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The history of the human race records how smart we can be,

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 


My purpose here is always and only to share Ideas....

Ideas to help us to think about ourselves as both human and Spiritual Beings.

Ideas that help us understand the Purpose of our human and Soul Lives.....

Ideas to help us turn those lives onto avenues of greater Peace, Perfection and Purity....

Ideas to free us from so much human consciousness....the cause of all unhappiness, illness and pain.

 There is too much pain in this world....too much unpleasantness in the Life of people, world wide.

There must be Answers.

And so we’ll explore Ideas that focus on Answers. 

Much of what I believe about God and Man comes to me from intensive study, but also  from an Intuitive Inner Sense about Life. I devoutly believe that knowing WHO WE REALLY ARE makes a difference in our lives...and perhaps is the only way to make a difference .....especially as we look for new Spiritualizing Ideas to replace or implement old human ideas that are false or incomplete.

 You’ll hear me repeat certain Ideas over and over,





 I have dedicated this program to the


 and to all who labor long and hard for Peace on this Planet....

so won’t you please join me now, as we say again



In each of these programs we’ve taken a few minutes

to strengthen our Connection to the Source all Power.

 It’s important to know we personally strengthen it most powerfully by acknowledging our human/Soul Relationship....which is our Connection to all Divinity here and beyond.

For from that dynamic mind-set we, human and Soul, draw limitless

Cosmic Protecting and Nurturing Power

into our lives and into the physical world of which we are a part. This Powerful Energy comes to us over the Ray of Golden Light that flows into each one of us, directly from the Heart of the Holy Christ Self that abides just above us. The Christ Self is directly connected to our I AM Presence and to all levels  of Godness beyond. Today as part of our meditation, let’s begin to develop this Thought Form....

Picture if you will,

a great Golden Sphere at the Center of the Universe.

Picture magnificent Light Rays of all colors blazing out from that Sphere of Golden Light.

Picture countless Waves of Life Force rippling out from that blazing Center.

Picture our Universe as one of those Waves and our Planet absorbing that Golden Light and all those Rainbow colors.

Now picture a single Ray of that Golden Light,

 as It shines on Its way to the Earth. This is the Light of our I AM Presence, a Body of God-Consciousness that stands just above the Christ Self. A Ray of this Light flows into the physical body...igniting a Flame in each individuals Heart.     

So we see that Shimmery Ray flowing from some High Cosmic Source,

that Ray of Light that is our I AM Presence,

 We see It projecting downward into the Body of our Christ Self

 and flowing from there into the physical body....

finally entering our Earth body

 through the Crown Chakra at the top of our heads,

 Then anchoring in the Heart of each one of us. 

Now we can picture that Golden Christ Light

expanding within the Heart Chakra,

moving out into all the  Energy Centers,

 spreading out into every cell

and into all the Energy of our four earth bodies.  

Let us now hold this Picture of ourselves, Body and Soul.....

seeing our entire selves becoming a blazing Sphere of that Golden Light here on Earth....

as above, so below....





Now with all that in the forefront of our minds, let’s again take a few deep breaths....sit or stand tall....hands at our sides or in our in any scattered Energy, see It magnetized back to us to be cleaned up and recharged with more Christ Light, and gotten ready to serve us, Body and Soul, here and now.

 Hold the picture of that Wall of Dazzling White Light around our physical body

Seeing Sparkling Energy of many colors flowing in around us

and in and through the layers of our aura....

Seeing It flow out from us

into the world to Bless those with whom we come in contact. 

Now again, we’ll wrap ourselves in the Powerful, Illumining

 Heart Light of Almighty God

Seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling into, within and around our minds and bodies

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels  

And invite the Christ Light

 to continuously stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

and into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on the earth

That each one of us may become a Channel for Light and Illumination,

Peace and Love and Healing to descend to Earth.

The next several programs are dedicated to the important ways we can serve Life today.

I believe there’s never been a time in our history when it was more important to come to the aid of both man and God.

 This is a time in which we need to lay aside some of our human endeavors and Awaken to the greater needs of the planet and the complement of Souls here.

We have come to that moment in time when our Christ Energy is greatly needed to be joined to that of all Light workers, all over the world....those who are embodied at this time and those who work from Invisible realms.

All of us must join together to bring in the New Patterns of Peace and Purity for the incoming Age. I believe this is the Cosmic Moment....and those who identify with this Idea, will begin to REMEMBER WHO THEY REALLY ARE, WHY THEY ARE HERE AND WHAT THEIR SPECIAL SERVICE  IS IN FULFILLING NOT ONLY THEIR DIVINE PLAN, BUT THE DIVINE PLAN FOR THE AMERICA AND THE PLANET AS THE CYCLES CHANGE. 

Let me see if I can describe what I think the Spiritual aspect of America is.

I believe the Original Spiritual Intent for the founding of this country was....and create a Model to show the people of Earth how humanity is supposed to live together in peace and prosperity....

with Divine Liberty and Freedom and Justice being for all the people....

not just the privileged few as is the case in much of the world today.

It was to be One Nation governed by adherence to God Laws.

 That Intent has not changed for America.

The Plan for Universal Brotherhood actually has been moving forward, accelerated by the Embodiment of Jesus two thousand years ago, Who came, once again, to teach and implement the Cosmic Idea of Brotherhood.

 So America has been the most recent time and place to try this out.


I’ve spoken about Divine Blueprints....we all have one and America has one. America’s is a Cosmic Blueprint for God Government of the People, by the People, for the benefit of all the People.

 My Teaching has included the Information that  the word AMERICA describes a new kind of human/Soul effort

It describes an I AM RACE, a group of Souls Who have an activated and working human/Soul Partnership

 These are and will continue to be those Souls who will embody within every race, religion, nationality and life-style.

Their job is to create what I would call a Web of Light containing the Thought Form that envisions the completed Idea of God Government on Earth.

 That Thought Form gradually manifests first at the Invisible level as many Souls pour their Christ Light into the Idea . This is the Idea I have expressed in talking about how we create through our thoughts, feelings and actions, with everything manifesting first at the Invisible level and finally outpicturing, as it must, in the visible.

And this is Principle of Creating....creating a climate of Brotherhood.... we are being asked to work on as we move through this cyclic upgrade of Energy. 

Thus, today many people are pouring their Light into this Thought Form of Perfect God Government for the people of this planet.

 And though we can’t see it at the moment, I promise you that a fully completed Pattern of God Government has manifested at the Invisible level and will be lowered at the appropriate time and onto the appropriate plane.

 We can believe this “for the Call...the Thought....the Feeling...compels an Answer”....

that is what we call “cause and effect”....

and it is a Cosmic Law.   

Often we think our human effort, by itself, cannot amount to much....

We ask, 'what can one person do?

That Idea of powerlessness was designed as part of the big lie that

we are ONLY human.....

How many realize that the “we” in that statement is both the human and the Soul-us.

And the Power rests within the Soul

 for there we are a small Spark of the Power and Mind of the Holy Christ Self.....

and I AM Presence....

and there is no human life without a Flame from the Soul being anchored in the heart,

 giving Life to the physical body.


 And I suspect many of us have prepared for aeons of time to be ready and able to do our Soul parts to serve God and humanity at this crucial period of Earth’s history.

 Ancient Ideas play a part in influencing our actions and Beliefs in ourselves. It seems old Ideas of both our human-ness and our Godness are embedded in our genes. And it is now time to update the old Belief Systems and move on to Higher levels of levels that fit the needs of the men and women now on earth.

 We need to do this if we are ever to see that we are Magnificent, Multifaceted, Multidimensional Beings.

That we, the human being, are capable of expressing the Godness of our Souls through these physical bodies, just as we are.

 But it does means we have to update our Belief Systems if we are to partake of the greatest leap forward in Consciousness perhaps ever experienced on this planet.

The old ideas will no longer serve us because we have outgrown them....

because both Body and Soul are evolving.

 In order to grow we need Freedom of thought and Freedom of action.

 ...the human race is finally  beginning to recognize


 as the natural right of every human being.


A study of history reveals how humanity has enmeshed itself in a network of bondage.....

a bondage of superstitions, fears, and barbaric instincts.

To be really the Beautiful Dream that is unfolding in our time....and we are the Beautiful Dreamers.

And the Dream we Dream is for the whole planet where Liberty is the Birthright of every embodied Soul.....

For above all else,

 Liberty for all

is the goal that the human/Soul Partnership must forever affirm

and work for...the Ideal we must serve. 

America was founded on these Ideals of Freedom.

Thus Love our love this country, is more than patriotism. It is a positive quality and never involves dislike or hatred of other countries. A patriot loves his country, and works for its good. We in America love this Country for many reasons, but perhaps most because we see that individuals have many opportunities to develop themselves here, Body and Soul.

 The events of Sept 11, 2001 brought to the surface an unprecedented showing of Patriotism....pride and love and Understanding of the Purpose of this Country was once again expressed. This pride and love is the Light of God expanding within the heart of the human/Soul Partnership.

By this feeling of 'patriotism', this Love and Pride, Light workers are helping to prepare what I want to call a Force field within and around America....a Field of Energy that will act as a sponge....absorbing all the Love and all the Energy poured out in support of this

 Spiritual Idea that is America.  

As we have watched the hate filled energy of the world grow larger and stronger, we are more aware than ever of the need for a return to the Spiritual Concepts that prompted the Founding of this country....and more and more of us Understand the Need expressed in the Idea of God Government for America and for the whole world.

Once we do our part in generating more Light within and around ourselves , the Great Cosmic Beings and all evolved Beings and Angels can take our Energy and then pour their powerful Essence into I, to expand that Force Field that furthers the Completion of the Cosmic Blueprint for Peace and Freedom...for Liberty for all....

and by that process, God Government will again manifest on earth.... 

As this Blueprint for America evolves, with each one of us doing his or her part, Body and Soul, humanity as a whole, will begin to Awaken. There will come the Knowledge of the Flame in each heart and an Understanding of the meaning of that Flame....

thus commences the Age of the Soul....

when the human being will Awaken to its Soul partner and the two will join forces and start taking responsible control of every thought, feeling, action and spoken word.

Today’s people have distinct needs. We are faced with a Spiritual World unfolding before us. We have to know how to participate in it. We need new practical Spiritual Ideas to Inspire us for our day’s Inspire us concerning business principles that are acceptable to God and honorable in our dealings with our fellow men and women....Principles that apply new Spiritual Methods and Morals.

Additionally we need to know how to stay well....we need to be inspired by common laws of health that teach us how to exercise, work, play, and to breathe and eat. In short, how to take care of ourselves. 

We need instruction that teaches us how one person can make a difference.

We need better instruction on how on how to participate in community, state and federal government.

The Spiritual Ideal that is America includes the Idea that all people will be economically we need an updated Philosophy around  economics. Let’s call it Spiritual Economics....a Science we have yet to discover. There must come a New Teaching about the Philosophy of Business....about the Beauty of Business and how Business, honest  Business....benefits humanity. 

I’ve said that I think Life was intended to be simple.

...and I think Life is very simple until we complicate It with all our desires and convoluted thinking.

Comparing today's Life to the struggles of a cave man, we can see that today we have most everything we need or can use right at hand. With freedom and a bit of ingenuity, the human-us, guided by an updated Understanding of our Spirituality, can meet our modern needs mentally, emotionally and physically.

Most of us are simple and sincere people,

 most of us are plain and practical,

 most of us are intent on obeying Divine Law as we understand it....

most of us are focused on self-preservation....working very hard to take care of our personal needs.

Today we are expanding that Focus to include the preservation and care of all humanity. That Focus expresses our concern and desire to serve God...

it expresses our Love for all humanity.

 It expresses our willingness to work for the highest good of all concerned in every facet of human/Soul life here on Earth. 

The Idea that in order to survive and live in security we must compete with and often harm another part of life, in the many ways we do it, is erroneous and fear based.

The human desire to control others is part of the problem....but the greatest problem is the mass of human consciousness, the powerful, non-God force, that has been at work on this planet for eons of time. There is a 'force' and there are people who work overtime to defeat the Purposes of God....

that’s about as simplistic as it can be put.

And human ignorance plays into the hands of destructive forces and non-god beliefs systems at work on the planet.    

When I talk about God Government, I’m not talking about so-called One World Government....or any other concept of a New World Order that doesn’t stem from a Spiritual base....current concepts of 'New World Order' do not contain the Idea of God-Government.

 All modern governments and to some degree that now includes our own,  are out of balance with Divine Principles of Liberty and Freedom and Opportunity for all. God Government describes the Balance that happens when man and God, Body and Soul work together to provide Divine Guidance and Divine Care for all humanity.....for all life. We may want to think about what that would mean to the life forms of this planet. 

Our Souls, Who are small Bits of our larger God Selves, our I AM Presence, have all the Higher Intelligence needed to understand the Divine Principles involved in God Government. The Energy that beats in our hearts and makes Life possible for the human being, is the Heart and Mind Energy of Supreme Beingness.

That is something to think on.

Thus, our Souls clearly perceive the Divine Principles that need to be implemented to bring a Spiritual Government to this planet....and Souls know how urgent the need is. 

Souls know that life is all connected....and perceive that if humanity is to survive the crisis that are looming on the horizon, we need to integrate the Heart and Mind of both Body and Soul....

we need to clean up old issues,

expand God’s Light in our lives

 and pool our physical and Spiritual Strength into a Force of Clean Energy that is great enough and pure enough, to be useful to the Great Beings who are working with us to solve the problems facing us and the planet. 

The most important factor as we develop ourselves as a unified Body and Soul, is that we will no longer accept the obsolete, fear-based mentality of human consciousness that has been leading us around like sheep for countless ages....the consciousness of sinfulness....or worthlessness.

 It’s time for human pride and conceit to be shattered. It’s time to take our heads out of the sand and wake up to WHO WE REALLY ARE AND THAT WE HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES THAT WE MAY HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY NEGLECTING...

LIVING OUR LIVES IN THAT CONSCIOUSNESS will make all the difference as our Soul Intelligence expands pushing out all old willful human consciousness. If we will allow it, the Truth will rise to the surface and all distorted belief systems that have held humanity bound, will no longer be able to prevent people from remembering WHO THEY REALLY ARE....WHAT THEIR PURPOSE IS , OR THAT THEY ARE ONE WITH ALL LIFE.   

It’s critical that enough of us get to the point where we acknowledge and implement these Spiritual Truths, however we can do it....

for much of mankind is still asleep to these Ideas....

and they are in danger of not Awakening in time to make what is being called “ the cycle shift”.

 Today there is teaching coming from many sources, that says that Souls who are refusing to accept the opportunity move into the Spirituality that is being presented to every man, woman and child evolving on Earth at this time, will be “left behind”.

Spiritual teachers are saying that these people will be forced to continue on with their materialistic human lives in this third dimensional reality that is Earth today.

 Now....these Ideas don’t originate with me....but they ring true intuitionally for me....and it seems that those who can’t move on within the Higher vibration, will continue to experience the difficult negative situations that exist on the planet today.

I wonder if this is the hell of most religions, one where the human, who won’t acknowledge his or her Soul, gets to continue to wallow in their misery and pain until sometime time in the future, when they will once again be given the opportunity Awaken and move into a more Spiritual Environment. 


Let’s see if I can describe what I think happens as this next stage of our human/Soul lives unfolds, step by step. This Plan involves not only our human and Christed Souls but a large part of the Hierarchy of Heaven.

 This is a Plan whose time has come....a Plan where every human/Soul Partnership needs to have its Energy attuned to the Vibration of Christ Light or Spirituality....attunement that is compatible with what is called the 5th Dimension....this allows the Partnership to make the shift from dense 3rd dimensional Energy onto a plane where the Energy is of a Higher frequency.  

Do I know exactly how this happens or what the process is....

no, I don’t....

I just believe this is what is unfolding for God’s people on this planet....and again, delving back into history, this event has been seen for a very long time.

 Jesus came to implement the Plan....and that brings up this thought.

If we are waiting for 'Jesus' or any other Great One to come and intervene in our lives and 'save us' in spite of ourselves....we are in a state of deep denial of the facts.

 If the Words of Jesus are studied, it can quickly be seen He never said He came to do anything 'for us'....that is a distortion grafted onto what He did say....for no one, not even a Jesus can get in the way of our 'Soul free will' or the Destiny of our own 'I AM' Presence.

It is true we can ask for and receive tremendous help from Great Beings like Jesus, but They cannot fulfill our Divine Plan....and they can only help just so much....and then They have to stand aside and see what we can do for ourselves....for this is our life and They will not, They cannot interfere. 

Each of us makes the personal decision to grow up....Body and Soul....we see this every day of our lives....we see how we must do certain things just to advance in the human world or we stagnate and fall behind....Well, it is even more so in the case of our Higher Energy....for apparently. there are times in which the Soul must advance Spiritually or get left behind for what may be eons of time....there is much written on this Idea.... 

But the Soul knows what is needed....

any problem comes in around awakening the human mind and once awakened, getting the human to respond....and thus the importance of establishing the close working connection between the human and Soul minds....the great necessity of activating the human/Soul partnership....for now all that needs to be known by each one of us individually, can be known....

each one of us has a unique pattern to be fulfilled and each one of us has to figure it out and implement it. We do have to be ready for whatever the next step is.....and there is no point in worrying about what it is.... 

If we are getting ourselves both humanly and Spiritually organized and under control, we will be led to the Perfect Solutions to all our current human/Soul efforts....

we’ll be in the right place at the right time, for whatever takes place. We need to understand how to give our perfect Service of the moment to Life right where we are, and that includes our human/Soul selves.

In doing this, we will be fulfilling our reason for coming this way, in this Lifetime. In the process we will be co-creating perfection on earth for humanity, working with the Ascended Beings and Angelic Forces of Heaven. There are tremendous Cosmic Forces assisting Earth at this time.

It is said that “we will be attempting an experiment, never before done, to raise the Energy of this Planet, Energy that has been lowered by so much negativity and chaos, from the vibration of the 3rd dimension, raising It through the vibration of the 4th and into higher vibration of the 5th dimension. 

Life in this 5th dimension is described as one of limitless physical perfection.....the frequency of Light making impossible all the ugliness we have ever experienced on earth. Ugliness can not happen in Energy that vibrates with a more powerful frequency. Thus it will be impossible for disease and poverty....war and corruption....greed and hatred or any kind of pain and suffering to manifest in 5th dimensional energy. 

How do we assure a seat for ourselves when the ship leaves the dock?

 There is only one way that I can see and that is to clean up our human acts....we have to allow the Energy of our Christ Souls to guide us

 and we have to serve God and the Forces of Godness throughout the Universe, with all our human hearts and Souls....

for the Enlightened human/Soul Partnership is desperately needed by the Hierarchy of Light that has pledged Its Support to the current group of Souls responsible for the planet at this time.

 It will take the Ascended and Angelic help to get this Job move humanity from the present low grade Earth Energy

 onto a higher dimensional plane.   

These are serious times for serious people....

and all that I have said in 65 previous talks is about

getting ourselves ready to serve....

and being ready to 'move with the Cosmic Flow'.