The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

If you’ve heard previous talks, you have realized that I look at Life from both the visible and Invisible aspects. For me it has been a way of analyzing man and God.....helping me get some sense of a larger picture....and of all that goes on, on this Planet. We plainly see the human us at work ....constructively and destructively....that is the visible side. But less plainly we experience the Spiritual, invisible side....described in many different and confusing ways. And so many of us have separated the two in our thinking and in our living. One we are certain of. But the other, we are not so sure.   

Some of us sense the Divine Invisible at work in our lives....eventually a human Soul Partnership develops....and thus it has been for me. And so I teach this Idea of the human/Soul relationship...I encourage everyone to live with a strong sense that the Godness we pay homage to in the Greater world, is also at work within each individual. And to the best of my current ability I rationalize how the visible and invisible aspects of us can work together as one unit on the physical plane.

Out of my own “experiencing”, I have deduced that both aspects of our natures, Body and Soul, have equal importance....each having distinct needs. Today the greatest need of both Body and Soul is a Climate of Peace in which to develop....both planetary and personal Peace. Therefore these programs are dedicated to I ask you again to join me in saying


And with those thoughts we begin this program....and today we focus our thoughts on the meaning of the word RESURRECTION.

The Christian world uses the word to describe one memorable event two thousand years ago. The whole of the Christian doctrine rises and falls around beliefs generated by the Biblical Stories of The Resurrection, followed shortly after by The Ascension of One we know as Jesus. A whole liturgy and doctrine of faith evolved out of those two events culminating in what we know today as Christianity. 

Over the two thousand years people have been formulating the Christian Doctrine, there has been a failure to understand the extended meaning of that event. The writers of Doctrine have taught the Resurrection as an event meant only for One they call Jesus.

 For two thousand years, those responsible for teaching the Message and Purpose of Jesus have refused to believe that The Event we call the Resurrection was entered into by Jesus as a Way to leave an Example of what humanity could do.

First and foremost, Jesus came to teach....and He taught many lessons....and He left us with this grand finale. In the Resurrection and Ascension He demonstrated that the embodied Soul can be rescued, and resurrected from human chains. How each one of us can graduate from Earth by becoming the Christed Soul ready to live and work in Heavenly Planes.

When we study the Words of Jesus, we can see that He taught The Christness of Every Soul....that Life was a Journey of gradual Resurrection that every Soul would ultimately take. He continually directed our attention away from our human importance. Instead, using the familiar idiom of the day to describe God, He would say.... “it is the Father, that is, it the Godness within me, that does the work”. And the Godness within Jesus and the Godness within each one of us, is our Soul....that unique Spark of God.

 In the case of Jesus, the Godness at work within His Journey was a fully Christed Soul....for he had long before manifested the Christ Consciousness within the human/Soul relationship. And He said over and over, that the manner in which He was manifesting Life in a physical body was possible and eventually necessary for each Soul. 

It is written that the Soul embodies for many reasons. As far as we know, the unascended Soul can’t matriculate on Earth in a non-physical State of Being. Even in order to be here, certain necessities have to be met....for one, there has to be someone embodied here who is willing to sponsor a Soul into embodiment....someone has to agree to be our Mother and Father.

 That is something we all need to think about, if we are tempted to denigrate our parents in any way. Human parenting renders a Spiritual Service and is Symbolic of the Higher Order Life of which we are all a part. We Souls don’t get here accidentally or by ourselves. We need and receive help in deciding our Soul future. 

As we look at all the people in the world, it is plain to see that there is a limitless variety of we choose an experience and a body type that serves that purpose or need. It is important to believe that the body we live in, we chose for some good reason....understanding this is important, for mentally and emotionally, it takes from us any sense of either superiority or inferiority.

And we chose the circumstances needed for us to progress. How well the Soul needs are met, depends on us, Body and Soul.  We should never doubt that all works in Divine Order. And Divine Order means that one event begets the next event....and we are responsible for the events of our lives. We should never doubt that The Soul is always giving direction to the human partner....humanly, we have to listen and if we make a mistake, we go back and do it over and over until we get it right. 

We live in a society fixated on youthful beauty. And many people are emotionally damaged because they buy into this artificial rule. Please remember. No matter how desirable it is to have a well developed human body....and we all would like to be beautiful and have a well developed mind and emotional system, none of this is necessary. We see amazing human/Soul work accomplished every day through less than perfect physical bodies. And it is not unusual to see youth and beauty and brains wasted on unadulterated garbage grade activity. 

What we do need however, is a receptive human mind and a heart open to our Soul’s Love and Direction. With that all things are possible regardless of any other human characteristic. Physical beauty and academic or economic prowess, does not necessarily equate with great Soul work.

If the Christed Soul can awaken the human mind, a Spiritual mind-set can be set in motion to train and educate the human us to recognize the God Spirit within....and we can be made aware of our Greater Purpose. If the Soul who is following any Spiritual Teaching will call to God, however that one perceives that Aspect of Life, and will ask for Illumination, their human mind will be filled with all the Resurrecting Ideas needed to make every Life experience more meaningful. And the Path ahead will always be illumined. 

 This Essay I have called The Easter is, of course, dedicated to the Lord Jesus.

 I begin it by reciting the affirmation He taught his followers and that I was taught as a child and which I have repeated every day of my life. He taught and He affirmed for His own life,


Let’s think about what these words mean? When we use this affirmation, we can think of it this way....when we say “I AM, we are saying “God acting within me, is”....when we use the word RESURRECTION, we understand we are activating a  Spiritual, Raising Power in our lives....and we claim it for our MIND, BODY, BEING AND WORLD.

When we speak of Life, we are speaking of all Life....affirming we are part of all Life, and by conscious command we are increasing, resurrecting the vibration of our energy, Body and Soul....thereby resurrecting the vibration of the Energy of all Life everywhere. 

Now let us say together, I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE,  understanding as we affirm this, that what we call “GOD” IS THE RAISING POWER WITHIN ALL LIFE.

 Over time, as we continue to entertain this thought and command the Resurrection Flame into action in our lives, we will enter the Stream of Energy that does raise us to another dimension....eventually to one Jesus called Heaven.   

As you’ve listened to my programs over the past year, you’ve seen my philosophical and Spiritual direction is to “see into” ....and attempt to  “understand” what I believe is the total practicality of all of Life.

 A practicality, if understood, that allows us to understand even our most difficult physical situations or Spiritual Concepts. Years ago I decided that if I was to believe in a Supreme Being, I then had to  believe there was a Divine Reason behind everything that I saw happening in the world. I studied the thoughts of many Spiritually inclined people, including the rationale of those who are not Spiritually inclined and who do not accept the Idea of a Universe developed and operated by a Guiding Hand.  

It’s been easy for me to wholeheartedly accept and use the simple Ideas of a Guiding Hand or Mind or Consciousness.

I’ve had no problem seeing some rational Mind at the Helm of the Universal Ship, directing the primal and continuing thrust of all Life. After years of  listening to all the debates about what to call this Guiding Hand, I just surrendered to the word, 'God' or refer this 'God' as the 'Supreme Being'.

 With that decided, it was then not difficult to imagine nor intuit the practical reasons for why certain things happen or rationalize the Cosmic Mechanics or Spiritual Business involved in running a Universe.  And with a little Spiritual Insight, very little of it seems mysterious....but certainly, all of it is amazing.

And we are the most amazing of all....we, who are those Sparks of Divine Consciousness, those Sparks of original Godness who manifest as all the various “employees” of the Divine Directors of the Universe....a Universe everyone now believes came into being with a Big Cosmic Bang...of this I am not sure.

But regardless, all of it is amazing....and, we Souls are one of the most amazing Ways Godness expresses Itself, using us, the Christ Soul to keep this Universe operating.

And  nothing in Life is static....all of Life is moving, evolving..... everything we know about and much we as yet don’t know about, is being constantly upgraded....constantly resurrected  into some greater Expression of the Original Plan....

 Since everything is expanding and growing and changing all the time, this is how we need to understand the term Resurrection....we need to know the Word expresses a moving on, a forward thrust of Life, a growing and changing and expansion of everything in the Universe....of everything we are and all that we do, all the time.

And the expansion of any One of us affects the expansion of all of us.  

Thus once a year we celebrate a Holiday we call Easter. In this Cyclic time of Change we need to understand the meaning of Easter with more than just our human minds. So let us “put on our Soul Minds” to more fully see the Resurrection Process in all Life as we celebrate Easter this year.

Let’s extend our thoughts beyond the Symbolism of new and abundant Life....beyond Easter bunnies and colored eggs....beyond the natural joy we associate with the end of winter and the emergence of Spring. 

This year let us expand our Celebration, by adding the KNOWLEDGE that the Resurrection Activity we associate with Easter is, in addition to all else, the Spiritually Transformative and Transcendent Process of Soul Evolution that Jesus came to demonstrate....believing it is for everyone.

 This Idea is expressed in many philosophies and religions, and is beautifully expressed within the traditions of Christianity. At Christmas we celebrate the BIRTH of the Christ Consciousness within each human/Soul Easter we celebrate the raising or Resurrecting Activity of that Christ Consciousness that is developing within each Partnership.

 As we become aware of these Truths, we live our lives, each day giving recognition to this Idea of Christness growing, step by step, within us....and each year at Easter, as we are giving Special Recognition to the Expansion of the Christ Consciousness within us, we pay homage to 'Jesus' in Gratitude for His Service.

 And day by day and year by year, we follow His Example to begin consciously Resurrecting our lives, Body and Soul, rising to Higher Levels of Spiritual Consciousness....until finally, like 'Jesus', we ascend permanently, back to those Spiritual Plateaus of Life from which we came. 

I believe the Divine Purpose for which 'Jesus' came  to Earth two thousand years ago, was to demonstrate to humanity the 'Christness' that could be Birthed on Earth through the Awakening of the human to its personal Relationship with 'God, the Father'....was to teach each one about his or her own Mighty 'I Am' Presence....this in order to awaken us to our inherent Soulness. This was and is Knowledge all people must have, if society is ever to move beyond the control of our human natures.

 We needed then as now to be shown that our Christed Soul Nature can be developed and is intended to be expanded within the human experience. This is the Way chosen for the coming of Christ Light to the Earth.

'Jesus' taught us through stories, showing His Followers their human foibles, while explaining how people can change, and how the human being, through understanding and activating its relationship with its Soul, can grow in compassion and service to Life....and how, the Soul can attain a certain maturity while embodied on Earth. Finally becoming the Ascended Soul....the Ascended Master of Life.

. Most, if not all, religions record the Teaching of Jesus. Of the greatest importance is His Statement that 'all He did, we could do'....remember how He tried to convince Peter that he, Peter, could also walk on water....and Peter did walk on the water until fear and disbelief took over....and then....

Well, my Belief System says we can all walk on water the day we truly, Spiritually, believe we can.......'Jesus' was showing people of His time that it could  be done. 

That Teaching of the Resurrecting of the Consciousness of the human/Soul Partnership is the next evolutionary step for the Soul on Earth. A step every Soul has to take someday...sometime....somewhere.

 And to take that step, we are told to “seek first the Kingdom” and as we consciously make that effort, our own Christ Natures are activated within the combined human/Soul relationship and if allowed the Soul takes which point we become a human/Soul and God working together.

And from then on, if we ask for it, 'Jesus' becomes One of our Teachers....He has offered to place a Luminous Presence of Himself around us, and walk by our side every step of our Awakening Way. His gives His Energy to enfold us and help us as long as we keep our focus on Him and walk the Path He taught. He is an Open Doors to the Soul Resurrection we seek.  

We do not have to be a church going individual to magnetize the Light of 'Jesus' into our lives....although that might be a most direct route.

Regarding that, I want to point out that it does not seem to have been the Intention of 'Jesus' to be identified with any one religious group. My Belief is that He came to the whole world and to all Souls in all countries and within all philosophies. There are records of His travels to many places and His Teaching exists within many philosophies....we know He sent His Apostles to the whole world. And so it is too bad His Message was appropriated by one group in such a way as to discourage His Teaching within other religions....and too bad that the Message was humanized rather than Spiritualized.


However, let us be grateful that we have as much as we have of His Teaching. It moves through many channels but it has been Christian churches that have spread His Teaching, far and wide...and though some of the Meaning has been lost, some deliberately deleted and distorted, still Christians have kept 'Jesus' and His Message before us.....constantly reminding us of the Resurrecting, Raising Power of the Christ Light.

 Without that we might not know as much as we do of the Process of Resurrection...a Powerful Idea we celebrate at Easter. And so now a few thoughts about Easter:

The holiday gets it name from an old Teutonic Goddess of Spring. Which is why detractors of 'Jesus' and Christians like to insist that Easter is a so-called pagan holiday without being willing to admit that the old Goddess may have been an Illumined Teacher of Her time. I prefer to think of Easter as an ancient Truth taking a new modern direction.

 Also....the word Pagan is generally used in a derogatory way, when what the word really describes is no more than “pre-'Jesus'/pre-Christian” means “before 'Jesus' and the Teaching that evolved with Him.

. Up to that time, people were worshipping God in a multitude of other ways. And 'Jesus', Himself, evolved from those old Spiritual philosophies. He worked His way through those ancient Ways....bringing the next level of God Consciousness onto the Earth.

 I often ponder the shift, two thousand or more years ago, in religious and philosophical direction of the Spiritual Teaching that was lowered onto the Planet through many people. But we know it best coming from the 'One we know as 'Jesus'. Study shows a huge shift in Cosmic Direction two thousand years ago.....a major change away from the old Ideas that had served their purpose for a time, but now were keeping mankind bound to the Earth. 'Jesus' embodied to bring a new Spiritual focus that pointed man in the direction of Heaven.....that was and still is a huge shift in both human and Spiritual Perception.

Two thousand years ago we began to think in a new independent, more Spiritual direction....causing us to feel and act and speak in a more compassionate think of all humanity as our 'brothers'. 

Recently, we are experiencing a revived interest in the historical Biblical times, much of it coming out of the discoveries of archeology. I find this interesting and timely. We need to know more about the old ways in order to have the needed perspective to appreciate how tremendous the New Teaching of two thousand years ago was.

 Without that knowledge it’s hard to realize what the people of that time were experiencing in all the many old Ideas of Deities. It’s hard for us to understand how radical the Ideas of 'Jesus' seemed in His Time. New information coming from ancient finds such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and through the investigation of many people, is giving us that historical perspective. We now know more about what and how people were thinking and worshipping in pre-'Jesus'/Christian times, where before we had very little information.....often nothing more to go on but myths.   

As we think about and participate in celebrations of modern Easter, we can let our thoughts go back....way back into times we are only beginning to know about.

 We can try to remember a time when as human beings we struggled to understand the Spirituality of the Universe that we saw written in the skies.

 We have always wanted to understand the world. And history records our search for the Meaning of ourselves in the greater scheme of things....we have wanted to know more about an intuited Inner Godness.

With the coming of 'Jesus' we were given the next hint of our real Identities....”Ye are Sons of God,” He told us.... we were astounded and wondered, “and what could that mean,”?

 And thus for the last two thousand years we have searched for the Meaning of His Words....and now we are being told that WHO WE REALLY ARE is an  Spark of Immortal Godness....we are a human/Soul Partnership and our Soul job is to give God-Direction to the Partnership.

 THAT IS A HUGE SHIFT IN perhaps never known on the Earth except to a Few. But we now need to know this about ourselves if we are to, at last, draw Christ Energy into the human arena.

Let’s talk about ourselves as Souls.

 We Souls, the Real imperishable part of the human/Soul Partnership, have been coming and going on Earth, serving Supreme Godness by embodying in human forms....doing the work destined to be done here.

 During some of that time, the human us may have known about its Soul partner....but it appears that much of the time, humanity has not had a clear picture of its has not known its Soul....nor has it had a clear concept of Greater Godness....and so we have imagined many scenarios about a very mysterious God.    

Now, we are beginning to know WHO WE REALLY ARE. And in our time we will leave records of our modern understanding of Life as we did in millennia past, when we still wondered about it.

 In ancient times we left information carved into stone....we left it in manuscripts and our poetry and music. How much we knew then of our Soul Natures we can’t yet say ...but it seems many have always heard the calling of their Souls. We know this from the records they have left us. And we know that there were many who were ready for the teaching of 'Jesus'....we know that from the crowds that followed Him, then and now....and thereby we know there are many ready to begin the Resurrecting of their human/Soul Life Patterns. 

Thus, as we have evolved over the ages, we have undoubtedly studied all the religious Ideas as they came along on the earth.....leading us to where we are today. It appears to have been a long, slow evolutionary, Resurrecting process taking ages.

In relatively recent times we read that Abraham tithed to Melchezidek....many of us lived in those Hebrews we worshipped God, calling Him Jehovah. As Mohammedans we spoke of God as Hindus we knew about Shiva and Krishna. Before Melchezidek there was Isis and Osiris and Thoth and Hermes and many others....and before that, who knows....but each time has had its God appointed Teachers, all of Them very highly evolved Beings.

 And now today at Easter, we pay homage to One we know as the Christed 'Jesus' and we study His Teaching thinking of how it has spread over the Earth.

Today we acknowledge, many of us believe that there are many Aspects of but One Supreme Source. I believe if all our Ideas of God, ancient and modern, were magnetized back into the One Source, we would see we have all been viewing just One Supreme Power of this Universe.  

Now as to the Meaning of the Resurrection as it affects us today.

I often think of the many ages of man that have gone before....believing that each age is Resurrecting to a higher Knowledge of Life. In our time, we hope and pray that the Example of the Resurrection of 'Jesus finally brings with it humanity's Realization of the possibility of the Spiritualization of mankind through the Resurrection of man’s efforts to live peacefully on this Earth. Perhaps in this time we will realize the rebirth of Higher Ideals regarding both human and Spiritual understanding humanity’s real purpose. Each year our observance of the holiday we call Easter opens the way wider for that to happen.

 Finally let’s hope it also opens the Way to the people's acceptance of the Concept....of the actuality of the human/Soul acceptance in which the individual gives control back to God.

All of this boils down to our believing that the Soul-us is an Eternal Filament of Christ Mind....of Greater Godness....sent to serve using a physical vehicle. It means understanding that Jesus came to teach the Reality of that Christ Mind in action as it acts within human activity. 

And Greater Godness, our 'I AM'  Presence, waits above us and works Its Will within us ....waits for us, body and Soul to wake up and begin consciously  Resurrecting our Lives and the Life of the Planet, moving all to a Higher Level of Consciousness. Is there anything on this Planet today that could not use some Resurrecting?

 We are so conscious of this as we think about the disagreements and conflicts of various nations and societies of Earth in general. The last year has shown us terrible events in our country....extending beyond our shores to all the world. Via satellite and TV we are being shown the terrible ways people are treated in other parts of the world....particularly, the way women are treated in many parts of the world. It is not generally understood that 'Jesus' taught that men and women are co-equal Sparks of Godness....or that the so-called primitive church that followed the Teaching of Jesus gave equal status to men and women.

It wasn’t until the Followers of the New Way were politicized by Constantine in the fourth century, that the old Hebraic Idea of a vengeful masculine God was written into the dogma of what became the now political Christian Church.

Jesus did not teach His Followers a vengeful God.

It was under the Roman Emperor, Constantine, with the help of the Bishops of the Primitive Church of 'Jesus', that the old Roman/Jewish Ideas again entered the Church of 'Jesus'....becoming an important part of the dogma of the new Roman Christianity.

 And in that context, women were again relegated to second class status. Today in many countries, in other religions, women have no status outside the home....and possibly little in it.

All those concepts must raised to a higher perception of the Truth of Life. Men and women must recognize and respect the Godness at work within each individual. Until they do, we can expect little progress in areas of Life where men and women must function together. Resurrecting the morals and manners of society....Teaching the 'Truth of 'Jesus' which is often absent from many modern churches, may begin to resurrect modern life as we begin to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE.

However we ourselves can make responsible decisions for doing our share to resurrect and promote polite, caring atmosphere in our families, among friends and business associates. We, each one of us, can raise the level of Spirituality in our lives....around the dinner table, in the market place and we can take it into the football stadiums, concert halls....all the places we go. We can and must Resurrect natural trust and loyalty among ourselves in this country and among the people of the world. If there are  ingredients missing in daily life, it is trust on one hand and loyalty on the’s hard to say which is the most lacking in the average daily life. Resurrecting trust will change the way we do business with each other....the economies of the world will again blossom as trust and loyalty return.

 For there is no greed within trust and loyalty. 

Then we have work to do on religious dogma. Is it our human arrogance, ignorance or fear that causes people to think we all have to think about God in the same Way. The Soul knows it is only necessary that we acknowledge a Divine Director of the Universe and of our lives. The Soul knows we must be free to feel and interact with the Godness of our lives in our individual ways. So we come to Resurrecting the Idea of Freedom of Worship and Belief...the Freedom to pursue Personal Awakening as our Souls direct us to do it.

Thus getting the Direction that is right for us. It’s time to Resurrect Spiritual and human Respect for the Beliefs of each other.  

As we focus on the 'Teaching of 'Jesus', as well as Other Great Ones, we are day by day Resurrecting  our human lives.

We awaken and are raised into the Kind of Thinking that contains no warring Energy...we are Resurrecting Peace in the Energy of our lives and the Planet.

 And so today and every day from now on, let us wrap ourselves in the Resurrection Flame of God’s Great Cosmic Heart....seeing that glowing Light spiraling down the Heaven into through and around ourselves....Each day opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels and internalizing this thought:

'From the Light within the Heart of God,

I invite the Resurrection Flame to flow into my  life...That I may become a channel for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth....that I may help all pursue their own and happy.

 I know this happens as I resurrect my thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. ...and as I dedicate all I Do to Almighty God and to the Great Beings Who help me do it....

and at Easter time, as I draw the Resurrection Flame into my Life, I especially wish to honor the Great Lord known to us as 'Jesus'.