Spiritual America 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

I’m here again to expand on Ideas about the relationship of Body and Soul....a relationship I call, the human/Soul Partnership....a Spiritualized Partnership that finally allows us to realize and express


 In these times of 'change', we search for the deeper Truth of Life. And we are finding It within our own hearts and minds as we strengthen our Relationship with 'Almighty God', in whatever Way we connect with Our Source. 

 Thus, today our human/Soul job is to learn to access and to activate in the human arena, the Christ Light of our Holy Christ Self. To do this we must first draw into ourselves the Spiritual Understanding that can only come from our Christ Self.

In these days we are learning to think of ourselves as Spiritual Beings, learning to believe we are fully endowed with all the 'God Power' needed to fulfill our Divine Plan on Earth, which exists within the Greater Plan....and all of which is being fulfilled by us, day by day, through the Soul adventure. 

Today many people are well established on the Path that fulfills the 'Promises of Jesus'.

He told us that 'what He had done, we would all eventually do'. He Promised the Unfolding of the Soul’s Christed Nature within the human part of the Journey....

an Unfolding which automatically activates Freedom, Justice and Peace in our lives....

an Unfolding which then spreads out into the lives of people everywhere.....

as all the while we continue to fully express our personal human creativity.

Today, in the Spirit of each one of us doing our part in this Unfolding of Christness on this Planet....won’t you please join me in saying,


Do we realize that the Light....or we can say....the Energy of our Christ Self has the same Relationship to the human/Soul Partnership that the Sun has to the Earth.

The glowing Christ Energy within us, gives the physical body Life. And will, if expanded eliminate all the darkness in our lives. The pure, clean Energy flowing from the Christ Body is Crystal Clear Light.

Jesus constantly identified Himself with this Light....

He said, ‘I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of Life”.

 When talking about us, He said, “You are the Light of the world. Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your good works.”  

This Light Jesus speaks of is Indestructible Cosmic Substance. The Soul is a Spark of this Indestructible Light.

 We must never forget that WHO WE REALLY ARE is an indestructible Being of Light and Perfection.


 With those Ideas in mind, let’s take a few minutes, now, to quiet our minds and feelings, knowing nothing can destroy the Light that is Our Life....knowing we, the human/Soul Partnership can call forth and expand 'Soul Power', Christ Power, and that It is Greater than anything we have to humanly face.

 These are the moments where we practice our Faith

...where we put into action our Beliefs in the Spiritual Powers

...that are Greater than our human power

...this is where we go whenever we face difficult situations.

This is where a Sense of SPIRITUAL KNOWING develops as we surmount those difficulties.

That KNOWING gives us confidence to handle every Life situation. 

Now as we reinforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around us,

 we can feel that Light....

we can see ourselves standing in Blazing Light of many colors,

 seeing It as It flows in from our Christ Self,

 a Being Who stands just above us....

a Being of Light just as real as we are.

 Now, let’s bring our SENSE of KNOWING into this Quiet, Protected, Sacred Place and place it on the Altar in the Secret Chamber we are told exists in our hearts. On that altar glows the Three Fold Flame.

 As we place our 'Sense of Knowing' on the Altar, in the Flame, we watch the Flame blaze up around It and we see our “human knowing” become “Christ Knowing” and allow that Christness to become the only Active Presence and Consciousness in our lives. 

Finally, we enfold our entire lives in this KNOWING CONSCIOUSNESS from within the Heart of God

We watch as the Opalescent Christ Light of the Heart Center

spirals around us.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels.

And invite that Holy Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth   

Today we again speak of America....and speak of the Cosmic Importance of America as described to us by the Ascended Teachers.

 And we begin by remembering those 'wise men and women' who came with a Spiritual Plan for this land,

 and we pay tribute to those early settlers who struggled to establish a better life here and we acknowledge what they went through in the process.

 We remember that over three hundred years ago, many people were brave enough or desperate enough, to seek the opportunities offered by a new land. They came, for the most part, leaving behind everything that had been their lives in their respective countries.

 In time, they sang of the “Land of the Free”....and they proudly saluted the Flag of a Free people.

To most of these people, Freedom, of Body and Soul, meant something.

The question today is “when we salute the flag and pledge allegiance to this country, how many are still choosing Freedom over political or religious control of their lives?

 I carry in my genes the memories of some of the oldest Americans. My father’s mother traced her ancestry to the settlers of the 1600s. And in those early times one of my ancestors was wrongly called a witch in the so-called Salem Witch hunt. Before misplaced religious fervor took her life, that ancestor spoke eloquently of Love and Forgiveness...and some say, put an end to the insanity of that time.

 Some level of me deeply understands religious oppression. 

My mother’s mother and father were helped by their families to escape from St. Petersburg, Russia. They were fleeing from the Communist led Bolsheviks in 1905. My mother was 2 years old. Her parents could speak no English....they left everything behind as they fled to safety and came alone to America, two brave, frightened young people. As far as my mother knows the rest of her family was murdered, all their property confiscated....they were Germans....and the Bolsheviks targeted all foreigners, as well as Russian royalty for annihilation.

 So I’m a first generation American, on my mother’s side, of those who deeply understands political oppression and how murderous mobs can take over and how precious Freedom is.

I AM One who loves America, and the sanctuary and security and freedom America offers her citizens. And people from all over the world still come for that sanctuary, for that security and for the Freedom that allows the human being to live without fear.

How many understand that Freedom allows the creative genius of the Soul free to flower?   

Even as each one of us is unique, and this country we live in is unique in many ways.

My thoughts today will focus on what should be a devotion to


for those two ideas were the basis for everything else that would be established here in a new land.

 And Freedom and Justice still are the focus of the thinking, aware minds in our society. Should the Freedoms of this country ever be voted away and control return back into the hands of political or religious forces....forces that, in the past kept mankind enslaved for thousands of years....should that happen, Freedom is gone from the Planet and takes with it any Justice for the individual.   

It is a strange time in which we live. The religious warring and political discontent never lets up in much of this world. Today, there are people suffering....suffering horribly.... in many parts of the world but they refuse to give up religious or political conflict....they deny themselves Peace.

  While in America, we still have Peace and much Freedom, but the Spiritual Meaning of America is being taken for granted....indeed, may never be thought of by most persons. On the surface it seems....with little or no thought of what they are doing....more and more people vote only for full bellies....only focused on “what’s in it for me”. 

 THE DESIRE FOR PEACE....FOR JUSTICE....FOR FREEDOM IS THE SOUL MIND-AT-WORK. America has been blessed by deeply Spiritual individuals whose Soul Power served the Nation....there have been and still are Spiritually motivated people willingly working for and fighting for Freedom in America when they have nothing, personally, to gain.

 There have been and still are Spiritually motivated people who give up their lives to preserve Freedom....

Spiritually motivated people who have learned to quiet the human mind....have learned to set aside the desire for things and pleasure....choosing rather, Service to others....Service to the Ideal of Freedom and Justice for all.

 Looking out on the social, political, religious and business affairs of the people on this Planet, one wonders how Freedom and Justice can be protected or expanded today, when (it seems) it is constantly held back and betrayed by the human mind which is so filled with greed and fear and pride and self love.  

But none of this is new. People have been slaughtering and betraying each other for a long time. And to understand the trends of modern helps to know that our current social, political and religious traditions....positive and negative.... had their beginnings in ancient times....all Ideas and Energy....all the good and the bad.... have been carried forward from one millennium to the next.

We live in a time when New Levels of Spiritual Ideas and Understanding are emerging....but still, there continues to be an overlay of ancient or older Ideas and customs and hatreds. Ancient blood lines continue to play a part in the Life of this Planet. Perhaps this is as it should be....perhaps not.

 But in understanding how old some of the Energy embedded and entrenched in old ways, some people of this Planet are, we have but to glimpse what is going on in various areas of the world...where only the madness of the past can explain the reason for the blood that’s being shed today. Religious and  political madness of the past. It's beyond barbaric. We ask, “Why does it have to happen”?

For it seems it must....there's no stopping it.

It happens because Souls many times embody to return to the scenes of past experiences in order to address some unresolved issues.

It is interesting to think upon that idea....for it must be difficult to put all the karmic pieces together....many individuals are takes 'karmic coordination' to design the proper human vehicles needed, place them where karmic action for the Souls involved will take place.

 For it all to work out, it helps if each human mind has some  understanding OF CAUSE AND EFFECT...and in the future perhaps the effort will be made by parents and society to teach the incoming individual WHO HE OR SHE REALLY IS, Body and Soul....allowing that one to understand at the outset the Purpose of the human/Soul Journey.

 But many human beings are never given that information and without that Knowledge, again and again, people are caught up and swept along in streams of ancient, highly charged Energy of personal, political or religious passions and no Soul Progress is made. The untrained mind isn’t Spiritually equipped to understand what is behind often disturbing human energies....which, not understood, are not controlled or directed.

 And without Spiritual Training, even in this modern age, we see people, the world over, who would rather kill...or be killed rather than rule these passions....passions which are invisible remnants of ancient barbarism.   

However, in reading scientific and historical records of the Earth, as well as metaphysical material, old and new, there are positive Spiritual Patterns that emerge. And the most comforting Patterns clearly indicate there is A HIGHER HAND AT WORK IN THE ADVANCEMENT OF CIVILIZATION ON EARTH AND SOME PROGRESS IS BEING MADE. 

AS WE STUDY HUMAN PROGRESS WE LEARN JUST HOW ANCIENT CONSCIOUS LIFE IS HERE.... and how the few thousand years we accept and study in our Western culture, is but a minute in the entire scheme. Having said that, as we study Adamic man and see how he has progressed through the last five thousand years, there is hope for our current human/Soul Life Situations.

 For it is within that relatively modern Framework of Information that we find the Keys to the Kingdom....which is one of those modern Ideas called 'Freedom'...and at the moment, America holds the Key to Freedom.


Freedom, Equality....Justice and Humanity.

 That’s what America stands for....those are the goals freedom loving people are all working for all over the world. And if our focus stays true....that is what will finally emerge all over the world, in its True and Perfect Form, brought about through our efforts.  

So let’s philosophize about America in the Big Picture.

 There came the time when mankind was ready for the next part of the Grand Plan to be implemented. It was time for humanity to come of grow up. A time to give modern mankind the opportunity to practice self control....a chance to develop a society dedicated to personal freedom for everyone.

In the history of the last five thousand years, nowhere do we find even the Idea of personal freedom for everyone as a priority of any people or any government. Then the Cosmic Clock signaled the 'Freedom Experiment' and there were Souls ready to embody within a culture that would give the human/Soul Partnership the chance to develop mature, aware and responsible lives. But a place had to be found where this could happen.

That place was and is America....and from America Freedom will spread out and cover the whole Planet. That is God's Dream for His Sons and Daughters.....for the Planet.

The settling of America demanded courage. There had to be those ready to face the unknown....people willing to come together as a unified people, willing to learn to control and govern themselves within a framework of FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all.

 AMERICA WAS BORN in answer to the DEMAND OF THE SOUL FOR GROWTH. That demand caused this modern Nation, America to be established, dedicated to Freedom and Divine Justice for all,  

Above all I believe in Freedom....

and I believe in Justice, Divine Justice.

 I believe that Freedom and Justice are Fundamental to our daily human existence. I believe we should guard our Freedom with our Life.

 And Justice for all, regardless of rank, is a basic Principle around which the Constitution of the United States of America was drafted.

These two God-given Blessings....these two fundamental Principles, are as precious as Life itself....for without Freedom....without Justice, what is Life?

 If there were nothing more to our Basic Rights in America, these two rights would be enough to justify the most devoted Patriotism.

 I believe the time is finally here, when people are ready to look at Life with the human/Soul Understanding that they are no longer to depend on armies or religious dogma to SAVE THEM.

We are beginning to understand that if we are going to save ourselves and the world, it is WE who are to do it....and do it by activating our Christ Light, by blazing It over the raising the vibration of the Energy on Earth.

 And our accepting the responsibility for the Peace and Freedom of the world does not rule out asking for the Help of the Great Beings of Light....and the Limitless Legions of Angels who are always there if we need Them. 

But this is our opportunity. It is We who now have to speak and act...and act wisely out of Brotherhood...which is Love. We have to allow our evolving Christ Consciousness to bring Peace and Justice and Freedom to the Earth.....each one doing this Consciously through the combined attributes of our human/Soul Partnership.

 I believe that this Partnership of Human and Spirit, Mind and Heart, working together on Earth, is the Saving Grace mankind is waiting for. And to save the world we must first know how to save ourselves....

Jesus said, “Follow me....learn from me...” 

He didn’t say 'Came to Me and I will save you'....but He did come to teach us how to save ourselves through activating our Christ Natures.

He said, “I AM THE WAY. Follow it the Way I do it and the Way I tell you it can be done....follow my teaching”

 And He is not alone in Teaching that Message. Other Faiths have had Great Teachers who have come over thousands of years and told them the same Truths of Life.

If we are to jump start the Christ Process in our lives, we begin by Understanding that No one is more special than anyone one’s gods are greater or better than another’s gods or beliefs.

 The SAVING IDEA of our time is that we are coming to know that we are all equally cared for and equally guided by the same Great Spirit of the Universe.  

But to return to the subject of America. It is easy to see the America has been a Model....a testing place where people have come from all over the world to participate in the Great Experiment of learning to live together. It has been a slow process....a process of throwing off the old ways and putting on the new.

 One of the old Ideas that needs to be gotten rid of is the one that convinced us that we, individually, couldn’t determine our own Destiny. This 'big lie' still causes people to ignore or dismiss their own Spiritual Potential. The important Teaching attributed to Jesus about individual responsibility and Christness was distorted to make people believe that His was the only Christ like Consciousness.

 He come to tell us about our individual Christ Beingness.

But we live in changing times.....

and, now armed with Knowledge and new Understanding, people are awakening from old distortions of ancient religious and philosophical Beliefs that were developed to control them by exploiting their fears. 

I believe that all those who wait for the Second Coming of Christ will personally experience that “second coming” with the emergence of the Christ Nature within themselves.

America, with all that is yet to be perfected, is a place where the human/Soul Partnership can develop its potential. We hear wonderful stories of people, young and old, physically strong or seemingly totally disabled, doing the most amazing I write this, some blind man is planning to climb Mt. Everest.

That human/Soul Partnership knows all things are possible.  

This is important for people at this time to believe....for it is possible that the stresses of modern life may soon pull down much of the world’s present social, economic, political and religious House of Cards.

I believe we may face changes in much we now take for granted.

 But what must not change....what must be protected is the Constitution of the United States of America.

  I pray the Constitution may survive as the corner stone of every new beginning as we re-invent our societies. May they all be rooted in the Idea of Freedom and Justice for all.

 I believe we will finally save ourselves in the name of Love, Wisdom and Truth. We can learn to live our lives in the Christ Light...we can intensify and expand that Light.

America is the van guard....the Chalice for the Incoming Cosmic Energy that will Save the World....and our Understanding of that and our Intensification of that Christ Energy ultimately raises America and eventually the whole world into a State of Peace.

 Then it will be the Idea of Brotherhood....not war....that engages the minds and hearts of all men and women.

I wonder if the IDEAS OF THE RIGHTS OF MAN can be traced to the original Garden of Eden.

 And if the term “Divine Origin of man”....should more correctly be stated the Divine Origin of the Soul that embodies in man.

America was developed around these Ideas of the RIGHTS OF MAN WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF DIVINITY.

Now a few words about our Constitution....

 First of all, it should be understood that a Constitution is not the act of a government, but it is the instrument of a people constituting a government....and the Constitution of the United States, as it finally evolved,. is a Miracle.  

Here are some interesting statements to ponder...

”Government without a constitution....that is without rules agreed upon by those who will live by those rules, can only be power with out a right.

All Power must have a beginning....either delegated or assumed.

All delegated Power is a TRUST

and all assumed Power is usurpation....

that is, the illegal seizure of sovereign power

which in the case of America, belongs to the PEOPLE.

Historically there was a time when individuals had personal and sovereign rights.

Then they gave up some personal rights and formulated sets of rules or laws that allowed people to live in communities.

Then time moved on and individual communities forfeited some of their rights....and over time, lost those sovereign rights and had rules forced upon them.

So people have had choices....

Today it is either government of the People, by the people, for the people....

or government of a few people, exerting control over the rest of the people.

Today, America is at a crossroads.....and again, the people have to choose how they wish to live. There is still time to choose. 

Many Americans seem unclear about their Form of Government.

 America is a Constitutional Republic.

American have chosen to govern themselves within a set of written laws.

 Socially we work to be democratic in our personal dealings with each other.

 The Laws of the Republic prevent citizens from taking matters into their own hands.....thus preventing mob rule....

mob rule is presently at work in many place all over the Planet....

where whoever has the most clout.... the bigger guns....calls the shots.

Americans elect representatives....and hope they will carry out the wishes of the people.

Without a doubt, the day will come when Freedom and Divine Justice will be universal. But before that happens, much must change on Earth.

 And the human/Soul Partnership is the Source of the Christ Power that can bring about the changes needed on Earth....changes that will lead us away from thousands of years of old Ideas, many that didn’t work then or now....many that are now updated.  

And America?

And the question 'why be patriotic?'

 Why salute the flag?

Why Pledge Allegiance to the God-Plan and Idea that is America?

When we know WHO KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT AMERICA REALLY IS we have no problem answering those questions. 

We, who have never experienced total lack of Freedom, have no idea what slavery fact, most of us can’t truly comprehend WHAT FREEDOM IS never having known anything to compare it to.

 But we need to understand that the Ideas embodied in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are great and fundamental and Universal Spiritual Principles on which to build a civilized and caring society.

They are invigorating Ideas allowing a man to expend his Energy on his own life in safety and privacy. These Ideas of Personal Freedom when put into practice, free men from bondage to despotism of any sort.

 Today the world is engaged in an international debate about these America we talk about whether to modify or rescind articles in the Founding Documents....perhaps throw some of them out.

 While most of us will adhere to them

and protect them with all our might.

I believe if there had never been an America, there might be no Freedom anywhere in the whole world today.

Nor even the Idea of Freedom would have survived the godlessness that attacked Freedom in Europe and Asia during the last century.

Americans need to be aware of the danger of taking our Freedom for granted. And be ready to fight for the preservation of our basic Governing Documents

. So far, those Governing Documents of the United States are the most profound on the Planet....and it will be a long time before anything better comes along. 

If we foolishly, stupidly, let them go,

 it will be a long time before they appear on Earth again.

We Americans are the custodians of Freedom on this Earth. If we fail in this responsibility, as a Nation and as individuals, those of us responsible will be a long time suffering the consequences.

If we doubt that, look around and see the mass of humanity living in the regrettable conditions at this time....

Ask yourselves, why must they experience this?

What cost them their freedom? In order for Life to make sense we can only believe that somewhere, sometime, each one brings upon him or herself the results of that one’s own actions. 

Now, listen to the extemporaneous prayer of an Episcopal Clergyman in attendance at the first meeting of the First Continental Congress....the meeting which marked the beginning of the united colonial resistance against British tyranny.

 This is what these men heard.... 

Be thou present, O God of Wisdom

and direct the councils of this honorable assembly:

enable them to settle things on the best and surest foundation.

 Preserve the health of their bodies and the vigor of their minds,

 Shower down on them and the millions they here represent, such temporal blessings as Thou seest expedient for them in this world and crown them with everlasting Glory in the world to come.

All this we ask in the name and through the merits of Jesus Christ, Thy Son,

Our Savior.


There were some fifty colonial representatives there

, including George Washington.

John Adams later wrote,

“I must confess, I  never heard a better Prayer...”

Imagine today if a Senator took the floor and raised his eyes and prayed a similar prayer for America and her people....

as our elected Representatives knelt and bowed their heads.