About Our God Presence 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Today I was thinking about how periodically there are times in our lives when situations force us to take a deeper Inner look at our lives.

 We all face, from time to time, difficult situations that cause us to take refuge in both the human and Spiritual Ideas and Values that give meaning to our lives. Difficult situations offer us many opportunities.

 First of all we stop and remember the words of Jesus 

 “what is this to you....follow thou me”....

This helps us stay focused in our human/Soul Christ Identify....

 helps us completely identify with the Idea of



Perhaps, difficulties we and the world at large face, strengthen our resolve to know ourselves as a human/Soul us to internalize our Part and Purpose in furthering God’s Visions for a peaceful, productive planet Earth, by our non-reaction to the destructive energy patterns at work today on Earth.

We are being given the choice to look to Spiritual Patterns of Christ Perfection to solve our 'problems' in all we do. 

If we are getting it right, at all times we are willing to direct all our efforts, visible and invisible, into fulfilling God’s dream of Peace for this Planet. Thus this program....and now this website....

 both are dedicated to the Prince of Peace....

and to all who work to make Peace a Reality...

 Now shall we add our voices to theirs and say:


One of the gifts we can give to Life, human and Spiritual  is to make the effort to understand it. We have free will and so, may or may not choose to make that effort. But eventually we all have to do it, and live it, becoming an example of Enlightened Thinking. 

In our modern society of experts who tell us WHO they think WE ARE , we are often led to think of ourselves, simply, as dysfunctional human beings and we often then become, immobilized by a fear based mentality. However, what we aren’t told is that A COSMIC Power drives our lives, and that who WE REALLY ARE is a Spark of that Power....the REAL, IMMORTAL-US IS A SOUL.

 We aren’t told that if we are EMBODIED IN what may be a less than perfect HUMAN FORM....and IF WE WILL MAKE THE EFFORT TO UNDERSTAND THE GOD-POWER THAT BEATS OUR HEARTS, THE HUMAN US WILL have all the help it needs to be everything it wants to be....and that the Soul within, wants it to be.

 For the more civilized the human, the greater the possibilities for the Partnership, Body and Soul....while always remembering that the Soul’s whole purpose for being, is to serve the needs of Cosmic Power.

 And finally, it must be realized that in these changing times, the evolved Beings of the Greater Universe are hoping that enough of us will remember WE ARE SOULS...AND REMEMBER WHY WE ARE HERE so that the earth can be brought through its cyclical birthing process without planetary disruption of any kind. That is the goal of every Light bearer at work on the earth and in the invisible realms at this time.  

So there has never been a time when we have had such tremendous responsibility and so much opportunity to grow and Serve, Body and Soul. We have work to do, not only to complete our own Spiritual Awakening, but to join with Spiritual workers all over the world who are trying to awaken those who are still asleep to their Inner Light. 

It is with this in mind and for these reasons that I have come each week to articulate Spiritual Ideas and to do it in as simple a fashion as possible....I’ve told you the story of how Jesus appeared to me, and asked me to “Go to His Christians and keep it simple”. This turns out not to be as easy as it sounds. Every time I sit down to write or speak, I ask for direction to put these Cosmic Ideas into simple understandable statements?”  

There is a huge amount of Spiritual thought and literature available along the lines I’m sharing. Starting about 1850, 1nformation of a new mystical, yet practical type, began pouring onto the planet. New religions developed out of updated interpretations of Spiritual Truths information was channeled in through many Souls....the academic study of old cultures brought new thinking about the older Spiritual Teaching. 

At any time and within any culture it is very hard to put the huge Ideas of God and Creation into simple terms...assuming that one can get a sufficiently clear Idea about God and His Creation to express it at all....for what I call, Greater Life isn’t all that simple to describe....because, while if we could gather all God Energy into one place,  we could easily say that “all life is all one great energy”....but in its many and varied forms, all that Cosmic Differentiation isn’t that easy to catalog or describe or talk about.

And we can’t get away from using the old religious and metaphysical vocabulary, with all it varied interpretation and that seems to put us back in our old boxes. So finding the right words to describe this human/Soul relationship.... finding new ways and words to describe WHO WE REALLY ARE IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF LIFE is a challenge.   

I’ve told you about the Ballards who taught what I can only describe as modern, mystical Theosophical Christianity. They were not the first to use the term I AM Presence, but certainly they  were the first to impress on their students powerfully,  this new Idea about our God Selves and they called it “The Mighty I AM Presence”....Like many in the early nineteen hundreds, they were caught up in the new Spiritual Ideas that were coming into outer manifestation, bringing with them new Ways to live a Spiritual life.

The Ballards had studied and practiced the old standard ways and in the process developed a Stream of Inner Wisdom, which finally brought them the further Instruction of Ascended Teachers who work with Spiritually evolving mankind...these teachers included Jesus and those who came with Him.

As time went on, they began to share their New Ideas and Ascended Master Teaching with family and friends....and that led to being asked to go public, so, to speak, and  they soon drew large crowds all over the country. This all began in  the 1930s and of course, their work was controversial in its time....and like Jesus, they had their Judas.. several as a matter of fact....But today their early simple instruction is the basis for much of the New Age/New Thought metaphysical Spiritual Teaching of today. 

The Ballards, too were charged with the task of bringing back into the world, both ancient Ideas, as well the correct meaning within much of today’s modern organized religion....they were to update it and express it in simplified wording. As I’ve said, this sounds simple.

Two thousand years ago Jesus came with the same Idea...but over the centuries something happened to the simplicity and clarity of His Teaching....and now unless one has a command of the old languages and understands His cultural and Spiritual background, it is very difficult to make some of His Teaching found in the Bible resonate with our times. And yet the world needs his message of Peace and Brotherhood more than it ever did. 

This is a good place to digress and add this bit of information which I think makes it easier to understand Jesus. The Jesus lineage traces back to King David and of course, the lineage of King David is traced back directly to Abraham....and Abraham’s lineage is impressive. In his time Jesus was heir to the throne of the Davidic King.  

King David was of the tribe of Judah.....which had the responsibility of kingship within the twelve Hebrew Tribes of Israel. Judah was one of the twelve sons of Jacob or Israel as God later called him. Two thousand years ago the tribe of Judah was very diverse in their adherence to the original Hebraic Teaching as it came through Abraham and later through Moses.

 In the time of Jesus there appears to have been at least three main religious groups. And one of these was the group known as Essenes....these people lived a somewhat monastic, austere, Spiritual life, staying completely apart from the more worldly activities of their time. 

It has always been thought by some and now is excepted by scholars, that Jesus grew up within the Judaism of His day as practiced by the Essenes....He knew who He was in the Kingly line and the Essenes may have trained Him for the role.

 My vision of Jesus is of One who had little patience with the convolution that had crept into the Abrahamic creed. My sense is that He wanted to simplify the Judaic religion....that he wanted to get it back to a simple, basic Spirituality based on One God for all the People....I think He wanted a religion that would unite all people. He wanted people to stop fighting and He wanted to liberate people from the controlling religious and political factions of his time.  

There is a new book out that’s worth’s title is BLOODLINE OF THE HOLY GRAIL and it is written by Laurence Gardner who has had access to a lot of information. This book is particularly interesting because it brings in new translations of old terms, making Biblical information more accurate and understandable....but definitely, making Jesus and His Mission understandable....again I would say that part of what He was charged with, was bringing a simplicity back to the old Hebraic philosophy, which itself came from ancient sources that had become, in time, contaminated with humanism.

Jesus brought in the next level of Christed Information....and those new aspects ultimately became the basis for Christianity, both mystical and humanistic. Next week I’ll take references from that book to illustrate what I think was the mind-set of Jesus as he set out to fulfill his Destiny. But I bring this in at this point because I believe that Jesus is still trying to create a simple Spiritual philosophy....keeping it understandable and available to everyone....not just to certain groups. 

As I work to stay within these guidelines of simplicity, I find that even the New Expanded Thought, that has emerged in the last hundred years and that has influenced my thinking, already has so much new technical, Spiritual vocabulary in it, that it is very difficult to understand by someone who hasn’t studied it for many years.

In addition each new Teacher creates new words to describe very old concepts as well as emerging New Concepts....creative definitions are made necessary by the restrictions of modern copyrights and Trademarks....and so confusion is already gathering around the new concepts.

And so there are other ways I could go about sharing my Concepts of a Spiritual Life....but in any context the goal is to “keep it simple and practical.....usable every minute of our daily human/Soul lives.

 I want to call attention to many very readable and interesting new many hundreds of good web sites....some are very good....and anyone looking for more detail than I am giving here, can go to the world wide web and find just about any kind of Spiritual Information and explanation. It’s possible to get a very complete education on the many facets of Spirituality....then, the next step is to choose a Teacher whose Ideas resonate and set to work re-inventing and expanding the human/Soul Partnership. 

Now the subject today is our I AM Presence.....our individual God Self. This is a Concept once taught only by Guy and Edna Ballard. Now today many Spiritual Teachers focus on this Truth of our Cosmic Reality. Today I want to quote and paraphrase material from several sources that speak of the I AM Presence....starting  with an article written by Edna Ballard and broadcast in a radio talk in 1937.  In this broadcast she says: 

“Let us turn our attention to the understanding of this Mighty Presence, the INDIVIDUALIZED GOD-SELF OF EVERY HUMAN BEING. 

Down through the ages, mankind has thought of God as being everything from a kindly, old gentleman sitting on a golden throne, to a great abstract principle or impersonal force working blindly and heartlessly throughout the world. In this Teaching, we bring you the Perfect logical, acceptable, heart-satisfying, ETERNAL LAW AND TRUTH OF LIFE,

From out the Heart Center of Infinity comes forth the Individualized Presence of God, clothed in a body of Pure Light Substance. This Electronic Body abides immediately above every human being on Earth and pours down into the human form, the Life, the Light, the Substance and Energy that enables the physical body to move, breathe and have Self-Conscious Life.

 This Individualized Focus of the Great Supreme Source of all Life is the “Mighty I AM Presence” This is the GOD-SELF of every man, woman and child. In this way, God-Life-governs the Universe by the Individualization of Itself, which every human being is in Reality. 

The withdrawing of this Presence of the Life Energy from the human form is what we know in the outer physical world as death. The eyes and ears of the body after so-called death, may remain in perfect form, yet the body can neither hear nor see: because the Great Stream of Energy which flows down from the Presence and allows the body to see, hear and move about, has withdrawn.

This is what Jesus referred to when He said, “Of Myself I can do nothing, It is the Father within that doeth the works, “ for He recognized and knew that Great Presence of God, the “I AM” and to It gave all acknowledgment in all accomplishment. 

The “Mighty I AM Presence” of every individual, no matter what the worldly estate, is Almighty, Limitless Intelligence focused and dwelling in an Electronic Body of Blazing Pure Substance and Energy.

This is the man referred to in the Bible who is made in the Image and Likeness of God. It would have been a sad looking God indeed, if the human form of man was what had been referred to as God’s Image. But now we know that It is this Blazing God-Presence dwelling immediately above every human form in full Perfection which is the Divine Man. 

This Blazing Beautiful Presence is the Guardian Angel spoken of down through the centuries. Many individuals have gazed upon their own “Mighty I AM Presence” and thought they were seeing a Glorious Being sent from God. This individualized God-Self projects the Attributes of Itself down into the substance of the physical world, creates a body and operates it through the physical senses.

It loans the physical body the use of certain attributes and endows it with an intellectual and Heart Consciousness, through which the God-self should be allowed to expand Its Light and Perfection and which It always does, unless interfered with by discordant feeling. 

If you doubt that this Great God Presence stands willing and ready to fulfill every constructive wish of your heart, the Ascended Masters say to you: “If you will call your Presence into action three time daily....earnestly....for five minutes, keeping your feelings harmonious, inside of ten days you would have the evidence in your own experience so strong that nothing could turn you aside.” 

You may ask: “If each human form has a Perfect God Presence pouring into it God’s own Perfect Substance, why is not the human being the out-picturing of this full Perfection?”

Here is the most illuminating Understanding of the LAW OF LIFE ever given to mankind. That Perfect Substance and Energy from the Presence, as It flows into the body of the individual would remain Pure and Perfect and always out-picture Perfection, if it were not for the requalification, through discordant feeling and inharmony, with which the individual clothes his God-given Energy.

 You can through harmonizing your feelings and recognizing this Pure God Energy, allow it to sweep into your bodies, in its original pure state and full Power to cleanse and purify your worlds of everything undesirable. When you learn to do this, you will be fulfilling the commands which Jesus gave:


She concludes, “ So, each day we can ask our Presence to pour into us the fullness of its Light and Love. We can ask to be awakened to the full Truth and Reality of our Divinity....we can ask that our God-Self be the only directing and controlling Power in our daily lives.” End of quote. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing that 1937 broadcast on the MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE....Mrs. Ballard broadcast ten similar talks at that time....and those have been continually broadcast somewhere in the world ever since. Occasionally I find one of her early articles on the Internet. And as I said, all the vocabulary of Her Instruction and Intuition have continued into our time, being greatly expanded as each student brings in his or her bit of the evolving explanation of WHO WE ARE AND WHY. 

And thus, after years of studying the Ballard material as well as everything else that has come along in the intervening years, I came to the point where I began to find, in my own intuitive writing, information that I had never heard before at the human level. At first, I didn’t trust that intuition....but along the Way, the human/Soul Relationship was gradually revealed to me. I was shown how that Knowledge was the next step in understanding the role of our God-Self.  

I was shown that it is our I AM Presence who designs the Form and provides the Energy for a physical body, complete with a Spark of Life, programmed to get the work of God done on Earth through that body.

In time, many bits of Information came to me, allowing me to create the picture I now hold in my mind of WHO WE ARE AND WHAT OUR PURPOSE ON EARTH IS....AND HOW GOD WALKS THE EARTH THROUGH US. AND HOW IF WE ARE HERE ON EARTH, WE ARE HERE WITH DIVINE PURPOSE. And that our lives are Sacred....and our work, is Sacred Work. 

Now to show how this knowledge of the I AM Presence has spread, I will “fast-forward” to our time. Last week a particular web site was recommended to me....and I talk about it to demonstrate how our understanding of our God Selves has progressed and expanded through the Ballard's many students. Last week I was 'exploring the Internet and came upon the Teaching of Patricia Diane Cota-Robles....someone completely new to me. I later learned she had been on radio for many years and now had this web site. So I took time to see what this current Teacher of Mystical Truths had to say....and though some of the wording has changed, I found the expanding Master Instruction first encountered in the Ballard teaching....

Here is a sample of her Instruction on of our I AM Presence.... 

She says, “First of all we must go within to the deepest recesses of Divine Truth blazing in our Heart Centers. Then from that center where the Will of God is Known, we will each perceive these words with new eyes and new ears. 

“In the Beginning,” she says, “when we were first breathed forth from the Heart and Mind of God, our first physical manifestation was as a White Fire Being....our White Fire Being is a formless, radiant Sun of Light that pulsates with all the Divine Qualities of our Father-Mother God....that was our first physical expression as a Beloved Child of God....and it is that Being that is created in the image and likeness of God....” 

I paraphrase here, “Our White Fire Being projected forth a masculine and feminine polarity of Itself which manifested as Cosmic twin time each Flame was to progress to a physical experience on Earth....each  projected forth a stepped down reflection of Itself . Then our Cosmic I AM Presence was given the opportunity to participate in a unique experiment designed to see if our learning process could be accelerated by stepping down in frequency and vibration into the constraints of time and space continuum in the Third Dimensional reality...” End of quote. 

Patricia Diane Cota Robles goes into much detail about our beginnings and how we have progressed to where we are gets a little deep and complicated....but there is a lot there for anyone wanting to grow.

What I’m pointing out is how the modern, Mystical Understanding of Life is we are all growing and evolving Body and Soul. And I am in complete agreement when she says “that whether we remember it or not, we have each been preparing for aeons of time to co-create a new Reality on Earth during this Cosmic Moment....”  I believe that is our Mission if we care to accept! 

Now I want to finish this program on the subject of Kindness. But first we will pause for our meditation....

Let’s begin by wrapping ourselves in the luminous Heart Light of God

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

Opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels

As we invite the Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

and into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That we each may become a channel For Light and Illumination, Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth. 

Kindness is an important aspect of Love.

Here are the thoughts of Donald Ballard on the subject of Kindness. This is from a talk he gave March 25, 1937.

Donald Ballard was still a young man when he came to these conclusions....He says “The one thing in the world as far as maintaining happiness in our lives, is the radiation of kindness”....therefore he says, “it seem to me very important that we each ask our Presence each day to take charge of our human activity and see to it that we never send out an atom of unkindness, knowingly or unknowingly”.

 “Do you realize”, he says, “the reason we have unhappiness in our world is because at some time, we have sent out the same feeling to some other one of God’s children....therefore it behooves us to give conscious definite attention to this point, for I see clearly that unless we and every one on earth understand this, we can not expect happiness in our own lives” 

He goes on to say that unkindness is the root of ninety-nine percent of the unhappiness of mankind. “Let each of us then call on the Law of Forgiveness in order to rid ourselves of our past momentum of any undesirable energy.”. He says “there is a Great Mercy in the Divine Law of Forgiveness, which allows us to balance our discordant momentum through asking forgiveness and through giving service in an harmonious way....” End of quote. 

There are many ways we can balance our discordant momentums.....there is no right or wrong way to balance the debts we owe to Life....but it does start with our sincere and loving intent, Body and Soul...and then turning to our Christ Self and phrasing our desire, for example, in words such as these..... 


Then if we will put anything we’re working on in the hands of our Presence and forget it, we can be assured that Divine Justice will manifest at some level, some time, some place....justice for all concerned.

Be so aware that when we give our problems to a Higher Power we are not to continue to revolve them. For as surely as we do, we take them back and again give them the Power of our lives.

There are better ways to use God’s energy. 

Remembering also that we cannot have a thought without creating a picture of that thought.

Thus the need to constantly control our human mind and make conscious effort to place only the right pictures in it....understanding that nothing acts unless we cause it to act. So instead of revolving non-love of any kind, on our part or the part of anyone else...we simply call on the Law of Forgiveness and then put any situation in the Hand of God....and forget it.