The Future is Here # 2

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Welcome to this program about Spiritual Ideas.....specifically Ideas about WHO WE REALLY ARE.... Ideas about our Purpose as both BODY AND SOUL.

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, many of us are searching for the more Mystical Truth of Life....for that One on One Relationship with both the 'God' of our Being as well as more Understanding of the 'Greater Godness of the Universe' We are looking for practical 'Reasons for Being'. We are looking for 'meaning'.

 In this program I share thoughts and Beliefs about WHO I THINK WE REALLY ARE. I like to say “we are not animals to be clawing and scratching at each other....but, rather, we are DIVINE SOULS embodied in these physical bodies.    

In this program I want to look at both the positive and negative states of 'mind, emotion and body' of humanity world wide. There’s much that can be improved....people, in general, can often choose more constructive Ways of Life.

Always in these programs I speak of Peace as being the Way out of Chaos....

and about our need to work first for Peace of mind, emotion and action in our own lives....

for our sake and the sake of the whole of humanity.

We can do this by being willing to develop both the human and the Spiritual sides of ourselves....

by understanding that we individually create our own heavens and hells by our behavior and attitudes.

That we become Peaceful by cooperating with Great Creative Principles,

 learning about Them and using Them to bring about all the good we dream of.

Some of us Dream of Peace on Earth....

won’t you join me today in saying



In this program again titled The Future is Here, we talk about prophecy....especially about those predictions surrounding our time....

We begin by asking, 'how does one prepare for the future that is merging with the present ?'

 'What is it we are preparing ourselves for?'

 Mystics believe we are headed for some Cosmic Restructuring of Planetary Energy....a Resurrecting and Spiritualizing of the Energy of this planet and all Life there-on.

 This sounds right to me and is in line with my thinking around raising the vibration of our Energy in all we all we  all we feel....raising the Energy of the words we speak to a higher frequency....creating a more pure form of sound.

And that we begin to let our lives stand for something other than satisfying our human desires.

 And that we let our Souls into these human lives because, like many I feel “ it is the time”....

and because we need God-input in our lives at this time, perhaps more than any other time in our history on this planet.


Whatever we are preparing for, whether it’s a physical event or an invisible change in the Energy in which we live our lives, it does appear that we are all in this together. Whatever it is, it is happening all over the everyone and everything. There is an evolutionary Force, A Cosmic Light that is sweeping across the planet, moving through each one of us.

 If we will accept It, believe in It, cooperate with It, I believe we will be transformed, BODY AND SOUL.

Today we are being offered the choice to evolve out of the old human and religious Ideas of ourselves, out of any unproductive Ways in which we are presently living our lives.

We have been presented with Expanded Spiritual Ideas and we can choose to allow ourselves to grow with these new Concepts. That will allow us to ride the Cosmic Wave bringing an extraordinary Evolutionary Transformation of the Life of the Planet.

And it is already happening.

 It is happening to each one of us....whether we are aware or not. We are all invited to this Party of the Ages and it is hoped that we will show up. 

 Many of us who have been intrigued with prophecy and who have taken time to look into the prophecy of many peoples.....those who read the words of the great Philosophers and Prophets of the Ages, know certain happenings are predicted, particularly, at this time.

Many sense they are participating in a long awaited time. And sense it has something to do with the human race waking up....

getting its act together....

putting aside all that works against Spiritual Evolution.

 And this is the current challenge....and how we respond to this challenge will decide the future of each one of us, BODY AND SOUL.....and our decisions will affect the Fate of Humanity....and the Planet itself.

 From all my reading....and from an intuitive sense, I believe  we are now in a crucial  period ....(year 2001 to 2012) which something Spiritually transformational will try to happen....

and I am here to add my Voice....

to add my Energy to what I feel is God’s Desire and Plan for us, asking each one of us to become a Peaceful Force on this  planet....

a Collective Spiritual Peaceful Force so powerful,

that no longer will it be possible for what we call Evil to wreak its havoc on us or the longer will it be possible for this Cosmic Transformation to be delayed or side tracked by forces that do not want it to happen. Much depends on each one of us.

 In previous programs I’ve spoken about how 'science' in our day commands the attention of the human it has replaced Intuitive reasoning and Belief in the minds of many people.....

particularly those with a lot of modern education....

particularly in the minds of those who have denied their Source....

who think the human is capable of running the whole show.

 So today, prophecy and intuition do not rank high in the agenda of most scientists and their friends and followers.

 Both prophecy and intuition often deal with a future happening....or a happening around a certain situation....which if it doesn’t come in right on cue, discredits the whole idea.

 What is generally not understood is that prophecy will change as the Energy around that certain situation changes for better or for worse. How something is perceived today does not preclude that it will be seen to be different tomorrow. It will depend on the forces playing upon the subject of the prophecy.

And this gets us back to the importance of our thoughts, feelings and actions.....since all that we do, exerts some force, for good or evil, on life around us or on life to which we have projected our thoughts, feelings and actions. Thus, we play a part in the general Life of humanity. 

When we deal with either prophecy or our own intuition in regards to our own lives, we have to remember that whatever happens to us, the present always includes chains of events, we, the human and Soul, have set into motion sometime, somewhere. And this chain of events is directly related to how we have applied God Laws to our Lives.

We are told that nothing can happen by chance....that lives today and each one's destiny, is exactly the sum total of how we have spent our Energy dollar.

Did we constructively spend those Cosmic Dollars, generating something good for ourselves and the people of the earth? Did we mis-spend that Energy.....hating or hurting someone?

Prophecy is always based on how Mystics have read the Energy of the planet at a given time....And  accordingly predicted events.

In our day we have all kinds of prophetic utterances of past and present based on what the prophet read in the records of the Earth’s Energy.

It is important that we understand that no prophecy, old or new, has to happen. And that all of it may happen.

What makes the difference, changes the equation, depends on each one of us. What happens everyday depends on what we believe and how we act on the Belief.

It depends on where we place our faith and the human or in the God Power of the Universe

 It depends on what we do minute by minute in our daily dealings with our fellow men and women.

And in the case of negative prophecy, all depends on what we are willing to do reverse or upgrade that prophecy.

 It is vital to understand that we all have had an impact on today’s happenings and will have an impact on tomorrow’s.

 All that happens has always depended on the way we use our Energy. Our Energy is the catalyst, the cause and effect.....through our intentions, our beliefs, our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we make events happen....or not happen.

It becomes a question of 'when will we realize that the human and Soul working together, have a job to do on this planet?'

 If we are in alignment with God’s Plans, those Plans are working out through the Spark of God Consciousness that is the Soul at work in each physical body. This is a human/Soul Partnership and is the Channel for Spiritual Energy to come to Earth.

 Life or Energy flows into our Etheric sheath through the Energy Center at the top of our heads. The physical, mental and emotional bodies use It and we automatically send it out into the world through everything we do, imprinted with our unique vibration, where our Energy becomes part of the stream of human consciousness.  

We all live in this accumulation of humanly qualified or colored Energy....and so, we can see that it contains the common, collective Consciousness of all through whom it has passed.

We people are all breathing in and living in the same human Consciousness. ....filled with the cumulative total of whatever each one of us has let flow from us....good or bad.... in the form of our actions, our thoughts, our feelings and through our spoken words.

Now, take a moment and think about this....think about the averaged Consciousness of the people of this planet. Think about what happens to Energy that comes into us individually, Pure White, clean as the driven snow....

and what happens to It as negative thoughts, feelings, actions and all those nasty, mean spoken words pass through it....

changing its color and vibration....

and realize how we all have done it,

and how we are all in this human soup together....

how we are all living, together, in a foul fog of soiled energy.

This human level of Consciousness pervades our lives and because we are not focused on where the Pure Substance comes from....because we are not focusing on drawing the Pure Energy into our lives and protecting ourselves from the lower vibrations....we draw our ideas about Life from this low-level human energy. That’s all we know....because we have shut out the Spiritual Truths....

This is the way most people of the planet live their lives.

But we are never without choices and answers....or without protection against human consciousness.

 Which is why I encourage everyone to keep a Wall of Christ Light around yourselves. Any amount of Light we draw around ourselves will help us screen out the harmful effects of negativity in Energy, which is all the less than beautiful thoughts, action, feelings and ideas.

With a determined effort we can build Christed Protection around our bodies and Auras....around our families, homes and businesses....around our country....where low level consciousness cannot enter and Spiritual Consciousness can find a home.

This brings us back to our free will....and the recognition that it is time to stop making excuses for what we do or don't do....or expecting someone to rescue us from our human fog. In this period of time, we are expected to do for ourselves, using the information we have been provided ....we are expected to make the right choices based on New Information.

    Now, let’s take this moment, to work on the process of extracting ourselves from and protecting ourselves from, both the energy and ideas that exist in the humanly qualified layers of energy that surround us.

 We’ll begin by creating a barrier to human consciousness by adding another layer of Blazing White Light to the Wall of Invincible Protection we have been placing around ourselves,

 knowing by doing that, we are Sealing ourselves and our entire lives, in that Light.

 With determination, we close the door to all outside human activity that does not serve us at any level of our being.

Now, in this moment of meditation, as we are standing or sitting in the Silence of this Lighted Sphere, let us see and feel the Power of the Light that is pulsing under our feet and flowing far over our heads.

Let us ask to be filled with even more Christ Love and Peace, which is  Loving Energy of the Heart of God.

We visualize a beautiful Violet Light flowing into and around us, spiraling within our chakras and auras...

Now, we open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and

 invite the Light of God that never Fails to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That all may become channels for Light and Illumination....

for Peace, Healing and Love

To descend to earth. 

The Journey out of human darkness into the Light of Soul Knowledge can seem difficult....

It is an effort of our human/Soul Will and Determination to choose a more enlightened Way of Living.

It’s a Process of first desiring a better Way of Life, then of earning the right to have a Better Way of Life by following human and Spiritual Rules for Moral living....doing the right thing....until we come to the Level of Consciousness where we automatically sense the Higher Truths.

It's a Process of practicing the Spiritual Approach, to the best of our ability, in all we do as we live our lives. Very quickly there comes a sense Illumination, a sense of having raised of our Consciousness,  gradually understanding our own Connection, Body and  Soul with all that is Truth.  

Why is this important?

The answer brings us back to prophecy....and the new Millennium and the Spiritual Energy flowing onto the Planet at this time which may be too powerful for those who haven’t made the effort to prepare themselves for it.

All prophecy about this period of time identifies the year, 2001, as a time of great Purification.

 Purification is about many things, and It happens in many ways and within many areas of our lives.

But now we are interested in the Purification of our personal Energy and the Energy of the Planet as a whole.

I believe that is where all Purification must begin in order to defeat negative prophecy and to bring in a Prophecy of Hope.

We purify all Energy within and around us first....we access Pure God-Energy.

That simple act will allow God’s Will....God-Consciousness to lead us to  a Realization of our Divine Soul Nature.....teaching us the Way to expand both our human and Soul Knowledge and Power in order to allow the Body and Soul Energy to do the work needed to be done on Earth at this time....

And in time will assist each Soul Spark to progress upwards (in Consciousness and Energy) where It will connect again with its Source when its work on Earth is completed.

 In previous talks I’ve said that I believe that we are undergoing a process of the “upgrading” of our Mystical terms, it is an Initiation caused by Spirals of Higher Consciousness coming into every level of our lives.

Light expands in all the Chakras, allowing us to have the experiences of that Chakra at continually Higher Levels of Consciousness within that particular Energy Vibration.

 In Sept. 2001 astrology projected the concern of increased solar storms that were expected to release intense bursts of  ultra-violet radiation. Ultra violet radiation is the color associated with the Brow Chakra....the seat of Christ Consciousness. The question among many people, scientists as well as Mystics, is how much of this High Radiation can the unprepared individual handle?.

And so one of my Purposes here will always be to help each one clear away any darkness from their Energy, anywhere in the four earth bodies. Anyone can do this using the information I have prepared on the Energy System. There are six programs on that subject....six very important programs.    

And why is this all important? Well, close to home, it is our human/Soul well being that is at stake as a starter.

 But then my Belief is that soon war is not going to be allowed....certainly not as the New Age dawns.

And people who will not give up war, personal and nationally, will soon leave the planet, by one means or another.

 I believe that a high level of Peaceful Energy must be developed by the Soul as we move into the Energy of the New Age.

That Peaceful Energy is dependent on raising our Consciousness, which we accomplish through cleaning all darkness out of our Energy. If we fail to do that, that dark, dirty energy will be our undoing.

We must give it up and in doing so, call for fresh clean Spiritual Energy to flow into our Chakras. Now our human minds will be open to Voice of our Soul Partner. We will begin to understand our Divinity and realize WHO WE REALLY ARE and through that Understanding Peace makes war impossible on this Earth.

 But as long as our animal natures have the upper hand, life will continue to be a jungle out there....survival of the fittest and most cunning.

As we let our Souls out of the closet and Spirit is allowed to participate in the human arena, we won’t need as much government, we won't need or allow restraining fences to be put around every area of our lives.

 We ordinary people, with expanded Soul Vision and Consciousness, will pull out of Heaven, through our Soul Connection, all the Knowledge we need to make Life work beautifully here on earth.

No more energy crisis....

no more pollution and chemicals in our foods and water....

no more food more health problems.

 WHEN WE KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE AND ARE OPERATING IN THAT MIND-SET, we will fulfill our human/Soul Potential with full Understanding that we can make the difference,

we can determine our own Pathway.....

which is unique and completely special for each one of us.

 And no one should be interfering with our progress.

In the study of the Great Pyramid, much information has emerged that more than validates any mystical thoughts on all these subjects. The study of the mysteries of the Pyramid have helped me understand the immensity of the God Idea that is this planet and the task of the Souls embodied here to bring this Idea to fulfillment. In a book called, BEYOND PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS there is a description of a chart drawn up for the last “predictive” date of the Great Pyramid which was September 17, 2001.

Three themes indicating a magnetic change in our relationship to the sun, which could fulfill Edgar Cayce’s prediction of a pole shift.

  Another indication of the final stages of returning karma, which might indicate purging through war.

 And finally, the possibility of some major planetary initiation.....with no indication of what that might be.

I write these thoughts prior to September 17, which time I have no clue as to how that prophecy will unfold....and you are either hearing or reading these words after that date and you will know in what way any of that prophecy has been fulfilled or altered...

But I am so sure that catastrophe can be averted by the millions of sincere decrees and prayers of many people and organizations. Those calls to God for forgiveness and intercession will not go unheeded.

 But beyond that, we wait.

 People have to be awakened and so, we wait to see what God has to do to open the minds and Hearts of human beings who have thus far denied or resisted His Presence in their lives....

to open the minds of those who have mistaken idea of Godness.

 The Powers of God have to use some method to ignite the Sacred Fire in the human/Soul relationship. There has to be a way to bring the Minds of Heaven and Earth into Unity within humanity. This is the only way if people are to survive and then progress in this New Age of more powerful Energy.

 For the past hundred or so years, Powerful Teaching has been going forth, teaching us how we can begin to attune ourselves to the Incoming Energies....and it all starts as we learn to control the way we use our Energy, paying attention to our every thought, feeling and action as we work to clean up the Energy in our four earth we call in and around ourselves more of the Highly charged Spiritual Energies.

 That is our only protection against whatever may happen as the Planet moves on its appointed round within its own Destiny. The Planet....the Powers of Nature are beginning to shed the darkness of human consciousness and this may cause calamity for some or many.

 But remember, Peaceful, Loving energy does not result in calamity!


Astrological records indicate that this is time for the Planet to again enter the Aura, or Energy Field of what we call the Great Central Sun. All matter will vibrate with a more powerful Frequency as this occurs.

 And as this happens,  gradually the Earth and all Life thereon will emerge from the age of darkness into the New Age of Light, bringing with it Peace.

The Universe was created in perfect harmony....any darkness left on the planet, caused by human or Soul disobedience to moral laws of either man or God, will be dissolved and consumed by Powerful Light.

 And the human/Soul partnership will experience the return of personal and Planetary Energy to a state of Peace and Harmony. Serious Cosmic Plans are in effect that will return this Planet to a state of Pristine Purity....and this time, all Life left here will cooperate.

 Apropos of this Cosmic Plan, from Mystical Sources, we learn that June 15, 1931 was the beginning in the Higher Heavens of the New Age of Light. And several years later, New Teaching began to spread across the Earth.

 I am acquainted with the Work of two of these Teachers, Guy and Edna Ballard, whose Insight gave people the Spiritual Tools needed to begin to evolve through the coming years. An organization known as the I AM Religious Activity continues their teaching begun in 1932.

Guy and Edna Ballard described the moral and correct ways to Live....both spiritually and humanly. They often spoke of the possibility that both the Earth and the people, were facing intensive changes that could result in cataclysmic upheaval as the Planet began throwing off the old negativity. And many human 'problems' would be the result of this throwing off of energy debris.... this was particularly probable where people refused to awaken and turn back to God.

And thus has followed the two world wars and continuous wars ever since....and all the immorality and terrible health problems facing the people of today....and now an economic crisis....

And people are not left to 'suffer alone'.

Throughout this period of cleansing, 'God' is trying to awaken people....but what will it take?

 The Guiding Masters Who worked with the Ballards and their students, continue to Teach that the people can save themselves if they will bend the knee and call to God....that they can turn disaster around if they will strenuously work to clean up their Energy. We've been given instruction on the use of what we call The Rainbow Rays...and extensive instruction on the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, how to blaze It through our Chakras and through the Energy of our entire lives.....before it is too late!

And too late for what, we do not know, as yet....although we see so much personal difficulty being experienced by many people....fires, floods, money, relationships.

We can only hope that all major calamity can be averted. But it is clear to me that something has to happen to make individuals desire to grow up Spiritually.

Something has to wake us up and give us some understanding of our Soul Reality which is where our most immediate Source of Cosmic Power comes from.

 We are in a time when our conscious human/Soul action is directly needed for the fulfillment of some Divine Plan for this Earth and its Life Forms.

However, I believe that as we grow in Spiritual Consciousness, many of the prophetic calamities can be averted....our Light will replace the darkness. Catastrophes can be averted.

Because much of prophecy has not been experienced, it seems we live in a moment of Grace....

which I hope we have earned by the upgrading of Spiritual Consciousness of the past 70 years...

I hope that we understand that enough of humanity has to turn their lives away from godlessness. That enough of humanity has to begin to Invoke the Power of God into their lives and into the Life of the Planet in order to come peacefully into the New Age.

We are told that the day of the Lord is near at hand.


'Jesus' is among Many who have taught over the Ages that the Kingdom of God is within....therefore when enough of us experience that Godness expanding within us, the Kingdom will have begun to physically manifest on Earth. Many are hearing the Voice of their Souls and many are responding to that Call.

Many of us are working for a better day....for ourselves and for humanity. I believe we can through our Belief in our personal Divinity and in our close communication with the Supreme Power, we can by our efforts alone avert some of what might be extreme unpleasantness from our lives and land, if, in fact, this Process of Purification that is prophesized, brings disruption to the land and into our lives.

And this I promise you, it will be through following the Vision of our Souls, that the human entity will be able to survive the coming years of turmoil.

We must make the human/Soul Connection....

and when enough people have done that,

 all that we seek to accomplish will be within our grasp....

that Peace, I talk about....

that Peace will be a Reality,

 because enough people will be focused on Peace

and that is all it takes.

 The Bible focuses us on prophecies....on the last days, and talks of Purification of the Nations. For thousands of years God has been speaking to us and warning us to change the ways we are operating our human lives....

or all Hell would break loose....

and this is the time that was referenced.

 These warnings two thousand years ago, didn’t come to frighten us but to give us time to prepare ourselves.

 It takes time and dedication to achieve a strong Faith and Understanding ....

it takes work to Purify all our Energy, some of it thousands of years old

And whether we are ready or not, the Planet will transition into the new cycle because that’s the way the Planetary System works.

 We have reached the time when the human/Soul Partnership must  evolve into a higher Spiritual State of the time when the Soul must be able to transition to the Aquarian energy.

 The immoral, corrupt behavior of our times must give way....

must be reversed.

And though as we look out on the whole world that seems impossible with so many people and so many different ways of looking at Life....still with God all things are possible....and it is in fact, so simple.

 Just a few of us can make a difference by how we live....

by what we believe....

we can by our own fervent calls ask God to show us the way to help this ailing world.

I believe a few truly devout people can turn around the karmic tide and bring in an Age of Peace.....

And it all comes about as we live our normal lives, taking time out each day to work on Purifying our Energy....

by Understanding that the Seven Seals of the Bible also represent the seven Chakras that connect Body and Soul to all Levels of Godness Above. As these Centers of Light are opened and expanded and the Energy of our lives correspondingly raised in vibration, perhaps we automatically raise the Energy of the Planet beyond the necessity of experiencing chaos and catastrophe during this period of purification.