Working with our Energy # 5

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I’m back to share more Ideas about both our human and Spiritual Natures,

 believing that until we know what “makes us tick”....

why we are here and what our human purpose is

and what our Soul Destiny is

 we will not be able to turn our lives onto avenues of Greater Meaning.

I started to say, “onto avenues of Greater Perfection” but the thought came to me that until we have meaning in our lives there is no point in talking of perfection.

 Instead we need Ideas that will lead us to both meaning and perfection....Ideas to help free ourselves from unhappiness and illness, from family tragedies and pain....

and yes, there are answers to all of this....answers that don’t come by swallowing a pill....but do come from turning to the God-Level of our lives...that's the place Answers come from. 

I devoutly believe that until WE KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE and consciously use that Knowledge in our every day life, we will go right on suffering and making mistakes....getting nowhere nearer to either meaning or perfection.

 It is only in getting a Sense of our complete Identity, which I see as a Partnership of Body and Soul, will we find ways out of the chaotic conditions of our personal lives....and eventually, when enough of us are functioning at a Higher Level of Consciousness, the people of the world will find Ways to end wars, to develop economic conditions that serve everyone and finally solve the social ills that exist on this planet.

 Short of that, civilization as we know it today may not survive. Surely, in looking at the human landscape, surely, no one would debate the need to begin working seriously for Peace through out the world.

Won’t you please join me today in saying


Before we get into the subject of today’s program....

which focuses on a description of the sixth energy center

....the Brow chakra....

let's  take a few minutes to strengthen the Connection to the Source of our Power.

We'll begin by quieting our minds....our emotions....take a few deep breaths....sit or stand tall....hands in our laps or by our sides....relax our

 Take a moment to call in any Energy left scattered about....

at the grocery store, at the beach or the movie....

anywhere we’ve been....

we'll call in all our Energy to be cleaned up, energized and re-assigned to serve us here and now.....

Then we'll visualize the Wall of Dazzling White Light surrounding our bodies....

seeing Christ Energy flowing into us from Above, ready to do Its Perfect Work within us, here below.

Again, we'll wrap ourselves in the Light of God's Heart

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

and invite Light of God's Heart

 to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination

And Peace and Love to descend to Earth.

 These programs are dedicated to Ideas that I hope will benefit those of you interested in moving forward with your lives....humanly and Spiritually...doing it by developing the human/Soul Relationship....

and doing it within a familiar Christian context of Ideas

 although any Spiritual context works.

I focus on the Teaching attributed to One we know as 'Jesus', for, in Jesus, I found the ultimate Practical Mystic....

the ultimate Practical Master Healer of both the mental and emotional processes of people.

 As well I found an Understanding of our human and Spiritual Connection and Purpose.

 Although I study anything Spiritual, for the most part in my Personal Journey back to the Heart of God, I have chosen to follow the simple Teachings of Jesus....

as well as that of other Master Teachers of any religion Whose Thoughts echo that of Jesus.

 And what I look for in any philosophy, is the Unifying Element of Love and Truth. If you remember, at the start of these programs I laid out my Beliefs....beginning with the statement that THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH and It exists in all Life. It is Life.

And this One Universal Truth unites all the world’s major religions....and is the Path to Brotherhood and to the Peace we seek.

It is the Path to our own Evolution, Body and Soul. My search for Truth has shown me Golden Threads of Love and Peace, that are to be found in many religions and philosophies....and when I gather them together, these Threads show me One Strong Cord of Belief....a Belief founded on One Ancient, Original Spiritual Truth. 

 The Bible tells us of the True Light the “lighteth every man that cometh into the world”. We know That True Light to be the Powerful Cosmic Energy and Consciousness of 'God'. We are beginning to realize that each Soul is the Manifestation not only of the Light of the Mind of God but also from the Christ Light of the Heart of God.

 We Souls are an Energy Composite of the Mind and Heart

 of Supreme Beingness.

 The Christ Consciousness....the only begotten Son....

We are learning that each Soul emanates from a Body of Christ Energy located just above the physical body. This Body is called by various names....the one I prefer is Our Holy Christ Selves.

 In time, this Christ Energy will completely enfold all our human energy,

each one of us becoming an 'Initiate of Christ Consciousness'.

 Meanwhile we continue to serve here until the time comes to join the

 fully Christed Ones in Heaven.

 That is our ultimate destiny. 

Through the Process of the Light or Energy of our Christ Self taking full command within our physical selves, we become One with Universal Christ Energy. Our Mission is always to reflect Christ Love in all we do, first drawing It into our physical selves and then pouring It out to the world. Ultimately, allowing It to draw us back to our Source.

There is magical interplay between the Christ Self above and the human/Soul Partnership below....this Partnership always working to expand and extend Christness in the human arena....

the Christ Self always working to draw the Soul up higher.... 


Today I continue my description of the Chakras....focusing on the Brow Chakra.

My Sense of this Center is that it is the Place where human and Soul Energies meet in a combined Consciousness that transcends the physical world....

A Place where seeming 'dualities' about Life merge and all Consciousness becomes one....

where the Powers of Earth and Heaven meet....

where we begin to  understand the Spiritual Mystery of our total Being. It is a Place where our attention is directed to the Cosmic Aspects of our Being.... where we resolve the Meaning of our human existence, where we glimpse the Meaning of Life Itself....and begin to understand the Nature of the Conscious Godness as it works in our lives..

But first we’ll review what’s already been said about the first Five Chakras....adding a bit here and there....and then go on to learn about the Brow center.

 Remember now, that the Energy of various parts of our Earth Body vibrate to different frequencies....each frequency having a specific Purpose in the Scheme of our Lives.

Speaking from a mystical standpoint, these Seven Major Centers in our bodies,

 awaken in a predetermined order during our Life Experiences,

one by one

 starting with the Root Chakra up to the Crown.

where the Expansion of Light in the Crown chakra then opens up the Pathway to Higher Spiritual attainment.

In order for this Natural Progression of Evolution to take place, there needs to be a Way to clean out and expand the Light within each Chakra. In this way the Consciousness is opened to Higher Levels of Thought and we begin to Understand the Purpose and Future Direction of our Lives.

So let’s revisit the Chakras, in order, starting with the first one at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra.

This Energy Center connects us with the Earth and with physical reality.

 Tradition says this Energy serves us Spiritually as we become truly humble.

 Otherwise this Chakra keeps us rooted to our human instincts. It is, however, within this Energy that we experience the first stage of Human conversion....beginning to recognize Messages of our Soul.


Next we look again at the Second Chakra found just above the Root Chakra.

I'm calling this the Seat of the Soul Chakra, although it has other names.

This is the Energy in which we gain a New Sense of Morality....where we (humanly) find our Inner Place to connect with the Energy of our Soul.

 Above that is the Third Chakra....just below the waist area....

It is called the Solar Plexus Chakra and it is within that Energy we find the strength to become warriors, gaining both Inner Strength and human moral courage to represent the good against the evil in the world.

The Fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra

It is often referred to as the 'Abode of Mercy'

. The Energy flowing into the body from the Christ Self above anchors first in the Heart Center...

thus this Center represents the Place of the Union between the physical and Spiritual Aspects of the individual join together.

 With this Energy, humanly, we learn to control our emotions....

it’s where we learn to use the Gifts of Love and Compassion.

The Throat Chakra is the Fifth Center

and the first Purely Spiritual Center.

 It is associated with Service through Communication....and teaches us the distinction between Purposeful Words and Thought

 and those which are idle and meaningless noise. It is the Center of both speech and Inner hearing and is connected with the Power of Sound.

Now,  today we explore the meaning of the Sixth Chakra referred to as the Brow chakra which I will describe in some detail....again using the book, Your Seven Energy Centers by Prophet and Spadaro as a reference...... 

This Chakra is located between the eyebrows....

It is the Seat of Spiritual Vision and moral discernment.

 It gives Conscious Guidance to the Lower Chakras in much the same way that the eyes guide the physical body. 

Its color is emerald green....

its Sanskrit name is Ajna, meaning “to command”.

 It is described as having ninety six petals.

 The musical instrument connected with this Energy is the piano

and the gemstones are the diamond, jade and quartz crystal.


This Chakra is thought to be the Center of the Third Eye, but the Third Eye Activity may be a separate Activity from the Work or the general Activity of the Brow Chakra.

I sense the Third Eye, so-called, as the Eye through which the Soul looks out on the world....

but perhaps it is all one Activity.

 Through the Energy of this Center we can access our Inner Vision, allowing us to know what is really going on in our lives. At this Level we are able to connect with the Realm of the Christ mind and receive Its Flashes of Insight.

 This Insight can come as hunches, promptings, as visions. When we can access the Pure Energy of our Brow chakra we get a clear perspective on Life....we begin to know what is 'Truth' and know the Inner Reality of our human/Soul Partnership....and Thus begin to Understand our Relationship to Almighty God. 

As we honor the Insights that come to us through this Brow Center, we begin to master and use these Energies within both the human and Soul arena.

It begins with learning to focus our attention....”seeking first the Kingdom”...

making time everyday to focus on the Idea of expanding our Inner Light....

using the Vision and Intuition of the sixth chakra to create the kind of lives we want to be living.

We can have...and actually we know we will have.... whatever we put our attention on and pour our Energy into.

 Now if we add to our human/Soul Lives the Active Power of Vision of the Sixth Chakra, we have the  Cosmic Key to what we desire or need in our lives

 For where our Inner Vision and Attention goes, there goes our Energy and where our Energy goes, Creation will follow. And the other side of this Idea is where we withdraw our Energy, disintegration will follow. Do you suppose problems will disappear if we deprive them of our attention?    

Letting God into our lives, through the Energy of the Sixth Chakra, means we have to set aside our human thinking and judgment in order to allow those Flashes of Intuition to have a place in our lives. This is the way we link the human and Soul minds....

the way we open the connection from the material world into the Heaven Worlds in order to let that Energy flow back and forth, in and out in a figure eight pattern, into our daily lives.

What we are doing is focusing our attention within this All Knowing and All Seeing Energy ....and as we do this we find we can stop thinking and analyzing and just allow the Energy of this Chakra to permeate our Lives with Truthful Thoughts.

We find we have the Insight of God right there in our heads....waiting for us to stop talking, stop thinking. stop trying to understand and just let Godness happen in our lives.

 It is so simple.

But controlling the human mind is not always simple and that becomes the first step to unlocking the Energy of this Sixth Chakra.

The second step is integrating the the Energy of the human and Soul Minds....

The third step is allowing the Christ Energy to flow in and take command.

When open and healthy the Brow Chakra gives us access to direct Intuitive and Conscious Insight for living our lives that can be far more reliable than intellectual analysis.

 Clairvoyance, which is Inner Vision

and clairaudience, which is Inner Hearing,

express within this Energy.

We experience the True Vision of Life by holding the highest Vision of ourselves and others....

we experience healing and wholeness, abundance, clarity, constancy and  focus....

all of this manifests within this High Energy. We can add to the Gifts of this Chakra, the Love of music and creative aspects of science

 By focusing our Inner Vision and Hearing on the Perfect Plan for our Human/Soul Partnership, we get answers that are Perfect for us...

and we open to the needs of humanity, learning to communicate more honestly and effectively.

 We learn to subordinate our egos to the needs of the group when a common purpose demands it. 

When the Energy within this center becomes unbalanced we get caught up in falsehoods, lack of vision, judgment, criticism, lack of clarity, inconstancy and we lose our Spiritual Insight and discrimination.

 We can become self absorbed, and full of self criticism. When the Energy of the Christ Self is blocked, we tend to lose our Sense of Reality....

we have no basis for moral discrimination and we can mis-create our private lives, mistaking good for bad, right from wrong, getting ourselves tied up in 'shoulds and should nots;...

We may become enslaved by a compulsive drive to achieve a perfection of our own definition. And falling short of our self imposed expectations for ourselves, we fall prey to guilt. As we see ourselves in these negative terms, we become more critical of is a vicious circle, as unbalanced Energy within the Sixth Chakra, leads us to misjudging both our selves and others....

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus addresses the connection between the obstruction of Spiritual vision and human judgment of others; 

He said: Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again....”

He spoke of the “beam in thy brother’s eye”....

and we can see that the beam is nothing more than the blockage of Spiritual perception that we must remove before we can see the reality of our fellow men and women....

before we can become merciful and loving and peaceful. ....

before we can see Spiritual Truths....

before we can see God Himself.

So we can see the necessity of balancing the Energy of the Sixth Chakra before it affects our attitudes. We need it to be Pure, focusing us on Faith, and on Love....

we need It to give us direct Spiritual Insight.

 We need to take our minds off what we think we or others should be doing or not doing. Perhaps Jesus was referring to this Aspect of the Brow Chakra in His comment....”the Light of the body is the eye and if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”

....thus the need for 'singleness of Vision' which leads us to an aware Consciousness of Universal Godness.... of Godness, acting within every human/Soul Partnership.

It would seem that this 'singleness of Vision' also puts an end to any competition of wills between the human-us and our Soul...

 Gradually we allow the Mystical State of Knowing and Seeing to grow as part of the human/Soul experience.

 This 'singleness of Vision' gradually leads to what Mystics call “enlightenment” which translates into the ;awakening to and the unifying with the Consciousness of all Life everywhere'.

 And that Consciousness can only be God-in-Action everywhere in the Universe.      

This is as far as I will go with Information about the Brow Chakra. In the next program we’ll talk about the Seventh Center referred to as the Crown Chakra.

 But before we get into that I wish to share some interesting information about the number Seven....

and then repeat for you my Seven Ray Creed. 

The number Seven has a lot very old Spiritual Significance.

 Seven is the Magical number of all known Spiritual Paths.

 Christians talk about the seven virtues and the seven deadly sins.

 In St. John’s Revelations there are seven stars, the seven golden candlesticks, the seven messages, the seven angels of the seven churches, the seven seals the seven trumpet blasts and the seven vials of wrath.

  As Christian Europe approached the end of the first millennium, scholars and Mystics found in the Revelation of St. John the seven-fold key to a new Christian Spiritual Pathway which became known to history as the Search for the Holy Grail

 Research shows that the origins of this Mystical Quest of medieval Christendom reach far into the distant past along a Seven fold Pathway that was a Spiritual Search for Enlightenment.

All of this owed much to ancient traditions, going back far beyond the Mystical Teachers of the time of Jesus, Who was also influenced by the Buddhists who speak of the Seventh Heaven 

We read of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the seven hills of Rome, the seven colors of the rainbow, lucky seven and the superstitions around the seventh son of a seventh son.

 The number seven symbolizes the Movement of Life in space and time.

 We have the seven days of the week, the seven colors of the spectrum and the seven notes of the scale. There are the Seven Spirit Senses and the Seven Chakras....the Seven Mighty Archangels and the Seven Elohim....the Seven Rays and the Seven Chohans of those Seven Rays....

and out of all of that comes this seven Ray Creed I developed  from Ideas coming from Theosophical teaching about the Seven Basic Divisions of Universal Life, everywhere and in all things.

As you can see it is a big subject.

So my Seven Ray Creed has an ancient Spiritual Foundation. It is a set of Spiritually focused Ideas that give me a basic outline for my daily approach to living and growing under the Cosmic Activity of the Seven Rays. It gives me an additional Power-push in achieving practical human/Soul growth and strength. 

There is no doubt in my mind that only minimal Spiritual Growth can occur without an Awakened human attitude and some basic Spiritual Understanding....

and no human/Soul partnership will ever move forward until individuals understand that this Earth journey is all about the Soul evolving through the material world, expressing Christ Consciousness, while using a physical body.

So in order to strengthen the human/Soul relationship, we have to start with straightening out our human selves. We do by speaking our intentions and desires and then finding a Pathway that works for us.

There are Mighty Beings of Light who direct these Seven Cosmic Rays. In metaphysical literature these Beings are known as Chohans. So in working with this Creed I use that term, when addressing Them. The Ideas expressed in this Creed can be used as prayer....

but I prefer to turn them into powerful affirmations,

 prefacing each statement with the words 'I AM' following the example of Jesus.

So here is how the Creed goes

The Energy of the First Ray is concerned with both human and Soul strength and Faith in God’s will. Therefore, we can affirm:

“ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE FIRST COSMIC RAY, I am strong and brave, physically, mentally and emotionally as I persevere in God’s Service.”

The  Energy of the Second Ray addresses our search for Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. And we affirm:

ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE SECOND COSMIC RAY, I am attaining intuitional Wisdom which I Am developing through living my human/Soul Life in Christed Love.”

The Energy of the Third Ray addresses the need for adaptability and tact.  We affirm: 

ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE THIRD COSMIC RAY, I am developing the Ability and the Power of saying and doing the Right thing at the Right moment.”

 Fourth Ray Energy is concerned with Beauty and Harmony....with the working of Miracles. We affirm: 

ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE FOURTH COSMIC RAY, I work for Beauty and Harmony in my Life and Surroundings that I may become more worthy of God.”   

      When we work with the Energy of the Fifth Ray, we are Students of Science and of Academic Knowledge and the Art of Divine Healing. We affirm: 

ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE FIFTH COSMIC RAY, I Am gaining the Knowledge and Accuracy of all I need to know in God’s Service.”


When we invoke Sixth Ray Energy into our lives, we are working to evolve through Devotion and Service to Life. Therefore, we affirm: 

“ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE SIXTH COSMIC RAY, I Am unfolding within my human/Soul Self the Mighty Power of Devotion and Love that through these Attitudes I may grow in Spirit and share that Vision with others.”

 And finally, we come to Seventh Ray Energy: And in it, we are working for order in all levels of our human/Soul effort. We are working to pass every human/Soul test. So we affirm:

  ALWAYS IN THE SERVICE OF THE CHOHAN OF THE SEVENTH COSMIC RAY, I AM ordering and arranging my daily Life, that all I do is always a Service to God Life everywhere. ....being aware of and in Unity with Universal Godness in all its Varied every experience of my human/Soul Path.”


As you can see this is a simple but powerful exercise. It focuses our thoughts on positive attitudes and effort, of our choice.

 At another time we’ll discuss other Aspects of these and other individual Cosmic Light Rays. Each has a specific vibration, color, sound and Purpose.

 Additionally, by giving recognition to the Powerful Beings Who direct the Work of these Seven Rays and inviting Their Power into our lives, we brings ourselves closer to fulfillment of our human/Soul Destiny.

 It opens up the Brow Chakra and the Activity of the Third Eye. All this is possible....we know this because others have done it. So can we.

 Our moral compass is the Guidance of our Christ Self acting through a balanced Energy System, particularly our Sixth Chakra.

We can always depend on this Guidance as we navigate the intricacies of Life. 

The highest Morality....that of the Being, Jesus....

comes through Spiritual Intuition,

 through the Vision of God acting in our lives.

 And that Vision flows directly to the human Soul/Partnership through the Energy of the Brow chakra.

The Consciousness within that Energy leads us onto those Paths of Righteousness.....

onto those Paths that are right for us,

as we pursue the chosen activities of our daily living.