Working with our Energy # 6

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                   The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can be....

how cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I’m here again with more Ideas...Ideas of our humanity and of our Spirituality.

 It is interesting how Ideas come and go ...the entire history of mankind is the history of Ideas coming and going. Our lives revolve around ever changing Ideas..... around Ideas we believe and those we don’t believe....those we can believe and those we can’t believe....about Ideas we don’t want to believe and those we won’t believe. Spirituality is an Idea that falls into a category where all the above fits.  

Godness is an Eternal, changeless, though ever expanding Idea. Soulness is an Idea....a part of that Eternal changeless, ever expanding Idea. Our Spiritual birthright is unimpeachable. ....and carries with it a changeless responsibility

. And that responsibility involves unleashing our individuated Godness, and allowing it to flow freely through our human/Soul lives. Only then will we realize the potential not only of our personal human/Soul relationship ...but of the planet itself and all life thereon.

 Today the planet and all life thereon is in danger....and our responsibility is to implement the Idea of Peace beginning at our own Point in the Universe. I ask you to join with me in saying


Before we get into the subject matter of this program, let’s take this moment to find our quiet place within....

take this moment to reinforce the Wall of Powerful White Light around our bodies....

and fill the space within that protected area with Christ Light which we see flowing in from our Holy Christ Self above.

 Now let’s see our four Earth bodies.....our emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies filled with a Golden Light coming directly to us from a God Source.....seeing that Gold Energy activate all the energy centers within us.... 

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Golden Heart Light of God

We see that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and internalize this thought. 

From the Heart and Mind of God

I invite Light to stream forth into my Heart and Mind

That I may become a channel for Light and Illumination

And Peace and Love to descend to earth.

I’ve spend a lot of time thinking about how this Soul Journey we were born, so to speak, as beautiful Sparks of Immortal Godness....or how it is that today we walk the Earth disguised as mortal beings. I wonder when and where and under what circumstances our Earth Walk began.

 And wonder how and why and where along the Way, we Souls began to identify with our human vehicle, accepting the human Idea of mortality ....forgetting that mortality belongs only to our human vehicle.

I wonder when we forgot that we are Immortal. That our home is Heaven. What will it take to help us remember that we who are Pilgrims on Earth, our home is Heaven? What will awaken us?  

In this series of programs I have promoted the Idea of the need we each have to achieve Peace in our personal lives.

 I’ve described the physical and human activates we can engage in that do promote the Peace

and secondly, I've talked about our human failings that work against that same Peace.

I believe that the underlying causes of dysfunction in our lives have to be removed before healing can take place....whatever the problem may be.

So I have suggested that first we have to get the human-us under control....recognizing the underlying causes to be many....the junk food we put into our bodies....

the drugs, legal and illegal we use....

our feelings of hate toward our fellow pilgrims....

the deliberate disobedience to moral laws.

That is the physical side....the visible side...but there is the invisible side. And so the last four programs have dealt solely with our Energy....and specifically with our seven major Chakras....or Energy Centers that distribute Life within the body.  

The study of the Chakra System teaches us about our most important Spiritual resource, which is our Energy, Energy that flows to us directly from Supreme Godness, via High Channels that step-down and transform that Powerful Energy into a frequency that our human bodies can work with.

 Our Energy Centers operate ceaselessly at invisible levels. They affect every Aspect of our Life. They fuel our vitality, our Creativity and our well-being.

 The vibration of each Chakra is different and offers us the opportunity to learn about and work on specific Aspects of both our human and Soul personalities and needs.

 We need as much Knowledge as possible about our Energy gives us another tool to expand and improve our lives. Without a doubt, the most important key to our healthy, happy human lives lies in first in understanding....then in activating, balancing and cleansing our Chakra System. 

Chakras are receiving and sending stations for the Energy that flows into us, through us and out from us moment by moment.  Each Chakra has a unique part to play in the process of our daily lives. We have been describing the Seven Major Chakras but there are many others....again each with unique Purposes. These Major Seven line up along the spine from tail bone to top of the head. Let’s review them again.... 

The Light or Energy at work in the First Chakra,

 the root or base chakra,

 allows us to connect with Earth Energy, which flows in through our feet.

The Energy of Mother Earth, which brings with It the nurturing feminine Principle of Life, flows up into the body and mixes with the masculine Energy that has come down through the Heart Chakra into the three lower centers that serve the human being.

 We can see why it is important to take off our shoes occasionally and walk barefoot on the ground....not the pavement, but the ground in order to absorb this Energy....and it can sometimes be hard for city people to find bare ground.

Earth energy grounds us and helps us focus on our Earth duties.

 It’s important to be aware that as we get into Spiritual studies, the Powerful Heavenly Energies we draw to our lives, can make it difficult for us to stay grounded. So we work to be balanced between the necessities of Earth and those of Heaven....and become very practical as we go about our day by day activities. We are aided in this by daily routines that we must attend to....those necessities that allow us to feed ourselves and put a roof over our heads. It is the effort we make to educate our children, the Energy we give as we serve on community projects....all the many human activities we engage in, all help to ground us and keep us practical and eventually help us discover WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHY WE ARE REALLY HERE.


Next we come to the Energy of the Second Chakra. This is where we experience the Soul Energy plugging into our physical bodies....where we find our relationships....particularly those that constitute our family.

 The Solar Plexus is the Third Center and within the Light of that Center we begin to master our human desires....we begin to know there is more to Life than what we see.

The Light of the Fourth Center, the Heart Chakra, inspires us to be compassionate and generous. It is here we connect with the Energy of the Christ Self.

In the Fifth Chakra, there is a powerful Force, focused in our throat area, allowing us to communicate and work for personal and world change.

 In the Light of the Brow chakra, the Sixth Center, we open up to our Highest Truth, we begin to realize WHO WE REALLY ARE.

 And that brings us to the Energy Center at the top of our heads....and today we’ll talk about that Crown Chakra and those sudden flashes of Illumination that are the Gift of that Center. Within that Light is the Truth of our human/Soul Relationship.          


Our body’s Seven Major Energy Centers are Connectors to all Levels of the Heavenly Light that flows into the physical body from the Sources we call 'God'.

I like to describe Them as the Way chosen to transfer Power from Heaven to Earth, for They act as Channels or Conduits for God-power to enter this world of matter.

 A study of Chakras demonstrates one way

Seven High Levels of Spiritual Energy

can be transferred to the material world below...

'as above, so below'.....

 This Idea is presented in many philosophies. For example: We have the Seven Heavens of Judaism, the Seven Tiers of the Kabbalah’s, Tree of Life, there is Christianity’s Seven Sacraments, and the Seven Chakras of Hinduism and Buddhism, to name a few.

These are all ways of describing the Higher levels of Spiritual Vitality, constantly being lowered to Earth, bringing with It the Cosmic Consciousness flowing from 'God', flowing into the physical body directly from the Christ Self...that process creates the human/Soul Partnership.

 And so it is that we have the fuel to Power our lives. And like the EPA that works to keep our physical environment clean ...we, individually, have to be the protectors of our Cosmic Energy and keep It clean, if we are going to live meaningful lives, Body or Soul. 

And looking around the world, one would venture to say that very few people are living meaningful lives. There is all the hating. All the fighting....all the squalor in undeveloped countries....all the nonsensical ways Energy is 'spent' in modern societies. As for how we, individually, are living today....that says a lot about what we have chosen in the past, understanding that each day we have minute by minute choices.

 And regardless how comfortable or uncomfortable our lives are, surely we would all like to Progress in some area of our lives. We can begin this Process by using this Chakra Information as a Guide, to discover if Energy is blocked anywhere in our bodies, visible and invisible bodies....and if it is, to get to work to start that Energy moving again.

 This is an important, day by day 'Energy cleansing' exercise, regardless of our circumstances. It can be part of our daily Meditation which is very important.

 I wouldn’t let a day go by without quieting my Energy

 and then flushing out my entire Energy System with the Gold Light of my I AM Presence that comes into the physical body from the Christ Self directly above.....

I call the Gold Light or Energy into each Chakra, one by one, seeing it spin through the Energy of each part of the System, watch It spinning out any darkness I may have allowed to come into that Center.....

I clean any darkness out of my Energy by putting It into a powerful Violet Colored Flame that I constantly call into action to sweep, burn and blaze throughout my four Earth Bodies....seeing the darkness burned out,

always asking forgiveness for any mistake of mine.

And as the Violet Flame Cleansing Process is completed I then see (visualize) the Energy of each Chakra return to its optimum Seven Ray Color, which tells me that each Center is doing Its Perfect Work of the moment.

 As we take time to quiet our minds and emotions, as we 'look within' we begin to see the Inner Light within us....we can teach ourselves to see where we have blockage long before that trapped Energy becomes a mild or terrible disease or some unpleasant or traumatic happening in our lives.  

Please believe we are never without remedies for any situation.

The Powers of God didn’t set us up to fail.

 There are ways to learn the State of our Energy....Ways  to learn about Energy that is not flowing properly....Ways to find Answers that will improve our lives.... our health,  our jobs,  our relationships.

There are simple Ways to make our Energy work more efficiently, simple Ways to make our lives all we dream they can be.

Are you asking “what causes our energy to become blocked?”

Remember all my previous teaching about the effects of our every thought, feeling, action and spoken word. Pure Energy flows freely and works well for us until we introduce mental or emotional substance (negative thoughts or feelings) that clogs It....slows It down....discolors It.

 Everything we do affects our Energy....increases It or decreases It....makes It brighter or darker....raises us up or bows us down.

 All illness of mind and emotion is the result of Energy blockage somewhere in the system. Everything difficult that happens in our lives may well be the result of our Energy not flowing properly or vigorously.... and I say “may well be” because it is hard to say how much of what we experience may have other legitimate causes, not associated with what we do or have done directly. 

At any rate, this much needed Knowledge of our Energy Centers, has been left out of our Western Religious Teaching.

It is again being taught through Metaphysical channels. This information finally allows us to understand our Seven Levels of Being and shows us how to activate the Seven Chakras in order to energize both Body and Soul.

 All true healing, physical or Spiritual, takes place through the activation of the Spiritual Fires which have the Power to burn out the dross within or around both Body and Soul.

 These Spiritual Fires emanate from Above and flow into each Center in the physical body. Each Activity of the Sacred Fire spins and pours out its own unique Frequency. And when operating in optimum fashion, the Sacred Fire within each Chakra has a color that corresponds to one of the Colors of the Seven Rainbow Rays of Light.

The stronger the flow of Light into us, the more strength we have. As we balance our Energy, the more energetic and creative and peaceful we feel.

There is a natural order to the universe and to our own lives. We begin to experience this when our Energy is Pure and flowing freely.

We have the choice to accept and use this Knowledge. We can choose to live life more fully....or...sit back and 'unconsciously' read the newspaper, look at the TV and see all the unhappiness and mayhem without caring...or without having a clue that we can do something about it.

 But as we learn what to do, we learn also that we have the responsibility to do it...learning how to use our Energy wisely and well.

 And the first part of the Process is to heal ourselves. We are  Understanding now that our Energy Centers are interconnected. That what happens in One affects the entire Energy System.

 It also affects those with whom we interact. We not only have to learn how to use our energy but also how to expand and protect It.

My Process here is to stress the need to build that strong Wall of Light around ourselves....for the more Pure Energy we have at our disposal, the greater the positive impact on Life within and around us as we go about our daily routines. 


Today we begin the study of the Seventh Energy Center, the Crown Chakra.

It is appropriately located at the top of our heads.

 It’s color is yellow or gold.

 It’s Sanskrit name means thousand fold and it has 972 petals.

 The musical instruments associated with it are the string instruments

...the gemstones are the yellow diamond, the yellow sapphire and the topaz.

 It affects the working of the pineal gland and the nervous system. 

I wonder if any discussion of the Seventh Chakra can be undertaken outside of a Spiritual Context. For the Light of this Center is Pure Gold....pure God. 

 It is through the Light of this Chakra that we receive and experience True Wisdom and Enlightenment.

 As this Center begins to open a Golden Yellow Light begins to glow around the tops of our heads. We see this pictured as a halo around the heads in paintings of Saints. Around statues of Buddhas It is depicted as a dome or flame like shape on the top of their heads.

The Wisdom that flows through this Center is not the Knowledge of the things of this world. It opens our human/Soul minds to Knowledge that comes from Heavenly Places and this Knowledge is vast. Our human efforts are as nothing beside it.  

As the Crown Chakra is opening we are experiencing Spiritual Illumination as a sense of Intuitive Wisdom.

 We are gaining Knowledge of both Body and Soul and are beginning to see the 'Bigger Picture'.

True Humility is born as we realize how little we know and how small we are in comparison to the vastness of Life. The more we learn, the more we find there is to learn. And there comes the Realization that no matter how much we learn or Know, Spiritually speaking, there will always more, spiraling away beyond us.

At this point our minds open to a kind of Cosmic Consciousness....we stop trying to know everything and begin to experience an open mindedness about Life in general. We pay more attention to moral values, to our relationships....we share our lives with society. 

The Consciousness that exists in the Crown chakra is Life Itself...Pure Energy....producing in us a Pure Faith. While the brow Energy has allowed the All seeing, All Knowing Consciousness to come into the human/Soul Mind, the Light of the Crown chakra produces a most profound Belief in all the goodness and Godness of Life. The more the Light at the top of our heads expands the more we believe, the deeper our faith, the more we seek to live Life with the attitude of “They will, not my Will”. 

On the other hand, when the Seventh Center is unbalanced we find ourselves caught up in intellectual and spiritual pride and vanity....we are intellectually ego-centered and Spiritually narrow minded....and generally ignorant of the greater Purpose of Life. WE FAIL TO COMPREHEND THE CHRIST LIGHT SHINING WITHIN US....we find no meaning in life other than material gain, social status and physical pleasure and we conclude that physical life has no higher purpose.


Through the Crown Chakra the human/Soul Partnership is able to connect with the Christ Mind and through that, to the Mind of all Godness beyond. We are amazed at our ability to tap into that great Reservoir of Universal Knowledge. Our Power of Thought increases in intensity to the point where we feel we are communicating with Life anywhere in the Universe.....doing it  in ways that are not possible through our ordinary rate of thought. 

The Wisdom of the Crown Energy is linked with the Compassion of our Hearts and impels us to share what we have received with those who need it.....even though some may not understand what we do or what have to say.

 Listen to what Elizabeth Prophet has to say on this subject....”In one way or another”, she says, “we are all called to share the Enlightenment we have received along life’s path. The Wisdom we glean from our Higher Intelligence, from the Spiritual Universities of the world or even from the human school of hard knocks is a Gift. Out of our compassion for others we are compelled to share that Gift in any way we can....whether we use it to guide the children in our family or neighborhood, develop a computer program that will help others learn new skills or heal the sick...” end of quote.                 

We are taught the Secrets of the Crown Chakra in the Silence of our minds and emotions This Energy is the most powerful of all that comes into the physical body....but remains in a state of passivity as long as the human/Soul partnership is unable to control its actions, thoughts and feelings and spoken word.

But as we gain control of ourselves....and respond to that Spiritual stirring with in us, we are led to seek beyond the seen world....and as Jesus taught, 'we are born again into a new kind of Realization'....experiencing, what for some is, a radical change in our world view as we begin to see WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT OUR PURPOSE REALLY IS....realizing at all Energy Levels of ourselves,

 that God (Godness) is everything.

And by the time, we experience the expanding of the Crown Energy, we have come to know the Love of God in us is changing everything. That the Peace we need on this planet is possible within that Love 'that is changing everything'. 

Finally, this Realization shows us that we can live splendid lives, Body and Soul as we take advantage of how much we have changed... and as we pay attention to all we have learned in working with our Chakras....with our Energy.

 We have definitely changed the vibration of the Energy pulsing within us.....we have stepped up the vibration of our Life, our Light, our Energy, making possible the closer association with our Soul.

 As we make Chakra energizing and cleansing part of our every day routine, we draw many Aspects of Heaven into our lives. If our motives are Pure and our Energy is pure, we do experience a Level of Heaven on Earth. And every sincere seeker of Truth can do it....

Additionally, as we develop a strong human/Soul Partnership, we fulfill our Responsibility on Earth to work within our Original Blueprint which is the Greater God-Plan for us.

 We Souls rarely accomplish much if we are letting our human nature run the show. And after we settle the issue of “who’s boss” on this Journey, we work on our Surrender to God’s Plan for us. Some Souls are very humanly powerful and so have difficulty with this Idea of 'surrender'.

 But eventually, we all have to put aside our personal human/Soul Power in favor of humility and obedience to God’s Plan.

 Remember, I have defined Soul as a small Spark of Basic Godness....and eventually each Soul has to return to Alignment with Almighty God. So you can see we have both physical and Spiritual work going on in both phases of our life simultaneously.

 No wonder we feel overwhelmed at times. 

But by using a teaching of this kind.....we can achieve a healthy body and a clean Energy system.

 We can learn to control our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken word.

We can take all the teaching on Brotherhood and Peace, and step bravely into the new millennium, ready to accept the Spiritual challenge.

 In time we will be ready to handle the greater Energy as It flows into us.

Those who understand electricity will immediately comprehend is happening to us, Body and Soul, as they think about what happens to an appliance that is wired for 110 volts suddenly taking a 220 surge.

This is analogous to the human body being accustomed to the normal amount and kind of Energy and suddenly having to adjust to the more Powerful Energy beginning to come into it. Our bodies can handle these surges of Energy if they  has been prepared, slowly over time, for that greater surge of Light.

 As our desire to upgrade our lives is made known to our Angel and Master Guides, They help us carefully accelerate our Energy. We are never without Guidance at this Point in our Evolution. But the very first thing we have to do is to clean any darkness out of our Chakras and overall Energy System and bring our physical bodies to a state of health and equilibrium. 

And so, this is now the 43rd program in this series I call “A Textbook for the Soul”....all of these programs have focused on healing both our visible and invisible bodies. Everything starts there....and nothing can happen to either Body or Soul until we clean up all our garbage....because as I have explained, as we draw the Energy of Higher Frequency into our bodies, all our 'good and not so good' Energy is further empowered.

 You can see why we have to clean up the darkness first. We do not want to further expand darkness within or around us.

 The bottom line here is that with a healthy body, physical, mental and emotional, shining with Pure Energy....Illumination can proceed. And the Illumination spoken, proceeds only from the Kind of Mind that is the Mind of Christed Jesus.

See how the artist Charles Sindelar (1930s)

describes this Mind...


That Mind that Never Takes Offence

It never receives an never is is never angry....

it knows no malice. Resentment never suggest itself.

It is never never whines or moans.

It never listens to words of ill report and therefore never reports such.

It does not gossip or love iniquity....

it has always words of praise for all who come into its presence.

It recognizes no enemies, it is not self seeking, it know no pride.

Let this Mind be in you

 and your body will be perfect, enduring, strong and beautiful. 

This Mind is not looking for flaws, does not find fault....

it is not complaining.

This Mind never worries, frets, or fears....hate is unknown to it.

It never fights, resists, or in cowardice turns its back....

It never has its feeling hurt.... 

Death holds no terrors and sickness is completely under its control.

It is never sad, gloomy, brooding or moody

It never meditates on evil....knows no doubt of the Power of God.

This Mind denies no possibility to man....does not condemn  or judge....


All that Charles Sindelar describes as the Mind of God is our Birthright

 for we are Sons and Daughters of God.....

our Soul Mind is the Mind of God....

our human/Soul job is to unleash the Power of that Mind into our human

 lives and finish what God sent us here to do....

and that is to make ourselves and this Planet a


And today we have the Knowledge

 and can develop the Ability to do just that.