About Spiritual Practicality 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello everyone, Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

The focus of this program is to help us realize the Role we play in expanding good on the Planet, as well as showing what we do to generate what we call, evil.

 And how the quality of Life can change as we realize WHO WE REALLY ARE, BODY AND SOUL, for then we focus our attention only on our goodness, our Godness....discarding old beliefs in original sin and evil.

The hope for this program is to share Ideas that teach us more about ourselves,  allowing us to see how Godness expands and works through us.

 I like to think about the ways we can be encouraged to think about Life in a less provincial way....

to think about ourselves in less self centered ways....

to think about the people of the world as our brothers and sisters....

and to think of the Planet and its complement of people as part of the Divine Plan of a Great Being

 and how we are each an unique, important Part of that Plan.

I like to think about learning to live at the level of Soul Mind while on Earth. 

To do this, we need to understand the Spirituality of all Life.


We live in a time when survival may depend on working from a human/Soul Mind-set....certainly it is a time when we must grow up and move forward with the new Designs for Peace coming onto the planet.

The incoming Pattern for Life has no place in it for cruelty.

So join me again today in saying:


As we look around and study life, we see endless activity ....we see Ideas, coming and going. And for hundreds of thousands of years, we have wondered about Life and the meaning of all that could be seen and all that could only be guessed at. And we have records of the search and effort we’ve made to find answers to all we’ve seen as we’ve looked out on our world. By any standards, what we saw then and what we see today, is awesome.

And ancient men and women were no less curious then than we are today about the place and purpose of mankind in all that was seen and experienced. We have records of the many Ideas that crossed their minds. Many cultures left behind detailed astrological and astronomical and mathematical calculations describing how they interpreted the natural activities of the sun and moon and stars and planets....they studied the progression of the seasons of earth and rationalized how that knowledge could be used to serve their lives.  

We have records of mankind’s response to the natural world and how they analyzed it.... and how they imagined or intuited what couldn’t been seen. And how through the ages they came up with Ideas, both simplistic and sophisticated, of God and Nature and man, to explain it all. Much of this ancient thinking has moved with mankind through the ages and is with us today.

We all carry genes that contain those ancient records of both our history as well as the history of the earth. We still experience old Ideas, those Ancient Truths as convoluted myths and stories which we cannot quite sort out.... but that Ancient Truth exists alive and well, within the Soul Mind. Bits and pieces of it, are very present in our religions and Philosophy.

Some of it is made plain to those who sincerely reach for Understanding. And none of us can ask for Truth without eventually, one day, finding Answers to our questions about Life.

As a people, we continue to scientifically and mystically explore the Heavens and Earth....we search our own psyches for any information that will provide us with greater understanding of all we see endlessly evolving around us....coming and going....not the least of which is ourselves.      

And that brings me to the subject of today’s program....

Spiritual Practicality.

 For in all the complexity of Life, in all its visible as well as invisible Forms, we can be assured that there is nothing but practicality involved in everything coming and going in this Universe. The Spiritual CEOs....those Levels of Cosmic Mind that are in charge in our Universe, service great and sweeping Plans we can only imagine.

 These Plans have the Cosmic Outcome built right into them.

And these Plans move inexorably forward. 

God Mind at Cosmic levels, is not concerned with the side trips lower Levels of Life take. Thus, no matter the conceit or ignorance of humanity as it foolishly plays with Life, Cosmic Plans move ever onward....and we, the humanity of Earth, have the choice to move forward within the Flow of Cosmic Energy

 or getting outside the Flow,

 be ground into dust. 

 In my Mind I see these Cosmic Plans as a Glacier moving forward and anything in its way, being ground into dust. Thus there is Cosmic practicality that the human part of Life needs to understand. There are facets of Invisible Life directly tied into our human lives. whether we want them or not and whether we believe in them or not....

they are there....

and the physical body is nothing more than an evolved animal form without the Understanding of its Purpose in a Spiritual Partnership that is working on this Planet.    

My focus here is on the Partnership of physical Body and Christed Soul, both of which thinks and has desires. And by that thinking and desiring, individually or as a Partnership, does cause Universal Energy to take on some form....that is, both Body and Soul do Create by what they think and by what they desire.

 Both Body and Soul sow and reap....

They create, that is, they bring into form, according to their thoughts or desires. It is not yet fully realized that all 'creating' that does not fall within the Great Plan of God, has to be re-done in such a way that it does flow with the God Plan. 

Being responsible for what we sow is a basic,

 simple practicality of Life,

whether we are talking about our small human efforts....or our human/Soul Efforts. Or the efforts of the Higher Christ Mind....

and we can take that thought up Higher to include the Mind and Heart Desires of the Supreme Being existing and Creating in the vastness we call space....the One Who creates without being aware of our human likes or dislikes or beliefs or disbeliefs.

If we are to create in sync with the Mind of God, we, Body and Soul must know there are certain Paths we must follow and definite Rules we must obey. We talk of having choices....and indeed we do....but the only practical ones we should consider are those choices that move us forward on our Spiritual Path....which is a Path that leads us to the fulfillment of our Divine Plan within the ever greater, ever evolving Cosmic Divine Plan.

One that is completely in sync with the Mind and Will of God.  

We need to take time to think about all of this....and as we do, we soon get a sense of some Great Scheme....

we imagine and begin to feel the Life Force that pulses forth from some Central Source.

 Quieting our human mind, we sense this Powerful Energy. And in our mind’s eye see it filling what we call space.

 At some point the human mind asks “On whose authority does it pulse outward” ....that has been the question of the ages....and as we take time to think about it, we sense the Awesome Authority flowing from some Supreme Being or from a group of Great Beings.

For me, this Universal Authority is simply God.

 And that Godness covers a lot of territory. 

This Energy, this Universal Light Substance, is the Essence used to form everything that has been or ever will be formed. Universal Light Substance is the “Stuff of Creation” and as used and directed by God Mind, it coalesces into form. This Light Substance serves the Will of Supreme Authority. And it’s use is always an act of Creation.

And whatever the action or form that Light Substance or Cosmic Energy takes, it is always an Outward Expansion of Godness, always fulfilling a Spiritual Purpose. 

Here on Earth it looks like an experiment is being conducted by Supreme Authority to see if Pure Soul Energy can act through human forms without being forever degraded. Depending on the strength of an individual Soul,  that has been possible....but not always the case....and the Practicality that protects the Integrity of Cosmic Light demands any soiled or misused Energy eventually be cleaned up and returned to an Original State of Purity before the Soul can continue on its Path....

and that where most of humanity is today...

.where most Souls are today....

where most human/Soul Partnerships are today.

We are all, for the most part, in a clean up mode....which is an Expansion mode... we are in the Process of Spiritually “moving forward”....getting ready for the next chapter of the Grand Plan that is unfolding before our eyes and in which we are a player. 

Do we doubt this?

 In all my searching for answers, it always comes down to an Inner Sense that says there is a Bigger Picture unfolding, bigger than we humanly see....

that there is a Higher Vibrational Level of Creativity available

 and trying to express on Earth, in our time,

 and that it is not without Design or Purpose....

that there are no mistakes coming out of the change, not only foretold, but actually happening all around us at the present time....

and that in time, a new Way of Life will Express Itself around us, as the perfect Will of God.  

There is much practical, metaphysical information not generally known....

for example, we are not taught that here on Earth, embodied Souls are allowed to experiment with Cosmic Energy....

Cosmic energy can be compared to the tremendous Energy at Boulder Dam that flows out over huge power lines, needing to be stepped down through a series of transformers before we can use it in our homes.

This is a true picture of Cosmic Energy at its Source and Cosmic Energy as we know after it has been stepped down in we can breathe It in and use It to 'create' in our human/ Soul worlds.

Today it is sad to see how many intelligent humans still think they are running the show....

still think everything revolves around what the human wants, or thinks or desires.

 Most people acknowledge a greater Power beyond the human, but see It only as working in some far off Heaven....

and people still deny their ability to expand Godness on Earth, through acknowledging the Soul-at-work within a human being.

The human mind continues to be conditioned....brainwashed... into believing only in its is given very little information about the Godness that Powers the body.

And as an individual begins to awaken to the Truth, he or she is then afraid to share Power/Control with the indwelling Mind of God. Human beings reject their Souls   they are often afraid to 'let go and let God' have a say in what goes on in the individual’s life.

 One can only wonder why.

 Looking out on the human condition, does anyone doubt that all aspects of human life can only be improved and enhanced by letting God into the act. Or wonder why we refuse to acknowledge the Origin of every breath we take or that we are using Cosmic Energy for everything we do.

 I suspect it is because the human being never wants to admit that anything he or she does is affecting the Progress of Life on the Planet, especially as what is done lowers the vibration of God’s Pure we think, feel, say or do.    

It is a universal, practical aspect of Life that one action begets the next....

This is easily illustrated by the Idea of the stone thrown in the pond and the ripples moving endlessly outward. And thus we can see that once we set Energy in motion, by our thinking, feeling, acting or speaking, the constant movement and force of Universal Energy moves that Energy a along.

 If we are the author of an action, we can add to or subtract from that action, but once empowered and consciously directed by us, that Energy put into play, rolls on and on, unless or until, we recall it, amend it or end it with our subsequent consciously directed thoughts, feelings or actions.

This is the way all form comes into being....

Creation happens as Supreme Beingness, operating as Mind, at one of many Levels of Mind, of which the Soul is one Level, consciously thinks or desires, then speaks or acts. And thus, the Pure Energy of Supreme Beingness takes on form. This 'formation' occurs minute by is Creation going on constantly from the Highest to the lowest levels of Mind....all within a Plan of Perfect Practicality where everything that is done correctly is Cosmic.                                                       

Now let’s take this time to reinforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around ourselves....

it is so important for us to do this everyday....

for the Powerful Light of God is our Strength in all we do....

and that Light is our Protection against anything that would work against our efforts to be peaceful, loving, productive people.

 So, we’ll visualize this Wall of Light....

we see it is impenetrable....

we see that nothing but God-Good can come through It.

 Then we’ll fill the space inside, our Aura, with the Christ Light and Love

 that flows in through the top the head from the Holy Christ Self

and see that Light anchoring Itself in our hearts.

We want to take a few minutes everyday to do this and each time, stay with this visualization as long as possible,

This will allow us to reach deeper and deeper Levels of Peace and Calm.

Now consciously and deliberately, we’ll push out all disturbing thoughts and feelings ....

 mentally grab hold of any Energy that is not bright and shining....

and blaze the Violet Flame through that Energy....allowing that Violet Ray to continue to flow throughout our Energy Fields, mentally, emotionally physically and Etherically.

On the screen of our minds we can watch and see our Energy, at all Levels begin to sparkle again with Purity....and watch It flow within all the Energy Centers, Clean and Pure.

 We have just given our Energy a Violet Flame Bath.....setting ourselves up to live abundantly in all the ways we wish to live on Earth.

 Now, we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of the Supreme Being

and in the Heart Light of our I  AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,

seeing that Opalescent Light Spiraling

within our mental, emotional and physical energy

We open our minds to the highest Information Channels

and invite the Light of God to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

And into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on the earth

That each one of us many become a Channel

for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.     

Now back to our subject of Spiritual practicality.

 And start with the question “do we understand the difference between God and religion”.

For to be able to understand something as basic as that difference is very practical indeed, and gives foundation to everything we think, do, feel or say along Spiritual lines.

I think those two Ideas get confused in the minds of many people and that it’s been that way for a long time.

I believe there was a very practical reason for our Founding Fathers having carefully worded the First Amendment to reflect this difference when they said that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof. 

Our Founding Fathers came out old world societies where State supported religious organizations had the power to arbitrarily, without legislation, not only control a man’s life, but take a man’s life and fortune.

 Our Founding Fathers clearly understood the difference between the Power we call God, and the danger of power invested in state sponsored religion in any form. They understood the danger of a government having control over a citizen’s actions, in the name of Divine Authority. 

The Founding Fathers understood that an individual’s faith in God shouldn’t be controlled in any way.

 They understood how Ideas of God through an organized religion, can be legislated and used to control people to suit the political party in power.

They understood that “God is not a church nor a religion”.

 They came to America to be free from the kind of religious oppression that existed in Europe and elsewhere in that day. In formulating a foundation for a new country, they wanted Americans to live without the pressure of  powerful state religions that could arbitrarily tyrannize and destroy lives.

 Historically we have proof of the oppression of religions...we are witnessing today how religion pressure prompted some men to fly planes into tall buildings on Sept 11, 2002, killing thousands of innocent people.

 The planet needs to be free of all philosophies that encourage murder and suicide.  

The practicality of understanding this difference between God and religion lies in these results........

Mainly that we understand Godness when we figure it out for ourselves....

for we don’t always understand God through the Eyes of others.

The practical Outcome of exercising individual Spirituality, from exercising our own Inner Knowing, is that we get our own information....

That leads us to knowing that


and that a Bit of that Essence is anchored in every human heart, out of which proceeds all Knowledge.

When we go out and LIVE OUR LIVES IN THAT CONTEXT, we don’t blow up buildings or murder or harass people because we don’t like their religion or because we believe our religious organization is better than theirs.

 Instead we know that Godness exists in all....

the Consciousness of which expresses through our Soul.

Then if we need or want Spiritual sociability, we can belong to organizations and churches of our choice.

 But not with the Idea of forcing our views on others....or having theirs forced on us. 

It may sound like I’m beating up on churches.

 I’m not. I am calling attention to human nature, some of which thinks it has a divinely appointed right to control other people.

 I don’t think so.

At any rate I hope my point is understood...namely that 'God' speaks directly and uniquely, to and through each individual....if that one listens.

And that organizations should exist only to help Inspire or more fully Awaken and Expand Godness within the individual.

That is their job.

While it is our job to find and identity the Godness that is the Soul within.

 Our Soul is a reflection of all Greater Godness....

and when we are in the Cosmic Flow, Life is an Experience where God adores the Soul...and we, the Soul, adore God.

In the Cosmic Flow, all Life serves Life....Life is not being used to blow up buildings and murder other parts of Life.

 The Consciousness that is 'Life' contains a complete understanding of WHO AND WHAT WE ALL ARE AND WHY WE ARE HERE. And without that simple practical understanding, all else is moot. 

Life on this planet is a simple, Practical Path created by Great Beings to allow the development of both Body and Soul.

Part of the Path consists of the two learning to function as one unit.


In these talks I have focused on developing Spiritualized human wholeness....

knowing we need a human mind that is illumined,

 and a body that is well and strong.

 Knowing that until our human minds are open and capable of understanding simple, practical Spiritual possibilities, we are not likely to recognize the Nature of our Soul.

Or know that the Soul cannot do Its growing on Earth without an illumined human mind. Or Know that the two, Body and Soul, must work together if the Soul is to transcend the lower energies of this plane and be about Its Father's Business.  

Thus, we start our Journey into Enlightenment right where we are. We begin by searching for the Wisdom that encourages us to develop a well set up physical body and mind. The first thing we have to do as we step out of the crowd, is to take our human selves in hand.

We’ve been brainwashed into believing we are unconditionally sinful. And  taught there’s not much we can do to change ourselves.

Much of the world is Spiritually immobilized, trapped into accepting some the mistaken concept of so-called original sin.

This has happened because people have forgotten WHO THEY REALLY ARE. Yes, the human can be sinful....sometimes mean and really rotten, but that is an individually developed trait.

 We have allowed clever minds to focus our thinking on this ridiculous idea of “original sin”. My sense is that people who accept that idea are in denial....finding it is easier to give up rather than try to be a better person.

 Further, the 'original sin concept' gives truly evil people an excuse for being even more evil....and causes decent people, who see they often fall short of their goals, to be filled with guilt and personal loathing....frustration and fear. 

Today few people have any idea of what they are capable.....either humanly or as the human/Soul Partnership. Few people believe that they can make their dreams come true. For they are so full of pessimism about their sinfulness.

I want to tell the world that all of us have a built in Cosmic functions through our Soul...allowing us to access Cosmic Consciousness.

And when we can begin to trust the Information that is always coming to us intuitively through our Soul Mind, we have all the practical Ideas and all the strength we need to throw off the old Ideas of sinfulness that have led people astray. 

Fortunately all this is changing. Truth is emerging.

As we people wake up and figure out WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT OUR PURPOSE ON EARTH REALLY IS, we are Awakening to simple, practical answers to all our seeming problems.

Our Soul Minds are providing the human-us with workable solutions. And it will quickly become evident to what degree the human/Soul Partnership is functioning by the way we begin to view both God and our fellow men and women and by the simple, practical ways we choose to live our lives.

 It will become evident to us that only a totally God-starved mind will deliberately injure another. 


Imagine with me the day when we are taught from birth, WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT OUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO GOD AND TO GOD’S WORLD.


And imagine how quickly cruel, destructive human tendencies will be brought under control when the practicality of Life can be shown to the average human mind, which today, still thinks it can mistreat people with impunity.

 Imagine a person being immediately shown the bomer-rang results of hating or injuring another person....

Imagine what the people who blew up the Trade Center are experiencing, even as we speak, as they are required to look at their own hideous human creation caused by their unconscionable, heinous use of God’s Pure Energy.

Life is practical in every way at every level....

Life is the use to which we put God’s Energy....

and we answer for everything we do or don’t do to Life....

Regardless of what we believe or want to believe about Life....

In time, we have to face the Truth and  consequences of our actions and of our beliefs of lack of beliefs. When we pass from this plane to the next, regardless of our religious concepts or lack there of, we are shown what we did right....where we got it we injured others.

 Until we wake up to this Truth....

until religions teach the practical results of our use and mis-use of Energy, the world may never experience the Practicality of simple Love and Caring...the Practicality of Joy and Kindness.

It is all so simple....

We can be grateful for knowing this much about

the Simple Laws of Spiritual Practicality.