About Basic Spiritual Freedom      



The history  of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

 And we ask, why so cruel? And how so sublime?  

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

  I come to share Ideas....Ideas that allow us to think about our Spiritual Natures and examine the Purpose of our human and Soul Lives.....Ideas to help us turn our lives AWAY FROM PAIN and onto avenues of greater Peace and Perfection....Ideas to free us from so much unhappiness, illness, family tragedies. There is so much unpleasantness in the lives of good people, world wide. There must be Answers. And so we’ll look for those answers.

My Ideas may be new to many....may go against current beliefs systems. Much of what I believe about God and Man comes to me intuitively but it is validated by intensive study of the writings of others, who have similarly Sensed Life. I believe when we know WHO WE REALLY ARE, as both human and Soul, it will make a difference in our lives. Many are searching for new Spiritualizing Ideas to replace or implement old human ideas that I believe are false or incomplete....and as such, are destructive to our progress.

 I WILL REMIND YOU OFTEN THAT WE SOULS ARE PILGRIMS ON EARTH. WE COME FROM HEAVENLY PLACES TO BUILD A HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH. AND THAT WE STRUGGLE WITH THE LOWER VIBRATIONS THAT EXIST ON THIS PLANET. I have dedicated these programs to the PRINCE of PEACE whose Life demonstrated the power of  the forces to be reckoned with on this planet....join me today, as we say


In each of these programs we’ve taken a few minutes to strengthen our Connection to the  Source of Heavenly draw more of that Cosmic Vibration in and around ourselves. This is not only for our use and protection but it is to further the Work we are commissioned by God to do here. We strengthen that Connection most powerfully when we acknowledge our Godness....when we see ourselves as a human/Soul Partnership. And from that more dynamic mind-set we, human and Soul,  attract the Cosmic Power that nurtures and protects us. We draw it into our lives, letting it, then,  flow out into the physical world around us. 

This Power comes to us over the Ray of Golden Light that flows to us from the Heart of the Power we call, Almighty God. But we can give it any name we wish. This Energy travels what seems a long way to reach us, and yet it reaches us in the instant we, mentally or emotionally, connect with it, as it flows through the many transforming channels before reaching us. To get a better sense of all of this, let’s again work with this Visualization. 

We will Picture a great Golden Sphere, blazing at the Center of our Universe....the sun behind the sun..

We will see magnificent Light Rays of all colors, flashing within and around that Sphere of Golden Light. And see countless Waves of Basic Life Force rippling out from that blazing Center. Imagine, now,  our Universe as one of those Waves.

Now we picture our planet enfolded in that Golden Light and in all those Rainbow colors and see multitudes of Great Beings, serving the Supreme Power. Some act as the Conduits for that Golden Energy to flow to each Planet. Some hold a planet in their embrace. We imagine now many Rays of that Golden Light, flashing from the Heart of One of those Great Beings whose responsibility Earth is and realize that those Light Rays become the I AM Presence of each one of us.     

Now can we picture a  Ray of Light flowing from the I AM Presence. It flows downward to create, first,  our Holy Christ Self, which becomes the source of the Christ energy that gives life to the physical body. It comes in through the Crown Chakra at the top of our heads and anchors in our hearts, expanding  and flowing into all the energy centers...

spreading out to fill every cell of our bodies.  

As the Soul Mind awakens the human and as we make the effort to lighten up our energy, we will to see ourselves, Body and Soul, as a Sphere of that Golden Light here on above, so below....knowing WHO WE REALLY ARE IS A BODY OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS.... A BEING OF GOLDEN LIGHT AND THAT OUR PURPOSE IS TO SHED OUR LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS....BRINGING PEACE WHEREVER WE ARE.  

Now with all that in our minds, let’s again take a few deep breaths....sit or stand tall....hands at our sides or in our We are beginning to realize our real potential....becoming conscious of our real identity, accepting our responsibility to extend Godness wherever we are. 

Each day as we meditate, we call in any energy we have left scattered around, see it all drawn back inside our auras to be recharged with the Light of Cosmic Purity. Purity is the goal for all our energy, for within the Consciousness of Purity are all the Ideas we need to accomplish whatever we have set our hearts and hands to.  

Each day we re-enforce the protective Wall of Dazzling White Light around ourselves, creating a Quiet Place....seeing within it Sparkling Energy of many colors, seeing that Energy flowing within and around us, Body and Soul...within and through the layers of our aura....seeing It pulse, like a heart beat, through us and out into the world to bless those around us.  

Within that quiet Place our energy is safe and nurtured as we are filled with Christ Love and Peace. This is where we go for a moment of silence.

And in this Silence, we wrap ourselves in the Illumining Heart Light of God

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling into and around ourselves

In this Silence we open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite the Consciousness of God to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

And into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth....

That each one of us may become a Channel for Light and Illumination

For Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.

I call today’s program Basic Spiritual Wisdom...and will  talk about both human and Spiritual Wisdom. In the West, education is all important to us. We spend many years and billions of dollars of public and private money educating the youth of our land. But when our youth grow up, and they go out into the world, they take with them human wisdom. For there is little they have learned of Spiritual Wisdom in all those years in school. They have few or no tools at all, to help them recognize the Truth of WHO THEY REALLY ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE MEANT TO ACCOMPLISH DURING THEIR YEARS ON EARTH.

 Parents spend money and time and energy preparing their children to live well in the human world. Only a few young people are given enough religious training to prepare them to live Spiritually well in the human world. How many are taught the meaning of the human/Soul relationship and how it is to figure into the satisfactory outcome of every circumstance of daily life.  

Most adults of today have grown up under those conditions. Our human minds are overly  academically educated....but we are starving for the Truth and the Meaning of Life.... which to many seems “meaningless”. All the years we’ve spent putting into practice what we’ve learned from modern education, has made it easier to feed and clothe ourselves, but  very few of us have figured out WHO WE REALLY ARE....or WHAT OUR PURPOSE REALLY IS  because we lack the Spiritual Tools ....we lack the Truth of  our inherent Godness and internal Soulness....none of which is  being taught....not in our schools, and incompletely in our churches.

 The greatest educational mistake being made in today’s humanistic approach to Life is teaching the Idea that we do not need Spirituality in the human arena. First of all, that’s blasphemy. But beyond that it is turning us into an egotistical, hard hearted, greedy, selfish  people. True Spirituality is just the opposite. 

And, consequently, people struggle unnecessarily. Today, portions of the world writhe in pain. Human experts call the world’s problems by many names and make many excuses. Governments, with unlimited budgets, try endless schemes ostensibly to solve human pain....but nothing changes.

The individual human being has little personal power his own. What little he has, is often used to get himself into trouble....which often proves fatal. Not unlike the cat who ventures too far up the tree, those who don’t know WHO THEY REALLY ARE and therefore can’t put Spiritual Knowledge to work to aid them in their daily lives, often find themselves stranded in a tall tree. 

And this  is so apparent as we observe the activities we people engage in that use our Life Force in ways that harm us. If I were God in Heaven I would shake my Head in wonderment watching what Modern men and women do to amuse themselves....and shake my Head in horror watching what they do to destroy themselves and their fellowman. Today, about all God would see on earth is endless amusement activities, and endless wars, stemming from social, economic and political power struggles, generally ending on bloody battlefields. There is little in between.  

Today young and old give their human emotions free reign ....exercising little or no self-control of their actions....accepting no responsibility for their actions that often cause widespread pain.

 And yet we are not evil and large we are good people who have never been taught how to live constructive lives ....and again, this is not rocket science...we have but to look at a couple of examples of how as individuals we shoot ourselves in the foot and cause pain to life around us....for nothing we do affects only us. Thus, modern life in the “fast lane” is out of balance in many areas. and immensely so in the area of our health and finances. In these areas we have accepted a lot of misinformation. 

We have accepted a lot of misinformation about the highly processed food we eat.... and thoughtlessly, many of us eat too much of it. The supermarkets are filled with little but devitalized, altered and chemically contaminated food and drink....basket after basket of this so-called food rolls out the door of the markets and into our kitchens....and we eat it, we overeat it....and thus, we have become a nation of  overweight and sick people. And instead of looking for the Truth, which is abundantly available, instead we look to the medical establishment to come up with even more Ideas that further torture our minds, emotions and suffering bodies.  

Then there is the matter of our finances. No where in our education are we taught the simple basics of handling money or how money flows through our financial systems. We, individually  in America, have more financial supply than any people anywhere in the world. We are watched with amazement. People in other lands cannot comprehend the wealth we all have....even the least wealthy of us is rich in comparison to the starving poor of many foreign lands. But despite our education and adequate incomes and all the welfare schemes, many of us have refused to learn how to budget our money. Mindlessly we spend more than we earn...saving accounts are a thing of the past....and many sink irretrievably into debt.  

Our banking system is not without blame....although there is never any excuse for our ignorance....but banks, to further feather their own nests, have been feeding the human spending appetite with unearned credit privileges....and many people are abusing that credit. ....defaulting on credit card bills, while saying, “Oh, the banks can afford to lose this money.”

But banks pass the cost to their customers....And government is not without blame ....for using the laws created by government, people cause pain and often financial destruction to others, when they get out of debt by declaring bankruptcy. Most modern bankruptcy is completely immoral. From the Spiritual side of the equation, no indebtedness is ever discharged until every penny, every bit of energy, is repaid in kind, to the lender. Thus we build the future experiences of this life or the next.  

So, never having been taught True Spirituality, we sometimes behave like greedy animals...a nation of people who have not even been taught the principles on which this Nation was founded. And  in the past one hundred years having been deliberately taught, there is no right nor wrong. Now we have to face the consequences of our beliefs and actions....for we have succeeded grandly in painting ourselves into a number of corners....first as pertains to our health....than in money matters, personal and governmental well as continuing to be  involved and entangled in foreign affairs. All this is changing Life in America.  

Now to move on to another the subject. Most of us have heard that we live in a time considered a time of calamity, long foreseen by prophets and saints. As I grew up I heard a lot about this time....but life was reasonably calm and peaceful then....and I wondered what people could possibly do to ruin the pleasant life Americans were could people bring calamity upon would we bring the judgment of God upon us. And in the past fifty years, I’ve watched it happen. I’ve watched the American people help it happen. I have watched the good, the over educated, the self-centered, the greedy, the Spiritually asleep American people do it to themselves. History is recording it. 

The Bible speaks of this time. It speaks of the calamity as Armageddon. I have thought about this word Armageddon for all I could find on the subject. Many people see it as meaning some tremendous event on earth, culminating in the destruction of many people on the planet. And it well may be that that is what it means. 

However, as events have evolved over the past years, I wonder if we haven’t been seeing Armageddon being played out very specifically, as natural phenomenon, as personal health and economic situations, as national political problems, as international warring. And I wonder if all the unpleasantness and actual disasters, aren’t the recoil of human carelessness and human lack of caring and human cruelty....the culmination and working out ....the return of...all the misspent energy of human self gratification.

 In addition it is widely believed that this is the time that humanity is to awaken to the Spiritual Facts of Life. If so, then all the natural disasters, the terrible terrorist acts, the increasing ill health and economic difficulties of many....all these and many more sad events,  may be the Soul trying to Wake up its human partner before it is too late. The Soul is calling....Wisdom is calling.  

Thus, Armageddon may not be a single event, as so many believe, but has been and will continue to be, many small and perhaps, not so small events, developing from the godless energy that is rising to the surface to be redeemed.

 And these events will often involve individuals, caught in the flow, who do not know how to protect themselves....never having learned the Spiritual Laws of Life. Many people have pushed all Ideas of God out of their lives...while most Spiritual people today do not know how to access the help of their Souls....which is the Divine help, always available right within their own Being. And so many people often do and will continue to perish, the Soul loses its opportunities, all for lack of knowing and using the simple Truth of WHO WE REALLY ARE..  

My purpose is always to help us understand WHO WE REALLY ARE....I’m here to try to Strip away the ideas, ancient and modern, that have confused us....hoping to  make clear, the Truth of human and Soul Life. A few easily understood Ideas that can be stated this way:





The Wisdom of the Ages has tried to impress these Ideas on mankind. The Teachers who have patiently worked with me have worked TO MAKE SURE I understand these simple basic facts of life. And I can speak with a certainty , in these uncertain times, when I say that “what we can believe about ourselves, and how we act upon that belief,  will decide what we dare to dream and will decide our immediate future. 

Most of us don’t see ourselves, at the human level, as amounting to much as the world defines “amounting to Much”. Thus our basic Belief System is crucial to our safety and to our progress. For whether our self centered, often pessimistic human consciousness wants to believe it or not, THE TRUTH IS THAT THE HUMAN ORGANISM IS DESIGNED TO BE THE JOYFUL SERVANT....THE WELL PREPARED VEHICLE  FOR THE USE OF THE SOUL-US, AS WE  GO ABOUT OUR WORK HERE ON THIS PLANET.   

Isn’t it interesting.... that Supreme Power didn’t choose the cat or dog or horse or armadillo or an ape to be the vehicle....rather, it choose to design a special being that could function, mentally and emotionally as well as physically, in the material world FOR THE USE OF THE SOUL. And unless, people are taught this AS A FACT OF LIFE at the outset of their education, how can they know “why they are here or what they are supposed to be doing”?

 Yes, a few will experience the Soul Voice in Intuition....but some will not know what to make of it....some even thinking it is evilness creeping into their lives. However, KNOWING AT THE OUTSET, WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE ARE HERE takes away the mystery of the Intuitional Voice.....I think it is time we know that we are directly connected to the Voice of God through our I AM Presence....and Christed Soul. And that no one is left out. Saint or sinner, we all have the same Spiritual equipment.  It’s how we use it that determines our fate. We do not need to be a member of any particular church or group. We just need to know the Truth about ourselves and then  listen and respond. That turns on the God-Power in our human lives.    

I was always conscious of one special kind of Energy and was told it  flowed from my Christ Self into the physical body....that each human body came fully equipped with a Christed Body of Energy that was right above them, waiting to interact with them....and that everyone had an I AM Presence which is the One the Bible describes as being made in the Image of God....and how could it not be, since it is a Spark of God. 

And so early on I entered upon a Pathway, somewhat Spiritually equipped and fully ready to cooperate, Body and Soul, with the Being I called God, the Supreme Being. I was taught how to activate my I AM Presence, my Energy Life-line, and I have spent all my life working to develop the Relationship with my Christed Soul....endeavoring to understand the fullness of it all  always fascinated with all Spiritual Wisdom, regardless of its source or age.  

The interesting thing is that Bits of Spiritual Insight and Wisdom exists everywhere, in all religions, in all philosophy and in the activities of all people of all recorded time on earth. Leading me to believe that we have no excuse for Spiritual ignorance.

As I’ve  lived through all the learning procedures of my life, I’ve had to admit, in the face of mistakes, that I had no excuse for “not knowing”....for I knew that all “knowingness existed right within me”. Eventually,  I called that Knowingness “Soul”.....sensing this Energy as an Essence that comes as an enfolding Presence, offering help, always smiling and joyful and sweet.....very different from the energy of our human world.

 I’ve experienced the Soul energy in my most despairing moments.... as a Christed Presence that saw me through those experiences. Actually it is in our difficult experiences that we often discover that Christ Energy within us. And then if we will just expand It, and give It recognition and use It. This allows the Soul Mind to make the connection with the human mind. Now  the partnership begins to work together to create a worth while life experience.

 Of course, when we are really wise, we will let our Souls have all the say...what will the human-us have to lose, except all our problems and worries and confusion. And that put us on the Pathway of endless unfoldment of Life’s greatest secrets, as they play out both on earth and in Heaven.  

There have been situations I’ve struggled with, that the final working out nearly always had some aspect of  Spiritual Magic in it. So much so, that nothing can dissuade me against the Idea that Spiritual Magic happens when we are properly focused....for then we just naturally seem to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And all turns out well.    

Over the centuries there have been thousands of words written to describe the Ideas I endeavor to make clear....different words....but always the same Idea ....

To illustrate this, I end the program today with some words from a book called “Unveiled Mysteries”...The author, Godfre Ray King says it this way.... quote: “ The Eternal Law of Life is this....what you think and feel, you bring into form....where your thought is, there you are, for you are your consciousness and what you meditate upon, you become. 

The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded point of human consciousness. The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is the feeling side of Life....God...the activity of Divine Love or the Mother Expression of Deity. And discord in the feelings breaks the Law of Love, which is the Law of Balance, Harmony, and Perfection.  

“Life, omnipresent Life, exists everywhere. It is subject to our conscious control and direction, willingly obedient, when we Love enough, because all the Universe obeys the behest of Love. Whatsoever we desire, manifests itself when we command in Love .... 

“It is very important to realize fully that God’s intent for everyone of His children is abundance of every good and perfect thing. He created Perfection and endowed His children with exactly the same power. They can create and maintain perfection also and express God-dominion over the earth and all that is there-in.” 

“The individual must acknowledge completely and unconditionally that the human activity or consciousness has absolutely nothing of its own. Even the energy by which one recognizes the Great God within is radiated into the personal self by the Great God-Self. 

“Love and praise of the Great Self within and the attention maintained focused upon Truth, health, freedom, peace, supply or any other thing that we may desire for right use, will bring them into our use as surely as there is a Great Law of Magnetic Attraction in the Universe.....”end of quote. 

Different words....but the same Ideas of our human Soul relationship....of our Connection to a Power we call God....all telling us we have the ability to accept the Reality of our Godness, and have the Power, already within us, to activate and use the Greater Laws of Wisdom in our daily lives....we have but to choose to do it.