About Basic Spirituality # 2      



The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can be....cruel and how sublime.

And we ask, why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 My whole life has been spent trying to understand what it is that makes some people so cruel and others so sublime. As a child I saw the bullies on the school yard, often making mince meat out of quiet and frightened children.

As an adult I have seen that same arrogance and lack of concern for people being played out in every area of modern human life....and quietly in the background, I see and read of the caring ones.....the ones who go about their daily lives doing the best they can,  those who work to help suffering humanity, those who work to awaken each human mind to its Spirituality.

 Side by side, arrogance and innocence, cruelty and caring. It’s a dichotomy....two sides of a coin.... for some of these traits are to be found in the personality of each one of us. We all battle our humanness. (The difference is that, throughout our human trials and tribulations, many of us are working to discover the mystery, that if discovered and understood, would make our human efforts more sublime).

I believe the answer to the mystery lies in KNOWING WHO WE REALLY acknowledging the relationship of BODY AND SOUL....IN SEEING ourselves as a human/Soul Partnership....God in man doing the work.  

When we reach that plateau of awareness, our focus shifts away from all cruelty....

from all crudity....we will not tolerate it in our homes or businesses. We support our government officials who strive for peaceful solutions to world problems. Cosmic Peace is the only answer to the world’s please join me again in saying


At the beginning of these talks, it’s a good Idea to take a moment to get quiet our thoughts....our gather all our energy in around us and pass the Flame of Peace through it and through all that is our life....We have no Idea how we leave our energy scattered everywhere we go and around everything we once a day, we can draw it all back within our aura, which is a Forcefield of our energy and any energy we have allowed to be around us....and clean it up....we can use any of the Activities of Light that we know of....

I like to see the Iridescent energy of my Christ Self, Spiraling down into and around me, to revitalize the chakra coat every atom of my flow out into all that is my Life and to Bless all It touches. We want to stop leaving our energy we ask our Christ Self to protect it....and we do our human part by visualizing a Wall of Protective Light around ourselves, completely enclosing and guarding our aura and body....sealing ourselves off from anything that might be able to disturb us.  

Now, we are within that quiet Place.....a place filled with Christ Love and Peace where we can always go for a moment of silence....where our energy is safe and nurtured. In that Quiet of  Love and Peace we now wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing the Iridescent Light of the Christ spiraling around ourselves.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and invite the Light of God to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds and into the Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child on earth....That each one of us may become a Channel for Light and Illumination to descend to earth....Thank you for that powerful decree to Life.     

The Answers to our problems on Earth lie in being our Brother’s caring at least as much about what happens to other people, as we care about what happens to us. Most people are not yet ready to put the other guy first....but perhaps we could begin to work on our attitudes and actions and begin to give each other, at least, equal respect. Since each Journey is unique, as ordained when our individuality was first devised, each of us has a job to do to perfect some Aspect of Life on Earth....there is some piece of the Cosmic Puzzle for which we are responsible.

Additionally there may be something we volunteered to do or have been asked to do it. None of us is here without a job to do. The human may not know....but the Soul does. Getting that Idea clear in our minds helps us move toward that goal.   

Even before we KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE, when we start taking care of each other, Heavenly Doors will open to allow information to flow to us. A Higher Intelligence will begin to teach us...and the first part of that Teaching is about living in such a Way that we don’t continue to hurt each other. We are told to “love God with our whole heart and mind”....There are good and practical reasons for this....the first being Loyalty to our Source....loving God without asking for anything back. But the miracle is that when we pour Love to the Universal Power that fuels our lives....It pours its Powerful Love  Energy back to us....that Love enfolds us and goes before us, clearing our way, moving us closer to both our human and Soul Goals. 

Then,  finally,  when we are ready, our Soul Mind can descend to the human level. It enfolds and integrates with the human mind....forming the partnership of God and man. With that we are ready to begin the journey to a Higher Consciousness where we are capable of embracing and practicing the more profound Law of Love. 

This Law of Love I speak of is not only brotherly affection....a human emotion....but it is the Love Energy of Supreme Consciousness that does the work of the Universe. This is the Energy that gradually resurrects and raises our human/Soul consciousness to the next level of Understanding of Cosmic Spirituality. It restores Peace on Earth. 

The Law of Love frees humanity from the lower emotions that cause the mental, emotional and physical conditions of pain and chaos that we all experience from time to time in our personal circumstances. And, Brotherly Love, which flows from the heart of man, combined with the Pure Love of God that comes from Heart of the and God working together....this is the answer to all the problems that have plagued this planet for ages. The Power of God has always been there.....will always be there  Humanity has but to wake up to these simple Ideas.

Perhaps, in the past we have not understood this. But now, we must understand....or individually go down one more time, destroyed by the accumulated dirty energy....ours and all others combined that is the Crisis the world faces at this time. This crisis is caused by an unwillingness of mankind, past and present, to bend the Knee and try to understand what God  needs us to do. And for those who do not awaken, events may culminate in what will be what is called “the second death of the Soul ” many Sparks of Godness will be recalled....all individual identity and past effort  canceled out....that Spark of Energy returned to a Central Source.  

I often meditate on the amazing Mysterious Workings of the Universe....I never cease to long to know more about what we call Life, here and elsewhere. and I know if we’re persistent in our search, we will get our answers. I often think of years of trying to choose from among the many Ideas, a basic definition of God.....there are so many....and have been so many....Ideas of God.

And of the way Answers were gradually impressed on my mind. In the first KEST program in April 2001, I shared a little of this with you in this way..... I said: After years of searching for answers,  I was now prepared to say that “It appears to me that from the beginning of earliest Spiritual Instruction on Earth, there has been only one basic Truth....and the most Basic part of that Truth is, that THERE IS ONLY ONE HIGH POWER RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS. That this Power is called by many our time, many of us call this Supreme Power, God. 

I said my understanding of this Ultimate God-Power, is,  that It is the all pervasive, ETERNAL ENERGY ACTIVITY OF OUR UNIVERSE. That I believe it is the Universal Cosmic Consciousness....that it is capable of dividing Itself....of individuating Itself....of expanding Itself, endlessly.....that It is one Great Spirit radiating out from a single center.....which many call The Great Central Sun, the Cosmic Sun behind the physical sun....that Its Essence or Aura or Forcefield fills all space....and that there is no empty space in this Universe. 

I believe that All Form comes into Being as the result of the Desire of  this One Mighty Spirit...that without God Desiring it, nothing is created. The form this Godness takes as it gives Life and Consciousness to a human body, I have simply called Soul....and I have sensed that all Soulness is basic Godness....that the Soul is truly a Spark of Divine Consciousness. I believe the Soul Spark has all the Powers we ascribe to the Supreme Being, being a small Unit of that Basic Primal, Consciousness. I believe its Purpose is to be the Head, Heart and Hands of God-in-Action anywhere the Supreme Being desires action anywhere in the Greater Universe. 

I’ve taken it another step....The Individual Level of Godness, of which each Soul is a part, is an original Spark spun off millennia ago.... and this, again has had many religious, philosophical and metaphysical names. In modern terms we call it the I AM Presence. A filament of Energy or Light from each one’s I AM Presence comes into a physical body through the Soul connection. That is what gives Life to each body. All life comes directly from the Great Central Source....stepped down in frequency, coming onto the physical plane via the individual’s  I AM Presence....stepped down in vibration a little more to form the Christ Body of each human being, stepped down in vibration again to be able to work in a physical form.

 The Christ Mind, through the Soul Consciousness is then designed to be the directing Intelligence within every physical body.

As you’ve heard me say so many times, the human being was never expected to go it alone on earth. It was designed to run on cosmic energy and to be directed by Soul Mind. Somewhere in time, something happened, leaving the human being to figure it out by him or herself....and a sorry mess we’ve made of it....meanwhile the Soul Mind had to withdraw and wait for the human us to give up our arrogance and conceit..     

Today few have any understanding of this Soul relationship....but the wheel has turned and  all need to awaken to these Ideas....and to some kind of Belief in their Christed Soul. Then the Soul can begin to work at the awakened human level. This is the level of Greater Life to which Jesus directed our attention.... referring to this Inner level of Godness as the Father. In time, each one of us will remember WHO WE REALLY ARE and we will “put on” the Christed Soul Mind time, we will all become, Christed Beings. Jesus said that we would............  

So, all energy comes from one Great Central Source....taking on the desired form as needed in each dimension or plane of Life. The energy that pulses through the physical body has been lowered in vibration in order to function on the physical plane. Soul energy is of a higher frequency and has to be lowered as it descends to earth. For us to experience our Soul Consciousness again, we have to begin to increase the vibration of our physical energy. 

The energy of the Holy Christ Self has a much Higher Vibration than the physical ...and the I AM Presence  vibrates with a frequency greater than the Christ Body.  With these thoughts we can expand our Ideas of the Universe to include an understanding of the powerful Energy Forms we know of, such  as the Great Angels and Cosmic Beings....and then take it up higher and try to imagine the Power of Supreme Beingness.  

What is important for us to realize out of all of this, is that before the Soul Consciousness can descend into the human heart and mind, the human being has to have taken him or herself in hand and prepared a place suitable for that Consciousness. And before a Master Guide can lower information for the use of the human and Soul, some level of Soul Mind has to be functioning within the human vehicle.....some level of the human/Soul Partnership has been developed. 

So how do we make a suitable place within the human-us for our Souls. It’s really not that hard. We are doing it day by day through our service to life, most of which is given through the love and attention we pay to those who are our family and friends. It is all the many very ordinary and normal activities we engage in where we can be a help and hopefully a Blessing. Wherever we serve with a glad heart and hand, we activate the Light of our Lives and we grow Spiritually. Our human/Soul energy is raised in vibration....and we attract to us, the more evolved Minds.....we now have Ascended Teachers Who know the Truth of Life....and we  are taught what we are ready to learn....what we have earned the right to know.

What, then,  are the ways we earn those rights? Perhaps the most important way is to demonstrate by our actions that we have a particular “singleness of mind”....which is to show that we are seeking first the Kingdom, which is the Truth of God within us”.... 

If that is truly our human/Soul focus, never doubt that we will be led to tasks that fulfill our purpose....ones we are capable of handling, and that demonstrate our sincerity. We will often find answers in the work we are led to do....and  especially if we find ourselves in those professions that serve humanity.

But remember, we serve greatly, when we love greatly, no matter our profession or place in the human scheme. Whoever we are, wherever we are, we can all pour our love to the world, through loving someone or through loving the world ...for in truly, unselfishly loving, we are activating great, pure God flows out from us to bless the whole world.  

In our singleness of purpose, we want to remember to distinguish between useful work and work that serves no purpose, which is often determined by what we are capable of doing with our time and talents....And by what needs to be done that we can do....always doing that work that best uses and expands our human/Soul capabilities, while it is serving both the human and Higher Purpose.....all the while, keeping in mind the ordinary human duties.

 Someone has to make the beds, some has to take out the garbage....someone has to earn the money to pay the bills. If we are engaging in a Singleness of human and Spiritual purpose, we will be covering all bases which may include cleaning up karmic debt, all the while growing Spiritually. It is all very practical, and all goes well unless we lose our focus and let our energy get unbalanced. Balance is everything within our efforts to grow Body and Soul. It’s very much like eating a balanced diet of what is good for the physical body....there is a balance required of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy as we walk our Path.     

And that brings us to the subject of “self control”...control of Self, Body and Soul, in whatever we are doing. We earn the right to Greater Knowledge about Life as it can been

seen that we are able to control ourselves, mentally and emotionally and physically. And this brings us back around to all I have said about controlling our thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. ....about not using our Energy to add to the dirty energy on the planet. This is where our human responsibility comes in. The human organism is now developed enough to know right from wrong.

 And yes, there is right use of energy and there is wrong use of energy, for use of energy is what we are always talking about. We often see a sign on a truck that says “how am I driving?. During the day we want to ask ourselves, “how am I using God’s Energy”.. We may or may not like the answer....The answer might wake us up. At any rate, once that sense of “proper use of energy” is awake within the human consciousness, we will then begin to experience within ourselves, the participation of the Soul in our lives....that is the start of the conscious awareness of the human/Soul relationship....and that is where we first experience our Soul desire and human willingness to help purify and resurrect the energy of this planet.

So one of the first steps to this state of human/Soul mind, is ridding ourselves of human anger.....getting to the point where nothing we see or hear can cause us irritation....for that irritation in any amount or degree, is harmful to us and to those we interact with. To feel anger against another is to do that one injury....this is an important point of human/Soul Law. We can destroy each other and ourselves with anger.....marriages are destroyed by relationships....all that is good can be destroyed by our angry energy  if we let it loose upon an already hurting world. 

 May we all begin to get complete control of our feelings so that we never again feel anger toward any part of Life....for the sake of all Life everywhere....and for our own sakes....for remember, all energy we send out returns to us, having magnetized to itself more of the same vibration....Our love returns amplified. And our anger returns amplified. This is important to understand and to keep uppermost in our minds.  

My purpose here is to share the Idea of the human/Soul relationship....for do we doubt that human self-control is easier when  WE KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE....when we know how much damage we can do with unbridled thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken words....when we know how important we are in God’s Scheme of greatly all Life is benefited when we pour our Christ Light and Love into It. 

And yes, sometimes it takes courage to forge ahead both humanly and Spiritually. We never know what we may want to do or be asked to do....we don’t know what we may encounter in our lives. Most of us couldn’t say right now if we think we are courageous or not....for we live modern lives that don’t often test our courage.....modern life tests our patience, but rarely our courage. And yet I believe we will all face the test of courage in the coming years.... perhaps, we will do it as we decide to try out new Ideas that don’t resonate with those we live with....perhaps we’ll test our courage when we take a new job, when we  move away from our families to an unfamiliar location....perhaps we will be tested in another attack on our country.  Certainly in this last year, in the Trade Center tragedy and all that has followed,  we’ve seen courage expressed in many way the people themselves didn’t know they were capable of expressing it. 

Hopefully, we will never have to be that courageous....or as courageous as those in the armed services who face death in many forms. But we need to prepare ourselves for the unexpected as we live in challenging times when we may need both human and Spiritual courage. The Soul has Cosmic Responsibilities....and especially as the Cycles move and the old patterns falls away and the new ones come in. There is little doubt that many of us will face unexpected events in the next few years....Remembering Sept 11 should keep us awake to that possibility. Now is the time to think about find out about the times we live in....about what we need to know to get through any difficulty, heroically. There is much written on the subject of this opening of the Aquarian cycle, including ancient prophecy.

 Getting in touch with the energy of our time and understanding what the challenges may be ....and then dedicating our time and energy, not only to our own Spiritual evolution, but putting that new realization to work in the service of man and God. It may be that the Energy of Service will generate the Energy of the Courage we may need in times ahead.  

I have read that “courage is the sign of the Coming of Age of the Heart....that the heart that loves knows no fear, for the heart that abides in perfect love has cast out every fear and the torment thereof...that courage and patience go hand in hand...that courage is watchfulness....that the Watchman who walks upon the Wall of the Lord must be prepared for every foe that comes against that one’s self mastery....that our greatest enemy is the fear and doubt that causes many people to lose hope and give up when life becomes difficult ....that each of us can be One who encourages all who walk along the pilgrim's way ....each of us  can hear Jesus say to us “Fear not, for I am with you. Have courage. Be of good cheer. For I am the Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power....I AM with you always.”                    

So I hope we can all see how important it is to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE  important it is to know how to activate more Cosmic Light and Love in our Lives. How vitally important it is that we know we are an important link in God’s Scheme for Life here on Earth....we can be of little use if we don’t know that....if we don’t know how to fulfill God’s Needs....if we don’t know that IS our Spiritual Purpose. Remember, God doesn’t exist to serve us....but rather, we exist to serve God.  

Now I would like to end today’s program with what I call my Vision/Mission Statement, just in case there are those of you who haven’t heard me describe how I happened into this role of  sharing these I was led to begin writing what I called The Modern Mystic I was challenged to think out, in simple terms, the Spiritual Ideas by which I was living my life. It all began late one night when I may have thrown out a challenge to the Powers that Be. I was reading a book in which the author was endeavoring to explain, rather obscurely, a Spiritual Idea that I really wanted to know about....using difficult wording to do it....I found myself reading and re-reading passages, becoming frustrated.  

I finally put the question to the Highest Authority, asking if it really had to be that difficult to understand what I was calling Universal Godness and its relationship to the human condition. As I look back on it now, I think that moment was equivalent to raising my hand at a PTA meeting, asking a question and being appointed to chair a committee to find the answer to my question. At any rate, several mornings later, while getting myself ready to go to work, I sensed an Energy in my room. I glanced across the room and saw what I can only describe as a Luminous Presence of the Master Jesus. I looked at Him and immediately sensed I was going to get an answer to my question, speaking out loud, I asked Him what He wanted me to do. His Answer flowed back on a Grand had many parts to it....but the gist of it was to “GO TO MY CHRISTIANS AND KEEP IT SIMPLE”.

And I understood the term Christian to include all who study His Words and follow His any and all contexts.

That led me to get serious about the Spiritual writing I’d been doing....thinking that might be the avenue that would allow me to do what I was being asked to do...not having any thought of not trying to follow through....but not having a concrete Idea about how to do it. And besides at the time it seemed somewhat impossible to me, so I didn’t let it worry me. I just kept on doing what I was doing with studying and writing. 

But since that day, in the midst of tremendous human activity, my whole life can be seen to have been singularly focused in the direction of fulfilling His Request....for it brought me here to radio....allowing me to talk about the human and Soul-us....about the human/Soul relationship....about Greater Godness to the degree that I can describe it...about what we must do as human beings and as Souls to fulfill our responsibilities. 

And throughout it all, I have been trying to keep it simple! Now today I will end with the following words.... 

Many years ago I read the following wonderful words in one of Ruth Montgomery's books. I copied them into my Journal and use them here as a powerful closing thought for they so validate everything I believe and am sharing with you.