About Non-Resistance       


The history of the human race records how smart we can be.... and how destructive we can sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime?   

Hello, everyone, Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Today I continue sharing Spiritual thoughts and Ideas that speak to our being links in the Great Chain of Life, all being individual, unique Souls who animate these physical bodies...thus, creating the human/Soul partnership. Today the great need is to understand how everything we do has an effect upon all life, human and Spirit....and how we are responsible for what we have done and are doing. Today the great work at hand is the Awakening of the human to its Soul partner. Then in that mind-set, reaching out to help those who come our way. It’s about our caring terribly about our fellow humans and Souls and the plight of mankind on this planet, knowing that we are each a working  part of the Greater and Infinite Life of the Universe. 

In order to change our way of looking at Life,  we often need new information. And there is no scarcity of updated Spiritual Information....we just have to be open to it....and willing to use that knowledge to fulfill our human as well as Sacred Purpose. Today securing Peace and Freedom for the planet  is the most Sacred Work of our time. To that end, Powerful New Information has been anchored here for our use. Two thousand years ago,  Jesus opened the door to Peace ..and continues to hold it open.  Now it’s time to do our stand up and say:...LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.


The thoughts for this program came from an Essay I called simply, “Non-resistance” and I began writing it in a time when I seemed to be walking through human mine fields....struggling with a lot of challenges to be met before I could move forward, financial, relationships ....everything seemed out of balance at once. “What is the Lesson.” I asked my Ascended Guides.

And from that day to this, that question has been answered with many philosophical and practical thoughts, not the least of which was this Idea of Non-Resistance. Now, non resistance is an interesting concept....especially for a person like myself who feels duty bound to solve problems. For me, it came to mean learning to stand still take my focus from what I didn’t want to happen or was afraid would happen....keeping myself quiet, mentally and emotionally....and after I had done what I could do, letting Soul Power, God Power take over. I have learned to focus forward. But mostly I’ve learned to stop struggling.... and that doesn’t mean giving up. I have learned there is a fine line between giving up and  non-resistance. And so we’ll talk about that today. 

But first, we’ll take a moment to visualize our Bubble of Silence....we’ll step into our Quiet Place....and reinforce the Wall of Dazzling White Light around it.....we’ll call forth  another wave of  Christ Love, and add to it the Healing, purifying Activity of the Violet Flame. This Flame has the Power to dissolve all hardness in our lives....we can easily get rid of all that’s not needed....all that’s not working....we do not need to “wallow in our misery forever”....We can enfold all that is our life in that Sacred Fire and let it  spread out from us to enfold all we hold near and dear....putting everything in the Light...asking that all be held in the Light, permanently protected and sealed in Light....

Putting an end to all Lack of Love and Compassion


Now, we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of the Supreme Being....

Seeing  that opalescent Light spiraling within and around everything that we are

We now open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite the Cosmic Light of Supreme Godness....

To stream forth into our lives and into the life of every man, woman and child on the earth

That we may simultaneously all become clear channels for

Light and Illumination and Peace to flower again on to Earth..

All right........... 

So today we think about non-resistance....and all that can mean in our lives. These may be new thoughts to many. There is a tendency to push aside new Ideas that do not immediately resonate with our current thinking. But these are ideas that we need to understand in our human/Soul endeavor to progress. And to progress we have to be open to new Ideas. This has been true in all our all the processes we go through to learn.  

Among the many Ideas at work on the planet today is the one that says it’s time to change some of our thinking and ways of living on this planet. Certainly it’s time to wake up and change the way we treat each past time to rid ourselves of old human conceit and sense of superiority about what we do, what we think, what we believe. For until we are “walking on water” none of us has much to be conceited or superior about. Changing and being willing to grow and being willing to give up some of our human self-interest.... that is our challenge of the moment. 

Today the  Spiritual Hierarchy that guides this system of planets, is asking us to focus on Peace...on both Peace and Freedom, for without it there is no progress, human or Spiritual. It isn’t that many don’t want peace. People the world over talk about peace, in small groups and in great world councils and the experts of our time wonder why Peace remains such an illusive ingredient in our lives. They wonder why every home isn’t a peaceful home. Why every business isn’t a peaceful business....every country a peaceful country. And they build massive warring capability to ensure Peace.  

The Reality is that our experts are ignorant of what causes non-peace....for if they knew they would make sure that everyone knew that Peace is nothing more than each one of us, including our experts, controlling our thoughts, feeling, actions and spoken words in dealing with our fellow man and woman...that’s all that’s needed to insure Peace on Earth.

Everyone just stops speaking, feeling and thinking hate and instead, become all Love. Now we have Peace. And we haven’t had to resist anything to get there. 

Meanwhile, our religious experts have built up stories around the idea of  “evil” and of the need to resist evil, or the “devil” as our dirty energy has come to be called. This idea of an evil that exists independent of life forms with the power to create....that’s us....this idea of evil has allowed mankind to make excuses and focus away from personal responsibility for what has happened in the past and what is happening today on this planet.

Earth is ancient by the reckoning of are the Souls who are developing this planet.....who have been coming and going on earth and within this system of planets....and maybe on worlds beyond that, for what our human minds would consider unimaginable time. Because we don’t know our history, we don’t understand the part we all have played in the progress of the planet or the how we have generated unbalanced energy in the process. 

Unbalanced energy can take on a life of its destructive thought forms, in massive accumulations of emotions and hateful thoughts that can’t be controlled at the human level....this is what we are seeing in the current terrorist situations....eons of hate between brothers....gathered into a gigantic fire ball of unbalanced energy of hate that war is never going to fact, war and killing will expand the hatred.  

There is much Spiritual information we need if we are to understand what lies behind the force we call evil. For if we knew, we would keep our minds off the non-existent, mythical devil....except to understand how negative energy can coalesce into powerful forces that  oppose peaceful energy. Do you remember my comments on negative energy reaching a tipping may be that is what we are beginning to experience and if that is so, we have our work cut out for us.

For something, somebody has to furnish enough Peaceful energy to restore balance to at least 51 % of the energy at work on the planet....We need to understand why the energy got out of balance to begin with....and in the process, find a way to control out of control negative energy without fighting it and making it worse. It can only be done by adopting true Ideas of peace. And that leads us into thoughts of non-resistance. 

There is teaching of Jesus that tells us to “Resist not evil. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good”. Let’s phrase it this way....Resist not negative energy in a way that empowers not overcome by negative energy....but overcome negative energy with the positive energy of Love”. 

What was he asking us to do that is so strange or hard. He was asking us to watch our thoughts, feelings and actions in regard to other stop fighting each other . He was strongly suggesting that if we wanted to change anything in our lives or on the planet it might be a good Idea to stop hating and start Blessing every individual, every situation, every start sending good will and love to everyone and everything, for our own sakes....because in doing this, we neutralize and disarm negativity, which being weakened, no longer has the power to harm us. Thus we protect ourselves and in doing so, we do no harm.  We do not give negativity our energy by resisting it....instead we empower the God side of our partnership. 

The human-us wants to manage everything....if we must do it, perhaps it’s time to start managing everything, properly....which may mean, humanly doing as little as possible, while staying Spiritually centered and emotionally and mentally, neutral. If we’re humanly doing battle physically, or emotionally imagining situations, or mentally interfering with events or people or places, we may want to stop doing that. Instead  we can begin to allow our Soul Mind to direct our lives.

 This is why getting our human/Soul Partnership up and running and our energy balanced is so important. Within the Soul Mind is the Imprint of our Divine Plan....the Soul-us knows the perfect thing to do minute by minute....and when attuned to that Cosmic Wave Length, we intuit the Information we need. We calm down and in time the perfect solution to the perfect action follows.  

This is a statement that I love....

One’s ships come in over a calm mind.    

In thinking about our personal resisting a difficult situation, we empower that  situation with our energy. Remember I’ve said that “where our minds are, there we are”..........and that if we happen to be in a swamp, up to the armpits in alligators, while it’s hard not to be focused on those alligators...still, even as we make all necessary effort to save ourselves, our human/Soul focus must remain on the outcome we desire. That’s the Idea we hold in our minds. For in that Idea are our answers. By placing our attention on the desired outcome, letting go of fearful or angry or any kind of negative thoughts or feelings, the Soul Mind is free to bring in the solution to our problems. 

There’s another interesting aspect about’s that we often resist getting answers ... Sometimes without knowing it, we love our problems. Problems are often our excuses for not getting on with Life. So hopefully, we see this and get our heads on straight, and stop resisting in whatever ways we are resisting....we decide to let go of our problems which are nearly always there to awaken us...they are not intended to serve as road blocks. Now we engage the Mind of our Soul, and soon find new ways to resolve and move on from what we have called “our problems”.  

When we stop resisting....get quiet....turn off thoughts and emotions, engage both human and Soul minds, we experience outcomes, often better than we could imagine. And it all started when we refused to give in to our human imagination there in the swamp and when we included God Power in our rescue process. It takes determination to let go of something fearful or something as familiar as our problems. It takes patience and persistence....but it always works. This is where we ask our I AM Presence to smother us and our problems with Violet Flame Love.....for nothing can resist the Violet Flame....It puts out the fires of  human consciousness and Lights the Flames of Christ Love in our lives. And the frosting on the cake, as we get our acts together, is that the energy of our success, spreads out to Bless the whole world.  

 I’ve come to believe that all situations of resistance, come from a lack of harmony within an individual....that what is happening is our human energy resisting God energy....while  God energy....that is,  Soul energy, is trying to penetrate our human energy....two powerful forces pushing against each other. And learning from my own personal  experiences, I have proven that non resistance can be achieved by having no or at least minimal emotional  response to any situation, inharmonious or otherwise.. 

This can be difficult because we have a lot of emotional energy....our emotional bodies are large....and this is energy composed of every kind of positive and negative emotions ....think about this for a minute. How many of us successfully guard our every emotional response to people, places and events.........I dare say, very few of us succeed 100 %. Thus our work is ever with ourselves as we learn to guard our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words.  

As our negative energy gets top heavy, we are more and more prone to react strongly to negative stimulus....thus, many of the crimes that are committed. Those of us who are learning to improve the quality of our energy have to learn to control our emotions. We stop emotionally resisting what we don’t agree with...and start becoming neutral in our opinions....not neutral to the point of becoming uncaring or of giving up....this again is a fine point....but neutral to the point that we don’t generate more negativity.

 In doing this, we stop empowering negative energy...thus, we stop giving negativity any more Power over us. The idea is very simple. The application can be a little difficult at first, because we are in the habit of instantly reacting in certain ways. Changing this habit demands discipline of our thoughts, feelings and actions and reactions. This is the stuff of Saints....and few of us are there yet. But we must try....we must understand the importance of this Idea of Non resistance if we are ever to live in peace on this Planet. 

We are coming into a time when there may be negativity, in the form of fear, coming in around jobs and income. Let me stress this point in regard to supply using this quote: “It is a man’s Divine Right to have plenty. His barns should be full and his cup should flow over. It is a man’s Divine Right to have plenty”.

We talked before about the Belief we have that we are given each day our day daily bread...that, in fact, we are given everything we need to fulfill every constructive desire and purpose of our human/Soul life. And this will continue to happen naturally as long as we don’t block the Cosmic Flow with our resistance coming in the form of doubt or long as we don’t hang onto energy patterns filled with pictures of lack of money and jobs. We are entering a time, when knowing how to practice non-resistance to fear around jobs and money, may be worth its weight in gold.  

There is a book called 'The Game of Life and How to Play It' written many years ago by Florence Shinn. She tells of teaching a class and giving the following two lines to a student, who was then told to add her own line to finish the thought.

Florence’s part was....

”I have a wonderful work, in a wonderful way”....

and this student most aptly responded “and I give wonderful service, for wonderful pay”.

And Florence goes on to say that those two statements make a most powerful statement particularly in regard to jobs and money....because there should always be wonderful jobs allowing us to give wonderful service for wonderful pay.

So today this is where we place our thoughts. 

Be assured that Ideas, perfect for the moment, will always flow from our Soul Partner if not resisted by human opinion to the contrary. We are intended to prosper. The human Soul partnership is empowered by God. We have the use of our Vision in attaining whatever we decree for ourselves. This takes us back to our statement that “where we place our attention, or our vision, there we are”.

 We are a Powerhouse fully capable, not only of  fulfilling our Divine Plan....but of putting food on our table. In wanting the “right thing’s in our lives, here is an affirmation paraphrased from Florence who says it simply, this way....

'Infinite Intelligence, give me the right things....

things that are mine by Divine Right'    

My way is to ask my

' I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self to go before me in all that I do or wish to do, and direct me in the Way of my Divine Plan fulfilled.'

I like this simple declaration....

 “I AM the Presence that never fails or makes a mistake!”

We need always to be asking our Souls for direction. Our human desires exert a strong force on our Energy ....we have to consciously direct our energy in the right channels....or we experience what we call problems....In those areas of lack in our lives, health, financial relationships, we often find we are fixating on the problem and struggling with it....resisting it....rather than focusing on answers...we fail to “ask for the perfect solution” as God knows it,  remembering Thy Will not my will. The Soul says to the human partner, “listen to me. But the human has lost all memory of its Soul Partner....and perhaps has relegated God to a faraway Heaven. 

We can laugh at ourselves and reflect how humorous it is that sometimes we don’t know that we are resisting or even what the question is. Thus the importance of letting go and letting our Souls take the lead and make the decisions, giving the human/Soul Journey a  fighting chance of success.  

Many situations we face cause us to tremble or stumble....and it’s easy to become fearful, but fear is the opposite of Faith...and in fearing, we may attract to our lives more of what we fear. Florence agrees....she also says,

 “ Let go and take your mental hands off, put everything in God’s Hands, and she says, use this statement....

“I put this situation in the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom.”  

In all situations we face, our first and best action is to bless everything and everyone we contact....always drawing Christ Light around everything, all the time....and walk forward without human resistance and fear.

I send the Violet Flame before me from the moment I get up in the morning....

wherever I go, I send Light to cut through, and dissolve anything that might resist the work God has in mind for me or for those I pray for. A great visualization is to picture a dark night and see yourself shining a flashlight ahead to find your way...we really don’t have to stumble around in the darkness.

The Light is always there.


Regarding those strong interests and desires we all have...many of which just clutter up our lives and keep us from getting on with what is most important in this lifetime. My husband and I like to decree that anything that does not serve us now....that might actually hinder us or delay our human/Soul progress, be blocked....

.we just say,

 Mighty I AM Presence, if this action or thing is not good for us or right for us, block not let it enter our lives.”

Then we get on with our lives and allow what is right for us to manifest We long ago learned not to emotionally resist a situation or insist on our human way....believing that we do have the Power to draw into our lives what we resist or insist on, by nothing more that by fastening our attention on it. That’s one of the big lessons of human life.     

Getting back to the subject of negatively charged energy....

Evil and Darkness, which are synonymous, both just disappear when enough Light is brought to bear on them. We overcome hate by focusing enough Love on  it....and war by focusing enough Peace into the fray...and lack by focusing on supply. We overcome all things, difficult and painful, with enough focus on perfect answers. We overcome anything less than God with enough focus on God. The answers to resisting evil and darkness come from simply focusing our attention on Light. 

We must remind ourselves often that where our thoughts and desires go, there we build our castles or hovels....this is an inescapable law of energy. And if we should doubt this, just look at the affairs of mankind on this planet.

If we turn on the TV or read some of the material written to entertain us....the movies and the popular music....and if we are awake to this Law of Energy, we see that our minds and emotions and the cells of our bodies have been absorbing the entertainment garbage. We let ungodly sights and sounds color our energy ....and thus we have endless hospitals, mental institutions, jails  and detention centers for young, most of whom were raised on modern TV and violent video games....most of whom have never even been taught right behavior.

 Though we’ve been told to Love, most people still resist and empower evil by indulging in vilifying thoughts, feelings and actions ...we still fight and kill over religious Ideas. People are starving on this planet....and there is absolutely no lack of food...but the greedy still financially destroy and starve their brothers.

And if our lives are less than we would like them to be, what are we doing to find the answers to the ugliness and distortion we have allowed to take control of our minds and emotions. We accept garbage into our lives, we empower it and then we have to deal with. And when the going gets tough, we mentally and emotionally resist evil by hating it and fearing it. We feel righteous anger and hate and we make more mistakes.  

There is much many will face in the coming days.....there’s a lot of work to do on ourselves if we are to get our physical,  mental and emotional energy balanced....but it has to start with an understanding of non-resistance to what we term evil.  We can only regain energy equilibrium by pouring enough  Light and Love and Peace to neutralize anything that isn’t Light and Love and Peace. Thus putting out darkness and evil. It’s pouring water on a fire....without saying a discouraging word....without firing a gun.  

Each day we can practice putting the disturbing situations in our lives or in the life of the nation into Higher Hands....asking for Soul Direction. doing what is ours to do and otherwise, seeing ourselves as Channels into which enough Light can be poured to put out the fires of hate that have been raging on our planet for ages....those fires of hate that rage on and on, trying to engulf our whole world today. Enough Christ Light, poured on the fires of hate, will save this Planet.  

Which brings us back to Peace and how Peace can become the norm in our lives even when others choose to live their lives in a warring, jungle mentality still considered by many, to be normal.

In America we have more churches per square mile than anywhere in the world.

Surely there are enough of us with a level of Spirituality that understands the need of the hour....that understands the need for a peaceful mind-set.

Surely there are those who are living spiritualized lives and growing to the point where their True God Nature can be revealed to them.... 

Surely those who KNOW WHO THEY REALLY ARE ....

who know there is a Spark of Christ Light embedded in their heart,

who know that enough Christ Light poured out on this Planet

will save our world.