The Mystical Approach to Well Being

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime?

 Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 Iím continuing to explore Ideas, religious, mystical, metaphysical and philosophical Ideas that affect our lives.

 In these talks I speak not only of the Spiritual Issues of our Lives but raise political, social and economic Issues that affect not only us, personally but the whole fabric of America and that of the whole world.

  In these talks I am interested in developing Ideas that define our human and Soul Ideas that help us develop a philosophy for living that allows each individual to get his or her own  Ideas that open the mind and heart to the potential of our Christ Ideas that encourage us to expand our innate Christ Ability to create a beautiful life here on Planet Earth.

 I explore Ways to help us believe we are Loving Beings....Beings who are engaged in finding ways to bring Peace and Freedom and Joy to the hurting people of Earth....Ways to help us live peacefully, side by side, Ways to help us appreciate one another.

I believe the answer to Peace is so simple.....seeing It as a minute by minute, individual process of living considerately and compassionately.

 So that starting with ourselves, we simply refuse to engage in any hating or fighting anywhere....refuse to be a part of greed and selfishness or violence.

 Peace is an that results in our Love of Life overcoming any hatefulness that may exist in our human activity.

Peace on Earth rises or falls on how each one of us perceives Life....

Please join me today in saying


Many of the Ideas for the talks in this series of radio programs are coming from Workbooks I created over the years filled with my personal Spiritual Ideas and thoughts for practical living....Thoughts about 'God' and the Universe and about our place in the scheme of Life. I  wrote only for myself....and called the writing A TEXTBOOK FOR THE SOUL.

 I wrote sporadically....when I had time and as Intuition came to me. During much of that time I was looking for answers to personal growth....examining all the factors that come into play in any....and possibly, every human Journey. It was during this time that I realized that what I was learning to recognize and understand was actually The Journey of My Soul.

 Gradually, as I pulled all the Ideas together, I internalized, what became for me, the Idea of a Partnership of Body and Soul, working together on Earth. At first I was the human being learning to work with a Higher Level of myself...and in time became the Soul working with the human partner. And in time, integrated the two into one working unit.

 Those years of self discovery led me into examining the visible and invisible aspects of both old and current religions. I began looking for that Golden Thread that tied the new to the old, for I always believed there could be but One Set of Basic Cosmic Laws.

Little by little I caught glimpses of the Cosmic Philosophy that permeates all religions, that permeates our lives....and which is called by many different names even in our time....with people all over the planet, proclaiming and practicing various aspects of the One Truth.

 In intuitional moments, little by little, I was shown a Great River of Light with a single Intent and Purpose flowing within it. This river flowed directly from some  Central Source of Power within our Universe. I saw it as a gently flowing Stream of Bright Light that was full of Life and that filled the Universe with multicolored Rays of Light. I saw that Souls are part of that Life. I was shown some of The Purpose and Ways of Greater Life.

 I was shown how, in ages long forgotten, mankind lost or more accurately, had the Key to the Meaning of Life taken away from them. They have ever since been searching for that Meaning ....few knowing what they search for....searching as humans search....usually searching for Treasures on Earth for the glorification of the human being.

 The True Knowledge has always been with us. Mankind has been given hints over the ages about the Source of their Life.

Generally they have sought Spiritual Knowledge as the Way to human Immortality.....having long forgotten that the human body was never intended to be immortal. But having had a veil drawn over the Truth of WHO THEY REALLY ARE AND WHAT THEIR PURPOSE REALLY  IS, they knew not where to search or what they were searching for.

 And so, we have stories and myths that go back, beyond our ability to remember, about the search for Immortality. But over the ages only a few human minds were found to be capable or worthy of knowing that Secret.

Now, today we live in a new age....a new in which it is again time for us to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE. And it is being revealed to us that our Immortality lies in the 'Spark of Godness' that beats the heart of the physical self....that 'Spark' that is our 'Immortal Soul'. Few realize yet, that 'Jesus' came at the beginning of the last cycle to begin the Unveiling of the Christed Soulness of the ordinary individual.

It was time for all mankind....not just a again know WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

 As I began to understand this, I worked to put into simple terms, my own evolving Spiritual concepts of Greater Life. I was studying many avenues of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion....gradually rejecting all the complicated, convoluted Ideas of man and 'God'. If it wasnít simple....if it didnít resonate as reasonable within the human/Soul process, I kept on looking. Thus, Spiritual Ideas were developing and evolving for me around the Concept I finally just called 'SOULNESS'. And in time, I was shown the Purpose of the human and Soul connection.

And I called it a Human/Soul Partnership.

 And then I looked for its practical place and use in Godís Scheme.....for I have always been sure that we live in a practical Universe governed by a practical Mind....and that everything that exists in this Universe has a purpose and can be sufficiently understood to make Life meaningful to us.

 I totally reject the idea that ďWe canít understand God or His WaysĒ. I believe we have all any rate, all that is needed for the Earth Journey....available within the Soul Mind....which is always ready to communicate with the human mind.

The human mind has but to allow it.

 The Soul knows what is needful to be done here....and the human brain is capable of understanding all that the Soul is ready to teach it.

 The Soul is the Teacher of the human being.

 I believe it was intended that the human would know everything it needed to know in order to be a workable vehicle for the expanding and evolving Soul. Somewhere, over ages of time, the human was gradually allowed much Power, became arrogant, took control and dismissed or pushed its invisible Teacher into the background of its Life. Thus the Soul lost a cooperative the same time. the Soul lost many opportunities to grow and serve on Earth....and that was a long time ago. 

But today is a New Day.

In the first program of this radio series, I shared some of these basic perceptions. These were, as Iíve said, Ideas which came to me in intuitive bursts of Understanding. I gradually boiled down the many and various Ideas about 'God' and us into what I call ďBottom line Simplicity ....and came up with the following set of simple statements that work for me. I've shared them with you in several programs....but Iíve been asked to repeat them again.

 These basic statements are as follows:

 1-Based on all the studying Iíve done, it appears to me that from the beginning of earliest Spiritual Instruction on Earth there has been only ONE BASIC TRUTH.

 Clearly revealing that there is only ONE HIGH POWER RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING.

 History records that mankind has often fought against this Power and called it by many names. IN OUR TIME MANY OF US CALL THAT TRUTH, THAT POWER, THAT BEING, GOD.

 I BELIEVE THAT THIS GODNESS IS THE ALL PERVASIVE, ETERNAL ENERGY ACTIVITY OF OUR UNIVERSE. It is the basic Universal COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS capable of dividing Itself....of individuating Itself....expanding Itself ....endlessly.

 I see THIS COSMIC GODNESS TO BE ONE GREAT SPIRIT RADIATING OUT FROM A SINGLE CENTER....filling all space. There is no empty  space.

 All form is THE CREATION OF THE MIND OF GOD-IN-ACTION. The form this Godness takes to produce conscious LIFE within the human body, I call Soul.

 Therefore I see all SOULNESS AS BASIC GODNESS.....THE SOUL BEING A SPARK OF DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS that is more or less active in the human life depending on Its ability to connect with the human mind..

 Soulness has all the Powers we ascribe to God. It is a small UNIT OF BASIC PRIMAL GOD  CONSCIOUSNESS projected out into the Universe to be THE HEAD, HEART AND HANDS OF GOD-IN-ACTION ANYWHERE IN THE GREATER UNIVERSE.

 The highest God level of Soul is each oneís own I AM PRESENCE. This is the Source of the Energy that is constantly pouring into each human body.

 Between this I AM PRESENCE and directly above the human, is the CHRIST BODY. This is the higher level of Life to which Jesus directed our attention....this is the Holy Christ Self. It was to this Christ Energy that Jesus, went for answers.

Each of us is human being and a Soul, a Spark of fully Conscious Christ Energy.

Each Soul is part of a Greater Body of Powerful Christ Energy, always available to be called into action. There is always, patiently waiting, the Christ Mind we, the Soul eventually puts on to become the Christed Being while yet embodied. This is what Jesus demonstrated and tried to explain. And why we are admonished to put on the Mind that was the Mind of Jesus.

 Individual Soulness began as a projection of Energy from out the Heart Flame of some Great Central Source (Being) of Light. After eons of evolution throughout the Universe, it is thought that some Souls were offered the opportunity to enter into human forms, especially designed for Cosmic Work on Earth....and thus began the Soul Journey through the dense energy of the material plane.

 My Sense is that many of us, we Souls, have come time and time again, for all kinds of reasons....going through a process of re-creating a physical body each time as is needed for a given situation. Possibly many others only come once. And metaphysical literature indicates that most Souls never take up the Earth challenge. Earth is a tough place.

This Process began ages ago for the purpose of raising the slower vibration of the Earth plane to a higher frequency as part of the evolution of the planet itself. As well, in time, future 'human/Soul Partnerships' can continue their work here within an Enlightened culture....a place where the Energy is sufficiently high, and pure, making wars and hate and disease impossible.


That is what we are all working towards today. There is an ongoing COSMIC PLAN for this Planet and for the complement of Souls designated for this Planet. And nothing we do daily, as Body or Soul, makes much sense or difference until we understand this.

Today Light workers are endeavoring to speed up the Energy of this Planet which can be likened to a clogged, slow moving stream. And we are doing it simply by introducing more Light here.

We do this, again simply, by asking God for more Cosmic Light here, promising not to continue to pollute it.... and then we do it by expanding our own Christ Energy and letting It shine in everything we do on a minute by minute basis.

 We do it by controlling and filling our thoughts, feelings and actions with Kindness and Love....knowing that everything we do affects the vibration of the Energy that surrounds us....knowing by what we do, we can make the Light, the Energy around us brighter or darker.

 The COSMIC PLAN FOR THIS PLANET is being implemented through each one of us.


 Each one of us can, at any time we choose, begin to think about ourselves as a Spiritual Being. We start the Process by lifting our thinking process out beyond the human seeing ourselves as an Entity separate from the physical self, and knowing that Entity to be our Soul Selves, always as much present as the physical self, realizing and accepting the Soul Self as the Director and Protector of the physical body.

 We start by seeing ourselves as 'Soul', and by beginning to use that Level of Mind in all our daily affairs

 That begins our Mystical Approach to Life....

Our 'one on one' Relationship with God.

 Thus, I called this Essay THE MYSTICAL APPROACH TO WELL BEING....and am including WITHIN THAT APPROACH the 'well being' of every area and aspect of our lives,

 with the most important issue being

Our growing sense of realizing


Then beginning to experience ourselves as the human/Soul Partnership....

that evolves as we learn to express that Partnership in the physical world...

and as we learn to make decisions that fulfill the Needs of both the human and Soul us....

Then, achieving these Goals, seeing that we are simultaneously fulfilling our human needs as we access the Higher Levels of Spiritual Knowledge and Activity.

Now we are living the most joyous. human/Soul Adventure we can imagine,

 in a state of mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual well being.

 Each one of us has a dream....each one of us has a Special Talent....each one of us has so much to give to this often hurting world. And if we can start by entertaining the Idea of our unique Soulness and allowing that mind-set to take charge of our lives, we are on the way to joyously living our destiny.

It is a wonderful world.

And we are so loved by Beings of Light, Who greatly outnumber us and Who are so grateful that we would come to this planet and try so hard to help bring Higher Consciousness here.

We Souls, who are learning to express Love through these physical bodies, can join forces with the Angels and Ascended and Cosmic Beings and together we can change the world. Our total mystical well being happens as we learn to Love the we Love everything in the we Love each we Love ourselves.



The mystical approach to life includes finding and living our passions.

Itís finding and fulfilling the Purpose that brought us here.

 It doesnít have to be a humanly grand purpose...though it can be.

 It doesnít have to be some great Spiritual Purpose ....though it might be.

Itís doing what fills us with Inner satisfaction for a job well done....

willingly, doing what is put before us to be done.

Finding some moments of joy in whatever we do....

and letting that feeling permeate our lives....

never being willing to live without some aspect of Joy in the most difficult or disliked assignments.

 Attitude always determines our human/Soul well being.

 The immediate, although not always the simplest of tasks given to us, is to Love our human Love our own give it Special Spiritual Importance regardless of our human circumstances of the believe Our Life has importance, minute by minute. And believe that in any circumstance we can be led to Mystical Well Being....and believing that, look for choices.

Nearly always there will be choices of action....always choices of attitude and belief....and most of us are capable of realizing that there may be times when we need to go down a different road to remove ourselves from ďwhat we donĎt want in our livesĒ.

The 'right choices' lead us in a straight line to the destinations that offer the activity that validates us.

 Recently I saw the movie ďHurricaneĒ.....a true story of a black man whose life experience (as told in the film), was to both internalize and externalize his personal sense of self worth and love, making it possible for him to survive a life of imprisonment....which was made all the more difficult because he was unjustly imprisoned.

 I was very impressed and inspired by this manís sense of dignity and purpose. He didnít allow his human circumstances to diminish either his humanity or Spirituality throughout the experience. He survived, mentally and emotionally because he took control of his circumstances.

He worked to develop an Inner Peace.....and was able to cooperate with others who believed in him and who eventually proved his innocence. For me it is a story that demonstrates the human/Soul Partnership at work in a very difficult experience.

 This manís experience demonstrated the Beauty and Power of what we call Life.

 It showed that we can  control our attitudes....and keep moving forward. He took responsibility for the 'Well Being' of both his human and Soul Self and continued to evolve within the nurturing environment he provided for himself.

 We have to develop a nurturing environment for ourselves....and especially if that is the only way to have it....and especially in order to handle our difficult situations with grace.

 And to move forward with our lives wherever they are being lived.   

 The Mystical Approach to Living is a Course of Study in which the Spiritual Self learns to be human....and the human self learns to be is a magnificent challenge.

It involves learning to listen to our Soulís Guidance and tapping into Information, always available, that teaches us how to be Channels of Love and Healing.

 Each one of us is on a Planetary Pathway of Service through learning to Love....through learning to heal the wounds of hate with Love and Light.

 This Mystical Path to Well Being leads us to a Higher Consciousness where Peace, Love, Joy and Wisdom become our Way of Life in every little and big action of our daily lives.

 And however we go about it, wherever we do it, some day we have to put down the sword, stop fighting and hating, and become Peaceful.

 The man in the film wasnít portrayed as working to become Spiritual....his first priority was to survive his circumstances. But he saw that the only way he could survive was to build a world of Peace and Dignity right where he was. Whether he knew it or not, this man took the Mystical Approach to Life....and thus insured his own 'well being' until Truth and Justice could prevail.

 He passed a very difficult test. Truth and Justice did prevail .

This a powerful story.

 As we make Peace the Pathway to finding our Mystical Approach to the evolution of our own lives, here are some Ideas to think about....and perhaps, remember:

 Letís remember to believe in Infinite Godness and Goodness and to believe in and accept the Presence and the Consciousness of the Soul Partner that Powers our human lives.

Letís believe in and practice the Principles of Love given to us by Jesus and the other Great Ones.....knowing that these Principles contain the Power that will draw us together and unit us in bonds of Brotherhood.

Letís remember to persevere in all and any efforts to make Peace a Reality wherever we abide....and hold to our Confidence in all these Spiritual matters, for that Confidence will insure for us the help of Heaven.....which Help will take us up Higher in thought and deed.

Letís remember we are on a Path of Higher Consciousness....and remember to keep ourselves sealed in Light while teaching others to do the same.

Letís remember that we do not have to be affected by the negativity of others....that we can learn to heal ourselves and help others heal all their wounds of hate.

Letís remember to help others attain a Spiritual view of Life....we can transform lives just by the way we live our life.

Letís remember that we can tap into the Energies of our Soul and to all the Godness of which the Soul is a part, for all our needs.


If we  we can let go of fear and stay centered within the Circle of Love of our own Godness...remembering these things, we can survive our own difficult tasks and tests which, we are told, we have set before ourselves.

We choose our work and we choose to test ourselves...and when Life seems very difficult for us, perhaps we have chosen that as a way to clear away old debris and open the way for new experiences to come in. If we can stay within that mind-set, we will reach our Goals....human and Soul.

Always if we can remember that we are Souls experiencing Earth through the human adventure....for whatever reason we are here....then we can accept the Truth that we individually, do activate the Power of our Souls in our daily lives and experience Life by what we do and how we do our attitudes and beliefs.

We have important work to do here on becomes so much easier as we elect to live our lives as an active, aware human/Soul Partnership.

For now we are formidable opponents to all and any non-righteous activity we contact....never fearing....for who can fear when 'God' stands where we stand.

These are powerful Ideas....and we can make the Truth of them our own....but we have to choose to do it and we have to find the courage to stick with the Plan that insures the infusion of Christ Power into our lives. For Christ Power evolves within this Mystical approach to Well Being.

And increases our chance of success in whatever we are endeavoring to bring forth on Earth.

Now usually we begin the program with our meditation. Today we close with it, focused on reinforcing the Cosmic Christ Light around us....

strengthening the Wall of Crystal White Light around us.

 We'll get as quiet as in our hearts... or in the Energy Center in the forehead....this is our brow chakra.

For a few minutes....or even just a moment....weíll shut out the busy world around us....perhaps we can use this moment to visualize the Light in our Quiet Place, our Bubble of Silence.

 Now, letís take a deep breath....and watch the Light from the Holy Christ Self intensify as it pours in at the top of our heads and begins to spread out throughout the whole body.

 I see It as an Iridescent Cloud of Light, spiraling downwards through each of the body's Seven Major Energy Centers. I watch It spreading out, moving into my aura and out beyond.

 I silently breath this thought: ďI am standing in this soft, beautiful, calm Energy of my Christ Self.....I am seeing It descend and swirl beneath my feet and I am watching It spiral Its way up again, into the Christ Body....

I accept this as a continuous process that intensifies and purifies the Energy of my four Earth bodies, bringing in additional Energy as I need It.

 I am keeping this picture alive and active in my mind, consciously working to be aware that this Powerful Activity is going on all the time, no matter what else I may be doing ....

whether I am thinking of it or not....Ē

Now we wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God 

We picture this Iridescent Christ Light spiraling around ourselves

And open our minds to the Highest Information Channels and invite this  Christ Light to continuously stream into our Hearts and Minds

That we all may become Channels for Christ Light and Illumination to descend to Earth.  

Now, again here is the Advice given to Ruth Montgomery by her Guides,





































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