The Forest or the Trees # 2

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime?

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Our world, the Earth, is part of a great and grand Plan. Knowing this we can choose to live by that Plan.

Then in that context we can make the effort to understand the Grander Aspects of our personal lives....those sublime, Spiritual Aspects of ourselves that mainstream religions rarely address. KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE expands our horizons, Body and Soul, much the way foreign travel makes us less provincial. Suddenly, our human experiences make more sense to us.... and hopefully, we become less cruel.

Everyday we are changing....hopefully we are growing at every level of our lives. Part of that growth gives us the tools to recognize our Soul Partner and encourages us to let It have more impact in our daily affairs.

It isnít difficult to get to know ourselves as a human/Soul Partnership.....actually itís a most natural that gives us a sense of being complete, as we finally KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE....finally know we arenít just these physical bodies....recognizing that we are much, much more.

The basic purpose of this series of programs has been to help us focus our attention on the need for Peace on the Planet. It doesnít take rocket science to see Peace isnít going to 'happen' through purely human avenues....therefore, if we are serious in our quest for Peace, itís time to awaken and activate and strengthen and expand the Soul Light, the Christ Light that lives within the Body.

 It is then, up to each one of us, those of us who will open our eyes and realize what is happening to some of our fellow men and women and what the ramifications may be for civilization, is up to each one of us to work, Body and Soul, unceasingly, striving for Peace and for Freedom for every Soul on the Planet....

Wonít you please join me today in saying


Now, again,  letís take a moment and again center ourselves within the Great Wall of Light we are building around our physical, mental, emotional and Soul bodies....and today in this quiet moment, I want to share these thoughts from my early Instruction:

 I was taught, ďto always remember

ďThere is nothing Supreme in the Universe but what we call 'God'.

There is nothing Eternal and Real about our lives but The Christ.

There is nothing True outside the Light. All else is shadow.


Shadows can hide the Light. Shadows can mislead us and shadows can make us stumble. However, if we choose....and it is always our choice, we can walk a Pathway of Light, always true to our Christ Nature....always living Life fully here, Body and Soul, while moving Heavenward.

If we choose, we can live in an Enchanted World of our own design, untouched by any destructively qualified energy in the world around us....knowing there is no real happiness apart from the Truth of our Beings....

knowing there is nothing permanent in our lives but our Christed Soul Light....

knowing there is no way to proceed through the Greater Universe

but on a Pathway of Christ Light.

 If we choose to, we can arm ourselves

with this Understanding, swear allegiance to our Source, stand true to

 the Christ within and carry the Light, the Truth to others.

In this way we will truly be a Blessing to Life

 no matter in what Way that Blessing chooses to express itself.

 This is Godís Great Plan for each one of us....and whoever knows this

 and chooses to live their lives by this Simple Plan, will be able to

 proceed through the World, explore all it contains and be untouched

 by the shadows humanity has generated'.

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Great Heart Light of God

Seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling within and around ourselves

We open our hearts and minds to the Highest Information Channels

and invite the Light of our Holy Christ Self to stream forth into our

 Hearts and Minds

That we may becomes Channels for that Light

 and Illumination to descend and Bless the Earth.

Today we stand upon what has been described as


 We are told 'The door is being held open by Great Beings of Light' Who invite us to walk by Their Sides.

No matter what is going on in the world or in our personal lives we are invited to walk with the Light and in the Light regardless of human situations of the moment. We do not have to be involved in nor absorb the energy of situations that we know do not serve us, Body  or Soul.

 And as we build that Wall of Light around ourselves ....AND STAY WITHIN IT....we are working with 'difficult situations' while not becoming a part of the problem. And as we position ourselves within the Powerful Energy of our Holy Christ Self, we protect ourselves, Body and Soul while shedding Light into anything we do or come in contact with.

 We donít have to be taken down by Energy contaminated with evil thoughts, feelings and actions. And if we are drawn into situations we know do not serve us or anyone else, we can continuously ask that everything be held in the Powerful Light of our Holy Christ Self and in the Heart Light of the One we know as 'Jesus' and in the Christ Light of the Universe. Christ Light is the Heart Light of Creation.

And what puny human darkness can stand against that?

I love this saying....

ĒIf God be for me, what can prevail against me....

Sometimes if I get a little worried, I say ....ďIf God is here beside me and that Power is active within me, what can hurt can I failĒ.....

Sometimes, when weíre up to our armpits in a swamp full of alligators, it may be a little hard to stay focused on that Idea....but it is always True wherever we are, whatever weíre doing.

 I like to picture Great Blazing Beings walking on either side of me....and Legions of Angels clearing my Way in front of and behind me. We can each choose the Manner of Divine Help that resonates with our personal views or Teaching.

 What is vital is that we know we are never alone. There are 'Powers' Who look out after every Soul even if the Soul hasn't been able to awaken the human partner to that Truth. However we can strengthen that Care and Protection and Illumination by asking for more of It.

We are expected to take care of our physical look out for it and ask for help if we think we need it. Whether we think we need it or not, itís always a good idea to continually clear our Path with Light.

 I never start the day without asking Angels to go before me and clear my Way....and I never end the day without giving thanks for all the help Iím sure Iíve been given.

As the cycles and Energies change we can be grateful to be living our lives in a more Spiritual Energy in which we are asked to focus and maintain our attention on the three Higher Chakras or Energy Centers, namely, the Chakras in the heart, throat and forehead area. 

It is at these Levels of Conscious thought and intent, that Life will from now on, evolve and go forward on this Planet.

I havenít talked much yet about the Energy Centers within the physical body. Today I will say this much and go into more detail in a later talk.

 The Energy Center or Crown Chakra at the top of the head is the focus for the most powerful vibration of Christ Light in the human body.

This is where Crystal Clear Light, enfolded in a Golden Ray from the Great Source of Creation, enters. It is as we hold our attention on this Crown Center and on the Christed-Energy that flows in through It, giving Life to the physical body, that the Door opens to the Soul and, if we desire it, the human/Soul Partnership commences.

If we will meditate frequently upon the Perfect Action of the Golden Light flowing in at the top of Head....and into the Chakra located in the brow area....our minds will be filled with all the 'right ideas' we need to live well. That Golden Light, the Light of God within us, teaches our human minds all good things.

This is ďthe Light that lighteth every man and woman that cometh into the worldĒ and there is no human being who hasnít some of that Light within him. 

 Today as the Energy of the Planet is quickening, people are awakening and are feeling surges of the more powerful Energies pouring into their lives. If each one of us will accept Them and expand Them, this more Powerful, expanding Christ Energy, will bring in the Peace and Illumination we are asking for.  


Last week I talked about all the variations on the theme of countless versions of religious thought and philosophy. And how we can lose our focus on ďwhat is important and where the Power isĒ.

 First of all, let me say I believe thereís little or no God-Power in human opinion....thereís certainly no God Power involved when people are coerced into believing ideas that do not resonate with their Soul Natures.

Our individual Spirituality blossoms only WHEN we put aside all preconceived human perceptions of who or what we think we are or Who the Supreme Being or Power is, based on the opinions and dictates of other's.....especially when those ideas do not resonate for us. We have to draw forth from within ourselves, our own 'intuitive knowing' about things Mystical and Spiritual where They concern us....for each Soul is unique and our Perception of 'God' will have some aspect of 'uniqueness' to it. This is why there is so much human controversy over the Nature of God. We all see the 'forest'....but each identities with a different tree and different aspects of the tree that attracts us....whether large, small, young, old...etc.

I can now (mentally) come out from among the many 'trees'....find a meadow apart....and peacefully gaze at the whole forest...not wishing to be part of the endless argument over the Nature of the Whole.

I simply call that Greater and Complete Force of the Universe, 'God'...,a term we all know, and do not pretend to know the Fullness of what that term implies. Each one is entitled to his or her own relationship with Greater Godness.

Very few of us think the Universe is a matter of Chance or that it exists without some Plan.

 Most of us think there is some greater Power running this Universe and humanity wears itself out trying to second guess that Power. We waste our Energy. We become troubled when we think we canít understand It....or become confused when no two people or organizations can come up with the same definition of It.

 Instead, we can choose to just accept the Idea of Godness, Whoever or Whatever It is....We can choose to flow with the Idea and let that Supreme Power come and expand Itself within us and explain Itself to us in Its good time....for as that Power flows in, It always brings what is just right for us.

Now, another interesting facet of Godness:

As in many situations, the human mind has the cart before the horse in thinking that 'God' exists for its benefit....

when in fact, the human being/mind was developed for the convenience and use of God.....the physical body being a vehicle built to house the Soul Spark of 'God' in its Journey to Earth. This error in thinking causes people to cry out ďGod help meĒ. When the situation is correctly understood we hear, 'How may I help you, 'God'?'

 Somewhere in my Spiritual growth, I began to realize that the Ideas most of us have of 'God' are unproductive. And at first I couldn't understand why. But, over the years as I have continued to grow in  Spiritual Thinking and see the immensity and diversity of opinion around everything and anything Spiritual, I see how those in charge of the Spiritual Education of people, Body and Soul, have been for ages and into our time, inflicting dogma consisting more often than not, of half Truths filled with incomplete or incorrect human ideas.... twisting or withholding the whole Truth, assuming they know It.... and offering this to innocent and unsuspecting seekers after Spiritual Grace.... each religious group serving up their own brand of 'dogma' calculated to distract and control certain groups of people, who become the 'Golden Goose' who financially maintain and keep organizations powerful. 

It doesn't take too long to realize why educated people of our time are turned off by organized religions...Or why religious wars continue into these modern times as we see organizations continuing to use religion dogma as a way to force people to kill each other and get control over each other.

Today, people want to be free.

 And in the past it hasn't been only that sincere people quarreled over the Personal and/or Impersonal Aspects of 'Godness',, the sad situation is that these 'quarrels, long ago diverted humanity's focus from the 'Powerhouse' (God)....spending precious time and Energy on 'quarreling' over doctrinal matters....'Godís name, about the correct way to worship 'God' and what that worship will consist of.....completely losing sight of 'God' and connection to 'God' in the quarrelling. Today many people are tired of the bickering.

Even as a child I remember wondering if anyone ever bothered to ask themselves if 'God' cares a fig for what He's called or how He's worshipped....why didn't people understand that the important thing to 'God' has to be that He's not 'canceled out' by human opinion.

The world of religious thought is a veritable forest of endless variations on what actually is a single, simple Idea.

 However, today, in most parts of the world, a sincere person, wishing to acknowledge and worship 'God' has many choices. The first choice is the decision regarding which Spiritual Direction best suits the individual's needs, Body and Soul. To begin with, he actually may not know...there's so much diversity and Information. If one decides to look over the field, after years of study and comparison, that one may be even less sure. My thought would be to choose an avenue of Spiritual Thought that resonates and go from there.

 Sincerity of Purpose will open Doors to Truth.

In the last program we touched on the idea of 'evil'....where it comes from....and how it is used to cause physical, mental and emotional darkness.

 Today I add to that list, its extensive use by the atheistic mentality  to confuse any and all issues about this 'Power we call God'....

how that mind-set has generated for thousands of years what weíve had in the way of non-productive, impractical, non or semi-religious thought all over the world...and just plain confusion.

I want to read parts of a newspaper article on June 15, 2001....the headline is


and the reporter goes on this way: ďThe nationís largest denomination of a certain church, ( I WONíT REVEAL THE NAME) wrestled Thursday with what used to be a no-brainer for Christians: "Is Jesus the only way to salvation?" One side (of the congregation) called for tolerance of non-Christian faiths. the other warned against weakening Christian teaching in the face of religious pluralism. In the end neither side (of the question) got its way....and that created confusion (among members of the congregation)....end of quote.

The article should have said "created more confusion"....because there they were, at it again, Spiritual leaders and mainline church authority, wrangling, again, manufacturing doctrine again, to suit the times....and 'God' was nowhere in sight.

And if anyone doubts my theory about the Spiritual 'darkness' whose purpose is to confuse people, look at the general chaotic conditions in most of the world today, where almost everybody worships a 'man defined God'...or Godness as defined by mankind.

It is frightening.

And confused people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, increasingly ill with incurable diseases, waiting for the sky to fall, believing they are worthless sinners, or, worse yet, believing their faith is better than another's faith or their church is right and everyone else is a heretic....and many completely unable to believe anything at all or come to grips with human life.

 For as yet, these people, many of them members of powerful organized churches of all faiths, have no real sense of Spiritual life. Have no Idea of the Essence of the Power at the Center of the larger Universe...or the smaller Universe within each one.

We familiarly call that Power, God   

I strive to understand and validate diversity of opinion....the different points of view....while separating the wheat from the chaff.

Much of my first writing was focused on separating out the 'reasons' behind the religious diversity....'who' gained 'what' by focusing on differences of opinion/dogma.

 I am always shocked to see how willingly humans beings are led to slaughter behind a religious symbol, how willingly the human mind accepts destructive religious confusion as a 'way of life'.

 I ask myself, when did we forget we had a direct Connection to the Ultimate Power? Or that Inner Christness is the Power we should be following. Why is it we don't want to go directly to the Fountain to quench our thirst for Truth? Why do we want others to tell us what to do or think or feel?  

I have wondered when, why and how did we get ourselves so hung up on endless and useless details and differences....and give away personal faith about that Power.

When did the differences become more important than the Power Itself?

When did we stop seeing the 'forest/God' for all the trees overgrowing and hiding the forest?

 What happened to the Supreme Being?

Over the years, in trying to understand, Iíve fought my way through mountains of pseudo-spiritual debris that exists in such abundance....some of it seemingly deliberately contrived to cloud our judgment and keep us from seeing the Truth of Universal Godness as well as finding the Immortal Spark of Godness within.

As Iíve looked at variations on the Theme, Iíve  had to constantly remind myself that there is only One Basic Truth....only One Cosmic Power at work in the Universe....It functions on Earth with or without the approval of human beings!.

 And by the very Nature of the Creator, it is safe to say that this 'Creative Power' can't help but be involved in the Evolution of Creation  on this Earth....and everywhere else.

Now if that is so....and if the Soul Spark/Essence is the evolving 'Creation' and needs a physical vehicle in order to evolve on this Planet....and it makes sense that a human body had to be developed for that Purpose....then, by gosh, it makes sense that 'God' automatically and purposely created A HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP.

 It makes sense to me that Soul Life started out that way here and will go on that way as long as the Soul needs a physical body on Earth. When times change and the Soul needs a different 'body'. that too will be 'created'. We Souls are the Children of a High and Holy Being and Power....we are given each day our daily bread....of we stay connected to our Lifeline, all is always provided for our evolution.

However, somewhere, sometime the Soul got sidetracked in its Mission to Earth and let human nature take over....the human being, mentally and emotionally, has made a mess of the job. Now it's time to awaken to these facts and get ourselves back on track.

Fortunately we live in the time, when that is about to happen, in fact, is happening with or without our approval. Much is changing around our Perceptions of 'God' and about ourselves.

I believe the Knowledge of the human/Soul Partnership will open doors to a full Heavenly Earth Life. No longer will man have to wait to die to experience Heaven.

This Partnership of 'God' and man acts as a powerful lens through which Greater Life Energy can be focused to expand Christ Light on the Earth plane. Now both man and Soul can have whatís needed to fulfill the Destiny of both, within this Life experience.

Remember those changes I continue to talk about? In the past, 'man', if he believed in Deity, but not understanding either his humanity or his Spirituality, felt himself an entity living alone in a world of matter. He believed himself separated from this 'God' he believed in but saw the Supreme Being as existing in a far off world of Spirit.

In this 'duality' mankind had to choose between the material world and the Spirit world.

In this changing World the Knowledge of all embracing Life

 is again being given to mankind

 ....We live in a time of Knowledge rediscovered....

Yes! Knowledge is being re-established, here on Earth.

This is made possible by the Idea of 're-connection of man and God', and this being stabilized as the human/Soul Partnership.

A whole new outlook on Life is in the process of being born....

I like to call it Reality....the Reality of WHO WE REALLY ARE.

 And the reality is that

 WE ARE A HUMAN/SOUL DYNAMIC DUO active on Earth!  No longer spending our lives looking forward only to the worlds beyond.

 Now we are focused right where we are.....learning to draw Christness into our lives from those Worlds Beyond, accessing whatever Energy we need to live these Lives with gusto!

 We are learning that we are as near to Cosmic Reality here as in any other part of the Universe. We donít have to go anywhere. We can have it all right well as there when we are ready to depart for those Other Places.

We are learning that fulfillment of Life is not waiting in those far off places of Ultimate Perfection. Life can be perfected and enjoyed fully here and now. 

Since we are each ďthe open door to all LifeĒ....we are then the 'Mystical Process of Life' happening in our actual daily activity, in the actual present moment, at the actual place where we find ourselves.

 Today we are to be so occupied, living Life to its fullest measure, here and now that we have no time to worry about what comes next....always believing that all is happening in perfect Divine Order now....believing we are always in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time, now.

 This Sense of Knowing tells us that we are not to put off 'getting perfection' for some later time, in some other place. These times demand that we believe in ourselves as a human/Soul Partnership and go for as much Perfection as we are capable of manifesting, in the here and now.

 Perhaps the most exciting prospect of this New Perspective is the discovery that Perfection attainable in a step by step process....actually describing a never ending Spiritual Journey....

and wherever we are in the Greater Scheme of Universal Life, we simple strive to live naturally in the Consciousness of Expanding the place where we are experiencing Life.

It took me many years to realize the Truth of what I Ďve just said. My early training included information concerning the Perfecting of my human world and Self....and that it would happen through all the well lived experiences of my daily life, ultimately returning me to a Heaven world. I really focused on not being a sinful human being....of ďbeing good so I could be ready for Heaven when the time cameĒ.

 Heaven seemed like a place I would really like, so early on, I decided to try for It....not realizing that I was postponing Heaven in the present....not realizing that I was living my life with some future reward in mind.

 It wasnít that I didnít enjoy the daily routine...I just hadnít really thought about the importance of the present moment....and the reason for living in it to the fullest, no matter what was happening. It was some time before I could handle moments that were painful, without escaping into the future....telling myself everything would be better sometime, somewhere in the future. 

But with a little maturity and additional search for Understanding, that particular line of thinking began to change. Some new realization of the importance of the "now" began to flow in.

 At first, I didnít know what to do with it...didnít really know what it meant, because some of what I was learning seemed to contradict my earlier thinking. I realize now that what was happening was the normal expansion of consciousness that goes on in our lives endlessly.

And now, my current Sense is that Life is to be lived fully, humanly and Spiritually, here and now...not allowing archaic ideas to defeat our expanding Beliefs or to stand in our Way of growing through each experience whatever it is.

 And if possible, not getting hung up on what we donít quite understand yet....because, it all comes clear in time.

Itís listening for Truth....

listening to what 'God' has to say to us directly....trying not to let our human minds edit it .... trying not to judge or critique thoughts or intuition if we donítí quite understand yet.

I continue to study any Ideas about Universal Life that may add a piece to the puzzle of Life....sometimes I have to wait for more Understanding.

Meanwhile I live a very full life. And it is wonderful and amazing the many ways Information can come to us within our daily routine....especially Information that teaches us that this human/Soul Connection is the Spiritual Means by which we gracefully evolve, Body and Soul, within the Earth Journey, as we get ready to move on to the Mystical Lands beyond.

To understand and appreciate the Mysticism within human life....remember, mysticism is a One on One Relationship with God....and our Journey comes filled with experiences that give us better sense of all aspects of that Relationship. We gain a sense of how big 'God' old Ideas of God are. We learn to cherish everything we can learn about the Relationship between 'God' and His People and how He has dealt with His People through the many ages.

 Today humanity is rekindling the Ancient Sense and Knowledge of the Sacredness of all Life....we are bringing this Sacredness back into our Way of Life, here and now. We are adding Ancient, Original Wisdom Teaching to our modern human/Soul Lives.....learning there need be no waiting for Heaven. Everything we can imagine or desire can happen right here on Earth.

 Once Angels and God Beings walked with mankind on Earth....and today we are learning to draw Heavenly Energies here, making it possible for the ancient Truths and God-Beings to manifest on Earth again in our time.

We need Mystical Training about long neglected Spiritual Truths. Most of our modern church teaching doesnít give us the older, simple basic Ideas of 'God' and man....of the One Truth....One God and of our Relationship to that One God.Ē

My Spiritual focus has always been on the Mystical Teachings that are thought to have shaped the Thinking of 'Jesus'. Contrary to what is taught through all modern religions, Whoever this person 'Jesus' was, He had more than ordinary Jewish training....he was learned in all the academic arts, He was Mystically trained by the most Spiritual people of His Time in various Metaphysical Disciplines. His Reason for being here...His Goal.... was to create the 'opening' that would allow Him to demonstrate His Christness to those ready to see this Christ Energy in action and begin to understand and use It in daily life. Thus, the early Christians took up the challenge and despite all that worked against them, managed to keep The Word alive. Now it falls to modern Christians to protect It and carry It forward.   

There is much about 'Jesus' and His Teaching that has been suppressed over the past two thousand years. Much of what He taught has been replaced by what seems to me to be a 'contrived human mythology' that doesnít stand up to either Spiritual or historical scrutiny....

But even so, the Truth that He brought to Earth is still bits and many various religions. The more I study the records, the more I wonder about organized religious rhetoric....and think about the 'darkness' that seeks always to destroy or desecrate or distort 'God-Truth'.

The One we know as 'Jesus' taught a very simple, powerful Truth, and evil has worked so hard to destroy It....doing it by allowing the many half true and untrue versions of It to confuse and confound the people.

I am convinced the often hidden Truth of Life of WHO WE REALLY ARE was once the True Religion.

I believe THAT KNOWLEDGE has been deliberately distorted or hidden....the purpose being to have It forgotten by leave humanity in the dark.

 Now our job is to find It, uncover It and begin to express and expand It in this modern world. It is the only way to have the peaceful world we envision.

 Today we have recent translations of ancient texts....we have to hope modern religions will not disagree with anything that doesnít agree with manufactured dogma. We need more accurate, original, updated Spiritual Instruction. Otherwise we will not be able to see the True Cosmic Direction and Purpose of our lives.

So today, we walk through a forest of much deliberate Spiritual confusion as well as emerging Truth, and I ask you to think about this Idea of the human/Soul Partnership...

and think about finding a Bit of the 'God' we all look for, right within ourselves. There is no doubt that the Immortal-us is a tiny 'Spark of Supreme Godness'....or that it's time to know we can join two minds....the human and the Soul a Partnership of man and God....there we will find our Answers.

To make all this happen we must start working on ourselves

, cleaning up our Energy.....choosing a Life style that nurtures us, watching our motives and all we say, think or do

making sure we desire the use of Higher Instruction with pure intent....

and from then on just allow Life to happen to use us.

 It is really so easy when our eye (our focus) is single....and we donít get caught up in human speculation or mis-information.

It is always to Remember:

The needs of our Path may not be addressed by information that comes to us through others. If we feel the need, we can and probably should, study the words and Intuition of others, but we have the human responsibility to our own Souls to make sure that Information is right for us, Body and Soul.

One more thought:

 As we seek Information we are told never to ask about our future....

that we are to Spiritually 'going within' for answers....this has nothing to do with fortune telling....

but it has everything to do with giving us the tools to handle whatever our future holds.

Accessing our Spiritual Natures gives us the Knowledge we need to protect our Energy and use It wisely and well.

Getting to know ourselves gives us courage....for many things in Life are beyond our understanding at this point.

The human wants explanations and assurances about Life....but too many explanations would blind us to the Mystery of Life.

 What we need is Basic Understanding of the Oneness and Rightness of Life.

 I have come to see that Life is not a problem to be solved but an exciting Mystery to be experienced.

I have come to believe that the Information mankind needs about Life is not sufficiently contained in any one of the current religious or philosophic systems.

I think the Purpose of Life is best revealed and understood by experiencing it Spiritually and individually.