Mystical Laws to Live By  # 2  

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel.... yet how sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Each week I focus our attention on Peace and Freedom and Spirituality in our daily lives, believing that without a change in attitude and actions in America, and indeed throughout the world, civilization as we know it may not survive.

 Reading the daily newspaper removes any doubts that society, world-wide has problems and is facing a number of challenges. And for the most part these are daily challenges involving both 'life and death' the human mind hasn’t resolved.

 So I continue to look to Spiritual Ideals to find Answers.....Ones to replace our often ineffective humanness....hoping that if we can accept the help of our sublime Soul Mind, we may be able to dig ourselves out of the deep hole humanity has dug for itself. 

Yesterday I watched the latest report (June 2001) on the TV program '60 Minutes' in which was documented the war games the United States and Russia continue to play....and read in a newspaper how the AIDS problem is now considered an epidemic in San Francisco....(May/June 2001) and growing worse all over the world....with no solution in sight.

How many people stop and think how easily Life as we know it, can slip away from us if we....all of us, everywhere....if mankind doesn’t rein in its humanness?

Energy filled with non-Peace and non-Love, accumulated over Ages, fuels the continuing problems on Earth....problems that will never end until mankind, individually, stands up and says 'enough', asks forgiveness and sets about purifying all Earth Energy....which at the moment is full of filth.

It is time to begin to use the God Power available at our finger tips, waiting for us to activate It....waiting for us to use It to proclaim Peace and reclaim the Planet from any evil force that feeds on mankind's mistakes..

Perhaps you will join me today in saying....


I was remembering a time when I knew very little about how the average person lives their life in this country or any other ....remembering the quiet way I was raised in a rural California area, with all this Mystical Training as part of my daily routine.

 I was remembering how one warm September day my parents brought me to Berkeley to start my freshman year at Cal (University of California at Berkeley, California)....a place I knew nothing about. They unloaded my suitcases, and drove off leaving me to find out about the bigger world of people and places and human ideas, all by myself. I was a romantic, very naive, believing people to be good....expecting only goodness to follow me 'all the days of my life'  

Now many years later, I’m no longer naive about how the human mind and emotions play out in daily life. I no longer believe that all humans are good....having seen that some can be very bad....although I do believe all of us are capable of 'being good'.

 There was no way for my parents to teach me about the 'bad things' the non-spiritualized human mind and emotions are willingly party individuals, as groups within countries....or as an international community. It took many years to realize the depth of godless human iniquity at work on this Planet and in many lives.

And glimpsing that, I also saw, how in spite of the ugliness expressed in a few lives, there was a Spirit of Godness is at work in most of our without even our knowing it, most of us try to live good and decent lives.   

And in trying to rationalize the difference between those who 'choose to be good' and those who 'choose or allowed themselves to be bad', the only aspect of human behavior that I could point to that separated the constructive people from the destructive, was the degree of acceptance of basic 'Godness' being allowed to work in the lives of those who were decent....and intelligent...compassionate and caring....and that included the church going groups as well as and independent seekers and users of Inner and Universal Spirituality.

My adult years have included a lot of thinking about all of this....I gradually developed the Ideas that are being expressed in these programs. In those years, while babies napped, I began to write my thoughts about Life...more poetically then, in comparison to the serious way I write these days.

In those years the problems of society had not become so well defined or grown so large.....or perhaps I was just not so is hard to worry about what the politicians are doing when surrounding the needs of four children and their father. 

Recently in looking through piles of books and material gathered and written and saved....boxes and boxes....I found the young idealistic person I was then....and saw the person I was becoming during those years of young I played the role of daughter, wife and mother...and business partner... active in community and church. I didn’t have as much time then to think about the world’s problems or spend too much time philosophizing about Life then...I was too busy living it.

Still, I found time to read ....and write, most often in the form of letters I exchanged with family or friends. Recently I found a letter I had written to one of our daughters after she had married and moved to another town. We often corresponded philosophically. This letter she had saved tucked into a book and in reading it I saw the person I was becoming....I saw the human/Soul Partnership already quietly at work in my Life.

I didn’t think of it that way then....but I mention it because, if you haven’t thought of yourselves that way, perhaps it will awaken in you, the Idea of Godness evolving itself in you becoming the HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP. This is the natural Way of Life for those who will let a little Light shine into their lives. Even in the simplest, most natural of ways.  

I'll share this letter with you....but first we'll take a moment to, again, to quiet our minds and emotions and ask for a 'little more Light to shine into our lives'.

We’ll ask for more Light to reinforce the Wall of Light blazing around our physical, mental and emotional selves.

And as we ask for more Light to flood into the whole of our lives, into our homes, businesses and then into the entire world,

 we'll call forth ever more Christ Love from above which comes to me with the scent of roses....

 And for this moment, know we are loved...and safe.

Now we enfold all of this....our entire selves,

in the Loving Heart Light of Almighty God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around it all.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels,

 and invite that Light....that Consciousness....

to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination....

Peace, Healing and Love, To descend to Earth.

So, I (paraphrase and embellish a bit) one of many philosophical letters written many years ago to a much loved mentioned, found in a book after she had died in an accident....she had written on the envelope  ....MOTHER’S MUSINGS.

She had been going through difficult emotional times when I sent this letter which in which I as responding to a letter from her

 and in return was philosophizing about Life in general,

 but also, I hoped to comfort her in moments of heavy stress.

I had written.....“ My Dear,

 'I agree with all your conclusions about the Beauty of Life that can still be found Shining in the midst of confusing did you put it' roses can bloom in darkness'? That “beauty” and “human confusion” can co-exist seems to describe the Mystery of 'Body and Soul'. I am reminded of reading somewhere that “it is the Sense of Mystery that gives Life its Majesty”.

I’m not sure these words apply to what you are saying....but they came into my mind, just now, as a simple, comforting Truth that 'Life is Majestic,

 Reminding me of the Vast Scheme of both human and Godly Things....and of our need to stay in the 'Flow of Beauty' no matter how the current tries to pull us away.  

Reminding me of our human need to be Grateful and Aware of that Beauty....Never letting go of the Feeling that we can reach out a hand and touch Heaven.

Reminding me of the Wonder of our Shared Joy, our shared Love, yours and mine....and how sadness that touches one, touches both and sometimes nearly breaks our hearts....and that reminds me not only of human courage....but of Soul Courage, which we demonstrate by choosing to leave our Heavenly Homes to come here.

Ours is a Journey of Soul Courage as we strive daily to anchor ourselves firmly in the Nurturing Earth, Remembering to keep our Hearts firmly connected to Heaven. 

You and I dream of creating a place on Earth that enriches and strengthens us....and shields us from pain....

a place of Peace and Loveliness

 where we can nurture an Unseen Part of Ourselves ....

the Part we know as our Souls.  

I am ever reminded that our Lives are enriched and Blessed by many

 Unseen Things....We, you and I, have both sensed the Unseen Power

 that fills our Lives, that Unseen Power that gives Direction to our

 Lives in the midst of chaos.

We both know that 'Unseen Faith and Unseen Love,' are real.

And that our cares and weariness, and the sometimes unbearable pain

 of our human lives, these, too, will pass.

 All will be replaced by the Faith and Love of our Souls.

We know our lives, yours and mine, are of the same Bright Flame .

We know we are intended to live in Beauty wherever we are,

 living gently through each day... 

We know today’s Living is but a Step on an endless Journey...

One that takes us into Perfection somewhere in time and space.  

We know that the Beauty we long for takes the form of common

 things and that our lives are a “rare and exquisite tapestry,

that God is weaving, one thread at a time,

 from the Beauty and the Mystery

of the sweet and simple happenings of our daily lives”.


I Love You!

Paraphrased from a letter written to Susan 1986


The busy life of most of us does not allow enough time for writing or reading especially philosophy or poetry or for listening to the beautiful music of the past and present. In the past I have partially filled the need to create by expressing philosophical Ideas in writing that ultimately became these Essays.

There is a Creative part of us that often has to stand aside in favor of practical human needs....human activities we set aside for the compassionate Work of we see or sense some need to assist in Expanding Light in the Life of another.

 Thinking about and being about the important 'Work of the Spirit' can also serve us personally as it helps us get our minds off ourselves and situations that perplex and hurt us.

We need to remind often ourselves that we are here because we choose to be here and because God needs us here at this time. And to remember that we are living in an amazing time. One in which both the Body and Soul can engage in unprecedented expanding Self at both levels of almost any degree we choose.

This has to tell us something about what is desired and needed and expected from us by Life, at this time. Incredible amounts of New Information have been created to teach us almost anything we are interested in learning or becoming, Body or Soul.

I'm always looking for both old and new Information around Mystical, Metaphysical, philosophical and religious thinking. I find it exploding all around us in books, on the Internet....on radio and TV.....lectures and new organizations....There’s growth there for everyone.

 And with that thought in mind, I’d like to return to some of the Ideas I was sharing last week. I told you about my plans to hold Informational classes in 'An Academie of Mystical Science'.

 The lesson I was sharing last week I had called 'Mystical Laws to Live By'. It is apparent that if we are going to be able to do more than just the ordinary human things we strive to do everyday, we need more and better information for both Body and Soul.

 We need to develop a better, stronger Sense of Spiritual Knowing to add to our human thinking and desire to go forward.

And so one lesson began....“if we are going to make any headway as we seek to evolve either as human beings or as a Spiritual Being, our intense desire and persistent effort is required”.

 The most difficult effort becomes learning to turn off our human minds...turning them off often enough and long enough to let our Soul Mind come in and begin to participate in the daily human process. And finally, hopefully, allowing some God Control over our human/Soul Lives.

To do this, in the beginning we have to learn to 'look and listen' until we develop a sure Sense of Inner Knowing.

 Listening for our Inner Wisdom is not hard....

it just takes time and persistence and patience.

 It takes not rushing to conclusions....but thoughtfully letting Ideas come in and take form. This is the way we begin to hear and translate and finally internalize the Intuitive Messages we are always receiving from the Soul-us, Who channels to Earth through the human vehicle, Information and Knowledge from and about the Invisible Worlds (Heaven Worlds). In time we make this Information usable in our daily lives.

 Remember: the Invisible Side of Cosmic Life (God) is speaking

to the visible side (the human side) all the time through the Soul Connection.

 God is speaking to His Whole World everyday....

and it seems, many of us are receiving that Intuitive Information.

This is not happenstance. 

Then as Information comes to us, flowing in through the Soul Mind, the Ascended and Angelic Side of Life hopes the human mind will accept it and begin to use it.

 This Process of both human and Spiritual evolving is happening one Step at a time and consists of slowly 'speeding up' our Energy. Remember: we can only handle so much increase of 'speed' at any one time. 

Today we are experiencing a mass Movement of Energy from Heaven to Earth....moving us all closer and closer to what is becoming the 'Kingdom of Souls'. 

 So we can sum up these Ideas this way.

Saying simply that “if we want to go with the Current Flow of Christ Energy, if we want to grow and change ourselves, Body and Soul, it starts with change, with our desiring it ....with our (mentally) visualizing ourselves changing....(emotionally) feeling the Change within all our senses,

 This Change happens gradually by integrating Christness, little by little into the fabric of our Beings....doing it day by by,

 Doing it by Consciously Living in the Energy of Christness,

And if we are persistent,

we are on the Path to experiencing unascended Christness while still embodied.

We do Create and we do Become exactly what we desire, visualize and feel....that is a Cosmic Law.

We are Creating every second of the day and night.

For most of us, this Creating happens as a natural result of what we do day in and day out....

without thinking about we are constantly Co-creating with 'God.' 

Patience is the Key Note 

to anything we set out to accomplish, but especially so in our beginning Spiritual Efforts if we are serious about changing our 'way of thinking' or 'way of doing' anything that evolves us, Body or Soul. Without a doubt, Patience moves our Spiritual Efforts along for it helps in  quieting our Energy.

So, we can see that it is essential to spend some time each day take a few minutes out of every hour (if for only one second) to quiet our Energy as we focus on or Acknowledge some Aspect of our personal Godness, seeing how it relates to Universal Spirituality.

We should meditate....not to make a career out of meditation....but allowing enough time for the Higher Vibrations to come in and gradually raise the vibration of our overall Energy.

 Today there are so many wonderful mental exercises that go along with meditation. If we aren't accustomed to quieting our minds, we may have to find Ways that work for us, to take our minds off the human process, long enough to allow the Invisible Soul Energy to flow in and become Real to us.

 As we do this, at times we will feel the 'thrill' of this more Powerful Energy flowing into us....

and then, as quickly forget It if we fail to regularly practice getting in touch with that Energy.

Thus, it becomes a Process of making Spirituality an important part of our lives, remembering and cooperating with our Soul Selves all the time.

 We feel we are so busy! And indeed, most of us are....however....all of least, almost all of us, can add another fifteen minutes to our necessary daily schedules.

We just have to get the human-us to simmer down a bit....turn off the TV.... and choose instead, to spend a moment or two “talking to God”. There-in lies our Spiritual growth....and the Direction we need to take that will allow us in time, to do all things Wisely and Well.

  It is not generally realized that it is we who are intended to activate, that is, plug into and turn on the Spiritual Process in our human lives. It seems some are waiting for someone else to do it....or perhaps, waiting for it to happen in some other Dimension.

We Souls are the Electrical Link carrying Light from Heaven to Earth. Our Spiritual Process is meant to expand and use that Light in all we do, thereby just naturally creating a better, more comfortable, more Inspiring World here. And we do this by enfolding everything in the Light that is our Life.

 For example, we can call forth Light from out the Greater Universe and add our Personal Christ Light and command that the whole nuclear bomb mess be held in a great Ball of Blazing Light....a Great Ball of Light of God that Never Fails

We can hold the whole AIDS situation, cause, effect, record and memory in the same Blazing Light.....the same Light of God that Never Fails.

Both of these situations are too big for the human to handle alone.

But we can invoke Cosmic Christ Power directly from the Highest

 Sources. And by adding our Energy to It, we can be amazingly

 instrumental in helping to control and 'fix' all the terrible abuses of

 Life, without raising a hand.

 That is one of several reasons we are here.

 If we neglect or refuse to do this in the present hour of crisis,

 masses of humanity will again perish....

again by the unending foolishness, cruelty and lack of Spiritual

 Understanding of the human being, who does not know who, he or she really is.

Today we ask for and Know we will receive

 Divine Help to resolve the 'human crises' of our day,

However, 'God' is as usual, asking us to pay a Price for helping us

clean up our playpens. And the Price is not negotiable in this 'time frame',

The price is our adherence once again to Universal Mystical Laws of Life....

And if we refuse or tarry, and history holds true,

 we will read our obituary on the other side. 

We must understand that in the cases of anything we call a problem, the Cosmic Rule is to identify it, shine our Light on it to Almighty God and to our own I AM Godness, asking for the Light, the God-Energy needed to solve the problem. We are to ask for Christ Help that we may correctly do, whatever we are expected or able to do, Body and Soul.

From then on, our job is not to dwell on human foibles.

Any time we have invoked the Power of God into a problem, we are expected to take our minds and hands off the situation,


And this is true whether we are solving a little personal problem or helping to solve a big National one. Our job is to be there for 'God'....but not to get in the way with our worrying or judgment or fear.

 The greatest Help we can give in any situation is to hold Feelings of Peace and Love around the situation and let everything work out within that Lighted Energy. This is our human/Soul Responsibility, and our Determination and Consistency of Effort, will establish the Spiritual Momentum 'the Higher Powers of God' can then use to solve any problems.

 And which we can also use to handle any situations that may come up

 in our lives allowing us to live with greater ease.

Now, learning to live with ease is a Challenge...

but one worth accepting in today’s world.

Learning to Gracefully wend our way through any difficulties that may come up...learning how to create a World of Spiritual Awareness.

 A World where terrible situations can’t happen.

 Those are Challenges worth living for.

 I’ve often described how we can change the 'whole world' by nothing more than just each one of us, raising the Vibration, that is, the Frequency of our that one Simple Spiritual Endeavor will make a huge difference, and very quickly change the world at large.

 We change our personal worlds the same way. Every time we take those few minutes to quiet ourselves and enter more deeply into the Energy of 'God's World', we raise the Vibration of our own Energy, however, whenever or wherever we do it.

 Each week we have 'patiently' done this here by focusing our attention

 on The Source of all Clean, Pure, High Frequency Energy.

 Then by acknowledging WHO WE REALLY ARE.

 That action ACTIVATES....that is....turns on the God-Power of both  Body and Soul, allowing us, as a Partnership, to tune into Ideas that will produce Pure Gold Energy in our lives.

 And that Energy, that Light as It expands within and around us, then flows out into the whole world.


 No more war....

no more hate....

no more disease.

 And it’s so simple.

 We individually can do so much to change the world...

just by our own sincere actions.

We simply stop polluting the world with any kind of 'humanly mis-qualified energy'....any that war and hate and disease can feed on. Horrific human situations don’t feed on God-Light. Instead they are dissolved and consumed and transmuted by God Light into a Higher Form.

 Do we ever wonder why we don’t hear of war or hate or disease in Realms of Higher Vibration (Heaven....real Heaven)....

The reason is simple enough....

The Energy there is too Pure....too High in Frequency to either create or sustain what we call evil....what I call “dirty energy”.

And the other side of the coin:

Today without the inflow of that Pure Energy into all the Energy being used on Earth, there is no way to prevent the war and hate and disease now caused by the low, slow, dirty, nay, filthy energy that exists on Earth. Nations can build all the war arsenals....and spend billions more on research for all the dreaded diseases....and hold all the sensitivity classes to change human attitudes....

It won’t work. People will go on killing each other.

Only a change in the Vibration of the Energy within and around every Lifestream on the Planet will solve the problems of the Planet.

Knowing this it becomes our job to resolve all this human mischief.

 We start with ourselves.

We raise the Vibration of our Energy....

we clean up our lives....we clean up our Energy.

 And to the degree that each person on Earth does that,

to that degree we will have lessened the amount of dirty energy that is available to feed war, hate and disease.

 Eventually, if we persist, our Energy becomes Pure (the Purity of God)

the Earth's Energy becomes Pure

 and there is no Energy available that allows warring.

 Anything 'evil' just disappears in the same way 'darkness' disappears,

 when the Light is turned on.

There is no more hate. There is no more disease.

Isn’t that simple!

Will we follow that Path to Freedom from human suffering? Well, so far, mankind has preferred to suffer, age after age, rather than follow a program of Peace and Love....people seem to prefer to 'shoot themselves in the foot'....Making the 'devil' very happy!

so, we’ll see.

We ended last week’s program with the thought that

“the Spiritual Path is paved with CONTROL OF MIND AND BODY


And let's continues with that Idea this way:

  “The human is easily swayed and finds it difficult to focus on anything but its human self. And the Need (Spiritual Need) is to keep the human mind from running around and dwelling on human appearances or situations that it should not dwell on.

 Because: Where one’s attention is, THERE IS THAT ONE’S LIFE!

Think of the Energy we pour out as we think about war, hate and disease....think of the qualification we give to Pure God Energy when we are constantly placing our attention on those Ideas.

 Each human/Soul Partnership, has to take Itself in hand and feel the Responsibility for the well being of the human self as well as the Progress of the Soul.

 We have to learn to live, Body and Soul, in such a way that we, at least, no longer contribute to evil on earth. Then, because we care deeply about both 'God' and man, we set about wiping evil off the face of the Earth with our Peaceful and Loving feelings, thoughts and actions. 

These are some of many Ideas to keep in mind if civilization as we know it is to survive. Look about and really sense what's going on in the various cultures on this Planet. Much has to changed or be eliminated.

Remember this;

 It is very important to be aware that if we come into contact with a negative human idea, opinion or situation, we are simply to refuse to be drawn into it or drawn down by it...., having the Presence of Mind to ask for the appropriate God Solution.

 It is so important know that we are not to let ourselves be drawn into negative energies, particularly as we strive to work with the more powerful Christ Energies.

Thus, we strive to remember:


Attaining these Attributes of human/Soul Beingness will strengthen and guide us as we work for a successful, fulfilling Pathway of Life.”

Now, finally: I've spoken about the POWER of PRAYER.

Today I add this thought.... “Go into prayer, meditation and study with an enthusiastic feeling. There is so much Power in Positive Feeling.

 The Power of the Christ, called forth in Concentrated thought, feeling or action can produce such a Force for Good.

 Happiness, Joy and Poise are other Powerful Tools in lifting oneself out of conditions of limitation.

 Remember: All permanent Answers come by focusing one’s attention upon Good. God-Good!

 There-in lies everything needed for the successful Earth Walk as well as hoped for Soul Evolution.

Therein lie the Answers to eliminating ugliness.

 The permanent Answers always come by focusing our attention upon Good.

And by never letting our minds accept anything else....

never letting our eyes see anything else....

never letting our ears hear anything else....

or our mouths speak anything else.


Every second we are making choices....

I once wrote a Lesson I titled 'THE PHYSICAL DIMENSION '

laying out this thought....

 “Almost everything in the human world now comes from

man-made laws and conditions.

Current human ideas of “goodness” are distortions of the Original Plan.

 Currently much of mankind is confused by all the variations on the theme of Good and evil....of right and wrong. As we look around we wonder if the Higher Vibrations of our Finer Senses been shattered by the strange ideas, the ungodly sights and sounds and actions that have invaded the human plane over thousands of years? And which are trying to take over the Planet in our time.

No wonder we have to struggle to find ways to improve our human lives....or to progress Spiritually.

 Thank God, there is a simple answer.

 It is a simple as calling for Cosmic Light, Christ Light to come

 into and around ourselves and into all that is our world,

 all that is the 'outer world"

asking the Higher Powers of Light, those Ascended and Angelic Powers,

 to shut out of our lives, all the lower vibrations of Earth....

any and all mis-qualified energy that is harmful

to our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

 And then we take the position (and mean it)

that “destructive human appearances have no Power in our lives”

 ....being determined to hold to that mind-set

no matter what or whom we contact.

 We have been building a Wall of Powerful White Light around ourselves. If we are persistent in that effort....if we keep control of our minds and feelings, we will succeed in shutting out any lower vibrations that might come around us.


We are at all times responsible for everything in our lives....the good and not so good. We have in our lives, in our personal worlds, exactly what we have put into them.

Listen to this:


....that means what we send out, we get back.

And that is as good a reason as I know of to control our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken word.




....that central point is each one of us.

Finally, again:

It seems simplistic to say this,

but it is very important to realize fully that 'God’s' Intent for every one of His Children is abundance of every good and perfect thing.

And that The Essence and Power of Supreme Godness is Perfection

 and we Souls are endowed with exactly the same Essence and Power.

 We Souls can create and maintain Perfection and express God Dominion over the earth and all that is therein.

We are Sparks of Supreme Godness. We, the Soul, exist as tiny Images or Replicas of 'God', intended to radiate out Peace and Blessing to all Creation.

It is time to acknowledge our human selves to be 


It's time to work with all our Might to develop

a human/Soul Partnership on Earth....

It is the time ordained

for man and God to be working together again

on Earth.