About Awakening to the Need for Balance

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be....and how destructive we can cruel...and how sublime....

How so cruel?  And how so sublime?

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 These programs are designed to explore Ideas that seek to define both our human and Soul Reality.

 As I’ve explained, I was asked to “keep it simple”....

and the Spiritual Basics are simple unless coated with misconceptions and human opinion.

 My perception of Life, human and Spiritual, varies greatly from what is being preached from most pulpits.

 You hear me say often that what we call Spirituality boils down to just one Universal Truth....

one Way....

one Purpose for Life to exist anywhere.

 And I go out on a limb and say before we embody, we are always taught these Universal Truths and our immediate purpose.

The Soul’s immediate work on Earth is to open the mind of its human partner to its Spirituality.  And in some embodiments we succeed and other times, it seems we don’t.

As in modern times when the human mind is not trained in the Basic Truths of Life.

Accordingly, the human being, WHO DOES NOT KNOW ITS GREATER PURPOSE has no reference for setting a Spiritual Course and thus spends its allotted years running around, doing whatever the human is capable of doing....which at its best, is limited....and at its worst, is the destructiveness we see at work on the planet. 

And so I speak out....hoping to provide some Insight into WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT OUR PURPOSE REALLY IS.

 For without a change of Spiritual Attitude and Effort, the  vicious, warring  nature of a large portion of unawakened mankind, will again get the upper hand.

Truth and Peace are desperately needed in this hour....

so join me again in saying.....


In a prior program I spoke of an intuitional moment when I was shown a gigantic SPHERE OF CHRISTED HEART ENERGY that seemed to be held in the Hand of some Great I watched It explode into countless Sparks of Christ Energy to become the Individuated I AM Presence of each one of us.

I have described how the I AM Presence and Holy Christ Body are the Sources of the Christ Energy that flows into the material world through the human/Soul Relationship. And suggested that the Soul functions best in a good, strong well balanced physical body.    

Now accepting the symbolism of that Vision, we get a sense of WHO WE REALLY ARE, and we can say WITH CONVICTION, “I AM  A GOD-SOUL, EXPERIENCING EARTH THROUGH THE HUMAN ADVENTURE”.

 And that will lead us to accept the Idea that we, Body and Soul, activate Godness on Earth in many personal and practical hands on ways. These Ideas “jump start” our Awareness of our Soul-Self as a Special Spark of Universal Godness, embodied in the human form with important work to do on Earth.  

These Realizations allow us to walk humbly and righteously and with honor and reverence....

in addition, we become formidable opponents to all and any non-god activity we contact.

We stop being afraid of Life....knowing we may have dark valleys to walk through....knowing the physical body can be destroyed in many ways and for many reasons....BUT we, the Soul cannot be destroyed...

for God cannot be destroyed....

and our realization of WHO WE REALLY ARE gives God-protection to the human us as we walk the human/Soul Path of Peace and Compassion.  

The Level of Energy we call 'God' is incapable of experiencing  fear....thus if we acknowledge ourselves to be a HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP, WE KNOW there is one part of us that cannot know fear. And human fear is an emotion that can be balanced and neutralized by acknowledging the 'Energy of God' flowing within us.

 We can practice seeing ourselves as WHO WE REALLY ARE and knowing we are Souls incapable of for the human us, why should we fear when God stands where we stand. 

I believe this understanding is the Key to a courageous life, as fully Awakened, Body and Soul, we thoughtfully make our way through the experiences of the physical plane. It is more than just a Spiritual exercise to KNOW WHO WE REALLY’s very practical way to live a safer life, a more productive life. It's the way we arm ourselves with Knowledge that attracts the Spiritual Energy that will give us the Guidance we need every day of our lives.

These are serious days in which we live....

we hardly know how serious these days are....

and the Hand of our Soul needs to be at the tiller helping to guide our human directions and helping to control all Earth experiences. Looking out on the world today, we hope and pray that many Soul Partners are directing the Life each human being is experiencing.               

Religions and philosophies, ancient and modern have tended to focus on either the human man or the Spiritual man.

 Those Who Guide my efforts have always directed my thinking into understanding the whole person....

the Spiritualized man and woman.

And over the years of my searching for Answers, They have shown me that WHO WE ALL REALLY ARE, IS THIS HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP. And that what we need to be working for at all times, humanly and Spiritually, is perfecting a balance between those two that serves the Earth and one that serves Heaven.

The physical body vibrates with the rhythms of Earth....the Soul vibration is higher (faster) and a compatibility must be achieved....and we do this by raising the frequency of our human Energy.

 We do this by focusing our attention on the more Powerful Spiritual Ideas and Energies....

through our attention to Spiritual matters as we pray and ask for more Cosmic Christ Light for ourselves and the planet.....

we do it when we visualize Golden Light flowing into our Chakras during our meditations.

 We raise the frequency of our Energy when we ask for more Light in our lives....while we live constructive and useful lives.

Otherwise the human and Soul Energies remain separated by their very different frequencies. And the human being is completely without the balancing factor of its Soul is like an animal running loose.

In my life, having seen the Truth of that Idea, I’ve put aside any Teaching that doesn’t resonate with that Idea....and have let myself be guided by Christ Power.

 This Power not only flows within the human/Soul Partnership but It flows from there, out into the world at large.

Christ Power flows into the Partnership from many Levels of Godness, starting with the individual’s Christ Self and I AM Presence, bringing with it everything we need for our daily life. That includes all the Knowledge we may need.

 Christ Energy exists in the Universe at our fingertips, waiting for us to want it and access it.

It’s always our choice.   

The focus of this program is on the human/Soul Balance of Energy we need in our lives....on learning to merge the Energies of earth and Heaven. ...

Awakening to the reasons for 'balance' in our human/Soul lives.

 Understanding that unless we keep our Energy in balance, we go nowhere.

Without balance in all areas of our lives, we tread water....

We can’t be too physical.

We can’t be too Spiritual....

we can’t be too “anything” and evolve the human/Soul Aspect of our lives.

Wherever we are in the Universe, Balance is a Key to Progress.  

Thus I speak constantly of the need to control and balance our Energy....especially that which is driven by our thoughts and feelings. We have to balance the  mental and emotional Energies of the body. We have seen how the masculine energy tends to be very mental and the feminine, more emotional. These Energies need to merge and support each other and in time, become the One Perfect Energy of Creation.

In the past twenty five years we have seen women going to work. This is giving them the opportunity to balance their emotional natures with the mental demands of their work.

 And there are many men spending more time with children and in the home, helping them balance their mental energy with their emotional energy.

We are seeing human/Soul Balance re-asserting itself in many lives in just these simple ways.

 And then, there is the physical side of our lives. We have to give the body itself, the attention it needs to be physically strong. Sedentary people need to exercise people sometimes need to give their bodies a rest. Everything in balance on the visible as well as invisible side of our lives. 

The Invisible Aspect of our Life is under the Guidance of our Souls. We humanly need to understand how the Soul works to balance the many Facets of the many different Energies that flow in through the Etheric Connections.

 I have spoken of the Seven Ray Creed and how I developed It to help me begin the process of getting myself, Body and Soul, balanced as a single working unit.

Then as I was taught the Process of drawing the more powerful Energies to Earth, I was simultaneously taught to build the Wall of Blazing White Light around myself, Body and Soul, in order to protect the greater amount of Christ Light that was coming in and around me as a result of my efforts.   

That Wall of White Light serves many purposes. It not only protects our Christ Energy that is continuously flowing in, but it keeps out Energy we do not want or need to come around us.

 For example, the Energy we breathe in and live in, is a mixture of Energy filled with (generally contaminated with) every kind of thought and feeling vibration possible to Earth Energy. Some of It serves us...some of It doesn’t.

 If we are asking for more Christ Light, we have the responsibility to protect That Heavenly Energy as It flows to us....and learn to shut out all negative thoughts, feelings and actions of mankind that do not serve us.

So, as the more Heavenly Energies flow into us, we have to balance Them with the Earth Vibration....otherwise we get too Spiritual....and if we haven’t brought in enough Spiritual energy, we remain, too human. 

So there is much to think about in this subject of Balance. It takes us into many 'avenues of thought' as we analyze our daily efforts. 

Today we are given the Task of purifying, balancing and raising the Vibration of the Energies of the Earth....doing it by adding to Earth Energy the Powerful Cosmic Light of Higher Frequency....we call this the “Light of God”.

 We are asked to call forth the Light of God onto this Planet to serve all Life here.

 And this is about as simplistic as we can put it.

  There are countless other Avenues of Spiritual thought that describe this Idea of Balance....there are many Ideas that give us much to think about as we work to balance our personal Energies first.   

I talk often about the tipping point of the Energies of the Planet....and how the Energy of each one of us in included in that total package of positive and negative Energy.

 And how important each one of us is to establishing a harmonious balance of positive Energy for the Planet....

how the efforts of each of us is needed.

To be successful in this  we have to develop a calm, Inner Knowing, so that we can give the cooperation needed by Those Guiding the Planet at this time.

There are many Spiritual Issues involved....

and not the least is the testing of the resolve of those of us who have a 'sense' of the Transitional Nature of the next few years....

we who have dedicated ourselves to being Lightbearers in this time of humanity’s Spiritual Awakening.....

we who are being instructed IN THE ART OF igniting and expanding our Soul Sparks

we, who are being taught how to put the human/Soul Relationship to work in the home, in the market place, on the battlefield, in government and wherever God needs to be at this time.  

But before we can be of use to ourselves or to the Greater Life, we first must learn to control and balance our mental, emotional and physical Processes....

then learn to balance our combined physical and Spiritual energy.

That will open the door to allow our Soul Consciousness to guide our next steps in this Battle for Peace on this Planet....for it is a battle....the battle of our times....a battle to save the Planet, to save our physical lives.

 And Heaven help us if we don’t understand that!  

Today we are experiencing a Spiritual Revival on Earth, One that is focusing our attention on the Cosmic Aspects of Love, Wisdom, and Power. Many are being offered the Instruction that will teach us how to activate those Qualities through coming to recognize the active

Mind of Soul within. 

 In the future, as we prepare ourselves, the Power of our Souls will  protect us from any further social, religious and military upheaval or persecution from any and all sources.

What I am calling “Soul” is a Spark, a small Flame, of our Holy Christ Selves...connecting us, the human/Soul Partnership directly to all Cosmic Power above and beyond. We can be grateful to know that we have the human ability and Soul Power to draw to Earth, any amount of Cosmic Love and Purity to accomplish whatever needs to be done on Earth. We are Grateful to know we live “In the Presence of God’s Power”....which is the Light of our Christ Self and I AM Presence.

Allow me to say a bit more on our need to balance our human energies.

 For a very long time, human energy has dominated the Spiritual Partner....

lower energies have dominated Higher Energies....

swinging Energy to the humanistic and non-God side of life.

Now that must fact, is changing. And we are being offered the Information and chance to learn how to balance all the Energy we have ever used. Today we are being taught how to access all the Cosmic Energy we need....and that the Planet needs to move us from one time period to the next....from one dimension to the next.

And this can be done without destructive planetary activity....without the destruction of our civilization.

 If we will get to work to balance the Energies of our personal Life- streams and make ourselves available to 'God', our efforts will be added to the Force needed to clean up the old ungodly energies at work on the Planet.

 Today we can decide to be part of the God-Force that will accomplish the work needed for the peaceful, cyclic transition of the Planet and people from one cyclic event to the next.

As we get our human energy cleaned up and raised in vibration, which happens daily as we bring in a fresh supply of Golden Light to spiral within each Chakra, we expel old energy....sending it into a Violet Flame, where it is purified and then returned to the Energy System.

 This brings each Chakra back to its Perfect Expression....all the while the Golden Light is pulsing throughout the general Energy System of the body and out into our aura and from there, out into the world around us.

 Now with this thoughts upper-most in our minds, let’s just get quiet for a few moments....we’ll re-enforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around the Three Levels of Self....our human/Soul Self, our Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence

 and in that Silence fill ourselves and auras with Christ Light and Love and Peace...







As we bring a balance of Earth and Heaven into our personal Energy....Our Christ Self expands Its influence in our lives, and little by little, we experience the enfolding of the lower human/Soul Mind with the Higher Christ Mind.

 At a certain point, when we have control of our thoughts, feelings and actions, when we have balanced our Energy, we have the free will to use the pure Universal Energy or Cosmic Light Substance or sacred has many names....for whatever Sacred Purpose we choose. We do imprint It with specific qualities as we use it, which should show our good use of it.

We need to think deeply upon this Idea. When the Partnership is ready, we can access the Great Sea of Universal Truth and Knowing and draw from It with limit. But we do need to understand that our every thought or feeling....every quality we express, makes an impression on Universal Energy, which is obedient to our Conscious Will at all times. And that we are responsible for everything we do to or with God Energy.  

There is so much we haven’t understood about how the Energy that keeps us alive, in the human sense, is constantly responding to our thoughts and feelings whether we realize it or not. There is not an instant in which we are not giving our Life Force one quality or another. Thus it is so important that we learn to consciously control ourselves (control our human actions) always correctly using any Energy we are given for the Perfecting of ourselves and the Planet. 

We people have not yet realized that thoughts and feelings that are filled with resentment against each other, or colored by injustice, or dislike against places and things, as hate and envy and greed ....we little realize the damage we do to ourselves and to the Planet, as we knowingly or unknowingly send out our Energy enfolded in any of the many forms of non-love, in all the many ways we do it.

  The great Sea of Universal Energy upon which these qualities are recorded moves in a circle and brings them back to of us. And we experience them as cataclysmic activities in Nature and in all the unhappy events of our lives.  

Most of mankind have never been taught to love and respect the Pure Energy or Substance of God flowing into our physical bodies and into our mental and emotional bodies.

 Or taught how it is that we give color (qualification) to that Pure Substance by what comes from us as thoughts, feelings and actions.

 We aren’t taught that the qualities we impress on the Pure Substance, for example, hate or love, peace or war, comes back to us, amplified .

 All Energy moves in circles or spirals, magnetizing to itself more of the same vibration.

And eventually, all Energy, must be Purified.

 Anything we express that is not Divine Love, comes back to us to be cleaned up. Thus, all the so-called problems we face....which aren’t really problems if we understand this 'problems' are just Energy being returned to us, so that we can re-charge or re-qualify It with Purity. 

And thus we have a Great Soul known to us as 'Jesus', coming in a physical body two thousand years ago to teach this Lesson.

And before that, there were other Great Ones of the many philosophies and religions going back as far as we have records....we can trace the 'single Truth' being taught by the Holy Teachers, back to Atlantis....All coming to Awaken the humanity of Their Time, All teaching these very same Truths.

 For these are the only Truths......and they have been stated in many ways, in countless civilizations....but it is always the same Truth.

Always when we dig through the convolution of all religions and find the original statements, we find the Truth. 

Energy is a truthful Recorder of all we impose upon It. Energy, or Cosmic Light Substance not only obeys God,....but also obeys ensouled man, who pays continually for his ignorance or stubbornness in regard to “reaping what he sows”.

 And we people will continue to pay dearly, in pain and destruction, until we learn to obey the fundamental Laws of Life....

and when that happens

when we all begin to obey those Laws, Life on earth will change. When we all begin being totally decent people, in our treatment of ourselves, our fellow man and Nature,

of course, Life on Earth will change and for the better.

And we all have (built right in) the capacities of intellect to begin to think through these Ideas and begin to test them out for ourselves.

 It does us little good to listen to Ideas like these, consign them to the back of our minds and then go right on living with the same limiting Ideas that have been our old way of thinking. Where has it gotten us.... 

When we put on the 'Mind of God', doing it bit by bit, we become Soul-Conscious, Constructive Life.

 Within each physical body is the Flame or Spark of God....a Three fold Flame....manifesting as the Love, Wisdom and Power of God in action, operated by us, the Soul.

And through Soul Consciousness we express constructive Ideas and Desires. Within the human/Soul Relationship we are free to choose a more Spiritual Course and Manner of Expression.  

In time, as we slowly 'resurrect our Energy', we may choose to ascend into Higher Planes or Heavens of Life Expression.

It is then that we will work from our Divine Body which is the I AM Presence.

 This is the meaning of the Example of the Ascension left to us by 'Jesus'. He wanted us to see that Life has limitless Expressions....and we are each free to choose our own level of Expression. 

Certainly, the most important aspect of all the Teaching I’ve received has been to help me understand that I am, Body and Soul, the only one who can determine my own destiny.

And I Am the One who will fulfill it, step by step, by the choices I make.

And those choices either block my Progress or move my Life along....and all that happens will have been determined by my careless or intentional thinking, feeling, actions and spoken words.

 I now know I have 'free will' to give my Life Energy into what-so-ever activity I choose....

and that if I will give my Energy toward fulfilling the Plan of Perfection designed just for me....

I will succeed in expressing My Divine Plan.

 And I know this is True for all.  

If we can just remember that the Real-Us, that Level of Soul that can never die, is a Beautiful Spark of Eternal Godness....

that we are all Offspring of One Great Being....

all related.... ancient friends and families.

 And if we will work to balance our human and Spiritual Energy, the Soul will be able to take charge of the human/Soul Journey, directing all present and future experiences.

 We may, in the beginning, have to put forth some major effort to balance the Energy of our four earth bodies.....but it is worth any effort to get our Energy to the point where the Soul can gradually begin to draw the Christ Energy here

And combine the two Energies....human and Christ....until gradually the Christ Energy predominates.


As always I say that whatever we decide to do, it is always our choice.

And where we go from here, is determined by our choices.

 When we eventually transcend this plane, it will be because we have made definite, determined Conscious Effort.

If we can 'believe' that One we call 'Jesus' made a trip to Earth to tell us that it is possible....that we can, if we choose, transcend the Energies of Earth. If we will send Him our Love and Gratitude for the Effort He made to bring us (again) the Teaching and leave us an Example, we’ll have a fighting chance to succeed.

 How many times have I heard, “Oh, I could never be like Jesus”....and I would like to ask....”when did we last try?”   

At any rate and in spite of our often non-believing attitudes, for two thousand years His Christed Energy has been 'leavening the loaf' of misqualified Energy....

and now we have come to another Cycle of Spiritual Growth....though it may look like a lot of other things....

and if we can give up our kicking and screaming, and if we desire it, we will be directed to the Christed Level of Life.

That is our next Spiritual Step. 

So much about Life is never explained in a practical way by the 'experts' who direct our Spiritual development.

And so it is up to us to find the Truth.

 And when we sense WHO WE ARE IN THE ETERNAL SCHEME we finally have the Tool that allows us to begin to access our personal God-Consciousness.

 We haven’t known it, but all our human thrashing around has been our search for a workable understanding of our True Natures.

 Without that Understanding, nothing makes sense. This knowledge is the Key that unlocks the door to our Reality....

Life has no meaning until we know how we relate to God. 

Thus, part of the over-all 'balancing act' we are engaging in, includes educating ourselves, both humanly and Spiritually, allowing us to gain a broader Vision of Life.

 In the process we begin to understand that not only do we have a “life of our own” for which we are completely responsible, but that the Planet has a Life of Its own; and we share in the responsibility to develop this Planet.

And as our Vision expands, we see that everything is developing in Perfect Divine Order. And as we balance our Energy our Divine Purpose comes into view.

Along the way, we have let go of old concepts....and experience the human intellect surrendering to the True Knowledge of the Soul.

I promise you, this 'surrender' is one of the most comforting feelings we will ever experience.