Love Forgiveness and Mercy # 2    


The history of the human race records how smart we can be, and how destructive we can be cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic. Those of you who have been listening to me for a while, know this is a program about Peace.....the kind of Peace that naturally happens as we Love one another, as we forgive one another, as we show mercy to all Life wherever we encounter it.

 You’ve heard me say over and over that the simple way, the only way to Peace is to stop fighting and hating and killing.

 This naturally has to happen as we choose to love, forgive and offer mercy to each other. That’s the visible side. On the invisible side, you’ve heard me suggest ways to move our Energy in the direction of Peace....ways to help us stop generating more war-like energy as we go about our daily activities.

 Everything I suggest is possible for the least and for the greatest....for it is no more than consciously desiring Peace and then making the effort to control ourselves.  

There is no way we’re going to live in Peace on this Earth until each one of us turns away from all non-peaceful activity in our personal lives. We have to accept that as a 'given' and start right in to practice Peacefulness in the form of truthfulness, kindness, compassion and justice in our every thought, feeling and every word we speak.

 Today Spiritual Truth is flowing through The Door that opened 2000 years. That Door has been kept open, often at a terrible sacrifice. I believe we are approaching a time of Spiritual Miracles....that’s the way we will see them....

Let the first One be a Miracle of Peace....who will join me today in saying


Today we have a tremendous opportunity to assist our fellowman....particularly as we begin to understand the Laws of Energy, which are Universal Laws of Life.

As we grow in Knowledge and Understanding we have a responsibility to help all Life we contact, and we can do this, more wisely and well, as we begin to realize the Truth of Almighty God....the Truth of WHO WE REALLY ARE....the Truth that WHO WE REALLY ARE IS A HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP designed by Almighty God....that we are MEANT TO FUNCTION as a single unit, BODY AND SOUL, to accomplish the Needs and Desires of GOD HERE ON EARTH.   

As we come to the end of a Life wave, described as being 25,800 years, it is also the end of the Piscean cycle, it is the end of a millennium.....and the beginning of a New Age. We people/we Souls are being given Information to allow us to grow through and with the experiences that historically occur at these times of planetary change.

 From the visible side there will be change that affects the human-us in many ways....all over the Planet people are undergoing change of many kinds and from many sources....fires, floods, earthquakes, drought, wind, rain....and not the least are the economic problems, the health problems and political problems being experienced by people all over the world today. Not the least is the possibility of war that seems always to be looming on the horizon.

Just scan the headlines of a major newspaper when in doubt. 

However, there is more to the change going on than what we see....there is the Invisible Side of Life....and what we have there is happening in our Energy, and in the Planet’s Energy.

 What we have going on there is the Cosmic Clean-up of massive amounts of the Energy that we have been using for all those thousands of years. All that Energy humanity has desecrated with pleasure-seeking, with hating, lying, cheating and greed....with endless wars, many caused by religious intolerance must be cleaned up.

Then there is our inability to love, to forgive and extend mercy.... our disinterest in Peace.

All we people have done, thought, felt or said that has been less than constructive as 'God' sees constructive....which is all that has been and is, less than Spiritually Compatible....less than humanly Intelligent....all Energy that has not served and does not now serve the Purposes of Almighty God must be cleaned up. It's that simple!

All that Energy is being returned to us, individually, in these days of change.

These are days of planetary and Soul upgrade. And the Process that is required of us today includes the use our Love, Forgiveness and Mercy to all Life if we are to return that Energy to its Original Purity. It is a big job.

We can expect the Help of all the Levels of Godness that exist to help us. Many are already pouring Their Angelic and Ascended Essence into us and onto the Planet....Many Forces of Heaven are waiting to help us individually in this Spiritual Pursuit.

 However, They do nothing....because They can do nothing, until we are ready. They wait for us to indicate a sincere desire to clean up our human acts. They wait for us to face about, letting our actions show Them that we determined to Serve a Purpose higher than our human desires. We begin by raising the vibration of our Energy, thus making it compatible with Their Higher Vibrations.

 And as we clean up, we lighten up, and the Energy of the Planet automatically lightens up also....    

Working with 'cyclic return of Energy' is a powerful experience for us, ONE MORE 'SOUL ADVENTURE' TO ADD TO OUR LONG LIST of Soul Adventures, which we have engaged in over the countless eons of time, since we first went forth from the Godhead.












Thus, the focus of this program is again on LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY because those are the Christ Attitudes guaranteed to clean up the Energy of our lives.


Some listeners will find these Ideas all they need to immediately go into action and change their ways of looking at and dealing with Life. For others, it will not be so easy, because powerful human attitudes will bar the way.

 There are many Pathways that lead to 'attitude change'. One Way is to pause often in our daily routine and take a moment to think about and try to visualize our personal sense of God Almighty, and to ask for and constantly re-enforce a Wall of Powerful White Light that flow directly from the Godhead into and around our Body and Aura.

Then we picture the Energy of our Christed Souls pulsing within our physical we take a deep breath, we know we are breathing in the Essence of our Holy Christ Self and know that through that Connection we are plugged into 'God’s Heart'. We, the human/soul Partnership, is further empowered when we take time to center and ground ourselves in the knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE....when we quiet our human minds and emotions long enough to let Ideas from our SOUL PARTNER come in...when we take time to contemplate and meditate upon WHAT THAT INCREASED 'GOD POWER' IN US MEANS TO THE WORLD.   

In quiet moments we can look at our lives and ask, “what meaning do our lives have in relation to the lives of others....and what use are our lives to the Greater Life. Do we serve any Real Purpose? Is anything we’re doing making a difference? And do we want to make a positive difference somewhere, in some part of the Life on this Planet....Of course, we do.

 And so in this moment of Quiet, we are letting our Energy expand tremendously with the Christ Light we’ve called for, having asked It to spiral constantly about us.

In this Enlightened State of Body and Mind, we are ready to serve the Greater Purpose.

In this Spiritual Mode, we ask for 'Holy Peace' to come into our lives and into the lives of all that live here on Earth. We ask for all Hearts and Minds to be filled with “Peace that passeth understanding”.....and let that Peace fall like the gentle snow to cover over everything on Earth that is not peaceful.


Now, As as we wrap ourselves in the Peaceful Heart Light of God

Seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our hearts and minds to the highest Information Channels and invite that Light of the Christ Mind to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination

For Peace, Healing and Merciful Love to descend to Earth. 


Have you ever wondered how much good we do as we quiet ourselves and ask for Peace for this Planet.

 Someday, we will be shown how much we have helped. We will be shown the Plan for the incoming millennium that heralds the Dawn of a new and higher mental, emotional and Spiritual Consciousness on Earth. One in which warring of any kind is not tolerated. Or even possible!

 And LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY, among all individuals and all nations, is the 'incoming heart and mind-set and will become the norm.

 Today through many Teachers and Channels we are being shown how we can individually help by expanding both our human and Soul and why we must invoke Peace.

For some, working with God is natural and easy.....but for others, it may require an Herculean effort to overcome the hardness of human heart and mind that has been generated over the ages and which may have become the controlling behavioral pattern of other individuals into the present time.

And that hardness in any time, can only be softened by enough Love, Forgiveness and Mercy (of God) to Life....all Life....this is something to think about.... this and the Trust we have to have (in God Almighty and Godness within ourselves) that all we invoke in the Name of God, is 'settled' is done.  

I would like you to take the time to read the article headings in any daily newspaper, with these ideas in mind. And ask yourselves, “how would those headings read if people’s lives were ruled by attitudes of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy toward one another”.

Ask yourselves what you think it will take to clean up the results, the residue of the old human behavior patterns....certainly science, medicine, law and order, wars and all else we are presently trying, these efforts aren't solving our problems. Humanity in general continues to be on treadmill of unproductive personal habits, misusing God's Pure Essence.

And religion, organized or otherwise has not acted as a brake to unnecessarily cruel human behavior some cultures it actually encourages the most awful behavior.  

 All error has to be discarded....all Energy of all mistakes has to be purified and transmuted and the action forgiven if we are ever to ready for Greater Light to come into our Lives.

 So if our human methods aren't working, what will?  

Many people think that what we see, what people do, is all there is....and that there is no remedy for what doesn’t work. Many others, and I include myself in that group, know there are Spiritual Remedies.....invisible, Energy remedies that have always been a part of this world and always available to us.

That is what religion is supposed to be all about....this is what true Spirituality is all about. This is why we pray and meditate....why we study to improve ourselves....why we desire to do good works.

 Someday we want to open a newspaper and see stories that speak to  human Awareness of our Soul Selves....of a Spiritual Knowing that validates our Faith and allows our lives to make a positive difference. Personally I’ve had it with unpleasant, sad or disgusting headlines. I see no reason why we can't live our lives, joining hands with our inherent Soulness....letting our Life Force flow within us and expand beyond us, as we change and grow and move forward. This is something we can all do.

In our own way. At our own speed. But to do it we have to have an expanded Sense of what Life is all about. And fortunately today Teaching is coming to us from many sources.

Actually, Spiritual Teaching' has been with us from the Start....but as in the case of so much of Life, for thousands of years Truth has been 'controlled'...and complicated....and used to divide and compartmentize levels of society.

If we go back 2000 years we can hear these Ideas in the words of 'Jesus' as He tried to make his listeners understand the simplicity of 'One Simple Truth' as well as the predictable practicality of everyday Life. When his listeners failed to understand that He was describing Life as it was being experienced in the moment, He said: “When you see clouds in the western sky, you say, ”It’s going to rain.” And it does. When the wind blows from the south, you predict scorching weather. And it comes! You know the lay of the land and can read the face of the sky. So why can’t you interpret the “here and now?” 

In thinking about that statement of interpreting the 'here and now' we can see that one side of that picture, both in the time of Jesus and in our time, is how 'evil'  takes over lives in many small and big ways often obscuring what ought to be plain in the 'here and now'....we know that the mass of the people of Jesus' time did not get the Message, and 'Evil Intent' did finally blot out the civilization of which Jesus was a part....and soon, perhaps, if we don't begin to correctly interpret the 'here and now' of our time, history may repeat itself and negativity may engulf our world.

 The bright side of the coin is that through KNOWING WHO WE ARE AND WHERE OUR POWER COMES FROM we can do something about the negativity of our times through the use of our Spiritual Powers to live and integrate the Truth, 'here and now'. We are being taught to see from both the visible and the invisible side of Life what needs to be done now.

The listeners of His day needed the same 'change of heart and mind' as do we, to correctly interpret His here and now' if we are to grow, humanly and Spiritually....if we are to survive any coming disruptions in our lives. To grow Spiritually Jesus said, “We need to enter by the narrow is a hard road but it leads to Life....real Life."  And I might add that once on the other side of that 'gate' we find a broad expanse of every evolving opportunity and Delight.

I’ve been reading prophecy again....I’ve been studying John’s version in Revelations and a modern Vision of a what the Ride of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse means. And have come away with thoughts that have given me some clues to the importance of the knowing about the 25,800 year cycle.... as well as some understanding of the mayhem of the two thousand years of the Christian era. 

A modern author says that what John saw and recorded in Revelations was only a “slice of the ride that began in a.d. 90....that what John saw was the Four Horseman riding through his time and into and through the ensuing years leading up to our time....and she says “what is even more astounding, for the last 2000 years the Four Horsemen have been delivering a 25,800 year package of personal and planetary karma....that the cumulative karma of humanity from eleven past ages fell due at the dawn of the Piscean age”....and would have destroyed the whole Planet at that time....

except 'Jesus' came to save the day....

Without His Cosmic Services we can only guess what would have happened to Life on Earth or the Earth itself. 

What gratitude we should have for that Great Soul Who was willing to help us take care of our piles of dirty laundry, clean up that 25,800 years worth of soiled Energy that would have descended in full force at the beginning of the Piscean age 2000 years ago. As in times past, we Lifestreams would have been wiped off the face of the earth (again)....and the civilization of that time would now just be a memory, assuming there were any left to remember it.

 However, the Bible tells us that God promised Noah, after the Flood, that He would never again do anything so drastic whenever the need arose to  cleanse the Planet of mankind’s ungodliness. However, 2000 years ago the world’s energy was again at the exploding point and something had to be done. 

And so the One we know as Jesus embodied to hold a Balance and to give us some Lessons in Living...thus giving embodied Souls a chance to improve the quality of their Energy....and with His Help and that of the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy, Planetary Energy has been cleaned up in 'percentages' throughout the Piscean age.

The last period, which encompasses the decade of the 1990s, will take just 12 years. And thus, we stand on the edge of “we know not what”. We have the history of all the carnage and disruptions of the past 2000 years. We see the ungodliness of the present we are told it has to be addressed by the end of the cycle which ended in 2002. After that, “we will begin to see the Light at the end of the tunnel”.

I quote , “In the course of dealing with personal and planetary psychology and the karma of unfinished business of the cycles, each Soul will encounter the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. These are four Cosmic Beings appointed by God Who are present when our Soul’s record is read and “every man is judged according to his works” They come as Initiators of the Soul of the Planet and of all Life evolving on the Planet. Through them we experience God as the Lawgiver....whose Law of Energy is inexorable. The Energy that is being returned to us for clean up is the Energy we have used....particularly what we have mis-used in the four planes of our being: the etheric, the mental, the emotional and the physical body". 

We all sense the many things that are not going well for people or the Planet itself. Times have gotten a lot tougher lately. People talk about the heavy vibrations of the cities and of the Earth, itself. There is heavy Energy weighing on us at every level of our lives....we feel it as weight on our hearts and Spirits....many of us are not physically well....and it could well be that “the last plagues are spilling over into the physical plane...."calamities that already are foreshadowing what may yet come to pass”.


So we know we have our work cut out for us in many parts of lives, but our health is paramount....and before any old, as yet untransmuted Energies become illness in our bodies, it's time to turn back diseases by Invoking the Power of God into our lives to be the 'only Power acting'.

I’ve spoken about the Violet Flame. It been called an Energy Panacea for all mis-aligned Energy. Now what I want you to know is that we must use the Violet Flame to keep our negative Energy from solidifying....for when it does it becomes all the disease we experience in the physical body, or it develops into a mental or emotional situation. And it is much harder then for us to work through our problems....for now the full blown disease itself becomes an added problem.  

In 1932, through Guy and Edna Ballard, Instruction was given on what the Violet Flame is and how to apply It for the cleansing of our Energy. The Ballards we now know as 'Ascended Masters', but they are Souls like ourselves, who have earned the right to work with the Energy of Higher Vibration through having learned to control their 'thoughts, feelings' actions and spoken word'. They told their students that if the Teaching about the Violet Flame, begun in the 1930s, had been accepted by religious leaders in every mainstream church in America, today's people would now have the Christ Power needed to transmute world karma and to avoid all the destructive activity that has befallen the world since....right into this time.

Just think, if people had been applying the Higher Vibration of the Violet Flame to their misqualified or dirty Energy, all these years, they could have generated a momentum of such High Pure Energy that there would be no need for talk about what is now needed to 'save well as the whole Planet from what appears, at this time, to be inevitable disruptions of many kinds....hitting each one of us where we are the weakest or where it hurts the most. 

Now I think that many who hear my words will pass it off as Mystical nonsense....but 'it is written'....and written in many places. These Ideas of 'inevitable disruptions of many kinds' have been and continue to be part of my Intuitive Insight and Information....And so I cannot ignore Them....especially as I read the signs of our times.... politically, economically, socially and Spiritually. There is much going on that does not feel right to me.....and I feel so serious about the present situations in our country, that I make this effort to share my concerns about it all....but more than that, I put before you Spiritual and practical human Ideas that may make a difference not only in the Life of our Country, but in your personal lives....and in the lives of people everywhere.

Today people accept false human beliefs....rely on false security of money and material possessions, on false sense that our American Freedom is safe even while nations are piling up weapons against us.

So little is understood by the average citizen of this nation, or of any nation for that matter, of what goes on behind the scenes, politically and economically, socially at almost every level. In what 'little' I know, I have found the duplicity to be appalling. There must come an end to lying and cheating.... an end to the government manipulation and interference that destroys the free enterprise system ....there must come the end of the abuse of power at every level of society.

 How many of us realize that as a country we have massive international debt brought on by false thinking....the US economy is being run into the ground by people who do not understand the merits of capitalism or better put the merits of 'the free enterprise system' opposed to government or socialistic control of people and resources. Our individual understanding or lack of understanding of all of this affects everyone of us. We are permitting through our ignorance the undermining of all the 'thinking' of the Founders of this Nation. (USA)

Most people don’t know we still stand at the brink of nuclear war....and today, we don’t know where the missile will come they can now be pointed at any country from all over the world.  

I have always sensed there are 'forces' that exist, for want of a better way to describe it, that we call 'evil'. And this 'evil' uses our ignorance and our faithlessness to God to divide us and to conquer us, carrying these tactics to such great lengths that we actually line up on the battlefields intent on destroying one another in unending wars. Realize that it takes massive amounts of 'dirty energy' to wage these unending wars....realize that 'dirty Energy' is a 'force' used to collapse economies and thus, Nations through the abuse of the money and supplies of the necessities of Life, by wars fomented by unprincipled people, directed at complacent or sleeping people who DO NOT KNOW WHO THEY ARE and thus do not know how to protect themselves or their countries.

Few realize that whoever, whatever force controls money and basic commodities, controls our lives. Today world wide, much is in question, in doubt, in money matters, and especially regarding life saving distribution of commodities.  

I sense that we are 'down to the wire' in a Cosmic Timetable and the events are pre-set to a large degree by our own past and present use and mis-use of our Energy. No one doubts that we are the generators of all our problems. Through 'faithlessness' we have allowed 'evil consciousness' to take our accumulated human consciousness (energy soiled by hate and greed and lack of compassion) and use it to manipulate society...and now we have a 'tiger by the tail' and have to figure out how to change the direction of the attention of society, turning from a focus on the human wants to a focus on Who supplies those wants ....and quickly....or go through the cyclic cleansing as has happened many times, in ancient and modern times. 

Today there are signs to look for as we prepare to live through a period of upheaval of some kind....a weakness in our US economy might be a signal for countries to decide to go to war with our present state of military unprepared-ness, we may be vulnerable. It is hard to know what we may have to handle from rogue nations or what is emerging as Islamic terrorist groups....but it’s all out there waiting for us to be weak enough or for someone to be bold and foolish enough to make a serious power-play against the U. S. A. We went through a similar scenario at Pearl can happen again.

And today what we call 'weapons of mass destruction' are easily available to the madmen of the world, have already been used on innocent and defenseless people in Iraq and are beyond despicable. If terrorist nations or groups get their hands on them, many people throughout the world won’t survive what will become world wide insanity.                    

Our responsibility is to remember and to have Faith in the Idea that war and destruction on a world wide basis doesn’t need to happen again....not militarily....not economically....

There is always a Divine Solution to any situation. We have to want that Solution....we have to ask for It. We, each personally, have to enter into the seriousness of the possibilities faced by the people of the world....for there surely are national and personal difficulties to be dealt with coming out of the 'karmic clean-up'. We need to look at Life squarely and not be afraid to accept our share of responsibility for the 'clean up'....for it is  our human/Soul challenge to change and grow with the cycle. 

Energy can be recharged with Christ Light....we look to Spiritual Ways to do it if we are willing to adjust our lives to deal with the problems of the hour.

A few minutes each day can be spent Invoking the Light of God that Never Fails into everything we are, into through and around everything we do, and into everything we care about....enough Christ Light, our Christ Light will make a difference.

For within the Consciousness of Cosmic Christ Light is all the Love, Forgiveness and Mercy needed to end all the hate, killing and disease on the Planet. Our strength of the Light is the strength of our bodies, of our families, of our Nation and of every Nation.

 This is an unique time and special in which we are expected to grow-up. We are being given the opportunity to cast our votes for either the current status-quo of human control, which can only lead to destruction. Or we can choose Soul Enlightenment and survival. But we, individually have to choose.

So...will we choose Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Mercy? Or will we go on hating and fighting with each other? That is the question....and the Great Ones wait to see what we choose. 

We have the choice to allow the Energy of Love and Peace to flow onto the Planet through us.

 We have the choice to flood our feelings with Harmony.

We have the choice to end all warfare in our individual lives.

We can choose Ways of living each day that will allow us to infuse a greater amount of God-Vision, God-Control and Love, Peace and Harmony into our daily lives.

 We can bring Peace to this Planet if we choose Peace. And we are the ones to do it, for the human/Soul Partnership was developed to do this work. 

The effort to live a Spiritual Life can get us bogged down in the many religious questions of 'who is right'....'what are the real facts'....'what is the proper way to live'. It is only in being in touch with the depths of one’s own Soul, by being fearless, by being Faithful that we solve the Mystery of the human/Soul Relationship. And then we are ready to use that Relationship to aid the world. 

The Message of the New Age is that everyone is important. There are no people more important than other people. We are all in this 'effort to bring Peace on the planet' together.

 Today no one can flee from impending crisis of one kind or we are being shown the reasons why we must choose to produce good fruit, and prove that our hearts are really changed....for the ax is now aimed at the roots of the trees so that any tree that fails to produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown on the fire....And remember these words.... 

Happy are the 'merciful' for they shall be shown mercy

Happy are the 'pure in heart' for they shall see the Face of God

Fortunate are the 'Peacemakers' for they shall be called Sons of God

And fortunate are the 'gentle' for they shall inherit the earth.