The Earth Is Flat Syndrome

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

The purpose of this program is always to share Ideas....primarily Spiritual Ideas. I have an insatiable interest in how the visible and invisible Sides of Life mesh and can become what I call a human/Soul Partnership as 'Godness' shows Itself in the material world.

It begins with finding out WHO WE REALLY ARE.


 The Magic of the Adventure reveals Itself, day by day, as each one of us becomes a Ministering Agent of God.....letting Godness manifests Itself on Earth through each one of us. The Magic is revealed when we realize that it is THE SOUL-US, NOT THE HUMAN-US, WHO SHOULD BE  CREATING OUR REALITY. 

In this period of time in which we are living this current Sacred Adventure, much uncertainty looms before us. It helps if we have a deep belief in the Special, Spiritual Purpose of the human/Soul Journey. It is comforting to me, beyond words to describe, to recognize the human/Soul process as One....not two separate Paths. And to experience a close working partnership between the physical and Spirit sides of my Life.

 We live in a time when we Americans may have to cope with some difficult situations. I am comforted regarding the current world situation in feeling we can all work to bring in the Supreme Being’s Dream of a New Golden Age of Peace and Freedom on Earth. It is a dream for all. It can happen....and it will happen more quickly if we, all over the world, join together in saying:


In addition to time spent studying and writing, I work full time in a family business. My work requires me to know a great deal about economic issues...and I follow politics closely. I spend several hours everyday pouring over economic newsletters and web sites, keeping our business up to speed on issues that affect us. Over the past six, maybe seven years, I've had an uneasy sense that the American people were being sold out at high levels of government, banking and business. And I watched our country and people being moved in directions that I felt would bring financial disaster to millions.

 I originally wrote this Essay in Yr. 2000 at which time the stock market bubble experienced a topping out. Then in the Spring of 2001, a long overdue and far reaching correction in the markets and business in general began. At that time the consensus of expert opinion was that over the next several years many people were going to experience tremendous economic losses....not only in their stock portfolios....which can be the least of it, for a lot of that is paper wealth....but many others would experience serious financial problems in other areas of  personal wealth.

As I wrote in Spring 2001 disruptions caused by the rippling effects of the Stock Market and mutual fund fiasco, had already wiped out trillions of dollars, with much more loss of wealth expected. The world was beginning to experience the recessionary effect of the situation. Every expert expected a deep recession to spread out and begin to affect most all of us in some area of our lives. 

That’s the way it was September 11, 2001.

On that day the deep valley of economic woe the people of America may be looking at became even deeper.

As I rewrite this program (for the third time) after the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City nothing looks any brighter economically for America. And what happens to America affects the whole world.... all humanity will be affected if we can’t hold it together here. How we choose to deal with economic situations has far flung consequences and may determine the direction humanity takes in the coming years.

And that doesn’t address all the other issues we face as I write this.  

Because I’m so aware of what’s going on in our world, day to day, in order to emotionally survive it, I have to take my mind off the many situations that I find so all those economic and warring situations people in the world appear to have lost control of again.

 How could this happen in a modern time, I want to ask....all the while mystically sensing the answers and understanding how history repeats itself.

 In Spiritual Circles it is no secret that ancient hates are working themselves out, again, in our time. 

When I find myself wanting to react to what feels like insanity at work on this Planet, mentally and emotionally, I position myself within the Christ Light I have learned to draw about myself, around my entire Life.

 I’m determined to remain sane in a world that often appears to have gone mad.....determined not to add to the insanity by expressing any unhappy, frightened or non-loving thoughts or feelings.

Many of us have come and gone many times in our Journeying to Earth... and for many ages. Undoubtedly we’ve experienced every kind of human situation. The study of history describes good times on Earth, but as often describes the deplorable situations faced by humanity. If we face difficult situations in our present circumstances, it helps to tell ourselves that we come by choice....we come with a Spiritual Agenda.

Thinking of all we may have done in past experiences....and seeing what is yet to be done before we can say that the Planet is 'civilized' , we might wonder why we are brave enough to come to Earth in the first place. But brave we are. And this time we appear to have stepped knee deep into cyclic change little understood by the average individual who is locked into the old thinking....for them the 'Earth is still flat.

Very few yet realize that we have stepped into the time of prophetic changes and happenings....many little realizing that we may need all the Spiritual Information available that will help our human minds understand the Greater Cosmic Land into which the Planet is moving.

 Suddenly we really need to be connecting with the Soul level of Life.

 Suddenly we must try to understand what is happening on the Planet at this particular time. With a little Insight we can see much that needs to play itself out karmically, in our country and others.

We can surmise that both individual as well as Nation 'karma' may be working its way through the economic and political systems of the world as well as perhaps, militarily. In the 'old days' economic and political upheaval always meant war.

 We surmise that the Planet is having to deal with the same old soiled Energy being returned again for redemption. Even the format/dogma of the world's organized religions has changed very little. How sad. For them the 'Earth is still flat'!   

 I write these thoughts in Sept 2001, and the question in America today is 'can we avoid going to war over the September 11th attack? Do we dare sit back and 'hope' the 'bad guys' will leave us alone? What must we do to protect the country and populace....? So many unanswered questions at the moment.

The immediate job is to try to understand the situation and then do what we need to do individually, and within groups to protect ourselves and our families from future attacks....

and never stop trying to protect Freedom in America.

For the Creative Energy that flows relatively freely in America is under attack....Freedom must be protected....American Freedom is still the Hope of the rest of the world.  

But before we go further into that subject,

 it’s time to stop....and take a few minutes to become Peaceful,

 mentally, emotionally and physically.

Today, we want to activate the Power of our Inner Vision...learning to POWERFULLY visualize ourselves in the Quiet we’ve created within and around ourselves.

 Today we'll center our thoughts and feelings in the Heart the Light of the Unfed Flame....a Three-fold Flame....that glows in our hearts.

Then as we are grounding our Energy, letting it go deep into the Earth....

we take this moment to feel the Energy of the Earth flowing upward, spreading out into our lower chakras...

while sensing the Power of our Christ Self flowing down from Above into the Crown chakra, and spreading out to those centers below.

Visualize a seven-rayed Rainbow Spiraling around and within the body. Allow this Rainbow Light to flow within the aura, flooding the entire physical body....the mental and emotional body....see the Energy of the body beginning to sparkle with multi-hued Light.

 Then, reinforce the Wall of Blazing White Light around all of this....and in this quiet, listen again to these wonderful words.... 

“Behold! We are made perfect

With our feet planted firmly on Earth

Our arms are outstretched in attitudes of Service and Blessing

The Star of Light shines like a Jewel from our heart centers

Wherein lies the Seed Atom of the Christ Spirit

The Jewel within the Lotus...........

Now as we wrap ourselves

 in the Nurturing Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become 'Perfected Channels' for Light and Illumination,

 Peace, Healing and Love, to descend to Earth.

Years ago I decided

 that there was no way to intellectually reconcile all the various ways people view themselves or imagine their Spirituality.....there was no way to get entirely away from the 'earth is flat syndrome'. 

And yet I knew there had to be a key to the puzzle....a way to reconcile the differences among the many nationalities and their various approaches to 'God''.

One day, in meditating on a statement similar to the one we have just given.... “that I may become a perfected Channel for Light and Illumination to descend to Earth”,  I suddenly saw that the Answer lay with each one of us....that it lay within each one of us. That it didn’t matter who we were humanly....not our nationality nor our Spiritual Ideas. That was not WHO WE REALLY ARE. Physical differences didn't matter.

 And as I meditated on that Idea, I clearly saw how beneath the exterior covering, each human being was meant to be a Chalice overflowing with 'God Energy', meant to be a Blessing to the Planet. And this was made possible by the 'implant' of the Spark of God in the Heart of each human form, whatever its race or religion.

 I called this implant, Soul. And knew that wherever the human being happened to be, 'God' was there, fully present....and immediately accessible....with faster and greater Response, if the human had a working relationship with its Soul.

And, I saw there was nothing mysterious about it....nothing that couldn’t be easily understood by young or old. It didn’t require anything but Faith in the 'unseen'....Faith that could be accessed by hearing the Truth. It was so simple.

 I saw that until we give up our individual conceits and stop looking outside ourselves for 'God', the war of Spiritual Words and Ideas will rage well as the wars fought with guns and money....with no problems solved and with no one being any closer to the Truth. 

In preparation to record these programs, I’ve gone over a mountain of own writing of many years and the writing and thinking of hundreds of others. I’ve come away more convinced than ever of my personal belief in the human/Soul Partnership....

more convinced than ever that until we recognize the Goodness within ourselves and within every other Life stream we meet....we haven’t experienced the fullness of 'God' on this Planet.

 We may know about 'God' from the Highest academic and Spiritual aspects....but we haven’t found the Universal Spirituality that is waiting to unfold Itself and reveal Itself within us. 

One day we do experience that moment of Enlightenment which reveals to us the process of 'becoming' that Illumined Channel we are asking to in the Process we understand that it is WE who are intended to bring more Light onto the Planet.

 At some point of 'enlightenment' we understand the Purpose and the Goal of the Soul....a Purpose and Goal never more important or imperative than it is today.

 I share these Ideas in the Belief that each of us can develop our individual Soul empathy within our own traditions....respecting our personal Ideas of 'God' and building toward the human/Soul Partnership with that respect as a basis....working wherever we are, to become as Illumined as possible.

 In this way the human/Soul Partnership awakens to the Inner Christness and begins to expand that Christ Energy that is always ready to flow through every physical body.


At any time of change, there is always Cosmic Work of immense proportions required....and we can see that this Work is underway today.

It is my hope that we can all accept the Idea that in all we strive to do on Earth in the service of 'Supreme Godness', we are overshadowed and helped not only by the One we know as 'Jesus', Who told us 'He would never leave us', but by many Others, Who work from High Places. (Cosmic Heavens) There are many Sons and Daughters of God, now Ascended, assisting in the Work of Illumining the minds of humanity with the Christ Message....a Message that has never changed in the hundreds of thousands of years that Souls have been evolving on this planet....or any other planet.

There is only one Christ Message,

 and it has been variously interpreted and mis-interpreted, causing ever more divisiveness among people.

This has to end.

The High Echelons of Life, working together, as we must work together, face immense difficulties in undoing mankind’s false thinking and acting. But as this is accomplished They will try to re-educate us. The whole human race must understand the need to put an end to all warring and hating.

 But no matter what some of humanity does, the Higher Orders of Life have a timetable....probably set when the Universe burst into Being. And, ultimately, the foolish or evil ones will run out of time to fool around. The time will come for an Energy of Christed Peace to be lowered onto the planet. It will burn out all non-peace. We may believe this or not....but when that Energy takes over on this Planet, none of those who have survived the Process, will debate the issue of obeying the Law of Peace.

 And the only way to survive the Process is to become so filled with Peacefulness, that we simply flow with the incoming tide of Christ Light.  

So today we are being asked to Spiritually awaken and participate in solving Earth’s problems....some of which may be our problems. And we do this by becoming Channels for Light and Illumination and Peace to flow.

 If we can do that, The High Christed Powers can do the rest. 

We are being given the choice to live in a New Jerusalem....or stay in the hells of human creation. As events evolve around us we will be choosing....choosing our actions, our state of mind, our emotions, our Beliefs, our loyalties...what we will choose?  

There are many ramifications to this Spiritual Work especially for Americans to whom “much has been given....and from whom much is expected. The whole world is affected by what we do in America.

 Our responsibility to Life extends beyond ourselves. And the Higher Beings are watching and waiting to see if we take our responsibility to be Guardians of Freedom and Examples of Free People seriously. Over the past century we’ve shown we take seriously the Idea of 'helping our brothers and sisters, by financially pouring out billions of dollars to feed, rebuild and help to educate large parts of the world.

 But American Freedoms have been under attack by a non-god idea termed 'liberalism'....and this liberalism is socialism...and this socialism is the opposite of American Constitutional Freedom and those who espouse it work to destroy American free enterprise, which is the source of the 'money' that feeds the hungry world. It is the 'freedom' of the individual' to create that has made America strong....

 'Money/supply of necessities' flows from individual creativity. Looking out on the larger world it is plain to see what happens when creativity isn't encouraged or isn’t allowed to flow freely?

 Speaking to the American people I say; 'As a people we must stay free, if we’re to help the rest of the world....or even to help ourselves as we move into the next years....especially now that an unfriendly ideology has its 'eye' on our Country. Vigilance and strength and Faith in the God of our Fathers was never more important or needed than now. Stay alert, America!' 

In these programs I rarely talk of the problems America faces....every country has it's problems. But there’s a practicality to Life that can’t be in this program I share some information about the financial side of our lives....perhaps to sound a warning.

 For many people still do not believe we may be headed for a period of economic difficulty not unlike the 1930s....except it is thought it will be worse. In the 1930s the monetary system was bulletproofed by the Gold Standard, taxes were a pittance and there was only one (1) federal employee for every ten (10) productive factory workers. Today, taxes are high, currencies are in flux and there are more people drawing pay checks from government than there are people employed in the private sector.  

Even as I write this there are those who are trying to tell people that the economic systems of many countries are spinning out of control. Our economy is being described as a casino gone crazy for a decade of the nineties, as people the world over have embraced our financial system and gotten caught up in a kind of insanity caused by the 'bubble stock market and mutual fund ponzi scheme' that was the 'child of the 1990s Clinton White House'.

. Intelligent people, in Government and Banking, those at the helm of financial systems around the world have been aware of the inherent problems the US and World economies face but have been unable or unwilling to step in and bring dangerous world wide Stock and Commodity Market trading, under control. 

 We in the United States are facing what may turn out to be the greatest wipe out of wealth in modern times as the Wall Street fiasco unwinds.

Our balance of trade deficit appears to be out of control, the Federal Reserve continues to print money to stem the tide and buy time for an economic crisis to work itself out.

I pray it can as a New Administration in Washington is implementing economic 'ideas' to help stop the run away train. At the moment there is hope of being able to avert an economic disaster that may be of major proportions, in America and throughout the industrial world.... America faces grave situations, internally and around the world....situations from which 'she' can't just walk away.

I am reminded of the British Empire. Not too long ago, Great Britain was THE WORLD’S Super Power and the wealthiest nation by far. Her people were the most prosperous on earth.

But like America today, the British tried to be everywhere, their politicians overextended the nation’s wealth....and as in America today, there was widespread consumer spending....and trade deficits which eventually were the financial blow that wiped out that nation.

 Then World War Two sounded the death kneel and 'liberalism' was the finish of the prosperity of that great Nation   

At one time, the sun never set on the British Empire.

 Once that country ruled the world and the seven seas. Too late they learned their lesson about the inherent meaning of trade deficits with their trading partners. The value of the British currency fell, and never recovered....and prosperity never returned to England. Today many people are worried about value of the dollar....wondering if it will fall in value against other world currencies, especially the euro and the yen...and wonder, if our currency fails us, will it be the end of the financial power of the United States. 

Sad to say, this picture I paint, could be the future of the United States....for many experts think we have already gone too far down the deficit road to turn back.

 As for individuals: Many people are waking up to the realization that they have been speculating with a lot of money they couldn’t afford to lose. They have refused to believe that Wall Street is a high priced casino....or that mutual funds are not man’s best friend....that they are not savings accounts.

 People who speculate are often gambling with money they cannot afford to lose. And so it has always been. Behind government laws and encouragement of the past eight years, behind the Wall Street facade, financial disaster has lurked for the unwary investor. Thus it has always been.

 For modern people it is wise to know what is going on in the metals, currency and commodity markets. Most of the time there’s not much change from day to day....but over years, there are changes and trends.  And, in the decade of the '90s the Stock and Mutual Fund markets, world wide, had their wicked way with the people of the world....backed by approval of elected officials....with total manipulation by banks, national and international.

The public has been fed inaccurate and distorted information....but it has been possible to get a picture of the economy that was manufactured, particularly for this country, by unscrupulous minds in the '90s.

It is not a pretty picture. And the ramifications are so far reaching.

Thus, years ago, I came to the conclusion that each one of us has to wake up and look to our personal survival. For many that means getting out of debt. But beyond the physical actions we can take, it means 'waking up' to a 'bigger picture'....allowing the Higher Intelligence of Heaven to come in and teach us....and do for us what we sometimes cannot do for ourselves. For we must understand that we are dealing with Energy significantly lowered in vibration by human nonsense and madness....and filled to bursting with destructiveness....and about to explode in our midst....

and only the Powers of Heaven are powerful enough to "save us". 

It's time to put away all our human arrogance and start asking/ praying/decreeing/ for Heavenly Help however we perceive it.

The world is engulfed in hate and greed and lack of concern for one’s fellow man and has been this way for who knows how long. Thousands and perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years and more. A powerful destructive force has been generated and is out of control....a force too destructive for humanity to handle alone And now at the end of a Cosmic Cycle there is also personal Energy coming home to be reclaimed and purified.

 And so you see there is much to do.

It was that understanding of Energy to be handled, that caused me to write the first thirteen programs in 1999....It is what drives the radio programs this year. (2001). History is full of descriptions of civilized people being wiped out by barbaric forces.   

When we use the word “survival” we talk not only about being able to put food on the table....and we must be able to do that....but that is the least of it.

What we are facing today is the need to put our Energy houses in order....

We must call forth Powerful Light around ourselves, our families....and our Countries and cooperate in getting all Planetary Energy raised in vibration....ready to serve the Christness that is flowing in on the new Cyclical Tide.

 We are responsible for upgrading the Spirituality of our Lifestyles ....making sure our motives are unselfish, always being mindful of the needs of our Country and the needs of the people of the Planet.

 We absolutely have to get ourselves on the right side of the Spiritual Equation. That is our only real protection against rampaging barbarism as the Nations go through difficult and troublesome times that lie just ahead.  

In the last radio program, I mentioned Confucius, His Life and His Teaching....and that I was very interested to read that He had dedicated His Life to teaching others how to bring order into their lives and the lives of their families and empire. He had a Vision that has been described as a “social order in communion and collaboration with a Cosmic Order”. He believed people could bring order into their lives by tapping into the Divine Order of Heaven.... and activating its Love and Wisdom within the daily activities of their lives.

And I believe that.

 Today we Americans have our work cut out for us, surviving not only the economic chaos that may be facing this nation, but also the possibility of being forced into a war. A severe economic downturn will drag the world down....the world has become dependent on feed them, to rebuild their cities and to fight their wars.

What are the answers to all these situations?

Many years ago I wrote..... “if we are to solve our problems, we have to activate all the Wisdom and Love and Understanding we are capable of drawing forth. We have to start the process with KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE. And accessing all the Knowledge that is to be found within each one of us. In that mind-set we do not destroy each other.

 By using human power in partnership with Christ-Power, in every aspect of our Soul Journey on Earth, we can make our way through the economic and warring jungle of the next few years....if that is what it turns out to be.

 This human/Soul Relationship has always been and still is the Answer to not only our personal problems, but to the problems facing the planet.

And if enough of us will tune into the Christ Vibrations of the Soul, and allow that to become the predominant Energy around us...that in turn flows into the Life of the Planet, darkness will automatically be dissolved in the Light.

Human and Spiritual Energies can be merged in an ordinary life.

 If we choose, we can finally close the gap between God and man.

If or when we do this, no more will the human struggle alone on Earth. Now two sides will work together....merged in a common effort, as we get the human-us to acknowledge Godness within us in the 'person' of our Soul....and in that mind-set and using the combined Power of man and God we solve our problems.

 I sense we may live in a time when we won’t have years to leisurely awaken to these Ideas.

'God' needs us now....we need 'God' now.....the Planet needs us to resolve that issue now.

The future quality of our lives may depend not only on our Understanding the human problems of our day....but in Knowing we have within us, all the Christed Soul Power needed to take us through our storms or any storms of the world.

There are Ways we can survive all the manipulation that affects our lives. We do it by activating the Christ Power of the human/Soul Partnership. That is the Way we survive all that is unpredictable about our human lives and expand all that is good.

 Turning our lives over to Our Maker, has always been the Answer.

We must understand this:

 Although we can give face and form and substance to the modern problems, all that what we are dealing with, is in fact, fueled by the same old barbarous energy. 'Evil' always takes on the form most likely to fool the people of any given day. Think about this.

 Thus we have the greed exhibited in the stock market fiasco....we have this dark force nibbling away at the Constitutional Freedom in America....we have religious fanatics at work again all over the world....the pawns of an even greater menace.

 We can be sure that the deceitful, barbarous force will always take on a form of an Idea most likely to suck us in or confuse us. And like the pied piper, that force leads people away from the 'God Dream' of Peace and Freedom and back into the land of slavery....

And sleeping people go willingly.

But we who have some inkling of what is at work in this Land of the Free, must stay awake to the need of the hour...

for we are 'God’s Help' for America and the world.