About the Mind-Set of Jesus 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be,

 and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 


We continue to explore Ideas that help us understand

 our human-ness and our Godness and our Responsibility to Life.

Because we often feel so helpless as we look out on a chaotic world, I wish to make the point, today, that all the Information we have on Earth, including all the Holy Books, all has come through human Channels.....much of it reflecting the human point of view....

There is some Information and Inspiration,

that can be seen as the coming more directly from 'God'....

coming through evolved 'Servants'

who lived Powerful, Spiritual Human Lives.

 The Service of Jesus always comes first to our first minds

In the case of a modern embodied Servant,

 we think of the One we know as Mother Theresa of Calcutta.

And there are many Others.

In each case, there is 'Godness is at work', there is a Soul, doing on Earth, for the Earth and mankind, what can only be done through the willing cooperation of both Body and Soul.

This Partnership of man and God produces Works of Beauty....and there's no reason to believe, if given the chance, this Partnership can't produce the Freedom and Peace so longed for on this Planet.  

The Ways of God can be difficult to understand. Our minds can’t scientifically explain God.

 But we can look into our Hearts and find the Desires of God....

It is possible to feel the Joy of God....

and to sense our mystical, yet logical Relationship with God....

and to find Inspiration in our Sacred Work, as we bond with our Soul,

 pledging that God’s Promise of Freedom and Peace

on this Planet will be Fulfilled through us.

Many throughout the world have

accepted the Responsibility to work

for the Fulfillment of that Promise.

Won't you all join me again in saying,


We need our Quiet Time....

so, for the next few minutes, let’s slow down the work of our hands and minds....

and let the Mind of our Holy Christ Self take over,

 allowing It to fill us with good ideas....

and with whatever Christ Energy we need to make the rest of our day, work for us....

Taking time to reinforce the Wall of Protecting Energy around us

adding more Blazing White Transfiguring Light....

flooding the Energy of our bodies and auras with more of the Christ's Enlightening Peace and Love.

Today we are choosing to leave behind all worrisome thoughts and feelings....we are shutting out any pressure.

This is our quiet place,

 our bit of Heaven on Earth

 where we can experience, in the Silence we have created for ourselves,

the Harmony of our Soul Selves...our Christ Souls.

It is always healing place....

a place where we imagine Eternal youth, beauty, strength and health. As we determine that those are the only Ideas about ourselves, on which we will place our thoughts. 

Again...we’ll wrap ourselves in the Joyous Blazing Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We are opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels and

Inviting the Christ Light to flow in

 asking It to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

and into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on the

 Earth....That all may become Perfect Channels

For Light and Illumination, Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.


Now let's again focus on Ideas of Service.....

visible human service and invisible Spiritual Service.....

always knowing our service to humanity is our Sacred work here,

 Body and Soul....

and that work can cover a lot of territory

 for the needs of humanity are great.

There are many ways we 'serve', generally doing what we think is just our normal routines....just our normal day's work. We rarely think of how we 'serve' when we educate and train ourselves to do the everyday work of society. How we serve when we live responsibly within our families, how we serve when we support charitable causes?

 Everyday we are serving, rarely realizing how important each one of us is to creating and sustaining the normal everyday fabric of Life on the Planet.

 When we talk about Service, it might interest us to know we have an Energy Identity and what we choose to be our Service to Life is 'defined' within the Properties of the Seven Rays.

For within our Energy is revealed our smallest caring and our most magnificent Gifts to Life.

 What would be an example of small caring....well, how about rescuing a house spider and carefully putting it outside where it belongs.

And what is an example of a magnificent gift?  Surely it has to be The Service of the Heart, offered in pure Love to God’s creatures. How could we not describe that as a Magnificent Gift to Life.... 


This Essay on Service centers around the Life and times of a Cosmic Servant we know today as Jesus....

 and what greater example of Pure, Heart Love can be found than in the Life and Service of the Cosmic Jesus?  But who is 'this Jesus'?

Much distortion of information exists around the Person of the Biblical Jesus.

One must look far beyond the Bible to begin to glimpse the Bigger Picture.

The 'bigger picture' extends back thousands of years, past what modern historian want to call 'history'....long past what has been 'allowed to be known' for the past several thousand years.

And to even begin to understand The Story of the Real Jesus and what was going on in 'The Holy Land' two thousand years ago, some of that history must be understood.

However, leaving most of that aside for the for the moment, we will focus first on the period in which history has placed the Biblical Jesus.

It is generally known that it was a time of great political unrest. But perhaps more importantly, it was a time, not unlike the time we now live in, (the beginning of a new Cycle), a time when 'God' was introducing New Ideas into the stream of Spiritual Thought.

So in addition to everything else that was going on among all the clashing nationalities and Ideas,

there was an 'updating' of Original Truth....

and Special 'People' embodied to begin the Teaching to be used

by Souls embodying during the next two thousand year cycle.

So at the time of 'Jesus' the teaching of that 'updated Spirituality' had was being taught in various stages and was discussed among people of all nationalities within the Mediterranean Area. And thus there were many 'teachers, many were called 'saviors', various ones were called  'messiahs'....all  were 'messengers'....some messengers of the New Teaching. We have the same situation today. God is using many Souls....many different people to get the current 'updated' Message out to the world.

So history tells us there were several people thought to be, the 'savior or messiah or Jesus' of that time. The Jesus who was crucified, could have been one of several who fit the profile of Teachers of the various Jewish sects of His time. The people were programmed by legends and history to expect 'changes' and expected the changes to be mainly political. There were powerful political and Spiritual factions, each with their particular agendas, leaders and followers, all vying for top position. Then there were the Romans!

 Thus, there appears to have been more than one faction, more than one Teacher, who scholars and different religions argue/think fit the description of both Spiritual Teacher and Savior in that period two thousand years is easy to see why the debate about the Biblical Jesus goes on into our time.

 I have spent a fair amount of time researching the subject....there is much written on the subject. Many new and very interesting books are now in print....books that could not have seen the Light of Day in an earlier time.

There are scholars of both earlier and modern times who say the Biblical Jesus never existed at all. I think there are several possibilities to suggest that this is not the case....

I would suggest that there were at least two candidates who, if their Life efforts are combined, fit the description for the one Biblical Jesus. One is a great man, who taught all that Jesus is credited with teaching in the Holy Land and much more....teaching in Greece and surrounding area at the time...whose description reads like much of the 'made up story' of the Biblical Jesus.

 And the other, is a Jewish rabbi, who possibly got out of line and ran afoul the Jewish authority....for there were a number of rabbis/teachers of the time of 'Jesus' who were challenging the Jewish law that permeated every minute of their daily lives.

There is much to speculate on here. There is plenty of confusion.

 I believe there are those who know the Truth

 and that one day we will all know....until then we follow where the trail leads us.

But in the meantime, I choose to think He was a Prince of the House of David....and legitimate heir to the Davidic Throne in his time. However, the Throne of David had ceased to exist after the Hebrew tribes were set free from the Assyrian captivity. This did not mean the Blood Line of King David ceased to exist....and it eventually found a home in the British Isles...and its well documented history continues on from that point.

However, because of the way Biblical story was interpreted about the  Real Person of the man ,Jesus, the Truth became distorted....deliberately or otherwise....and has remained buried within secret societies until people were ready to hear the Truth.   

I think it’s important to know who He was as a man ....

 but even more important to know that He was then

and is even more so now, a Highly Evolved Soul

Who has served 'God' here on earth, in many visible capacities

 for countless time....and continues to do so invisibly, into our time.

  Beyond that I leave the subject alone....allowing each seeker to take it from there...for there is much being revealed and much to be learned of the physical man, well as the God-man, Jesus.

Who came two thousand years ago and reiterated the One and Only

 True Message of Supreme Godness and added to It,

the 'update'

 which in that time was to teach mankind about Their Christ Natures.

Now some of this is beginning to be heard, loud and clear as the Nag Ancient texts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls are being translated....and those translations and original texts, are finally seeing the Light of Day.  

So we think on 'why a man called Jesus' embodied two thousand years ago....think about the Message He was trying to get across. In exploring the Purpose and the Mind-set of this Jesus, this Savior, we may finally understand Him....hopefully we will accept His Message and in doing so, we will finally realize that His Mind-set was then and is now

 the Answer to humanities problems and to the Soul's Evolution....

It is the answer to peace....

it is the answer to brotherhood.

I have recommended a book called The Bloodline of the Holy Grail...written by Lawrence Gardner. This book is currently available at many book stores. I think it’s one of several important, current books for those who are ready for an updated re-thinking of Biblical history, as it pertains to both the old and new Testaments. In addition there is much other important information.

 I would like to quote some from this book, and comment on Ideas that resonate with me, particularly in the areas of God Government.

doing this because I’m convinced that the Service Jesus came to give has not been completely understood or allowed to be revealed....

and Lawrence Gardner speaks of this.

 He describes the Idea represented by the Jesus lineage, of what the Spiritual Relationship should be between man and those who 'rule'....or have the role of 'government'.

 I find myself in agreement about what Good Government should be as it serves the people, as opposed to the generally bad human, oppressive  government experienced by many people, over thousand of years, some of it continuing into our day.

Gardner describes a Stream of Ancient Dynastic Energy developed to serve the planet in the role of Government. I think it is a Stream of Higher Energy that has always been at work on Earth. For thousands of years, It has had to work behind the scenes, out of sight of 'human control'.

As the 'Age of the Soul continues to unfold,

perhaps that High Energy will again embody on Earth

to openly work with what will become a receptive human/Soul Partnership. 

I cannot but envision a Good Government, a God-Government

that comes about as man and God work together.

 It will usher in the Golden Age.

Gardner understands the Concept of the 'caring Service' of the Davidic Princes.

He believes that is the Service the Davidic Jesus sought to give. His lineage was obviously a threat to the ruling groups, then and now. History has been written and rewritten by groups who have controlled this information....groups who exist into our day.

That His Real Identify has been confused and an Biblical Identity fabricated, will be proven in which time the confusion and skepticism among the Brethren will cease.

Leaving the 'Christian bashers' without a leg to stand on.

It is a Truly one of God's Great Miracles

that this Great Being, known to us as Jesus'

has been able to defeat the opponents of God

 by remaining a Bright and Shining Being

in the minds and hearts of good people everywhere.  

 Some ask why He wasn't embraced by the people of his time? And the answer is that many people were attracted to His Ideas, so much so that no amount of persecution, no amount of destruction of records has been able to erase His Memory or His Teaching .

 But the political 'power groups' of His time who were so threatened by His Ideas of a government that 'Serves people' rather than 'Ruling people', were and still are powerful. Thus He was then and still is a very big problem not only to the Herods and to the Romans but also to those who still seek supremacy (control) over people everywhere.

When Jesus ignored some of the legalistic rules of those groups, he challenged the 'establishment'....not just one group, but all three of them...head on.

, He continued to teach. He preached and cared for the people and sought acceptance by those of His time who were capable of perceiving His Dream of a peaceful world....a world where there was no selection by class, conviction or fortune....

where everyone was important....and everyone was loved.

And the Direction His Life took at the end can be conjectured.

Certainly there was someone history refers to as a 'would be messiah' that the Jews and Romans crucified....and who apparently was 'resurrected' after the appearance of death.

 However, this Jesus, was no ordinary man....He was capable of Miracles...and there is history of a very wise and holy man living in about the same time, supposedly a Greek, but whose history reads much like the 'fabricated Biblical story'....a man worked worked Miracles, and it is said by His Followers, to 'have ascended' at age one hundred in plain view of a multitude. Again, the story of this man has been been written and rewritten and generally discounted and hidden....and to this day, remains a mystery.

 To me it sounds like the two stories may only be One Story!

 And so to this day, we can speculate about whether 'the Great Being" who came two thousand years ago to 'save the world' by shedding His Great Light (rather than his blood) into the darkness of that time....whether He appeared, simultaneously or sequentially as one or as two different 'men'....

The Life of this Great One was probably not generally known or even understood in His time....

and with all the telling and retelling the story or stories are simply confused....

and undoubtedly, written and mis-written so many times to serve the purposes of small men..., that today we have what we have....

all the variations on a single Theme.  


I have commented on Great Teachers who have come periodically to raise the human/Soul Consciousness and encourage humanity....

Jesus has been One of those Great Teachers over the ages, coming again and again.

  They come to teach us WHO WE REALLY ARE and to work against a negative control factor that creeps into human lives generally through highly controlled religions and governments. It exists as well as in society.

 To back up my intuition on this subject, let me  quote from the Foreword of the book, THE BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL.

 This is written by Prince Michael of Albany.... who is head of the Scottish Royal House of Stewart. He says

“for around two thousand years, the destinies of millions of people have

 been manipulated by unique personalities,

 who have perverted the Spiritual Aspirations of our civilization.

With marvelous detail, Lawrence Gardner has removed the

constraints of vested interest

to relate numerous suppressed accounts of our heritage.

 In so doing, he resurrects the politically silenced history of a resolute

 royal dynasty which organizations have long sought to

 vanquish in order to further their own ends.

 Now in this new age of understanding, may the truth prevail and may the

 Phoenix rise again.” End of quote.


Gardner sets out to trace the lineage of the Davidic Jesus, backwards and forward....and begins by saying,

“all record, concerning the Davidic legacy of Jesus, and his family were reputed to have been destroyed.....however the destruction was far from complete and relevant documents were retained by the Heirs of Jesus who brought the Messianic heritage from the Near East to the West....These heirs were called the Des-po-syni....a Greek word meaning 'of the Master.'. This title was for those who were in the same family descent as Jesus. Theirs was the Sacred Legacy of the Royal House of Judah....a dynastic bloodline that lives on today” End of quote.  

And so he begins by talking about the brutal environment into which Jesus was born. At that time Palestine was divided into three main provinces....Galilee, Samaria and Judea. Throughout, there was a climate of oppression....with puppet monarchies backed by a highly organized military occupational force. The Jews were desperate for their long awaited Messiah....or Anointed One....but they were not looking for a Spiritual Messiah rather for a forceful 'liberator' to free them from the Romans. They wanted a Messiah who would be the Supreme Military Commander of Israel. So this is the stage on which our historical Messiahs appeared....for history records more than one called by that name.

 However, our focus here is on the Jesus, the Messiah....the Heir to the Davidic Throne.

In order to understand our world today, it’s important to have a sense of this history and of the ancient history of the Hebrew Tribes of Israel. Jesus was of the Davidic Line through his father Joseph. He generally referred to himself as the Son of Man. References by Jesus to his “heavenly Father” have led many to believe that He was saying He was the individual Son of God in a supernatural sense....however, in the Prayer Jesus taught to the Disciples and followers, He specifically tells them to address God by saying “Our Father who art in Heaven”...thus validating the Idea that He taught them that “we are all the sons and daughters of God”....

Jesus prayed a different prayer for Himself.

Jesus knew that tradition had prophesied a Messiah Who would lead the people to salvation. Some people thought the Messiah had come in the person of John the Baptist, for He was the prevailing dynastic priest, While others, for the most part the orthodox Jews, preferred James, the brother of Jesus in the role of Messiah, because of a 'religious squabble over the date of the birth of Jesus.

In case we wonder why we have all the confusion within Christianity here is the essence of Gardner's explanation....

The Hellenists, that is the westernized Jews, claimed that Jesus was the right Christ or King, while the orthodox Hebrews contended that the entitlement lay with James because of a convoluted argument over the date of Jesus' birth.

 Now John the Baptist was very much of the orthodox Hebrew John supported James, even though he acknowledged Jesus as legitimate and baptized him in the Jordan

It was because of John’s attitude that Jesus realized He must make a stand because there was the prospect of a revived orthodox Jewish kingdom. There were those who thought Jesus would undoubtedly lose out to his brother James (in the role of the Messiah who would lead the people against the Roman authority). In an effort to avoid more warring, Jesus drew around Himself his own group supporters....a group that would not follow only the conventional social policies.

 His vision was straight forward, based on the logic that a split Jewish nation could never defeat the might of Rome....But He perceived also that the Jews as a whole could not accomplish their mission if they continued to hold themselves separate from the Gentiles. His ambition for the Kingdom of Israel was one of an harmonious integrated society.... he was more than frustrated by the unbending Jews of rigid Hebrew principle.

My sense has always been that the Davidic Jesus wanted was to find a way to bring Jews and Gentiles of His time together in a common society so that the fighting and hating could stop and a united people could throw the Romans out of Palestine....but, Gardner thinks the Jews of that time didn’t want to share 'their God' with the Gentiles ....he describes Jesus' Ideas of Brotherhood as revolutionary concepts to die-hard orthodox Jews.

And so we see the human mind-set of 'exclusivity' very much at work then....even as it was prior to that time....and continues to this day....and thus, the fighting goes on right into this day. And heads of all religions and leaders of all governments, all under control of moneyed interests, still send people to die in wars, using false reasoning, never telling the truth, and failing to encourage citizens to live together in love and peace....and prosperity.


But this brings me to the point I want to make in this talk....

namely that I have always perceived













 as a natural part of everyday human/Soul experience.


The time is rapidly approaching when the human being will hear the Truth of God spoken by his own Christed Soul.

Jesus knew Abrahamic history....He understood that the Twelve Hebrew Tribes of Israel, though scattered, comprised a large part of the people of the Earth of His time.

He knew it was time to teach them that the 'Kingdom of God' exists in every heart

and that they should act as the Brothers that they actually were....

and are.

And the concepts I share here are in large part, based on my understanding of the humane Teachings of this Davidic Jesus....

as He taught them two thousand years ago

and in their 'updated' New Age Version as they are being taught now.


Gardner, in writing this books is also explaining the Origin of the Grail Code of Chivalry and Service and he says:

 “The Heir to the Davidic Kingly succession was obliged to serve the people and it was His express duty to champion them against establishment injustice....the very name David means “beloved”....and as a beloved servitor and champion of his people, Jesus would have made a very fine king.” End of quote. 

It was this  concept of royal, but humble service that some of the disciples found so hard to comprehend in their Messianic demonstrated when Jesus washed the Apostle’s feet. They failed to see that He was setting the example that they should follow in serving others in a Spirit of Equality and Brotherhood as He had served them.

 “In his capacity as the people’s representative Jesus personified the true sovereign practice of championing his subjects. This was the form of Messianic Obligation that He inherited and was inherited by those who came after him.

It is the concept on which the Grail Code was formed. That Code gave to hereditary kings the Example of how they are intended to be the “common fathers’ of nations' rather than the 'supreme governors of lands.' End of quote.

 The Grail Code is based on the Immortality of the Spark of God placed in every heart....the Soul-us. This is a concept that was around long before the time of Jesus.

 In the ancient Greek world it was promoted by the followers of the Athenian philosopher, Socrates.

 Plato spoke of 'invisible mind' not 'matter' as being the root of reality....

Earlier Pythagoras expounded the doctrine of reincarnation....the idea that upon death in one life, the Soul then enters another body and starts a new life. Reincarnation was then and is now common to many religions.

 As we think about Jesus and his Mind-set, perhaps it helps to remember that He was considered a Hellenist Jew....trained within the strict discipline of the Essenes....a Jewish sect that was against materialism and espoused a Spiritual Way of Life. That and the Greek philosophy as well as ancient philosophy, shaped His mind...

added to that was His very Special Cosmic Nature. 

 So, it is easy to see that the Ideals of Jesus were meant to bring people together in a fraternal spirit of harmony and unity....

living and serving together....

and letting go of old disputes of Spiritual interpretation and ritual.

 This Ideal should make sense to everyone today....especially as we enter a time now, when it appears that war is winning out over peace.   

And because of this, it is important for people, especially those who want to quibble about Jesus, to understand His true Mind-set and Purpose.

It should be noted here that One known as Jesus is recorded in major  religions though variously described.

If civilization is to survive the times demand that we pay attention to His

 Teaching and understand how far reaching and inclusive it is.


 I often think we live in a Special Cosmic Moment....

one we may have trained for over aeons of time....

perhaps, training at the side of the Master at one time or another.

 Certainly those of us who understand the needs of the moment will  support Him now when it is crucial that we do so.

The well-being of the planet depends on how many of us do understand this and cooperate with Him and Those Other Evolved Brethren now in Higher Realms Who are working to move this planet and people along to the next appointed place. 

Each one of us

 who can understand the urgency of the hour is urged to

Command the Light of our God Self, our I AM Presence, into action

to serve the Hierarchy of Heaven....

There is a group of Ascended and unascended Beings Who are working tirelessly to fulfill the Divine Plan for the planet and all life evolving here.

They have Their Work cut out for Them as the saying goes, for over tens of thousand of years, mankind has been brainwashed into accepting their fear based human egos as the real world....

Even now there are those refusing to believe in the Cosmic Plan that is unfolding for Earth....

Still there are people who will not believe....who will not change....who will not be able to make the shift from the current low vibration of Earth into next one of more Spiritual Purity.

Even now, as people hear my words, some will be fighting tooth and nail to hang onto their limited, obsolete thinking.

This is why we still have the fighting that's going on all over the world right now....

there are still people will not give up the old ways....

people who will not stop hating each other....

will not stop hurting each other....

and I can’t imagine why not.

It is written that 'God can only do for us

what can be done through us'.

 In order for the Light of God to access the physical plane of Earth

 it has to be drawn through the Flame in the heart of

 some Soul embodied on Earth. It is that simple!

 Some of humanity are awakening to that fact...

.and thankfully, and they are joyously choosing

 to serve God and their fellow men and women.

Today there are those sufficiently Awakened to make

the Call to God for a Powerful Force field of Love

 to be created and sustained for the Purpose of surrounding

 and containing the sphere of unclean energy that has existed

 within our Universe for aeons of time.   

 For over seventy years, modern Light workers have been taught to

 use specially crafted decrees

 to ask for the Expansion of the Flame within every heart.

 As this has been accomplished, ancient wounds are being healed....

and human hearts are opening to their Soul Reality....

the human being is reuniting with its Soul Partner.

 And finally man and God are again beginning to work together

 to restore balance on earth

first the balance of human and Soul energy

then balance between the feminine and masculine energy on earth.....

balancing the Love of the Mother

 with Divine Will of the Cosmic Father

This is so terribly terribly important, for masculine energy has often

 cruelly dominated the feminine side of life for the past thousands of years.

For the Truth of the matter, again we can go to the Teaching of

 Jesus....where there was no 'inequality of opportunity for women'

 within those groups He taught.

What existed long before and into His time....what still exists in certain cultures, is masculine Energy out of balance. This has caused the heart chakras to close against the pain the feminine Energy feels at the often brutal hands of masculine Energy.

 This will no longer be possible as the vibration is accelerated on the planet.

Now , many are awakening to these Facts of Life....

many are calling to God to increase the Light on this planet....

and many are aware of their I AM Presence

 and are asking their God Selves, their Christ Selves

 to fill their bodies, minds and emotions

with the most powerful Christ Love of Eternity,

May we never again be responsible for cruelly dominating Life in any way.

May we never again deliberately set out to hurt another part of Life.

 May we understand how our intent to hurt registers loudly in our

 Energy.....that if we have been guilty of intentionally hurting another,

 Those Beings Who would help us, cannot

until we ourselves clear that record of deliberate mis-use of Energy

 and make restitution....and there are ways given to us to accomplish this.

Then we can again call to God....

to our I AM Presence for more Light and Illumination

 and begin to make our way forward again....

Deliberately hurting another part of life is serious business....

and we are urged to examine our motives in everything we do.

 As we aspire to be Lightbearers for the Perfecting of this Earth

 and its people, we have to accept the responsibility first,

 to police ourselves....

and then to unceasingly ask our I AM Presence

 and the I AM Presence and Christ Self

of every man, woman and child to take full control of each one's every

 thought, feeling, action and spoken word.

We have not only the Responsibility

but the Holy Prerogative to ask for Divine Illumination

for every human/Soul Partnership....

We can ask for the Illumination that reveals all destructive beliefs

 and tendencies that make hatred and lack of Reverence

for Life possible. 

 You see, we aren’t being asked to do anything that anyone can’t do....

We aren’t being asked for Service such as was asked of a Jesus....

though the day will come when we are strong enough

 and then we will gladly give any Service asked of us.

 We are only being asked to remember that we are

 Sons and Daughters of the Most High....

that we must become open Doors to God Light.

We are just to remember

that we are Part of that Great Light of the World....

and that God-Beings and Powers are waiting for us

and depending on us

hoping we will become strong enough to help Them 'Save the World'....

For this is a human/Soul venture..

.man and God, unascended and ascended

 serving together to help the Earth and its humanity

ascend another rung on the Ladder of Life.

We are standing on the threshold of the greatest  

shift in consciousness

 ever imagined or attempted by the Beings

 who guide and direct the Destiny of this planet....

and if these Ideas resonate,

we can be assured that each one of us has volunteered

 and holds a key to the Success of this Mission.

Now to close I want to share these thoughts: 

First of all that we are never lose sight of the Oneness of all Life.

Or of our Divine Birthright as the Beloved of God.

We are never see ourselves as anything but as a balanced

human/Soul Partnership. 

And remember that we have such an infinite ability to love....

That we shall never let hate in any of its insidious forms

 invade our temple.

 We can Practice Peace

saying often,

 “I AM A Peace Commanding Presence”

We can all take actions to improve our family life, our job...

we can volunteer for community service...

we can find someone who needs our help....

and give that help with compassion.

We can resist the urge to find fault or to fight....

instead we can give a gift of healing.

 There are actions we can all take to change, not only our world,

but the whole world and we are expected to do it.   


 there is limitless abundance in God’s world....

there is unlimited Truth....

all the Truth needed to reveal our True Natures....

Everything needed is provided to Empower and Enlighten us

and propel us into the Fulfillment of our Divine Plan.


 how many times you’ve heard

 'where our attention is, there we are '

and 'what we focus on, we bring into form'....

Thus the importance of accentuating the positive

 with our every thought, feeling, action and spoken word....

It does make a difference

and that difference will eventually transfigure us.