Let the Miracle Begin      

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Today we stand before an 'open door'. The sign on the door reads Enter all who are ready for the Knowledge of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 

 This is the Message for this Age.

Thus all Spiritual Training and any Intuitive Sense of Knowing begins with with this 'Knowing' and includes an Understanding of both the personal and impersonal aspects of a Supreme Being.  

Years of study, confirmed by Intuition, developed my Belief in a Supreme Power that Guides the Destiny of this Universe, and in a Belief in the Individuation of that Power.

 As we sense the important Meaning and Purpose of our lives, Body and is logical to Believe that we work on Earth as a HUMAN /SOUL PARTNERSHIP.

In time we, the human being, learn We do this by accessing the Consciousness and Energy of our Holy Christ Nature.....which is straight from the Heart of Almighty God.

 With a little thought one can see reasons and the Higher Purpose for developing Streams of Life who are capable of many expressions. Each of us is an Unique Stream of Life straight from the Source of Universal Power. We are here to work on Earth as a Partnership of Body and Soul, using the Christ Energy of the Soul to empower each physical body.

It is not at all difficult to see how the human/Soul Relationship was developed to carry out some Cosmic work on this Planet. Today the human focus needs to be closing out ancient Ideas and Activities that do not  expand Universal Light. War, an ancient Activity, needs to be overcome by expanding the Light of Peace.

 Expanding Peace is the Sacred Work of each one of please, join me in saying,


I hope no one will ever think of themselves again or believe in the Idea that the human being exists only as species of animal, endowed with a better, perhaps, Higher Mind but with no greater 'purpose'.

 I suggest that the evolution of the human species has been and continues to be directed by Higher Levels of Spiritual Mind. And that the human mind has been developed with the Divine Purpose of providing embodied Souls, with the faculties that allow us, the Soul, to carry out our duties and responsibilities here on Earth. We are told that each Soul has a Divine Blueprint, that each One of us is unique. And that each Blueprint fills in one Piece in the Cosmic Puzzle of Universal Life. With that thought, I call the program today LET THE MIRACLE BEGIN.

Should I doubt the Wisdom of my own Soul Intuition and Inner Convictions, which I believe to be God’s Wisdom, not man’s wisdom, I have but to go to the Soul Wisdom of others for validation.

 The world about us continues to batter us with endless old and countless new ideas about 'human spirituality' leaving out the Other Half of the Equation. There is ever more confusion being spread by what I can only think of as some kind of a human mechanism designed to control God’s people. What I call 'human wisdom' is full of both human and Soul information of other times, possibly accurate, but meant for that time.

The Old Teaching is not sufficient for our time. Generally it is humanistic or religious direction that focuses our attention on the human us without stressing the Divine Aspects of our natures. That old teaching, secular or religious fails to tell us WHO WE REALLY ARE EITHER AS SOULS, OR WHAT OUR PURPOSE IS AS HUMAN BEINGS.

 Human wisdom/thinking of past and present continues to fail in instructing the Soul how to ascend back to God. It does not teach the human-us how to establish a working Relationship with God or how to focus on our own Christness, making It the center of our lives.

Within religious dogma, the human thinking is still focused on the the negatives ie., crucifixion rather than the ascension.

All the God-intuition that comes to me would have us focused on the Resurrection/Ascension.

The crucifixion idea places the focus on our being a human sinner needed to be saved by another. While the Resurrection/Ascension Idea wants us to believe in a Process of raising the Consciousness of the human/Soul Relationship to a Higher Level of Godness.

Human wisdom, if it includes religious ideas, often fails, neglects or deliberately chooses not to present God to us in a way that allows us to know our personal Spirituality

....or where that Spirituality comes from....

 or how we are to use It here.

 Instead we have our attention directed, by the experts in our lives, to philosophies or ideas or sciences that speak only of the human  condition.... interesting information....facts that actually clutter up  our minds with useless information. In the general population there are  now those who are telling us how to 'civilize' our human natures ....and now a few who are helping us learn how to place our focus on our Spirituality. But still much of the world reflects the jungle mentality devoid of Ideas that serve man or God.   

Many people cannot bear to hear this. Many do not want to know that the real permanent 'indestructible us' is the Bit of Immortal Godness that beats our hearts. Because many people feel un-god like, they choose to hide their fears and ignorance in both old and new humanistic non-gods they can believe in....or ignore or deny.


But there comes a time for almost anyone when they know there’s Something Invisible at work in their lives....Something they can’t humanly define and that doesn’t spring from the human mind.

Many just shrug off the intuition, again and again, they ignore it or deny it. But there have always been those, in ancient times and in modern times, who can’t shrug it off....there are always those who have to KNOW WHO THEY REALLY ARE, Body and Soul.

These are the students of Holy Books....those who read the Spiritual Self Help Books....and through studying many avenues of Thought, these are those who are led to their Inner Christ Natures where they find a Powerful Dimension of Soul at work right within themselves. They begin to discover the Miracle within.

What we are all looking for in our lives is that Ingredient that makes the human experience meaningful....or NEW as some people say.

When the time comes for the Energy and teaching of an old cycle to be upgraded....something NEW is added. We saw this two thousand years ago, when a huge amount of New Teaching came to the people of the planet. Now two thousand years later, again New Teaching is being given to us, ladled out, as it were, little by little as we are able to expand our Thinking and Believing....expand our Beingness, both Body and Soul.  

This expansion 'happens' as we find both personal and impersonal Godness right within ourselves.....when we recognize the Human/Soul Relationship and see the need for It. And then taking that Idea  farther out, we sense our Connection to our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence...we begin to see that we, the human being, are connected to All of That....we see ourselves as one connected Life Stream serving the Greater Purpose of the Universe. We see that we do not need to be a burden on Life, needing to be saved, but can be a fully awake Cosmic Asset, ready to help.

If one hasn’t thought along these lines, perhaps this sounds strange, even difficult...but really it is so simple.

But it may not be easy until we voluntarily empty our minds of many old, outworn ideas. Remember those computer hard drives crammed full of now useless information? To move forward we have to empty our minds of the thousands of Ideas, ideas coming from people and organizations that are constantly telling us who they think we are and what they think we ought to be thinking, believing and doing.

 Even assuming they are correct in their assumptions and instruction, still we have to be in charge of our own lives. We have to verify Ideas for our daily lives and sanctify the Truth and the Christness of our Greater Lives.

This is a program about our mystical human/Soul we are focused on finding ways to live Life with dignity and peace and harmony, using common sense ideas. In all my studies I have found nothing with more 'common sense' aspects for daily living than the simple rules given to us by 'Jesus' as well as by many Other Great Teachers.

 True Spirituality is simple.

It begins with believing in a Supreme Being and by accepting and feeling our Connection to that Being....without worrying about whether we totally understand the Connection or whether we are completely correct in our assumptions.

 Believing in The Connection

 is what is important at this stage of the game. From that Belief we accept the responsibility to live compassionate, good lives....drawing our strength from the Spiritual influences in our lives....endeavoring to bring some Christ Energy into everything we do, think, say or feel. 

As we do this we join the ranks of others whose testimony we can  follow....those who speak and write of personal experiences that allowed them to see themselves as Spiritual Beings.

Many people tell of having their Hearts and Minds opened and how they began to hear the Inner Wisdom always flowing in from Above. They talk of the Wisdom of their Holy Christ Selves and tell us that following that Intuition brings them the Wisdom of Peace ...and of Brotherhood.

Having studied history for many years, I realized that our human minds are not created with the necessary wisdom to produce the peace and brotherhood that is acceptable to a Higher Standard. And thus in many philosophies we are constantly counseled on our Spirituality and told this is where we are capable of being peaceful, loving and gentle.

'Jesus' tells us we are Sons of God, but it becomes obvious that it can’t be the human-us who is that Son of God.  So we ask, “What part of us is then the Son”. As we search for the answer to that question, we begin to suspect and then to realize our human/Soul Connection.

And thus our God Connection.

 I think about this often:

 God Wisdom can produce nothing but gentleness and is a Wisdom easy to understand.

 It never forces itself on anyone....

it never hurts any part of life.

 I have studied the so-called Holy Wars....and think of all the people murdered to satisfy what can only be human power-trips in the name of God and realize that Godness has no part in cruelty.

That only human lack of wisdom or folly at some level of thinking or evil design can bring about situations that cause wars....can bring about situations that cause others to have to defend themselves by means of 'war'.

Somewhere that 'evil thinking and doing' has to stop but will only stop as each individual human being comes to know him or herself as something more than a competitive animal.

'God' gives the Soul/man and woman complete freedom of will and action. It is sad to think how through exercise of that Freedom mankind has abused Wisdom.

Now, in these times of Greater Spiritual Knowledge, we are capable of understanding those Ideas around 'free will' and 'brotherhood' and should never forget what the 'bigger picture is....and never stop drawing into this world the Christ Consciousness needed to replace the human consciousness that still causes devastation on the Planet. We are capable of drawing forth all the Christ Consciousness needed to solve our problems.

 It is not too late to remedy many mistakes of the past....and our Christness may be all that stands between us and the forces visible and invisible that seek to control us and or destroy us in this time.

The Miracle of God-Wisdom is that It is full of Mercy and Forgiveness, showing no partiality nor hypocrisy. We can be members of any particular Spiritual or philosophical group and be blessed by and with, God Wisdom....which is free for the asking and the taking. Spiritual Wisdom has never been the property of any one human being or organization to dole it out.

Wisdom is the inherent Gift of God to all embodied Souls.

It is always about beauty....

always about all that is peaceful, loving and perfect.

Many spiritual people write about experiencing this Perfect Wisdom, this perfect Truth.

They describe how through quieting their human natures and listening to their Soul Voice, they have come face to face with their Christ Self, which is all Peace and all Love.

 And finally these writers tell of being directed to the Wisdom of their I AM Presence of which the Soul is a part.


Eventually we will all gain Knowledge of our Soul selves....will learn that the Soul is part of an Original I AM Spark or Flame of God spun off so long ago....

In time we will all awaken to an awareness of our Perfect Self....


  In describing that Perfect Self, we can begin by saying that everything we are as a 'Stream of Life' here on Earth, can be described as a Cosmic Three-fold Being of Light, One that begins as a unique Spark of God which we know as our I AM Presence....that Perfect Self....

And our unique Reality progresses outward from there.

In previous talks I have described the HUMAN/SOUL RELATIONSHIP as the means God has chosen to walk the Earth.

At first we have to take that Idea on faith, until we begin to feel our Souls working with us. While we have to choose to believe in the Idea that we humanly share a Partnership with a very High Level of Supreme Beingness, that Belief and that Faith is preferable to any alternative Idea.

Many of us have had an intense desire to know what our State of Being is before birth and what it will be after so-called death....and sometimes spend a lot of time trying to learn about our past and future in many ways. Again we must accept certain Ideas on of them is that there are many reasons why we don’t remember our past and are advised not to ask about our future.

 Some of it comes out of choices we made not to remember. Drawing the curtain over past efforts may serve our Soul needs to achieve certain goals in the present. We come to Earth for many reasons, personal and much more.

However, my Guidance put it to me this way many years ago: “The knowledge of past and future takes from us the necessity to make crucial decisions which are based on Faith and Inner Knowing. The Earth journey offers the Soul many opportunities for growth, as well as service..... Walking in Faith is one of those opportunities.”. 

Walking in Faith can show us our human/soul strengths and weaknesses.

 It’s a way to know where we need Spiritual practice and perhaps help. We must never forget that there are always Beings and Angels waiting to teach us whatever we need to grow.

We just ask for and accept the Instruction.

 I would say staying focused in the present moment is tremendously important. Eventually some of our past may reveal itself to us....and if it is important to our progress we may be given glimpses of the future, However, I was asked never to desire to know the future....but rather to live in such a way that my actions pave the way for a successful future. And to take it all on Faith until the time to Know More.

 And a successful future can take many shapes.....both in the way we live and in the way we agree to die. There may appear to be happenings over which we have no control .....but I choose to believe that we always have had a some choice in the direction our lives take. But if not, then we have to trust in the Wisdom of God.

I often think of the thoughtful choices we must make minute by minute. How, making careful human/Soul choices, if nothing more, gives us a sense that our experiences have personal meaning and hopefully have added something positive to our opposed to those experiences that can happen to us when we failed to exercise either choice or care.

To some people the idea of choice is not important. Some take a fatalistic approach. That is a humanistic viewpoint...does it matter what happens to our bodies after it dies? However, as Souls, it may be very important that we not end up in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, just because we neglected to ask for or listen for the Direction that’s always available and made an informed choice.

Not that events always play out the way we would humanly choose....but at least, we cast a vote Acknowledging there is the Power of God at work in our lives.

It is comforting to realize that the need to humanly, consciously choose may become an unnecessary ingredient in our lives as we reach a particular State of Knowingness and Peaceful Beingness, where our Souls are in complete control of our lives and where we then begin to flow within the stream of Universal Knowing.

At that point we visibly begin to manifest or become whatever we need or need to be in any given time and place. We reach a State of Spiritual Being where circumstances no longer control us but rather, where we are naturally in control of our circumstances as long as we stay God-Connected.

 We reach a place where we are plugged into a Higher Wisdom and now everything we need flows to us as we serve Life. The battle for survival is over.   

Then there comes a point of Spiritual Evolution where we enter into an even Higher Mind-Set that goes beyond that of the human/Soul Partnership. This may be the process of  “putting on the Christ Mind” as taught and demonstrated by Jesus.

And we are told that it comes about quite naturally as we gradually Raise or increase the Vibration of our Energy. That allows us to begin to soar in Spirit/Soul Consciousness, which is described as a very Peaceful State of Being. What takes place is that we are 'raised in consciousness', above our normal human level of consciousness, even while we are still fully engaged in life here. It is in this Sense of Flowing within Spiritual Energy, that we humanly learn we can leave decision making and other Life choices, to our Soul partner, trusting in Spirit to choose our human/Soul path.

Choosing to allow our lives to totally flow within God’s energy, allows the Inner Guidance of the Christ Heart and Mind to lead us to our human/Soul Purpose and Mission.

We find out what we can be,

what we can do

 and what we are responsible for doing at this time.

 As we allow Guidance from the Spiritual Level to flow into the physical complex, (mental, emotional, physical) we automatically do know what’s right for us.

I have always believed our adventures on Earth should be meaningful, if not easy. Although, not for a minute do I think that the Directors of Life on Earth, intended for our “experiencing” to be as difficult to understand as it sometimes can become.

My reading of Spiritual Information leads me to believe that in the beginning we knew WHY WE WERE COMING HERE. And further, that we agreed to come here.

My reading of the so-called fall from Grace is for me, simply the Soul moving from a Spirit Plane into dimensions of lower vibrations here on Earth, having nothing to do with 'original sin.'

 I have always believed we came originally to serve. It’s easy to see how much of our difficulty in understanding Life comes out of false or incomplete Ideas that over time we have accepted and that we now act upon.

What would we have accomplished on Earth if we had not had lost the knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE....WHAT OUR MISSION TO EARTH REALLY IS....or that we, Body and Soul, always have had Invisible Spiritual Guidance in the form of our Christ Self, and I AM Presence as well as many levels of Spiritual Hierarchy....we have forgotten that All of that Higher Life waits to be called upon....and this includes the One we know as 'Jesus'....Who went to extraordinary lengths to make us aware of WHO WE REALLY ARE. 

Some twenty six hundred years ago another man said the Greatest Wisdom in the World is to know thyself”. And one can hope he could say that, because perhaps, he knew WHO HE REALLY WAS.

Nothing I say here is New is as ancient as anything can be. But much that is God Wisdom has been distorted and used to chain Souls to Earth. We have, through our own actions and through controlling mechanisms, been denied the True Wisdom of God, which is again emerging and beginning to flow within all who ask for it.

 It is to be hoped that no longer are we to be dependent on the distortions of other people’s Ideas for information. Today there is teaching for any one who will make him or herself ready to learn.

In these days the rules are changing, making each one of us responsible for getting his or her own Information....Information tailored just for the Individual.

 Yes, we can study the thoughts of can listen to my Ideas of Life, but when all is said and done, each individual needs to validate all Ideas within their own Minds.

 We all carry perfect Truth and Wisdom within our own Christ Mind.

The Teaching we identify with 'Jesus', is being accelerated and updated through Teachers for this time. And even as there was two thousand years ago, today there is still opposition to Truth.

 People continue to hang onto comfortable, old concepts....refusing to listen to the updated version of what Jesus and Others taught.

 Much that wasn‘t taught two thousand years ago is now to be taught....allowing us to realize a little more of our total State of Being.

 We are being taught many new techniques for recognizing and experiencing the Kingdom within. This is getting us ready to act within a Spiritual State of Greater Freedom.....helping the human us defer to the Inner or Soul Mind. The Soul Mind is being flooded with more Light and Wisdom to help It send the needed Messages into the human mind.

 We live in a time when we need to flow within the Universal Mind.

It's time to allow Spirit to lead the Way.

There are those who think that our giving recognition to the Godness that lives within us, diminishes The Place or Role of the Supreme Being both in the Universe as well as in our lives.

How could that possibly be....when we are doing is expanding and bringing the Light of that Supreme Being to Earth.

And in no way does it diminish the Role of 'Jesus' or any of the Other Great Teachers. The Power we call God....or whatever we want to call it....that Power is the Foundation on which we build our daily lives. The Soul's responsibility is to direct the human activities. We humanly should not get in the way of the work the Soul is here to do. And isn’t it comforting to realize that if we have difficult situations to face, we can allow our Soul Mind....which is the Mind of God....the Christ Mind of Jesus, to lead the Way. Now, perhaps we will have better solutions...instead of thrashing around in our often angry or unhappy human way.

In order to grasp these Ideas, to get a more personal feeling of the invisible Aspects of our lives, here is a fun thing to do.

We mentally picture something like the screens we use to project slides onto. We write a question on the screen. Then we long will it take for the answer come to us, we wonder.

 We will often begin to get intuitive answers immediately....sometimes they are written out on that screen....but more often they come in bits and pieces and at odd moments. Sometimes the screen in my mind lights up when I least expect it, giving me answers to questions I’d forgotten I’d asked. I often get Information as I write for these programs.

 Here is something I have had to learn....and it is to watch for Ideas or bits of Information, and as quickly as it comes to record it, before it drifts out of the mind. After the thought is captured on paper there is time enough to examine it and get the sense of the thought. This is what began my process of actually working with and getting acquainted with the Soul Mind at work in my life. This has become very real and powerful for me. Nothing could convince me that I do not have a working human/Soul relationship.


So let’s pause now and take a these moments to experience a Sense of our Soul Partner. First, finding in our hearts a deep sense of Love and Peace and Gratitude to the Godness of the the Godness that is our the Godness that is the Soul of every human being on the earth....acknowledging our Soul Realization....feeling It come to us first as Peace and then as Love for Life.....we will definitely feel this in our hearts.

 Then wherever we are, whoever we are, however we do it, whether we spend an hour or a minute, we must not fail to strengthen our Connection to God everyday. This is the most important single activity of our day.

Whether we know it or not, we are connecting with our Life line....

over which flows our supply....our safely.

  Acknowledging the Light of God in our lives is our Sacred Duty.

 Now, again we reinforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around ourselves, our families, homes, businesses, asking a special blessing for America...for war weary people everywhere.

We are quieting our minds, relaxing any tired muscles.

Now let’s fill our quiet place with the fragrance of a favorite flower...with our favorite music....with soft Spiraling Light of many colors....let’s just let all that beauty and quiet enfold us as the Light of our Christ Self energizes our whole being, bringing with it the total Belief that there is a joyful State of Being that is called Perfect and we have every right to aspire to it. And that we are capable of experiencing that Perfection at some level, while we work on Earth.

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing that Light of many colorful hues spiraling around ourselves,

We’ll again open our minds to the Highest Information channels  

and invite the Light Of God that Never Fails to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds.

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination

To descend to Earth  

Finally today we’ll take a few minutes to talk about the human Vs the Soul ego.

I think we all know that it is our human ego that gets us into trouble....

that it is the human part of us that criticizes, condemns and judges Life around us, deciding what is good and what is not.

 We recognize it is the human ego that is the “holier than thou” part of is that part of us that hasn’t realized that other people do not need our approval to make anything either right or wrong.... and in the same vein, that we don’t need another’s approval to make us right or wrong.

The point is this: The overbearing, critical human ego needs to become a part of our past....

we need to cut ourselves free from the human ego....

whether it is ours or another's....

whether we are wielding it or being victimized by it....

otherwise human egos will go right on crucifying us and any others that  can be reached....

and working overtime to keep us all separated from our Soul Partner.

 Human egos can fact, do become very powerful and they manipulate today’s accumulation of ungodly human consciousness....which is all that dirty energy that keeps us bound to Earth.

 We can use the Power of the Resurrection Flame to cut ourselves and the Earth free from the control of the human ego. We can use the Resurrection Flame to purify and expand our Energy, allowing the human ego its appointed and proper place in our lives, while setting the Soul free to  serve the Will of God.

That is the perfect human/Soul Partnership.

'Jesus' came two thousand years ago, to initiate us into the Reality of our Christ Consciousness. From Higher Realms He continues to point the Way to our Soul Freedom. He enfolds us all in His Cosmic Flame, assisting each one of us to Resurrect all the Energy of our lives.

 Do you remember He left us with this affirmation, an affirmation that He himself used in His most difficult hours....

He told us to affirm I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE.   

Let us often affirm:

  I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE of my Divine Plan fulfilled.    

This is something we may all wish to meditate on.