There is a Simple Logic to Life 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

These programs are dedicated to exploring Ideas....and one Idea I have focused on and described in various ways, is the manner in which Universal Energy flows.

 Let me describe my Sense of this.

 In regard to our human/Soul Selves, Energy flows to us, into us, from a High Source, having been stepped down in Power through various 'Channels' before It can enter the Earth Plane. Just like electricity from large power plants to smaller ones and finally through small lines that bring power into our homes.

As Cosmic Energy approaches the Earth Plane and before It enters these physical bodies, It passes into and through many Channels, the final one being our individual I AM Presence.

For purposes of giving Life to a physical body, a small amount of this Powerful Energy flows from the I AM Presence (again having been lowered in frequency) first into the 'Body' of Christ Energy that exists just above the physical body and from there, an even smaller Spark of this Cosmic Energy, anchors Itself in the body itself. I call this Bit of Godness, Soul.

The Christ Self is the 'Unit of Godness' that is the closest, immediate God-support for the Souls' Effort at all times.

Thus, a Spark of Powerful Cosmic Energy, stepped down in frequency,

 is then able to exist in a material (physical) body.

This becomes a human/Soul Partnership...

Man and God working together on Earth.

Through this combined and coordinated Effort of man and God-in-Action on Earth, all that is 'God-Designed' is accomplished.

Now one would think with the 'Power of God' directing and working with mankind, all would be Perfection on Earth.

And metaphysical history describes the Plan as working well in the Beginning. But we are told that at some point in our ancient History, a new 'ingredient' was added to the Plan that caused the focus of the Soul to shift away from the Original Plan of God. And experimentation with the ideas and desires of the human vehicle was introduced into the Life of the embodied Soul.....experimentation that continues into our day with the sad results we are now living with.

Thus, Souls became 'karmically' bound to the Earth Plane, coming and going on the Planet over eons of time. generally creating less Perfection and more human confusion. All of which has now to be cleaned up and returned to Cosmic Order.

 We are in That Time when all must be 'cleaned up'!

So now if we are to accomplish what we must accomplish in this 'clean up' effort, our human and Soul focus has to return to our Godness. And God-Peace is our priority....for It is the most needed Spiritual Ingredient in Life today.

Today humanity thinks of 'peace' as only cessation of mortal combat, individuals having little Idea what real Peace is. 

However, the Soul Knows.

 Thus, we must 'open the door again', turn our attention to our Soul Partner and let the Light flow in.

Working as a Partnership, the human being and Soul must now strive to improve and expand the physical Energy of the Planet until the Vibration will support Cosmic Peacefulness.

We are in the Process of returning to the Original Plan that will bring all Earth Energy into a State of God-Peace. God Peace is very High Energy. This is our Mission today.

 Perhaps you will you join me in saying,


Let’s begin by calling more Cosmic Peace in and around ourselves....

see that Peace as a tangible Substance....

 see it as intertwining, Sparkling Pink and Gold Light Particles.

 Holding that picture in our minds, we then see everything in our lives held within that Peaceful Vibration.

We can hold every aspect of our lives in the Pink and Gold Light of Peace....ourselves, our families...our home and business....our friends and country....

Finally, imagining the whole Planet enfolded in Cosmic Peace.  

Now around that picture re-enforce the Wall of Blazing White Light.

 Seeing that Wall of Light around our physical body,

 enclosing our Christ body and Higher God Presence.

We put this Wall of Protective Light around our families, homes

 and businesses, friends and country.

And take a moment to let that Idea become

 an Eternal part of our Consciousness.

 Now we send our Love and Appreciation to our I AM Presence

and to all Godness throughout the Universe, 

all the while, seeing those Particles of Opalescent Light, Pink and Gold,

 spiraling within the Wall of Light....

expanding the Light within every cell of our bodies.

Our minds are open to the Peaceful Heart and Mind of God

And we invite that Powerful Light to stream forth

 into our Hearts and Minds,

That we may become Channels for Christ Light and Illumination....

for God-Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.   

Some of the first Spiritual Ideas I remember hearing,

 as a very young person, was that “Life is so practical”

 and that I was to remember to be “consciously conscious”.

That last was explained to me then as meaning, that I was to learn to stay awake to what was happening in my life experiences, physically, mentally and Spiritually.

 And I have spent many years learning to truly understand those statements and many more years learning to implement them.

 I believe the most crucial aspect of living comes in around the awareness we maintain of what is going on within all levels of our lives and in the life of society around us.

Today it appears that very few people practice “awareness of any kind” personally, and even fewer appear to be aware of what is going on in the world or of the very great need for Peace on the planet.

Actually, few people appear to be aware or concerned about the unpeaceful state of their lives. Or of the value of peace in their lives. 

We get swept up in our daily routines of feeding and clothing ourselves and any others we are responsible for. Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time and resources, entertaining ourselves. And if we can’t maintain our health, time is spent in trying to heal ourselves.

As a people we spend very little time consciously desiring or working for, a more peaceful, balanced way of living....

rarely taking enough time to really quiet and rest our thoughts, feelings and actions....

rarely stopping long enough to “reach within our consciousness” and consciously connect with the Source of the positive and Creative aspects of Life.

Thus, we  leave ourselves unprotected and often without sufficient supply....not just of money or things, but of health, mental, emotional  and physical.

Today’s people seem to lack the understanding of balance in their lives....overburdening the visible physical and mental “getting side”....getting wealth, getting knowledge....

while neglecting the invisible, Spiritual “supply side”.

There does need to be balance....or we find ourselves tipping in whatever direction or path we are the further detriment of what is being neglected.

 So in today’s program I will pursue this avenue of thought and have titled this program

There is a Simple Logic to Life

        In these programs I’ve already talked about the importance of Balance.

 And for the most part, I’ve focused our thinking on balancing our Energy....

the Energy of the Three Fold Flame placed in our hearts

and the Energy of the Central Chakra System.

 Now today I want to focus on the balance of action needed in our physical, mental and emotional bodies and talk of how all that interacts with the Spiritual side of our lives.

In every program I talk about Peace....I believe all Energy on this Planet has to begin to return to a State of Original Peace and Purity before the Spiritual side of our lives can progress. 

Whatever is considered “good in the Eyes of God” comes out of Peace.

 Peace is one Facet of Love.

And if anyone wants to debate that, then I invite that one to describe the good that comes from wars, the good that comes from crime, the good that comes from the hating and fighting that goes on among individuals....I ask anyone to tell us about the good coming from the mayhem we read about in our daily newspapers, where we are regaled daily with the non-peaceful human insanity at work on this planet.

Do we ever ask ourselves if a little Peace and Love thrown into the mix of human emotions and attitudes might not paint a better picture....

It is something we all need to think about every time we are tempted to think, feel, or say something unpeaceful....

For everything we think, feel or say colors the Energy we all live in.

 At the end of every day we can ask ourselves if we colored the pure White Light with the Rainbow Rays of good intent and action....

or did we muddy the waters....

and ask ourselves this:

 At what point does the unpeacefulness at work in the our Energy or the Energy we all breathe in, day in, day out, cause some unstable individual to commit a horrible crime.

We are our brother’s keepers as well as being responsible for ourselves. 

Each week I share Ideas that will help us upgrade our Energy so that we are never become a part of any of the ungodliness going on at this time....or any other time.

Many of us are working to make warring among people and nations impossible in the outer physical affairs of mankind, doing our part to clean up our Energy while assisting in the clean up of all soiled human consciousness....we live our lives in soiled Energy. 

Now today I focus on another aspect of Peace....that of attaining personal Inner Peace. We live in a time, focused on frantic achievement....physically, mentally and even Spiritually. And if we are fortunate, within that endless effort, some of us do achieve a certain measure of success in one or several of those three levels. And if we are very fortunate, we come to experience a certain human happiness or contentment.

But rarely do we come to a state of Inner Satisfaction or Peace.

 I believe the reason for this may be that we haven’t understood the necessity for balancing the physical, mental and emotional and Spiritual Energy Levels of our lives.

 So here are additional thoughts on Balancing our Energy.

 We’ve talked about how Energy flows within our four Earth bodies. We understand how it is processed through what is called the Chakra System, a System of Spiritual Electrical Centers that function within us to move Energy through the various levels of both our human and Soul Activity. 

Have you ever noticed that there are a few people who seem to know the secret of personal peace. They may or may not have much in the way of the world’s wealth.

 They may or may not have an education....

may or may not do much in the way of heavy thinking...

and outwardly at least, they may or may not have appreciable interest in Spirituality....professing or not professing a religion.

They may or may not meditate or pray.

 And yet, they appear to have an Inner calm....a Peace of Mind...a balance of body, mind and Spirit at work within them. They have learned how to keep their energy balanced in all areas of their lives....both the visible and invisible..... 

So, some of the first Spiritual Instruction that came to me focused my attention on learning the importance of keeping my Energy in balance physically, mentally and Spiritually. At that time, I had only a limited Idea of what I needed to know or what I had to do to achieve that balance....but I kept that Idea in the front of my mind and little by little some of the secrets of Balance have evolved for me.

 My father used to talk to me about developing an Inner Peace so that no matter what happened to me or the world, I would be able to remain calm. And he said the kind of calm he was describing came from having my energy balanced in all levels of my being....not too much here, not too little there....and I knew he wasn’t talking about what makes us happy....that that is something else entirely. 

My father was teaching me that Inner Peace is a product of being able to experience the world, my world or the greater world, in such a way that no matter what was happening, though I might not like it....though I might not agree with it...still I could walk through any situation with my energy undisturbed. When he would see me get upset about something, he would say to me, “Never let your Energy get ruffled”. ...and I had some Irish temperament to cope with in those early days. So a large part of my growing process has been learning to remain calm in the midst of turbulent human Energy, mine and others, while consciously  “staying in the Flow of Universal Energy”.  

Over the years I often have sensed that many people, world wide, are going against the Flow of Universal Energy....and that they don’t know they are doing that.

 And so they don’t realize how they are impeding their own progress at every level of their lives.

 We are multidimensional Beings, and so we are always being affected at both the human and various Spiritual Levels by everything we do.

 Let’s review this....As humans we are four dimensional, consisting of mental, emotional physical and Etheric bodies. As Spirit we are an additional three dimensions....going from the Soul Spark anchored in our hearts that directs the human journey, to the Holy Christ Self just above, and beyond that dwells our God level Spiritual Self, that which  is called our I AM Presence. Thus we are, as pertains to this Earth Journey, a Seven Dimensional Stream of Life. And much more....but this much we'll talk about.  

The physical body's Central Energy System, that I have spent so much time describing, corresponds to those Seven Dimensions.

 All of these Energy Patterns are synchronized to work within a system of sevens....

There are the Seven Cosmic Rays that are directed by those we know as the Lords of the Seven Rays.

 And these Great Beings are under the direction of the Seven Mighty Elohim....which we believe to be some of the first individuations of Supreme Godness. 

But back to 'flowing with' or against the tide of Universal Energy.

 Since we are multi-dimensional, the Energy at all levels of our Being needs to be balanced if the machinery of our Lifestream is to function properly....

if we are to be physically well and supplied,

if we are to be mentally and emotionally well and responsibly involved with other life,

and if we are to be Spiritually connected to our Cosmic Life Line.

 The important bit of information here is knowing that we don’t want to invest more Energy in one department of our lives to the neglect of another. 

Thinking of it in a simplistic way we can describe the flow of Life this way. Cosmic Energy flows from some High Source. It flows out into the Universe. Its many Rays connect directly to Life all over the Universe. Some of It becomes the individuated God Sparks often referred to as our I AM Presence.

Each I AM Presence has a Mission here. It follows a specific Blueprint.....and it has to find ways to fulfill this Mission on Earth.

 And to Journey on Earth, the I AM Presence has to have some kind of physical vehicle that can withstand Greater Universal Energy, which has to be 'stepped down' to the vibration that works on Earth. In the  process the Energy of the I AM Presence flows into the receptacle of lesser vibration, which we know as our Holy Christ Self.

Then a Spark of that I AM Christed Mind, which I call Soul, takes up the task of fulfilling some part of the Earth Mission of the High God Self.

 A body is fashioned for each Soul’s foray into materiality....and it becomes the Soul’s responsibility, with the oversight and help of Its two high frequency Spiritual Forms, to develop a working relationship with a physical body and mind, for the purpose of putting Universal Energy to work on this planet. Thus, fulfilling a specific God Desire.

 This is as I said, a simplistic way to view us....we are a human/Soul Partnership and when our Energy is balanced, we do flow with Universal Life.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we are humanly intended to “go with the flow of Universal Energy?” It finally boiled down to the need to stay equally focused on four planes of being....the physical, the mental and emotional and the Spiritual sides of our lives. And there are consequences when we aren’t balanced in all those areas of our lives.

And the state of the world today is reflected in those consequences. 

So let’s talk about this and we’ll combine our mental/emotional aspects for this discussion. It is no secret that we people today spend most of our time and attention growing in the physical dimension. We have many physical experiences and manifest many physical things and we get involved in the physical world in many ways. If our energy gets too far out of balance at this level, we find ourselves constantly seeking more things, and hanging onto to life.

 We often have more problems and fewer answers because the answers come from our neglected mental body. We may well become one of those persons who will have more poverty, illness, accidents, failure and so on, as the years go by. 

If we over spend our Energy dollars on mental efforts we do develop more knowledge, but if we become overly mental, we definitely find something missing in our lives, and in our search for that missing ingredient, we find ourselves always seeking at the mental level....focused on more learning and education.

 Because we are living in our minds, we do have more answers, for answers do flow in through our minds. ...but we often do not know how to apply those answers, because we have insufficient experience in the physical side of our lives where all material things manifest....And we may then experience lack or even poverty through that level.

This can lead us to experience depression, fear, and guilt....we worry more....we know something is not working in our lives....but we go right on looking for the answers and getting even more involved in the mental realm...becoming more depressed as we go round and round in the same circle. 

Now if we have fairly equal growth in the mental/emotional and physical sides of our lives, we will experience greater happiness.....we are usually successful in solving problems in the mental department and physically able to develop a decent life style. But something may still be lacking. Perhaps we have left Spiritual involvement out of our lives. If we have we will continue to constantly search and seek for something else.... 

Now what happens if we get top heavy in Spirituality. If we put the majority of our Energy into growing in the Spiritual dimension, we have short changed the Energy needed to provide the material things we need in our know....the roof over our heads and the clothes on our backs....As well, we may have difficulty in putting our Ideas which originate in the mental dimension, into practical application.

 If we are spending nearly all of our time in prayer, in meditation, in seeking spiritual enlightenment we may be neglecting both the physical and mental/emotional  sides of our lives. And if we are doing that we may withdraw from the world, choosing to live in seclusion. Some of us may spend so much time saving the world that we forget to take care of ourselves and we end up in poverty and illness....thus becoming a burden rather than a blessing to life around us....let alone playing our part in implementing God’s Great Plan for this planet. We do each have a part to play in that.... 

All of my teaching and Inner guidance has always indicated that if I aspired to Peace in my life....either personal physical peace or the greater, Inner Spiritual Peace, it comes from balancing my Energy in each dimension of my physical, mental/emotional and Spiritual self.

Years ago I accompanied my husband to a Rotary Meeting at Lake Tahoe and the speaker of the day was a man by the name of Wally Minto....and I was fascinated by his take on this subject. So we attended one of his weekend seminars and bought one of his books and I want to quote Wally Minto directly on this subject of balancing the activity of our lives.... 

He says it this way: “It is very simple to control the physical, mental and spiritual growth in your life for your greater happiness and the balance needed for your peace of mind as you go through life. Whenever you find yourself in a period where you are hanging onto life, when life seems unfulfilled and a part of your life seems empty, then analyze the trip you are on.

Usually you will find out that you have been involved in just one dimension, either physical or mental or spiritual. If you have been on a mental trip, a trip of more knowledge or learning, more may end up with more worry and depression. IF that happens, then simply take some time to get involved in the physical world, Take a day and go hiking or fishing. Get out and work in the yard, mow the lawn, do some physical labor....and then balance that time in the spiritual dimension. Spend some time praying, meditating, seeking spiritual enlightenment and very quickly you will find your life in balance again and will enjoy living. 

“One method of accomplishing this balance is to always keep yourself involved in a project in each dimension. Perhaps your job is in the physical dimension, physical labor. Then you should also get involved in some project in the mental dimension.

 Get into some educational classes or set aside a certain amount of time each week for reading educational material.

 Get involved in some project that constantly expands your intellect.

 Become involved in projects that expand your spiritual understanding: reading, discussion groups, prayer, meditation, classes....whatever seems best for you as an individual.

 Constantly being involved in all three dimensions in this manner will keep your life in balance and you will experience peace of mind as well as happiness and joy. 

Keep this formula in mind: greater growth in any dimension....spiritual, mental or physical equals great happiness in that dimension. Balanced growth in all three dimensions equals peace and joy”. 

Now another aspect of this Idea. To attain happiness and joy and peace of mind, we have to understand the quality of the energy of each dimension which where understanding the chakra energy serves us. From that we know that the Spiritual energy has the most powerful vibration or frequency, the mental energy is less powerful and the physical energy is the least powerful. But each frequency is important in our human/Soul work and growth.... 

Wally Minto says it this way....”You may think you need to spend equal time in each dimension for equal growth. But because the Spiritual Dimension is the most powerful and the mental dimension is less powerful, you may spend minutes in the Spiritual Dimension and experience the same amount of growth that would take hours to experience in the mental dimension.

 And because the physical dimension is the least powerful, you may have to spend days in the physical dimension to have the same amount of growth. Because the Spiritual dimension is the most powerful, you may spend minutes in meditation or prayer and become aware of something that would take you hours in the mental dimension to understand and then take days in the physical dimension to act out. 

“Perhaps” he says, “ if we could get a better understanding of the oneness of these three dimensions we could better understand how the Spiritual Dimension is the most powerful. Even though the Spiritual Dimension, the mental dimension, and the  physical dimension are each separate Realities on their own, they all three occupy the same space at the same time and three come from the same source. You should understand this because many times the line that divides these three dimensions is so fine that it seems to be non-existent.”

 End of quote.

Well, different words....a little different take on the subject of the four dimensions of human/Soul relationship and reality but there it is....Wally says “all three”, but if we include the emotional energy, we can agree with him that all four occupy the same space at the same time and all four come from the same Source.

 And as we understand the seven levels of ourselves we understand his idea of dimensions. And understand how our mental and emotional Energy sheaths interpenetrate the physical body and how it is all connected by another sheath of Energy we call the Etheric body. We can see how indeed it all occupies the same space at the same time....and we know that all Energy comes from a single Source. 

And everything starts at the point of that Source and moves outward. Our individual Beingness begins with our I AM Presence

And all that Energy moves down through successive step-downs in vibration to where we consciously know ourselves....thus in thinking about the three levels of consciousness described above, we know that the Spiritual is the starting point, and it moves to the mental and emotional and then to the physical.            

Much Life is lived going against that natural Universal Flow of Energy. Modern life is taught and lived, going from the physical, to the mental and if we are fortunate, our lives will include Spiritual Energy. That is the cart before the horse that I so often describe.

 And usually one or more types of Energy predominate. Thus we have physical or mental people tending to neglect their Spiritual natures....and Spiritual people floating around on clouds, often neglecting their personal and social obligations. And the life of the planet reflects this imbalance today. 

Thus the need to understand balance and then begin to flow in the proper order of Universal Energy....initiating our days with God Energy....letting that flow into our minds, from there good Ideas will flow into our physical lives....this will help us to eliminate all lack of love and peace, while developing an understanding about how the Universe works.

Now we know the Reason for Seeking first the Kingdom.

 Our fact, our very existence and any future growth and certainly our happiness and peace of mind depend on it.

 So, each day we begin the Journey at the Point of Power and while living a normal full human/Soul life, we keep some of our attention focused there. Now we are going with the flow of Universal Energy.