Working with our Energy # 3  


The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.  You’ve heard me say over and over that this is a program about Ideas....a place where we talk about human and Spiritual Ideas that promote, first of all, Peace.....peace in our individual lives and peace in the world.....

And the kind of peace we talk about is no “pie in the sky” philosophical Idea.

It’s a practical `necessity if we are to preserve civilization. It’s the missing ingredient within family groups, in social and business groups. It’s desperately necessary among nations today.


Let sleeping mankind awaken to its Soul’s  need for Peace....a Peace in which we awaken, and learn WHO WE REALLY ARE....a simple, uncomplicated Peace in which we clean up our lives, put karmic debt behind us, and step, debt-free, squeaky-clean into that long awaited Aquarian millennium. 

The planet is suffocating in hate and anger and greed and selfishness....

and the only way to over come and overtake all that human-ness is to cover it over....

smother it with Peace.....

and we can throw in a little Love for good measure....

and add an ocean of Purity.

 There is no other way to free the planet. There is no other way to free ourselves....there is no other way to liberate our human/Soul Partnership from the bondage of human ignorance and misconduct engaged in for ages. When Peace reigns all else ceases to exist.

 Will you join me, as we start the ball rolling in the direction of Peace.... as we say;


We stand at the dawn of the next major level of Spiritual Awakening.

 We live in a moment of Cosmic time....

one of miraculous possibilities for any who will embrace the meaning of the moment.

 To enter into this moment, we must first bring into balance all the energy we have ever used. ....doing this by embracing the simple Idea of Peace.

Nothing fancy.... nothing stressful...

nothing we can’t all do, as we gradually and sincerely work to tame all our human thoughts, feelings, actions and especially, our spoken words. Because until our energy is calm....completely Peaceful, we cannot draw into the human/Soul Partnership more of the Higher, more speeded up Spiritual Vibrations....

and when I speak of “Spiritual Energy” I am always speaking of the Energy that flows into us directly from the Christ Body above us, which is our Connection to all 'Godness' of the Universe.

This then flows into the physical body via the Chakra system. It comes in Pure, flowing into all the Energy Centers starting with the heart.

It flows downward into the three Centers below the heart, mixing with earth energy  that is flowing up into the Root, Seat of the Soul and Solar Plexus centers. It is that Earth Energy....the Energy of Mother Earth, that helps to ground us....helps to hold us here, making it possible to accomplish our work here.

It flows at the same time into the throat and brow Centers and finally the Crown Chakras. Today we’ll focus on the Heart Chakra and learn what it means to our lives to live from the Energy of our Hearts. 

But first, let’s follow our pattern of giving ourselves a moment of Peace, as we quiet our minds and emotions....and if possible the work of our hands.

We begin each day by reinforcing the Wall of Blazing Light around ourselves and filling the space inside with Christ Love.

 Today picture a Golden Glow filling the chest area....and within that glow see a Flame....and spiraling around that Flame see Pink Rays of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy....we watch those Rays expand and fill our auras and expand through and beyond the Wall of Light....we watch, we see that Christ Love blessing all we do...blessing all we contact....and in this simple way, we are a Blessing to all Life everywhere....wherever we are, God is.... 

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Christed Heart Light of God,

We see that Opalescent Light of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy spiraling around ourselves,

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And from the Flame of Love within the Heart and Mind of God

allow Love to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

Each becoming a Channel for Love and Illumination to descend to Earth.


So again today our focus is on Peace in our lives. We can do very little on a day by day basis about the lack of peace in other lives....anywhere on the planet....but we have all control of what goes on in our lives.

 So, if we aren’t feeling very peaceful how do we begin....

well, all change has to begin with re-organizing our Energy within a framework of Peaceful feelings, thoughts, actions and spoken words.

I find it is a minute by minute Process of Consciously looking at everything I do, think, feel or say.

At this point in my Life, I am very sensitive to the need to stay peaceful for it is only in that mode that I receive the Higher Impulses that I have asked to direct my comings and goings while on this planet.

 Long ago I realized that nothing good can come out of the warring attitudes and actions of the people of this planet. It’s not just war between’s the warring that goes on between and among individuals ...fueled by hate and the greed and the selfishness and the intolerance  practiced by people all over the planet.  

Peace naturally accrues to us as we practice bringing the Energies of our four earth bodies into balance and alignment with the Spiritual Energies that will naturally be attracted or magnetized to our clean-up effort. 

 In the economic world of banking, bonds and equity markets and funds, there is an effect known as “quantum interest”. It is a technical term that describes, if I can generalize it, a natural law of economics that never allows the balance between negative and positive financial energies to get too far out of balance.

 In both the visible and invisible world of planetary energy, there exists positive and negative energies that Nature must keep in balance. In personal terms, the way we have used God-Energy over time has produced both positive and negative energy. The negative energy has created  debts on the visible and/or invisible planes and all debt eventually comes due, principle and with interest added. All souls embodied on earth at this time have Energy debts coming due, debts owed by us or to us....debts where quantum interest also applies. And it accrues to either positive or negative energy and can come due in the form of greater love or greater hate in our daily lives depending on where we have invested our energy dollar!

Thus I believe the only safe way to live in these times is to be as squeaky clean as possible where our energy is concerned.  

As I look around our world, it’s not hard to see a lot of “loans” coming due, loans that  will be repaid with interest. Let us take just one example where this could be happening. During the last half dozen years, we watched the nation recently known as Yugoslavia become unraveled. Why did this happen.....

Now if we believe that nothing happens by chance, then we know Energy was very much out of balance there....and the poor people suffered the consequences. However, there is the matter of Free Will. We must be alert to the fact that our actions today absolutely dictate our lives tomorrow.

 Whether we wish to believe this or not....We do CREATE OUR LIVES BY EVERY THOUGHT, FEELING AND ACTION. We must be consciously aware that WE ARE CREATING THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF OUR LIVES MINUTE BY MINUTE. If we doubt that....or refuse to live our lives constructively, we do reap the world wind. 

If we are consciously living aware lives, we will be living within a humane framework....and if we wish to progress, humanly or Spiritually, the next step is to clean up our Energy in order to Spiritually move ourselves forward. In raising our Consciousness  we raise the Consciousness of all Life on the planet.

Whether we wish to believe this or not....our whole human/Soul Purpose is about Spiritual/Soul is the reason we are here. We may think our lives are about the human-us....but the physical is nothing but the vehicle for the Soul. Life is always about Godness expanding this case, our Process on Planet Earth is all about expanding our Soul Consciousness, which is God-Consciousness.... doing it through the human experience.  

If we look back to Yugoslavia, we see that it is more than likely that most of the people who chose to embody there at this time, came back to face their hatreds and mistakes of thousands of years in order to clean up their Energy and get on to something new. We always come back, in time, to the people and places where we have unfinished work. And anything we do, that is not done harmoniously, is not finished! That is something we all need to think about....there is no such thing as “human closure”....

There is only God Closure.

As we progress as Souls, there are no accidents in our lives. We embody to meet certain people and to go to the places where we have old or new work to do. So, using Yugoslavia as our example but not picking on Yugoslavia, we see millions of people coming back and being born into the various ethnic and religious cultures of that region. If we create our lives, then we know they asked to or had to come back to that place and those situations, and thus were being given another chance to re-play old events.... sometimes, bloody events of their choosing.... events they again did not protect themselves from having to experience.

They did not know how to put a Wall of God’s Light around themselves in order to come again into a difficult situation, to try to do it better or get it right this time and survive the experience. Each week I stress putting that Wall of Christed God Light around ourselves....doing it every day.....always seeing ourselves protected as we go about doing whatever it is we have come to do....always aware that we cannot go on in any old hateful ways once we opt for 'God Power' in our lives....for that 'Power will make itself known to us, even take us out of the body quickly, if we misuse it.

 Today we have access to modern thinking around our Spirituality. In most modern countries people have TVs and computers and the modern equipment to help them see the world in a broader aspect than just their small areas. Today people have a chance and the choice to give up hating each other.  

Today in Yugoslavia we have the perfect study in how a modern people have opted to go on murdering each other....replaying their old tapes....deepening their negative karmic ties to one another....binding themselves to, God alone knows, how many more tries at learning to love one another. 

We are never without Cosmic Instruction....have never been without Instruction in the history of the planet. It’s important to think what that Instruction is and about where It comes from and realize that the same Instruction exists all over the planet in various levels of mind-set.

 Most of the Western World’s Instruction comes from thousands of years of Teaching and Intuition coming to earth through the many Evolved Souls who embodied here.

 The human race has always had Cosmic Direction regarding relationships. “Love one another”, we’ve been told over and over. As recently as several thousand years ago, a Powerful Being descended to Earth to again reiterate this  powerful Admonition as well as leaving us with much other good advice.  

I wonder sometimes if the One we call Jesus ever felt desperate as He looked out over the world of his day and tried to tell people this simple Truth about Love and Peace.

 Did he think His Words would be heeded when He gave people simple practical direction that, if heeded, would have immeasurably improved....or saved their lives. He came into a world fractured into, who knows how many, hating religious sects, fighting political groups and divided and diverse races polarized against each other. It was within that chaotic setting that the human world was given again the most basic Spiritual Lesson, that was simply to ”STOP FIGHTING AND HATING AND START ACCEPTING AND TOLERATING AND IF POSSIBLE, START LOVING EACH OTHER”. 

Good sensible Instruction would have led the people of that time to a greater Truth about themselves....and the world and God. It would have brought them Peace then.

IT WILL NOW!          

So,  Peace and Love....Love and Peace.

There still is no other way to get from the human-here to the Spiritual-there without peace and love.

 This is what Jesus taught....what other Great Spiritual Masters of Light have taught and are still teaching today. It is the Energy that 'Opens the Doors' to our eventual Spiritual Enlightenment.

Today, it is understanding and applying these simple, basic Truths of human relationships, bringing the Spirituality of peace and love around those relationships that allows both the human and Soul-us to play our parts in the current scheme of human activity.

And we, the Soul, at last, have the opportunity to begin the Process of completing our final Journey through the Energy of the Earth plane. 

So with all that as a backdrop, we now talk about our Heart Centers. Again let me mention that I am using as a reference a recent book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia Spadaro entitled....”Your Seven Energy Centers”. I recommend this book because it is easy reading. It doesn’t have a lot of vocabulary not easily understood.   

So....The heart chakra is the fourth Energy Center. It is located in the center of the chest. It’s color is a rose pink.....I see it as a shimmery, gossamer rosy pink light.....sometimes it shimmers as with gold dust....sometimes with a silvery light.... 

It’s Sanskrit name means unbeaten or unbroken.

 It has twelve petals.

 When we are in alignment with our Heart Energy, It expresses Itself through us as , of course, Love....but also, compassion, beauty, selflessness, sensitivity, appreciation, comfort, creativity, charity and generosity....

but the Essence of the fourth Chakra is Love.

 And that Love operates at every level of the human/Soul multi-dimensional experience, integrating Heaven and earth, Spirit and Will, Wisdom and Power. The human-us is lost or disoriented without the Guidance of that Love.

 The purest Experience of the Christ Self comes from the feeling of that unconditional Love that is always trying to express Itself through the physical form. 

And what happens when some emotion other than Love is expressed within the fourth Chakra. Well, then the Heart Energy becomes unbalanced, the energy is colored by emotions such as hatred, dislike, selfishness, self pity, human sympathy and negligence, which is then reflected in the health of the heart, thymus, lungs, bronchial tubes, breasts, diaphragm, chest walls, thoracic spine and circulatory system.

 It is incredible what we do to ourselves when we choose not to love. And when we allow the Energy of the Heart to be heavy with our sick or sad or hateful emotions.  

The musical instrument associated with this Chakra is the harp and the gemstones are the ruby, the diamond, garnet, rose quartz and pink beryl.

 It’s Spiritual Tradition is Christianity.

The Heart Center is the most important Energy Center in the body. It is the hub of Life, physically and Spiritually. All the Energy we receive from 'God' passes through our Heart Chakra before it flows out into the rest of our bodies energy system.

 Energy passing through our heart chakra is imprinted with our unique vibration and quality. If our Heart Energy is pure, it will flow from us as a Blessing.

 If that Energy is filled with hate and selfishness, It will adversely affect us and everything It touches. That’s why it is so important to clear and balance the Energy of the Heart Chakra.

 And so important to watch our every thought, feeling, action and spoken all registers somewhere in one of our chakras....and much of it in our Heart Center which is where we feel so much. 

We learn about compassion from the Heart Energy.....learning the difference between sympathy and compassion.

 Compassion is Christ Concern for one another

....for all Life everywhere.

While sympathy expresses itself as human agreement with a problem. Sympathy allows us to feel human self pity, allows us to see ourselves or others as victims. In the aura, sympathy shows up as a syrupy energy dripping from the heart and is seen as spirals of energy moving downward, dragging down the emotions. 

Compassion uses the Purity of the Heart Energy to do what really helps others.... particularly as we are able to help them realize



Compassion allows us to offer support and encouragement, but it often means standing back and watching as someone we love takes difficult steps on their own. For we must never cushion someone or prevent someone from learning lessons they need in order to grow.

Watching our loved ones grow can be harder than enduring our own growth pains. But no one can do our growing for us....if they could, where would be our Victory. Thus we cannot do the growing for anyone else. But if Christed Compassion is at work in our lives, we are unconditionally loving and supporting those who need us.

 Love leads us to the correct connection with that always enhances and expands that Love.   

The Spiritual Activity of the Heart Chakra has a definite effect on our health. It has been clinically shown that emotions like anger and frustration put a strain on the heart and other organs. While Love has been shown to have just the opposite effect.....always  leading to improved healing and emotional balance.

 The heart that is not functioning within the condition of Pure Love, suffers....

we feel intense sadness and longings....

we feel burdened and resentful and joyless...

 we feel a 'lack' in our lives. 

The compassionate quality of Christ Love within the Heart Chakra defines the Reality of our human/Soul Partnership. This is an Energy of Peace and Comfort, filling us with confidence in the existence of an unconditional Love of God.

 And that Love fills up our senses with courage and with an indefinable expectancy about Life.      

Our difficult experiences can cause a sense of a hardening within the heart....cause the Energy to be burdened with feelings of negativity. We must guard against that....

using our Heart Energy only in loving ways.....

letting all we do reflect our Love for Life...

.our love for humanity....

our love of Supreme Beingness...

allowing that beautiful Gold and Silvery Pink Energy to flow into us and direct our lives....

and flow out from us energizing everything we do....

changing hate to Love....

war to Peace.

This will happen as we all become more Heart-centered.

 To cleanse the Energy of any chakra take some time each day to see a Ray of Golden Light coming into, in this case, the flows in from above...see the Golden Light spiral within that Center, spinning out any dark substance within the Energy. Then see that darkness magnetized into, that is, go into a Violet Fire....know it is Energy that is being cleansed....transmuted and forgiven.....cause, effect, record and memory....then, let go of any negativity around it completely.  

We look out the eyes of the human/Soul Partnership and see so much human disorientation....which can only occur when people are living without Soul guidance. We listen to what people are saying and how they are saying it....we watch what people are doing....and it is clear that the Heart Chakra of many is clogged with impure substance....we know that the chakra is not open and clear...

and understand why the physical body is not functioning properly.                                   

The following is a visualization for the Heart Center given to us by Elizabeth and Patricia.... 

Picture the brilliance of the sun at noonday and transfer that picture to the center of your chest.

See thousands of sunbeams going forth from your Heart to penetrate and dissolve any darkness, despair or depression within yourself, within loved ones and then within  the people of the world.

Project your Love, which is really 'God’s Love' out into the world.

See that Love going forth as intense fiery pink laser beams that break down all barriers to the success of your relationship, your family, your spiritual growth, your career, your neighborhood or your nation.....end with this thought.... 

”I am projecting my Love out into the world to erase all errors and break down all barriers....”

 and we thank Elizabeth and Patricia for their Love to us. 

I think of the Heart Center as the place where the 'God-us' and the human-us meet...

where earth and Spiritual Energies are integrated.

 Where our human/Soul Partnership is formed...

.and where we find out WHO WE REALLY ARE.  

It is from the Heart that the combined Energies move upward. While each chakra has a level of Consciousness within which we discover facets of our Spiritual Selves, it is within the Energy of the Heart Chakra that we find a Powerful Presence of Love that speaks to us about our Spirituality.

 From my own experience I can state that when the Heart Chakra is fully functioning, fully open....

we never feel the emptiness or loneliness that so often defines the human/Soul journey.

 When the Energy in the Heart combines both the Soul Wisdom of the Father above and the intuitional, native intelligence of the earth body below, we have a Sense of Completeness....

we experience the integration of Heaven and earth.

And that feeling stays with us even as we progress through the routines from which we have chosen to grow.   

So all I say in these radio programs is pertinent to the success of every life. If those who hear these words doubt the Truth of them....please, look around. We smart people must be thinking that something is out of balance on this planet.

 We’ve tried every human remedy.....but one.

We haven’t tried the “Peace that passeth understanding”....

We haven’t focused on the Christ Peace that has been offered to us.

 We haven’t used It in our personal lives...

We aren’t using It in the Life of the Nations.

So my efforts here are to suggest a Way....

I offer an Energy Road Map back to sanity and health....and it is so simple. It is that simplicity that fools the educated minds of today.   

Many are not ready to think about Mystical Experiences yet....and this is not what this Information is about.

The Energy work we are focusing on here is to make the physical self is to enhance the daily life of the human /Soul Partnership.

 For those who are interested and are ready, it is a direct physical route to experiencing their Christ Self....for it is the unconditional Love of the Heart Center that 'opens the door' to that Experience.

 That Center, when fully open and expressing its Purest Form of Energy, is expressing the Christ energy.

It is pouring out its Love naturally into the world.

 Love and Service are Its Highest Joy and Truest Pleasure, and often guide the Partnership to Great Service in very practical ways.

Jesus focused His Life in the Heart and taught 'Love and Service'....

Love of God

and Love of one’s fellow man....

He demonstrated 'the willingness to devote one’s entire life to the Loving Service of humanity'.

And that is both a very practical as well as beautiful way to live.