Mystical Laws to Live by # 1

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Today we talk about MYSTICAL LAWS TO LIVE BY....and I hope to suggest Ways we can get to know the Spiritual Us....ways to help us stop any human cruelty and offer more encouragement to our sublime Soul Natures.

 Today, our challenge is to recognize the close and personal Relationship we have with our Souls...and then to integrate into our daily lives the practical and logical, unique Soul Perspective, using It to Mystically live our lives....coming to the point where the human us naturally defers to its Soul Partner. To the degree that we succeed, will we live more compassionate, sublime the degree we succeed, will we eliminate any cruel human streak.  

Before we can Spiritually progress, our human minds must grasp the Idea of the human/Soul Partnership and begin to work directly with  'Godness' in its various aspects.

'Grasping the Idea' is the challenge! One day I gave up trying to ďunderstandĒ it all, and just began to try to live in the Powerful Christed Soul Energy I thought I felt in my time, finally realizing that what I felt was Pure Divine Love....and understanding (finally) the Truth of the statement that 'God'....that is, the 'Energy of God' is what we call Divine Love.

 Today our job is to take that Powerful Love and use It to fulfill our Sacred Work here.....using It to create a world where Peace can flower. Obviously this can only happen as we make the effort to love one another.

Today we can begin by saying....


Todayís program focuses on Mystical Laws and Iíll try to answer some of the questions youíve asked me about a modern Pathway to a more Spiritual way of Life.

But before we get into that, letís take this moment to again get as quiet as possible. We'll add another layer of Cosmic Light to the Wall of Invincible Protection weíve placed around ourselves, sealing ourselves and our Quiet Place in Blazing Light....for the moment, closing the door on all outside activity, thoughts, feelings or actions.

Make sure this Wall of Light completely encloses are standing in a Lighted Sphere....the Light flows under your feet and goes far over your head, enclosing your Christ Body and I AM Presence. All of you, Body and Soul and all your Higher Godness is enclosed and enfolded in that Wall of Light.

 Allow Christ Love to flow in from above....add the fragrance of roses. And for this moment, feel quiet and loved...and safe.

Now we enfold all of this....our entire selves,

in the Loving Heart Light of Almighty God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around it all.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels,

 and invite that Light....that Christ Consciousness....

to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination....

Peace, Healing and Love, To descend to Earth.

All right.... Now getting on with the subject of finding a modern Pathway that leads us to a Spiritual Life, we can start by saying that many individuals are already on that Pathway, either within the organized Churches of our time....or within a personally directed course of study. All that may need to be added is some less known Spiritual Instruction and Information. And subtract a lot of non-Spiritual mis-information.

 Today, in America and in many other places, we are not prohibited from studying every philosophy on Earth and choosing what works for us....whereas, in other times or still today in some places, this wasn't and still isn't possible without the individual facing dire consequences from church or state.

 Iíve met very few people who do not worship Life, visible and invisible, in some way. I have met very few who openly declare themselves to be atheists. And I suspect that even those people have some Spiritual Beliefs. Though they might not call it that.  

Speaking now about my personal is a simple one any can follow by studying the writing and teaching of various inspiring people....some very modern and many others from times past. Thereís a tremendous amount of Spiritually Educational Information available.

And I have used that to help me develop a beginning Level of Understanding and Spiritual Perspective as well as a day-by-day 'Philosophy For Living' which I put into practice to the best of my ability at any given moment. There is much written to help us expand our Ideas about both the human and the Soul Aspects of both daily and more Advanced Life.

 I have been fortunate to be able to study with powerful Teachers. I continue to study the Thinking and Writing of any who have something to add to my Understanding of our Divinity. My personal search for practical Transcendent Knowledge never stops.  

Personal effort, through study and meditation, experience and application, will bring anyone intuitive Ideas....Ideas that flow directly to us from the Christ Self through the Soul Connection. This will always result in our coming to certain Personal Conclusions about Life....and about the Dimensions we call Heaven and about the Purpose and Destiny of the Earth and about our own Divine Plan.

 Over the years, like many, I have gained some small Understanding of the Universal Concepts of God and mankind. It is a slowly evolving Understanding, coming from outer (human) study combined with Inner (Soul) Intuitive Ideas and Conclusions. These 'conclusions' are the foundation or the basis for my thinking and for the writing which allows me to examine a personal Mystical Point of View regarding the Practicality of Life and Its Purposes. I never pretend to speak for anyone else or their evolving 'points of view'. We are all moving along at our own speed.

Over the years as Iíve shared these Ideas with family and friends, I've sensed that one day I might be asked to articulate them publicly. And wondered how one makes real intangible Ideals that are not widely known?

I realized that Faith, of a deep Spiritual sort, on the part of all involved is the Issue.

'Jesus' walked on water....we didnít see Him do it and so we accept That Idea (of walking on water) based on Our Faith, based on our Belief that an Exalted Level of Personal Godness is possible, a Level we acknowledge in 'Jesus'.

We modern day students have the opportunity to take much 'on faith', including the Idea that one day, we, too will walk on water. Apparently, the only thing that stops us now, is lack of application of Spiritual Knowledge. Thus, with that idea in mind these Essays were written and now these radio programs go out....

all in the Hope of Encouraging that Faith that says,

'one day we will ďall walk on waterĒ'.


 My purpose here is not to tell anyone what they should do....nor how they should believe....nor how they should live their lives.

But the world cries out for help and for Truth and for Peace....I sense a kind of Revolutionary Evolution being forced upon us, Body and Soul. And come only to suggest one Spiritual Way to live Life in a time of  Planetary crisis. There is much to be faced in the coming years.

 And when in the Jesus Vision I described to you, I was instructed to 'speak out and keep it simple' I have then had to think about how to share all Iíve been taught and have learned from experience....and how to describe Spiritual Ideas 'that work' simply, and how to define a uncomplicated Path 'that works' for modern Americans.....

for modern people anywhere in the world.  

I have had many years to absorb and apply some Spiritual Theories. Early on, I was taught there are Ways that we can raise our Consciousness, our Energy to a Frequency that allows us to function more effectively as human beings....finally realizing that this was necessary for all if Souls were to function fully again on Earth.

 Ultimately I realized that the physical and Spiritual levels of Life are supposed to function in a Partnership, here on Earth.

 From then on I found Ways to prove this Theory.....always looking for Ways to fully integrate the human Energy of physical mind and heart, with the Mind and Heart Energy of the Christed Soul, which is the Energy of the 'Almighty I AM Presence' of each one.

 Over time I reached some important conclusions coming in around this Idea of the human/Soul Partnership....


 After many years of thought and study and application, my Conclusions took the form of beginning to 'translate' Spiritual Knowledge and Understanding into very practical 'down to Earth' Beliefs and Ideas that further validated the Partnership of 'God and Man' working together on Earth.

And finally that has led to offering to others, these Ideas of Practical but Spiritual Ways of Living....believing that these Ideas will raise  Hopes and Expectations and bring Results to people seeking a more meaningful Life....seeking a real Relationship with 'God', in Heaven and on Earth....whoever they are... anywhere they are.

 The bottom line here for each one is to create a Spiritual Philosophy that will provide the Direction that leads to knowing more about our Christ Natures. This is a 'Philosophy of Individual Christness' that can be used within any religious discipline.

What I hope Iím doing so many others, yesterday and carrying forward the 'Expansion of Light'....and expansion of the 'Knowledge of Life' that has been taught by many Great Teachers in past and present time. Iíve said many times, ďwe are never without TeachersĒ.....that 'God' has a Plan for each of us and for this Planet. And always supplies what is needed for this Plan to manifest.

We are all part of a Cosmic Plan designed to unlock the Secrets of Christness through the Activity of our Souls here on the Planet. And at the same time, we Souls are involved in Sacred Work on Earth and on the personal Trip back up the Stairway to Heaven.

 Another interesting factor in all of this... if we take a look at our lives, we realize how we are for most of our lives, simultaneously, both someone's student and someone's teacher....always learning and always moving on.

It seems to be 'Cosmic Law' that before we take our next Soul step forward, we have to share our current Knowledge and demonstrate our Spiritual Process. As parents we recognize this Truth as we share our human and Soul Knowledge with our children and teach them how to apply that Knowledge...thus, they are students and we are the teacher....but in our next step forward, we are the student......progressively Mastering Life under the Guidance of Great Beings of Light. 

These Essays will speak to those who are interested in this Spiritual Process. It will speak to those who have or are ready to accept their Soul Partner as a close and desired part of their daily those individuals who are ready to share human power with their Souls.

 I believe many people today are ready to open to a wider Perspective of Life, which means embracing a Higher Consciousness of Self within the human journey.

 I believe many of us are ready to trade the turmoil or monotony or uncertainty of normal daily living for the Peace and Joy and Fulfillment of Sense of Purpose that comes when the human and Soul minds are working together.

So much of the unhappiness, frustration and lack of purpose we have felt over the years, is the result of our human natures unconsciously fighting the Desires of our Soul. God is trying to get something done through each one of us. Thatís why weíre here.

When we donít cooperate, we suffer. Books could be written about the psychological effects of not cooperating with the Power of the Universe....about the sense of guilt and fear that takes over lives and covers over the Joy and Peace that should pervade a Life.

 People donít understand why they suffer. Look at all the sick, unhappy, discontented, dysfunctional people just in this country alone. They donít know whatís wrong with them....whatís wrong with their children....or with society in general. And neither do their doctors, lawyers, therapists or Spiritual advisers.

 We people will never know ...unless we begin to realize and experience the closeness and Purpose of our Soulness. Unless we believe in cooperating with a very practical 'God' unbelievably Grand Cosmic Being, Who is directing an ever evolving Universe....the Universe of which we are all an important part....a Universe where everything is provided for our growth and well long as we go along with the Plan.

Otherwise, weíre on our own in what can be a cold, cruel world.

 No level of Greater Godness ever interferes with our Soul free-will. It cannot. And if we choose to sow some wild oats within the human experience, we are then responsible for whatever grows from that expression....for it has been an expression of our choice And thus we may be left with something to clean it up or finish up. Thus we create 'karma' which more often than not translates as 'pain'.

 And eventually, tomorrow, next year, a thousand or ten thousand years from now, when we are tired of playing the 'karma game'. we will wake up and decide it's time to cooperate with 'God'. One day, of our own Free will, each individual will choose what we consider a Spiritual route that completes our work here and takes us Home.

 With all the freedom of expression we have today....but with the world so in need of Compassion, it makes sense to find a Life Style that serves, rather than burdens, the human side of Life. It make sense to choose a Life Style that doesnít break any Spiritual choose a Path that simultaneously moves us forward in our Soul Journey.

. Gautama Buddha evolved what He called ďthe middle wayĒ....and that is a very good place to start.  

Humanly aligning ourselves with our Soulís Purpose will change our lives.

 And those of you who read these words and Understand,

 you are on the Pathway to expanding the Soul Process.

You are already 'believing in yourself' as both Body and Soul....

'believing in yourself' as a Loving Being.....

'believing that you matter'

and that you have an important place in this world that no one else can fill.....

'believing that your very Presence, Body and Soul enriches the lives of others.

 These are very important basic Beliefs.

They form the Foundation of any Spiritual Life.

They validate us and tell us that we're ready for a more expansive view of our lives and its greater Purpose. These Beliefs tell of Accepting and Welcoming changes....which sometimes are difficult....but which help us embrace Life as an ongoing Act of Discovery.  

As I share Ideas, I always encourage people to develop and use their own Spiritual Knowledge and Power, expanding It as quickly as they are able.

It's important for people to use their own Inner 'Godness' to access their own Answers. There is nothing wrong with getting any or as much outside Instruction as desired or needed on 'how to live life'. And Great Beings exist, some embodied and others in the Invisible Realms, ready to offer suggestions and give us Information

But always remember, the only Answers we can depend on as being just right for us, will always come (from some level of Godness) through our own Soul Consciousness. Which is our own 'God Connection' and this Connection is allied to all the Godness that exists anywhere in the Universe.

So in the beginning we study Spiritual Information that can be generalized for all...

but as we progress, much Other Information is tailored

 just for us by our own I AM Presence.

Thus, we need to find out for ourselves what is important in our lives....and follow our own Inner Guidance.

 To do this we need to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Knowing That, itís then easy to accept the 'Reality of our Spiritual Beingness' as it exists within our physical selves as part of, not separate from, all the Greater Reality.

If we choose to, we can understand the Truth about ourselves....we can choose to believe that we are Conscious Sparks of God-Heart and Mind.

And that having decided to come to Earth we have to embody in a human form....

that we are, together, Body and Soul evolving and growing and learning and expanding Light wherever we are on Earth.

Surely this is easier to believe than the 'big lie' that we are all sinful human beings from the start....that thereís no hope for us unless someone comes and saves us.

 For me that would be truly hard to believe.....we are free to accept  any Help offered....but in the end, we must take that 'help' and create our own Perfect Life with it. 

The Process of Discovery and Expansion of Self is basically the same for each one of us. There is a common discipline to be followed.....but our experiences are varied and in many cases, perhaps all cases, are tailored just for us....we know this is true in as much as most of our experiences are somewhat, if not very, different from all others.

 But all Information and Experience leads ultimately to the Fulfillment of the Personal Destiny of each one of us.

 I find it comforting to know that we are all 'cut of the same cloth'. That at Soul level we experience being all One Basic Life.

And yet so uniquely different. This is part of the Magic of Life.

Now, Iíll tell you a little bit about my Mystical Training, which started when I was quite young.

One of the First Mystical Laws of Life that I remember is this.

 I was taught to always feel connected to God ....

I was taught about my I AM Presence and Christ Self....

told that I was never alone....

that there was an ever present Guiding and Protecting Light

and this was very comforting to a child.

Later I learned about My indwelling Soul, a Spark of God Energy complete with the Directing Mind of God and that It was anchored in my heart. And still later learned that the Soul Energy flows directly from the Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence.

And I had described to me how my Stream of Eternal Life Consciousness was automatically connected to all greater Universal Godness.

I was taught how to use this 'Belief System' in living my daily life   and have found no reason to live any other way,

I can look back over many years and see that I was taught Mighty and Practical Truths at the outset.

Thus, when we set out to find our Path, the Spiritual Process we are looking for is always the one that requires us to know WHO WE REALLY ARE....that we are fully connected Human and Soul.....forming a human/Soul Partnership as I like to call that Relationship.

Initial Spiritual instruction for anyone should begin with consciously, knowingly learning to live by combining human and Soul Knowledge in daily routines.

Each of us will encounter people wanting to grow Spiritually. And we can encourage them, share with them, teach them (if they are willing to be taught), demonstrating Ways to Activate and Empower the human/Soul Relationship in their lives...

assuring them that they are directly connected to the Energy, the Power of their own Christ Selves, their direct Link to Greater Godness.

It will not be long before many see that in the 'Mystical human and Soul Partnership' lies the Answers, not only to their human salvation, but to their Soul's Evolution as they find themselves slowly 'ascending' into an Understanding of the Greater Mysteries of Life.   

 Again let me talk about that word 'Spiritual'.

In my learning process, Iíve seen how Life on Earth, is a many faceted Process for Perceiving and Receiving and using Information at the human level....and this includes all Inner Spiritual Information....what we think of as Intuitive God-Truths.

 We can see Spirituality expressing Itself outwardly in various religions and Beliefs about 'God' and in the confidence people have in a 'Supreme Being'. Spirituality makes the effort to understand 'Universal Godness' and open minds to 'Heavenly Influences'. We can prove our own level of Spirituality for ourselves, by the level of 'Godness' we are able to incorporate into our daily lives.

 Spirituality shows in how we live our lives. 

Letís talk a moment about Intuition.

Where does Spiritual Intuitive Information come from? If it is Spiritual It is coming from the Soul Mind through into the human mind. As well It can come from many Heavenly Sources.

 When we wish to know if what we intuit is 'God-Truth, then we need to know if the Information comes from the human mind or if It flows from our Soul Mind, which is our Christ Mind. We need to know this before we accept Anything as Truth.

If we are wise, we accept Invisible, Intuitive Information only from a 'God' Source.












Many organized religions, past and present have rejected the Idea that an ordinary mortal could connect directly to the Energy of the Invisible 'Father'. They've made people prisoners to the human side of life by telling them that they cannot understand Godness or that they need a human intermediary.

 The only intermediary we need is our own Christ Self.

Then, together, Body and Soul, we can call to One such as Jesus....or to other Ascended or Angelic Ones Who speak and work from High Levels of Godness....asking for more Information. Those are the Sources of Intuitive Personal, God-given Information we look to.

 No where else.

 Then the day comes when the door that no man can shut, opens from our side....and we begin to 'see'.

And regardless of religious and scientific minds that continue to reject the Idea of the individual's ability to directly access 'God', we can, if we choose, individually prove that anyone of us can go directly to 'God', within ourselves and without in the Greater Universe, for our Answers.

 What difference does it make to us if a Belief in personal Christness is not part of the religious liturgy.

 Why worry if 'Christness' canít be defined....proved or disproved.... by scientists.

 There is no reason for us not to accept and use this very practical, important Teaching just because science can't prove it.

 And religion won't accept it.

There was a time, only a few short years ago, when people were forced by governing authority to believe in what was patently not some places in the world this is still true.

 But no longer can either government or science or religion keep us from examining these Ideas of our Personal, as well as Universal Godness. 

As far as I know all the Great Teachers of mankind have had to come directly to the people, bypassing civil or religious authority....

And that includes 'Jesus', who had no support of 'government' nor of Religion.

He didnít build a church nor force His Ideas or Instruction on anyone. Rather, He offered simple, basic Spiritual Information....simply Understood Universal Truths that belong to us all....equally.

If we are searching....

and we have a Sense of some Greater Truth ready to unfold within us, we simply ask God to reveal to us what God knows we are ready to know. We do this in whatever Way we 'talk to God'. 

 We ask for the next level of Truth. We ask permission to take the next step. We wait and listen for the Intuition or wait for the Experience that leads us to the next step.

 Here is something to think about.

  Unless we put up human barriers, we are given, each day, our daily bread....which includes everything we need for that day....which includes, sustenance for the body and mind and information or experiences for Spiritual projects or other good works.

 There is a wonderful Mystical Mystery expressed in this Idea of being given Our Daily Bread.....knowing it was not intended that we, the Soul, should lack for anything while on our Earth Odyssey.

 It is an Idea hard for the human mind to fathom or accept.

It teaches the human-us to rely on God (Soul). It is one of the first Disciplines.  

Some final thoughts on the subject of Spirituality.

The Spiritualizing of the human occurs only through the Soul Connection. When that Connection is made, we establish an Energetic physical and Spiritual Relationship, capable of amazing feats. This combined effort of Body and Soul opens the Invisible lines of communication between the Earth and Heaven Planes and increases the flow of Cosmic Energy to the Earth.

 We can measure our Degree of Personal Spirituality, by how open our minds are to all the Possibilities that lay within the Mysteries of 'God'. And by how we implement those Possibilities as they unfold for us in our everyday lives. 

  Years ago I planned a Teaching Center....a place where I could share what Iíve learned. I called it THE ACADEMIE OF MYSTICAL SCIENCE. I found a place to hold the classes and prepared some teaching material. Then, as sometimes happens to the best of plans, other events intervened and the moment was lost and to this day, those plans wait to be carried through in that format.

However, today radio programs and this Website serve that Teaching Purpose.

 Recently I read over some of the lessons prepared for that format. There was a group statements I was calling Mystical Laws to Live By.

Here is what you might have heard on that Subject if you had come to  my ACADEMIE OF MYSTICAL SCIENCE.... 

I began this way: ďThe great intense desire of many is to see the Invisible side of Life, which cannot be done without the purification of the human and willing obedience (of the human being) to the Spiritual Laws of Life that govern the Invisible world. 

To evolve Spiritually requires persistent effort.

First comes awareness of the need for basic, simple Obedience to Almighty God.

Then comes recognition of our own Inner Godness....which includes recognizing the ever-present Energy of our Souls, always at work within us.

This includes the Knowledge of our Holy Christ Self....the 'part of us' that exists just above the physical body.

 Above the Christ Self is our Electronic Presence....the One made in the Image of God....referred to by many today as the I AM PRESENCE. 

 I wish to speak now of the need to be able to 'connect with God' at these Three Personal Levels.....the 'three in One' often referred to.

First comes 'the Believing' that we are a human/Soul Partnership connected to all the Godness of the Universe.

And then there is the maintaining of Harmony, Peace and Love in our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken word.

  After that itís just a matter of personal choice as to how we will take this Knowledge and Discipline out into the world and use it to live a useful, satisfying Life.

Through it all, if we stay focused, we are Spiritually evolving.

 I believe there is no one way to do our work on Earth or just one way to work our way into the Heavenly State of Being.

 I believe that every Heartfelt Desire to know what Life is all about, opens doors.

 I believe we learn through experience, through study, through meditation and prayer....

that there are many Ways to invoke the Power of 'God' in our lives.....

that just our intense 'Love of God' alone will do it.

But however we do it, if we are sincere, our Souls, that 'Godness' within us, will tailor Plans we can humanly handle.  

'Consistency of effort' establishes a Spiritual Momentum that will handle situations that may come up, allowing us to live our days with greater ease.

Finally, the Spiritual Path is paved with control of MIND AND BODY....