Working with our Energy # 4

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime.  

Why so cruel? And how so sublime?

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Each week you hear me say “This is a program about Spiritual Ideas” that I hope will unlock the Magic of your Life. It's a program about Life in general and our present Life in particular....suggesting Ways to help us KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE as we open our human minds and let the Cosmic Ideas of the Soul Mind flow in.   

For thousands of years, humanity has had many philosophies and religions of one kind or another that didn't seem to produce a gentler, kinder human being. For the past two thousand years the Planet has had, what I perceive should be, the 'gentling' Philosophy of Christianity.

But in general, Life for many people has been no less chaotic over the last two thousand years than it was through those thousands of years previously...thousand of years of endless warfare and misery that history has recorded.

The same political, religious and personal fighting and hating goes on...

people still want to control each other.

 Most people still don’t know about the Spark of Conscious God Mind that beats their hearts....

or know that It waits to be recognized and used.

 Very few have any understanding of the Beauty of Life.  

Human disobedience to Spiritual Laws....laziness, thoughtlessness, arrogance....cruelty and killing continue to stand in the way of the Peace so badly needed on this Planet.

I see no change in any of this until we know' WHO WE REALLY ARE'....


 However we can begin the Peace Process simply by saying



We need an understanding of Life that allows the sublime-ness of our Soul to be expressed within our every day life. Without it, we get caught up in the jungle mentality.

 As I scan the newspaper every morning and read of all the mayhem, of both mankind and nature, I wonder why God bothers with us....And yet, this Power we call God, seems unwilling to give up on the Human/Soul Project.

I wonder when will we see that and accept a responsible part in the Project. Or realize that we, individually, have to take on the Project of bringing Peace into our lives and to this Planet.

Governments all over the world have failed to do this....

religion has failed to do this...

in fact, for thousands of years, governments and religions have been the cause of wars and in many cases continue to be.

Today there are wars raging all over the Planet being fought between political and religious factions. Millions have died and suffered in wars fought the name of religion alone.  

So what is it that fuels a war? And the answer to that question brings us back to the subject of the Energy that fuels the physical body...we need to know what It is and where It comes from?

We need to know how to use It without abusing It

And what happens depending on the way we use It?

Until we figure that out, some people will go dying and suffering. People lacking in Knowledge, are the pawns in wars.

 With very few exceptions, wars are fomented by organizations or by groups of people interested in Power, sucking in people and Nations who must then defend themselves.

And people who have to defend themselves equipped only with today's mentality....completely lacking 'Spiritual Know how', do it with more killing.

 It becomes a vicious circle.

Leaving in doubt that the day will ever come when people incited to war, will stay one will show up. It’s a wonderful thought.

But that will never happen as long as there is a plentiful supply of Energy charged with the negative thoughts, feelings and desires of undisciplined human beings....that 'dirty energy' is what both foments and feeds wars.

Warring energy sweeps across the is magnetized to every imaginable human obscenity and cruelty.....eventually generating a huge force of more and more destructive energy....all available to be used by the human war machine bent on controlling or destroying us.

Today human nature continues on a rampage, leaving behind a wide swath of misery across the planet, while generating even more warring energy. 

So understanding this, it then becomes a challenge to rise to the need of the hour.

It can be our challenge if we care to accept it.

We can determine to rise above the present human mentality, and do it simply by allowing the powerful Energy of our Christed Souls into our lives. This is not only simple but it is the only Way!

The human being is capable of only so much....and yes, some do accomplish much that seems to come from physical energy alone, but that energy has limits.

 If we are to proceed beyond those limits, we have to bring in another player....and that player is our Soul. The Soul brings into the Game of Life Powerful Spiritual Energies, which can become unlimited if the human and Soul can figure out how to work together to unleash the Greater Power of the Universe right here on this planet.

 And the first thing that will happen will be Peace! 

All Tellers of Truth....all Messengers in what-so-ever role they play....great or small....all those seeking to help with the unfolding of God’s Plan on Earth....face to some degree a wall of human indifference. There is as yet, little understanding or concern about God’s Plan for this planet.

 Fortunately up to now that hasn’t stopped God, who periodically sends new Plays into the Cosmic Ball Game....often with a new Quarterback.

 Each cycle requires an updating and an enlarging of basic Ideas around human Morality and Spiritual Evolution. And I like to think that these come out of a book called

 “God’s Spiritual Tactics Meant to Insure the Bright Future for all Mankind”.

During the many centuries and millennia, only a few have understood the long range implications of a Game-Plan for mankind. Only now through archeology and science are we beginning to glimpse how just the last two thousand years alone set the stage for our time...all built upon Knowledge of previous thousands of years. In future talks I want to think along those lines. There is interesting new information coming out of archeology and other research that is fueling Ideas about God’s long range Plans.  

At any rate, two thousand years ago, new players came into the Game....a man history calls 'Jesus', was sent in with an Update of the Plan and with the Responsibility to set It into motion throughout the planet. And in His Lifetime, 'Jesus' and His Disciples managed to reach a major part of the planet.

With the result that from that time on, many people, all over the world, have been striving to live their lives within that Plan to the degree they've understood It....

And now, two thousand years later, many people look forward to some magical Spiritual “future”  based on that Plan.

As I understand it, the 'Magic' comes as we learn to take what 'Jesus' taught and apply it to our individual actions, thoughts and feelings. It comes from developing the Self control needed to make the 'Jesus Plan' a Reality.

 In order for that Plan to become the New Way of Spiritual Living, now and in the Future, we have to first understand how we impact Life with our every breath, with our every feeling, spoken word and thought.... how we constantly change the vibration of the Christ Energy that flows in through the Crown Chakra....many times changing it from Purest Love to darkest hate....from Peace to war.  

How many realize that we are constantly giving Pure Energy another form or quality?

That, my friends, is called 'creating'....

and often we create under the influence of our negative human feelings or thoughts....

we take Pure God Energy and create something truly ugly....

and that energy hangs around us

and we constantly breath it back into our own bodies.....

and we send it out into the world, where it attaches itself to people who come in contact with us.

So in our use of Energy there’s much to think about....and as we become conscious of these facts, we will want to stop generating energy that will not only hurt us....or will hurt, in some way, another part of Life.  

So how do we do this....

well, to begin with, we can stop discussing, dissecting and analyzing, unpleasant conditions or situations. Stop talking about our personal situations...stop watching the ugliness exposed on TV and heard on radio and read in the newspapers.

The trick is to stay above the fray....being involved only as much as is necessary....learning not to become angry or critical or judgmental....learning never to further empower ugliness with our get the picture....

For if we do this, energy pours from us, contaminated with negative qualities we have generated by entering into angry or critical emotions or ugly situations. And that becomes part of our energy field....our energy now vibrates with hate, anger, sadness, jealousy, criticism, judgment and displeasure....all that and more.

And two things have happened...first, we have contaminated our energy....hurting ourselves, but more than that, that negativity then pours out of us, hurting others.

 And again two things happen...first we magnetize similar negative energy into our lives....

and then that soiled energy flows out from us, increased by the negativity of similarly qualified energy picked up along the it more negative power....and the snow ball rolls on getting bigger and bigger.

 We little realize what we do to our Energy. Or how, what we have done, is responsible for all the bad things that happen in our lives.

 And how we are responsible to some degree

for all the bad things that happen in the world.


Is it any wonder that our body is so often ill or uncomfortable. Can we see how we keep pounding against the case of the spoken word....bruising ourselves with our own words which we have energized negatively. Thus, we are advised not to gossip....or enter into discordant conversation.

 For our own good we need to understand what takes place in our own lives when we use God-Energy negatively....

it always hurts us first....

then it continues to hurt the whole world until we replace that negativity with some God-good quality.

 And we are ultimately responsible for doing that....we are responsible for cleaning up that energy and re-charging it with a God Quality. We pay back all energy debts with interest! 


And so this is a good place to introduce the subject of our Throat Chakras....`again my reference book is “Your Seven Energy Centers” by Prophet and Spadaro. 

The throat chakra is our fifth Energy Center. It’s name tells us where it's located.

 It is known as our Communication Center.

 It helps us recognize our own truth and needs

and allows us to communicate these to others.

The Truth we express through this Energy Center may be physical emotional, intellectual or Spiritual in nature and may involve the Energy of any of the Seven Chakras.

It's color is blue and it’s Sanskrit name translates “pure or purify”.

 This chakra has sixteen spinning petals. The musical instruments associated with it are the brass instruments....the gemstones are diamond, sapphire, star sapphire and lapis lazuli.

When the Energy running through this Chakra is balanced, and the center is open, Its positive expressions are Spiritual Power, Will and Faith. We experience protection, direction, courage and obedience.

 When the Energy becomes contaminated, it expresses through us as desire to control, as condemnation, idle chatter, gossip, as human willfulness, impotence, cowardice and doubt.

 By mastering the Spiritual Will and Power of this Energy Center, we release the elevated Energies of the Heart Chakra through our spoken word for both personal and world transformation.    

To paraphrase from our reference book......

The throat chakra is our Power Center. At this level, we have the ability to coalesce through the spoken word what is in our minds and hearts.

The Teachers  of both East and West tell us that 'controlling our speech' is necessary for our Spiritual growth....

and that involves not only what we say but how we say it....and what we choose not to say. Every time we open our mouths to speak we have a choice....we are always exercising our free will. Will what we say be a Blessing or will it be harmful in some way?

'Jesus' said, “By thy words thou shalt be judged”.

Our words come through our throat center where we have tremendous power. Right speech is a major part of Buddhism. It is part of the Eightfold Path that leads to liberation. Right speech is guarding that Energy flowing through our Throat Chakra. ...never letting it hurt another....and realizing that 'right speech' is a Gift of the Soul....a Gift of God....allowing us to speak Compassion and Kindness and Love.

Metaphysicians tell us that each word, as it is spoken,

makes a 'form' in Etheric Matter,

just as thought does in mental matter....

for example, the word hate is said to produce a horrible form that we really don’t want in our energy field....and thus, we are encouraged to choose our words carefully...

to avoid uncultured speech

and to surround ourselves with as much beauty as possible

 for everything we do shows up in our energy fields.

So when speaking, we can remember that positive, nice words that describe pleasant or beautiful things produce pleasant energy forms....

and ugliness, coarseness, reproduces itself accordingly in our energy fields.

 It doesn’t take genius to guess that Truth will show up in our Energy as Truth, lies as lies, Love as Love and fear as fear and hate as hate.

 When we are KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE we pay careful attention to those Ideas and thus, are careful to use our Power of Speech wisely.

 If we do we will have an open and healthy Fifth Chakra and with It we can communicate our Truth freely and fearlessly, never doing any harm...always pouring out a Blessing.

Here is a direct quote from this book, YOUR SEVEN ENERGY CENTERS....

”The lessons of the throat chakra are closely related to our ego and to our solar plexus. If we have a chip on our shoulder, it is all too easy to allow hurt feelings at the level of the solar plexus to percolate up and arc to the throat chakra. It happens so fast, we don’t even realize it. That’s why sages advise us to short-circuit that emotional response. Slow down and think about the effect your words will have before you open your mouth, they urge.

 “Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath, “ warns the Book of James.

 “Good people should be slow to speak but quick to act,” says Confucius.

 Right speech is always supportive speech, kind speech and respectful speech.” End of quote.

Some one who understood this very well was America’s first President.  George Washington. When he was fourteen years old, he wrote more than one hundred “Rules of Civility in Conversation Amongst Men” which he had copied from a work that dated back to 1664 or earlier.

 Among these guidelines was this....

“Think before you speak; pronounce not imperfectly, nor bring out your words too hastily, but orderly and distinctly....”


One of the subtlest forms of imbalance in the throat chakra is idle chatter.

Confucius observed that “Those who have virtue have something to say, but those who have something to say, do not necessarily have virtue”....

Idle chatter drains our Energy.

 So it’s important that we save our Energy, speaking at the right time, speaking the facts and speaking to the point....and knowing there is a time to speak and a time to be silent.

If it appears we have answers to a question, we do not have the right to remain silent. But on the other hand, silence is important to our Spiritual Development....for it is within the Silence that we hear our Souls speaking to the human-us.

So we can see the great amount of discretion we must exercise in the use of the Power of the Throat Chakra.

 It takes constant vigilance....and great care.

When we speak, when we pray or decree we are engaging the Power of our Throat Chakra....turning on the God Power within us.

 What we say and how we say it....the purpose for which we say it, all affects the State of our minds, emotions and bodies as powerful Spiritual Energy is pouring through us every moment.

Thus, the statements “What you send out comes back.”

And “as you give, so shall you receive.”

It’s our job to understand this visualize and internalize this fact. We simply have to understand that we have nothing to work with in this Universe except Life, which is Energy....Cosmic Energy....and that includes what we call our Life,

 and Life is everywhere. There is no place we can go where there is no Life, no Energy.

 Life is One, all Energy has One Source....remember, in the beginning of these programs we said, “There is only one Truth....One God or basic Universal Energy, everywhere present and responsible for all that is”. 

As more of the pure Universal Energy flows onto this Planet, all Consciousness will be expanded.

 Closed minds will open, hearts will awaken

and we will all find ourselves invoking and calling forth more Universal Godness....

We will be kinder, gentler, more loving and considerate in our speech and more peaceful in our thoughts and actions.

 By those actions we will be changing the rates of vibration around us.

 In addition we’ll find ourselves re-acting to the energies surrounding people we interact with.

 We talk of dark energies, evil and mean.

 Or say someone’s Energy felt bright and clean....loving and good.

In the FUTURE THAT IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING  we will no longer be able to hide our true human natures from our fellow man. There is coming a time when we will naturally see Energy fields. We will feel them more acutely than we do now.

 There is coming soon a time when Life around us will know us by the QUALITY OF THE ENERGY we have generated or drawn about ourselves, by what we project out into the world around us.

Even today all Higher Spiritual Life knows us by our Energy. Our Energy draws to us or repels Angels and all Higher Life. Light is not attracted to darkness...nor is Higher Energy attracted to lower vibrations....particularly by vibration that is deliberately generated by the unthinking, unfeeling, cruel, careless, warring and hating of the ungoverned human nature.

Pure Energy does not go near evil, except in certain situations to bring Light into darkness.

Thus by understanding our Energy System, we forge a close Relationship with our Souls.

We are giving recognition to the Godness within us

through knowing how and why the Chakras are pouring their unique Energy into all levels of  our Being, allowing us to fulfill our Purpose.                                              

So all that is being said here deals with the Awakening of the human-us to our Spiritual possibilities. And especially addresses the need for Spiritual Information....for exercises and attitudes to improve the human/Soul Partnership....for our conscious effort always pointed toward making the human self more aware of the need to create a compatibility with the Soul Mind, so that both the human and the Soul can evolve. And all of this can happen as we integrate the Understanding of the Chakras into our Spiritual efforts.

In the past, Spirituality of the level these Essays was taught in what were called Mystery Schools and only deeply committed persons were accepted as pupils. And the outer world knew nothing of this teaching or of the schools or of the people involved.

 Now, however, we are in a new cycle and the past has prepared us for today and for the future.... 

And today many of us.... perhaps not quite ready for a Mystery Schools.... have, never the less, been given an Understanding of some of the Spiritual Mysteries long hidden from critical minds. We are being allowed to see how Spiritual Power can manifest in the human arena....awakening us to the Higher Impulses of our Souls.

We are seeing and hearing and reading about Spiritual Concepts new to human endeavor....and learning about Spirituality that works, not just on Sundays in our churches but in every waking and sleeping hour. What we call 'religion' in its organized sense is evolving into the long awaited Spirituality that encompasses the whole man....the whole Soul....not just the Saturday or Sunday man....but the whole Spiritual person.

It is the fullness of the Christian Message. 

Meanwhile, Spiritual Information is being updated daily in this “speeded up” age we live in. This is a time where growth and personal experiences almost overwhelm us. So much new Information has come in during the last one hundred years, enfolded, as it were, in the Spiritual Consciousness of Great Beings, who, like 'Jesus' and Those Who came with Him, have stepped forward to be Mankind’s Teachers.

 They wait for us to go quietly into our Hearts....They wait for us to listen for the Direction that is Right for us....Direction that will never fail us and will open the doors to each one's own personal Teaching as we ask and receive with Pure Intentions.

I use the words “Pure and Purity” often in talking about Energy.

It’s important to be aware that the Purity of our Life, is the Strength of our Life....

the Quality of Purity within our Life produces the Perfection we seek....

so now let us again reinforce the Wall of Pure White Light around ourselves, seeing a Flame of Purity spiral around our body, as we listen to these statement about PURITY:


Purity is the Strength and the Power that produces Perfection in all Life

.This is true in all aspects of Life.

In the physical world, as in the manufacture of steel, there must be Purity if there is to be Strength and Power in that steel.

The same is true about our physical bodies....

and true in Nature and in the structure of Earth itself.  

Everything that is strong, everything that is constructive must be the Strength of Purity in order to hold its Perfection against what is not Pure.  

Purity is the Powerhouse of the Universe.

Purity is the sustaining Force of everything that is constructive in Creation.

Purity is the Treasure House of the Universe.

Pure Divine Energy holds within Itself all that is needed to produce the Fulfillment of God’s Divine Plan.  

Purity is the Power that sustains the Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements.

Energy, glowing with Purity, is called the Cosmic Light Substance out of which all is created.

This Light Substance is indestructible and whiter than snow and more blazing than diamonds.

Purity is the Universal Light Substance out of which Worlds and Systems of Worlds are composed. 

Cosmic Purity is the Immortality of Perfection

. It is God’s Love that reaches out and draws into Itself everything pure and good that It contacts. 

Every human problem can be solved by using God’s Cosmic Purity to cover over all that is less than Purity.

Purity is the Freedom from all mistakes and distress. We can prove this for ourselves. 


 Let us enfold ourselves in the dazzling White Flame of Purity and see for ourselves the difference in our feelings, the difference in our lives and the lives of the people of our nation when we are all filled with the Peace and Love of Divine Purity. 

And, as we wrap ourselves in this Dazzling Flame of Purity,

Let us see that opalescent White Light spiraling around ourselves,

Let us open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and

invite Purity to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds and into the

 Hearts and Minds of every man, woman and child

That each may become a Channel for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth. 

Always remembering that














I thank Ruth Montgomery for those final thoughts