The Forest or the Trees # 1   

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel and how sublime.  

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 You have heard me say that the purpose of these Essays is to offer Ideas that will lead us to Peace through knowing


believing there is no other way to Peace....

believing when WE KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE

 we will stop hurting each other....stop killing each other....

and stop thinking we are getting away with it.

My hope is that when we understand the Mystical Idea

 of cause and effect we will change our ways of looking at Life...

knowing all Energy we send out, comes back....

knowing we can’t hurt another,

without experiencing the return of any pain we inflict upon another.

Although self preservation certainly should not be our only

 reason for not wanting 'to hurt others'. 

And understanding cause and effect, we may want to begin

to search for a Pathway that leads us away from

human misbehavior of any kind.

As we go about living our lives, we can often see how

we get locked into bad habits at many levels of our personal lives...

and our National Life.

We are not bad people, individually or collectively

 but we often have bad or unproductive habits that keep Peace locked

 out of our lives as well as the Life of the country.

 However, there is a way to change this, a way as simple as beginning

to establish humane and peaceful activities and relationships

in every area of our lives.

 When we stop fighting and hating each other, Peace has a chance....

so, with that in mind, will you join me now in saying


We begin today, as I like to do,

with a pause that quiets our minds, and feelings

and if possible, our hands....

focusing our thoughts on the Stream of Golden Light that is flowing in

 through the top of our heads....anchoring Itself in our hearts

 and then spreading throughout our mental, emotional

and physical bodies, increasing the Light in our aura.

We use this moment to re-enforce that Wall of Powerful White Light

 around ourselves....knowing that if we will conscientiously do this,

 every day, we are protected from all in the atmosphere around us

 that is not the Pure Love of our Christed Selves....

Now as we wrap ourselves in the Christ Light of God’s Heart

Seeing that opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

as we invite that Christ Light to stream forth into our

Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination...

Peace, Healing and Love To descend to Earth. 

In each Essay I share my concerns about humanity....

describing my Beliefs and Confidence in our innate Godness.

I realize the difficult time we people have in coming to satisfying conclusions in our Beliefs in a Supreme Being. And no wonder. We are inundated with all the varying ideas of Divinity that exist in the many different religions and philosophies.

 Our personal Sense of God often gets lost in the Ideas and dogma of hundreds, perhaps thousands of years and many organizations who have defined God for us over the ages. I can see how all these varying institutional human ideas contribute greatly to the inability of men and women of any time, to identify with the more Spiritual Level of 'Personal Godness'  that I so much want you all to identify with....

That of which I speak is our human and Soul relationship....that most Divine Partnership of 'God' and man working together on Earth. 

This Essay is titled...THE FOREST OR THE TREES....

it is one of several 'writings' in which I write of my personal search for completely solid, Spiritual ground. I have had numerous questions from listeners wanting to know how I went about that search....what I chose to study, what I read. And there is so much to study and read.

  We all know there is a tremendous variation on the theme of each major, modern well as all the old religions and Spiritual Philosophies. So, what do we choose to study....what can we believe?

Out of my own experience I can recommend Avenues of Study that, I believe, can be relied upon for teaching Spiritual Truth.

In these Essays, I focus on one particular Pathway of Thought and Way of Living that is working for me. I describe particular Levels of Mystical Thinking, sharing a Process for developing both Body and Soul and thus the human/Soul Relationship.  

However, over the years in my search, not only for Truth....but for an Understanding of how to use that Truth, I have studied everything I could get my hands on....eventually filling my head with much Information and many Ideas.....always searching for the all the pieces to the Spiritual Puzzle.

There are many credible Spiritual Ideas out there. I think I have looked at them all. But finally it has seemed to me that many of those Ideas were meant for a specific time and for the people of those times.

And so one of the first ways I used to find my way through the jungle of religious and Spiritual Information was to sort it out in terms of people, places and time....

bringing me finally to the last two thousand years in which the incoming Understanding of basic Christ Consciousness brought by 'Jesus' is clearly New Teaching being lowered into the Energy of the Planet containing the Concepts that create the Foundation for Upgrading all religious Teaching within any context right up to the present time. At the present time, Christianity contains many Elements of the 'Jesus Teaching'....with certain philosophical thought and history somewhat distorted.

 Now two thousand years later we have been given additional Instruction, teaching us how to use the Power of our Christed Natures, not only to make us eligible for Heaven but how to draw the Essence of our Christ Selves into our every day lives....eventually creating a Heaven on Earth..

This Mystical Teaching, most recently initiated by One we know as Jesus during that 'Time of Passion' two thousand years ago, continues to expand and is meant for all people....proclaiming the inherent Christ Consciousness within every human being....proclaiming the Partnership of Body and Soul,  

And with It, the True Pattern of modern Christianity that is meant to be embraced by all on this Planet at this time.

For It is Teaching that sets people free from old dogma and human control, Body and Soul.

Freedom is the Issue!

During my years of investigation of many philosophies and religions, I often asked myself .... “am I getting SO hung up in studying all the Spiritual branches of the many religious trees that I'm losing sight of the forest for all the trees?”

In other words, was I losing sight of 'God' as I searched for Truth within the many varying concepts of God?

 In time, I did see the alignment of 'forest (God) and trees (all the many religious thought and Spiritual Ideas)'.

 In time, I least, sensed 'the Relationship of Body and Soul and the logical and inherent Connection of man to his 'God' and to all Godness beyond.

 I then looked for those Avenues of Thought, those Philosophies that  nurtured that 'sense'....that validated both Body and Soul. And that led to my choosing specific Spiritual Disciplines in which I could develop both Body and Soul through expanding the Christ Connection, while “not losing sight of the forest or the the trees”.

 For many years I continually asked myself if I really understood what I was learning about 'God' and all the Ways of Spirit as it pertains to Earth and as it pertains to the evolving human/Soul relationship?

I studied carefully each mystical, metaphysical, religious thought that interested me and something seemed to be directing me....

I was following one of the first Spiritual I always suggest to those who listen to my fact, it was some of the first instruction I received from my Father, who told me,

 “Believe nothing that you cannot prove for yourself”.

There are those who will say, “Who can prove 'God'....or who can prove any unseen Energy?’

 And I would say, “We can find ways to prove Levels of Spirituality (Godness) that are available to us at any particular Level of Understanding.”

 I can say that because many have proven that statement.

 Further, I believe that as I or anyone....

as anyone of us is capable or deserving of more Information or are ready for new experiences, the next Door will automatically open and what we need will be there.....proving for me, at least, my 'daily bread' theory.

There was a time when I wore myself out trying to fathom the “wholeness of God”. It was as though I, the human-me, was thinking that if I didn’t or couldn't 'Understand' more completely at that very basic human level, there was no way I could progress beyond Spiritual was probably one of those “being humanly worthy issues”...

But one day I realized that what philosophers have been saying for Ages about the human mind 'not being able to understand all there is to know about 'Universal Godness' was undoubtedly true. At that point I (internally) quit debating that issue and began to see the 'good and logical' reasons why the human mind might not designed to be more than a limited channel through which certain Truth could flow....until and unless a higher Level of Godness' was ready to work through that 'human channel'.

Additionally I realized that the human-us doesn't need to know more than we can use at any given moment and when we are ready for more, or the Spiritual Need arises, 'more' will be there.

And so I settled down to doing what I could do, here and now....finding out quickly how much work we have to do on our human selves. And how much help is available as we Master each Bit of Spiritual Information. Mystical Christianity has been one route for getting me ready for 'more'.  

 In the Process (over the years) it appears that I stirred up enough Soul Energy to activate It and get It working in my daily life.... leading to the wonderful Realization of what I call a HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP. That brought an interesting 'integration' of Two Minds.  I became aware of new Understanding about various Ideas, both of Earth and Heaven.

 I suddenly understood our human psychology....our human needs....our human purpose in a New Light.

 I suddenly Understood who this 'WE' is that we so often refer to, some very present Level of us Who isn't the human-us.

Some of this expanding Understanding was easy to assimilate.

...some I've had to work hard to 'make my own'.

There were and are, those Aspects of 'Godness' that then and even now have to be taken on Faith. But I'm determined that the Veils shall be lifted....waiting patiently for more to be made clear. Realizing this doesn't happen for most of us in a day....or a week or even a year....but generally over many years.

 Then again speaking from experience, it's a Process of learning to walk through the forest (Life) without fear or doubt....satisfied with growing at our own speed....learning to set our own agendas,        Body and Soul. 

It seems this is what we must do, if we want out of old 'belief boxes' especially when we begin to think there must be more to Life than what we are currently experiencing. Or if we just want to move on up.

Remember: 'Moving on up Spiritually is a Soul Idea'.

 If we are pushing outward into new Spiritual Territory we can be sure it is the Soul leading....for the human doesn’t have Spiritual agendas...though it does have a human agenda.

 It needs its three meals a day....a place to lay its likes clothes, sex, entertainment, doctors, lawyers, therapists, perhaps a church to go to on Sunday, more for socializing than Spiritualizing.... Life is simple for the non-spiritual human being when its basic needs are met.

 Life for the human gets a little more complicated when it is confronted with Spiritual Ideas and Values....especially if those values cause it to  suddenly doubt its human omnipotence.

Without a doubt Life is more beautiful and meaningful as we seek to merge our human natures with the Invisible Heavenly Levels of our Lives. This is where we need a road map....for there are important Rules to live by....

First of all, there are Moral Codes that demand Understanding and Implementing

and Self Control within all the Levels of our lives, Body and Soul.

Then as we gain that human self control we are given Bits of the Higher Spiritual Teaching.

For many it is a Trip of Faith....Faith in the Unseen....

Faith that one day will 'move mountains'.

Here is a statement I read many years ago. It helped me understand what we face....what the Challenge is for both the human being as well as the Spiritual Student on the Path....quote,

 “When the individual is strong enough to stand against the opinions of the world, then he or she is ready to bear Witness to the Marvels of the many Activities of God.

"But, until he (the person) is strong enough, the power of suggestion and the radiation of doubt and fear from others will disturb him...and many times he gives up the Quest for Truth.

 "Doubt and fear are very subtle activities, because they come as a 'feeling' that creeps in upon one before he is really aware of their existence.

 "In order to succeed on a personal Spiritual Path, the individual faces The Light of God, sends It before him, sees It enfolding everything, everywhere he moves and adores It constantly....

determinedly turning away from doubt and fear...knowing himself or herself only as That Light, his own True Source.”

 End of quote.

 So we look for a Path that takes us away from what isn’t working for us and look for the One that takes us Higher in all ways, Body and Soul, And we begin asking questions....

Such as 'What is good'? And 'what is evil'?

 Who of us hasn't asked that question?

 Then there is the question, 'Who or what decides what is good and what is evil?'

 That there is Absolute Good, of that I am convinced. That there is evil ....that is, absence of Good in people, places and situations...of that to, I am convinced. That there is 'evil' on Earth proves that the Energy of Earth has been dangerously lowered in vibration.

 How? By human and inhuman use of It. By allowing the human to operate without Soul Control.

 The human vehicle is, after all, only an animal, doing what animals do. What makes it different from other high level animals, is that it was developed to be the Envelope or Vehicle for a 'Spark of God' to use in 'God-Work' on Earth.   

And Energy given for that Purpose, once Pure, is now 'dirty', slowed down in vibration. That is what fuels evil purposes. Think of the stagnant pond where malignant things grow....and then think of the crystal clear pond where the water is clean enough to drink....this is analogous to what we are describing.

 Now this is an important point!

If all the above is true about energy lowered in vibration, then that same Energy can be raised (by our actions) back to Its Original Purity into a State where-in evil (that which lives in darkness) cannot exist.

Our Energy can be returned to its Original Vibration of Purity.

Our immediate need then is to understand how it has been lowered in Purity (vibration) to the point that it can be used for evil purposes.

Again this statement:

All Energy as it arrives here from Its God Source is Peaceful and Sparkling Clean.

 After humanity uses It that Energy takes on human qualities....some good, some very bad. We have only to think about the extremes of human nature....particularly the desecration of Energy when used to wage wars of aggression and conquest. 

We may ask “by whose authority Goodness is defined....and evil defined” We have only to look back as far as one can and find the Philosophies that have guided us. In all of them we see 'Laws of Conduct' attributed to a Deity figure of some sort.... we do not know for sure whether the Deities the Ancients worshipped were 'God' as we think of a Supreme Being...or perhaps were merely powerful human authority figures within a given culture.

Regardless, some form of 'Godness' seems to have dictated Rules for human behavior, outlining what was good (or acceptable) and what was not.

 This confirms my Theory that we, the human/Soul Partnership, have never been without some form of Spiritual Guidance while playing our parts on this planetary stage.

 Now let's think about the Spiritual Thinking of last five thousand years, much of which we live by today and which we know to be an Ancient, I suspect, that is much older than five thousand years. However approximately five thousand years ago something interesting happened. It was at that time, we find The Ancient Code being reiterated and tailored for a new Cycle of Energy. And It has come that way to us over thousands of years.

 The Channels 'God' used to Light the Flame of Truth again, were a Couple we know as Abraham and Sarah. Again history proves that Truth didn’t begin with them, but rather was re-introduced and presented in a New Way that would work best for the Souls then embodied.

This all came to the Planet through Abraham and Sarah and Their Seed....which then proceeded to multiply, expand and spread out all over the Planet. We are some of That Seed.


There has ever and always been only One Truth.

 And at the time The High Powers sent Abraham to Earth to re-introduce that Truth, It had been badly distorted. And Life was not good on Planet Earth!

 Additionally, it was the Cyclic period when humanity was ready to be given expanded Spiritual Information. Now, Abraham and Sarah were very Evolved Souls, both capable of carrying and living the Truth of God.

So they were asked to leave the land of Ur, take their family and seek a new land (clean energy), and show and teach their people how to live the Original Truth.

And so we have a version of Their Story and of Generations to come recorded in the Bible and in books of many cultures. And 'God' once again, taught humanity, this time through Abraham and Sarah, what was 'good' and what wasn’t. And history records, before and since, the men and women sent by 'God' to repeat the Lessons and demonstrate to the human being 'how to live' without defiling God's Pure Energy, using those Original, Ancient, Mystical Laws of Life.

For all of mankind's misery arises from defiling God's Pure Energy!

Thus we are taught, over and over again, how to avoid living lives of misery through defiling God's Pure Energy.

And the Bible and many other books record the victories and failures of the Abrahamic peoples as they (we) have made the effort to live by Spiritual Rules of 'right and wrong'....sometimes succeeding....but many times failing to meet the God-Standard.

So we can say we have always had or been given Spiritual Rules of Human Behavior and Morality....if observed, These Law of Life would protect the Purity of the Energy given into our use when we (Souls) were first birthed on Earth. And These Laws have been repeated to us over and over again throughout the Ages.

So, if we are using This Pure Energy correctly we are living peacefully, side by side. And mankind has no excuse historically or now, for ignoring Spiritual Conduct laid out for us from the Beginning by Cosmic Levels of Mind....for not using Spiritual Laws that would have prevented any evil from ever having the opportunity to manifest on this Planet.

 We Souls have much to answer for and much to 'clean up' in our day here on Earth....much we must clean up soon'before it is too late'!

  I believe it is possible for us to do learn to live together in a civilized manner....and even enjoy it!

Learning not to offend God...not to muddy the Pure Energy.

We 'Spiritualized human beings' can do that.

We can live full lives, Body and Soul, doing only what we would call 'good.'

In studying history we find that all societies, ancient and modern, have rules for living together. And intelligent, caring people can see or sense what kind of behavior really doesn’t work for any society. Most of us know what behavior doesn’t work for us personally. And when we understand the Laws concerning the Energy that runs through our bodies, we can understand how That Pure Energy is 'colored' by the less than perfect human qualities we impose it by our less than pure human thinking, feeling, acting and speaking....impurity that has often changed the course, not only of our lives, but the course of history, itself.

 Can any of us doubt then that it is 'evil or dirty energy' that allows warring among people. Many wars are 'evil' from the first thought to the final act. And even when wars are fought for 'noble purposes', we have to ask,' is the quality of war what we want in our Energy? Whether it is a big war...or just the little warring that goes on between two we see that lack of Purity in our Energy is at work....and see how we further desecrate the Quality of incoming Pure Energy as it is constantly entering our Lifestreams? Isn't it time to think this one over...and think about the Purity (or lack of) the Energy of the Planet, as well?

I wonder:

Do we all know that the 'excuse' for war is generally a religious one, covering all the varying Ideas of 'God'. This scenario has been at work for thousands of years, and is still the 'reason' given for why wars are fought....although, at the bottom of any war (that isn't fought for defensive purposes) there is a struggle for human power....fed by human greed and arrogance.

 Do we know that political, religious, economic and social empires have been built, over and over again, throughout the ages using religion as the excuse....and that this situation continues to exist into our day....and still, (ostensibly) wars are fought based on the arguments around varying Aspects of the 'Being and Power we call God'.

 Are we aware of the millions of innocent people who have died or had their lives destroyed because greedy, ungodly people sought power using Spiritual Truths they don't even believe in, as the excuse....using deliberately distorted Truth as the 'excuse' for mass killing.

Are we aware of the millions of people today who are, as we speak,  enslaved by human Ideas of varying aspects of Spiritual Truth?

 And often it is 'minute points of view' that are used to foment and force momentous disagreements among people.....and tremendous hatreds are formed. And people buy into the rhetoric and thereby suffer horribly.

Do we understand that the impurity we have allowed to be imposed upon Life, including what we ourselves have imposed on our own Energy over countless time, has coalesced into an noxious, powerful 'force' gathering strength through the ages, right up to today,

Do we understand that it is Energy filled with impurity that is being used by a non-spiritual aspect of life, not only to torture and kill innocent people, but in an all-out-effort today to separate us completely from the Truth of our Beings.

 And to some extent, it has been successful, as we see the Spiritual Truth getting lost in the forest of distorted 'Ideas of God'. God is lost to view. And people worship at the Altars of often distorted or false Ideas.

Over the years, as I have watched the political, economic and social world coming apart and distorting around me, and I have asked, 'how can civilized people can go on adding more evil in their lives by their political ignorance, by their economic greed and arrogance, and finally by their hating and fighting in the name of 'God'?

This among all our 'sins' may be the one that most distorts our lives. For no matter the 'reason', we but hate and fight each other, whenever we hate and fight anyone....for we are all cut of the Same Cloth.

We but wound ourselves.

Why can’t we see the True Light of our World?

 Why do we go on helping the 'darkness' cover over that Light?

Why do we seem to love 'darkness' more than we Love Light....

Why do we love evil more than we love goodness....

Why do we love the non-gods of the world more than we love the

 Light of our World?

 I wonder if we have any idea how our impure thoughts, feelings and action are being used against us in all the hateful activity we see in the world, how it is being used to crucify the sleeping ones among us, Body and Soul. I often think about this. And many others are also thinking about this. And many, like myself, are beginning to talk about it....trying to 'awaken the sleeping ones'....trying to bring these thoughts out into the Light of Day, because it appears the time has come when it is necessary for everyone to understand how our every 'thought, feeling, action and spoken word' does contribute either to the 'Light of the world' or to the darkness. And we are getting perilously close to a point of no that level when negatively qualified  Energy tips the scale...bringing down those who will not 'listen', sending many into darkness of long duration.

We need to think about how 'darkness' first began to impact the Life of people on this and when human destructiveness began....and how it grew (and grows) as the human mind fastens its attention on that destructiveness.

 And then think that to reverse any destructive action, we begin by taking our minds completely off the action. We focus away from anything and everything that can cause darkness.

Placing and keeping our attention focused where it will automatically draw 'God-good' to us and to the Planet.

 Remember the saying

 'see no evil,' 'hear no evil', 'speak no evil?'That actually is what we do in a nutshell!

The first part of the “see no evil” requires us to take our sight/vision off of anything that is destructive (less than Pure....I'm sure we can all figure that out)

The world has been and still is full of 'visual stimuli' that produces 'darkness' in the Energy of our bodies and thus, in our lives....we had better believe that for our own sakes.

However, if in doubt, think for one moment on what we see not only in real life, but in movies, in magazines and newspapers, TV.A blatant example today of 'negative visual stimuli' is all the advertising with the focus on illness. Think how we take all that 'suggestion of illness' into our minds and emotions and bodies through our eyes. Visual images are created in our minds, and from those images, form grows.

Soon the image begins to out picture somewhere in our bodies or worlds. Again if in doubt, think of the hospitals, the mental facilities....all the human activities in which illness of mind, emotions or body play a part. How much of that is caused by the focus of an individual's on visual images. We absolutely must take as a Cardinal Rule of our lives that we will not allow any “‘DESTRUCTIVE HUMAN APPEARANCES TO EVER HAVE ANY POWER IN OUR LIVES through sight or sound....through thought or feeling.

 I say this often:

 “I do not let my Energy take on anything but God/Good,

from anyone or anything...

 and I AM always and only 'God commanded'”.

We can use simple affirmations like this to hold God-Control of our attention as we go about our daily routines. If we find ourselves revolving unpleasant pictures of sights and sounds, wherever they come from....we can stop and voice that affirmation, always aware of what we’re imprinting on our Energy through the power of Sight, even within our own imagination if we don't exercise control. The same is true of our hearing, and of course there is then the 'policing' of our mouths...

the controlling of sounds and actual words that come out of our mouths.

However, as we hold to that mind-set of “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”, no matter what we come in contact with, we will then be able to begin to protect the Purity of our Energy. We stop 'feeding our energy' into destructive or negative ideas through putting our attention on them.

Remember always:

 Where our attention is, there is our Life....OUR ENERGY IS OUR LIFE.

We must become so aware of where we place our attention.

 Can we see how our human actions are then responsible for everything that happens on this planet....whether it’s deemed 'good or bad'. We can be assured that humanity alone, is responsible for all accumulations of degraded Energy.

 All killing, of any kind, happens because of hateful and unloving actions, thoughts, feelings and spoken word directed towards one another. All unclean energy is generated by the ungoverned, undisciplined human being. Take this test.

 At any moment be conscious of what the eyes are seeing...realizing how what we observe is imprinted on our Energy fields. Think about all the violence and immorality in movies we've seen, the pictures of murder and mayhem we still carry in some level of our minds. Think of the 'legitimacy' our acceptance gives to human ugliness.

Did you know:

That not voting against something is the same as voting for it?

 (Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure)

....That by our silence or inertia we give legitimacy to and become responsible for humanity's problems.

At some point we have to turn away from all 'ugliness' and begin to 'even the score' by working tirelessly for Beauty in Life. That means we stop supplying our Energy to the destructive, ugly forces on this Planet. This may mean we will decide to change our life styles, so that our Energy will no longer be available to fuel destructive activities.


Evil has no power of its own...

all it has is what humanity has given it....

human discord makes evil possible...

Do we really want to go on being a part of that?

We can easily recognize destructiveness. It shows its ugly face in all the hatefulness, lawlessness, illegal activities of all kinds, cruelty of all kinds, mental, emotional and physical, to people and animals and the nature kingdoms, ugliness of all art, in music....

 Destructiveness shows its ugly face in the chicanery of governments and in business. In politics and economic.


All human destructiveness is the perversion of God Truths.


 And there is no one incapable of figuring this out for themselves.

 There is no one who cannot root out all the destructive elements in their personal lives. It doesn't take much to figure out 'what’s wrong with us' especially when Life is handing us 'lemons'. No one is incapable of making the effort to change their lives into ways that are constructive, rewarding and fulfilling in some way.

Life can't always be 'fun', but it can be lived with Dignity

and with Understanding of the Spiritual Issues involved.

Now, the simplest and easiest way

 to live non-destructive lives is to find an Idea of Divinity that works for us. It doesn’t matter what words we use to define the Universal Creator or by which of a thousand different names we call that Power.

 It’s as simple as focusing our attention on a Level of Spirituality we feel comfortable with....and then letting that Light pour into our lives. ..trying not to complicate our ideas of 'Godness'.

When I stopped complicating 'Godness' with so much questioning, with so much effort to understand what didn't yet need to be understood, I found time expand in my Life, the 'God Qualities' I did understand.

 I found the Soul Mind and found It full of good Ideas and those began to fill my Life. When we are finally willing,

 we can find the Pathway of Intuitive Direction.... just right for us.

It is quite amazing....and even amusing how we are Spiritually

 led when we are willing to let go of some of our stubborn humanness.

 But we can’t have both. A ship has only one captain....

either we let 'Godness' rule or the human mind and emotions will.

 We only get to decide which Energy we want directing our lives.

 If we choose Spirituality, it has to be a Conscious Decision on our part....then we have to stay focused within a Spiritual Mind-set if we hope to develop that Part of our lives.


Today when we opt for 'God', we aren’t giving up our normal daily lives....we aren't going into a monastery. (Unless that is our choice)

 We aren’t giving up anything but those parts of our lives that we have come to see as destructive to us, Body and Soul. We are simply going to work harder at controlling our thoughts, feelings and actions....and most importantly our spoken word.

And we are going to stay focused on One Powerful Idea of the Supreme Beingness of the Universe....of which we, Souls, are a small Spark.

 And we will be trying to awaken the sleeping, often lazy human-us,

with the Hope that the 'Soul Mind' can now come in and have more to say about our 'daily life'. It is time to let 'God' get into the driver’s seat, to let the Soul take charge of the human/Soul Journey.

 We have to give up pampering our human natures. We can’t have it both ways. And this is where the human/Soul Partnership begins to develop. And as that happens, feelings of human inadequacy disappear....and Ideas of all kinds of possibilities begin to flow into our minds. The human mind moves over and makes space for the Soul the Partnership that was lost so long ago, is back, working in Full Force.

One would think that the Soul, having all Power at its command

 could 'force the issue' of Who is in charge of the human vehicle.

But apparently many Souls abdicated and/or lost control of the human personality at some point in time. Apparently, these Souls allowed the human partner to take control....and apparently were caught up in enjoying all the fun of 'being human'....enjoying the use of a well developed human mind and body....enjoying the sensations of sex and the Power that came with wealth and position.

 In many instances the Soul built up enough karma (negative energy and unfinished situations) that the Partnership now has much to work out on the Earth Plane before it is ready for Higher Soul Projects.

This is a very large Metaphysical Subject.

Let us end this discussion for now with a final thought:

The people and the Planet are in trouble.

 The problems faced by mankind today are too big for humanity to handle alone. Numbers of The Spiritual and Angelic Hierarchy have stepped forth and offered to help 'us' save the day.

What They need from us is our Spiritual Focus.. we are asked to focus on Ideas of God Perfection in all lives including that of the Planet. 

In doing this we give to those Guiding Powers our Concentrated, Conscious, Soul Energy to work with.

 In this way, we help to bring in the Cyclic Changes more gently...

we help to transmute and purify the dirty Energy, raising it back into Pure Christ Light....

saving people and Planet from much distress that would otherwise be experienced.

The Changes must come....are coming....with or without our help.

But it our responsibility to do our part. And gaining a bit of Spirituality in the Process doesn’t mean we are going to sprout wings overnight

....but it does mean we will begin to think and feel differently about Life and about its Greater Purpose... we will begin to enjoy Life




Life is such a wonderful Mystery....and every minute is precious

whether we continue to live at the human Level of Consciousness

 or whether we choose to expand our Light and work in Higher Planes.

But if we choose the Road Less Traveled, we will in time