Resurrecting the American Spirit      

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The  history of the human race records how smart we can be, and how destructive we can sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic. Again I continue my explorations of Ideas that seek to define our Reality within the context of Believing that What or Who we call 'God' is Infinite Life and that we are part of that Infinite


  It is not unusual for people to wonder about the origin and progression of Life on this planet. Or to get caught up in discussing and arguing philosophical and religious differences. Personally, Iíve always been shocked to read of religious power struggles, past and present, which have ended in large and enduring and expensive, political wars.

The study of all religious and mystical literature teaches us that Great Teachers have come, over and over again, with Information for the Souls embodied here, to help us understand Life and to help us work out our human/Soul lives without war. Those of us who have studied any of the Great Religions cannot help but wonder why the Universal Message of Brotherly Love as articulated by Jesus and others, before and after His Time, has not settled ancient hatreds that continue right into our modern times. 

Obviously there is more to the situation of hatred among the peoples of the Earth than meets the 'physical eye' as today we see plainly the gap between ancient human hate and the Spiritual Love that tries to emerge. And we wonder if Souls are losing the battle for God here. That concern drives me to speak for' God'. I know some of my thoughts are controversial. But I long for Peace on Earth and the only way I know to help is to speak my thoughts and ask those in the sound of my voice to join me in saying...

Let there be Peace on Earth. And let it begin with me!Ē

I write these words Sept. 26 2001, amidst the concern over terrorism. And as I listen to all the experts talk about it, and try to figure out what to do about it, my sense continues to be that what we are seeing is the opening of the gap between ancient human hate and the New Spirituality that is trying to blossom on this planet in order to stem the tide of barbarism.

There are all kinds of excuses being put forth for the warring conditions on the Planet today, including differences in religious Ideas. But I believe it isnít just Ideas that are tearing the world apart....rather it is an accumulation of powerful negatively charged energy, which I call 'evil' as an easy way to describe whatever it is that tears apart the lives of the ordinary good person.

As one studies history, it can be seen that waves of this energy, qualified with mankind's ungodliness, periodically sweeps across the face of the Earth....warping and destroying all in its path....I believe that is what is at work here. This once pure Energy now has a low, slow vibration, and is completely incompatible with the New Spiritual Energy now flowing onto the Planet.

What we have going on is the friction or warring or incompatibility that occurs when a low voltage energy meets one of higher voltage....try plugging a 110 volt cord into a 220 volt outlet. Today we have the lower human mind-set, coming in contact with the Higher (voltage) Soul Mind. For the time has come again to move Life to a Higher Spiritual Level on Earth. The strife we are experiencing is nothing less than a battle between good and evil. 

It helps to understand when we realize that this strife is nearly always, Evolution at work. It is the Resurrecting of Earth Energy to the next Spiritual Plateau. It is the Resurrecting of Energy used at the physical level, taking it into a Spiral of Soul Energy. Thatís what much of mankind is experiencing today....unbeknownst to many as yet.

And the old human energy does not want to lose its power....does not want to change. And so we see some of mankind caught in the grips of old worn out human thoughts, ideas and activities....caught in the grips of energy full of those old worn out human Ideas....the old is meeting the new..........thus, we have war.

We donít have to be told that Energy straight from the Godhead is the ultimate in Pure and Good Energy. And if we stay focused on Godness in one of its many forms, we are in touch with that Pure and Good Energy.

 It should not take the mind of a rocket scientist to understand that Energy filled with hate, killing, treachery against God and humanity in any form, can become the ultimate in evil or dirty energy....or that placing our attention on those kinds of ideas produces more of the same in our own lives. 

Now, currently, both forms of Energy exist on this Planet and around this Planet....perhaps spreading out farther than that into the Greater Universe. It appears we have finally approached that long prophesied time when these two Ideas, God Good versus human bedevilment....which is the opposite of Godís Will....have come face to face again in our time.

 And hopefully this will be the last time the Earth will have to experience war. 

For thousands of years weíve been warned (prophecy) that the warring events of our time were karmically possible unless mankind could be made to understand and change their ungodly ways.

 A man we call 'Jesus' was sent to teach us to change our focus from hate and war to one of Love and Peace. He understood Energy....He knew that enough Pure Love Energy could transmute the negativity of the godlessness rampant on the Planet then and now....He knew that enough Pure Christ Love Energy would raise the frequency of any Energy into a Higher vibration.

It is a simple Cosmic Equation.

He knew what humanity would face at this time if they didn't stop hating and fighting.

What we call 'Revelations' was given to humanity as both a warning and as a guide.

 In order to avoid the devastation of the return (sowing what had been reaped) of the old 'karma debt', through the Christian Dispensation brought in by the Lord Jesus and Those Who served with Him, mankind was given a Redemptive Pathway....which had it been understood and followed by enough of humanity during the last two thousand years, would have turned the tide.

Even today there is still time to avoid much of the coming disaster if enough people will turn away from 'godlessness' and turn their attention to the Higher Ideals of the Christ. The Spark of Christness that lives in each heart....that Bit of Godness that provides the Energy, Life, to each form.... there-in lies all the Power each one needs to solve the problems faced by humanity and the Planet today....the Call for forgiveness and Help from all those who read and understands this, Compels the Answer.

Get in touch with 'Almighty God' Who works through Celestial Sons and Daughters....Who are referred to as the Hierarchy of Cosmic and Angelic Forces.............

 Some of humanity understood the Message brought by Jesus and applied It throughout the centuries....and because of that much has improved in people skills and relationships over two thousand years. But not enough has been accomplished to clean up the befouled energy of this planet...

and this is due directly to the distortion of His Message.

 So now it is more important than ever to think about His Message of Brotherly Love and begin to understand what He meant by many of His statements....particularly as it concerns the Godness within each one of us....if enough of us can do that....we will resurrect....that is save and raise the energy of our lives and that  should, at least, take us safely through this period of cyclic change....getting us through it without experiencing stress or the friction and clashing of energies that many will be caught up in.

 We will be able to do this if we can let go of old religious dogma and doctrine and false perceptions of 'God and of Jesus' and about ourselves.  

I have refused to believe that it is possible for Souls to lose the battle for God on Earth. I refuse to give up.

Itís an old battle...ages old, it many of us come to fight. For thousands of years, the human side has been calling the shots, tightening the noose on Spirituality.... determined to get control of Life here on Earth.

The Idea of internal Soul has been pushed aside, as little by little Ideas of God and mankindís Direct Connection to a Supreme Being have been watered down. There appears to be some powerful mental force at work on this planet, at work for a very long time. Whatever it is, it has succeeded in consigning the Supreme Being to a far away Heaven and to convince the common man and woman that they are unredeemable trash.

I think itís time to bring the Truth of God back to Earth.

And to have a workable definition of the Power we call God. I think ití time for ordinary men and women to know WHO WE REALLY ARE




The time has come for us to know many things about ourselves....for one, itís time to know we may have embodied MANY TIMES to serve this Supreme Being on Earth.

And once realizing our inherent Spirituality, itís time to make the needed effort to listen to and follow the Directions of the Intuitive Voice within. Itís time say Hello to our Soul. Having made that Connection, our human/Soul Partnership is forged. And now we, Body and Soul, have a chance to raise our personal Energy to a Higher Vibration and in doing so, we automatically raise the Energy of the Planet. 

Without an activated Soul Connection, we havenít a prayer of accomplishing this task. The human by itself isnít powerful....and easily becomes the slave of low grade life forms who work their ungodly will on the masses. Please try to understand this....itís time to take off the blinders not only imposed by ungodly forces....but allowed by us.....we are very much a part of the problem and that has to stop if we are going to 'save ourselves or the Planet'        

One of the ways this war of Spiritual Ideas has been fought is to convince people that ďthey are mere mortals and nothing more.Ē And sad to say, many religions deliberately promote this humanistic attitude.

 The amount of misinformation about humanity and the Spiritual side of Life is staggering.

 We need to be told that mankind is the Servant of God. Not the other way around. We need to say, 'How can we help?' instead of begging to be helped.

That information has been distorted. And so people have accepted that idea of ďmere dumb mortal nessí and few have thought to wonder if there is more, and to ask, 'Who are we really?'

 As long as the human being has been led, and focused, face down, on Earth, the answer has eluded him. But once he looks ups.....and listens....and tries....Tries to believe in something more.....the door to Truth opens....and we begin to hear our Inner Voice. We learn to silence our busy human minds and listen....if we really care about knowing more.  

For many years Iíve walked the Path of Believing in that Inner Voice. I had the good fortune to be taught about my Holy Christ Self and I Am Presence when just a be told that the Voice I heard within was some level of my own Godness speaking to me.

 I was told it was the Christ and I AM Presence are permanent parts of me and the Soul was the Immortal-I AM that could never die....that the Christ Soul was the Spirit Part of me that was giving my human body life.

Iíve told you how I searched for a name for this

Spirit part of us that never dies.

 Each religion has a different name for the Inner Voice....the Intuition came to me to use the term Soul.  I began to know the personality of that Bit of Godness that was beating my heart....for it was constantly talking to me. I had no problem believing that the part of me that never dies was my Soul.

And in time came to actualize.... the Partnership of Body and Soul


If we can believe in a Supreme Being then we can believe that the physical body is the Temple of that Most Supreme Being ....we can believe the Body was originally designed to be the Earthly Vehicle to house Us, that Bit of Supreme Godness while we are here working on Earth. Mankind has rationalized many reasons for our being here on Earth. Why not choose one tht glorifies us and makes better sense than much of what we have been asked to believe.

Once I could sense that this Planet might be a completed God Plan, then it seemed reasonable to Believe that our being here is practical and rational. I see how many religions have rejected the idea of ďpractical and rationalĒ, and prefer to preach an unbelievable fantasy about a God who is also unbelievable.

Both old and much new religious commentary fails to paint a picture of an approachable, understandable Supreme Being while continuing to relegate mankind to a lowly and sinful state. And without the Truth, mankind has been successfully 'hobbled' on Earth by this false teaching....'up a creek without a paddle'...'without a clue' as to why a Supreme Being would design the human being with a fully Spiritual purpose. 

Letís go in another direction. Humanity today, as a whole, is undisciplined....and doesnít want to be disciplined any more than a new puppy wants to go to obedience school. Was it always this way?

 Well, perhaps, for some, at least to some extent. Over the past millennia, as Godís Plan has been taking shape, the human vessel has been evolving, so that it is now finally capable of being disciplined and trained for the work of the Soul....which, I believe, was always its Purpose.

 Today, we have a NEW BALL GAME.

 And the human organism is rapidly evolving ....much is being written on this subject from a scientific perspective....and Spiritually suddenly many people are finding a new aspect of themselves, and are beginning to hear the Soul Voice within. They are thinking about It, asking about It and beginning to understand the Concept of a human Soul relationship. 

Humans canít survive well or long, without an Active Dose of Conscious Godness at work in their lives. We know that....for when the Spark of God or Soul withdraws from the body, we physically die. Which brings me to another important point. Health of the physical body, the mental and emotional bodies is important.

 A Soul needs a well qualified physical body and mind through which to do Godís creative work here on Earth. The human-us uses the Energy of God....we call it Life.... and that Life flows into the body through the Soul Connection. Thatís half the Equation. The Soul needs a physical body to get anything done on Earth....and so, the two canít be separated. Itís one journey....a Partnership.  

I am fascinated by current scientific information that backs up my ideas of a human/Soul Partnership. I am especially interested that scientist are finding that every thought, feeling and action of the human us, actually changes our DNA changes the way our Energy vibrates.

There is real importance in humanly knowing this and then experiencing and working with the Spirit within. That Soul Spark is so close and so real.... and finally leads us to ďknow who we really areĒ. That means we can be more effective, more powerful from the Energy side, in our work on Earth in whatever we choose to do..   

We all see the hatred in the world and can see that in order for anything to change, people have to change. People all over the world have to begin thinking about themselves, and about Life in general,  in a different way. People have to stop hating and fighting among themselves and as Nations. I want Peace to be the basic security for myself and for my family and for the rest of the people of this Planet. And all this can happen as we expand the Light that is our Life and understand WHO WE REALLY ARE. Then we will start living our Lives in that Spiritual context.

We have to 'believe' that all the energy anyone of us has ever mis-used has become the energy of fighting and killing. We have to know this. And knowing this we have to change the way we live. We simply canít go on doing whatever we humanly want to do....we have to play by Spiritual Rules. And that includes learning how to clean up our dirty energy.

We all have a part to play in Resurrecting the Energy of this Planet....none of us gets off without doing our share. Then, once we accept the Idea of our Divinity, and realize that some of It lives within us, our lives here become easier.

 Knowledge is wonderful and freeing.

 We just have to know that we are Souls embodied in human bodies here to do Godís Work on Earth.

 We are not the frail human bodies....

we are the Powerful Spirit that lives within those bodies....

now weíre on track....the Spiritual Track.  

Itís also time to pay more than lip service to the Teaching of the Prince of Peace, Who came to give us Spiritual Freedom.

 Itís important that we get the 'Teaching of Jesus straight', so that we can begin to Fulfill the Law of the One Infinite Truth.....

which is the Law of Love,

 which is the most powerful vibration in the Universe,

 the only Power strong enough to smother hate.

 We can each begin to do our part to make Peace happen! 

It helps to see the human/Soul process as one ... not two separate believe in the close working Partnership of the physical and Spirit sides of Life....two minds working together to accomplish manís work and Godís work on Earth....instead of two minds pulling against each other.

It helps to focus our attention away from the visible world, most of which we canít control... focusing instead on making the effort to understand WHO WE REALLY ARE....and even more importantly, learning WHAT OUR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO the Highest Authority of the Universe.  

Iíve spent a lot of time mulling over that word, 'God'....I use it because it is simple and immediately gives people the sense of Divine Spirit in their lives.

 But to use the word, 'GOD', is to have to come to grips with all varying mind-sets around the word. The ancients gave recognitions to many Facets of Godness. Some aspects of godness ascribed a leadership role to the term....with the word, god, written with a low case ďgĒ.

In reading the Bible or any of the translations of ancient texts, we read of human or perhaps, non-human gods, who in the past directed the destiny of man. We read of manís attempts to understand and please and often appease, visible or perhaps even invisible, entities or people thought of as gods. History records that over the ages, people have bowed down to and made sacrifices to many strange authority figures ...many of these gods displaying all the bad habits and appetites of both ancient and modern human tyrants.  

Now, the gods of the ancients continue to be confusing to us.

 We who believe in One Supreme Deity....or Power or Truth or Being....find that the only way we can get a sense of what people of old were thinking in to regard to their gods, is to compare those old gods with the powerful war lords that exist into our time.

However, archeology is revealing some interesting possibilities that I think are going to shed a lot of Light on ancient, powerful planetary figures that had been accepted by mankind as authority figures in the past. This Ancient Energy may still be with us in some form and may still be exerting pressure on us. We know that there are many vibrational levels of Energy...some are visible and some are invisible. History teaches that certain ancient people knew about Cosmic Life and had some Idea about a Supreme Being.

 We have remnants of that Old Spiritual Teaching.

It filters down to us in many us to believe that Cosmic Truth has always been with us in some form. Perhaps not available to everyone. For somewhere along the line powerful priesthoods took control of religion. This could account for the various ways people perceived their gods.

We know that over the years people have continued to search for answers to their Spirituality and to the Nature of their God. 

And many still ask 'what did we come for?'

 I think we come to evolve into greater Mastery through Service. For Souls come and go many times to Earth Mastering all the conditions to be found here at any given time. The human/Soul Partnership has experienced every kind of human situation. Which could account for the 'deja vu' experiences.

If we study history, we see the good times, but more often history records the deplorable situations we faced, Body and Soul, as we walked our Path to attain our Goal of reaching a State of Peace and Freedom. We are striving for balance...

a state of equilibrium where we are at Peace in the Center of our human/Soul world....

where we are not swayed right or left, by anything that exists around us. 

There is no doubt in my mind that we come to Earth with a Spiritual agenda. I have always believed we come to expand the Power of Supreme Universal Godness here on this Planet through all the activities that we engage in. Today part of that involves replacing or explaining old myths and learning how to release humanity from outworn beliefs. Part of that involves bringing in New Ideas, New Visions for a New Age. .

To do that we absolutely have to give recognition to our Inner Voice....which is the Voice of our Soul Partner. Once we make that connection, the Soul can begin to illumine the human mind. Now the two levels of life can flow in One Stream.

 Then we must try to understand what is happening on the Planet at this particular time of changing cycles. With a little Insight we can see much that is playing itself out karmically, in every country.

 And it may take a while for all the current conflict to be resolved.

 But I believe old patterns are changing....and we will change with them....hopefully not allowing mankindís old war gods to lead us into planetary destruction. 

Our job in America is to understand the situation and never stop trying to protect the Freedom that is America. For in our time, America is the key to success or failure in the scheme of the both the old human gods...and the One Supreme God.

This is a fight between the old ways and the Incoming Cosmic Energies

and America is the prize. 


Now before I conclude my remarks, itís time to take a few minutes to become Peaceful, mentally, emotionally and physically.

 Again, letís activate the Power of our Inner Sight...

imagine the Golden Light from our Christ Self flowing down into the body energy system....

see each Chakra light up and any darkness disappear as the Light comes in.

Now when we come to the brow Chakra, watch the Gold Light fill that Center, and see the Light expand there until we can POWERFULLY visualize ourselves here in the Quiet Places weíve created.

 Now, weíll center in that Sphere of Golden Light....and ground in the Earth Energy. Today let's see Light in the form of a Rainbow flowing from above into the entire body system.

It is wrapping Itself in spirals around us and is flowing within our auras.

 Now, again, reinforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around all of this....and in this quiet, I'll read these wonderful words.... 

ďBehold! We are made perfect with our feet planted firmly on Earth

Our arms outstretched in attitudes of Service and Blessing.

The Star of Light shines like a Jewel from our heart centers

Wherein lies the Seed Atom of the Christ Spirit

 which is The Jewel within the Heart of the Lotus....

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Nurturing Heart Light of God

Seeing Rainbow Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

and invite Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

Our goal is to become a Perfected Channel for Light and Illumination, Peace, Healing and Love, to descend to Earth. 

Iíve described to you in previous talks how in my search for Truth, I felt there was no way to intellectually reconcile all the various ways people view themselves or imagine their Spirituality. And that I was shown what I believe to be the key to the puzzle of many nationalities and of differing ideas of many human gods, as well as the evolving, varying perceptions of Supreme Godness.

One day I suddenly saw that the answer lay with each one of us....that it lay within each one of us.

 And it didnít matter who we were humanly....not our nationality nor our Spiritual Ideas. That was not WHO WE REALLY ARE.

 And as I meditated on that Idea, I clearly saw how each human being was meant to be the Chalice into which 'God' would pour His Essence to make Life possible on this Planet.

 Through the Aspect of God, I called Soul, I knew that wherever the human being happened to be, God was also there, fully present.

 And immediately accessible to man through the human/Soul Partnership.

 And, I saw there was nothing mysterious about it....nothing that couldnít be easily understood by young or old. It didnít require anything but knowledge of the True Situation and then Faith and Belief that could be accessed simply by hearing the Truth.

I saw that we have to give up our individual conceits and stop looking outside ourselves for God, and that until we do, the war of Spiritual words and Ideas will rage on....

as well as the wars fought with guns and money....

with no problems solved and with no one being any closer to the Truth.  

Iíve talked many times about the changing we are moving to the end of the Piscean Cycle and entering the Aquarian and how each Cycle brings with it a New Energy....a new Vibration.

 Thus, I believe the time has come for all dissension, particularly religious dissension, among the people of Earth to end.

At these times of changing cycles, Cosmic Work of immense proportions is required....and everything I read leads me to believe this Work is underway today.

 I read of Great evolved Beings working with us, hoping to illumine enough human minds so that more tragedy does not have to be experienced before mankind awakens to the True Meaning of the Christ Message. 

I come to you in these programs to suggest that each one of us is responsible for Awakening and for participating in solving Earthís problems....some of which may be our problems.

 Believing that we can become Channels for Light and Illumination and Peace to flow.

Believing that if we can do that, They can do the rest.

 Believing we are being given the chance to create and live in a New Jerusalem....

or the choice to stay in the world of human creation.

 As events swirl around us in the coming days, we will be choosing....demonstrating our choices by our actions, our state of mind, our emotions, our Beliefs, our loyalties.  

Today we have to awaken. We have to look to our personal survival which lies first of all in our peaceful attitudes.

Then we have to look to Americaís survival.

 And I repeat what I said in an earlier program. When we use the word ďsurvivalĒ we talk not only about being able to put food on the table....and we need to be able to do that....but that is the least of it. ....

What we are facing today is the need to put our Energy Houses in order and Americaís Energy House in order, for the world needs a strong America....

we must call forth Powerful Light around ourselves, our families....and around our country and cooperate in getting all planetary energy cleaned up.

This probably means upgrading the Spirituality of our Lifestyles....making sure our motives are unselfish, that we are mindful of the needs of our Country and the needs of the people of the Planet.

It means we have to get ourselves on the right side of the Spiritual Equation.

That is our only protection and Americaís protection

against modern versions of ancient barbarism. 

We have our work cut out for us. The countries and people of the Earth depend on us....America is the bright Shining Hope among the Nations of the world....

Oh, yes, sometimes our Light doesnít shine as brightly as God hopes it will shine....

but at the moment, it outshines all others and is therefore, the Hope of the Beings of the Higher Worlds as They work to save this Planet and its people ...and more than that, They seek to raise the Consciousness of us all, so that our lives can reflect WHO WE REALLY ARE.

God needs us now....America needs us....the whole world needs us. The future quality of life in America and in the whole world, depends on our understanding what it is that God needs and expects of us...

and knowing that, believing, we have within us, all the Soul Power needed to live up to those expectations.