up any negativity around the individual's energy and help each one to discard all outmoded habits and unnecessary human patterns that weigh down the human being.

We have to empty ourselves of all negativity gathered around our energy and get ourselves ready to be re-filled with the deep Knowing and Acceptance of our inherent Soulness....

ready to be filled with all the Christ Consciousness that will flow in according to our desire for Its Presence with us.

 If we choose to, we can shed anything that no longer resonates with the Truth we Are Becoming.....

we can simplify and clarify everything we think or feel....

 so that our Energy now vibrates only with the Christ Light flowing within us.

We are being given this 'time' to complete any unfinished business,

 to resolve all relationship situations...

to refine any previous activity....anything unfinished that might hold us back.

This is the time to balance all our Energy in all our Energy Fields.

We live in a wonderful time. Itís not hard to believe that for those ready to grow a bit, the old ways of thinking and living are giving way to new opportunities.

People are being given enough Information to think their way out of old life patterns. Do we doubt the Cosmic Reason for the 'Information Highways' of our time?

 Today we can cast our vote for the current human ďstatus quoĒ....or opt for Enlightenment. We live in a time of choices....and a smorgasbord of choices is laid out before us, all the old ugly and all the new beautiful and everything in between.

And what will humanity choose?

Will we choose to live as Free, Enlightened People, capable of and destined to spiral Spiritually, or will we choose to continue on in the currently prevailing human direction of human ego and war....further binding ourselves in chains of our own human making.

 Always we have had choices....choices to grow as better human beings....choices between peace and war.

Today we have important choices both as individuals and as Nations.  In times past, we have not always had easy choices, especially when it came to our Beliefs. Techniques of one kind or another have often been used on us to force us to bend to a tyrannical will. And some of this continues for some people into these modern times.

To some degree today, we are still subject to brainwashing meant to control our thinking about many things....including  our Identity and place in the Cosmic Scheme of Universal Godness.


We haven't always known that....but now we do.

We just have to access It.

Forgetting about yesterday and all we think we should or should not have done....'today' is where we focus our attention. Now, today we have the choice to open doors to Greater Godness, allowing more Energy of Love and Peace, of Mercy and Compassion to flow into our lives.

 Now, today we have the choice to flood our feelings with end all warfare in our individual lives.

Today we can choose a Way of Purity that will allow us to infuse greater God-Vision, Control, Love, Peace and Harmony into our daily physical lives.

 Now, today, we can choose to live that Way.

Or we can drift along, letting the current take us this way and that....

refusing to monitor our thoughts, feelings, spoken words and actions.

It is rather important to all concerned that we determine to bring Peace to this Planet....for there is no one here to do it but the human/Soul Partnership. We were created and developed, Body and Soul, for that Purpose.

The 'body' was never intended to do it alone. The Soul cannot do it without a 'physical body'. Together, Body and Soul, we provide the Perfect Channel to being needed Spiritual Processes to Earth!

 Then  the Hierarchy of Heaven pours out Its Light, Its Energy to  enfold our Efforts, our Energy in Their Light....thus making the  human/Soul Channel even more powerful and effective.

 Today our challenge is to figure all this out

. Figure out WHO ARE WE in the Spiritual sense....figure out what our primary purpose is as human beings.

 We have to figure out WHO AND WHAT THE PURPOSE OF OUR SOUL is both here and on into Eternity?

WE have to figure this out.

And we can read and study the Ideas of others on the subject, but we really only know WHEN WE FIGURE IT OUT FOR OURSELVES.

 We have to figure out how to live Life constructively and productively here, Body and Soul.

 We have to figure out how to access Higher Planes of Life and even Higher Levels of ourselves....

We have to figure out how to activate and expand Divine Love, Wisdom and Power, working with those Higher Levels of ourselves.

And then we have to learn how put it all together....making all that Knowledge and Consciousness work

 in both our human and Spiritual Lives....

finally Accepting  the Power of Love,

allowing that Consciousness to govern our lives,

so that Heavenly Energies can flow on Earth.

Iíve spoken previously of how Heavenly Energies flow from and through the Powerful Cosmic Rays that emanate directly from the God-head, the Mighty I AM Presence in the Great Central Sun which is the Source of Energy to our System of Worlds.

 When those Rays can begin to flow more powerfully on Earth, there will be no chaos. Peace and Love, Mercy and Compassion constitute the Essence of those Rays. Our 'job' is to expedite this Flow of Cosmic Light to the physical plane. We are developed ourselves to be the Channels for that Service. Everyone of us can do it!

We are given this 'time' when we are to learn more about the Greater Powers of the Universe. Only with that Knowledge can we draw that Cosmic Power to and through ourselves to help the Earth.

 Each week you hear me say the Earth is crying out for is crying out for needs the Purity of our thoughts,  our feelings...our actions and spoken words. If we are to find our Way to a Higher Understanding of the Truth of the Universe, the Way opens with our Desire for Purity.

 Somewhere Principles of Purity have been taken out of our daily thinking.

Now if we are to have Peace on Earth, Mercy and Compassion on Earth....the human being must rethink 'values'. There must come the focus on Principles of Purity in our dealings with our fellow men and women. There is no other way to Peace on Earth.

Individually we seek happiness....we look for answers to our problems....scarcely ever thinking about what real happiness is....without ever wishing to know what really causes unhappiness....

or what we can do to insure happiness.

 The Merciful aspect of God is that when we do ask, we are shown where we fall short....

and what we can do to clean out the impurities in our energy.

So let's use a few minutes of this time....forget about things and pleasures, let's turn aside for a time, and enter into the Quiet Place we have created around ourselves....that Place where we can find Merciful and Compassionate Answers.

We are visualizing the Wall of Powerful Blazing White Light around ourselves and around our aura.

This is where we communicate, human mind with Soul Consciousness. This is where as one, Body and Soul, we turn to our greater I Am Presence, to our Christ Self and ask for whatever Cosmic Purity dissolves all impurity in our energy.

 Today letís work on seeing Pure Gold Light flowing in from our Holy Christ Self above, see It coming in and pushing out any shadows wherever they might exist anywhere in our four earth bodies....seeing the Light of the Chakras blaze brightly.

 In our mindís eye we are seeing those seven Major Energy Centers Light up and return to the corresponding color of the Ray that governs that Chakra. Each Chakra is governed by the Vibration of One of the Seven Major Cosmic Rays.

Now watch as our Emotional Energy lights our mental energy lights up....see all the cells of the body energized in the Gold Light coming from the Christ Self.

 As that Gold Light works Its way through our system, the four earth bodies are flooded with Pure Light that flows in, in a balanced form.

 This Action of Higher Light is ours simply by asking and desiring it. And as we put these Ideas into practice, we are responsible for the use we make of that Greater Light. Thus we will not be allowed more than we can handle constructively.

 However, as we become conscious of It, we go about our daily routines with much greater ease in our feelings....remembering never to allow ourselves to feel tension over anything.

 Reminding ourselves not to get mentally tied up in knots even in our Pursuit of Excellence.

Instead letís Love our Way to a happier solutions to our problems. The Energy of our Love is the wide open door into the Greater Universe of High Vibrational Energy where-in we find all we need to pursue our dreams, Body and Soul.

It is the Love of our Souls, flowing through the human vehicle that  takes us there.

 All barriers go down before Pure Divine Love coming to us and from us.


Now, to use this moment to untie any mental or emotional knots....

to quiet our thoughts and feelings...

to open our doors wide to the Merciful, Compassionate Energies of Heaven.

To wrap ourselves in the Light of Godís Heart

Seeing that opalescent Radiance spiraling around ourselves.

To open our minds to the Highest Information Channels as we

Invite the Christ Light to come in,

asking It to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

 and into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on Earth

That all may become Perfect Channels for Light and Illumination,

for Mercy and Compassion to descend to earth.

In previous Programs Iíve talked about the Seven Cosmic Rays of High, Pure and Powerful Energy....Rays of Light of Unimaginable Colors and Beauty which when combined produce the Pure White Light of High Frequency and Intensity.

 As we close the door to human we call Pure Light into  our lives, as we ask for those Powerful Rays to go before us and into everything destructive and ugly on the planet, we automatically open our lives up to the Greater Beauty of Godís world, here and beyond.

 There is Beauty lying just beyond the shadows, waiting for us to WANT IT and to find it. There is so much magnificence in this world.

We have but to get our eyes off the ground, off our human selves and all our human wants and problems

and look Heavenward, within ourselves and beyond,

 if we are to see those Light Rays flashing forth when we call to God for Light and Illumination.....for Love, Wisdom and Power...for Mercy and Compassion.

The Seven Rays are described as the most beautiful Fireworks we could ever see. It is said that they cut through the darkness, through the shadows and when we can finally see them, our joy will be unspeakable.

 In a future program I will again describe some of the actions of the Seven Rays and will talk of the additional five Rays that show us to be twelve dimensional Spiritual Beings of Light.  


 We can fill this need by becoming PEOPLE who can magnetize to themselves, currents of these most powerful Cosmic Rays.

We do this by stilling, by quieting our Energy and in that 'mode',

Invoking with the full Intensity of our human/Soul Hearts and Minds,

 the Cosmic Power of Almighty God.....

We do this for anything, for anybody that needs help.

Right now

Letís invoke the Power and Purity of the Seven Mighty Rays of Almighty

 God into any warring condition, among individuals or Nations,

 anywhere on this planet....


Itís interesting to realize that we can live in a state of ďListening GraceĒ, becoming Instruments of Blessing on Earth. By choosing to take our attention off ourselves and all our 'problems', we can quiet our thoughts and feelings and remain poised, ready to act when a need arises.

What a magnificent Opportunity is presented to us to serve our fellow men and women as we understand this. As we raise our Consciousness, we can Invoke the Blessings of God, asking that our Expanded Love be poured out to help control the 'troubled waters' of our time.

And little by little we are returning the authority of our lives, Body and Soul, to our Christ Selves. ...

never forgetting for a moment that wherever we are in our Evolution, Body or Soul, using whatever ability we have, We are Channels through which our Christ Self can pour Love and Assistance to humanity.

We are expanding and extending our Light.

We are becoming Knowledgeable people....

people  of greater determination and courage....

people of more strength and power.

Striving for those Qualities in our own lives, we are simultaneously Conductors of Mercy and Compassion....Peace and Good Will wherever we are.

 Knowing there is no limit to what we can draw forth from within our own Lifestreams...

or from the Higher Octaves of Light,

 We then know there is much we can do to Bless each other

and the Earth.