Let Each seeker Follow Own Guidance

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so Cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Never in modern history have my opening words rung so true....During the past week millions of people from every segment in our modern society have awakened from human complacency, to   a new realization of human cruelty, cruelty perpetrated on a grand scale by a modern version of terrorism that has long been at work on this planet in many guises. New victims....same old terrorism.  

It has been my dearest hope that many are Awakening to what I believe is an Inner Search for Understanding of God and Self, one that reveals how sublime we really are. Today more than ever, that is my dearest wish and hope as I see how frightened and hurting and angry many people are. I like to believe that something good can come out of the worst disasters...and the Good to come out of this despicable act of cowardly terrorism is the Spiritual Journey many will embark upon.

 We will have to wait to see how many will choose to travel the old worn ruts of fear and anger....the same old Journey of hate and revenge and retaliation. My prayer is that mankind will take the Road less Traveled of Law and Order.... bringing to Justice those who are guilty....while not inflicting punishment on those who are not. 

We can awaken today to the In-flowing Christ Consciousness. It is the opening provided by the God of our Being, helping us to find our way to an Enlightenment that will go beyond family, nation, color, creed, race and gender. Early Tuesday morning, Sept. 11, 2001, we ended one era. Please believe me when I tell you that ďImmediately, a new door opened from another dimension, into the new era....allowing  a Powerful Charge of Christ Consciousness to pour out upon the whole planet.

 If we will accept It and use It, we will experience a Changing State of Beingness....a new Perception of God and Self.....and new understanding of Peace....



The history of the past hundred years has indicated that we are  re-discover the ancient Ways of Knowing that has been preserved through the ages by the Mystics of every time and place. Hidden streams of Spirituality are even now being uncovered and revealed and updated, to be applied to the human/Soul evolution of this time we are entering into. The Doors of Spiritual Knowledge that are opening, are bringing in a Consciousness that will reshape those who will walk through that Door.... we, who will go, will all be raised into a more caring, compassionate and peaceful complement of earth people.....the gentle who are to inherit the earth....we will experience the Coming Together of our human and Soul Natures, allowing the Soul to fulfill its obligations to God on Earth.

On September 11, 2001 the seemingly never ending state of conflict on this planet reached the tipping point.

Today, before the events of last week became a part of our lives,  I planned to talk about our NATURAL STATE OF BEING which I believe to be One of JOY. And if we are not experiencing a STATE OF JOYOUS BEINGNESS, to suggest some Ideas that might help us to approach a State of Interior Joy while living fully, Body and Soul.

And perhaps it would help us work our way through todayís disbelief and grief and sadness if I continue with those thoughts. Perhaps it will help to ground us and get in closer touch WITH WHO WE REALLY ARE if we think about what our natural State of Being is.

 Perhaps it will help us to pray with more understanding for the many Souls now in Other Places and for their families and friends who must go on living with many questions in their minds and unimaginable pain in their hearts.

 Perhaps it may help us ask forgiveness for those Souls who have made a terrible mistake....even now they are having to look at their actions. While we may look through a glass darkly on this side, we are assured we see our actions clearly while in the invisible planes. 

So before I get into what I want to think through today, letís take these few minutes and enter into a deeper Communion with all the Godness of the Universe....and with the Godness that is our Soul and is the Soul of every living man, woman and child. As we give recognition to Infinite Godness, letís ask that Supreme Beingness to take control of our lives and the lives of all....and ask the Blessings of our Christed Selves on all life everywhere. 

And more than ever, letís believe in and re-dedicate ourselves to and practice Principles of Peace in all that we do. And remember to persevere in all and any effort to make Peace a reality everywhere in the world. 

Letís acknowledge that the Pathway of Peace is the one that leads us to a more complete Consciousness about Life....letís understand the need to heal ourselves through Peace and help others peacefully heal all the wounds of hate....those wounds that are so destructive to humanity. It was deep, ancient wounds of hate that prompted the actions of the terrorists. 

Letís remember that there is only ONE BASIC TRUTH AND ONLY ONE HIGH  POWER RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING. Letís remember to let go of fear and anger in our daily lives, always remembering to tap into the Energies of our Soul partner and to all the Godness above, of which the Soul is a small part.  

And always letís remember we are protected when we stay centered within our Wall of blazing White Light....we are always supplied when we go daily to the Well for the Christ Energy needed for each day....knowing that Christ Light is our Daily Bread.  

Letís remember to call in the Violet Flame to enfold our physical bodies and the bodies of all mankind, in a cleansing action, that clears away all energy that does not serve the pure Light....the Violet Light makes tragedies impossible.

And finally letís always remember to daily wrap ourselves in the Christ Light of God

Picturing this iridescent Energy spiraling around ourselves

Opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels, as we

 invite Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.    

Monday, September 10, 2001 I had put the finishing touches to the script for todayís program. I was writing on the subject of OUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING. I planned to record it on September 11 ...but. when I woke up the following morning, I awoke to the horror of hell let loose in our land.

 I understood that negative energy had overpowered the positive energy that normally maintains the Balance for Good in this land.

 As I watched the drama unfold all day Tuesday, September 11, 2001, I saw what may be many difficult years ahead for America. A dark force, now using modern terrorism as its weapon, has stepped up its efforts to destroy the Idea of Peace and Freedom that is American civilization. As a child growing up I was so proud of America....of all the good and kind people always so ready to help the whole world.

 But sadly, it has seemed to me that over the past fifty years many Americans have become this countryís worst enemy. Egotistical, prideful, careless, arrogant, pleasure seeking, greedy, power loving, humanistic....this is the one of the ways the world views us. And Americans who have pushed God aside have succeeded in opening Pandoraís box of grief and pain for this country. Americans have been given so much, and some of them are responsible for putting this country in harms way.

The many Americans, who in these last years have taken Godís Gifts of Life for granted.....the many Americans, who have been thumbing their noses at the Idea of God....the many Americans who have engaged in polluting the minds, emotions, bodies and environment of their fellow men and women.....those un-Americans who have worked overtime to destroy the Freedoms and the Constitutional Law of this Land. They have weakened America and now, we all reap the Cosmic Whirlwind.

 It has begun.

 And those of us who love this country and all the good it stands for and for all the Blessings it has bestowed upon a sometimes thoughtless people, we promise God that out of the ashes, we will rebuild a stronger, more compassionate, more understanding America.  

Each week I focus primarily on two Ideas and in my mind, each is equal in its importance to our daily lives.

The first, is KNOWING THAT WHO WE REALLY ARE AS WE WALK THE EARTH,  IS A HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP. And THEN each week you hear me speak constantly for the need of an environment of Peace....both personal and world peace.

 The opposite of peace is war and war is the perversion of Godís Energy. The energy of war is the destruction of anything sublime and of anything good that might otherwise evolve within an environment of Peace.

 And war is not just slamming airplanes into tall buildings, murdering thousands of people, destroying the lives of countless others. War is anything that is not Peaceful. And all major traumatic situations such as America experienced last week are made possible by the  accumulation of the energy of all the little wars people engage in....whether they fight at the dinner table, or in courts of law, in the Legislatures, in business or in social settings.

I know no one wants to believe one wants to be held responsible in any way for what happened in New York and Washington DC last week.

 But I tell you, any thing we do that is less than Peaceful adds to the invisible dark energy that eventually becomes war in some form....And this dark energy....this lack of Peace and Goodwill, envelopes and infects children and adults, and it leaves it mark on every color, creed and race.

Mankind has engaged in warring behavior at every level of their lives for countless millennia. And thus we read of nothing but war during most of our history. And all the time people have at their fingertips, Peace. Peace that is free for the using.....And nothing but Peace will allow us to live joyous, productive lives.  

For years, I have felt compelled to share these Ideas for achieving the visible side of Peace, ever since having in 1986 what I called a ďvivid dreamĒ where I was shown images of burning cities....and those images are identical to what IĎm seeing on TV in New York City. Iíve spoken of this Vision to many and have hoped it was just a nightmare that could never happen here.

But it did happen ....and it is a nightmare beginning to fulfill all the prophecies of doom and gloom....for unless we people of God can call forth enough peaceful energy to smother the ancient hate, this will just be the beginning of the working out of all the unpeacefulness this Planet has been involved in over the Ages.

And so the 'unthinkable' has happened. And still I cry out for Peace, believing that only an overwhelming amount of Cosmic Peace will ever put out the fires of hate and war.  

Over and over Iíve said that Peace will become again our natural STATE OF BEING if we will police every thought, feeling, action and spoken word....and that we will become more peaceful as we become aware of everything we we examine our intent and motives as we interact with our fellow men and women.

Unless war is our intent and purpose, we have only to give up unhappy,  joyless, mean, obscene and unproductive activities. We can do this this.

And if we want to save the Planet from what the terrorists have in mind for us, in our new Peaceful State of Being we will no longer go about thoughtlessly, unconsciously, foolishly exuding anything less than Peace and Joy.

As an Idea, it sounds and is that simple.

But to achieve it takes our conscious desire and control over our human selves, every minute until we reach the plateau of Consciousness where the Christ Mind comes in and gives Direction to our human/Soul lives.

 So as we think back to Tuesday, Sept, 11 we canít help but wonder about the mind set of people piloting those planes. How could they be so deeply unhappy and so filled with hatred and perhaps, misguided religious fervor, that they could slam an airplane into a tall building, with the deliberate intent to murder thousands.

How did their minds and hearts get that way?

Of course, we do not know their whole story....but we do know there are Laws that rule Energy....and we know they have committed a horrible crime against God and God's People as they acted out their mind-set of hatred. Letís examine that Idea.  

We know that if we are to experience a particular quality of Energy, we have to become that quality in thought and action. Think about this....what we focus our attention on....for example hating or loving others, draws to or into our lives more of the quality and vibration of whatever we have been feeling....hate or love. With enough focus on any quality, any Idea, we can become the fullness of that Idea. Our State of Being becomes filled with whatever Energy we pour out and thus magnetize back into ourselves.

Reaping what we sow....getting as good as we gave.

Thus it is easy to see how our mind-set is it directs and controls and develops our Way of Life.....pulling us this way and that if we arenít consciously controlling and directing what's going on mentally. Again, I remind you that where our thoughts are....there our Energy is acting....for our Energy absorbs and magnetizes to us everything upon which we place our attention.

And much of what people of America, Europe and Asia place their attention on today is unmitigated trash.....imitated by other cultures. Others note and imitate what we watch on TV....their radios blare the popular music, people all over the world are looking at scantily clad women, and trying to outdo each other in sex and violence.

We modern people, Americans and all others involved, are, minute by minute being pulled ever farther away from a Spiritual and what should be, a State of Joyful Being. Many in America seem unconcerned that we are being judged by an often obscene and ugly pop culture which is feared, even hated by many people of other countries, although, it should be noted, that most countries make money from our cultural products and thus, they don't stop their use.  

 We need to understand the Law of good attracts good....and evil attracts evil, for only then can we get a sense of how what took place in New York and Washington last week could have happened. Just take a moment and think about the millenniums of hate and destruction people have unmercifully inflicted upon each other and all that returning....mankind getting back what it has given out at some time in the past or present. 

Knowing this, it is possible to surmise that the destruction of the Trade Center was the recoil or return of accumulations of centuries old hate....hate that is constantly being reinforced today by people who now 'need to get a life' that doesn't revolve around killing. There are still cultures on the Planet that consider anyone, especially outside their immediate system, as fair game for whatever destructive activities they choose to engage in.  

So this brings us back to learning to control our attention, and to policing our thoughts in order to establish enough Peace in our personal lives to keep us immune to hatred. And to help restore Peace to the Life of the Planet.

 We have only to think back over any normal day and observe what occupied our thoughts. Our minds absorb all that we watch or hear or experience mentally and emotionally. Think about what we see on TV or in movies and hear on the radio, or read in newspapers or magazines in any given twenty four hours.

 If we begin to monitor where our Energy goes, and become aware of what our attention rests upon and what vibration is being magnetized to us, minute by minute, I think we will be shocked.  

And again turning back to last week (9/11/01), think of how our minds and emotions were assaulted with visions and sounds that canít help but affect us negatively.....leaving us with the impression that war is inevitable.

 Perhaps war is inevitable....but perhaps not. At the moment we do not know how this Trade Center situation will play out. Obviously we canít ignore this a treacherous act against the American people....anymore than we could ignore Pearl Harbor in 1941....but perhaps we wonít have to go to war....perhaps justice can be served through legal means.

 Nothing but more karma is gained by more killing....especially if it can be avoided.

 However, every country....all people, have the right of survival.

And doing whatever it takes to preserve our Way of Life is valid.... 

However, getting back to 'images' revolving in our minds coming from what we see and hear and do.

Most of us cannot do anything directly, visibly to help solve the problems we are now facing. However, there is much we can do invisibly if we will make it our responsibility to wrap or enfold all those sad and terrible visual images of the Trade Center in Light, particularly in Violet Light. Then Call for the Christ Flame to flow in and begin to burn the hatred and pain out of what happened there.

The Process is to avoid hating or revolving what happened, as we do what we can do....Hating, even thinking about the situation will only add fuel (Energy) to the evil that caused misguided people to destroy so much, including their own lives that also held so much promise.

 Going into the Silence....enfolding everything in God Peace and Love will begin the healing process.

Simplistic but True!

 It is easier to hate when we are suffering, and so itís easy to see why there is so little Peace or Meaning or Joy in the Life of many individuals and many Nations. But hate has always led only to more hate and always will. That is also Simplistic but True!

 This is the time to believe that we can begin to turn negativity around simply by controlling our mind-set, starting to focus on what we really want in our Life and in the Life of all Nations.

 If for nothing more than our own good, we should want to do this.

For the 'Cosmic Law of Life' is that no one can escape the consequences of their actions...if we hate, hate will destroy us.

While Love and Peace bring their own reward. And sometimes that reward happens on the Other Side of the Veil. This if often true for those who serve God and Country in the Armed Forces.

All that goes on on this planet is often seen ahead of time by the Great Ones, who have to stand by and watch us destroy ourselves....They cannot interfere....But They can help if we call to Them....if we call to God.

For those who lost their physical bodies in last week's heinous attack on people of this and other Nations, we are assured that they were assisted by Angels, who knew ahead of time that they would need help as they left their bodies. And we are told that Angels accompany us to our new homes. And it is comforting to believe that!

 We are told that Angels were created to serve and care for Souls....that we each have many Angels close by us, doing what they can to guide and protect us...

helping us to be good people....Enlightened Souls

and being there for us when God brings us home.

 We are never alone....

and we never suffer unless pain is part of our redemptive plan

 which we always make for ourselves.

 Pain and suffering do not come from God,

 but from the human side of life. 

Getting back to the subject of Peace.

At the human level, we can think back to the times times when we didnít miss peace in our lives... especially those phases of our lives when we were focused on satisfying the human appetites....and our mind-set in those times seemed to make anything we wanted permissible.

 But eventually, anyone can get too much candy....too much pleasure....too many things....too much excitement....too much of everything human....and then when we look around and see that we have experienced enough of being 'just human'....probably to our detriment, mentally, emotionally and physically.

And wondering what is left to experience, we may look beyond our humanness. Glancing over the broad spectrum of humanity it is clear that there are those who will not ďlook beyondĒ. And that some prefer to wallow in the human nothingness. Some will even take out their boredom on their fellow men and women with destructive actions. 

But others, at some point in their lives, will feel the inward sense that there is Much More to Life than human pleasures and pains....and those individuals will begin their Spiritual Search for another level of Self.

 And eventually the question is asked ďwhat is our Natural State of BeingĒ and that question will always lead to the answer that ďJoy is our Natural State of Being.Ē And when we realize that we arenít feeling much joy, our search takes us into analyzing what the most missing ingredient is that prevents joy in our turns out that it isnít money, it isnít even health or relationships....what we miss most and what we need most in our lives is the Cosmic Vibration of Peace.

So thatís  simple enough....

And knowing that, we learn how to 'invite' and draw that Vibration into our lives....

and from then on we strive to make our every thought, feeling, action and spoken word Peaceful.

 And soon, we begin to manifest all that is needed for a successful human life. And if we are Spiritually motivated, we soon begin to experience those first feelings of Joy.

And it is then that we realize that Inner Joy is impossible without outer Peace.

We all seem to have to walk this path of discovery about ourselves and about what it is that makes human life worthwhile. And I have yet to meet a single person for whom 'lack of peace' in some area of their everyday lives has not been an issue somewhere, sometime.

It shows up in many the intuitive healer it shows up in cloudy, ugly colors in the Chakra System....which then become the traumatic physical, mental and emotional situations almost everyone is facing today to one degree or another.

 Enough 'lack of peace' allows one to think itís alright to slam a large airplane into tall buildings full of innocent people.  

There is no doubt in many minds that Peaceful Energy may mean the difference between health and lack of health, now or in the future....

wealth or lack of wealth, now or in the future....

peace of mind now or never.

 Thus in these programs I combine the Ideas of WHO WE REALLY ARE with Ideas of Cosmic Peace....because Peace is intrinsic to our development and progress, Body and Soul.

 It is more than just a nice sounding Idea.

Does anyone realize that without enough Peaceful Energy flowing through our bodies, and in the Energy that we are breathing in, we are just steps away from disintegrating, mentally, emotionally and physically. Just look around, listen to the commercials for health remedies, listen to the economic reports and political and religious debates.

 There is far too much in our physical world that is coming apart at the seams to doubt the need for Peace, the ingredient, most lacking in our lives. There is only one answer to ending wars and that answer is Peace....

the kind of Peace that is really Love.

Where there is no Peace, there will no Love.  

Once we sense WHO WE REALLY ARE, AS BODY AND SOUL, and we are ready to acknowledge that everything we do has consequences in both our human lives and at our spiritual levels of Being....then we will embrace Peace as our most important priority....

We will understand that Peace is essential to achieving our Natural State of Joyful Being.

If we arenít convinced of this, letís try this rational. First, we know that the Spiritual side of our lives is where our Power, which is our Life, comes from.

And we donít want too much Power in our lives, without a lot of Peace in our lives....for until we get our human thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken word under control, we may be empowering the very negative aspects of our lives that are responsible for our problems in the first place.

So, for our own protection we have to practice Peace in everything we think, feel, do or say as our first, most necessary Activity of Life. And the first part of the process is identifying what isnít peaceful about us.

Most of us donít see our unpeaceful aspects and that is probably because we are always justifying everything we do.....

we have reasons for being sad or angry....

for mistreating some part of life.....

we have our reasons...

.and that makes it OK....but not really.

 For Energy is always involved every minute of our existence....and we rarely think about this. And all the various ways in which we sow unpeacefulness, produces the harmful effects in our life and often in the lives of others. And our unpeacefulness doesnít stop there....that unpeaceful energy enters the stream of human consciousness and does affect the whole world.

And that is what many people do not understand.

 Someone will say, ďwhat I do only hurts meĒ and nothing could be farther from the Truth.....

for in Truth, we are all part of one single Organism, and what one does, affects all.

Think about those hijackers saying, ďwhat I do only hurts meĒ.

It is not rocket science to understand that we individually do make such a difference as we opt for Peace in our lives.....or that we each one play a part in everything that happens on Earth....and perhaps in Heaven, to.

Above all, let us remember to stay in the Light of God that never fails....for that is our protection....

and at the same time we will attract more Light to the Planet.