Love Forgiveness and Mercy # 1


The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Today we talk about what can only be described as the huge spurt of Spiritual growth being experienced by the Earth, and by humanity and by the Soul, Itself. All Universal Life is undergoing changes at the present time.

 I have always liked to talk about the Invisible Side of Life and how we can encourage the gentling and refining Power we call 'God' to expand in our lives. Iím a cheerleader for 'God'....for what I call 'Soulness'....and what I do here is give 'Spiritual Pep Talks'. These talks are designed to show the Connection between our human needs and desires and our Soul needs and Ultimate Purpose.  

Most of us know there are thousands of Ideas about a Supreme Power....and most of us would like to know more. My sense is that 'Godness' on Earth is like a seed lying deep asleep in the ground waiting for the plow to bring it up to the Light where it can begin to grow. I believe sleeping mankind is ready for the Plowman.  

It wonít be long before everyone knows that the human body is the temple or vehicle developed for the use of their Souls....the very special vehicle for the indwelling Aspect of 'God' I call 'Soul'.

It wonít be long before everyone glimpses the Idea I describe as the 'human/Soul Partnership' and begins to realize 'WHO WE REALLY ARE'. On that day of Realization, no one will want to go on hating and fighting anyone, anywhere, for any reason. Instead everyone will be saying,


Now, following our customary pattern, letís take a few moments to quiet our minds, our emotions and if possible, our hands....and let a little Peace flow in.

Take a few quiet breaths....and let the Soul fill the human mind with Its Christ Energy. That will bring in the good Ideas to make the rest of our day sparkle.

 Again, we reinforce that Wall of Powerful White Light around ourselves.....and today, weíll put a Wall of Light around each member of our family....around our home and where we work....

now weíll expand that Idea and put a Wall of Powerful White Light around our Country......weíll hold the picture of that protecting Light in our minds....picturing Christ Light coming from our Holy Christ Body, just above us, flowing in through the top of our heads....greatly expanding the Light in all the Energy Centers of the physical body....energizing every atom and cell....healing our minds and bodies of all that is less than Love.....we can say to ourselves


and let that be our thought for the day...for every day.

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Healing Christ Light of God

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the highest Information Channels and invite

 Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination

for Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.

From questions youíve asked when you call me, I know that many of you have not heard what I call my VISION/MISSION statement.....and have asked what caused me to start this Project of sharing Spiritual Thoughts and Ideas. Well, once again, hereís how it all began.

Late one night about ten years ago, while reading a book in which the writer was explaining certain mystical 'Ideas of God' and using very complicated theological terms and logic to do it, I found myself reading and re-reading certain passages, trying to get the meaning....finally thinking ďfor Heavens sakes, what does this all mean?Ē. And turning my thoughts to 'God' I asked if it had to be that difficult to understand Spiritual Ideas. I put the book down and went to sleep. 

Several mornings later, I sensed a 'Presence' in my room....glanced up and saw what I will describe as 'Luminous Presence of Jesus'. Speaking out loud, I asked what He wanted me to do....His answer flowed back on a grand Thought....the gist of which was,

ďGo to my Christians and KEEP IT SIMPLEĒ.

 To say the least, I was astounded and had no idea what I was to do or how I was to do it....but from then, whenever I had a spare moment, I did begin to focus on trying to write my Beliefs in a way that didnít include as much of the typical church wording of the day....or the older metaphysical and mystical terms. I just started to write my Understanding of The Supreme Being, about Creation and Simple Universal Truth. I wrote about the Connection I felt existed between 'God' and us and about our Christed Souls. I wrote, in a conversational way, describing all that I 'believed', much Spiritual Information stemming from what I had been taught through the years and how I rationalized Life through 'living Life' on a daily basis. Always I try to use easily understood, everyday words as much as possible....making every effort to explain (if only to myself) the tremendous Practicality of Life.....thinking through how the physical and Spirit worlds work together....if we (the human being) will let it happen.

All that has followed since in my efforts to share these Ideas sprang from that Vision. 

Letís start today by talking about 'Truth'.

 Truth is an interesting a way, each of us has his or her own Truth....and humanly we seem to think thatís the long and the short of it. This is particularly evident as we see Truth being mangled by politicians, by government, by churchmen, in the media and in what we call ďCourts of LawĒ which were meant to be Courts of Truth, but which clearly arenít. And we see human nature going along with all of this. Very few are outraged or even curious about the where all this is leading us.

Then there is the 'Truth of God'.

Those of us who believe in the 'Concept of Godness' try to the best of our ability to find, understand and live this Truth. And like Truth in our Courts, the simple 'Truth of God' can be and has been variously interpreted. Study shows how 'The Truth of God' has often been obscured by myth and human imagining....and many times, by the lies of those who are clever enough or powerful enough to control people or 'make a buck' by turning Spirituality into a religious circus.

 Study shows how gullible human beings can easily we believe what others tell easily we have been mentally and emotionally controlled through our Beliefs. History shows how it has been done in the past and is still being done today. These Essays reflect my effort to sort it all out, and to sift through and peel off layers and layers of old ideas and/or misconceptions and to show how very simple and straight forward our One on One Relationship with 'God' personal and how practical....and to say that each one of us has a 'Spark of Truth' embedded in our Hearts and we have no excuse for not recognizing that 'Truth' or for not using It.

In the process of this search Iíve come to certain conclusions...

believing now that if someone will tell us WHO WE REALLY ARE when we are old enough to understand....

if someone will 'enlighten' us at an early age concerning the Concept of 'One Mighty Universal Power' in charge of everything....

if someone will just tell us that WE ARE a 'Self Conscious Spark of that God-Power'....(I call it Soul)...if someone will tell us that we, the Immortal Soul are currently living our Lives in a physical body and we, through our Christ Self, are supplying Consciousness and Energy to that physical body.

That seems simple enough!

If we were to be taught from the outset, while our human minds are innocent and clear of misconceptions, we would then be (humanly) prepared to cooperate with our Soul, with Greater 'Godness', prepared to get specific work done on Earth.

 If someone will just tell us that much Truth when weíre young, itís likely we can figure the rest of it out by ourselves....for now we are using the Mind of our Soul to guide the human part of our Journey....which is really the Journey of the Soul. 

So. My hope here is share Practical, Spiritual Ideas that will help my listener or reader tune into the Cosmic Stream of 'Supreme Power and Truth' that does guide the Universe and will guide our lives, if we will let it..... and I share the Process Iíve found that frees the Soul to have some say in this Journey.

My Teaching and Intuition says that each Soul is a tiny 'Spark of the God-Supreme....that every Soul or Spark of God embodied within the human vehicle is a very capable 'Guiding Light'.

If that God-Spark isn't guiding us, it's because we are not properly taught about that Spark and Its Purpose....the modern focus is on empowering the human being who then operates the vehicle (the human body) only on man power....the child or individual is never taught WHO HE IS beyond his human identity....knows nothing practical about his Soul Identity. The average one of mankind hasn't a clue that Life can be lived powered by God-Power. People grow up, live their whole lives never knowing that the human being and God are meant to be Partners.

Do we ask, ďwhy arenít we taught these facts of LifeĒ.

The answer is, 'generally we do not ask'. We do not seem to care.

 But these are changing times, in which we are to take responsibility for our Spiritual Direction. And in our search for Truth we may go forward within organized religions or by our own design. But the times demand we wake up and begin the search ....our futures, people and Planet are at stake. 

Many people are very casual....we might say, neutral, these days, about the Transcendent Power that runs our lives. I see that neutrality both as ignorance and as a kind of fence straddling ....and know it to be Spiritually non-productive. And today, a dangerous way to live. Today we are advised to take a conscious interest, in what we are attempting to do. It is important to make some Spiritual headway in whatever way we attempt to do it.

Today it is Spiritually Important that the Focus is on caring about Life....all Life....our own and our brothers....the Focus is to take ourselves in hand. And begin, through our own Desire, to learn all we can about both human and Spiritual Issues at work on the Planet at this time.

The form and even content of what we call organized religion is changing, as indeed everything is changing. Thereís a New Thinking and Realization....a new Spiritual Consciousness taking hold of minds and hearts. We need to look into it....and study it....let it become part of our everyday Consciousness. It's time to try it on and see if it works for us, before the 'forces of darkness' snatch it away from us completely, as has happened before.

 It seems to be relatively easy for human power blocs of any age to get away with deciding what is Truth for a given civilization and what isnít.

 And easy for political or religious communities to call anything that doesnít serve their purposes 'heretical or pagan'.

 Thus in the past, itís been relatively easy for despots and mobs to destroy important Spiritual Information meant to reveal to us the Words of Wisdom spoken through ancient and current Prophets and Teachers of Truth. The burning of the library in Alexandria in an early century is a perfect example of ancient records of God Truth being deliberately destroyed so that Spiritual Teaching was lost or hidden.

Fortunately for us today....there are records that still exist, some carved in stone or others carefully hidden so long ago, now being discovered and translated and revealing aspects of what I think are ancient, original Spiritual Teachings, perhaps as revealed to Adam and Eve and to the great Teachers of our Past.   

So, Spiritual casualness may have consequences. If our attention is focused on human efforts only, we arenít going to make much headway with Spiritual growth. To grow we have to bring in an expanded flow of Higher Energy  (remember: Higher, when speaking Spiritually, means a more powerful Energy....a faster flowing Energy....a more Cosmic Energy of Higher Frequency). Today we are charged with the responsibility of letting loose on the Planet, the Christed Energy of our own Beingness....through that Energy flows the most Powerful Vibration in the Universe.

We call it Love. It is Godness in its Primal Form.


Ideas for this program come from an Essay I call LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY....and I share these thoughts today because we all have so much work to do....on ourselves and on the world....before we get to the Promised Land of Greater Spirituality Expressing Itself Through us, Body and Soul, right now, here today, on Earth

Most people have no concept of what the invisible side of Life holds in the way of both good and evil energies. Few understand the accumulated negative force (of dirty energy) that stands like a barrier reef blocking out the Rays of the Heavenly Energies and those who seek to live in those Energies....the mentality embedded in that negative energy is totally opposed to Greater Spirituality expressing Itself. Now or ever. It is the on-going battle of Good against evil....I do not know where it began or understand why....I do know it exists and it is up to each one of us to be a Channel for Good. 

I take for granted that those who will be attracted to my thoughts are People of Faith....people who do not have to be convinced of the existence of Universal Godness and of the importance of our place, Body and Soul, in the Scheme of a Supreme Being or Power from which all Energy flows.

 My purpose in sharing these Ideas is because as yet, only a few understand this issue of 'old soiled energy....of menacing clouds of energy devoid of original Godness....some of it very dirty indeed...and don't understand the this Planet and the people here have yet to deal with what is a 'sinister force'. Most people haven't been taught to think about godlessness as 'dirty energy at work', affecting their daily lives ....and so canít rationalize the bad things going on in their lives ....or in the lives of others. Few understand that there are good and sufficient reasons for all the disease and greed and war in this modern age.

Few realize that 'evil' takes on form here, and so trouble and problems exist on the Planet. All because of the abundance of once Pure Energy that has since been and continues to be befouled by humanity. That is energy 'evil' minds can use. Thus, we get the idea of the 'devil'...d'evil.

And for us individually to progress and for Life on the Planet as a whole to progress, we are going to have to bring a whole lot of the Pure Quality of LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY, as well as Divine Justice, into that hurting Energy that exists not only in our personal lives....but in the lives of all we interact with. We are going to have, to 'cover over' evil with goodness....with Godness. Each one of is responsible for doing our part to 'change/transmute and purify' all dirty energy back into its original Clean Form.

This will put an end to the destructive actions of mankind. 

Does this sounds simplistic...well let me illustrate my point. As I write this, the news reports that a woman has just drowned her five children. Everyone asks 'How could she do this'....and she will eventually ask that question when the state of shock wears off. And, God-willing, perhaps she will be shown the Truth of her situation and will begin to make amends.

 Whether or not that happens in this embodiment, on the 'other side', she will have to look at the circumstances surrounding her relationships with those five Souls....undoubtedly, she will be shown the reason for the misqualified/befouled energy leading to the death of the five Souls who were her children in this embodiment. It is likely she still has no idea what really prompted her actions here. Nor do most, if not all, of the people involved with her.

 However, it is thought that before we embody we are always shown karmic situations we may face....and given instruction on how best to handle them so that we have a chance to 'overcome any evil energy concerning them'....

However, if we are never given important Spiritual Instruction on Earth about our true Nature and Purpose, Instruction such as I share here, we may never learn how to handle old negative energies... or how to avoid giving in to the pressure of old karmic situations that may be very much alive and working within our energy.

We all have karmic work to do....and I believe that before we embody we are shown Ways to do it constructively. But if our human nature is  undisciplined....and if we have not been taught or taken the time to learn WHO WE REALLY ARE, we may become involved with more of the needless tragedies of Earth....which in their turn, generate further negativity/evilness/karma....which if imposed on energy, sometime, somewhere has to be returned to 'Original Purity'.

 What is the answer to all of this....well, when we, the human being, start focusing on the Higher Nature that exists within all humanity, beginning with accepting the Idea of the Soul Spark/Christ Consciousness embedded in each Heart, we will just naturally, stop wanting to kill each other.

There is no mystery as to why Jesus asked us to start loving one another....He knew it was the Perfect Way to Peace....He knew we wouldn't kill if we were loving. From the human perspective thereís nothing very mystical about that....but it is very practical.    

We can begin to think about all the levels of 'Godness and Goodness' we currently understand....and together we can ask (God) for the release of Oceans and Miracles of LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY....

we can see It as Bright Energy....

we can visualize It in the many colors of the Seven Rays

 spreading out over the Planet,

cleaning up the energy of past and present societal evilness and negativity.

 Perhaps, by our efforts alone, we can prevent any further killing of children by their unfortunate Souls who do not have a clue as to why they would want to kill their children.

Cleaning up the Energy of this Planet is a  huge it everyman's job. It is one we people, working only with our human mentalities, can't do alone!

 We need the help of our Christ Selves, we need the Direction of the Greater Powers.

Today, people of the whole world are working their way through massive  changes/corrections/re-alignments in Planetary Energy Patterns. This is where all the ideas of Armageddon are coming from....where all the ideas of 'end times' come from.

Over the next few years, we are all going to be forced to clean up our well as share in the work of 'cleaning up' and raising the vibration of the Energy of the Planet, if we are going to be ready for the Incoming Wave of Cosmic Energy.

We are told that before the Incoming, more powerful Energy can replace the old, Karmic debris must be gotten rid of....debris consisting of energy built up out of horrendous and terrible events of the past thousands of years.

These still haunt the world....we all know that there are places on this Planet where those records and that energy of hate and murder are so thick, you almost have to cut it with knife....and we know of people who are sensitive to this be-fouled energy....people who are much affected by the energy remains of cruel acts that have happened in these places. Some people actually see the ghostly replays of terrible events.

Now, both time and the people involved have moved on, but the energy record is still there, and still around the people involved, wherever they may be today, hovering like a thick fog. And it has to be cleaned away, transmuted and purified before the true Spiritual mind-set of the New Cycle can come in and begin to turn around the often cruel thinking of the human mind.

This automatically brings with it the end of war and opens the Way for a State of Heavenly Peace. This will end all the strange weather patterns and general disorder in peopleís lives, all the numerous accidents of all sorts....the physical disorders and economic failures. All disorder is nothing but the result of dirty, misqualified energy working its way out of peopleís lives. Disorder is old toxic energy that has to go. It has to be transmuted and purified before the New Age Energy can come in.

I like to study the Truth that exists in all philosophies and religions. However, my Spiritual Focus is always on the Service and Example of the One we know as Jesus and on what He came to teach and demonstrate.

 Despite all the efforts by power blocs to destroy His Words and Thoughts, that Teaching has survived, thanks much to His Ascended Efforts that go on into our time. And thanks also to Those Great Souls Who came with Him and stayed to teach and spread His Truth after His Ascension, at which time He became invisible to all but His Mother, Mary and John, the Beloved. And much that we have of His Teaching, He gave to the world through Them for as long as they were among us.  

Through the handful of people who were first exposed to His Ideas, to the millions today, who study and live by those humane Ideas around the world, the True Spirit of that Teaching is increasing.....and in the New Cycle It will be greatly expanded, and will also include much that was deleted in earlier times.

It is Spiritual Teaching for this age...for all time. Our job is to understand It, to use It and amplify It so that the Christ Energy that flows through that Teaching can find a home on Earth.

 And by placing our attention on Him and living by His Words, we help to revive the Ancient, Original Concepts given to the human/Soul Partnership, all of which are based on Love and not on fear.

I have always believed His Teaching was/is intended to unite all people. Two thousand years ago, He opened the door to a better way of thinking about our relationships with all our fellow men and women.....and history is proving that. But...people donít change overnight....and human power blocs donít give up their power and control easily.

If we wonder how the Earth has accumulated so much dirty energy and evil consciousness, we have only to look at the history of just the past two thousand years....and  remember how human power blocs during that time, have, and to this day still, use the Teaching of Jesus as an excuse to politically and economically murder millions of people, and to control nations, century after century. History records some of this, often not too accurately....but we have records of terrible atrocities inflicted in 'God's Name' by those wanting to manipulate the minds and lives of God's People...atrocities committed by groups of people capable of forcing their fellow men and women to think and live in a certain way.

 That was not, is not the Teaching of Jesus.

 And the Earth carries a load of terribly desecrated is a heavy karmic burden of past and present exists as a dark, dank blanket, a fog obscuring the Truth....

and the whole Planet is affected by it.

And we carry in our memory banks, pictures of events, ancient and modern, when human arrogance and ignorance are dictating how 'God' is to be defined and what dogma is politically correct and what religious ritual is acceptable. 'Do, do this and don't do that!'

This was not, is not the Teaching of Jesus.

Jesus and Those who worked with Him came to sweep away the old binding, limiting, complicated interpretations of God, as well as old religious laws that accumulate over time.

He came for the past, present and future.

 He tried and is still trying to replace erroneous human thinking

with two simple concepts:


That we love God, our Father, with hearts and minds, Body and Soul

That we love our neighbor as ourselves........

He tried so hard to keep it simple. 

Now He asks us to 'keep it simple'.

I believe our Sacred, human/Soul Duty is to follow these Teachings to the best of our understanding.

These Ideas didnít begin with Jesus.

 Ancient, original Law has always said, ďWe are to Love and Serve God as our first dutyĒ....and in doing that, we serve all levels of Godness, anywhere and everywhere, which includes our own Souls, who are the 'Light of the World, the Light of our Lives'. We can maintain social justice for all simply by letting the Christed Essence of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy flow into us to Perfect our lives and flow out from us to Perfect the world.

Itís very important to study our past. We donít teach much history in our schools at this time. It seems that most people have little interest in what took place in our past or have the least Idea that all that happened then is affecting us now. Few people stop to think that their ancestors of the past two thousand years, might have been murdered for wanting to have their own ideas of 'God'. ...or that perhaps their ancestors were the hired murderers of popes and kings wanting to wipe out independent Spiritual Ideas that didn't serve those in control.

Or that maybe, we are some of those controlling ancestors, come again to learn about Freedom of Spirit.

 Remember: some of us (Souls) have been here more than once....many of us have been here many times....many of us have some human energy to clean up, and all of us who understand this, wish to help with the general clean up, knowing it requires a great amount of our Love, Forgiveness and Mercy....all we have to that the Planet may be readied for the new Heavenly Energy that is waiting to be lowered into the Earth's Energy Field. 

It is a very hopeful sign that in the last hundred or so years, the ancient Wisdom is beginning to emerge again on Earth. And if we will study and try to understand It and then apply It, we can solve many problems, our own and the Planet's.... we will begin to understand the necessity of accessing and using our Soul Knowledge and Wisdom....this forms a strong human/Soul Partnership.  

At any rate, every one should study the two thousand years of Christian history and study it from varying viewpoints to glimpse what's going on among groups of people today. Much is ancient, deep and dark....but some history shows that Truth is still alive and expanding on the Planet. That there is Hope.

 Many people donít understand the political, religious, social and historical factors that underlie the thinking of the Founders of the United States of America....or know that they were all educated men and women who not only knew their history....but had experienced negative political, economic and religious control in their lives in the countries from which they came....or know that the Founders wanted no part of the controlling aspects of organized religion and succession of kings in this new land. They wanted to be free from all that had bound people for literally ages. They wanted to try out a new idea of Freedom where Love, Forgiveness and Mercy had a chance to flower.

 And if we understand that, we understand why it was our forefathers, who put together the Constitution and Bill of Rights, made sure there would no state religion. Why religion had to be a personal choice. And why they  separated the branches of government....And why many people are so afraid of any infringement on those strict rules.

We carry old memories in our human energy banks around many issues. And often a lot of fear.

In this new country they said we should be allowed to interact with 'God' after our own needs and fashion....not because a Pope or King decreed it....but because the Founders believed and most of us believe that Freedom of Spiritual Thought and Practice is our 'God-given right'. It comes under the heading of 'Free-will'.  

And so we can see there is great need for all of us who care about Life.... in all its forms and activities, to focus on Loving Life, Forgiving and extending Mercy to all Life, because those are the qualities most needed by everyone we meet in our everyday live....

and it is desperately needed in the lives of the nations today.

If we will approach all Life from within that framework we can begin to unwind the 'coils of hate' generated over thousands of years. To understand what I mean by 'coils of hate', try to find a copy of James  Mitchener's book called ďThe SourceĒ....and you will read there how history records the 'coils of hate' that were generated over thousands of years among the peoples of what we call The Holy Land. It is unbelievable that people could treat each other so ruthlessly age after age....but they did and the energy of 'ruthlessness is still there....still moving people to acts of even more ruthlessness! How will it end?

It can only end well, if and when those involved add to their Spiritual Perceptions a Spiritual Discipline that allows them to access Higher Levels of their own personal 'Christed Soul Consciousness'. They need to know about their I AM Presence....and how it relates to the Supreme I AM Presence or 'God' as we generally think of that Beingness...and how to activate Godness in their lives.

That alone will leads any of us to the Wisdom and Knowledge needed to overcome our mistakes of the past and present. That God Consciousness will show us how to live beautifully today.....totally 'in Love with Godness we can trust and have faith in'. That certainly has to be a worthwhile goal for every human being.

Iíd like to interject a thought here about ďoriginal sinĒ because our churches are bogged down in this particular dogma. As I read history, the idea of 'original sin' was formalized as a doctrine from Ideas of a man by the name of Augustine. Now, Augustine was a Highly thought of Bishop of the Church, who had some good ideas....but apparently he never understood the human/Soul relationship. He, like the rest of us, couldnít completely subdue his human nature, and so he decided that he, (along with the rest of us), was a worthless, unredeemable sinner. He agonized over this in writing....and the Church seized upon the idea and has used it ever since to beat up and demoralize people....this made it easier to control them.  

And then someone came up with the Idea to say that the only way 'out of sin' was by allowing Jesus to relieve us of our 'sins'. This is another 'man made doctrine' of 'salvation and redemption' that was dispensed by the church and salvation included (of course), only those belonging to that particular church. All others have to rot in hell for eternity....

And none of this was the Teaching of Jesus. 

The Teaching of Jesus in the matter of 'sin', was to ask ďour Heavenly Father (our own I AM Presence and the Great I AM) to forgive our human iniquities".... always asking those we injure to forgive us, as, of course we are always willing to forgive those who 'sin against us'.

 What a difference between 'going directly to the God of our Beings' and working out our problems at that Powerful Level....rather than focusing on our 'sinning' and creating human concepts about sinning that get more attention than 'God' and 'His Messengers'.

 This is so typical of the human mind at work.

Calling for Christ Love, Forgiveness and Mercy, invoking it, and taking personal responsibility for our 'falling short', works at the individual level. It is a 'better Spiritual concept' than 'original sin' or putting our mistakes on the back of is certainly the more powerful, humane Way to the Peace we are working for.

Activating Love, Forgiveness and Mercy on this Planet is the Desire of the 'Supreme Being' and of the 'Godness' of our Being.          

Years ago as I began writing this Essay on Love, Forgiveness and Mercy, and ideas were forming in my mind, this Affirmation flashed into my thoughts....suddenly I thought, from now on

ďI will live, move and have my Being in the God-Flame of LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND MERCY

and I will let that Flame CONTROL my future human and Soul activities.Ē

 I often meditate on that determination.... still having opportunities to cling to it. There still arise situations where Iím dragged in the direction of hate. Many years ago, I knew I had to give up all human hate.....and anger....and resentment....knowing if I was ever going to liberate and empower my 'God Nature', I had to clean up my human act before asking my Soul to join me on the stage of my everyday life.

We live in a time, long awaited by much of the Earthís people. Regardless of race or levels of sophistication, many people sense that we are entering a time that will reveal or bring to fulfillment Spiritual Aspects of Life not currently known except by the few.

 And those who want to come the Spiritual Party of the Incoming Age of Enlightenment stand at the brink of a Great that finally brings the human and Soul into a working that gets us ready for the Fulfillment of our Soul-reason-for-being.

It is an Awakening to a new sense of Spiritual Beingness for almost that takes us into an elevated sense of God Consciousness, and fills us with a Power that controls our humanness. If we can bring ourselves to trust in that Christ Power and allow It to work in our lives, in time it will 'become' completely, the whole of our lives.

We all carry a 'sense of expectancy', coming from the memories in our cellular memory banks.....memories of Knowledge placed in us long ago, prior to experiencing our initial descent from the Heaven Planes to the dense material planes of Earth. At that time we knew that we each had a unique Mission or Purpose for being here on Earth. Some of us have come over and over again to finish that work....many have labored for eons to be prepared to complete this Mission when the pre-ordained time came.

 For many, this is the time. 

And so a CALL TO AWAKEN is sounding....asking us to remember WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHY WE ARE HERE....asking us to take the Spiritual Steps needed to Empower us and Enable us to finish our Work

and then,

asking us to make the effort to transform ourselves....

to transform every molecule of our physical Being through Love,

through Forgiveness and through Mercy poured out on all Life.....

exactly the Way Jesus taught and demonstrated. 

We have choices to make....whether to go on in our old human ways....

with our old human belief systems....or answer the Soulís call.

For this is a Call to the Soul of each one....a call to action of Cosmic Importance and has lasting consequences. As how we choose to live today and what we decide to Believe today, will determine our Destiny for a long, long time and will have an affect on all levels of our lives.

 Today we are being given the Spiritual Information and the Opportunity to serve a Higher Purpose.

Itís for each human being who is caught up in the Mystical Magic of our time....and who hears the Call of the Soul.

 There is a door opening into another Dimension.

It is opening for all who are ready to walk through.