Working with our Energy # 2   


The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? And how so sublime? 

Hello, everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Today it must be evident to all thinking people that we are entering a time when we are perceiving Life in a way that is different from how earlier generations have seen it....or more correctly, felt it.

Not only is the physical world being revolutionized by scientific discoveries, not only is there a renewed appreciation of morality and basic social attitudes, but there is an awakening to the Invisible side of Life.

We have been so focused on the human for so long....and now suddenly, we are interested in knowing about the rest of us....the Spirit part of us....we want to know WHO WE REALLY ARE in our entirety. What we are experiencing is the prodding of the New Energy of Higher Vibration. It is helping us  experience a new Spirituality.... appreciating Life not only in humanity, but in all of Nature.

 Have we not walked on the beach and felt the Life, the Spirituality within the waves and felt the water reaching out to us.

When we climbed a mountain did we not feel the Power of the Mountains enfold us,

or watched a magnificent sunset....

a breathtaking sunrise

and felt the same Life of the Universe pulsing within those natural manifestations? 

We are part of some Magical Scheme of 'God'....some beautiful scheme....and as we look out on the we look at our own lives....we see the Magic.

But we also see darkness. We ask, ďwhat can we do? How can we help?Ē.  In these program I share my concern....and offer the Answer....

which is Peace as our Souls know it.

 That is what is lacking on Earth. I share my Beliefs that each one of us can make a difference by understanding WHO WE REALLY ARE....BY SEEING OURSELVES AS THE CARING HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP THAT IS READY TO SAY:


This is the second part of a series of talks focused primarily on our Invisible Energy and what we need to know about it to live good lives. I will pick up the discussion where I left off in the last program in which I was describing our Energy Centers, commonly known as Chakras. I will to go on from there. 

But first, as is our custom here, we take a few moments of our precious time and give it to 'God'.

Letís begin by focusing our attention on the Idea of WHO WE REALLY ARE, acknowledging ourselves to be a human/Soul Partnership.

And in that mind-set, get to work to re-enforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around ourselves,

 knowing It is our protection

and within It, we are safe and nurtured.

  Now we gather in, call in all our Energy and place It within that Wall of Light. We call Spirals of Christ Light in around our physical forms and into our auras. Letís imagine that we are transparent ....we can see the seven chakras....each glowing now with an Energy of a Golden Hue.

 Now picture each Chakra spinning in perfect coordination with the Others....each now emitting its Perfect Color.  

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Golden Heart Light of God

We see that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and invite Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination to descend to earth.

Today we again talk about our body's Energy Centers or Chakras and how we can expand the Light within those Centers with prayers, decrees, affirmations, meditation and good works. All that and much more expands of the 'Light of God' within the Energy Systems of the physical body, but also expands the 'Light of the Soul'.

 There are many books written on the subject of Chakras. I have read many of them. They each add perspective to my personal observations. The book Iím using for a reference in these programs is the most recent one, written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia Spardaro entitled ďYour Seven Energy CentersĒ....Iím choosing to refer to that material because I feel comfortable with validates my intuition on the subject....and itís on my list of recommended reading. 

I begin today with this thought.

Spirituality is about Awakening to the 'Presence of God' in our lives and finding it internalized in our Soul Nature. Then itís a matter of adjusting our lives to our Soulís Purpose, which may or may not be clear at the outset. And then itís accepting without always understanding.

 Part of the journey is realizing that from the human point of view, Spiritual Life is not designed to be humanly rational. .....sometimes causing mental and emotional confusion. However, if as we go, we are not afraid of non-conformity, we can examine new Spiritual Points of View, which will eventually allow us to arrive, gradually, at Points of New Awareness, again, gradually raising our Consciousness through opening the Chakras and expanding the Light in each one. So letís talk about this.    

As the sunshine passes through a prism and is refracted into seven colors of the rainbow....just so Spiritual Light flows from a Supreme Source and divides into Seven Rays or Cosmic Flames. The Chakra System in our bodies is designed to work with the specific Energy of these Seven Cosmic Rays.

Thus, the major Chakras are seven in number....They are the Spiritual Organs that govern the flow of Cosmic Energy within the four earth bodies, which are the physical, the mental, the emotional and the etheric. Around our bodies we have a Circle of our Energy and this is called our Aura. And the Aura  is seven layers thick....each layer representing the outflow of Energy of a particular Chakra.  

The Chakras are the Connectors in the Etheric Body that plug into corresponding centers in the other three body layers. Cosmic Energy flows in through the Etheric Center at the top of our heads. From there it flows into our hearts, where it is then distributed to the other centers. And through them, Cosmic Energy spreads throughout the whole body system.

 It goes without saying that Understanding the Science of our bodyís Energy will help us take care of all four levels of our human Selves. Which by the way, is our responsibility.

With a few exceptions, we all have areas of Energy, Body and Soul, that need our attention. And even as there are many human and Spiritual techniques we can use to cure the ills of mind, body, heart and Soul, there are also techniques for cleansing the Energy of each Chakra and for that matter, of the whole Energy System.

 No matter what else we do, and in addition to whatever we do, we eventually must learn some technique for cleaning old energy out of our Chakras....and learn how to re-invigorate those Centers by

 consciously calling into ourselves each day,

 a clean, fresh flow of Cosmic Energy which comes in from our Christed Body above.

And do this everyday if we are to have optimum health at every level of our lives

 because that Cosmic Light contains, not only the Energy we need to maintain our bodies, but it has the Consciousness of the 'Mind of God' that penetrates and expands the Energy and Capacity of both our human and Soul Minds.

 We need this if we are to know what is right for us, day by day, individually, as we travel this human/Soul Path. This Energy just naturally flows to us....It is our Daily Bread. It is intended to sustain us in all we do as long as the Partnership exists. However, we can hinder Its flow to our sorrow. Or we can powerfully increase Its flow through prayer, by turning our thoughts to God and through service to our fellow man. 

Now maintaining our bodies and minds and emotions at optimum working level should be simple as we let Christ Energy flow into us day by day....but, often it isnít simple. We get busy. We forget and life, for most of us, is one continuous experience after another, each experience having its own impact on various areas of our Energy System.

If we arenít controlling our every thought, feeling, action and spoken word, we are making constant work for ourselves. And there are all the activities we engage in that have particular Energy around them....there is the Energy we pick up from people we come in contact with, work with, live with. They all have Energy that may or may not work for us.

And if we arenít taking time to consciously draw forth fresh, clean Light from our Holy Christ Selves everyday

after having cleaned out the old energy and getting rid of what isnít needed....what isn't working for us....then we arenít re-energizing our Energy everyday.

And in time our bodies and minds and emotions arenít working at optimum level. Then we get sick....we lose our jobs....our marriage falls isn't working for us anymore, because we have run out of Energy. 

None of this is necessary. We can with one word, one thought draw forth and set in action Oceans of Christ Vibration for the cure of any condition in our bodies and lives

 If we are to be free of human conditions, then making a daily ritual of getting rid of the old, soiled Energy and bringing in a fresh supply of the clean Christ Energy is something we must do everyday....just like we take a bath everyday.

Further, part of the process of this two thousand year cycle of return of planetary karma, requires each one of us to carry our share of Energy being returned for clean-up. Thus, there is always something for us to do. We have but to look at the state of generally poor health, of people and nations... physical, mental, emotional, economic, social and political....all indications of what people have been doing, thinking, feeling and saying....proof of how they have been using their energy.

It is easily seen where and what their attention has been focused on. And the lack of a positive and workable system of Spiritual Healing is also evident. But all that can change quickly when PEOPLE KNOW WHO THEY REALLY ARE and when they understand and begin to use the Spiritual Principles that govern Energy.

Now they will know how to regain the health of their bodies and their lives, having the strength and courage to work for Peace, for Love, Forgiveness and Mercy in the lives of people and nations. 

Once we realize that all this Cosmic Energy flowing into our body brings with it more of the 'Infinite Mind of God'....more of everything that is 'Godness', then the human/Soul Partnership is ready to manifest all that the individual needs to successfully  complete a human/Soul life cycle.

 The Consciousness, the 'Mind of God', that exists in 'Christ Light' is where our constructive ideas and direction come from. All the Knowledge we require of Life exists in the 'Christ Light' constantly flowing in, giving us life.....and all that Energy is processed through the Chakra System, nurturing every cell of our bodies and bringing us every positive, sensible thing we need. 

Itís simple things like the Knowledge of food that's right for our physical health.

Itís prudent Ideas about money matters.

Itís Direction to Soul Mates or companions for the Love we need to receive

 and the Love we need to give in all our  relationships.

It's Guidance to the perfect job or place in life.  

So let me repeat this.....'God Consciousness' comes in with the Christ Energy that flows in through the top of our heads and fills us, Body and Soul, with all the Good and Perfect Information and all the Strength we need to live the good life.

 All we are required to do, as we draw It forth and use this Energy, is protect It....keep It clean....and remember to give credit to Its Source and never forget to be grateful for all the good It produces in our lives. It is there in everything we do. It is free. We can use it without limit. What we can't do, is abuse It. Without paying the price for 'clean-up'. Whatever that price may be.

 Nothing can be achieved on Earth without the constant flow of Universal Power/Energy. The planet is bathed in that Cosmic Light Substance and the 'Conscious Direction/Disposition' of that Energy comes through the action of the combined human/Soul minds and desires.

This is why the human-us must be strong/smart. We can do so much damage to the world and to ourselves if we aren't. Thus we work to be both humanly and Spiritually, Strong and Smart. For we, the Soul, the 'Spark of that Great Power' at work within the human vehicle, must be able to Channel the Christ Energy and all the Constructive Activity that follows if Life is to unfold on Earth according to the

 'Divine Plan'. 

We are aware that we are to keep our human/Soul eye/focus single.

 Humanity has achieved much in the physical world, and it takes a strong Spiritual Focus to keep ourselves from thinking our human actions, alone, are responsible for all we accomplish that is good in our lives.

 The only aspect of daily life that the human being can take full credit for, is everything that is less than Perfect .... human actions alone are responsible for all the ills of our lives and the problems of the world....

 that belongs to the human-us through our failure to keep our

thoughts, feelings and actions

 Spiritually, and singly focused.

We are told Energy travels in a circle.... and when I meditate, I see Energy spiraling around myself, spiraling within and around each Chakra....around each cell....around the entire physical body....spiraling in and out of the layers of my Aura.

 The physical body is an amazing machine. 

Different Frequencies of Energy are provided in the various Centers to cover the requirements of almost anything we might want to do, Body or Soul. (Courtesy of our Creator)

Our part is to protect that police our use of those Different Aspects of God Light/Energy. That determines how much Good we do in the world and how It returns to us. Energy can return to us as gold/good or as base metal/problems.

 If It returns as 'problems' It comes back in many different, often unpleasant or difficult forms. We can easily recognize It as personal physical, mental, or emotional misery in our lives. And as political, economic and warring conditions in our country and the world.

 There are human techniques we can use to try to resolve our problems....sometimes it works, if the problem is small and simple. Often the simple act of asking Forgiveness or offering Love can repay a debt. And our day to day small misdemeanors often fit into that category.

 But we may have large debts to repay to life. They are sitting there in our karma (debt) bank, waiting. And when those debts come due, it often requires all the ingenuity of the human/Soul Partnership to resolve the problem. All major health problems fall into that group....major economic situations....relationship problems....these are nearly always debts of past experiences....coming due to be re-worked or repaid in this time.

So now what do we do?

Well, we often make frantic efforts to extricate ourselves from difficult situations....we are filled with fear, guilt, perhaps pain and generally confusion.

Now in the midst of any or all of that if we will quiet our thoughts and feelings, and  add to the human mix some Spiritual Light, we will begin to see the fog roll away.

 The process is to stop whatever we are doing and 'enter into' our Quiet Place...look into our hearts....and see the Flame that glows on that 'Altar in our Hearts'.

 Now, we simply place any problem on the 'Altar'

we let go of it....

and see the Hands of our Holy Christ Self take it from the Altar

And watch as a more powerful Level of God-Light goes to work on it.

 Now comes our part.

We begin working with each Chakra, one by one, asking Forgiveness for any mis-use of Energy, ever....

and one by one we spin the 'Golden Light' of God through each Chakra to clean It out. And one by one, we re-energize and fill our whole Chakra System with the Christ Light of our Holy Christ Self.


And thatís where we now pick up the story about our chakra system and what it means to us.

 Okay....remember that each Chakra has a particular part to play in the workings of the body.....just like all the major parts of an automobile. Each part has to be functioning properly or the body functions poorly or not at all....just like our cars.

 Remember there are Seven Major Centers....and They spread along the spinal column.  

At the base of the spine is the Center called appropriately, THE BASE CHAKRA. When it is functioning at a Spiritual level, the color of the Energy spinning there is a clear white. This Chakra has four petals.

 Its positive expressions ARE PURITY, HOPE, JOY, SELF-DISCIPLINE, INTEGRATION, PERFECTION, WHOLENESS AND NURTURING. When the Energy there is defiled with impurity, its expression is one of discouragement, hopelessness, impurity and chaos.

The specific parts of the body served by this Chakra are the adrenals. Other bits of interesting information include the positive effects of Gemstones associated with this Chakra, namely the diamond, pearl, zircon and quartz crystal. The musical instrument associated with the Base Chakra is the drum. 

The Life Force....'the Creative Power of God' is anchored within the physical body at this Chakra. Its LIFE LESSON helps us develop ourselves, becoming the Spiritualized human being. The Sanskrit name for this Center means 'root or foundation'.

 This is the place in the physical and Energy bodies, where we connect with the earth Energy, with nature and with our environment.

Therefore balancing the Energy of this Chakra .....keeping the Energy of this Chakra clean and full of Christ Vitality, is fundamental to our well being as we encounter life in the physical world.

Shall we talk about the ways we dissipate or misuse the Energy of this Center?

 Let me count the ways!

The ways can include everything from outbursts of anger, to excessive chattering, egoism, criticism, gossip, resentment, non-forgiveness, excessive sexual activity, jealousy, obsessions with material objects, feeling sorry for ourselves, revolving the past, constantly worrying about the future....and on and on....all the many ways we waste OUR SOUL'S PRECIOUS ENERGY  by removing our 'focus' from WHAT AND  WHERE OUR POWER IS...forgetting what ASPECT OF OUR LIVES IS REALLY IMPORTANT if we are to move forward humanly and Spiritually.

 As we work, patiently and constructively through each of our individual LIFE LESSONS or tasks, that Root Energy that serves the material human-us will gradually and naturally rise. It will move through each succeeding Higher Center on its way finally to the Crown Chakra at which point we have become the Spiritualized Man or Woman. And we want it to gradually and in 'Perfect Divine Order' move from the Base or Root Chakra sequentially to the Crown Chakra. We never want to try to accelerate the energy of the chakra system to move upwards unnaturally.

The next Chakra in line has various  names....but here I will defer to Elizabeth and Patricia and call it, as they do, The THE SEAT OF THE SOUL CHAKRA.

The Consciousness within the Energy of this Chakra teaches us the LIFE LESSON OF 'TO THINE OWN SELF BY TRUE'.

 This Center is located midway between the navel and the base of the spine. When functioning Spiritually its color is violet. Its Sanskrit name means, sweetness and ďABODE OF THE SELF/SOULĒ.

This spinning disc has six petals and its positive expressions include Freedom and Mercy, Forgiveness and Transcendence, Alchemy and Transmutation, Diplomacy, Intuition, Prophecy and Revelation.  

When the Energy of this center becomes dirty or unbalanced,

 we experience lack of forgiveness, lack of justice or mercy, we experience and act out intolerance, we are guilty of lack of tact, disregard for others and downright cruelty.

 The parts of the body served by the Energy of this Center are the organs and systems of elimination and reproduction.

 The gemstones associated with this Energy are the amethyst, the diamond and aquamarine....woodwinds are the instruments. 

Through this second Energy Center, we experience Freedom....


 The ancients saw the SEAT OF THE SOUL as the real Power Point. In martial arts, It is the Point of Equilibrium....the Central Focus of the Inner Energy essential to the maintenance of life.

 This is the Chakra where we make contact with our Souls, where Energy from which the human receives Guidance. I think the human/Soul Partnership between 'man and God' begins at this Energy Level....and together, the HUMAN AND SOUL MIND AND ESSENCE

 progresses upwards towards the final ILLUMINATION AND INITIATION that happens as the Energy rises up within the Crown Chakra.

 Eventually the Soul has no need of a physical body and will gradually detach itself from that Energy.

 While embodied the Intention is that the Soul will be the Guiding Hand and Mind, (Christ Mind) directing all physical expression. In this way the human ego/mind and emotions does not take over.....which (I believe) is what explains the less than 'perfect behavior' of people and nations that we see at work in today's world. We look around and rationalize that SOULNESS is not WHAT'S AT WORK in many lives.

 It goes without saying that for the Soul to remain strong within the human process, It (Soul) must always stay in close touch and communication with the Holy Christ Self and God Presence and be able to pass that Christ Strength through to the Partnership, if that is to thrive. 

The Powers of Procreation are anchored through the second is our Spiritual Inheritance. The Soul retains an ANCIENT MEMORY OF OUR ORIGIN, of our original 'I AM BLUEPRINT' and of the part we are to play in the overall 'God Scheme'.

 At the human level our challenge is to help free our Souls from old patterns, accepted or imposed on it....and to help our Souls reclaim their Spiritual inheritance. Thus, we can see, that it truly is a partnership....with both Body and Soul playing important roles in the lives of each other.

Another challenge is separating our Soul personality from that of our human....recognizing which is which. This can be an uncomfortable place to be in....we are forced to look at all sides of our 'persona' and decide who is who and what is acting and why.... sometimes we wonder ďwho are we reallyĒ....but it is a necessary step if we are to overcome our human desire to dominate....

if we are ever to say ďthy will, not my willĒ....

if ever both Body and Soul are enabled to surrender the old energy patterns,

 allowing both to heal from old behavioral patterns that inhibit the development of the Partnership between man and God.

 When all blockage in this Energy Center is removed, that relationship can blossom and


 Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas is quoted as saying, ďIf you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty (of knowledge of who you are)Ē. 

The third Energy Center is the SOLAR- PLEXUS. It is located at the navel.

 Its Spiritual color is purple and gold with ruby flecks. Its Sanskrit name means


 This disc has ten petals. When it is functioning correctly we are feeling Peace, Brotherhood towards all. We are giving selfless Service. We have Spiritual Desires. Our Energy is balanced and we are not harming any part of life.

 When we let the Energy of this center get dirty or sluggish we feel anger, agitation, fanaticism, aggression, egoism, overindulgence, fear, anxiety, and passivity.

 The parts of the body served by this Energy are the digestive system, the liver and pancreas. The gemstones associated with the third Chakra are the topaz, ruby, alexandrite, diamond with pearl. The musical instrument is the organ.

 The LESSON of this Chakra is to learn


.....particularly, learning to master emotions,

 while dealing with the additional Energy that comes to us to be worked out, as we put to rest situations we are now through with. These are what sometimes can seem like tests and trials. But always it is 'moving forward' process if we are willing to move forward.    

Feelings like anger, agitation or fear as well move through this Center as well as Spiritual feelings of Peace and Devotion. Sometimes we feel as though we are on an emotional roller coaster.

The Solar-plexus and Throat Centers are closely linked and we often express a lot of feeling through our speech.....this is the time to remember all my comments on controlling our spoken word. The importance of controlling our speech becomes all the more important because of powerful feelings that are generated through speech. The Energy of our words is multiplied as that Energy passes through the Energy of the Solar-plexus Chakra.

This happens for good or evil. So control, control, control is the word of caution in regards to this Chakra. In regard to this, the author of Proverbs advises us, that

 ďHe that is slow to anger is better than the mighty

and he that ruleth his Spirit (is better)  than he that taketh a cityĒ....

thus the importance of mastering our human habits and protecting our Energy flow. And if we donít, we will never be given more Energy until we can handle it wisely. And the day may come when we will need more.

 If we have shown restraint and care in the past, if we have been wise in our use of our Energy, we will always have what we need to take care of our emergencies.

 And there may come times when we will wish to Heal or Bless another....

when we would love to share the our Light of Joy, Freedom, Peace, Love, Power, Vision and Wisdom with others. 

Thereís every reason to desire more of 'Godís Pure Energy' in our lives. Thereís every good reason to heal our body's Energy Centers so that we can successfully walk our Paths....which may yet contain many challenges.

 Booker T. Washington once said, ďSuccess is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeedĒ.

That 'overcoming' is the work of the present time. Do we know anyone who is not working on overcoming some human situation.....

health, money, relationships....

we are all working on something.....and when we get our human Energy under our control, then we work to expand our Spirituality.

 Do we doubt that the 'good life' is the product of careful control of the human self....or that the Path to Immortality is paved with control of our emotions and with maintaining the balance of God-Love, Wisdom and Power as we use Energy in the human arena.

 Do we see that if we keep our focus on the Desires of our Soul while here, holding our human desires in check if they are not serving a purpose that serves both man and 'God', then Godís desire for our Soulís advancement can be fulfilled....

and we, the Soul, will complete another section of our Cosmic Blueprint. 

All this is possible as we keep the Energy of the Solar-plexus in perfect running order, aligned with 'Godís Purpose' for that Energy.....


 just because we (humanly) feel the urge to have or to do something, does not necessarily mean it is right or good for us...what we are learning is to distinguish the Soulís Desire for us,

 which will always be 'right' for us.

As we do this, we awaken to a New Sense of our Inner Purpose....we are beginning to Understand how to use our Energy. We are learning how to Love and Care for 'Godís World'.

 As we go through these Steps of Spiritual Transformation, one day we experience the moment when we perceive the shift in our thinking from,

 My will, to Thy Will....

now we experience the shifting of our focus from the desires of our human self

 to the Desire of our Soul Partner....

shifting the Energy of the Solar-plexus Chakra to the Heart Center. 

Now we are making progress and

next time we'll talk about the Heart Chakra.