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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone, Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Today we speak again of Service...

thinking about compassionate, about caring attitudes so sorely needed by society....not only today, but for a very long time.

This exploration of Ideas around Caring Service, brings up memories of the cruel acts perpetrated by human beings in power, against their often helpless fellow men and women, particularly through these last two thousand years.....not to mention the thousands of years that went before.

This history of religious and political persecution of innocent people continuing into our time, is truly obscene....and must end.  

Thus it is, if anything is to change, the sublime Spark of God, that is our indwelling Soul, must be allowed to take command of our Lives....

Godness has to be activated to protect us from

 negativity that exists within and around us...

And Ideas of Peace and Freedom for all must be embraced

and implemented if the chaotic situations caused by political

 and religious insanity are to cease.


we can let the our Light shine into all the destructive,

 cruel human attitudes that remains on Earth.


we will Blaze our Light everywhere throughout the Earth.

And ask the Ascended Beings of Light and Love

 to join us in our effort to expand

the Light that Never Fails.

Cruelty on Earth must stop if civilization as we know it today,

 is to survive.

Indeed cruelty must cease if individuals are to survive.


 Peace, Freedom and Liberty wait to manifest on Earth....

In our Service to Life, Body and Soul,

 we can work to reverse the trend of cruelty ...

we can put an end to darkness by turning on Our Light.

Please join me again today as we say....


As we begin to experience the Sense of KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE, we are in fact, drawing aside the curtain on the next room of Life.

We are pushing back the darkness of ignorance and establishing new frontiers of Knowledge.

We are gaining a sense of the possibility of all things....

of being able to transcend worlds and time and space....

of reaching, Body and Soul, beyond all our current boundaries to create a more Spiritual place in which to live our lives today, a place somewhere between Earth and Heaven. We are discovering that Spirituality is accessed, increment by increment.

In getting to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul, we have been parting the Veil to reveal the Interior Soul-Us. We have found ourselves to be a human/Soul Partnership, a Partnership that is learning and evolving from the experiences of this Life Opportunity....getting ready for whatever lies ahead.   

The expanding Realization of Ourselves, as both Body and Soul, has given us a new sense of personal freedom....

a concrete sense of the Spiritual....

an excitement and expectation of new discoveries.

 Ideas, of here-to-fore unknown dimensions of the human/Soul Partnership, have become part of our thinking. We have become more can we be afraid now that we know WHO WE REALLY ARE....

how can we not work for the Peace and Freedom of every one in the whole world?

 In that regard we are asked to stay focused primarily on the Idea of  Freedom for both Body and Soul, as it outpictures in the Americas....particularly the United States of America which is described as the Heart Center where the Divine Pattern for Freedom Meant for All People has begun its manifestation on the Planet. We Souls embodied in America need to understand the grave Spiritual Responsibility we have to protect that Heart Center and to serve the Idea of Freedom for all mankind.


Todayís program again focuses on Service, Body and Soul.

Our human approach to Life is generally to ask God to help us.

 However, we live in a time

 when what is important is focusing our effort, Body and Soul

on helping God.

Reminding me of John Kennedyís statement,

ďAsk not what America can do for you but what you can do for AmericaĒ....

that is a very powerful  and true statement.

Here we say,

 ďWe ask not what God can do for us, but what we can do for GodĒ....

which in reality, as we get the horse back in front of the cart, is the True Relationship All Life is meant to express towards 'God'.

 And if we have figured it out, we are always saying to the Higher Powers 'use me in any way you can'.

Thus always making ourselves available to serve.

Our job at the human level is to activate and make use of our Soul's Ability to help to heal the wounds of hate, the wounds of neglect....the wounds of arrogance and ignorance.

While simultaneously we serve Spiritual Forces in Heavenly Dimensions of Spiritual Activity.

Last week we talked about dreaming of God-Government for the planet....and how we can make our dreams come true by imagining an Idea of what God Government is, thus creating a Thought Form into which we would then pour our Energy filled with the Desire for Perfected God Government for all people on this planet. 

How do we imagine this God-Government.....

Certainly we donít have a 'perfect example' of It operating now anywhere on the planet. Though there was an avenue through which it tried to manifest during the last two thousand years.

 But God-Government remains a powerful Idea of the Invisible

Streams of Life .....Ideas of Perfection flowing within Universal Thought

 They always flow on Earth whenever there is an active human/Soul Partnership.

It is written in metaphysical literature

that about seventy thousand years there was such a place on Earth where God-Government flourished. By the term 'God Government' we understand that Souls of High Evolution have descended to Earth (embodied) usually for the Purpose of creating a Higher, more Cosmic Pattern to be given to mankind for their upliftment, Body and Soul. In the case of which we speak Evolved Souls embodied, developed a 'heaven on earth', showing it can be done. There was tremendous expansion of human creativity in all areas of living. Particularly, in this case, there was established a Pattern for Humane Governing, with people being taught to share in the governing process. At times like this The Partnership, man and his Soul working together on Earth, flourishes. 

And then, certain of humanity were not satisfied, some factions wanted more control...some Souls became infatuated with human sensations and power, and little by little, the Partnership of man and God, was abandoned...sufficient of the mankind of that time turned against their  Government to cause God to abandon the Project.

The Great Beings who were the Spiritual Administrators, who had embodied to serve the human/Soul Partnership in that Way, had to withdraw and let the people, Body and Soul, figure it out for themselves. 

And since that time, itís been a mess here on earth.

The human who has forgotten

 or deliberately neglects to exercise the Soul Power of his own life,

also forgets there is Soul Power at work in every other life.

So for thousands of years, ďSouls who had become powerless at the human level" not only had to watch while the human desecrated the physical temple...but have had to watch, often helplessly, as the human mind has denied God.

So when we pray,

perhaps, we should pray for Souls,

 who having denied their Christ Power,

now exist in human forms with no ability to control the human mind that is using the old energy to do whatever the human wants to do,

using energy misqualified in the past with negative and often deliberately cruel  actions, thoughts, feelings and spoken words.

Think of this.

 The Soul Mind is powerless on the earth plane, unless and until it can awaken the human mind to Its existence...

.and in many cases, the human doesnít want to give up control....

it doesnít want to give up the many juicy sensations that come with mortal thoughts, feelings and actions....

and so, many humans go their way, without ever knowing about or how to access their God Natures, embodied right there, within themselves.

Many never caring about the Higher Ideals of Christed Soul Guidance.

But on the other side of the coin, there has always been

 and there still is much beautiful Spiritual Idealism at work....there has always been those Souls who embody to do the work of the Spirit....who care about Brotherhood and Compassion....

There are those who know that beautiful thoughts, compassionate feelings and humane actions and Ideas come through the Mind of the Soul. There always have been and there still are, tremendously Creative Minds at work on the the arts, in science, in philosophy, in commerce and government....all indications that among us there are many Souls, awake  and well and at work . Over the ages, history records the many magnificent human/Soul Partnerships who have given their lives to serve mankind.

So on one hand we have the self serving human who cares little about brotherhood and never gave a thought to God Government.

 And fortunately, on the other hand, there are the many of us who do think about and care about our fellow men and women.

And that caring comes out of the Mind of our Divine Soul.

However, there are only few of us, in whom, as yet, the Soul has complete domination. Most of us have much work to do disciplining the human personality.... which can be 'tamed' as we let our Soul Self take the lead and finally take charge of our lives.

 I have known people in which this has occurred....two of them have been my Teachers and my Inspiration....

I have seen them do it, so I know it can be done.  


So, in these half hour programs, I go over and over some of the Basic Spiritual Ideas on which we can re-build or improve our lives. First of all we have to change the way we think about ourselves....

We have to see ourselves as the Single Unit composed of the human vehicle and indwelling Christ Soul....

we must rid ourselves of the Ideas of the separate pathways of the human, who struggles alone. And that our Soul, who is a Spark of Sacred Light connected directly to 'Greater Godness' lives somewhere else.

 We have to accept the Idea of the combined human/Spiritual person. That's who we unique and indivisible Cosmic Package of Life. Now with that understood,

we'll make some headway with Life on Planet Earth!

And this is the only way we can change our lives on Earth.

Since these Ideas of individual Christness began to flow into the Consciousness of humanity two thousand years ago, mankind has made some progress. Now in our time, we come to a critical juncture of Cosmic Events when Spiritual Transformation is the order of the day and all the Powerful New Information that has been poured out upon mankind over the past one hundred years bears fruit.

 It would not be exaggerating to say that many people are waking up from ďa long, fitful, human sleepĒ....with more and more people 'energized' and enthused about redeeming the planet, Godís Way....

about bringing order out of our current social, economic and political situations, Godís Way....

more and more people are focused on personal and National Freedom....

more and more focused on seeing problems solved

through seeking a Spiritual Answer rather than using human means.


Arenít we all ready to see the end of the terrible suffering that is inflicted upon the people as the human mind uses human means to solve problems?

 Isnít it time to bring our Souls back into the Act.....

time to raise our Vibration and the Vibration of the Energy of this Planet?

 How many people have ever rationalized that the human vehicle was never intended to go it alone on Planet Earth?

. Or figured out that the work of Earth was intended to be done through the combined effort of Body and Soul, working together.

Humanity can, by putting these Ideas to work, begin to increase the Vibration of Energy, not only of the physical body, but all can expand the Soul Energy within the physical body.

  We can raise the Level of our Purity to one in which nothing less than good can exist. This is the way to solve our problems....this is the only Way to solve our problems.

Itís time to put our 'humanness' under the control of our Souls.

Now, one more time I will describe my Perception of Greater Cosmic Life and WHO I THINK WE ARE IN GODíS GREATER SCHEME....

keeping it as simple the human mind can conceive of It.

First, like many, I sense One Simple Basic All Encompassing Truth.

All my investigation leads me to believe that from the

beginning of earliest Spiritual Instruction on Earth,

 there has been only

One Basic Spiritual Truth

 That this Truth has been taught, over and over again

 to mankind,

 over countless Ages

by Evolved Souls Whose Responsibility it has been and still is

 to come to Earth to instruct the evolving Soul

 My Concept of Basic Godness is,

 that there is only this One High Power responsible for everything that is.

 Bringing me to the conclusion that

 All Life is One.


 A study of history reveals that humankind has fought continually against the Authority of Cosmic Godness....not wishing to bow the knee to this Universal Cosmic Power or acknowledge the Indwelling Soul.

 This 'Power' has had many names.

In our time, many of us call Supreme Beingness, GOD.

 It doesnít take too much speculating to see this Supreme Godness as the all pervasive, ETERNAL ENERGY ACTIVITY of our Universe.

 Or see it as the Universal Cosmic Consciousness....

It is obvious that It is capable of dividing Itself....

of individuating Itself....of expanding Itself, endlessly.




 Which means that all Cosmic Energy radiates out from a single Center....a Great Central Power Center which has been given many names. This Cosmic Energy, which is the Essence of that One Majestic Power, fills all space.

Personally I canít imagine a void....or any empty space.

Cosmic Essence takes on shape or form when directed by Conscious Mind through thoughts or desires.

Thus we can say that all form, visible or invisible, is the HANDI-WORK OF SOME LEVEL OF GOD-MIND IN ACTION.

The form the Mind of God takes as It works within the human body,

 I call Soul. 

I can only see Soulness as basic Godness....

for the Soul is a Spark of Cosmic Consciousness.

That is so, then Soulness has all the Powers we ascribe to Supreme Beingness, in as much as It is a Small INDIVIDUATED UNIT OF THAT BASIC CONSCIOUSNESS.

 The Spark of Soul Consciousness that lives within each human body comes from an I AM Presence. This High and Mighty 'God Self' of each one of us, was projected out into the Universe to be the HEAD, HEART AND HANDS OF GOD-IN-ACTION ANYWHERE IN THE GREATER UNIVERSE. It is the immediate Source of all Soul Energy which activates each physical body.

Between this High God Presence and directly above the human body, is a Body of Christ Energy. This is the level of Greater Life to which Christ Jesus directed our attention.

This is our Holy Christ Self.

 It was to this Christ Self we were taught to go for Answers to all human and Soul needs.

 We each have a Body of Christ Energy directly above us ,

 a Spark of Which is the Consciousness or Mind we call Soul that is the 'indwelling Partner' of the physical vehicle.

Energy/Light comes into the body flowing from the Stream of Light from the Christ Self above....whatever we need to fulfill our Purpose on Earth.

 When we fully integrate the human and Soul Energy and become of 'one mind'....the Mind that was in Jesus...the Christ Energy descends to illumine the cells of our body....we are 'filled' with Christ Light and become an unascended Christed Being, which is exactly what Jesus demonstrated and tried to explain to us.

 In talking about His so-called Miracles, He explained that it was His Christed Self, working with...or through his physical and body, that allowed Him, the Christed Being, to do the so-called Miracle Work.

  Souls are Bits of Immortal Godness.

Therefore we are Immortal. For we are not these bodies....the part of us Who can say 'I' or 'we' is the  Soul speaking.

 We are Immortal Souls.

 Our individuated Godness, each one a unique Spark of God Light,

was projected out of the High Vibratory Planes, referred to as the Octaves of Light.

We call them Heavens.

 At some point in time, the Cosmic Energy and Consciousness of individual Souls entered human forms, prepared for that specific purpose, and thus, began the human/Soul Journey through the denser energy of the material planes.

This Process was designed ages ago, its Purpose to expand Cosmic Light on Earth. The Purpose was then and is today, to raise and increase the Frequency of Earthís Energy, so that this Planet can become Place of Higher Spiritual Vibration.

The Cosmic Plan calls for lowering an Etheric 'Garden of Eden' here on what will become a purified physical plane. This will then become the place where the Journey for Enlightened Souls continues in the future. It is to be a Place of such High Frequency that nothing less than the Vibration of the Christ Self can exist here.

 It is a Place where all the current pain and suffering of the human being will be unknown for there will no Energy 'low enough' to support pain and suffering. 

All metaphysical literature talks of an on going COSMIC PLAN for this planet and the complement of people/Souls designated for this planet.

This resonates for me....and it makes sense that itís implementation requires Body and Soul Awareness and Understanding, if the Work of the Soul is to be done here. 

Is there any doubt that the Planet needs help today?

The Energy here is slow and sluggish as compared to the Energy of even the next higher planes....we speak of Higher in the sense of Higher or faster frequency.

Life here in all its forms tends to be sluggish and heavy. It is often unpleasant. The atmosphere is full, not only of physical pollutants, but also of our dirty energy.

The air we breathe is full of human consciousness of all types.

 So it is up to each one of us to introduce more Cosmic Light, not only into our own lives but also into the Energy Stream of this planet...

to speed it up....

to clean it up

. And this is simply done, as we individually expand our Christ Light, as we use the Violet Flame and as we ask all Greater levels of Godness to join us blazing that Greater Cosmic Light here.


So what happens to us and to the Earth in the next few years is really up to each one of us.

 From now on, what we do, what we think, how we feel and the words we speak will affect the vibration of the Energy of our bodies and determine the course of our lives.

 And what we do affects the lives of everything and everybody that is connected with this Planet.

 We can foul the Energy by the way we use It

 or we can make It shining and bright....itĎs one of those choices .

 The Cosmic Plan for more Light on this planet has to be implemented through each one of us. If we ask why....well, at appears thatís the Way it was set up....

and who are we to question Supreme Authority?

 The human/Soul Partnership is designed to be the Channel for Cosmic Light to flow to the planet.


Iíve spoken before about how the I AM Presence designs the physical body in order to further itís own Divine Plan.....

This Divine plan is always and only furthered through Service to Life.

 It is Divine Service and that Service is our human/Soul Sacred Work.

 We have that Understanding programmed into us. All we ever need to know comes to us directly from the I AM Presence, Who has anchored a Spark of Itself in the Christ Body and from there into heart of our physical body. That Spark is the Soul.  

It then becomes the Soulís responsibility to educate the human partner. Depending on how dense the Energy is around the physical body and within the mind, this can be relatively easy.

 Or it can be impossible for the Soul.

The Soul may not be able to awaken its human partner. And this is the reason we pray and decree for the Awakening of our fellow man....for sometimes our Souls need help. 

Always the human/Soul Exercise is to expand God Light.

It is within this Expansion Process that our God Presence evolves in the Heavens. It is the way our Christ Light expands for our use here. It is the way we, the Soul fulfill our Cosmic Purpose on Earth.

 But to do this, the human mind has to be teachable. There can be no hardness of heart. The physical body has to accept certain disciplines.

 Thus it can be seen that God, the Supreme Being has taken on an interesting Experiment in area of Free Will....for this is what the human/Soul journey is about....itís about increasing, or expanding Godness Universally, doing it through the pure Desire of the Soul Partnership to experience more Godness.

We have the Free Will to care more about the Supreme Power and Life of the Universe than about the desires of our human selves,

 We have the Free Will to put aside pride in our human skills and ďsmartsĒ....

the Free Will or Choice to care about our accomplishments only as we can put them to work to serve the greater efforts of God.  

Thatís our whole Purpose in a nutshell....

and such a simple human/Soul purpose....

to Love God with all our hearts....

to put God first in all that we do....

For the Soul, it's Work is first to Awaken the human mind to this Understanding.

 That is what our daily lives are about in these so-called ďlast daysĒ ....the last days when old human consciousness is yet allowed.

For human consciousness is on its way out.  

The greatest Service we can give to Life, Body or Soul is to clean up our Energy.

So  how do we do that?

And how do we awaken our human consciousness to be ready for the continual increase of Light?

 It is terribly important to understand that there are consequences, good and bad, as we increase the Frequency of our Energy....for the Higher Vibration amplifies all the qualities of our human and Soul Natures....

where we are good, we become better....that quality is amplified.

 Where we have bad habits, those habits are amplified. The purpose of cleansing our energy to push any dense energy to the surface for purification and transmutation.

So back to our do we clean up our energy?  

We use the Violet Flame...and so a few words about that.

In the early 1930s, two people, Guy and Edna Ballard, trained by the Spiritual Hierarchy began teaching the Concept of using the Violet Flame to get us ready for a New Energy They were told would soon begin flowing on the Planet.

 They were two of the first of a new breed of Spiritual Teachers to bring this updated Information to the people of Earth. Now today there are hundreds of people teaching Principles of the Sacred Fire, particularly the Violet Flame, using Guy and Edna Ballardís Information still being taught throughout the world. Their Teaching is the ultimate in simplicity.

 In these Essays I have been instructed not to get into heavy duty wording and complicated Ideas. Simple explanations of One Cosmic Truth are what we need at the moment. It is the Desire of the Greater Souls who direct the expansion of Light here.

Simple Teaching of the Process by which we can transform our lives by expanding Violet Flame Healing in our lives is what we need. The Violet Flame is a Flame within the Love Flame.

I like to think that God so loved Souls that He gave us the Violet Consuming Flame with which to clean up our Energy get rid of old human consciousness....,to begin to process pure, clean Energy, that will eventually vibrate at the Spiritual Frequency of our Soulís Christ Consciousness.

Getting rid of our human, energy debris helps us turn over control of the human/Soul Partnership to the Soul.

Because we are moving into the Aquarian cycle where energy of a low vibration cannot enter, every human/Soul Partnership has to clean up its Energy sometime, somewhere before we can be free from what we have humanly created in the past or present and move on..


We call to our I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self

 to produce the Violet Flame around our mental, emotional and physical bodies ...

.seeing the Flame pass from our feet up, through and around our body....

cleansing all our Energy. In this way we purify all mistakenly qualified energy that we have ever used in any life experience.

Most of us havenít the slightest concept of what we have created through our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words even in this present lifetime. All Energy we have ever used was given to us Pure and Perfect for the Purpose of expanding Perfection on this earth.

 Through less than loving thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words, we have generated what we call our problems and worse yet, we have created energy forms that are in the atmosphere about us.

And many are hideous and unpleasant.

And there are none of us who havenít been guilty of misuse of Pure Energy to some extent in all lives, past and present.

 So the Great God Dispensation of our time is that the Instruction in the use of the Violet Consuming Flame can be given to mankind...

.and it is a most merciful Service to Life....

for it does what nothing else can do to release us from our energy debts.

 Through our own conscious effort we can consume our past creations and purify our minds, bodies and worlds.

The Law is that every individual must clean up his own mis-creation by his own conscious application....

the Way given to do that is by use of the Violet Consuming Flame.

The effect in the mental, emotional and physical bodies is to quiet and consume the whirls of impurities as well as wrong thought patterns, allowing us to establish constructive patterns of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. 

As heat melts wax and the wax ignites, it is consumed by the does the Violet Flame melt away the impure substance in our bodies....

we visualize it blazing through ourselves and our aura for a distance of about three feet in every direction....

this increases the vibratory action of the Energy within our bodies to a rate in which no imperfection can exist.

It has been our imperfect actions, thoughts, feelings and spoken words that are responsible for lowering the rate of vibration of all Energy we have ever used.....thus allowing what we call problems to exist in and around us.  

So, our meditation today, is to call to our I AM Presence, asking that the Violet Flame be blazed through us....

visualizing that Violet Flame burning around and within our earth bodies....

cleansing our Energy....

giving our Souls a Home of Light from which to accomplish

Their Mission to Earth.