Our State of Being

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             The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

The purpose of these Essays is to share Ideas....Ideas to get our Intuitional and Creative Juices flowing. For the most part, I focus on Ideas that support our Spirituality and talk about WHO WE REALLY ARE IN THE BIG PICTURE and how that plays such a big part in our every day lives, Body and Soul.

 I describe a human/Soul Partnership, which is as close as I can come to rationalizing the Godness I feel at work in my Life. Some people describe their lives as seeming to be a meaningless daily grind.... reluctantly putting one foot in front of the other....wondering where it is taking them...or if it’s supposed to be taking them anywhere?

 But, many others, like myself feel a Meaning to Life.

 Where does that feeling come from?

 I always feel 'Spirit' so deeply and whenever I hear someone say, “I’m an atheist”, or "there is no God"’s like a slap in the face. “What”, I asked myself “am I reacting to....and why does it matter so much? Why does it hurt when Ideas of 'Godness' are rejected?” 

Fortunately for my 'peace of mind', the Spiritual side of My Life is very real.

The challenge in these Essays has been to validate what I feel is a very personal Connection between Body and Soul. And sensing the Reality of the Human/Soul Partnership, I have felt compelled to step forward to talk about WHO WE REALLY ARE.

 And today, I feel compelled to stress our responsibility to use the Power that comes with that Knowledge....using It to reinforce the Idea of Spiritual Freedom and Peace throughout the whole Planet.

Will you join me in saying



Let's begin the Peace Process today by relaxing....

by feeling Peaceful, mentally, emotionally and physically.

 It's time to put down that broom for few minutes....

to stop thinking for a few more worrying.

We'll picture ourselves in the Quiet Place we've created within and around ourselves...

 center ourselves in the Flame in our Brow Chakra

 and letting the Golden Energy flow downward seeing it flow out through

 the Energy Centers in our feet, we ground ourselves in Mother Earth.

Now see soft Golden Light gently filtering down like Gold Dust from Above....

filling every cell and all the Energy of our Earth bodies,

making our Aura glow with that Golden hued Energy.

If we know about the Seven Major Energy Centers, or Chakras within the physical body, we know each emits a Special Vibration and Color that has a Specific Purpose.

 So now in our Minds' Eye we can visualize Beautifully colored Energy spiraling downward from the Highest Source....

spreading out beyond the body

and spiraling, constantly pulsing within the body.....

 flowing down Above and then up again to absorb more of the Energy of the Christ Self....down into the body and up again....

God's Pure Energy constantly flowing within each Chakra.


Visualize within 

the Crown....Crystal Clear White Light

the Brow....Emerald Green Light

the Throat....Clear Bright Blue Light

the Heart....Opalescent Pale Pink and Gold....the Resurrection Flame

the Solar Plexus....Clear Bright Purple with flashes of Pure Gold within the Purple Flame

the Seat of the Soul....Violet Light

and the Root....White Light

Visualize the Energy within each Center intensified by our Call for more Christ Light to flow in.

We'll reinforce the Wall of Light around ourselves, filling our auras....


Now in this quiet, let me share some wonderful words of another writer....

Behold! We are made perfect

with our feet planted firmly on Earth

Our arms are outstretched in attitudes of Service and Blessing

The Star of Light shines like a Jewel from our Heart Centers

Wherein lies the Seed Atom of the Christ Spirit

The Jewel within the Heart of the Lotus.   


Take a deep breath ...........


Now as we wrap ourselves in the Peaceful Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling within and around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite that Christ Light to blaze forth

into our Hearts and Minds and Bodies

As we become Perfected Channels for Light and Illumination,

 Peace, Healing and Love, to descend to Earth.

It is interesting to realize that from the very beginning of our individual existence, we Souls have been and still are completely bonded to the Universal Christ Aspect of God.

Our Soul individuality comes complete with an Original Etheric Pattern which is the pattern of our Immortality....our Blueprint. It is interesting to learn that there are Etheric Patterns regarding our families....our Country....for all of Nature as it reveals Itself to us.

 As a flower opens its petals according to its preordained pattern, so the Soul also blossoms into Its Divine Identity and Destiny that long ago was designed into It's Original Blueprint.

In (God's) time, part of our Unfolding Process comes through developing our Intuition, (our Inner Seeing, Hearing and Knowing) allowing us to become attuned to the 'Inner Order' or Etheric Patterns specific to our lives.

 And each Pattern is completely unique.

 All unfolding is unique.

As part of the Process, we learn it is our human responsibility to 'look within' to find the Source of our 'intuition'. When we identity that Source as the Spiritual part of us I have chosen to refer to as 'our Soul', we then are obliged to ask our Souls to 'teach us'....and one of the first very important bits of Information that we need to know is how to access and develop our own Etheric Patterns....our Divine Plan....from that point on, pouring our Energy into our individual human and Soul Unfolding and Evolving. For it is within that Plan that we find our Sacred Work of the Moment....causing us....or allowing us to always be at the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

This is the whole of our duty to Life!

 Our eternal State of Being.


 Today many sense it’s time to rebuild Society on a Foundation of Love and Wisdom, committing themselves fully to the Will of God.

The re-building starts with each individual.

We are learning to allow our Inner Spirituality a 'say' in our lives....beginning to 'let go and let God' as the saying goes, in order to allow our Divine Plan to express Itself through us, Body and Soul. When we, the 'human being' can learn to 'get out of the way', our Divine Plan will be all that naturally expresses Itself through the physical form.

 Those who sense the Time has come to begin to re-build Society on a Code of Ethics understand that 'being Good' becomes the responsibility of every individual. More than 'lip service' has to be paid to the Idea of God-Good.

 Fortunately....or perhaps because the 'time has come' many people all over the world are expressing, in many Ways, the Spiritual Processes leading to Greater God-Awareness and making the effort to put this Information to work in their daily lives.

This Essay is being recorded a few days after the 'not to be forgotten', September 11, 2001 attack on America. The massive destruction of Life and property in New York City has awakened many who were 'asleep' to their responsibility and Sacred Duty to protect 'the God-Freedoms established in well as all that the Idea of Freedom means, not only to Americans but people of the whole world.

 That unconscionable attack on the World Trade Center opened the eyes of the world to danger of the sinister forces at work in the world and of the need each individual has to focus on protecting Life and property not only in America but wherever free people strive to create a Way of Life.

That attack opened the eyes of the world to the threat posed by an ideology opposed to Freedom.....

For Freedom of the individual is the Issue.

All over the world there are people who have been politically and philosophically brainwashed and who have come under the control of a very sinister force. These people are the pawns in the plans of certain of mankind to destroy Freedom wherever it currently exists on the Planet.

This hatred of freedom and disobedience of God-Law is what seems to me to be an ancient curse falling on some of humanity, who ages ago turned its back on God.....and now must fight to regain the Freedom they willingly surrendered in those long ago times or live under the curse of oppression.

 And because the stakes are so high, we all must join in the fight to help in what may be the Battle of Armageddon in which we fight to preserve the Spirit of Freedom on Earth....or go down with the ship once again!

Freedom is the Issue! 

And the challenge has been thrown out to the free world through those who are using terrorism to overwhelm us. 

Fortunately....and Thank God....many are beginning to understand the real issues behind all the 'isms'....understand the 'control mechanisms' being perpetrated on society, by government experiments in fascism, socialism, money control...the various religious, media and societal groups exerting emotional and mental many deliberate or ill conceived ideas being forced on citizens that result in individuals giving up or having taken away basic freedoms.

Fortunately, many Spiritually inclined people around the world see this happening....and are working for changes that will bring about a moral, Spiritual Outlook outpicturing within all our Institutions of government, business and religions groups.

 The whole world has been affected by the September 11 attack on America....and will be affected by how we in America react to that attack.

The question we are asking ourselves is. 'Do we let that evil force get away with attacking us....or do we go after those  'bandits' and stop them before they can continue to kill and destroy and terrorize us and others?

  Americans understand that their responsibility extends beyond themselves. Not only in what they can do, technically and economically but in how the deeper meaning of 'fighting for Freedom' must be shared...and then demonstrated, as they show how a free people can live within that Concept of Freedom for all'?   

Recently I was reading a book about Confucius, His Life and His Teaching....I was very interested to read that He had dedicated His Life to teaching others how to bring order into their lives and into the lives of their families and Empire. He is said to have had a Vision that has been described as a “social order in communion and collaboration with a Cosmic Order”.

 Apparently He believed that we could bring order into our lives by personally tapping into the Divine Order of Heaven and individually, conveying its Love and Wisdom through the culture in which we live....letting Spirituality flow through that culture’s daily activities....through it’s science, literature, ritual and each individual freely follows his or her dream, which I’m sure is the Dream of the Soul to manifest its Etheric Blueprint.  

Years ago I wrote an Essay in which I had observed..... “that in order to bring order into our lives, we need to create an Atmosphere of Love, and exercise Wisdom in our daily efforts...and that is made possible....even easy, as we begin to KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Which leads us to the realization that all Knowing is to be found within us. And that Knowing leads us to Understand that all our human/Soul Experiences are designed by us and are our personal, free-will ways of expressing the Greater REALTY of ourselves....a State of Being which is only possible within the context of personal freedom'.


I sensed those many years ago, that Higher Levels of Realization come about as we (FREELY) make use of our Innate Spiritual State of Being to figure out WHAT IS RIGHT FOR US....using simultaneously, attributes of both Body and Soul....using human power in Partnership with God-Power, expressed freely in every aspect of our Soul Journey on Earth....getting Direction tailored to our evolution. 

I often mull over this Idea of the human/Soul Partnership.

 For many years I struggled to see how and where the human and Spiritual Energies merged in an ordinary life. There seemed to be a gap....Godness on one side of the Great Divide and human-ness on the other.

 I felt that God and man should be working together....merged in a common effort for the good of all....but saw clearly that this was not happening....and if not, then the human side of Life seemed empty....seemed like a cruel joke, taking into consideration all the uncertainty and misery that often is a part of many lives....even in the lives of those on a Spiritual Pathway there was uncertainty about where and what 'God' was and what if any part did 'God' play in our daily lives.

 I always 'believed in God' as a Spiritual Aspect of human Life and remember thinking and wondering  'if Godness is at work in the Life of human beings, why then all the misery?' I had not figured out the Soul Connection.

 I was to spend many years, experiencing much, before I was certain of the human/Soul Partnership, a State of Being that allowed me to rationalize a 'believable and provable' Perspective about Life.....Body and Soul. I finally understood what can be accomplished if one is simultaneously focused, humanly and Spiritually....Body and Soul, both on the same track. 

Allow me to digress for a minute or two....and add a 'disclaimer' at this point.

Many years ago, when I began sharing concepts of Soul and Godness, the hope was to find others others who were searching with whom to share. Perhaps to help others who would identify with these Ideas that I’ve spent years searching out, studying and putting into practice.

  Perhaps, I thought I might shorten the route for someone else. As I express these Ideas, I ask my reader (or listener) to believe there is never on my part, any desire to interfere with Freedom or the Beliefs of another.

 , In creating this radio program (and now this website), I think carefully before sharing Ideas that have evolved for me and have given meaning to my Life.

I meditate....and pray that anything I say will only bring encouragement, perhaps some Enlightenment. My greatest concern is always that I not add to the existing Spiritual confusion. There is always that risk when we attempt to share our Concepts and Ideas with others. Personally we risk being wrong. Or being scorned. But worse than that we risk giving incomplete or completely erroneous information. That is always my greatest concern.   

But I look at my bookshelves, filled with all levels of 'Spiritual accuracy' ....some really marvelous books....

books someone took a risk in writing....

books someone took a risk in publishing.

And we wonder what the general knowledge of mankind would be today if those authors and publishers, had been afraid to take a risk....what if they had been afraid to be wrong....what if they worried about how we would view their efforts....their philosophy....

And with all that in mind, I continue to take pen in hand and continue to write.

At all times my specific purpose is to help a reader or listener get his or her own information and become free through


There is only One Pathway to Freedom on this Planet.

Remembering the Twin Towers, we know there is only one pathway to security on this Planet and That Pathway is through Brotherhood.

There was an Essay in which I wrote... “Let us first speak of Divine Love....which is not the lower quality of emotional human love, but is rather the most Powerful Quality of Love from Above....that which gives us Form and Life....

The Love that leads us forward....that gives us Purpose.

This 'Love, this Greater than human Love, requires our understanding and self-discipline if we are to translate It into constructive human action.

 What we call Divine Love involves extending ourselves, Body and requires using our human and Spiritual Energy to 'serve' rather than to be served....

knowing that no effort on our part occurs in a vacuum....

that when we give our Life Essence in a Spirit of Divine Love, we move Divine Energy in a positive circle that benefits both the one who receives as well as the one who sent It forth. 

Aspiring to activate the Greater Love in our daily lives involves compassion/Brotherhood for and with our fellowman....

requires the Realization of our Inherent Responsibility to both 'Highest Godness' and Its Creation, of which we are all a part.

 We come to the point (of realization) where we accept a disciplined Life style as the Path to Higher Spiritual Ground....having learned through experience that other Paths may bring momentary pleasure, but inevitably that pleasure is fleeting. We come to those forks in the road that give us the choices....experience those times when we are ready to 'unconditionally give of ourselves'....wherever we are. It becomes that simple. 

We learn to expand Godness through free will action, doing our part to raise the Vibration of all Life Energy everywhere. 

We learn that Divine Love is self-replenishing....that the more we nurture others, the more we are nurtured....that it is impossible to do for another, without doing for ourselves. Divine Love is our Power....the Power we use on Earth in the human arena....the Essential 'Power Ingredient' in the pursuit of a successful Life.....Power that increases exponentially as we use It in our Life Journey....extending and expanding Love as we go.....learning that Loving and caring is our Sacred Work.

(As I watched those two Trade Towers collapse with all those thousands of people being smashed in the rubble, I wondered if the terrorists had ever thought about all of this.)

 How is it that all people do not not want for themselves peaceful interactions among people that offer them the opportunity to have decent lives....while freely accepting and even Loving one another? What is it some people don't get? Why is dying better than trying to live....why is killing better than giving and receiving love....better than serving the needs of others?

Eventually if enough choose to make 'Loving Life' their State of

Being, the world will be 'saved' from hate and destruction

 and we will attain some even Higher Goals as we proceed along that Love Pathway.

 It can be assumed that all fallen short of having loving enough in any one Life experience. Or realize now the need to love enough in order to accomplish the great Goal of finishing the Soul's Work on the Earth Plane.

Most of us strive to achieve some measure of Christhood. But could we, perhaps, achieve our full God-potential through Love. 

Love is a mystery to some....both human love and Divine Love. And particularly so in this period of time when so many live intellectually....always in their heads...many identifying only with the mental processes....and with those things that can be seen or felt or used in a physical way.

There are dimensions of Love that are difficult to understand and explain. How do we explain or describe the 'feelings of our hearts', feelings that touch us and give us those exquisite sensations or longings or reactions....clearly there is more to Love than just our human actions and reactions.

The Answers lie within those precious moments when we feel Cosmic Energy of Love. We know It must be 'Christ Love' we feel, for It fills us with such joy....and in It we find courage and gratitude and fortitude, we experience gentleness and compassion, given and received.

 What but deep Love causes tears to fill our eyes at the sight of Nature’s beauty or humanity's goodness....what causes our hearts to overflow with the most exquisite feelings of Joy at the sight of our loved ones. 


I wrote those words on LOVE late one night years ago.....they were not written with a thirty minute radio program in mind.....or to rationalize an attack on America.

Then there was no way to even imagine that people without conscience or scruples would attack and kill almost simultaneously, over 3000 peaceful people, September 11, 2001.....who could imagine that happening in the United States of America or anywhere else....

As I wrote then, I was simply mulling over the Idea of Love without thinking how that Quality of God-Love-in-action could have saved many lives that September morning....

it was just the way I was thinking late, that night.

This is a good place to say that much Teaching is given to us at night...while our bodies well as when we are awake and resting quietly. When the mind is quiet, Spiritual Thoughts can come in. Often I have awakened about two a. m. ....and have lain there wondering why I was awake....only to have Ideas begin to cascade into my mind. Those are the Ideas that filled many note books and from which many Essays were later written.

It is at night that I experience the Thoughts of Ascended Ones projecting Ideas for my personal Instruction. They do this for all who will 'listen'. 

One night, I wrote on the subject of Morality as follows....

“It seems to me that when we talk of 'morality', we are usually talking about systems or “philosophies for living” that define what a specific community considers right and wrong conduct by members of that community as they interact with each other on a daily basis. And historically, we find concepts, termed moral or immoral, have differed greatly according to the religious and ethnic customs of the time involved.  

But for those on the Spiritual Path, today or yesterday, the definition of morality will always be the same....

It will be defined by how people seeking Greater Understanding of God, must behave in their daily lives if they are to attain the Spiritual Height they seek.

Morality for them has an added definition....namely, do their daily actions aid or hinder them in their efforts to attain Christhood, which is their Soul’s re-union with 'God'. 

The morality of the Seeker for Christhood is nearly always....perhaps, always, expressed in Service to Life. And that Service is defined within Boundaries of Righteousness....

Righteousness being the Right Use of God’s Laws in every area of one’s Life.

As I think about this, I see that if we are expressing 'righteousness' we are imbuing our every thought, feeling and action with trustworthiness, truthfulness, with 'constancy of heart' and loyalty to the Highest Principles of Honor, Justice, Mercy and Compassion. 

And immorality? Immorality must involve the misuse of God’s pure Energy....the Gifts of God’s Light, God’s Consciousness and Energy one wastes at any level of the earthly self....mental, emotional, physical or Spiritual. Immorality is as simple as the time we waste....the squandering of Life in ways that robs the individual of the ability to serve another Part of Life when a Gift of Light is needed.

Morality today as well as yesterday, as well as immorality, at the human level, comes down to what religions or society allow at a given time.

It is quite a different story for the Soul striving to evolve.

  Spiritual Morality has been laid out for us in Wisdom that flows down through the Ages such as the Ten Commandment, the Laws of the Prophets, the Golden Rule, the Wisdom of the Christed Jesus and His Apostles. We have the Ancient Wisdom of Inspired Teachers of other times....historical records of Those Who have come over thousands of years to Teach the One Truth....about the One God.

Today, Spiritual Schools of Thought examining and studying the Mystical Ideas and Beliefs of the Ancients are delving into the more mystical Mysteries of God ....and tying it all into the human/Soul needs of our day.....teaching the moral, mystical Standards to those who wish to come up Higher in their Service to Life....who seek more Meaning in their lives.

Today's New Teaching is giving us a new Key to our Spiritual Evolution. It tells us WHO WE REALLY ARE and Teaches again the Ways to live the Divine Laws of Spiritual Morality in our daily lives.

Thus, we live in a time

 when we do well to understand

that man stands in a two fold relationship to the Great Law.

One is with his own I AM Presence and the Greater Supreme Beingness of the Universe

The other is his relationship with his fellow man and woman with whom he is to dispense Divine Love at the Earthly level. 

It is difficult for those yet bound in the round of rebirth to see the Whole picture of their Life Journey, for we stand in the manner of one who assembles a jigsaw puzzle and has placed together but a few of the pieces composing the whole picture.

 This is why Faith is so important.

We have the's called 'free will'.... of rejecting Spiritual Concepts that seem unclear....

but we should exercise that privilege carefully when we are entrusted with New Concepts. In the fullness of time, the Circle of Understanding of those Concepts will be complete. 

Words of the One we know as Jesus:

”Is it not peculiar that men are so inclined to express absolute certainty concerning matters about which they know so little, while frequently expressing uncertainty about things of which they ought to know a great deal. The balancing Power of Love, when it is directed to all parts of Life, is the greatest lever there is to elevate the character of man (to Godhood). It has been well said that where there be tongues, they shall cease....but Charity or Divine Love never faileth”.

"Think you that in extending the Love of the Father to a cynical or scornful one who reviles you and flaunts the love you give, you do ill?

I tell you nay: for though it be far from him, he will one day remember and perhaps look for the proffered Gift. By expressions of hatred and shame, men mar the surface of their own Souls;

 By expressions of virtue and honor, they lay up in Heaven a wreath of Victory on behalf of all Life." 

 “Consider the billions of Lifestreams evolving on the Planet. Consider the weight of human despair and discord....the boundless fears generated daily by their uncertainties and struggles. Ask yourself: Would you add one jot or title of energy to this world weight, to this distress and to mankind’s unhappiness? 

"Then mark well the golden moments as opportunities for the Dispensation of Grace.

Let judgment remain the prerogative of the Karmic Board. They render it with good qualifications and compassion. They seal each judgment with the power of opportunity. They are ever mindful that God chastens those whom He loves....and their Mercy droppeth as the gentle rain upon the Souls who suffer the necessity of karmic judgment." 

"Study holy Wisdom, to generate Holy Love and thus use God-given Power to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven among men....

O Being of Man: With all thy getting, get understanding of the Eternal Principles." 

"When We, in Heaven, ask how can We best relieve human suffering and reestablish Mighty Principles that will enable man to endure....We recognize that in the final analysis, it is the recognition and self-determination by man himself as an individual, that sets him apart from his fellows and makes him God’s man." 

"We examine the fabric of Souls, those who are Spiritually great in the eyes of 'God'. They have in common the unswerving faith in the LAW OF UNIVERSAL LOVE, WISDOM AND POWER.

In them We see a common reverence for Nature, and uncommon sense of 'sense of assessment', whereby self-virtue is recognized only as a reasonable sacrifice and offering.

 We see no arrogant demanding for deference or favor that would set them apart or exalt them among others.

But only a firm unyielding devotion to be a vessel in the hands of the Infinite One in order to convey unlimited blessing to others." 

"During my Galilean ministry I often said, “Go and sin no more” I also admonished, “Go and do thou likewise (do as I do). These Christ commands were intended to evoke a response from the Mighty God-Power within Souls forgiven or healed." 

"Today I say to all;

Let all proneness to human error cease.

 Let all virtue and wisdom and loveliness....all beauty, all courage, faith and raised on high in the citadel of your own Being.

 Keep the faith. Keep the courage...the determination.

Though Angels stand ready to bear thee up lest thou dash thy foot against the stone, yield not to one subtle temptation of that 'force' which would tempt thee to turn aside from the Path of the Lord, thy 'God'." 

"There are vibrations far, far above man’s poor power of perception in his present state which stem from the Living Fount of God’s Merciful Heart.

These speak of Infinite Mercy, of Infinite Beauty, of Infinite Compassion....of the dawn of a Mighty Civilization when the Golden Age shall have fully manifested.

 (Beloved Jesus- Corona Class Lessons)

 May we all breathe together one heart felt prayer....

Thy kingdom come,

 Thy Will be done,

on Earth as it is in Heaven. 



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