Mystical Approach to Well Being


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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime. 

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone, welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Today we’ll explore Ideas that speak to these questions....

Why so cruel? How so sublime?

I believe the answers to these questions lie in understanding our two KNOWING THAT 'WHO WE REALLY ARE' IS A PARTNERSHIP OF BODY AND SOUL.


History reflects that sometimes this has worked and sometimes not. To know why we have only to study the animal kingdom in its natural state. 

Souls are Sparks of Pure Christ Love. The physical body needs the Vibration of that Christ Love to raise its human/animal Energy to a Higher Level of Consciousness, compatible for bringing in a greater volume of the Higher Frequency Christ Energy.

. And the easiest way to do that is to relentlessly saturate every cell of the physical/animal body with the Love that flows from our Christ Selves through our Soul Connection....bathing our emotional and mental Energy also, in the same Pure Energy.  

That Powerful Christ Light contains all the Purity, Peace and Love we need to raise the Consciousness of all Life on Earth.

 People say,

How can I help the world?

How can I become a peaceful, loving person?

The very practical and simple Answer lies in deciding to live in the Powerful Light of Peace. The time has come to let our Peaceful Light let Peace flow through us.

 We can shine our Light on the Earth....we can stop the wars....we can stop the hate....we can begin today by saying,


We know we are Beings with Free Will.

Knowing that we cannot deny the responsibility for what we are experiencing on a daily basis.

We cannot deny we have in our lives what we have let come into our lives.

We now know that if we are focused on a goal, we have in our lives or soon will have, what we are focused on. In desiring Peace, we will have Peace when we take time to focus on having Peace....when we are willing to settle for nothing less in our personal lives and in the Life of the Planet.

Most of us have an unending number of distractions that keep us from doing or focusing on what is really vital in our lives.

If we will take just a few minutes every day and examine what we’re doing with our time and Energy...if we will ask ourselves if it brings us any closer to the fulfillment of our Desires, perhaps, our Destiny, we will soon see the many ways in which we waste or squander precious time and Energy.

And if we Believe there is a Cosmic Reason for our being on Earth, we will look for the Ways that take our focus off that human path. We will find Ways to focus on the Path of that Destiny.

 And so it is with Peace.

We now know it is not just one thing we do to accomplish our goal of creating a peaceful life. We’ve already discussed the need to guard our thoughts, feelings and actions.....of the need to listen to our spoken carefully monitor everything we do. And as we have done that, we quickly discovered that much of what we do, think, feel or say is not conducive to establishing a peaceful atmosphere where we live.

 And we live in several places.....we live in our physical bodies, which are very much affected by the vibration of non-peace, generally called hate. All disease is solidified hate. All failure is the manifestation of hate coming home to roost in our lives. So that for all of us who have projects and plans for our lives, how important is peace to us? 

We live in our minds. I invite anyone to watch for an hour all the thoughts that travel through the mind in that hour. I think you’ll be very surprised.

 We live in our emotions and are the possessors of an infinite variety of emotional responses to our environment and to our immediate situations. We pay very little attention to our emotions unless they are extreme in one direction or another....we know when we’re very happy....or when we are very sad....or when we’re very angry.

 But every feeling that passes through us that is less than calm and loving and peaceful is affecting us to the degree that it lowers the vibration of our Energy fields.

Finally, we live as Spirit and as Spirit we live in various Dimensions.

 We are multi purpose and multi-dimensional Beings....and non-peace cannot enter any one of those Levels of Higher Vibration.

 It is non-peace that  keeps the 'Bit of Christ Energy' that is our Soul, bound to earth.

 The greatest Gift we can give ourselves is to develop the ability to discipline ourselves, and to love and to value ourselves and all Life everywhere. It is within that context we find the Peace the world needs and that we need for our personal development, Body and Soul. 

The tensions of the world  provide a great opportunity for those who are focused on Peace. We cannot turn on the radio or TV or read a newspaper or magazine or book without seeing, hearing or reading about some kind of human turmoil. In these Essays I try to focus our intention away from problems, not wishing to further empower the unfortunate attitudes and actions of man on Earth by talking about them.

But we all recognize the many aspects of non-peace in our lives and in the world at large. Thus, our job is to 'look beyond' for the Answers that serve man and God.

 Cosmic Energy is available to those who are focused on Peace and for those who are willing to take responsibility for everything they create in their complex multifaceted lives.

The world is going through a Major Change. Some of it will seem like a crisis. Wisdom and Discernment are becoming increasingly important. Watching ourselves....correcting and refocusing our attention and actions will help us move through these times that do not need to be stressful if we take our minds off the problems, and stay focused on Peace....Cosmic Peace....

Christ Peace.   

So today we focus on the MYSTICAL APPROACH TO PEACE....being aware but not focusing on the state of turmoil in the much of the world. Perhaps there’s some turmoil in our immediate lives or the lives of those we know. Working to stay calm instead of getting upset or emotional, we are going to quietly and simply ASK FOR PEACE to take the place of the turmoil in our lives and in the whole world. 

 We don’t have to live in a chaotic world....a world of non-love, personally or world wide. Through simple, powerful Commands to Life we can begin to establish Peace in our lives and in the Life of the planet. 

When we ASK FOR PEACE we are personally embracing Peace.

I have always liked to “keep life simple”....and I work for Peace in my life using the following simple, short and to the point affirmation.

When I sense or experience non-peace in me or around me, and I need to get quiet and to bring my Energy under control. I say out loud or think to myself,


 I understand that the  closest 'Commanding Presence' in my human life is my Christed Soul....

so I engage my Soul Mind to activate the Powerful Consciousness of Christ Light within me to control and change any unruly human Energy....

raising my human Energy into the Higher Frequency, Peaceful Energy of my Soul Partner.

Remember when we say 'I AM' we are always saying 'God is':....and we are empowering the Godness of our lives to Go-into-Action within any constructive situation or purpose we designate.


or anywhere we wish to direct that Activity of Peace.

We can activate a Higher Source of Power to continue, from then on, to work with the human-us on any problem we wish to solve.

 If we find ourselves in power struggles with people....sad situations with people....or get caught up in events over which we have no control....we then put those situations into the hands of our Soul Partner.

 Which is the same as saying, LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD.

At that level, the Soul searches out the Answers within the Soul Level of Energy of any other people involved...thus allowing all involved to rise above the human vibration. Now there is no war nor hate.

It becomes a Way of seeing our Soul Partner working out every human situation in the Higher Dimensions of Light. We can all visualize this. And if war is to become a 'thing of the past', we have to accept That Way as the Solution to our human problems, take our minds off the 'appearance world'....

quiet our emotions and allow 'Godness' to happen.    

Today as we take a moment to quiet our Energy....we’ll focus on becoming Peaceful in our thoughts and feelings.

 So we'll take a few deep breaths....sit or stand tall and relax....and begin by reinforcing the Wall of Blazing White Light around our physical body.

 Just see and acknowledge a big, thick, powerful Wall of Scintillating, Blazing White Light around ourselves. and Know it keeps out of our lives anything we don’t want to come into our lives.

 Now going within, Consciously 'let go' of all Energy within the four earth bodies and also within the Aura, that is not serving you now.

 Imagine a Magnet of Gold Light outside of the Wall of Light....we see it pulling out, magnetizing out of our bodies and aura, anything we no longer need or want to live with.

We are getting rid of all energy around any old or unwanted or finished activity....letting go of it.... and letting it be drawn into the Golden Magnet where it will be cleaned up....where everything less than Perfection will be forgiven and transmuted into the next Higher Vibration.....positively eliminating the cause, effect, record and memory of anything we want to get rid of.

As we do this exercise everyday, our Energy will Lighten up....immediately or eventually causing us to feel well and 'happy'.

 We do not need to be burdened with thoughts and feelings no longer needed. Everyday we can put them into the Golden Light...making the Cosmic Action more powerful, by adding the Violet Flame.    

OK....we’ve gotten rid of all our garbage in our Energy for today....

Now we must fill the 'void', the empty space created by 'cleaning out the old' by calling in the fresh and pure Christ Energy of our Holy Christ Selves, asking that It fill every cell of our minds, emotions and physical bodies.

 To finish this Process we then flood our Quiet Place within the Wall of Light with more of the nurturing Rainbow-colored Light of our Christ Self, standing just above us....and in time, just beside us....or interpenetrating the Earth body....

The next step is always to see and feel the physical body engulfed in a Flame of Cosmic Peace....this is a very real Heavenly Activity....hold that picture for as long as it is comfortable

 and then we ask our Christ self to Seal the Action of that Flame of Peace around our four Earth bodies we say to ourselves


Now, finally as we wrap ourselves in the Peaceful Heart Light of God

 We picture that Flame of Peace Spiraling around ourselves.

And we open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite that Pure Christ Light

 to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for

 Christ Light and Illumination to descend to Earth  

Now........The Law of Life is that we have to acknowledge and Command what we desire in our lives.

That is the only way anything will happen in our lives.

 Thus, the Vision we hold of fulfilling the Divine Purpose of Peace will accelerate the Process.

 And freeing up some of our time each day to work toward this purpose will also have a dramatic effect.

We have the ability to create anything we want....the only limits are those we place upon ourselves.

 So, if we want Peace, we have to demand Peace....we have to want It and then we have to work at becoming the Peace Commanding Presence....always demanding that Peace, Body and Soul, be made Eternal in our lives. If we can build enough Vibration of Peace into our daily lives, we are forever finished with the pendulum that swings the human minds and emotions back and moment peaceful....the next moment upset by some human event.

What we are working on here is preventing our Energy from ever getting upset over anything. That is the only way we will ever have control over our Energy....right now, it often has control of us. 

Our ability to see all situations from a peaceful, positive perspective will help us with what otherwise we might think of or 'accept' as problems. When there come those moments of stress that are disturbing, we have to remember to stop for a moment and remember


otherwise, we may become agitated.

And we have undone all our good work of cleaning up and quieting our Energy.

 We allow ourselves to become victims.....

often getting trapped in dense layers of thoughtforms coming from other people’s ideas of what is right or wrong. 

This is where hateful, harmful words are spoken, feelings get hurt, we do things we often regret for a long time.

We don’t want to do that anymore. That is not only the destruction of the Peace we are working for, but that is also what is destroying our immune systems.

 Look around at all the sick and feeble people on the planet....and ask yourselves what happened to them. Most of them were born into healthy bodies. What destroyed their bodies.....

I will tell you that lack of Peace destroyed the cellular integrity of their bodies. This is happening en masse all over the Planet. 

If instead of getting upset we can acknowledge 'Peace within us', we will scarcely get through thinking about Peace before we begin to feel the Quiet....the Silence. We will 'feel' our Energy becoming still...and a clearness of thought comes in, allowing us to think Harmoniously, instead of.....well, instead of often not thinking at all.

 And there are other Aspects of Life to be considered here.  

I’ve said in other programs that in all we do, we are always working out our Destiny....our Divine Plan....we are always following the Design of our Cosmic Blueprint. It is only with a clear, quiet, harmonious mind....with calm feelings that we sense the Paths that lead us to our Destiny. Minds clouded with hate and fatigue and uncertainty and can they know what to do?

Serenity of thought and feeling gives us Strength to fulfill our Life Plans. Oh, we all want to....but often we are not strong enough to do it. We dissipate our Energy in often useless physical activity.

But Strength, will grow in us, Body and Soul, as our Energy begins to vibrate quietly with Peace.

This will be of tremendous benefit in healing the ills and weaknesses of our bodies, minds and emotions. And as we heal, we will heal our societies and finally the world.

I believe with all my heart that if we fill our bodies with the Light of Peace and Love we will soon have the Power, Body and Soul to correct any condition on Earth, as if by Magic, in a perfectly natural way. And that includes people who are tortured by human desires. Today, so many people live tortured lives....think of lives wasted that could be Resurrected, just by calling to God for Peace.  

All expansion of Light in our Lives has to take place through the Flame in our Hearts.

And that is why in several earlier programs I spoke of addressing that Flame in this way.

Start by visualizing a Place in your heart where there is an Altar. On this Alter a small Flame is burning....

Now speak to this Flame and say


Then see the Flame blaze up and start to grow bigger.

We can grow that Flame to any size....

It can become huge enough to envelope the whole planet.

Can we imagine what the condition of the planet would be

 if we all wrapped a gigantic Flame from our Hearts

 around the Planet....can you picture that?

 Now see that Flame as Three Separate Colors....Pink, Gold and Blue....signifying, LOVE, WISDOM AND POWER....

Now wrap that Love, Wisdom and Power around the Planet

 and see all mankind’s problems cease....

see all rebellious people suddenly stop rebelling....

see them stop their fighting and hating.....

watch the Planet and the people begin to glow with the

 expanding Light of the


You know, human desires are a ceaseless craving....we crave this and we crave that....we want this and we want that....and as soon as we get it, we want and crave something else.

 But we are safe in craving more Light.

Within all the various Rays of Light that exist as part of the Master Light of the Universe is the Light of Victorious Peace that brings with It Permanent Happiness.

No more restlessness and discontent and depression and more doubt and fear....when Peace comes into our lives, all that is gone as if it had never existed. Peace will govern all the Energy in and around us, if we will just let us the feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

 Further It will become the Magnet to draw to us whatever we require to give us assistance in Fulfilling, not only our Divine Plan, but God’s Great Plan for the Universe.

 Peace brings with It a Light in which we may see all things clearly ahead and know the direct, perfect, simple harmonious Way to do everything. Then our struggle ceases....and our mistakes are no more.....We become a Blessing to Life.

        Our Light eliminates the shadows on the Planet.                  

Peace brings us marvelous Blessings.

 It brings a relaxation and clearness of Consciousness and Absolute Certainty of that which lies ahead. This is the way to fulfill those words of Jesus.....”Behold I make all things new”.

 Peace dissolves the old energies that keep us prisoners to habit and place....and the New Way of Living becomes permanently established in the ever growing Perfection that exist in Peace.

I often tell you that we are entering a New Cycle. None of us knows exactly what that means...I believe, we cannot have the Blessing of the Clean Energy of the New Cycle until we clear away all the non-peaceful energy of ages past.

And enfolding our lives in the Energy of Cosmic Peace will clear away the old debris and bring the new, shining Light into our lives.

This is very practical. And once we understand this Concept, we might as well experience It now rather than fact, we might as well become it, now....we might as well begin to undo the results of our past, now. And 'put on' new robes of Light, Body and Soul!

We have Christ Authority to do reach out and take that old human energy and transmute it.... clean it up....get rid of it once and for all. Earlier I had us visualize a Golden Magnet outside our Wall of Light....and then watch as all our old, worn out thoughts, feelings and records of any mis-used energy was magnetized out of our bodies....out of our auras....and taken into the Christ Light and revitalized by the Power of the Violet Flame.

 This is very Powerful Information.

I hope you will all think about it.

I hope you will all use it,

....for if you do, your lives will be transformed by the Power of the God that lives within you....and lives without, in the whole Universe.

As we begin to put these Ideas to use, the Energy of our lives will begin to flow in New Patterns....and our physical bodies, minds and emotions that live today under such stress and distress, will Bless us (Souls) forever as together, the Partnership of Body and Souls works to remove the pressure of tons of old energy.

 Most people, never having thought of these things, have no Idea of the pressure of old energy.

 People speak of “unclean Spirits” but I’m inclined to think that what is being described is the accumulation of 'unclean energy' that takes on a 'life of its own....takes on form .....we are speaking of powerful accumulations, vortices, world winds of hateful thoughts, feeling and actions often have lives of their own.

However, these accumulations can be dissolved by holding the 'Power of Peace' around them...any unclean accumulation of Energy can be raised again into Love by the Power of Peace.

And the Great Beings and Angels wait for the Energy of the Planet to be cleaned up so that They can come among us again.

 All of Life is overjoyed by anything we will do to make Peace the predominant Activity of our lives. 

People, sometime, somewhere must begin to Love the World and must begin the fill the World with Peace.  It isn't a choice....only a matter of WHEN!

 Peace is an Activity of the Sacred Fire....and the world can’t be freed from non-peace without a Powerful Outpouring of the Sacred Fire that comes from out the Heart of Creation....that’s the Cosmic Law. 

And the people of the Planet are responsible for activating that Sacred Fire....for themselves and for the Planet.

And when we demand It take control of all the non-love and all the non-peace will be done!

 As God-Beings of Light embodied on Earth, We have the responsibility to draw more of God’s Light here....We, the human/Soul Partnership have to demand It come to Earth.

 And when enough Light raises the Vibration of the Energy of this Planet, we will find human strain and struggle gone....we will feel that Life is worth living and living Joyfully and Well.

Personally, I think it’s worth anything we have to do to be part of the Process that removes the hate and war that has darkened our lives and the Life of the Planet.

 That darkness has robbed us of the Peace that was given to us in the beginning.

Peace and Love are the Natural Conditions of Life on Planet Earth. Our job is to work to restore them. And as we do this, all hate will gradually be purified and that Energy returned to the full use of Life once again.

Peace is Love’s Light to the Earth that annihilates all darkness....

Isn’t that a marvelous thought?

 Peace is Love’s Light to the Earth that annihilates all darkness.

 Where Love is, hate can never come. Peace is a Sanctuary of Safety from the darkness of the physical world. And we have the Opportunity and Responsibility and Privilege to serve Life in becoming the

 Peace Commanding Presence of God

that compels hate to leave the Earth forever.

The Law of Christ Love and Peace is to become again, the Law of the Earth and abiding by that Law, people will set themselves free from  Energy soiled with the human consciousness that is presently destroying their lives. 

Meanwhile our immediate Challenge is not to be distracted by activity around us that pulls us this way and that. We often fill our lives with activities that are not Soul directed....and thus, our greatest challenge is to develop our human/Soul Relationship.

Our human/Soul Partnership will give us Direction.

The human alone is as a babe in the is cannon is the victim of every dark human scheme. The human us deserves and was meant to have the Care and Direction of the Soul.

I wish I knew how to stress how important this Partnership is to our growth....and to our survival on Earth. Just think how many Souls are taken out of the body every day through destructive activities ....yes, for some it is time to go.

But for others, there may not have been sufficient protection for the physical body. And so the Soul lost the use of the body in this time frame.

 The Soul cannot progress on Earth without a physical body....and thus we travel in physical bodies. We really must think about all of this.

 And this just brings us back to Peace and how important it is for so many reasons. 

We have all been given active imaginations. These are our Doorways out of all that is not serving us and into all the Beauty that is in this World. If each one of us used our God-Imagination and directed our Energy, Body and Soul, only where it accomplished some good, the World would change in a day.

 If each one of us spent some time each day, imagining and thinking Peace and asking God for more Peace, we would have Peace in a day. We have what we have asked for....

we have and are what we have desired.....

what we have accepted.

To have a Peaceful World and Life, we have but to imagine and work for a Peaceful World and Life....

that is where our attention must be focused.  

It is only in holding our attention on Peace and Love that we will be able to make the change away from what I think is a fear based culture.

 From the first time we say BE CAREFUL to our children to everything that is hurled at us for the rest of our lives from family and friends, from government, politicians and economists, from our churches....we could go on and on....we are getting many messages containing fear.

From the outset we are not given the Information or even the choice to opt for the positive approach to most of the events of our Lives....and that includes Peace.    

So we have to take ourselves in hand....take control of our Lives as far as it is possible. We live in this body. We live in this world....we have to be aware of what is going on in order to survive and progress.

And then we take our attention off the 'appearance' of anything less than good, less than Peace and fact, in the Process we don’t set ourselves up to 'judge' what is right or wrong....or what is Peace and Love....we just put everything in the hands of God, asking that everything and everybody be held in the Peaceful Loving Light of God....

and then, we go on our Way experiencing our Life, pursuing our Destiny in that everlasting, Peaceful, Loving Light.

 And this is do-able when we are KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE...when we are knowing that within the human/Soul Partnership is the Road-Map of Our Life, complete without pain or distress of any kind.

It’s time to let go of all the old Ideas that brainwash us into thinking we grow only through painful experiences....while this is sometimes the case, still I tell you, we do not have to go through Life constantly stubbing our toe.

When the Soul Mind is functioning in Harmony with our human mind,

 we have perfect Information and Direction at all times.

We do not need to suffer. We were not meant to suffer.

 We won't suffer if we learn to Live in the Light of Peace,

 because that’s where Perfection is.


October 2001