Peace is Power

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Each week I come with a program that focuses on Ideas....mostly Spiritual Ideas. The Idea, dearest to my heart, is the one that Identifies each one of us as an unique Spark of God, the Spirituality at work in our lives. We strain to understand how God interacts with the human-us....we all look for answers....for we often feel “something more than human” at work in our lives.

 But how to define this very personal aspect of God’s specific purpose, or our purpose. And so throughout a very full, busy  life I never stopped asking these questions, while enjoying the comforting, helpful sense of Spirit by my side. I just called it God. 

I had never found a satisfactory definition of Soul, but suddenly I found myself calling this Spirit Energy, my Soul. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed right.

Years went by, and I became more and more conscious of a Partnership between the human-me and my Soul....of human mind and Soul Mind working together. And ever since I’ve spoken of my human/Soul Partnership and believe in this Spiritual process at work in our lives.

It acts, more or less, as we give I recognition, We activate It by using it. For me It is the difference between groping in the darkness....and living in the Light. I believe if all people will embrace this Idea it can mean the difference between war and Peace in our lives.

So...join me again in saying...


Now before, we get into the program, let’s take this moment to see ourselves in our quiet peaceful place.

We’ll ask for more White Light to reinforce the Wall of Light we are building around ourselves....

we’ll ask for more Christ Light and Love seeing it flow into our bodies and auras....

we’ll ask for more Love, Forgiveness and Mercy in our lives and in the lives of people everywhere....

we’ll ask for more Peace and see it cover over anything that does not serve God....

we’ll call forth another wave of Gold Light from our Christ Selves to clean out and energize our Chakra systems....

and further empower the human/Soul relationship. 

Now, we wrap ourselves in a blazing Golden Light from out God’s Heart,

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

and invite Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become  Channels for Light and Illumination....

Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.  

Today’s program is titled, PEACE IS POWER.

And I begin by thinking through the puzzling things we people do....or don’t do....that deny us, both personally and as a society, the Power of Peace.

As always, my mind goes right to the subject of all the violence and fighting and warring on this planet....

everywhere we look, people are bickering and fighting, in small and large ways.

There is constant conflict among individuals and among nations,  with weapons and with words....usually, cruel or selfish words....legally, economically, politically, within families and religions....and always, it is cruel and self defeating.

Then my thoughts turn to Peace, for long ago I decided that there is no way out of the warring drama being played out on earth today except through a loving Peace....the peace that has to start with each one of us.

 It has always been clear to me that when we can stop shooting and yelling at each other, learn to accept each other and respect each other, when we can get down to communicating civilly and respectfully, about the important aspects of Life, eventually we will end up Loving each other.

All Mystical Teaching tells us that Peace is a primary facet of Cosmic Love. We are taught that Cosmic Love, which is the Highest Vibration of Supreme Beingness, is only reached through avenues of personal Peace and Purity. 

I look out on the world and see very little personal human Peace or Purity or Love let alone the higher Frequency of Cosmic Peace and Purity and Love. I see many people on the planet struggling to “get ahead”...

.knocking each other over to get there first....

blaming everyone else for their problems....

expecting someone to take care of them

. On the other hand many others are Awakening and struggling to figure out what’s going on and looking for Answers, real answers.....which is the reason for this weekly radio program.

I see humanity struggling to understand and solve yet, using nothing but the power of the human brain....which at best is limited. As yet, few have activated sufficient Soul Power in their lives to stem the tide of human consciousness at work, in all our daily lives.  

We have talked of the sense of change.....we have identified it as cyclic change....and said it is at work all over the Planet. Many are not sure of the direction this change of cycles is taking us.

The Mystical Thinking is that we are experiencing an Energy Explosion....both an explosion of expanding Spiritual Energy, as well as the disruption in our personal and world wide situations, as the dross is being burned out and New Energy is flowing in.

This is affecting many is the “working out” of all that history that records how smart we can be and how destructive we can be. Most of us have some understanding of karma....realizing it is the cause and the effect factor coming out of our good and not so good efforts. 

As we study history and look at all the disruptive situations playing out in people’s lives, it’s not hard to surmise that large numbers of  humanity have been replaying the same human insanity over and over again, for thousands of years, and continually reaping the results.

Do we ask ourselves “why do this” to ourselves?

The answer has to be that we don’t know that we are out of alignment with Basic Spirituality.

 So, let’s define Basic Spirituality.

My belief system says that Basic Spirituality does not come out of any one religion, any one church, cult or creed.....

rather that Basic Spirituality begins first with our understanding

 that this is a Universe guided by Love and Divine Wisdom

and therefore by a Supreme Power

 to which we owe our allegiance before all else.

And then 'my system' focuses our attention on learning to listen to the Inner Promptings of that Power in the Form of our Soul, Who is always talking to us....

always trying to get the human mind to understand that WHO AND WHAT THE HUMAN VEHICLE IS


 work through our duties here on Earth.

 Basic Spirituality defines WHO WE REALLY ARE...helping the human-us put aside all selfish desires, teaching us to work within a kind and loving framework of Earth Activity.

Basic Spirituality teaches us that THE REAL US IS A SMALL  SPARK OF POWERFUL GODNESS. Soulness is One Expression of that Individuated Spark of Primal Godness. In the physical setting it translates as the Mind of God, available and waiting to be called upon by the human being....for in Truth, it is the Work of the Soul to guide our human lives, within any personal setting....anywhere within society, within any organized church, political or economic situation....within everything we do humanly, the Soul is supposed to lead the Way.

There’s is much for the awakening mind to think about here.

 Finding a compatible Spiritual group may be helpful to the initial learning process. Strangely we seem to need the Teaching that tells us we are not in this human scene alone and that we have right within us, as well as beyond, all the Direction of our own and other Spiritual Minds.

While there are people who don’t care and don’t want the Help of Spirit, most of us do look for all the Spiritual Direction available.

 I need to touch on one sad point here....

 The human being, whose Spark of Light is nearly out, whose Soul has withdrawn, is truly in a bad way and is a danger to himself and to his community. All we have to do is to look at all the historical records or read the newspapers for a commentary on all the current human atrocities....let alone cruelty to animals and destruction of the environment. In this we see godless human nature running amuck....individuals without Spiritual Guidance.

Godlessness is the greatest danger we face, for it is without conscience or caring

....while within the Energy and Mind of any level of Godness, we find all the Virtues that separate the cruel animal man from the sublime, Spiritualized man. 

Hopefully we soon realize that our human ability is totally dependent on the Ideas and Knowledge coming from a Source more Sublime than the human mind. We do realize that, don't we?

I realize that this is not the popular Idea of our day.

A large percentage of mankind has embraced humanism rather than Spirituality and by doing so, having free will and choice, is automatically propelling itself onto a sadistic treadmill leading to self destruction.

 Watching TV or reading some of the magazines or newspapers one gets the impression that much of the human race is prepared to wantonly destroy itself and nothing would suit it more than to take along as many others as possible.

 We are faced with not only a sad state of affairs, but a dangerous one.

And all caring individuals must awake to the need of the hour.

 Each one of us is needed in calling for Peace on this Planet.

We must ask that God Peace smother all non-Peace wherever it comes from.

We all need to figure out what we can do to assist the Spiritual Hierarchy to stop all dreadful, negative Energy of killing and hate.

The garbage of the centuries is what causes the pressure of fear and distrust people all over the world feel in their lives.

The answers to any personal or world problem, begins with awakening the human mind to the fact that there is a problem.

It is amazing how many people haven’t a clue that anything is wrong.....

that anything ungodly is going on, visibly or invisibly, behind the scenes of just about every human activity.

 Since getting acquainted with a modern computer, I find myself comparing the current human brain and mind to a computer with limited hard drive that is often running poorly with old and worn out soft ware. Any new software or Idea, can’t be integrated because the mind is full of old dead stuff....a lot of old unnecessary information that needs to be gotten rid of ....that old hard drive needs to be that now, new Information can come in, bringing with it new levels of awareness to an individual’s life. 

By now you know that I look at everything through a Spiritual lens.

 And so I think the human mind and brain was designed to be the Servant of the Soul Mind. That always there was to have been a Partnership of man and God on Earth.

 But for a very long time the Soul has not been allowed to put New Information on the human hard drive, and so old outdated information keeps spinning in the brain, spinning round and round in circles causing, increasingly, more human confusion.

What we appear to have at work on Earth at this time is a fragmented system of beliefs. We have humans denying the existence of a Supreme Being....others who don’t how to access the help and Guidance of God....and then there are the others who are clearly on a Spiritual Pathway. But even then there are many divisions within those two of us being able to agree, due to all the various religious  orthodox views, as well as personal views, experiences and levels of understanding.

Again, as I read and study the words of authors old and new, study the predictions of prophets, old and new, it is easy to see the old human tapes being replayed,

 old information being relied upon,

 old lies about man and God being repeated

and in the process, strengthening beliefs in old worn out stories.

It is a picture of mankind going round and round on a merry go circles, never spiraling higher....just round and round.

 Energy moves in circles.

When Energy is going somewhere, it moves in spirals. If it is Spiritually directed it moves in ascending Spirals. If the human mind and emotions are directing that energy, it may or may not be moving upward....right now, human energy as a whole is struggling to stay out of a downward spiral. 

Energy moving, either in circles or spirals is interesting to think about....for as it moves it magnetizes to itself more of whatever Energy it touches in its journey.

Thus we have history repeating itself....

over and over, endlessly repeating itself.

And there is a lesson here for us.

 Very little about history is appealing. Human barbarism is the most apparent attitude and most repeated insult to God. And it is at work in almost all of recorded history. It is at work today. Do we really want to repeat that endlessly?  

Over eons of time, many avenues of Spirituality have been developed to turn our attention back to a Creator keep us focused on what is important in our lives.

Have we ever wondered why Spirituality really is important to us in a very practical human sense?

 Do we doubt that what we call Our Source....our the Source of all the Power/Energy in human life. Look at it this way. Let’s say that the human is a specially built machine for the use of some level of Godness on this planet. And Whoever built this Machine has to provide the Power to make it run. Otherwise it is never empowered. Or eventually, its gas tank runs dry....and then what?


There are two levels of Life responsible for making sure that the 'gas tank' never runs dry...

.one is the human level which has been provided with a very good brain and mind, programmed to understand its Spiritual that at some Level of Consciousness, we are meant to know where to go for Spiritual Fuel. The unconscious human being has no excuses for its behavior, past or really does know better than to engage in godlessness.

We have always been plugged into the Source of the Power needed to run the human vehicle....that Connection is our Soul Partner.

 Thus the human/Soul Journey has always been under the Direction of 'God'. But when the human disconnects from the Soul, it disconnects from the Source of its Power, 'God'. The tank finally runs dry and the vehicle is stopped dead in its tracks.

 That’s the sad story of the human body.

 The sadder story is that the Soul, the Conscious Spark of God Mind and Heart, that had intended to use that body to accomplish God-Work on this planet, now must make other plans. 

Now millions of scholarly and religious words have been written and thousands of opinions offered or forced on people, about God and us and the purpose of it all.

I have read at least a million of them...rarely finding a completely satisfactory Idea. Always there is something missing.

  So there came a time for me, after reading and studying and mulling it over for years, I said “enough”....I have to figure this out for myself.

I threw out the ecclesiastical and philosophical, scientific and scholastic debates about God and us.

 I sent a Petition Heavenward for Answers.

 I asked for The Bottom Line Truth!

. And then I began to write every Idea that came into my mind until, finally one day, I wrote something very much like the words that begin this Essay today.   

Then having reached a certain Level of Thought, many Ideas of our human/Soul Partnership flowed in and I was shown how the Two Levels of Life were meant to work together here on this Planet. And it all began to make Perfect Sense to me.

 I saw how the physical body is the Temple of the most High God.

I saw the worth of the Body as the necessary and important and beautiful Vehicle for the use of a Spark of Godness.

I saw how the Soul needs a physical body in order to get its work done on earth. So simple. So straightforward.


So now here we are at a major turning point of cycles in the history of the Planet and of the complement of people who go to work everyday on this Planet. And still all the controversy about our past and our future rages on through all the different avenues of both religious and non-religious thought.

 I wonder when we will be fed up with all the nonsensical controversy that keeps people at each other’s throats....and keeps them from ever KNOWING WHO THEY REALLY ARE AS SOULS....

FROM KNOWING THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL SPARKS OF GOD LIGHT AND MIND at work in a physical body while on earth....

and fully alive as Spirit, with no body at all'

 or fully alive in any other kind of appropriate body while elsewhere in the Universe.

 Some of humanity are terrified of death....the human not wanting to give up its physical identity or body.

Others are comfortable with just the present physical side of life and could care less about what comes next, not thinking about what comes next, for in fact, they don’t believe in any life after death.

I was shown how the Spark of God that is our Soul is a Continuous Filament of Life and we, fully Conscious of Our Soul-selves, as well as  all Higher Levels of Ourselves, how we, the same Bit of Personality and Purpose, go on and on forever.

 I wonder why that isn’t a more comforting and logical way to view Life..... taking away the fear of physical death. Except perhaps for those who haven't taken the time to 'live Life well'.

There is another important point to touch on. Today there are hundreds of Spiritual groups on the planet....and it might be wise to  find ways to integrate their lives and Beliefs and work together to further God’s Plan for the Planet and for the Souls who embody here....for there is strength in numbers.

 I can see the human reasoning of protectiveness and exclusivity...but those reasons are no longer valid. 

Unity is what the Spiritual Powers need today if the dark energy is to be eliminated by Light.

It is time to upgrade the old hard drive in our brains and add new Unity Software, programmed with the Information needed today. We need to get rid of any old software that is still playing the old tapes through our brains. We need to allow 'New God-Information' to take the place of the old human stuff clogging our memories. 

This will allow us to progress beyond our present human mind-set.

In this radio series, I’ve shared many Ideas about how we can clear out dirty energy and worn out, unneeded  ideas or memories, doing this through clearing our chakras.

 We've talked about how we can bring in fresh powerful clean Energy from Higher Levels of Our personal God-selves, as well as all the Help available from Mighty Beings Who are always ready to assist and suggest.

It is really very easy to bring in the New Information the human/Soul Partnership needs to get its work done....doing it through updating and recharging the brain with New Information which then becomes capable of integrating the New Christ Understanding of Life. It is our human 'understanding' we have to work on if we are ever to comprehend the Needs of God





Humanly we MAY NOT YET BE AWAKE TO THIS....but as Souls we know the necessity of 'God and man' working together to do what the Higher Beings have in mind for this Planet and for the Life evolving here.

 Now, if we can get our acts together, allowing the Soul and human minds to share Knowledge, we can work together. That’s how we are supposed to work.

And the Soul Spark, a direct connection to our Christ Self, to our I AM Presence, to all levels of Godness above and beyond, is the Perfect Conduit to bring in all the Power/Energy needed to begin the New Process of Peace on this Planet. 

If we start to question how God’s original Plan for us went astray.... we should think better of it.

For you see, that’s one of the ways we get off the asking “why and when and how”, letting our attention go backwards.

 Instead, always we focus our Life Force forward....we need always to be looking forward.

Having learned whatever we needed to learn from experiences of the past, we are to process all our Energy from now on, through Cosmic Fire, we are to clean I up, expand It and use It again and again at ever higher Spirals of human/Soul Activity.

 Do we understand what happens when we replay old events over and over again in our minds and emotions, often forces the old Energy patterns to replay themselves over and over again in our present and even into our future.

 Instead we need to know how to use the 'delete button' to erase the causes, effects, records and memories of past thoughts, feelings and actions to keep them from repeating in our present lives? Do you see how we force history to repeat itself?

I ask you all to please think deeply on this.

The health of our lives and of the Planet depends today on our getting this right.

 Think about this ...almost everything we think about, or read about or hear about....almost everything we talk about among ourselves is something that HAS happened, an hour ago, a day ago, a week, a month a year, a thousand years....ten thousand years....we never let go of it....we revolve the past ad nauseum. Think of all the TV programming that does this.

And if we aren’t propelling ourselves backward, we generally aren't making the effort to move forward.

 Yes, we need to know about our past...but only to “know about it” and then let go of it....unless we want it to come back to haunt us. And certain people want to live in the past.

 But a study of metaphysical history gives us a glimpse of some great evolving Plan....

of Energy circling, and spiraling....

of Energy spiraling a notch higher, age after age....

bringing more Cosmic Consciousness and Understanding to the Life Forms evolving here.

The study of philosophy shows  growth coming from within the human form. We understand that Cosmic Energy is continuously flowing in and out of the human vehicle, updating the Information within the entire Energy System of the Body. While we have been sleeping, 'God' has been developing a smarter Body, one that has the capacity to think for itself....and unfortunately, in many instances, the mind within the Body has taken over...further pushing aside the Soul Mind.

 Do you think this is a fanciful Idea?

I invite you to think about it......let it play through your mind....see how much of your Life is directed completely by what your human mind wants or thinks is right or wrong.

 Then think about how that mind can’t work its way out of serious problems And how in its thrashing around for answers, finally pulls out of its memory bank some information about some Higher Power that is supposed to be there when Help is needed.

 Somewhere in the internal workings of the human mind, the Knowledge is programmed in about the Truth of Life.

The human should never have any problem recognizing the Voice of Its Soul Occupant and Partner.

But for a long time, the human mind has simply refused to listen and in doing so, has lost not only it’s Connection to the Voice of God within....

but also along the Way it has lost its Knowledge and Sense of Human Importance in the Mighty Scheme of Life.

So it is no wonder the human being can accept the idea that it is a sinful, human creature.

And that is really so sad.

 So from today forward...I ask you to join me in this exercise

It is that we see our human selves only as the Sacred Receptacle through which Godness lives, moves and speaks on Earth....