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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

 and how destructive we can be....

how cruel....but how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

We continue our discussions about Life....human and Spiritual. 

Getting and keeping a perspective on WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul is a full time job. The human/Soul relationship has all the aspects of a three ring circus....the human doing its thing....the Soul trying to do Its.

 There is a constant dichotomy of human will working with or fighting against the Christ Nature.... especially as the human mind and emotions swing erratically back and forth.

 In these programs I try to show why it is so important for us to understand our human/Soul important it is to understand our immediate connection to Supreme important it is to allow our Christ  Mind to guide this human journey. How important it is to draw more Godness to earth through allowing our Souls to have a say in our daily living.

For I believe if we are to survive and prosper through the coming years, weíre going to need that help and probably much more. 

I soft pedal the gloom and doom information of prophecy and predictions....I have and will continue to touch upon it only where it serves to help us understand what we must be aware of in order to get on with our lives.

Meanwhile, our job is to stay in a Survival Mode....which means we are focusing on Christ Peace and Protection for ourselves and all holding that thought in mind, will you join me again in saying


Metaphysical literature describes the Piscean cycle we are completing as the 2000 year period in which the planet experiences the gradual return, redemption and raising of used from ancient times to the present. The year given for the completion of that work is 2012.....and it is said that the last twelve years will be the most difficult. And here we are. And whatever these twelve years hold for us is still hidden from us. 

But it has begun. On Sept.11, 2001 a door opened and a dark, foul energy was poured out upon us. And unless we can find a way to stop it, more is coming....twelve years worth more, we are told.....and when it is all over, the earth will have undergone some major changes and will be a very different place. But all of that is conjecture.  

I have studied prophecy. I know that prophecies do not have to come true for they are based on energy patterns that now exist but that can be changed for the better or worse by the thoughts, feelings and actions of mankind. The working out of prophecy depends on where we spend our energy dollars....whether we strengthen the power of negative prophecy by our beliefs....or whether we put those negative pictures in the Violet Flame and visualize instead what we want to happen.

But since destructive prophecy is based on negative thought and feeling patterns, a certain amount of it has to outpicture in the physical world....that apparently is one of the Laws of with that thought in mind, I determined, early on, to think through this prophecy business and see what we had to learn and what we had to do, either to change the direction of events or to survive them.  

In this current Modern Mystic series everything shared has been pointed toward the development of the human/Soul partnership, mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. The hope here is to suggest ways we can move our lives forward, easily and smoothly no matter what is happening on or to the planet.

Two thousand years ago Jesus came with  a Message of Brotherhood....with Instruction to suggest ways we could learn to live peacefully side by side...That was a message for all times. But most importantly, He taught us to focus our attention on our Christness....knowing we needed to raise our human consciousness to a more Spiritual level in all the ways we live our lives. He taught us to stay connected mentally and emotionally to His Energy for He has the Power of the Higher Octaves at His Command....He said He would continue to give us direction. 

So, I believe that if we have been listening....and many people have been and are listening....we come to this time, well Instructed, prepared with what we need to know to look beyond personal problems and move into the new millennium. Weíve been taught to wrap our lives in Christ Light. And new teaching is helping us transcend the pull of earth energy.....

So that if dark energy cannot be held in check....if it should begin to sweep across the face of the earth as predicted, those who have purified their energy....those who are filling their lives with Light will be in a place ready to survive, prosper and serve. This Idea of raising our energy above the fray is a good one any is a powerful protecting and often healing one....for we are talking about not giving way to negative human emotions, thoughts and actions that are destructive to both our survival and prosperity.

 Also as we involve our Souls in our Life Process, we are bringing in Energy of a much Higher Vibration and we actually do, vibrationally speaking,  rise above.....soar above and are protected from any human energies that are poured out against us.  

Those who talk of the effects of returning karmic energy, believe the old energy issues we will have To handle in this twelve year period will come to us as highly charged negative energy.....always affecting us where we are the most vulnerable. So where are we vulnerable? For some it will be health, for others economic, for others relationships or personality conflicts....there may be many more accidental deaths as well as more death and injury in the armed short, chaos will be part of many lives. But we never have to experience chaos....wherever we are, we ca

n be protected by Christ Light as we go about our lives. We cannot run and hide....weíve seen this in the destruction of the World Trade Center....the people who lived in that area had to stay there and work out their lives.

Thus, I have shared with you all my teaching on balancing our energy, on staying peaceful and finally on learning to build Walls of Christ Light around ourselves....I know that if we are Spiritually prepared we can get through whatever it is ours to survive

These Ideas may sounds strange....even ominous....but they are part of Spiritual thinking world wide....they are not originating with me....but have been part of my teaching all my life.. I believe we mustnít be complacent about these Ideas....for like Y2K they may just pass us by....but it didnít hurt us to prepare for the unexpected then. This is the Age where we begin to understand the impact of invisible energies on our lives....this is the Age where we are beginning to live, both as well organized human beings....but also as Souls, who have waiting a long time.   

Each week I describe what may be the only way we can weather any storms that may loom before us. Each week we have built and reinforced a Wall of Blazing White Light around ourselves and around our country and around the planet. We have been creating Barriers of Christ Light and Peace between ourselves and between anything or anyone that would want to disturb us.

 We may not be able to completely stop the oncoming rush of dark energy that is the cause of the fighting and killing around the world....Higher Powers will have to take care of that....but we may be able to help by slowing it down by calling for more Light...but first, we have to survive. 

History can be a great predictor of events....for by revealing what has happened, it tells us what can happen again. Archeology gives us proof of cataclysmic activity that periodically has wiped life off the planet. History reveals this to be a planet that has often not been a peaceful place. At the moment we in America are safe...our government  is doing everything it can to keep it that way....but war is a way of life for many people on the planet and governments go on stockpiling armaments. 

Americans and many others in the world are still well fed and housed...and today it is on this note that I want to think more about our modern lives. And begin by recalling how some years ago, I asked God what it would take to bring the people of the world back to a more moral way of life....what it would take for legal systems to reflect justice again.....what it would take for business, political and religious organizations to again serve more than socialistic humanism.

The answer surprised me at the time....for I was shown a picture of a world in deep economic trouble. And I heard the words, ďWhen their bellies are empty they will turn back to meĒ... 

But I thought in a prosperous land like America, how could that happen....and so I thought I was just imagining.....but I have never forgotten....and meantime, my personal life has been focused around business and the economy...and I have watched with horror the apparent destruction of American wealth as the Stock Market unravels.... 

When I began these radio broadcasts three years ago the world was awash with concern over the possibility of a total breakdown of society due to the failure of computers to correctly read the date of the new millennium. As it turned out, there was minimal disruption....and our worlds went right on. Today everything is in place to bring the bring a prosperous America to her knees....

And so if we are to economically survive, we have to try to understand the issues.

As I write this, I listen to both Congressmen and Enron executives in Washington D. C. making complete fools of themselves as an investigation goes on into the collapse of the giant energy corporation. Iím assuming most of my listeners, at least in the United States, are aware of this situation....and so I want to use it to talk politics and finances, and to philosophize about the people's need, everywhere, to be aware of the forces that affect their lives, in order to protect ourselves from the controlling and often destructive Ideas

 of politicians, financiers and religious zealots.

 Who work always for their benefit....never for the hard working, tax paying public who are the pawns in their games. They donít want to destroy the tax payers...just use and control them....but this time, we wonder if during the 1990s, bankers, politicians and their high flying friends may have gone to far.    

In the case of Enron, weíre talking about billions of wasted and misused and mis-gotten funds that flowed in via the Stock Market and Mutual that came from millions of small incomes....given into a system of 'paper transactions' by people who do not understand that Wall Street is the advertising arm of Big a business created to hype other business....and not necessarily legitimate business.

People who buy stock in real or pseudo companies make their stock brokers very rich. The modern stock game takes hard earned dollars from innocents and puts them into play in a way that was never intended that more than a few (generally insiders) of those who buy into any company would get rich or even have their money back.  

It is likely that the true story of Enron and other dishonest business and banking deals the world over will never be told....there are International Forces that will see to it that it isnít.

In America it is little understood how Congress passes laws that serve or protect certain business Congress, in cooperation with governments of many countries, and including the U N, has passed laws over the years making it possible for huge unmanageable, international corporations such as Enron, to exist....they are unmanageable and uncontrollable and have never been accountable to anyone and that is how it was planned.

The financial world admits that no amount of oversight can detect what really goes on in monolithic organizations. Enron is only one of many monolithic business organizations that are in financial trouble as I write this. However, we can rest assured that Governments, who make these debacles possible, do not plan to accept any of the blame for Enronís 20,000 lost jobs or for the billions lost to honest people....or for the many retirement plans gone astray.

And so we get to watch the Circus as the men who were running Enron try to field questions put to them by other men (an women) that passed laws making it possible for huge banks and massive corporations to create and trade what are called derivatives. For the economic collapse of this country hinges on the use of paper trading devices known as derivatives which make it easy to secretly move huge amounts of money around the world....and to hide equally massive debt.  

I spell out these facts because people need to know what is going so far as we can get a glimpse of it....because Enron is just the tip of the derivative fiasco and I believe that Enron is just one of a number of corporations ready to fail....and millions of Americans are still putting their hard earned money into these companies....

I offer these ideas as food for thought. Listen and learn. 

Today's program is to set us thinking about our world....and about  programming our lives to live well, even if the Nationís and world's 'economic house of cards' collapses.

This is about Believing that we will be OK

 especially if we have an inkling about what is going on and take the necessary steps.

 We have the responsibility to take care of know whatís going on in our world....and today, thereís no excuse for not knowing. 

So, letís make it our business to know what politicians and big business have been doing and still are doing....and realize that during the past years, people have made their stock brokers very rich, giving their money away without making sure the companies they were buying into were making money or checking, from time to time, to see if the companies were still sound investments.

The 1990s were a time of 'deliberately encouraged money madness' made governments very rich....

Now we get to see the see what happens when people give businesses and governments too much money...and what happens when businesses donít know what to do with so much money....and governments throw money into pork barrels.

  The stories are just beginning to bubble to the surface.

But, now letís look at the Invisible side of our lives....letís tune into our Soul Mind....I hope my listeners are tuning in more often...for it is there we find the Information needed to walk our way Peacefully through the web of any circumstances. . 

I have been suggesting that each one create a Barrier of Light around yourselves and your families.

It amounts to building Barriers between ourselves and the destructive nature of mankind.

So that no matter what the politicians matter what big business matter what the people in our lives do, we have given our Souls full command and control of the Energy of our lives...

and there is no Energy that is more powerful than the Pure God Light in which we are enfolding ourselves....if we do this, we will be led to the 'places' where we will be safe.....mentally and emotionally....physically and financially.  

It is important that we approach our lives in this Mind-set....especially in the United States, for we little realize how dependent the world is on Americaís financial strength. If our systems falter, there will be highly charged, angry, bitter energy will be flying in every direction....

that is all any war is....

itís an accumulation of angry, bitter energy that builds up until it explodes mentally, emotionally and physically encouraging weak people pick up a weapon and solve their frustrations by killing. 

All Energy that is used to kill started out as Love....pure and full of compassion.... and now anger, hate and resentment have lowered the vibration of that Energy to the point where only the lowest human consciousness can exist within it....

 Christ Love and Compassion has been destroyed within that Energy....

and it will take much effort by individuals to bring their warring, hating energy back to a peaceful, loving state. And people suffer....some so horribly.... until they learn to live their lives in the Consciousness and Protection of Blazing, Compassionate Christ Light.... 

In these programs I have tried not to talk about the specifics that may bring turmoil into our lives....not wanting us to focus on turmoil. Our job is  to get ourselves under control...and then call to God to handle the bigger picture....and then prepare to live as fully as possible. 

So I write this in the Winter of 2002...

 watching the world struggling with financial problems....hearing of jobs lost and retirement gone....seeing business slow down .....knowing that good business must be protected, for without it, there are no jobs.... 

Knowing thereís much the public isn't being told....knowing at this point it wouldnít make much difference if we did know more....for the problem is beyond what ordinary citizens can solve. We face financial problems on this Planet that are now grown too big for the human to cope with. The world over the most pressing challenge may be the necessity of people being able to protect themselves, feed and clothes themselves and house themselves.

These financial situations will lead to bloodshed as unpeaceful and hate filled energy accumulates. And as it gathers momentum, the hate that fuels war becomes greater than the Energy of Peace.

 People tend to think that the other guy is responsible for war....but believe me when I say enough 'peaceful, loving Energy' in this country or any country under attack from terrorists, would have held back the hate that was responsible for the Trade Center debacle and other terrorist acts.

Therefore: If we have ever felt unpeaceful....if we have ever given in to feelings and thoughts of hate and resentment, some of our mis-energy contributed to that incident....and our unloving energy has contributed to all war in the past and present.

Love cannot generate warring energy....but hate can and does. What Life is giving us in what appear to be 'difficult' times, is a Lesson in what happens when we choose not to Love! And it doesn't just outpicture in wars fought on battlefields with guns and tanks and planes....and bloodshed.


So with that in mind,

 letís use this moment to quiet our Energy....and start by neutralizing all hate, all dislike, all resentment.....and then filling up our 'Vessel' with Christ Love.

I do this by seeing a Violet Flame burning from my feet up to the top of my head, knowing that Flame is a Forgiving and Transmuting Activity for all that is less than God-like in our lives....and conclude by asking for Love from my Christ Self to pour in and fill every cell of my mind, Body and Being.

This is easy..... and itís a good Idea to do this many times a day.

 We give a Gift of Love to Life, every time  we make the effort to 'clean-up' our Energy. And weíll be healthier and live longer and better. And we wonít hurt anyone with any non-love. 

Several time a day it's a good Idea to turn off the human mind so that the Higher or Soul Mind can come in and fill us with Christ Energy Ideas and.... good ideas full of whatever we need to Know to get on with our day. 

So, letís focus on reinforcing the Wall of Powerful, Blazing White Light around ourselves...this protects our Quiet Place, our Aura, which we have filled with Christ Love and Peace.

In this Lighted Space we can shut off the pressure of our lives. Itís a place we can take any healing issues, and there in that Quiet, put anything in the hands of our Holy Christ Self

 ...taking our minds completely off difficult or unpleasant situations.


We have to realize that the minute we begin revolving our problems again, we have taken them back.

 So, this is where we learn to control our attention....

to do what we can do and put all else, into Higher Hands.

 And get on with our lives....

doing the best we can do....being the best we can be.

 Never looking backward.....

but focused forward with an Attitude that is positive.

 Always being grateful for all the good we have in our lives.

 For Gratitude is very powerful.  

Now, we wrap ourselves in the Healing Heart Light of God....

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves....

We open our minds to the highest Information Channels

and invite the Cosmic Light of the Cosmic Christ

To stream forth into our lives

 and into the lives of every man, woman and child on Earth...

that we may all become clear Channels for

Light and Illumination to descend to Earth. 

One day I asked the guiding Presence....what is the answer for surviving chaotic situationsĒ ....and the answer came back

ďIf you would survive, live simply.Ē 

Following these words I was shown the complicated times in which we live....the complicated ways we live....all the ritual of jobs, of schooling, of health and food and we really do live strange, convoluted and complicated lives. And I wondered how much of it is really much or how little we actually need to survive if suddenly our world changed. 

Today there are many Ideas revolving around planetary destruction and very little talk about personal survival. Weíve all read that these are the times when something horrific is supposed to happen. Some of these predictions are very old....but some events are as recent as the Sept 11, 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City. So we look for Ideas and the answer given to me is that we are to learn to live more simply

As Iíve mentioned before, I have an insatiable interest in history.

 I look for the threads of information that link our world today with what we think happened yesterday to see if there is a connection. For whatever the appearance of events on this planet today, I believe the Purpose is still the Evolution of the Soul and the raising of the vibration of the Planet.   

I look at history using the Ideas I hold of


 I mull over the many Ideas of a Supreme Authority Who guides this Systems of Worlds. Some Ideas, others don't...but Iíve found that the Idea of a human/Soul Partnership makes sense as I work to understand my own Development and to think through some of the historical Spiritual Mysteries.

 For example: Today we are face to face with a relatively modern mystery of only two thousand years....

speaking now of the Ideas of Armageddon.

We all wonder what itís all it is supposed to play out in our time. And what it is that is playing out?  

I think the time in which we are living, is a Major Chapter in that Great Plan I often refer to. Otherwise our modern times make no sense taken on their own....

It is only when we begin to look at our ancient history that we begin to sense what may lie behind current situations such as the prevailing control mechanisms in governments....

it is only when we study old rituals relating to various Ideas of God do we begin to sense what may lie behind some of our religions and their ongoing enmity.

It is only in studying history that we can begin to sense the reasons for the animosities among people....

among people who would rather fight than live.

  So that as we look at the overall patterns of human life on the Planet, we have to conclude there is something happening that is not coming only from current events.

And so we think about all the stories and prophecies of Armageddon. And wonder if Armageddon is just old energy being returned to us to be re-worked.... individually and as Nations.

 And this must be an important time because we have Great Beings like Jesus involved again....thereís a great Mystery here....and it may be revealed in our time...and some of want to be here to see it. 

And through our Soul Connection we have learned that we have the God Power of the Universe to draw upon to survive and prosper under all the strange circumstances.

We have the choice to put the Power of our Souls to work in our lives at all times....doing it by simply....acknowledging the human/Soul Partnership through which we can activate Godness in our lives....

doing it by simply acknowledging WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Then itís just a matter of living and loving our lives, believing in ourselves....finding our own Specialness. I love these words of Robert Louis Stevenson.....who said,

 ď Be what you are and become what you are capable of becomingĒ...

The small Soul Sparks of Godness that we are, are capable of becoming Great Flames of that same Godness....

itís just a matter of  following our Destiny wherever it leads us...


So, rather than wondering about or questioning the direction our life has taken in the past, we simply accept the Spiritual Path before us now. We shake off the 'whys' and 'what ifs' and rid ourselves of confusion. 

We walk our human/Soul Path one step at a time, with courage, faith and determination.

Keeping our head up, while casting our dreams to the stars.

 Soon our steps will become firm and our footing will be solid again. And a Path we never imagined may soon become the most comfortable direction we could have ever hoped to follow.

 Above all, we must keep our Belief in ourselves, as we walk the human/Soul Journey. If we can do this we will, in time, find Life magnificent and spectacular beyond our wildest human imaginings. 

Always remembering that






If ever there was a time in history to 'think that way'

this is the time.