About Basic Human needs # 2 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be

and how destructive we can be....

how cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Again today my thoughts revolve around Basic Human particular, those that pertain to the financial needs of our lives. These thoughts force themselves to the front of my mind early in the year 2002 as our national economy is in danger of unraveling.

 The less than honorable deeds and accounting practices of a number of large investment companies are percolating to the surface as I write. Congress and the major news networks finally consider this situation important enough for the 5 oíclock news. For years I have wondered who was looking out for the American people....and when the answer came back, ďthe American people have to wake up and look out for themselvesĒ....these programs began to take shape in my mind.....  

So while my thoughts focus on the Spirituality of our lives...we, first of all, have to have a life....and quality of life depends not only on KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE, BUT ON BEING ABLE TO APPLY THAT KNOWLEDGE TO THE PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF OUR DAILY EXPERIENCES.

 Therefore, Knowledge and Wisdom become very important ingredients for quality of life....human and Spiritual. So while our immediate challenge is to remain calm and peaceful as events whirl around us, in the process we can lay the groundwork for an informed kind of environment that forever prevents dishonesty and fraud in the lives of people everywhere....please join me again in saying....


Over the past ten years naive investors have believed that corporate management was taking care of all the retirement money Americans poured into Wall Street schemes.

 Uninformed investors believed that brokerage firms were on their side, helping them to navigate the treacherous and confusing equity markets....and that if all else failed, at least accounting firms were keeping the companies honest....

None of this was true....perhaps was never true in any time. And now the web of deceit and greed is being exposed....but too late to help those who got caught in the web....and so now, more than ever before, Americans have to wake up and begin to look out for themselves.....and those who have never looked beyond the human world may find themselves without answers....and those who have always looked to God, may look for even more of that Power right within themselves.

The day of the human/Soul Partnership is dawning..... 

At the beginning of these talks because they are Spiritual in nature, I like  to have us take a moment to imagine a place where we can be very quiet. Iíve told you how I  began this process years ago by developing  what I called a Bubble of Silence. This quiet place  became the my place for meditation....the place to calmly look at tough human situations. Or just the place to escape from the overly busy me.

So in that quiet, we visualize the Wall of Blazing White Light around ourselves....we build Walls of White Light our loved ones, our homes, businesses and around America. We fill the space inside with Violet Light....we bathe all our energy in Violet Light. Now letís bring in the Golden Christ Light that flows from our Holy Christ Self above....see it flow into our whole body energy system....see it light up the chakras, one by one. Now everything that is our life, is enfolded in the Peace and Love of the Cosmic Christ.  

In this quiet mode we rest our minds and emotions....knowing no evil thought, feeling or action can prevail against us. We are feeling the iridescent Christ Light pulsing within every cell of our bodies....we push aside all thoughts and feelings ... 

And visualize ourselves  wrapped in the Heart Light of God

The Christ Light spiraling around our entire selves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite the Light of God to stream forth into our hearts

And the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth

That each one of us may become a Channel for Light and Illumination to descend to earth.

This meditation, sincerely entered into, Constitutes a command to Life that must in time be fulfilled. As must our every command to Life.

I ended last weekí talk discussing some of the economic realities of our time, which, if not checked, may destroy much of the wealth of this and every country. Iíd like to continue thinking along these lines....and begin by observing that everything in our lives, world wide and especially in business and politics, is interconnected .....and to some degree this appears to have been so forever.

 But never so much as in the technology of today, as we make use of computer skills and capability to allow rapid exchanges of information. In addition, individually, in order to live and work in modern society we are forced to stay connected to all that has been mandated into modern life. Thus, the key word of our time may be ď humanly we are all forcibly connected by our modern technology.....and Spiritually, our human/Soul partnership connects us to all Godness everywhere.   

We all struggle to some degree with the complexities that we and society have built into our daily lives. Iíve thought often about the glue that holds it all together.....long ago coming to the Belief in

something beautiful and Powerful, far beyond our human level of life.....something wonderful that holds it all together.

 Iíve imagined how we exist as players in some Cosmic Game, not of our devising. We go through all the motions, most of us believing there are good and sufficient reasons. ...believing there are Answers to all we cannot see....sensing within us some High level of Cosmic Consciousness that understands this Game of Life....that understands our special Spiritual Purpose, that is very much aware of the Connection  we have to even Greater levels of God Consciousness. For many years I wondered about the Godness within us and as I have told you, in time came to call this level of Consciousness, Soul....believing that in all circumstances we can never be separated from a Power we call 'God' ....that we are never alone.

Believing that one day we understand our Soul Connection and finally begin to understand the Mysteries and the grandeur of human endeavor, even when contradicted by the evidence of human weakness.

And it was in thinking about all our human strengths and weaknesses that caused me to examining Ideas around basic human needs....Last night I watched a documentary about the storming of the Normandy beaches as World War two was coming to an end....I was aghast at the loss of life....especially at a place called Omaha Beach where young men were sacrificed on the altar of hate.... 

The film documented the heroism of human beings in the face of certain death....and interviewed survivors a half century afterwards. All these men reflected the incredible human courage needed to run across that beach littered with dead bodies. Listening to them, one could sense the Soul Consciousness, very alive and present within each of them as they described that day in their lives. Through their eyes I saw what gives the mysterious human/Soul Journey its magic and majesty. 

Through their eyes I saw our human need for confidence in our Special Purpose as we walk this way. For all of us know there is only so much we can do to provide for our human selves, considering what often appears to be chance happenings that go on around us at any given time.   

Iíve thought about the Power of Belief in our lives. Who would argue that if we can believe in a Connection to a Supreme Being in any context, we are stronger for it....Who would not want a Belief that allows us to carry within ourselves the certainty of a Guiding Power ....the certainty that there is a Plan for what may appear to us to be complete chaos.  

Thus I added to my list of basic human needs, the Need to Believe and the Need to become an awakened human/Soul us a personal and individual sense of purpose and destiny, regardless of whatís going on in the world at large. And we add to our list the Need to be focused on serving a Power greater than our human selves.  

Today society reflects a wide consciousness chasm between

 those who believe in the Guiding Power of the Soul and those who think the human-us is all there is.

And our world, day by day, reflects that chasm.....American society is greatly influenced by those who believe in a Higher Power and also by those that donít believe. When we think about the heroic behavior of some and then witness the destructive, fraudulent behavior of others, we become completely awakened to these two opposed and opposite beliefs and mind-sets at work on the planet.  

As we read and study history of the wars and destruction visited upon innocent people over thousands of years, we see how fragile our human lives are. As we awaken we realize that in the face of everything that is going on, in what we think of as our civilized human world today, our well being may depend on understanding and accepting the roll God Power plays in our lives.

 More and more I see it is in awakening to the indwelling Godness within, that we have everything we need to live our human/Soul Purpose and Destiny....regardless of destructive conditions around us. And we can, by our own choices, cause Life to serve us....we donít have to be destroyed by human evil. 

By our beliefs and choices we can GENERATE  a working Spirituality in our lives, little by little, DAY BY DAY, studying and practicing and in time, changing ourselves.....and  so, I added another basic human need.....

the need to have the Energy in our bodies begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, which will happen as the cells become lighter and brighter.

Iíve seen that if we continue to SEEK that Higher Vibration within and without, and begin to USE the Power of OUR INDWELLING SPIRIT, and IF WE PUT IT TO WORK in our lives, we do change.

 So we add another basic need....the need to work at accessing and using the Power we call God....letting it become more and more a part of our life. Perhaps this describes a Soul walking through the world but being ďsavedĒ from becoming part of the energy of chaos and ungodliness.  

But none of this keeps us from having to educate ourselves about the physical world we live Iíve said, everything is interconnected today. We donít operate in a vacuum, as individuals or as a country or as Souls and it is a complicated world and becoming ever more humanly complicated.

There is mass convolution involved in the national and international policies that are responsible for the destruction of constructive life styles such as we are now seeing in countries like Argentina. There will be endless fallout from  the Stock Market and Mutual Fund scams of the 1990s that will continue into the next ten years and beyond and it will be financially disastrous to people all over the globe.

Let me take you through the scenario that may be looming in our immediate financial futures. I write this at the beginning of year 2002....when nothing looks too good in the financial world. The newspaper in front of me is telling of the sad situation of the greatest debt default by any sovereign country in the history of mankind....a default that is even now affecting global markets as major international banks are said to have huge exposure to this default. Where is this happening....this is happening in Argentina as I write this. The paper is telling of the rioting as people try to get their money out of the banks....and out of the country.  

I want to talk about Argentina because I believe that America is one of several countries on the road to a similar we may not be able to stop at this point in time....and our only hope is to understand what is happening...and then the human/Soul Partnership must position itself to  survive it....always letting the Mind of our Soul Partner be our Director....for I believe that the problems the world faces today may have gone beyond what the human mind and ability can solve.

Part of my Intuitional Process of the past showed me a time when our American lives might be disrupted....then I didnít know what could happen that would allow America and other  countries to get into the situations we face today..... I didnít believe or want to believe that in the United States we could get our national and personal energy so out of balance, that I could even think that America might be going down the road to financial ruin....  ....but it has been happening ...and happening all over the world. And the problems we face in this country alone are very large. 

So, what happened to Argentina and why is it important that we understand this? Argentina was an up and coming modern nation....and then it borrowed money....a large amount of money from the organization known as the IMF or International Monetary Fund and Bank. That money was mostly American dollars, and the Argentinean peso was then unrealistically pegged to our to one.

 This didnít work for the Argentinean economy ....which has 'wiped out' in a very big way. Argentina cannot pay its international debt, which it shouldnít have incurred in the first place. and now the devaluation of its currency is throwing that country into complete monetary chaos....and may take other South American economies with it. 

Why did this happen? Itís a long story.....a story again of greed and intentional or unintentional international stupidity.....

and it all goes back to what we have been saying about all things there must be balance.

 In this case international bankers, businesses and politicians, using the vast amounts of both domestic and foreign credit and 'money' that has flowed into the Stock Market and into the US Treasury, have used some of that money to manipulate the economies of many countries through loans which had conditions tied to them....for example, certain areas were encouraged to manufacture too much....others to plant and grow products they had never grown before, producing an over abundance of agricultural products in other areas....destroying a balance that had grown up around world supply and demand....destroying the economy of already producing countries. This has been particularly damaging to the so-called third world economies.  

Then 'Wall Street' 'market-makers' entered into business schemes, such as the mergers that have been good for the stock market but disastrous for many small businesses and their employees. Followed by normally prudent Americans, many without a clue about how Wall Street operates, became investors. They gave away their hard earned income, thinking they were getting rich as the price, but not the 'value' of stock was manipulated and ratcheted higher.

Many American went on a spending spree, buying cheaper imported products, adding to the huge U. S. trade deficit .... and getting themselves into debt in the process....acquiring bigger houses and cars and more of anything the human mind fancied.

 Itís a story of money and Reality getting way out of balance.

Finally many people have forgotten the principle of laying up treasure for a rainy day....of balancing spending with saving....and thus, many have dug themselves into a bottomless pit of debt. This is energy way out of balance....and many will struggle righting their financial ships for years to comes. 

And why talk about all of this? Because it points out how under-educated we are, not only Spiritually, but in the ways of under-educated we are in the way of politics....and politics should be the business of Spiritually minded else can we understand or influence or police those we vote into office.

There is confusion at many levels of Life in whatís happening in America. And we people arenít getting the Truth from our leaders or those who manipulate the Nation's money.

I'm guessing they donít want us to know whatís going on....

Therefore, there is a great basic need to educate ourselves about what goes on in our world.  

Today there are many people suffering as a result of ill thought out investing....there are many people deeply in debt....there are many people who have lost their jobs and many more may soon be out of work as all this manipulated greed and insanity unravels its way out of the national and international system.

 Everyone in the world will be impacted to some degree by what went on in the world of politics and big financial dealings, world wide in the 1990s.... our world is changed forever.

 We will be a much different country when all this finally is worked out.

And finally as a last word on the subject, it is sad to realize all that money lost or mis-appropriated could have been used to build industries around the world....instead it was diverted into the great stock market feeding frenzy, that made a few very rich and many more very poor....

Sadly, there doesnít seem to be a silver lining to this cloud of bad economic reality as it is playing out today.


Thus, one more basic human need....the need to understand our wider human world in order to be able to deal with issues to the degree that we, as individuals, can shield ourselves as much as possible, from the 'fallout' of bad decisions made by people in power, politically or financially.

We can hope decisions will now be made that will better serve life, here or abroad.

But perhaps we don't want to 'hold our breath' for if ever there was a time, now seems to be the time to follow the Path of informed human/Soul Practicality. 

The business slowdown happening in the United States has many ramifications. Multifaceted businesses and banks will all be scrambling to  save themselves. And all over the world people are in danger of being destroyed by on going, destructive, international monetary polices of the U N....either unthinking, or perhaps, truly evil people. We need to understand whatís going on with the world economy and what it portends. Itís more than just a matter of money. There are many complicated issues facing the whole world today....and they are issues little contemplated or understood by the ordinary person.                                                     

Are we expecting our Government to save the U S economy....can banks or large multi-national businesses step in to save the situation.

 At this point they might actually want to, for many now see that their greedy and destructive monetary policies may be killing the goose thatís been laying all those golden eggs.

 But I suspect the rot in society, in government and business has gone too deep for easy answers.

So I add one more basic human need to our list....and it is to be able to take care of ourselves....

as we wait for the Hand of God....

in whatever Form it fix what's wrong on this Planet today....

Remember all the ancient and modern predictions of 'troubles in our time'....well, theyíre coming in right on target.

 Thatís also something to think about. 

And that is the Bigger Picture from the human viewpoint.

Now, whatís really going on here is the old giving way to the New as the cycles change....

the mis-use of Energy is being curtailed....the darkness in all Energy is being moved out and cleaned up ....making way for a more Energy of Higher Vibration to flow onto the Planet. We are seeing it being acted out as economic chaos, political and religious is all those things....but it is the how and the why ....the deeper reasons with which we also need to concern ourselves.

 We need to understand the Big Picture....God's Picture....otherwise as we read our newspapers, we get sucked into the human reasoning....into the weeping and wailing....into the blame game....the hatreds and fears....the cruelty and control.... and that only continues to take us in circles....we dig the human rut deeper.   

So what to do?

 First of all we need to 'wake up'....we need to 'take back' our lives....we need to take our human selves in hand.

We need to get out of unnecessary debt and Lighten up, not only financially but of course, Spiritually.

We need to be able to survive what looks at the moment like a serious recession.

And I promise you, we can all survive and even prosper if we stay balanced, mentally and emotionally, Body and Soul. And we balance our Energy every time we reflect on WHO WE REALLY ARE. AND REALIZE THAT WE ARE HERE TO SERVE A SERIOUS PURPOSE.





So.........thereís much to think about.

Thereís much to understand. I wish I could say my sense of the varied and troubling world situations today is exaggerated....but actually, I suspect they are much uglier and more serious than I ever believed they would become....and we have to be prepared to take care of ourselves.

When we take time to Meditate and think on all that I have been saying here, Answers will come.

Through all the unreality of the times we live in, Answers to meet our individual needs will be given to us.

 If, as it seems, we are living in those times predicted....times that will be difficult...regardless, we have to be about the business of living....looking after the needs of ourselves and our families. And we can do it by forging an even closer relationship with our Soul Partner, through whom all our Answers will come.

I wake up every day and appreciate the Life style we Americans have fashioned for ourselves. Industrious, good people built this country by hard work and ingenuity.

And using that same determination and ingenuity, we must be ready to do what ever is required of us to protect the American life style, for there is no one else to it.

 Iím proud of how hard many of us work....of all we have accomplished even while I see our shortcomings....all those human traits many are working to perfect.

We must understand and forgive our imperfections....and work with all our hearts to prevent the confusion that is trying to become part of our lives in the next few years. 

I hope with all my heart Iím wrong in how I read the American and world economy. But there are difficult events unfolding, for individuals and for nations, that cannot be prevented....they can only be 'softened' and they will be worked out within our everyday lives....

For they are the 'working out' of the 'dirt' in old energy....they are old situations...old mistakes...and we will all be affected to the degree that each of us is vulnerable.

And thus it is so important to prepare ourselves both humanly and Spiritually for each and every day of our lives.

 It has always been a good Idea to look before we leap....

and wise to learn how to live fully today, while building for tomorrow....understanding our times.

 These are exciting days if we donít let ourselves become frightened....

if we will try to see through all that is going on.....

if we learn to evaluate everything that happens through our own intuition about it.

We havenít been getting and arenít going to get the truth from those who have a vested interest in keeping us blindfolded....we will only see the Truth of Life through the eyes of our Soul....that is where we want to go for our God-Answers.  

Our job is to understand whatís at work on the planet, trying to destroy  humanity....and to stay as far removed from the chaos of the world as is individually possible while doing it, never becoming a part of the problem.

 Our job is to stay within a Wall of blazing White Light....and from that place, be the Channels for Light and Illumination to come to Earth. This is the way to serve God and save ourselves....and in doing that, we join hands with all who have been the Saviors of the Planet.

So, there is much to think about....much we can do. But our most basic immediate need is to take care of ourselves....for only then can we serve....only then can we help others. We have to know whatís going on and what we can do to position ourselves to be out of harmís all ways.

Then, do what we can do to be of service to God.