About Basic Spirituality # 1

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             The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

 And we ask, “Why so cruel? How so sublime?” 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

As always I’m here to speak for the need of Peace and Freedom in our lives....and to continue an exploration of Spiritual Ideas THAT WILL GENERATE PEACE AND FREEDOM....while hoping to shed Light on ways that help us understand our sublime-ness.....believing we can find the answers when we ACKNOWLEDGE OURSELVES TO BE A PARTNERSHIP OF BODY AND SOUL.

In that mind-set we are able see the harmful human attitudes and actions we direct toward each other, as well as feel the Love that flows freely to us and from us when our Souls are active in our lives. 

The time we live in demands we find ways out of chaotic warring situations, personal and worldwide.

These are ancient situations that finally must be resolved but not by more arguing, nor by more killing. There is a Divine Power that is greater than hate and we are responsible for activating It. Each of us on the Planet today must begin to let our Light shine and shine so brightly, that it covers over all that is less than Love. That means placing our attention on the Christ Light of the World and the Christ Light within us, activating our human/Soul from that perspective. 

Since the Sept. 11, 2001 incident in New York, I believe we are seeing a major shift to more Spiritual attitudes and actions. This is a time of choosing.

Let us continue to choose to expand Peace here and throughout the world. Please join me again today in saying,


Today I begin the second year of these Modern Mystic programs. It has been a great joy to share my thoughts with you over the past months....thoughts I hope have opened Spiritual Doors to Ideas for a more fulfilling human life.

 And I hope you have agreed with me that the human power we have, with which to destroy ourselves, is so great that we simply must shift from human Ideas to Spiritual Attitudes and Actions.

This is not just philosophizing.

 We all know that the human race is capable of destroying itself in many and various ways....these are facts of modern life.

 And proof of this manifested itself horribly Sept. 11, 2001....

followed by continuing threats of more cruel acts of terrorism. Not only have we sustained a barbaric tragedy of unthinkable proportions in America....but the civilized world has felt compelled to solve the problem by continuing the killing abroad.

 This literally is the only choice constructive mankind currently has of defending itself against the barbaric energy that has devastated this Planet over and over again throughout the Ages.

 Now it is a New Day.

The New Way to defend ourselves and our homes and countries is to call forth Christ Power of Cosmic Proportions to deal with the monstrous quantities of human consciousness and energy qualified with evil intent.   

Do we have a choice? Perhaps not....for at the moment, this may be the only way to save America.

 But then what? Will we have learned anything from this, as a people of this country and every country? Will citizens of the world try to change the way they deal with each other....we are speaking now of decent, hardworking people the world over? Will we try to see that all this hating and killing did not occur without a cause. And that we have to find and eliminate the cause....which may mean changing our we live our will mean changing from self centered humans Ideas to Christ Truth.

The evil we are experiencing has its roots far back in our history and has continued to increase through undisciplined human behavior, right into our time.

Pure Energy, qualified with filth, has toppled one civilization after age after another. Nothing new is going on here in our time. This terrorism we face is not something new...but it is something mankind has never been willing to understood nor deal with, except by use of force.

 Force is a band-aid that will never heal nor permanently hold back the growing corruption underneath, wherever it happens to manifest. 

Age after age mankind has failed the test of controlling its destructive tendencies. It has never sought Peace, nor understood the true reality of brotherly Love.

 And today we have again gone beyond the tipping point between 'good and evil'.

We people of the world cannot humanly solve the problems we have generated for ourselves by our unwillingness to understand what is required of us,  without a massive change of heart and mind of at least fifty one percent of the people on the Earth.

 The Prophets and Mystics throughout the centuries....the Ages....have seen the escalating problem and predicted the outbreak of the physical violence we are seeing in our time. They saw the old soiled energy coming home to roost.

 Jesus came two thousand years ago to “save us” by telling us what we could and would have to do to “save ourselves” and left predictions of what would happen if we failed to change ourselves.

His most profound utterance was to “Love each other”.

 He knew within that Energy we call Love is the Power to put out the fires of hate.

 For two thousand years the whole world has been aware of that Message. And while there has been some improvement, over all the world has chosen to ignore the Meaning of the Message.

So here we are today.

And Loving each other is still the Answer.

 Can we do it? Will we do it? Or is hating and fighting and killing each other, still too much fun for too many people of the planet!       

As I begin this second year of broadcasts, I want my listeners to understand my basic Beliefs....which are few and simple.

 I believe in the Oneness of all Life.....believing everything that is is Life.

I believe in the Human/Soul Relationship,

 of the visible man and the invisible God working together on Earth.

I look for Inspiration and Information in all philosophies, but today, I focus on the profoundly simple, basic Ideas of Jesus as I understand them, not necessarily as they are taught within organized Christianity.

 There are many good interpretations of Cosmic Truth. I include many of them in these programs....but when I go searching for simple Cosmic Answers, I find them in the simple down to Earth Teaching of the Master.... much of which, I believe was not understood in His time, nor is it understood in our time.

Some of His statements have been distorted.... much needs to be clearly articulated again for the people of this time. However, His Cosmic Christ Spirit flows through Christianity, as well as through all Truth in any context. 

I will, as in the first program a year ago, define the word mystic and mystical .

Webster tells us it pertains to manifesting an individual’s 'direct communion with God through contemplation, vision and works'. I would add, that we are talking about more than communion....we are describing an individual’s one on one Relationship to and with 'Universal Godness'. A mystic believes in this close God Relationship, and experiences it as a continual 'figure eight Flow' of Spiritual Consciousness and Energy from God to man....back and forth the Energy surges giving Life to the physical body in which a Spark of Godness has been anchored. The individual experiences the Mind of God in the form of the Soul....that ever present Voice.

Personally, I cannot separate my physical existence from my Soul existence. I believe that man cannot be separated from God. My intuited concept of “Soul” shows me Spiritual Consciousness entering the physical body on the Filament of Christ Light that flows directly from the Holy Christ Self of each individual. The Soul is the Spark of Christ Mind, and is anchored in the heart of every human being. 

For many years I questioned the identity and purpose of what religion was calling Soul. Eventually, and this is how information often comes to us....eventually, Answers began to flow to me.

 And on this question of what and who my Soul is, first of all, I learned that much information that any of us receives intuitively is coming from the Mind of our Souls....that our Soul is always talking to us.

And as I listened and asked my questions, there began to be answers to my concerns, particularly about the many philosophical and religious Ideas that humanity engages me some Inner Sense of our Relationship with the Cosmic Power we call God...some Idea about our human purpose and Soul Creation and the purpose of the human/Soul relationship. 

I believe we can’t solve our problems until WE KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE....the animal nature will just go on fighting and killing. It is programmed for survival. Thus the Soul has to be given command of the animal form.

 We have to understand this human/Soul Relationship, which I describe this way. And there is no way to keep it any more simple than this....

The Soul-us is a small, but significant part of an Original God Spark that was spun off from some Cosmic Being or Power too long ago to contemplate. This Cosmic Being or Power or Source, has had many names. I just refer to it as 'God'....a modern term we all understand....sometimes I expand that name to God to Supreme Being or the Great I AM.

 That original Spark is an individuated Presence of God. In our most Spiritually evolved state we are a small version of that Greatest I AM...a Small I AM Presence of that Supreme Cosmic Source.

We originate from within the Central Source of all Life....being one of those Divisions of Supreme Beingness that has divided Itself into smaller Units to do the work of the Universe.   

Thus, the small Units of God, the I AM Presence of each one of us....also divides Itself. One of those Units is our Holy Christ Self... a Body of Christ Energy just above the physical body.

Soulness works directly through and with the human being. Remember the words of Jesus...allow me to paraphrase....Jesus told us .”of my human self....I can do nothing. It is the Holy Christ Christed Soul...that part of me that is God,  that does the work”.

When the Soul wishes to embody on Earth, two Souls already embodied must be willing to provide a fertilized egg. The Christ Self then projects Christed Energy into the impregnated Seed. That is the Seed Atom and starts Its Life in the second chakra, called the Seat of the Soul chakra. That Energy eventually must make Its way into our hearts.

With that, we have life....the human body begins to develop the minute that Cosmic Energy surges into the Seed and the fetus begins to grow....and nine months later, a completely functional physical being emerges. In a few years a knowledgeable Soul will walk on Earth. Certainly this is one of the most amazing Ideas and Activities of Cosmic Life. 

Thus, each physical body is powered by Cosmic it a Life of its own....but it is also supplied with a Spark of Spiritual Mind. This is the Soul Mind and that level of Consciousness flows directly from the Mind of the Universal Christ.

 This Christ Mind flows, from the Highest Source, into and through each I AM Presence, into and through the Holy Christ Self of each one and finally, anchors in the heart of the physical body. This indwelling Christ Mind is the  Consciousness to be used and expanded by both Body and Soul within the physical journey.

 Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the indwelling Christ Mind....and the Soul has lain dormant in man for a very long time.

 Now is the time for both man and Soul to awaken. It’s time for the Soul to take charge again on Earth. It’s time for man to assert his responsibility to be the willing partner of God on Earth. This is the Teaching of Jesus.


There has been a force at work on this planet that does not want mankind to know the Truth about themselves.

This force caused Jesus to be vilified in His time and finally murdered....for literally ages, people have been persecuted by arrogant and powerful forces, who do not plan to let our Christ Self, through our Soul, have any say in our human lives.

 There are forces that do not want people to believe in a personal connection to the Supreme Being....nor believe that we each have the Power and the Responsibility to make a Heaven rather than a Hell out of our lives and the Life of this Planet.

Last year, 2001, a recurrent sense of impending chaos in America drove me to try to reach as many people as possible.

 I hoped that sharing my opinions and Insight in these talks might provide both human and Spiritual direction to others. We live in a world of much deliberate mis-information and much deliberate duplicity. We live in a world controlled by brainwashing of the most diabolical type.

Much Truth is hidden, which, it it were Revealed, might make a difference in the present time.

Those of us who realize this have the duty to wake up and search for the Truth...we have the responsibility to work to rid the Earth of the truly evil forces that work among and against mankind, de-railing anything that is good for this Planet and people.

If there is any comfort to be had as we live through the chaos of our time,  it comes from believing there is a Guiding Hand and Mind.

 It come from believing that the Cosmic Mind will have the Last Word.

 We have been assured It spoke the first Word.

We can be assured It will speak the last!

There is also comfort in knowing that the turning of the cycles has brought with it the Cosmic Time when the Truth is to be known....the time when every one of us is to be instructed in certain human and Mystical Realities.

At this time, we are experiencing the events described as the “last thrashing of the dragon's tail”....the time when all that is less that God like will shape up or be taken from the Planet.

 It is also a time of unending and relentless information. We have no excuses for not knowing what’s going on. We have all that information coming to us which we aren’t supposed to be able to escape. That’s why we have 'universal education'. That's why the evil force works overtime to destroy the educational systems of every nation.

 That’s why we have television and radio and computers and the Internet and millions of books and many, many Voices proclaiming their understanding of the incoming expansion of Christ Energy on the Earth.

 God knows,

 Jesus knows, all the Great Ones assisting us know

that if mankind can generate enough Christed Energy here on Earth, the fires of hate and destruction can be put out, without a gun being fired anywhere.

So today, everyone is supposed to make use of the Truth....everyone is finally to learn WHO THEY REALLY ARE. And there are thousands of Voices discussing these Ideas. The good people of the Planet must play a part in finding the solutions to age old hatreds. This terrorist situation, young men and women again being sent into battle....the tremendous needs of the world....all must awaken to this human/Soul Project that belongs to everyone.      

Last year I shared Ideas from personal Workbooks I called “A Textbook for the Soul”. Those notebook were full of Spiritual Ideas evolved in my early adult years, as I was trying  to sort out the Meaning of Life. Years of study, as well as just plain daily living, gradually showed me our human/Soul relationship. And I saw how greatly the people of the Earth would benefit from KNOWING THAT WHO WE REALLY ARE IS A HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP entrusted with the work of the Planet.

Years passed. I was growing in Awareness of life, both Body and Soul. 

 The intuitive Instruction changed in context. It became less directed to living the good human life and more oriented toward developing the Spiritual Life.

 This increased Spiritual growth was experienced in many ways....but most often as I suddenly knew or sensed some Aspect of Life that was new to me...and was Information that had nothing to do with my daily human life.

 I was often amazed by Ideas that came to me. I learned to write this information as quickly as it came into my mind, for it could be fleeting. I collected it in Workbooks.

The material for this series of programs will come from Workbooks I called.... “My Soul Speaks to Me”. 

That Idea seemed fanciful at the time I began to write my thoughts ..but over years, I have recognized the Wisdom that often came in the quiet, late night hours. This is the Wisdom that can come to any who look for personal Inner Knowing. 

The program today is titled, “My Soul Speaks to me about Basic Spirituality”.

And if we are to bring any measure of Peace to this Planet, it will only be done through our Spiritual Awakening....

the human nature will not voluntarily embrace peace.

 We have to tame that human nature....teach it....and control it....and make it see the worth of working with the Soul Partner...make it see, that peace is preferable to war and violence.

 Today there are still millions who do not agree with this Idea. We who do understand must work to change those attitudes by speaking out and teaching humanity to draw down from Heaven enough Cosmic Peace to stop war and violence in its tracks. That is mankind's Mission if we care to accept.

Because the need of the hour is so great I will continue to take these programs in directions that serve both the human-us as well as the Soul.

 Someday we will want to focus only on our Soul’s Evolution...but today, saving humanity must be our Mission. And it is with that thought that I continue to share Universal Truths....hoping to expand in us the desire to develop peaceful Energy for our sake and the sake of our fellow men and women....

for the sake of the starving, abused people we see on television.

Peace, spreading out like a warm blanket over the Earth, will save those people....It will save the Planet.


Cosmic Truths began to take on greater meaning for me in 1975. At that time I was living a full human life....lots of family, business and Spiritual interests. Then one night our car was hit broadside....I experienced a serious neck injury that put me to bed for months and out of normal daily activities for several years.

 During that healing period, which was full of pain and confusion....and no certainty that the body would survive,  I was forced to be quiet....and in the quiet, the Soul had full access to the normally busy human mind....and began pouring Inspiration and Information into it.

 Up to that time, I had believed the Christ Self was the Higher or Heavenly Helper in the Earth Journey. But now I saw the intimate Aspect of Christed Soul that existed within the physical body. I was shown that the phrase, 'Body and Soul' has real meaning....that the human being was never intended to struggle all alone....that a Human/Soul Partnership existed.

I learned that the human-me was working unnecessarily hard to solve problems....that I was not allowing the Christed Soul Partner, to do what only God can do. I was learning that the human is only capable of so much....and is only expected to DO so much....and that when we have made the required human effort, the God Power of the Partnership takes over....and we experience Miracles.

 Today the world needs some Miracles. And if we people knew how to Spiritually pull together, we might be able to come up with some Miracles for the hurting people of the Planet....

giving the God of the Universe all the credit.   

I have experienced many....shall I call them Mystical Moments....and have learned that there are many people having similar experiences all the time. Over the years, I have read of the Awakening that is happening to many people. And believe something wonderful is happening on Earth. It is happening in many places and is available to all people. And maybe, if we Spiritual people put our Soul Minds to it, we might manifest a  Peaceful Miracle or two.   

During the last century, there has been a world wide increase in interest in the invisible side of Spirituality within many contexts.

 One well respected Spiritual Principle states that “When the pupil is ready, the Teacher will appear”! And it is during this past one hundred years we are seeing this is happening as many evolved Souls....”enlightened Ones”....

those who have transcended or ascended from the Energy of the Earth plane....

and who now reside and work within what we think of as the Heaven Regions....

many of these Souls have come back among us to teach the more Mystical Word of God for those who want It and are ready for It. This new Mystical Word takes us the next step beyond all the great religions.

It is not hard for any of us to take the next steps into a more mystical, Spiritual human/Soul mind-set and life style.....

progressing a little day by day....

each day, thinking about what it is we need to live peaceful, meaningful lives.

 For many people on the Planet it means having a meal when they’re hungry...a warm bed when they need to sleep. Most of us want loving people around us and we need to feel safe.

So each week I’ve been sharing with you, variations on Spiritual methods I’ve been taught to call forth powerful Invisible Protection and Supply of every good thing. We can meet all our human needs by calling forth Heavenly Energy into and around ourselves.

 We can produce Miracles....Miracles of Peace and Protection and Prosperity by building Walls of Protective Light around ourselves, our homes our businesses, our friends our country.

It is so simple.

 We just ask for God’s Light or Energy. There’s no limit to how much we can have or what we can do with It, as long what we do is constructive.

 Cosmic Light is our protection against all that is not Love. And non-love is what threatens us....and keeps people starving and fighting and hurting. When we do away with non-love, all problems are solved. 

Today let’s again work on creating a Quiet Place where we can go in our imaginings, if but for a few moments.

We need to rest our bodies, minds and emotions from the seemingly endless human demand on our time and Energy. So we envision ourselves within a Wall of Blazing White Light....feeling the nurturing Love of the Christ Self flowing in around us.

In a few moments our Energy will become quiet....allowing us to shift our attention from the human-us to our favorite Idea of the Divine Life.

 In a quiet, serene frame of the silence....we turn our thoughts to the Christness that lives within every human being....seeing Christ Light enfold every Aspect of every Life on this Planet. This Gift of our Life we offer in Love to the Supreme Being.

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of that Supreme Being, seeing opalescent Christ Light Spiraling within our minds and emotional Energy...blazing within our bodies and auras...

We open our minds to the highest Information Channels and invite the Light of God to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds and into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on the earth....that each one may become a Channel for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.

Remember to use powerful visualization often.


Many people spend a good part of their lives searching for an understanding that will give Meaning to their lives. Today’s lack of 'value systems' causes confusion and is destructive to our inherent sense of Goodness.

 Many of us search for Wisdom and Justice and Freedom and Peace in our personal lives and hope for it in the social, economic and political activities of this country....and all countries. The search may take us in many different Spiritual Directions. But the first discipline of any Spiritual Direction will always be that “the only way we can move beyond the way our life is lived today, is to take it upon ourselves to personally change”.

That is, the Message of Jesus.... 

The new Cycle says that each one of us is to step forward and say,

 “I’m ready to grow up”...

“I can easily change some aspect of my daily life that will allow me to find greater human and Spiritual Meaning in my daily Life”.

“I can find simple ways to live in dignity and with honor.”

This attitude opens doors for us. It opens to Spiritual Insight that allows us to awaken from a long, fitful human sleep. If we will walk through those doors and apply that Insight, we will find ourselves energized and enthused about redeeming the Planet and about wanting to save all people from economic chaos....from war. 

All this 'goodness' can happen....this is not rocket science. If we want to, we can each put in our piece of the puzzle and begin to solve Earth’s problems....peacefully and sanely....

by nothing more difficult than each one of us seeking a Higher Way....

a kinder, more caring and loving way of living our lives and of interacting with our fellowman.

The answers to the world’s problems are easily solved. Enough of us just have to want to solve them.

When we start taking care of each other, Heavenly Doors will open to allow help to flow to us. A Higher Intelligence will begin to teach us...and first part of that Teaching is about living in such a Way that we don’t continue to hurt each other.

Then we are told to “love God with our whole heart and mind”....

There are good practical reasons for this.

 The first is Loyalty to our Source...

but then, it’s staying focused on that Universal Power that fuels our lives....

and finally, when we are ready, our Soul Mind descends to the human level, enfolds and integrates with the human mind....forming the Partnership of God and man.

With that we are ready to begin the journey to a Higher Consciousness where we are capable of embracing and practicing the natural Law of Love. 

This Law of Love I speak of is not only brotherly affection....that is a human emotion....

But it is the Love Energy of Supreme Consciousness.

 This is the Energy that 'moves mountains' will gradually resurrects and raise our human/Soul Consciousness to a New Understanding of Cosmic Spirituality.

 It is Cosmic Love that restores Peace on Earth.  

The Law of Love frees humanity from the lower emotions that cause the mental, emotional and physical conditions of pain and chaos that we all experience from time to time in our personal circumstances.

Brotherly Love of the Body and Soul combined with the Pure Love of Highest Godness ....becomes 'man and God' working together.

This is the Answer to all the problems that have plagued this Planet for ages.