A Christmas Story     



The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime.

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Merry Christmas! 

I call this program today, the Christmas  Story....a story that began two thousand years ago. At that time we were at the end of a century, the end of a millennium, the end of a Cosmic cycle....the exact repeat of where we are today in terms of century, millennium and cycle.

Two thousand years ago.....the hundred or so years before the end of the old millennium and the hundred or so years into the new millennium, there was a lot going on....a lot of pushing and shoving....

there was endless political and social upheaval....

barbaric destruction of Life.

 It was a time when the old ways were being pushed aside....and the new thinking of the incoming Piscean Age was rising to the surface and impacting the Consciousness of the awakening man and woman. A new kind of Energy was coming in and providing the human/Soul Partnership with a new way of looking at Life.  

Two thousand years ago the emerging Piscean Plan brought in the Cosmic Demand for Peace.

That Peace began slowly....

It began with one drop of Perfect Love and Compassion placed in a roiling sea of human indifference.

 And so on each Dec. 25th we commemorate the Birthday of that Prince of Peace whose Responsibility it was to Light the Flame of Love and Compassion again on this Earth. This Great One talked and walked the Path of Christed Consciousness and taught His followers to walk that same Path.

Today we can claim that Christ Consciousness, and raise our voices to further the cause of Peace by saying:




And so, in our time we have the scenario of two thousand years ago being cycle, new millennium, new century....a new Cosmic Program.

And so it is and ever has been since time began for this planet

as Earth and its Evolving Life

 experience these cycles of times when new Information is flowing in, tailored to the needs of the Life Forms of that cycle.

 Today, as then, we have cycles beginning and ending, bringing in changes....and no one is exempt from the effects of these Cyclical Changes that change the Vibration of the Energy....producing and demanding change.   

Today few understand the true meaning of Christmas....

few know that the word refers to a Mass....

a Christ Mass that celebrates the Christ Consciousness of God.

Or know that each human/Soul Partnership is connected to that Christ Consciousness of 'God' through the Soul’s Holy Christ Self that stands just above the physical Self....

or that Christed Consciousness is constantly pouring into the human being based on its ability to receive.

Or that in every age

 a Great Christed Soul

is born onto the earth. Two thousand years ago was no exception.....a Great Being came forth, along with many Enlightened Souls, to teach the Message of Peace and Brotherhood, with an emphasis on teaching the active, living Presence of the Christ Mind within each one of us.  

Two thousand years ago, what passed for Spirituality was a strange mixture of many  Ideas. The old Babylonian and Egyptian and Hebrew beliefs were still active. Alongside that was the Roman and Greek philosophy of the day, as well as the ever expanding Jewish religious restrictions that existed in every area of life.

Into this cauldron of thought came the New Teachers and one in particular who is remembered today.

We call Him Jesus.

He taught a simple philosophy....and people flocked to Him....and called themselves,

 The Followers of Jesus

and they practiced the Way He taught.

Many Enlightened Teachers appear to have been active the hundred or so years before and just after the turn of the millennium. The writers of the age talk of Miracles performed by some of these people and how at least one of the Teachers was thought to have ascended....

.and how several of these Teachers were thought of as Saviors by the people who were looking for a Messiah. But these people called Saviors were considered a threat to Rome and so, at least one was crucified.The debate rages on and on about who that was and whether or not he actually died.... stories abound....but through other religious groups, Muslims and Buddhist we are told that the One we call Jesus, didn’t die....but continued to teach until He was 81 years old and then He (supposedly) died....but no one can say where or exactly when. 

A few hundred years later, a new political religion was needed and the Roman emperor, Constantine called together the Bishops whose flocks were following

the Ways of Peacefulness and Brotherhood.

These people were industriously going about their own business, believing and worshipping simply the Way Jesus and the Apostles had taught them and they were growing in numbers. Constantine wanted them on his side.

So the Bishops had a lot of pressure put on them (by Constantine) to come up with a set of religious guidelines, one that included the Ideas of Peacefulness and Brotherhood. But one that served the emperor while not completely alienating the people. 

And so we have history and myth intertwined and eventually out of it all came the very convoluted Christmas story and religious dogma the Bishops came up with some time in the third century to please Constantine.

For whatever reason, the Bishops focused on the strongest Idea of two thousand years ago, which seems to have been that of the Old Testament’s Suffering Servant, coming out of the Jewish Messianic theme that recurs over and over in the Bible.

The Jewish leaders didn’t support the Teacher of Peace we know as Jesus for the role of Messiah.

They were not the least interested in Peace but in a Political Savior who would rescue them from the Romans.

 So, was it the Man of Peace who was nailed to the cross.....

History has not yet given us the answer that remains shrouded in mystery. But regardless....whoever it was who died or whether anyone at all died, as told in the New Testament, in the third century the Nicene Council finally gave the world the Gospel

 as we know it today

 and what we call Christianity was born.

And who the Real Person is behind the Story of Jesus continues to be hidden. 

But that is not what this program is about today. Today I want to move away from the Idea of both a Miracle Birth and a dying figure on the cross

and focus on the Piscean Message....

 which was the Message of the One we call Jesus. 

Whoever He was, whatever his name, He was one of the Enlightened Men and Women of two thousand years ago Who was not preaching blood sacrifice and salvation or vicarious atonement.

 This group was teaching peace, and brotherhood and self-reliance upon the Christ Light within each individual.  

So this is an Essay on the Mystery of Christmas, a modern holiday as time goes....and yet its Spiritual Roots are as old as time. The Mass celebrates the Christ Aspect of Universal Godness, as it is Individualized in the Holy Christ Self of each Soul.

When we celebrate Christmas we celebrate the Christ Nature of God,

 we celebrate the Christ Nature of each Soul.

When we Souls embody on Earth, it is our Christ Nature that is the Divine aspect of our human/Soul Partnership. It is written that Paul asked the followers of Jesus, “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you”?

  Paul was describing the Human/Soul Relationship.

While Constantine’s religion focused on fear....on hellfire and damnation, sin, redemption, salvation, and atonement,

 the Philosophy of the Prince of Peace was Love, Peace, Brotherhood, Goodness and Reliance on one’s own Inner Godness. It's an ancient Message from the Gods to mankind.

The human mind....which is often cruel, needs the Message of Peace and Brotherhood, which comes from the Christed Nature of our Soul Partner.

But as happened, the people were denied the easily understood and humane Message given to then by Jesus two thousand years ago,

and the human power-elite of the fourth century made an Only Son of 'God' out of the Messenger/Jesus

and distorted His Message of Love and Brotherhood and personal responsibility

and gave the Followers of the Way a watered down religion made up of old and new ideas, which was enforced with brutal force.... and called it Christianity.

 Jesus had come as a Cosmic Messenger, with a very important Message for the Partnership of Body and Soul on Earth....a message most people have never gotten to try on for size.  

For hundreds of years before Rome politically embraced their version of the Message, before the politically correct version of new Story was invented, before the old Information was methodically discredited or destroyed and called pagan or heretical....

long before that,

the Belief in the innate, inherent Christed Nature within every man, had been taught on earth and was alive and well in Spiritual and Philosophical Thought of some of the peoples of Earth. It was the accepted basis for the Spiritual Thought and Ritual of the Society in which the Ministry of Jesus was developed ....namely the Essenes and the Nazarenes.

There were the Druid and Culdee people of the British Isles, particularly Ireland, as well as other European areas....

the Buddhists and Hindus....they all knew of their Christed Natures.

 Jesus went among them, learning from them and teaching them....becoming known as a One who could perform Miracles and as One who preached Brotherhood and Peace, and spoke of the Father above and within, Who was the Doer. “Of my human self,” He told us, “I can do nothing, it is the Father, the God Power, The Christ Power within me, that does the work.”

And he went about teaching that Idea to everyone, saying that 'all He did, we would eventually all do.'

 Earth has always had its Great Teachers who came periodically as mankind was ready for the Teaching. And They taught men about their Christed Souls.

The One we know as Jesus is One of a Group of very Advanced, Evolved Beings with a High Degree of Christ Consciousness, Whose Work has been to teach this Idea of Christ Consciousness for the advancement of Souls on this planet.

Since ancient times there have been Holy Days and Rites that recognize the Christ Consciousness within man.

 Christmas is one of those days.

There have always been some on Earth who could teach the Concept of the Christ,

 not as person....not as a single Being existing somewhere in the greater world....

not as Someone coming save them.

 Rather they taught that the Christ Consciousness is a Special Aspect of Greater Aspect of Consciousness natural to each Soul. And They knew the Christ Light is the Love of God’s Heart.  

So, Whoever the human/Soul person we know as Jesus was two thousand years ago, He was schooled in This level of Spiritual Thinking. And through Him, 'God' was able to bring to the Piscean Age and continue to bring into this Age, the Understanding that the Christ Nature within every human/Soul Partnership needs to expand if that Partnership is ever to evolve

and if Peace is ever to manifest on Earth. 

 And thus God gives us Christmas....and many of us use this time of year to focus on the Peace humanity longs for....we spend a few extra hours to pour out our love to those who are special to us. And in the process the Christ Flame within our Heart expands.

Year by year, the Christ Flame expands. Year by year, we pour out our love and appreciation to this Great Christed One, Jesus, Whoever He is in the Greater Scheme of 'God'. He was appreciated and loved by the people of His time. He was known then as a very Great Soul, One Whose Power was further amplified by other Great Beings.

He came to Earth with the Mission to invigorate the Christ Energy within the Flame in every heart.

He came and still comes to teach and encourage Brotherhood, Peace and Good Will.

He is very much loved by the people of our time. 

And so today I share with you my evolving understanding of the Purpose of Jesus and how, I think, we arrived at this level of Spirituality that now exists on the planet.

 There are many deep Spiritual Truths....and only a few of them have as yet touched the Consciousness of the people of Earth....

but this is the New Age

 and many wonderful happenings are on the Way. Including more information about how a Spiritual Hierarchy functions on earth, Age after Age to give the human/Soul Partnership direction and encouragement.

 And how, a Jesus can come, and manifest the Christ Consciousness on Earth. Our Jesus came under the Direction of One we know as Maitreya, who held the Office of the Cosmic Christ during the Piscean cycle. The Great Beings who hold that Office dispense and orchestrate the Flow of Christ Energy within the Universal Scheme of Life.

 The Lord Maitreya assisted Jesus....He is described as the Overshadowing, Protecting Presence of God with Jesus all the days of His ministry.  

Today, we people continue to receive Instruction from these Great Cosmic Beings for the perfecting of our Souls.

The identical Truth taught by Jesus is still being given to the human/Soul Partnership as we enter into the

 Age and Energy and Consciousness of Aquarius.

 We are being taught how to contact and realize our Inner Christness, so that one day our Souls may attain Reunion with our Holy Christ Selves and after that, with

our Mighty I AM Presence

as we complete our Course of Work on the planet. I believe that soon all religions will teach that Truth, validating my thought that we, the human/Soul Partnership, are never without Guidance. And how deep and wide that Guidance is we can only guess. 

However, from my study I sense that the Partnership continually evolves under the Sheltering Wings of the One referred to in the Bible as the Ancient of we know this Being as Sanat Kumara. And over the ages, we have been assisted in many ways.

In our time we are learning of the Great Waves of Christed Light that was brought to Earth through the Work of Guatama Buddha.

 And how we have been greatly Blessed by the Efforts of the Lord Maitreya. And finally, in our time, we realize that we are being led out of the human Valley by the

One we know only as 'Jesus'. 

 Spiritual darkness came onto the Earth as humanity’s memory of its Soul was veiled in some distant time past....the personal Relationship with God was forgotten.

 Still today, only a few know that their Soul is the individuated Spark of Supreme Light that animates the human form....that through the Agency of our Soul Spark, the Christ enters The Temple of man.....

allowing that Christ Spirit and Consciousness and Energy

to live on earth in the human/Soul Relationship.

I began writing this Christmas Story many years ago....slowly putting together pieces of the puzzle to help me understand 

this person/Soul/Being we call Jesus.

 My belief is that He came from a High Born Family....that He and Joseph and Mary were not the simple folk they’ve been made out to be....that there is a whole other Story to be told about them.....a story that has been hidden and pushed aside for over a thousand years by powerful human forces.

And what a different world we would have today if the Truth had not been denied the people. 

We know that the Jews of His time looked for a conquering Messiah.

We know that the Romans of His time were afraid that He might indeed be a conquering Messiah.

 Over the years as I studied the Christmas Story that was eventually generated for the Gospels, it always felt somewhat unrealistic for me. I always felt there was something lacking that made practical sense.

 So I have been grateful to learn that the Christmas Story we celebrate today was a 'made up scenario'...manufactured in the third century for political purposes.

And of course, those purposes were best  protected by hiding or distorting the Real Facts of Jesus and His Family and His Lineage and Destiny. Jewish and Roman Politics of the time, both were served by hiding or distorting the Spiritual Information that God was providing through a number of Teachers, One of Whom came to be known as the Jesus of the Gospels.

 It can now be shown that our Christmas Story of Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus....that lovely story was just that....a story composed of old beliefs, old myths and stories....a compilation of ancient religions. However in its defense, it was a Story that could be believed by most of the people of that time.

And it is a beautiful, Jesus story....even though manufactured to please an is a compromise of the Truth, that seems to have been agreed upon by the majority of the third/fourth century Bishops, some who who wanted to go along with that emperor and others who probably had no choice.

 And may God forgive all concerned for all the suffering they caused millions of people over fifteen hundred years as they hid or destroyed Evidence of the Teaching brought by Jesus

as well as the Truth of Jesus himself.

But looking at the larger picture.....knowing God will always find a way to get around people who try to stand in the Way of Progress....we call it evil.....and realizing that many people two thousand years ago, were not ready for the simple, Practical Truth of Life taught by Jesus,

 perhaps the joke is on Constantine and those bishops.

 For that beautiful tale of Mary and the baby Jesus caught the Imagination of the many simple people....the many who were not then ready for the Discipline of the whole Story. And they have, by their Belief in the Story, been held in the

 Radiance of Jesus and Mary and Joseph

 for all these years. Until today, many are ready....are strong enough to hear the whole Truth and ready to begin to live the Whole Story....

and little by little is is being....

and all those thousand of Souls, whose lives were destroyed for their Beliefs in the Truth Jesus taught are under His Loving Care....somewhere........   

My search for the real Message and the real Jesus brought me face to face with strange information. For reasons, yet unknown, Who He was as an ordinary citizen of his time, no one is willing to say, yet....

The word Jesus means is not a person’s name. It is strange indeed that in our time, we don’t know Who the real person was Who became, not the Jewish Suffering Messiah

 but the Focus of Christ Light within a new philosophy that finally came to be called Christianity. And that not even Constantine and his minions have not been able to extinguish the Christ Light that Jesus lit on this planet and in the heart of every man and woman.

 And that is what is important about the Christmas Story.

 As we search for the deeper meaning of God’s mysterious Plans, including the Ones that involve Jesus, even while seeing all the dissonance within the Christian Community, we can continue to have an Inner confidence about it all.

 And while I have never and will never, stop my search for Truth, there comes a point where much must be taken on Faith. In this case, it is relying on our Inner Confidence in the Message  brought to earth by a Great Being we call Jesus. I am confident He is Great evolved Soul. Who was guided in His Effort here by even Higher Powers.

 And today I look over the past  two thousand years and shake my head at the strangeness of it all, remaining confident that the 'Power of God' is still guiding it.

  And my Belief in the Wondrousness of Life grows....and here I am sharing these thoughts with you, wanting you to Love Christmas and Jesus and Mary and Joseph as I do,

And believe in the Christmas Story, whatever It is....asking you to expect the Personal Revelations that may be just around the corner....for those who will believe. 

“Ye are all sons of God”, Jesus told us....but Constantine’s Christian dogma demanded the Followers of the Way now believe there is only One Son of God....and that Son, the New Testament Jesus.....though the Bible neglects to remove from the New Testament the Words of Jesus Himself who said....”Ye are all Sons of God”.

 It was this puzzle that initially spurred my search for the Story behind the Story. If we are all 'Sons and Daughters of God', I wanted to know how is it that we are?

 And that search showed me our human/Soul Relationship with its Connection directly to all Levels of Higher and Greater Godness.

 We are indeed 'Sons and Daughters of the Most High'.

I needed to know what Jesus had taught that was so Powerful that neither time nor  made-up stories about Him could destroy His Teaching. I believed it had to be the Supreme Truth He taught, coupled with His Powerful, Personal Christ Consciousness that held the Christmas Story together, all these years until we all awaken to the Truth.                                                             I have been talking to you throughout this whole series of programs about the changing Energy of the various Cycles....about the meaning and purpose of the Information and Instruction we got throughout the last two thousand years of the Piscean Cycle....I think is is Information getting us ready for this period of time.

Isn’t it amazing that we live in the time foretold. Now we need to know the Fullness of All we are being taught...All we are being prepared for.

Historically and Spiritually we look at large blocks of time....ages....cycles of thousands of is hard for our human minds to grasp the immensity of some Great Plan that rolls inexorably spite of anything the human juggernaut can throw against it.

 And so when we celebrate Christmas we put aside any doubts about it. Instead we give Recognition to the Christ Light that continues to be brought to us by Someone we know only as Jesus.

And as we give Recognition to the Christ Light within each one of us, It expands and shines into our lives, bringing us 'Life more abundantly'.

 And, we never stop pouring out our  Gratitude and Love to the Great Beings Who have come to Earth to share Their Light, and continue to lead us, age by age, to our perfect Understanding of Life.

This Christmas let us, each one,

 Light a Candle and Sing a Hymn of Faith

....and Give Gifts of Love

 as we remember:

When the Light of the Christ illumines the world:

 When the Light of the Christ Illumines the world:

A new Age of Love and Forgiveness, Mercy and Justice and Freedom for all will be inaugurated.

We will have the Illumined Teachers of the Spiritual Hierarchy walking among us.....

and we will listen to those Teachers, Who come to us with Love,

teaching us Unity and Brotherhood and the Way to our personal Mastery of Life.

We will all be steadfast Disciples of Truth.

Our Vision of Life will be expanded.

 No longer will we be willing to live in the shadows....we will have come out of our valleys

 and become One of Those Who radiates that Christ Light out into a world,

 no longer weary, because we have all become Christed Souls.   

And every eye will then see the Legions of the Universal Christ.....then we will know

 Who this Jesus is

 Whose Birthday we celebrate each year in December.

Yes, then we will know.

But in the meantime, we are grateful to be One of His Legions

of the Faithful Who serve God in His Name

 without knowing all that is to be known...

but believing in His Message and in the One who sent Him


for He is a great Friend to all mankind but especially to all of us Who have loved Him over the ages and down through the centuries.

 Happy Birthday, Beloved Jesus

Now to conclude these thoughts about Christmas, here are some of the sayings of Jesus taken from a little book called

 “The Lost Gospel Q...The Original Sayings of Jesus”

He said: 'Fortunate are you when people hate you, and exclude you, and abuse you and denounce you on my account. Celebrate when that day comes and dance for joy....your reward will be great in heaven.'

'Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who treat you badly. Treat people as you would like them to treat you. If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do the same. If you do good only to those who do good to you, what merit is there in that? Even sinners do that.' 

'Instead, love your enemies and do good, expecting nothing in return. You will have a great reward and you will be Children of your Father in Heaven. He makes the sun rise on the bad and the good. He sends rain to fall on both the just and the unjust.'

'Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.' 

'Give and there will be gifts for you. A full measure of grain pressed down, shaken together and running over will be poured into your lap; because the amount you measure out is the amount you will be given back.'

 He asked: 'Why do you notice the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and not the wooden plank in your own? How can you say to your brother, “Let me take out the sawdust from your eye” when you cannot see the plank in your own? Hypocrite! Remove the plank from your own eye and then you will see clearly enough to remove the sawdust from your brother’s eye.'

'No good tree produces rotten fruit and no bad tree produces good fruit. Each tree is known by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thorn bushes, nor gather grapes from blackberry brambles. Good people draw what is good from the Treasure of their hearts. Bad people produce what is bad from the evil within them. A person’s words flow from what is treasured in the heart.'

  He asked, 'Why do you call me, ”Lord?” and then do not do what I say? I will show you what the person who comes to me, hears what I have to say and acts accordingly is really like. That person is like someone building a house, who digs deeply and lays the foundation on bedrock. The rain pours down, the floods rise in a torrent, and the winds blow and beat upon the house, but it does not fall, It is built on rock.'

 'But the one who listens and does nothing is like the person who builds on sand with no foundation. When the river bursts against it, it collapses immediately and is destroyed.' 

'Ask and It will be given to you. Search and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks, receives....and everyone who searches, finds and for those who knock,

 the door is opened.' 

'Who among you would hand his son a stone when he has asked you for bread? Who would hand him a snake when it’s fish he’s asking for? If you, who are imperfect, know how to give good things to your child, how much more will your Heavenly Father give to you when you ask?'

And on one occasion Jesus said to some of his disciples:

'Fortunate are the eyes that see what you are seeing. Many prophets and kings wished to see what you now see and never saw it, longed to hear what you now hear and never heard it.' 

And on another occasion He said to a group of people,

'You who claim to be the most devout are hopeless. You love sitting in the front row and having people bow down to you in public. You are like whitewashed tombs....beautiful on the surface, but filled with death and decay.'

 He said of certain priests: 'Beware to those who load people down with the crushing burden of laws and regulations but do nothing to help them. You have taken away the Key of Knowledge, but instead of unlocking the door, you have blocked the Way for those trying to enter.'

The Wisdom of God said, “I will send them (the people) prophets and messengers. Some, they (the priests) will kill, others they will persecute. There is nothing hidden from the people now that will not (in time) be exposed. Nothing is secret now that will not (in time) be revealed. Every (Spiritual) secret will eventually become known.

'And now', He said, 'when you pray say this:'

'Father, May Your Name be honored,

 May your Reign begin

Grant us the food we need for each day

Forgive our failures; 

for we forgive everyone who fails us.

And finally, and I love this ...He said,

 “Everyone who acknowledges Me in public will be celebrated by the Angels”. 

Goodbye for now....

Merry Christmas

And God Bless us everyone