Working with our Energy #1


  The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive  we can be. How cruel....and how sublime?

    Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to The Modern Mystic. 

Each week I share with you Ideas of a Spiritual Spiritual I mean Ideas that go beyond our ordinary human natures. I describe WHO I think WE REALLY ARE, suggesting that when we can combine the human and Spiritual levels of ourselves into one HUMAN/SOUL WORKING PARTNERSHIP, we can begin to solve the problems that beset this Planet.

 Our problems evolve out of human indifference....out of human cruelty, greed and power struggles, out of so much misguided humanness that causes innocent people to be involved in endless wars and economic debacles that today are becoming worldwide. 

This entire series of radio programs asks us to focus on Peace, Peace for ourselves and for the world. And to think about how we can impact the Life of people on this Planet just by making our individual Energy more peaceful.

 We’ve talked about controlling our speech.... our thoughts, feelings and actions....we’ve talked about focusing on Love, Forgiveness and Mercy in our dealings with all life ....and that includes ourselves.

 We’ve talked about Healing....healing our bodies and working to heal the world wide wounds of hate. We’ve talked about laying the Foundations for New Thinking in this New Age. We can begin to do that today simply by saying


 I want to share some words spoken by Richard King....Mr. King is the incoming President of Rotary International (2001-2002) and one of my favorite people....

Recently he wrote, “I read once that the greatest 'adventure in Life' is not to climb a great mountain, not to explore the ocean depths, not to travel around the world. The greatest adventure in Life is to get to really know the Heart and Soul of another human being....”  End of quote. 

I couldn’t agree more....

and the way we do that is by getting to know our own heart and Soul first.

And getting to know our human/Soul selves becomes the New Foundation of Thinking around which we re-organize our lives and habits.

In that mode we focus on solving our problems by more Spiritual and natural means and with greater efficiency. And we dedicate ourselves to the business of raising, not only our own human and Soul Consciousness, but we focus on doing our part to raise the Spiritual Consciousness of Life on the Planet. We are the only ones who can do that.

For it is our job, our Sacred Work to do that!

This will mean we are 'consciously'...and that word indicates we are 'humanly awake' to what we are thinking and feeling, as well as doing and saying....we are consciously supporting and working for our expanded Spiritual Realization, doing it by strengthening our human/Soul Relationship.

 As we strive for more Understanding of the Invisible Side of our lives, we must never forget that our human lives are also very important. It's important to take time to nourish and nurture ourselves, Body and Soul.

There are many ways to do this. We can find times to be quiet.... use some of that time to listen to our our mental and emotional and physical well as our Etheric Body and Christed Soul Self. All these Levels of Us are talking to the human/Soul Partnership off and on, day and night, year in, year out....we have but to listen.

We may wish to join with others who support our Ideas as we work in areas of both Spiritual and everyday human growth. It’s very important to take time to relax and to work on being peaceful, not only by ourselves but also with others who share our views.

 It is definitely time to shed anything that no longer resonates with the Truth we are seeking and evolving both as human beings and as Soul Beings.

It’s time to simplify our lives and focus on feeling the Stronger Vibrations of the New Christic Age flowing within us. And certainly this is the time to complete any unfinished business, to take care of any unresolved relationships, to work on anything that might hold us back.  

We are not taught much about balance.

 But balancing our Energy is a primary goal of the Partnership....some of us are well developed mentally but not emotionally....physically strong but mentally slow....emotionally powerful, but without a practical Idea in our heads. So that some of the first work we do on ourselves is to get ourselves balanced as much as is possible mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually.....working on ourselves wherever we are not as strong as we wish to be or can be.

 If necessary we seek guidance....we study....we meditate....we do whatever we think will strengthen and balance the Energy within those four planes of our physical/Spiritual Being. We have to establish a Balance of Love, Wisdom and Power at work in all we do....this gives us Control of ourselves....making us equally strong, mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually.

All in all, most of us have some work to do on ourselves. 

The work needed on the Invisible aspect of our bodies comes in several areas....first, there is the Etheric Sheath or Light Body. It provides an Energy Pattern for the physical body, and interpenetrates and enfolds the other Earth bodies. That Etheric/Energy sheath can be torn to shreds by destructive things the human being thinks, feels, says or in any way does.....or does not do. Energy  flowing in for the use of the Soul, then leaks out....often pours out before it even gets into the physical vehicle....leaving the individual and Soul without enough energy.

  So our first job is to get to work asking God and those Angels assigned to us, to help us, Body and Soul, repair any rents we have put in our Etheric sheath. If we will do this, we will always have the Energy we need to live our human/Soul lives productively.

Then there’s the issue of Power.....human and Soul Power. We have to clear up our fears around the use of our Power. It’s likely we have all misused Christ Power at some time or another. We can do very little about that today, except to strive to make amends where possible, never failing to ask for forgiveness of man and God.

 To do that we can use affirmations such as these:

We can say: I AM God’s Love and Forgiveness acting in all my actions today or anytime in my past. I AM the Violet Flame consuming any inharmonious action, today or yesterday. 

And we can say, I AM sealed in Christed Purity which prevents all wrong from ever touching me and forever prevents, my ever hurting any other part of Life.


We are eternally responsible for all that we making amends is important.... cleaning up our Energy is important. In fact, we don’t move forward in any area of our lives until we take care of our unpaid debts to Life. Eventually they 'ground us'...keep us chained to our own humanness. How many of you saw the movie, “Groundhog Day”....there is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. That is one great movie.   

And then there is the matter of guilt we all carry around about something we’ve done or not done. Again, asking for Forgiveness is always our first action.....not giving in to any self justification....always making amends where possible. And asking profound Blessings on the individuals and situations involved. If we work at it, we can exchange our sense of shame or guilt, which is often self serving.... and replace those feelings with true remorse and Love.

 Love always serves others....and expands our Light.

 In working on ourselves we will usually find that it is in our feelings where we have the most work to do....we carry around a lot of baggage in our feeling worlds.

Now, if we wish to progress humanly or Spiritually we’re going to have to work on that. 

In this program and ones to follow, I’ll share some of what I think I understand about how our bodies process Energy at the invisible levels.

 There are many theories... and many approaches to working with our Energy systems or chakras. The seven Chakras we will talk about, work at body levels invisible to the untrained physical eye.... and yet, their 'health'  affects every aspect of our Life. By far we have more going on in our lives at the invisible Energy levels than at the visible physical level.

 So then we need to know that Chakras act as receiving and sending stations for the Energy that flows into us and through us and out from us, minute by minute, ####through the Soul Spark of the Christ Self that is anchored in our hearts. Each chakra can be likened to a stepped-down transformer that allows some of the Powerful 'Energy of God' to work in a physical body. 

As we talk about this, I’d like to share some of the experiences I had in working with a professional Clairvoyant. I wanted to learn how to use the clairvoyant faculty of the brow chakra in a practical way. This individual taught me how to recognize my 'Inner Seeing'. She taught me techniques for identifying Energy blockages, as well as Energy that is just hanging around and needs to be retired.

In order to instruct me, we began by looking first at my body energy systems. There wasn't much to find much in the way of either blockages or unwanted energies, my own or others around me....but there were some relationship issues I wanted to move out or move forward....issues such as those that come in around personal relationships. We all have them. We looked at the mother/daughter relationship.....sure enough, I had issues to be resolved with my mother. And so we worked on that energy and the relationship blossomed.

 We looked at and worked on my entire Chakra System, bringing in more Light.....

moving out old memories that no longer served me....

looking at records of past lives stored in my aura, that, for the most part, seemed to be there to give me information meant to help me at this time.

 I was made aware of everyone's ability, to bring in an increased supply of Pure, clean golden colored Energy/Light into each Chakra

as much as we want....

as often as we wish to do it....

allowing that Golden Light to flow into and through us without any obstruction.

 This is what keeps our bodies, minds and emotions healthy and energetic. The lack of clean energy or a flow of energy that is slow or sluggish.... or trapped ....any of these situations can create a blockage and cause any number of physical, mental or emotional problems.

 And so in the next several programs we’ll talk about all of this. And just as in the preceding programs I’ve described our human process....the do’s and don’ts of our visible we talk about the Invisible us.   

But first, let’s take this moment to quiet ourselves....we will call this our meditative moment.....and begin by knowing that where our attention goes, there goes our Energy.

It is very important for us to spend some of our time following the Soul’s natural inclination toward a Union with God....this is the yearning that often defines a loneliness that no human relationship ever fills.

Today it is important to know that we do not have to be “perfect” to have a comfortable, nurturing Relationship with any one of many levels of 'Godness'. There are Realizations, sweet Realizations we can experience as we take time to be quiet. And in that quiet we sense the 'Godness' at work within us...

We can feel the 'sweetness' of our Christed Soul.

Then as we let our attention move to our Holy Christ Self....and on to our I AM Presence, again, we remind ourselves that where our attention is, there we are....and with that in mind, we move farther out, and we see the 'Handiwork of God' in everything we encounter as we travel the Greater Universe in our imagining....and one day perhaps, we Realize our Desire to have a 'face to face' encounter with some 'Evolved Level of Godness'.

Oh, there are many amazing adventures in the invisible worlds we will have as we take time to include moments of Spiritual Quiet in our busy routines....always remembering to stay within that 'Wall of Powerful White Light' that shields us from outside annoyances.....and keeps our Energy protected and from flowing where it should not flow. 

As we strengthen that 'Wall of Light' around ourselves, over time it becomes a 'Powerful Flame' that contains all the qualities of the 'Godhead'. Among Its many Gifts to us, is the prevention of anything deceitful coming into our lives.... that 'Powerful Light contains the Christ Consciousness of Truth',

and is so powerful no one can ever speak a lie in our presence.....

That 'Christ Consciousness' repels everything destructive from ever touching us.

And as we live within It, gradually utilizing all the Qualities of that 'Godness', as it flows into us through our Soul Connection, we find we are creating a Garden comparable to Eden for ourselves.   

So, now, as we quietly attune ourselves to Higher Impulses of Light, we take time to wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of 'God'

And turn our attention to the opalescent Light that is always spiraling around us

And open our minds to the highest Information Channels and

 invite the Golden Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for that Light and that Illumination to descend to Earth.

Now, more about Chakras.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of books written on the subject of Chakras....and for the most part, the accuracy of information in each depends on the level of Knowledge of the writer, as that writer describes what he or she has been able to clairvoyantly “see”. What is then described is the interpretation of that invisible “seeing”. 

To help me share my thoughts about the activity of the chakras as accurately as possible, I’m using as a reference a book called 'YOUR SEVEN ENERGY CENTERS' by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia Spadaro....choosing this text because the thinking of these authors most closely resembles my current thoughts on the subject, and validates what I have intuitively experienced. I recommend this book, among others, to any who wish to think more deeply on this subject.

But to get into the subject, let’s go back a bit and review my Beliefs:

Now here is the way Elizabeth and Patricia put it when talking about us, the human being and its Soul partner .

 They say, there are not and 'God'....There is only one: There is only 'God'. There is only 'Self' which is 'God'. 

And I call the activity of that God-Self, the small Part that operates within the physical body, I call it Soul.

Thus a 'Spark of God' lives in a secret place in every human heart. It's been described as “burning like a flame without smoke”.

 So as we activate our human/Soul Partnership we automatically stop separating 'God' and ourselves or in our fellow men and women. For as the human-us senses our Oneness, our partnership, with our Soul, we recognize that same Spirit within everyone. This is what finally brings us to appreciating each other.

No more fighting. No more hating. No more we can safely experience our diversity of opinion as the natural function of our individual uniqueness. Now we are at Peace within ourselves and see Peace in everyone else. And that Peace spreads out into the whole world.

Remember Peace is not some 'pie in the sky' is a very practical way to live.

So, with all that in our minds let's get back to Chakras.

To come to the point where we accomplish this Practicality of Peaceful coexistence with our fellow man, we have to get control of our Energy within the physical body. The Soul channels Energy into the physical body directly from a higher (remember 'higher' means higher frequency) 'God Source', which is the Holy Christ Self directly above each one of us. And that Energy is intended to spread equally throughout the body by way of a system of Energy centers or chakras.

 The word chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel or disc”. Each Chakra, when pictured, is shown as a 'lotus', each chakra with a different number of petals. The more petals the higher the frequency or vibration. The mystics of old taught that the primal Spiritual Life-force known as the Kundalini is sealed within the chakra that is located at the base of the spine.

Their thinking was that we unlock the 'Energy of God' within us through our acts of love and service to life....through meditation and prayer...causing the Kundalini Force to rise upward along the spine. This Spiritual Force of Energy then activates each chakra, one by one, along the way and causes the “wheel or disc” to spin....the 'lotus' to blossom.

The seventh or crown chakra is known as the 'thousand-petaled lotus'....which when fully opened, brings us to the next stage of  Spiritual Enlightenment.

We see statues of Buddhas with an Aura of Spiritual Light or Sacred Fire around their forms and a Flame coming from the top of their heads. Many artists have portrayed this 'Enlightenment' as a Golden Halo encircling the heads of Holy Ones. 

Much ancient, mystical information is now being made available to everyone interested in it. In the beginning of this series of programs I shared a Seven Ray Creed.... and shortly, will do so again. I mention it at this time, because that Creed introduces the Ideas of the practical Work to be done within the daily life of Body and Soul, describing the different and unique Energy patterns of the chakras. I developed that version of the Creed for myself as a disciplined way to progress on the Path to Lightening speeding up the activity of each individual chakra.

 As we implement and make use of our understanding around this important subject, we speed up the activity of the chakras and definitely become more 'Lighted up', more Enlightened at all 'Seven Energy Levels/Chakra levels of Being'. Getting us ready to make use of the more powerful Energy of the New Age.

 We spoken of the change in cycles, from Piscean to Aquarian... and how, now, everyone is to have access to the expanded Truth of Life given to us during the last century,

How it is hoped we will accept that new level of Truth, and use It to improve our daily lives....

And ultimately, how we are to fulfill the Statement of Jesus that “all He did we would all also do...

Becoming the 'Truth in action' here on earth.

 The days of waiting for someone to solve our physical problems are past. Let's speak of healing.

Those of us who have had difficult physical healing issues to deal with,

  who have desperately sought medical help and found none....

those of us who have had to solve our own problems or lose the use of our bodies or faculties....

we know first hand that there is healing available that does not come in the form of the modern techniques of current medical practices....which is not to put down any healing modality. That’s may be our route to healing....but in these days, more often, it is not.

There is more to the healing of our bodies and issues of our lives than is seen. Deeper healing. dealing with 'cause' rather than with 'effect', often occurs when healing those parts of ourselves 'that are not seen'.

Thus, physical methods are often only a small part of the whole picture and can sometimes be more destructive than helpful. All permanent healing of any long standing or major issue, always includes the need for Forgiveness and the transmutation of old energy. And this has to be done through the Power of the 'God Energy' that flows within our own Lifestreams.

If we only realized how complete we are within our own Stream of Light....each of us having everything we need to solve all situations presented to us as we walk the Earth.

And one more thought:

 It’s important that we learn to be self reliant. As I read it, that is what Jesus taught. It’s important to understand that no one is going to solve our problems for us or carry us piggy back into a far away Heaven. I believe that is false teaching and I hope its days are past. Again as I read it, that never was what Jesus taught.

Then there is the matter of procrastination. It's time we shape up....time to get our human acts together and begin to be about our Father’s business...which is serving Life. As the cycle moves, human desire will no longer be allowed to rule.

 The Instruction brought by Jesus and those who served with Him was Teaching meant to get us ready for this time of Lightening up. There is much more powerful  Energy flowing....the past two thousand years have been about getting us ready for It. .  

Back to Energy Centers.

Our chakras are the Spiritual Organs that govern the flow of Energy within the four earth bodies. They process all the Energy that gives us Life. This Energy comes to us sparkling and pure. Our job is to keep It  bright and clean. We need to be full of clean, powerful Light, for that Light...that Sacred Fire, makes it possible for us to express our full human and Soul potential.

 The major Chakras that we are generally concerned with initially are seven in number....they spread along the spinal column from tail bone to the top of our heads.

They are located at the base of the spine.... midway between the base and the navel.... at the navel.... at the heart and at the throat, brow and the top of the head. These seven centers form a Column of Energy that connects us to directly to all levels of 'God'

The Energy in each chakra spins and has its own unique frequency and color corresponding to one of the seven Rainbow Rays I’ve described. When we can clairvoyantly “see” the invisible levels of ourselves, we will observe that the Energy or Light coming from each chakra varies in intensity and purity, showing us where Energy is balanced, where It is blocked, where It is weak and where It is strong.

Blocked energy can cause fatigue or health problems, emotional imbalance....Energy flowing pure and freely brings with It a sense of our creativeness and it always brings with It, Peace.

 Life is Energy....Energy is Life. Mystics see 'Godness' as Being Light, as being a Powerful, Consciously directed, Energy Force. The first letter of John in the New Testament proclaims, 'God is Light'.

We need to know that this Light, this Cosmic Christ Energy comes into us, (flowing through several levels of Self) directly from our Source. It enters the physical body through the Center at the top of the head, flows then into our heart chakra and then spreads out to the other chakras, from which it then flows throughout the Energy System within the physical body.   

These chakras or Spiritual Energy Centers are all interconnected. If one Center is not functioning properly, the whole body is affected.

If there is blockage in just one Center, it can cause our whole Energy System to misfire....and not only have a negative affect in our lives but our energy always has an affect on those with whom we interact. Even as we are affected by the Energy of others.   

The Energy of each chakra has a personality, as it were....a singular quality....and the differing Energy or quality of each chakras has a unique purpose..... providing us with the Quality or Type of Energy we need as we interact in various situations.

 For example, we use the Energy of the Heart chakra when we feel compassion and want to help someone.

We tap into the Energy of the Crown Chakra when we are involved with teaching God-Truth.

The Energy of each Chakra will vary in color/vibration and activity as we move through different human experiences. There are however specific colors that are said to indicate that the Energy is working at peak performance within any given Chakra Center.

Understanding the Science of the body’s Energy Centers gives us a practical way of understanding how easily we can tap into the 'Power of God'.

Remember that definition of a Mystic....that it defines one who has a Spiritual Desire for an “one on one relationship” with the 'Greater Godness of the Universe'.

Well, with a better Understanding of our Energy, what It is and where It comes from ....we have the Teaching that shows us how it is we can have this “one on one” Relationship with 'God' fact, it shows us that it is impossible not to have that Direct Connection.

 For with a little thought we realize there is no Life on Earth without a Direct connection with the 'Power of the Universe.

We realize that 'Powerful Energy',

 under the Direction of 'God'

 is all there is.  

Understanding the science of our body’s Energy also helps us take care of our body. Our job is always to be strong in all areas of our physical, mental and emotional lives. As we stay well and keep our Energy balanced, the Soul has a strong Partner....and together, Body and Soul, we can focus our attention on the wider work of the both human and Spirit. Otherwise, we are constantly bogged down in matters of health and money and relationships....and on and on......

There’s always something there to absorb our attention....

To take our attention from the Grander Aspects of Life we might otherwise be able to develop.

 It’s important, especially in relationships, that we do not get overly wrapped up in human affairs. This so often leads us away from the Spiritual side of our lives. I have always found that to succeed in any endeavor, Body or Soul, I always have to put 'God' all areas of my life. When I didn’t, there was always a “wake up call’ of some sort. When I remembered to put the 'horse back in front of the cart', my affairs would immediately begin to move again in the direction my heart desired  or in the direction that later proved to be the correct direction.

 How Life is working out for us is always determined by where we are placing our attention first. Placing our attention on the Spiritual Side of our Life helps us keep our attention off the physical needs, thoughts and feelings and desires of the body.

Think about how we get a feeling that  something is not right in our bodies....and what do we do? Of course, we think about it and if there is pain, we focus on the discomfort and usually, we put a name to what we think ails us or to what is bothering us. And we clasp that idea to our breast and feed that Idea with our Life Energy, all through our attention.

The Invisible 'reasons or causes' of ill health or unhappy situations, are rarely addressed in our Western Society. But always when we are seriously ill, there is something seriously wrong with the flow of Energy somewhere in our bodies.

However, we cannot remain ill for long if our Energy begins to flow correctly throughout our four earth bodies. Correctly means that each Chakra is functioning as it is meant means the Energy in each Chakra is manifesting the vibration it is intended to have and is sending that Energy out to do its Perfect Work within the four bodies and the aura.

So our job is always to take our attention, which gives direction to our Life Force, take it off the physical appearance of illness and problems, our own and the world's, and place it on our Christ Self and I AM Presence. Then take our attention out farther to the Greater I AM Presence that guides the Universe.

 And then we ask for that Golden Light from the 'Heart of Creation' to flow in and spin the negativity out of all impure energy within each Energy Center. In this way we clean up our lives and in doing that help to clean up the Energy of the whole Planet.

 This is not Information to be passed over lightly. It is vitally important that we clean up Energy as we use it...making a ritual of it every day. Like brushing our teeth or like cleaning up our homes everyday. If we didn't, the messes would pile up and we would soon be living in a pigsty. Just so with our Energy, which when our bodies take on the aspects of a pigsty, we become sick in one of more of our human levels of being.

 Additionally, every day, if we are to stay well and if we are to progress Spiritually, we have to draw forth from our Holy Christ Bodies a greater measure of Light/Energy every day. Without fail.

 When we do this, the Chakras are re-energized with Christ Light and in time each Chakra returns to its optimum color and vibration. As we continue that effort of bringing in the Golden Light, spinning it within each Center....then doing whatever else is useful or helpful from the physical side, our problems will resolve themselves, health will return to us.

And this does not apply only to physical health. When we feel ill in any part of our lives, that feeling permeates everything we are and everything we do. When we are truly healthy, every part of our life, mentally, emotionally, Spiritually as well as physically, experiences that good health.

 What we finally realize is that the 'Energy of God' is at work in every part of our lives....

and that It cannot fail.....

by It’s very nature, It cannot fail.

 And we come to realize the tremendous Beauty and Power of the

 'Energy of God' that is flowing through us every moment.

We gain a new sense of Reverence and Awe.

And we vow to use this Energy only to expand beauty,

 to use it only for activities that expand our Spiritual Progress....

dedicating ourselves to the 'business of mankind'.