About Shared Love

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime?

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.


 This is now the 71st program in this series in which I have endeavored to describe my Love Affair with the Cosmic Life of the Universe.

 I have shared with you the Ways in which we can draw closer to many Aspects of the Spirituality that makes up every Part of our Lives, wherever It exists and wherever we exist.

 There is Wonder in the Greater Godness of All that is....and I, for one, never tire of thinking about this Amazing Universe....and the even more amazing fact, that we are an integral part of It.

In all these radio programs the focus has been on the Journey of the human/Soul Partnership....

stressing the need to balance both our Godness and human-ness....

offering Ideas to help us give up the bad human habits with which we often destroy ourselves and our relationships.

 Iíve shared some of my Spiritual Teaching....Teaching thatís made the harder parts of my life bearable, and made other parts, exceedingly happy.

 The most successful parts of any Life are those that celebrate Love between and among people. In todayís program, the focus is on celebrating the love of husband and wife....

the love that most touches our human hearts....

the love that makes people precious to us as we give Love

 and experience their love in our lives.

 In all 'true love', we find Peace....

thus, all love is bruised, if not destroyed, in an atmosphere of non-peace....

so wonít you please join me again in saying


We will begin today

as we so often do, by quieting our minds and emotions.

By taking a few deep breaths....

closing out all thoughts that are less than loving....

that are less than peaceful.

Weíll empty our minds of all human worries and concerns....

offer our Soul a clean slate on which to write.

 Today, letís write on that slate the words of Vickie Worsham who tells us to think the following way about ourselves,

"You are a wonderful person, so do wonderful things.

You can make a difference in your have a have the are magic. You can create beauty. You can soar in imagination.

You have the courage to question and you can choose to change yourself.

The only limitations you have are those in your own mind, so never be satisfied with less than all you can be. Donít compare yourself with others. Draw your own dreams and design your own destiny. Live each day to the fullest. Give a little more than you take.

You can make this world a better place to live. And always....always listen to your heart"

And I add to Vickieís words...we must always listen to our hearts, knowing thatís where the Spark of God dwells. And that Godness within us and without in the Greater Universe, knows whatís best for the human-us.


 Today as we focus on relationships letís again take time to

Wrap ourselves and every one of our relationships, in the loving Heart Light of Almighty God

Letís see opalescent light spiraling around ourselves and around every one of our relationships.

Letís open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and invite the Light of our Holy Christ Self to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

And into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on earth,

That we all may become Channels for Light and Illumination, Peace, Healing and Love to descend to earth.

For years I have been writing a book called,


Itís a book in which I have been exploring the 'secrets of a womanís heart'. It tries to describe the needs of the feminine side of life....

both as the human being and as the Spiritual being.

 Itís a book that describes my evolving understanding of the Divine Purpose of the Feminine side of Life as planned by The Almighty Power, Who designs all Variations on the Theme of Cosmic Self.

 It is a book that will probably never be finished....for about the time I think I have thought through everything that goes into what the Creator may have had in mind when fashioning the visible and invisible Channels through which God Light is to flow to the various levels of Life, I think of other Aspects of that Godness....

For example, I think of the Creation of the Cosmic I AM Presence of each one of us. It is taught that The Original I AM Flame was then divided into two separate Flames. This may explain why we speak of our Twin Flame.

And I ask myself, 'why divide into two parts what seems to me to be One Complete And Perfect Idea'.

And then rationalize by saying, 'there may be no Reason other than 'that' is the Way Greater Life works'.

 We are told that what we experience on Earth is (for the Soul) a stepped down version of that Greater Life....

 We have the Three Fold Flame anchored in our Hearts, the Source of Love, Wisdom and Power, making possible what we call The Mind of God, outpicturing as the Masculine or Father side of our Life,

 while also we experience the

Expression of the 'Heart Power of God', the Feminine or Mother side of our lives....the Divine Feminine, designing 'form' expanding and nurturing  Life (Energy) in general.

And to make it all work, the Wisdom of God is provided for the Perfect integration of both Power and Love. The physical body contains all this.


 So my mind revolves these Ideas, imagining how it all works.

 And trying to relate it today to the Relationships of men and women at both the human and Soul levels...

knowing that the Inner Expression of Life here is a Reflection of Life Above....

and that That Reflection is to be the Model for the Experiences of what I call 'the human/Soul Partnership' and all human/Soul Relationships....

and all those thoughts send me back to that Rose Garden.

I have spent countless hours imagining the needs of both the masculine and feminine sides of our human and Soul Natures within this Earth Journey.

'We' are a composite of both Energies.

 I see the battles that rage between the Father and Mother Energies as They play out within the human form, seeing how for thousands of years the Masculine Energy of the human, has been that once Pure energy, became degraded and sometimes depraved, and then began to dominate the Divine Feminine.


Now in the present time, a Balance of those two Energies is reasserting Itself

And that is what we perceive as the 'battle of the sexes'....

We are seeing the Feminine or Mother Energy of God pushing to the surface to again be the equal partner of the Masculine Energy .

That is what must come about.

A Balance of both the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energy as It works within both Body and Soul. This has been mandated by the Forces of God that Guide this planet. And as this is accomplished over the next few years, we will see our relationships with our fellow men and women change dramatically.

Perhaps the greatest changes will come in our close personal relationships....

in those relationships that are precious beyond words.

Too often we forget 'how precious' as we get caught up in the daily routines of our lives....

Too often we carelessly forget to nurture the precious 'closeness' we have with our husband or wife.

Until Spirituality enters the Life of the human being, the animal nature rules and is often deliberately cruel in its treatment of others.

This will not, cannot, happen when






From then on we will understand our responsibility to carefully nurture that Love, knowing it to be a most precious and fragile flower.

 That perfect rose in our Garden.

Much of Life (human/Soul Life) still operates at the mind and emotional level of the undisciplined human being...

few yet understand the Transcendent Meaning of the Love of a couple who has committed Themselves to a life long relationship.

 And the couple themselves, often fail to realize how the occasional sharp word that slips off the tongue....the moments of unconscionable neglect.... can cause this most special Relationship of committed 'husband and wife' effort, to lose its vitality and purpose....

and in time to wither and die.

Todayís committed couple lives in a jungle of negative attitudes about marriage and commitment. There is little said (anywhere within society today) in defense of married life.

It is a fact that married women are made to feel like second class citizens if they stay home and raise a family....all that matters is a career....

 and married men are made to feel foolish for letting themselves be 'chained' to one person.

 In almost every avenue of media, through government, church etc, society undermines the Idea of committed married coupleness.

 And couples who hold the Vision of a life long, loving, Spiritual Relationship, and who understand and want to become a balanced Masculine and Feminine Unit of Energy, need the Powerful Vision of WHO THEY REALLY ARE, Body and Soul, in order to withstand the negative attacks society projects against marriage.

 Ours (America and much of the rest of the Planet today) are modern societies in which many people do not even pay lip service to marriage or to the beauty of 'shared love and respect' within a marriage. The most popular stories, novels and movies, focus on infidelity.

Worse yet 'society'....

schools and not teach any Spirituality to most of the world's children. Even the Ten Commandments are not allowed to be taught in the U. S. public schools.

From everywhere, children are sent out into the world, half educated at best, having to cope with their sexuality without understanding it and without the 'Spiritual Underpinning' to help them survive inevitable encounters.

The statistics of our time tell the sad story of the world's failure to teach our children WHO THEY REALLY ARE AS SPIRITUAL PEOPLE.

Thus, it does little good to tell people that marriage is modern people know what 'sacred' means...

and 'society,'

consisting of individuals, church and state,

 does not tell people "why" marriage is sacred or what sacred means.

 And yet,

 think of all the thousands of religious and secular books,

 beautiful books, inspiring books....

that do not convey the Message


And if allowed that Soul would give Direction to the human/Soul journey.


Until we know this and act on this Information, the human us will do its thing, according to its instincts....even the most educated among us...acting out relationships according to animal instincts....

it is something to think about.

My thoughts weave in and out,

 examining the 'cause and affects' of both the physical and Spiritual aspects of all our relationships.

We donít exist here in a vacuum...

There are Reasons 'why' we meet on this physical plane. Having studied some Theosophical material describing Life Waves and all the various planes we all traverse as we journey through the Universe, I sense that Souls matriculate and evolve within  groups....and come in contact according to past relationships, undoubtedly developed over the ages.

We all have our history....positive and negative. We can assume that  some of our relationships have been positive and loving....and probably, knowing human nature, some have been less than loving...judging by how people treat each other today.

But Love goes on....

just as does the non-love.

The Great Blessing of God is

that we are given many opportunities to settle old scores

if they exist for us...

we are given many opportunities to learn to love each other...

and experiences in which we are allowed to be together again in

 Relationships that are Eternal.

 One of the ways we 'reunite' is as 'mothers and fathers' and as the children of those mothers and fathers... and most important to our subject today as 'husbands and wives' This is, usually, our closest relationship.

We Souls design these life situations, or have situations designed for us, giving us opportunities to interact again with others

 and always for all the right reasons according to Cosmic Law....and often they are situations where we have had choices.

The ability to give and share Love is an art.

 To treasure and recognize Love that is true and doesnít fade with the first light of dawn demonstrates 'character' unusual in our day.

 How many treasure Love

How many love no matter the circumstances

True love....'shared love of a couple'

 is a Miracle

....and it is the Miracle of the Dawning Age.


The Shared Love I have in mind,

is difficult to express within a married relationship

if we continue to see ourselves as 'singles',

and if we continue to be 'emotionally detached' from others in situations where we choose to experience this case, close personal relationships.

 The human tendency is to focus on what the individual wants...

What we want... the way we want it

when we want we want it.

 It takes a strong Soul Force working within us to balance our human desires

And a strong Spiritual Commitment to withstand the often negative impact of difficult circumstances that come into the life of any couple.

So while the human tendency is to say me, me, me.

 The Soul is thinking "we".


As we begin to think of ourselves as a couple,

 a dynamic duo, Body and Soul,

as we work harmoniously together, our Perceptions about Life and Love grow and develop into a Spiritual Philosophy.

Invariably we evolve to see the Love we share with others as a very Precious Commodity.


Here are words of Mother Teresa from a book called 'The Shared Heart':

Mother Teresa says:

 Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. Anyone may gather it and no limit is set.

 Everyone can reach this love through meditation, spirit of prayer and sacrifice, by an intense Inner Life.


I would add to her words that

Love is the only Fruit worthy of being harvested at any time

 in any relationship

Indeed, the enduring and positive 'Results of Love' are all one could ever aspire to in any relationship.


Sacred, 'shared love' within a marriage is the True Light of God within the relationship that provides a steady Fire within each Partner, making it possible to weather any storm. No matter how difficult things become on a day to day basis, the Partners know or 'sense' they are meant to share this Life Experience. ..

They sense they have been drawn together because of unexplainable Murmurings of the Heart. Which is not strange at all, since the Voice of the Soul speaks through the Heart.

It is the Soul Who knows which persons to seek as a marriage partner. Which person can best help the Partnership climb Godward.

The last thirty years

 have seen changes in the quality of relationships of all kinds.

And none more so than in the family structure....where the structure has crumbled, especially in relationships between husbands and wives.

Until, in fact, there are fewer and fewer husbands or wives....

and more and more relationships made up of singles,

more and more people choosing to live together only until something better comes along....or the going gets rough

and there are now millions and millions of children of 'broken relationships',

they are the victimized Souls,

victims of dysfunctional semi-adults

who cannot bring themselves to commit to legal or lasting marriage even for the sake of the children....

quasi-adults who refuse to 'grow up'...

individuals who live and die'

never realizing that marriage might have been where

 their human and Soul growth lay....

 who never accepted the responsibility of sharing a nurturing Lifestyle with another Soul

or with the Souls who choose to embody as their children.

Now what I speak of as dysfunctional modern marriage didnít just begin to have difficulties a few years ago. Over the years, perhaps over many ages, Souls lost control of the Journey....allowing the human partner to forget Its Purpose....and during this time I suspect 'Love Relationships' as we think of them today, for the most part, ceased to exist.

 Instead people sought out each other for other reasons....ones that brought wealth....or prestige....or perhaps relationships were chosen because they were comfortable and easy....or perhaps individuals had little choice, one way or another.

 Today, much of the same mode of marriage exists.

But today there are now many who understand the Idea of Soul Embodiment....who understand the Purpose of Life here on Earth is to grow Godward, Body and Soul and consequently, relationships have taken on new meaning.

And many understand that difficulties encountered along the way within any relationship may be the very thing that will promote Spiritual Development for all concerned.

And in marriages, entered into for life, success may not be possible of being measured after only a few years of trying to find compatible ways  to live together....

Instead the couple may face many years of finding out, by trial and error, the most compatible means to live and work together harmoniously...

It goes without saying that most relationships take a lot of Love, a lot of Patience, given and taken, to build a lasting Relationship....a beautiful Relationship

 within the intimate bonds of marriage.

 The intimacies of body are wonderful, though fleeting. They are not to be compared with the 'lasting and eternal intimacies of mind and emotion' coming out of the companionship of two people....two married people....hearts and minds flowing on the same

 Wave of Thought or Feeling....

That is the 'intimacy' that forges Friendships of Eternity.

 That is truly the 'shared love' I seek to describe.

Words of Kahlil Gibran

speak to 'giving and taking' in marriage....when he says .... "For even as love crowns you, so shall he crucify you....even as he is for your growth, so is he for your pruning." And that certainly describes the ups and downs of Love Relationships but also describes the growth (through pruning) that can come from a successful Relationship.

Today much that is beautiful and lasting in marriage

 is jeopardized by a permissive climate that

justifies what individuals 'want' personally

or what they do not want as a couple.

It does appear

that situations arise where even 'shared love' does not prevent a failed marriage....where (it appears) the marriage is not right for either party....

and to avoid creating negative karmic energy...

it is important to begin the relationship with the initial commitment for a life long relationship....and when the marriage commitment cannot be honored, and they understanding the Rule that nothing is finished, until finished separate as peacefully as possible.

Apparently the 'true intent' to enter into a 'marriage for

life' is important in the Cosmic Scheme

 and goes a long way in setting the stage, not only for the continued success of the marriage,

but in Spiritually helping in issues of separation.

 For if the original commitment was to 'love each other until death',

 and somewhere along the way, it is mutually agreed that the marriage isnít working, then the 'love of the two involved' can continue as a Lifelong Friendship....

each going their own way without hatred or anger.

 And perhaps where individuals understand the responsibilities regarding marriage...and are able to dissolve the marriage amicably and no children are involved, that may have been a Soul Friendship of many ages to begin with.

 We all meet people (other Souls) and feel a recognition....and sometimes mistake that recognition for the kind of love that ends in marriage. If marriage results, and it seems to be a mistake, and the relationship is resolved in a friendly manner, my sense is that no debt is owed by either party arising from the marriage.

Think on this:










    Here is a Golden Rule of Relationships:

Relationships have the best chance to succeed when all involved are focused first and foremost on the happiness and success of the other.

 Spiritually when we, the human,

 take our attention off what we want, and put it on serving the happiness of a Loved One, we, the Soul, can come in and find the Answers for the relationship.

The Answers are always is only a matter of 'opening the door' and 'letting them come in'.

 The human doesnít always know how to open 'that door', but the Soul does....and the Soul will avoid rushing in where Angels fear to tread.

Another Rule:

 It will never be the Soul that smashes and trashes a Relationship....only the human personality will do that. And if the human can be taught to focus on 'wanting' only good for the person or companion involved, the Soul will find the Answer.

 And thus, we Souls come back time and again, seeking those with whom we have wonderful relationships or unfinished business. It is often that we see 'old issues' at work in relationships of all kinds.

 And sadly, Love is not yet as respected, protected or cared for as it must in time be....

and chaos between and among continues to be the result....

and people continue to be hurt.

It boils down to individuals being taught....and they then being willing to submit to the Direction of their Soul Mind...

finally, agreeing to a combined effort of human and Soul Mind and Heart working together.

This seems especially hard for the masculine side of our human natures. But if we can remember that our Energy

 is a combination of both basic Masculine and Feminine Energy....

that if we are men, we normally carry a little more Masculine Energy

and if we are women we have more Feminine Energy....

 that is a Cosmic Mix of God Energy'

that allows us to do and be what are traditionally

the roles of mortal men and women....

Roles where the Masculine Energy is to reflect the Physical Power and Mind of the Spiritual Father....filling the male human with the ability to be mentally and physically strong and protective.

Carried to extremes this 'sense of Power' has led men to feelings of superiority among themselves and with women ...

leading to arrogance....

and all that follows.

'Out of balance' Masculine Energy, (whether it embodies in the masculine or feminine body) is responsible for most, if not all, of the violence that we face in the world today. Thus, we need to harness and tame that part of our human natures that needs to 'express power' and 'needs to be right'.

And remember, we have all had a part in this situation...all having been both men and women at various times of our evolving lives.

Our Feminine Energy

 is to reflect the Mother side of Godness....

it is the Side of God that births Ideas and builds and nurtures all Life....

it is the Part of Life that loves to share and often reacts emotionally to physical situations.

 At the Energy level, Feminine Energy is incomplete without Masculine 'Power'....

If not in a relationship that supplies Masculine energy, then It requires the Power of the individual's own Masculine side to bring into form its Ideas. In marriages, the wife usually provides the Ideas, imagines and thus creates an Invisible 'form'....

while it is the husband then who brings her 'imagined form or idea' into

visible manifestation through his Power to provide the required Energy

 through his physical strength or knowledge,

 or through money he earns....although today most women share in earning money for the family, one way or another.

 Mother Energy,

 Feminine Energy is centered in the heart....

It is fragile and caring....

and during the times when human masculine energy has dominated, the Divine Feminine Energy has withdrawn....

causing an imbalance of Masculine and Feminine Energy on Earth

which has resulted in the Heart Chakra, in both men and women, gradually closing.

 So today, in an effort to protect their Heart Energy,

 (think of all the 'heart attacks') both men and women choose to use only their masculine mental energy...

preferring to hide and protect their Feminine sides.

I think it could be said that as a general rule,

 people are choosing to use their masculine energy primarily

in order to survive the discord of this modern world.

 Women are choosing to assert the old rule,

 "if you canít lick them, join them"....

rather than have to constantly defend against

 often brutal masculine behavior.


However, youíve heard me say....things, they are a-changing.

 God demands balance.... ...

and thus, a Soul that has had more experience using masculine energy will work to balance its Feminine Energy by being born a woman....

and a Soul who has too much Feminine Energy will choose to be born a man....back and forth, over and over again

 until in both cases, balance will finally be expressed...

and the Father/Mother Energy will eventually flow properly ....we will balance our energy, Body and Soul.

Thus,  we human beings are constantly expressing the balance or imbalance of our Energy in our Relationships.

 And we are given many chances to make a Conscientious Effort to live harmoniously with our husband or wife and with families and friends.

Nothing about living together is simple or easy

We are all so different

but, as a Teacher of mine once said....if it were easy ,


So, we have to face it,

 and learn how to live intelligent human lives, made easier knowing


Then it takes a bit of focus to put these Spiritual Laws and Concepts into practice on a daily basis....

but we can at the very least, make the effort to understand ourselves....and take care of ourselves.

as we learn to be our Brotherís Keepers.


One day we learn the Beauty of 'sharing Love'.

 Those who have been "in love" know the Magic of that Feeling.

 Imagine feeling that way all the time.

 When the Soul Heart finally rules the human mind,

 that is how we will always feel....

Love is such an amazing feeling....

and to share it is even more amazing.

Sharing love within a marriage can be the best place....

a wonderful place to learn the Rules, not only of loving,

 but of giving and surrendering.

 Marriages can become the place where our dead wood is indeed, pruned away and the live, good wood is allowed to flower....

it can be the place where we come to grips with our human and Soul Natures....

and with our Masculine and Feminine Energy....

where we get to experience it all.


As I describe the complexity of all of this,

 do we wonder that we walk around in a daze

 wondering whatís going on and what we do next.

 Life is a challenge....

but one we chose.

 Always remember.

...we have full control of our lives, up to the point where our Energy gets out of balance and begins to control us....

So letís get control of our Energy,

 so we never again are whipsawed by anger or hatred or other human drives

that completely take over our lives

 and ruin our marriages,

 and ruin our jobs,

 and destroy our relationships.


Letís be in charge of our lives, Body and Soul.

And when we are, 'sharing love' will be a natural process....

it really is that simple.

Maybe the worst part

of not getting control of our lives,

is that we walk around thinking that people in general are unlovable....

and they, reacting to that thought or feeling do become unlovable (especially towards us).

 They react....confronting us or avoiding us.

 Many people walk around, chips on shoulders, feeling unloved and unlovable.

The human mind build up walls,

either of self condemnation or of self justification....

people become unable to reach out to either give or receive Love.

Does it have to be this way?

Of course not....

and it would never have been this way if the human being



if the human being had not been conditioned to think of itself and humanity as a whole

 as sinful and wretched.



when we know that we can become an Awakened human/Soul Partnership,

 when we know we have access to the Christ Energy of the Soul,

Realization dawns.

The animal nature stops fearing and begins to put its trust

in Higher Hands....

the civilized man and women begins to emerge.

In time we sense Love shared with a Cosmic Father/Mother God

We begin to turn to this Godness for help...

It may be that our first real Understanding of Shared Love

is Experiencing the Love that is God.

 For when we connect with that Energy, we no longer feel alone....

we no longer hate ourselves....

or our wives or husbands or friends....

our children become cherished people in our lives.

So in awakening to these Ideas,

healing ourselves,

healing all relationships,

doing it with the Powerful Christ Love always flowing through us.

 will allow us to begin to experience beautiful changes in our lives.

 We discover the ability to

 Love both the Mother/Father Aspects of ourselves and all others.

This is so important because we havenít understood

 either the Divine Feminine

 or Divine Masculine Aspects of God on Earth

 or in Heaven.

The closing of our minds and our hearts to the Truth of our Being

has been reflected not only in our treatment of each other,

but in how we see ourselves.

 So, our Mission,

if we care to accept,

 is to understand these Ideas and work to open the Connections with both the Father and Mother Aspects of God in the Greater Heavens

and in ourselves. ...

opening to those channels of Love....

sharing that Love.....

letting that Love flow through us

so that we are always a Blessing to Life as husbands and wives

 as fathers and mothers.... friends to all who wish

 to have us

 for their friend.