Taking Control of Our Lives    

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     The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 These are, as you know, Essays about Ideas....Practical Ideas to help us know more about our HUMAN/SOUL SELVES....

and there is much to know.

 Today I begin by paraphrasing words of another writer.

 John Mitchell wrote: ďThe rising sun crossing the horizon sends an electrical charge through the earthís magnetic field and has a correspondingly stimulating effect on the rhythm of our bodies and senses. The rising moon has a similar influence and to a lesser extent do the planets. The setting sun has the opposite effect. The birds fall silent, tribesmen rest quietly before the evening meal, a melancholy beauty is apparent throughout Nature. So it is with Ideas....Ē End of quote. 

His thoughts confirm mine....that there are Rhythms and Trends in the Movement of everyday Life, which moves those Trends within a Grander Plan, which is so far reaching as to make oneís head spin to try to comprehend it....but the time has come again, for modern man to learn about the long Cycles of Time, which are really Cycles in which certain Ideas are the WAY OF LIFE. We are beginning to understand those New Ideas that are appearing on the Horizon bringing in Changes in the Energy Patterns on Earth.

 One of the most important Ideas is that warfare is out....

and Peace is in....

and we are all being given the choice to choose one or the other....

before events occur in our lives, and the choice is made for us.

So wonít you join me today in voting for we say



In these days of new Ideas....we see old ways giving way to the dreams and thoughts begin to disturb the existing balance and begin to change each one of us individually and consequently, begin to change society...we wonder how much WE have to change to ďgo with the flow of the New Energy Patterns?

 Or get swept away on the outbound tide.

 How do we keep control of our changing lives....and what part of our lives are we talking about.... and what can we really do? So letís talk about the human side of our lives first. 

First of all, thereís so much going on in the world....politically, economically....there are continuing squabbles over ancient racial and religious issues....issues over sexuality and gay marriage, should we insist on some level of religious education for the young ones as a basis for understanding 'morality'....there is so much controversy within all that's  'going on', that individually we may never know enough about most of it, in time to make a difference at the human level. And I believe we are running out of 'time' where human inadequacies are concerned....and before some Higher Hand takes control.

Because of the way information is handled by governments and by the media at all levels, (this is written in year 2001) we have had to hope for the best as we consider the big human America and in the rest of the world. The facts are there if one takes the time to dig deeply enough....and to follow the action, day by day.

But the average person....that's most of us....understand practically nothing about the real reasons for political and economic unrest in the world at large....have no ideas what to do about disease and hunger and the substandard living conditions in many countries. Yes, it takes constant digging for facts to begin to realize what desperate straits many people of the Planet are in personally....then there is the constant threat of unconscionable terrorists in the Middle East. Itís not hard to understand why there are those who are concerned about 'Armageddon'.

As I write this, most people I know are eating well....have a roof over their heads....clothes to wear and some of the luxuries.... over all, every thing looks OK for the average American and European citizen.

However, most of these same people are unaware that the world faces the possibility of an economic crisis....a major energy crisis....many in America do not know that our Constitutional Form of Government is under attack by the socialist/liberal thinking that continues to undermine Freedom and individual Rights. The younger generations are being taught by 'liberal' academics that they have the 'right' to re-write to suit themselves, this Set of carefully crafted, sublime Laws...with each generation bringing Americans that much closer to losing their Constitutional rights. 

Then there are those 'special interest' groups who demand special treatment....pushing for laws that pamper 'that group'.

. Can we guess what happens when thoughtless or selfish people form powerful groups, anywhere in the world, and no longer get what they want....what happens when they cease to control themselves?

 If people of the world donít wake up and begin to get practical about all these matters....if they don't learn about the complexity of 'money'....about taxation and how it is designed and used....about job creation and foreign trade....about the difference between socialistic and capitalistic ideas that drive governments....Little thought is given to how much is taxed away from those who produce wealth....and no thought is given to how much can be spent on the non-producing sectors both in America and around the world, before the producers are destroyed....and now there is nothing to give away to the non-producers. Money doesn't grow on we remember that old saying? Somebody produces it.

These are old ways' that must give way to New Ideas that allow all to eat and all to build lives commensurate with their abilities without interference from outside influences as all live those lives within boundaries of Law....

such as the Constitution of the United States of America. 

  If we don't begin to understand this, people will soon wake up and find themselves and their countries bankrupt, economically and Spiritually.

And if we, the people of the world, cannot solve these economical and political problems, itís just a matter of time before what we have now collapses....our 'freedoms' will be gone as 'strong ruthless men and women' move into the vacuum, take over and begin to dictate to us.

 A study of history proves this.

But we still have choices....for awhile, yet.

So one of the choices being offered us, as this Piscean Cycle ends, is to choose what kind of government we want over us. Fewer and fewer people know that America began as a Republic of Just and Fair Provisions and Laws...few realize that the 'process of governing' is slipping farther and farther away from that Pure Concept of Government.

Each time there is an election (in America) those who take time to vote are choosing the kind of government that will direct their lives and the lives of their children.....will it be 'liberal....wherein the people decide what they want day by day...

or will it be 'conservative'....which describes those in America with the willingness to abide by a set of just and Spiritual Laws, that don't change with the whims of 'the people'.

 At the moment more and more voters are leaning heavily toward liberalism/Socialism....about 50 %....and Socialism is anything but fair and just, if one believes in Freedom of Choice of the Individual. The big question in America is, will Americans wake up and see the erosions of Freedoms they have taken for granted. And is it too late to save American Freedom? And if it is, are those of us who 'believe in the God given Freedom of America', ready to lose it? 

The Christian Spirit of Brotherhood and Morality is under heavy attack....literally being de-constructed before our very eyes,

to a point where, through lack of Understanding of the Values upon which this Country was founded

and through deliberate undermining of those Values by those who hate what America stands for,

nothing is Sacred and no debasement of human nature is taboo.

 We wonder if intelligent, aware Americans are going to allow this to continue? Itís another choice faced by each thinking individual.  

On the subject of taxation;

When Governments become 'big', at any time in history, taxation always becomes the biggest burden of the people. It is definitely the biggest burden for those Americans who choose to create businesses and work for themselves and others...that's about half the population....and about half of every dollar earned by that group is snatched away before the earner ever sees it....and is spent in thousands of ways the earner never knows about and in many cases spent on projects the earner would never vote for....if he or she knew what was happening to the money earned but never seen.

The latest news is that the UN is saying that Americans (and perhaps citizens of other countries) should shoulder more of the financial burden for the non-producing people of the whole is proposed that Americans be taxed directly by the UN to support their Projects, particularly in countries of lawless and godless war lords and dictators.

Americans are highly controlled, by laws and regulations, Federal, State, County, City etc. etc. etc.... in their homes as well as in their businesses....that includes both employer and employee and still it seems America is still the Land of Opportunity.

Today the average American works more or longer hours than he/she did ten years ago....certainly more than twenty years ago....earning almost the same wage as ten years ago...but having to deal with the inflated cost of everything needed to sustain an ordinary lifestyle.

 Many families no longer have a mother staying home to raise the children as it often takes two salaries to pay the rent....children are being raised by strangers....or left alone after school....many of them getting into serious trouble.

Then thereís seemingly endless government sponsored entertainment and diversion for these young people.....while government directed public schools are getting control of childrenís minds...often brainwashing them politically and Spiritually....making it difficult for parents to help children work through childhood concerns and confusion that arises out of amoral and contradictory information whirling around them.

And today many parents are confused as to what their responsibility actually is, as their children tell them what to do.  And the legal system generally backs up 'what the children want'.

And so we have godlessness working its way with the people of Earth....

We, the people, are allowing it....




and choosing to live their lives within that godlessness.

We have come to the end of a Life Wave of about 26,000 Solar years...and we are nearing the end of a Cosmic Cycle, which is about 2100 years....and the end of another millennium....and if ever we needed God Patience and God Direction and Guidance, we need it now.

 We small people seem powerless to do anything about the major problems of modern life. And humanly there may be little we can do about it....unless and until we choose to empower ourselves with the Knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE....until we choose to put on the Whole Armor of God in acknowledging our HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP and get to work to solve the problems of our time within a Spiritual mind-set and with God Power.

 Thereís still time to choose. 

With those thoughts uppermost in our minds, letís pause to re-enforce that God-Power around and within ourselves.

 Take a deep breath and know we are breathing in the Essence of our Holy Christ Self....It flows into us continuously and out to Bless the World around us.

Letís center and ground ourselves in our 'Quiet Place', and ask for the most High and Holy Peace that exists in this Universe to come into our our lives and fill our Hearts and Minds with that ďPeace that passeth understandingĒ, so that Peace may begin to cover over every thing on Earth that is not peaceful.


Now as we Wrap ourselves in the Peaceful Heart Light of God

Seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our hearts and minds to highest Information Channels,

As we invite Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become perfected Channels for Light and Illumination

For Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.

So, weíve talked about our difficult human situations....

Now letís talk about the Spirit Side of our lives. For this is where we will find our Answers. Answers that have always existed on this Planet...Answers that exist within each one of us now....but we have forgotten this.

 I want to talk about how ancient we are and that it appears we have always worked to understand and express our Godness in all ages in which we have lived.

 John Mitchell addresses this in his book, City of Revelation....a very fascinating book. I will weave some of his information together with some of my Spiritual Ideas to present what I think is a picture of Soulness evolving over the ages. I may not be able to ďkeep this simpleĒ....but will try.

If you remember in the first program of this series I laid out my Perceptions of WHO I THINK WE ARE IN GODíS SCHEME beginning with this: 

I said it appears to me that from the beginning of earliest Spiritual Instruction on Earth people have DESCRIBED OR HAVE UNDERSTOOD


 And through the ages different civilizations found unique ways of describing and living these Ideas. 

The scientists and philosophers of other times had a different understanding and possibly a more practical or natural approach to working with the mysteries of the Universe.

 Ancient people studied the skies and came to very accurate conclusions with nothing more than using their minds and simple tools. They were aware of Cycles of time and they saw related to periods of history.

 They divided large Cycles by units of 12.

They identified with powerful Beings and understood that twelve Great Astrological Deities presided over the Universe and directed the Destiny of their lives.

They figured out that each of these Deities ruled over a twelfth part of a Great Year which they figured out to be 25,920 years....thus each Astrological Being reigned for what today is called a Platonic Month of 2160 years.

 All of this had practical meaning in their daily lives. 

Sacred History says that each Platonic month, that is, each 2160 year period, starts with a story of a Divine man.

 Much of the story we have about the Life and Teaching of Jesus, complete with the story of Virgin Birth, can be found repeated over and over in ancient stories.

 To this Divine Man is attributed the characteristic Astrological Sign or Symbol of the Age. Thus. we have our Piscean Divine Man or Savior, the Being we know as Jesus, the Christ, coming at the beginning of the Piscean Age. The fish is the Astrological Symbol for that Age and thus we have many references that combine the name of the Piscean Savior with the Symbol of the fish.

Thus it is certain that each Age is given its Savior....I like to equate that with the Idea of being given 'our Daily Bread'.....each coming with all the New Ideas necessary for the human/Soul Partnership to evolve and move forward in that Age.

Now we are ending the Piscean Age and getting ready to enter the Aquarian. We can be certain the Message of the Christ as brought to us through 'Jesus' is being updated to accommodate the accelerated Energies of the Incoming Aquarian Cycle.

Is God, the Father sending us another Messenger?

Will 'A Christed One' manifest again on Earth, visible for all who have 'eyes to see'?

Do we wonder what good it does us to know about ancient times? And today we have a tremendous amount of new information.

Well, assuming we can get out of our self created boxes....and assuming we arenít afraid to think for ourselves, I would say history gives us a chance and a choice to observe at least the past few thousand years and ask if thatís all we want to know about Life....if thatís all we need to know for our future growth.

 Or whether we want to see if thereís more to the picture.

 By looking back through the cycles we can, perhaps gain a sense about Spirituality as it was processing then and glimpse where 'God' has been taking the world as these Cycles and Waves of Time have come and gone. And where we may be going as we enter the Age of Aquarius.   

We ask, 'What is the next step of 'Godís' Plan and how does this Aquarian energy, which is very different from the Piscean energy, fit into our lives?

 Will it change our lives....or perhaps, do we have to change our lives to fit the Energy?

We are told there is much clean up of Energy before we are finished with the work of the present Age....but thereís no Rule that says we canít begin to think about a Golden Age....a more perfect Age of Greater Spiritual Knowledge.

 It is for us to always remember: What we experience now or in the future, always depends on what we can or will and believe today. 

As I look at times past, it seems that while the physical mind was evolving, people believed that Astrological Deities had power over their minds. In those times, many people werenít ready to exercise control over their lives. So 'God' set them within a Plan where there was always Direction from Higher Beings. This is still true, but the Plan Itself has evolved.

Always, there have been Those of Greater Evolution Who were Teaching and those human beings who were being given an Understanding of a Supreme Being and of the Greater Plan. It appears that somewhere on the Planet in all times The Philosophy called the Law of the One was being taught, along with the Knowledge of each individualís uniqueness and Godness within that Law and Plan.

Everything points to That Cosmic Truth....

that was always being taught somewhere here on Earth from the beginning of the Soul's human experience here.

 Some of what we are re-learning in these modern times, became hidden....some often could only be taught in the 'Mystery Schools'.  This was the case in much of the past two thousand years.

There have always been individuals being taught, and many are being taught today, that as the human being becomes Conscious of his Indwelling Soul and recognizes WHO HE REALLY IS and WHAT HIS PURPOSE IS, he can achieve dominion over his own mind, realizing his body as the Temple for the use of the Soul.

 And today we continue to use the old Astrological Information as an additional tool to help us see into our past and to get a better sense of  what our Soul Pathway is, using it as another way to describe ourselves. 

I think we can safely say that the Truth has always been alive on the Earth and there were always some Who tended the Flame and always some Who were ready to embrace the Ideas of human Spirituality, always some ready to implement and communicate the Idea of embodied Soulness.

Always there have been those who recognized and taught that we are all part of the One Great and Single Cosmic Plan. Older cultures have had some understanding of this, and there were always philosophical people who saw themselves (their Spiritual Selves) as being 'at the center' of their human lives.....describing that Part of Themselves as small units of a very large Idea with which I am in perfect agreement.

It can therefore be surmised that each Life Wave was using the same Spiritual Information....just using it in different ways to achieve specific Spiritual Mastery, having different icons and making it look to us as though those Ancients had strange and different religions.


But if analyzed, some of the same Spiritual Information will be found existing in yesterday's cultures and within differing cultures of today....and unless we can understand this, we canít understand our past....or appreciate the many ways humanity looks to God.

Or understand the re-emergence of the Mystical Perceptions, that seem new but are actually very ancient, having been placed on Earth when man was placed on Earth.

 The ancient, original, simple Truth is emerging again....asking us to open our minds and get out of our little boxes. A huge universe awaits our Awakening...and the Oneness and Unchangeable Aspect of Original Truth remains the same, yesterday and today and forever

In speaking of the Ideas of the ancients, Mitchell puts it this way: ĒScholars like to trace the progress of science from the first manufactured tool to the most recent agent of world destruction. Meanwhile philosophically, scholars have misunderstood what he calls the geocentric cosmologies of older cultures. These are Ideas that describe Looking out on Life from within Oneís Own Personal (Soul) Center.

This was Philosophic Reasoning of much older times. Today people like to think that ancient and older cultures were untaught and ignorant of Philosophic and Scientific Knowledge and Reasoning.

 However when the medieval Church declared the Earth to be at the Center of the Universe as a matter of actual fact, there were in other existing cultures, those who knew otherwise and had known otherwise for a very long time. 

Today many are addressing their desire and making the effort needed to take intelligent control of their lives. That is the Message of the Aquarian Age.

For me this lies in Understanding our past, present and futures. It lies in choices to whether we accept the Scientific view of the world where we are asked to think of ourselves as irrelevant particles in infinite space.... contrast to what I would have us think....

namely, that each one of us is an Unique and Special Unit of Life....

a Spark of Life that is a miniature world,

a part of some much Greater World....

 and in the Center of that Miniature Cosmic World, we live our unique lives....

while knowing that the Spark, the God-us is connected directly to that greater Universal Aspect of all Life. 

Taking control of our lives, starts with knowing that we have all the Power needed already within us, that it is to be used to do whatever we will, knowing we must always stay within the Will of that Greater Power.

 Today there is nothing to stop us from having control of our lives except our HUMAN THINKING AND BELIEVING AND CHOOSING.  

Itís what and how we think and believe about ourselves AND CHOOSE FOR's how we see our Place in the Greater Scheme of Life that is determining, day by day what we can and finally will do and can become.

Itís all about changing our Belief System and Personal Focus from limiting Ideas about ourselves to beginning to begin to recognize Bits of Our Greater Selves, spiraling out of a Great Central Source to begin the Soul Process of humanly matriculating, becoming Who WE REALLY ARE in the Greater Sense here, a human/Soul Partnership expressing our Perfect Purpose on Earth.

 Then comes the realization that we weren't sent out into the Universe without the Soul Mind having in It the God Knowledge needed to work on this Planet. The only thing we, the Bit of Christed Soulness, lacked was EXPERIENCE....and thatís what the many Ages and Waves of Life have provided....and perhaps is the Reason for them. 

I have no problem seeing each one of us as a tiny geo-centric exact replica of the Great Universe....and all of time and space stretching out behind us and before us.

 At this moment we are co-partners with a human being in a Journey of Discovery on Earth and co-creators with God in His Heavens. Seeing ourselves in this more comprehensive way, releases us from ages old confinement in boxes of limited vision.  

There is so much about Life we take for granted....we all do it....being more or less unaware of Lifeís Great Gifts. But if we can begin to Internalize and Understand the Cosmic Patterns of both Godís visible and Invisible Creation, we can quickly become convinced of the Rightness and Oneness of all Life within One Magnificent Plan.

Those of us who have been searching for Truth, have found that there has always been Teaching and there are always Teachers ready and waiting to help us realize our Soul Reality within the human journey....which youíve heard me say so often is really the JOURNEY OF THE SOUL. We all have Invisible Help as we humanly work through some of the storms and trials of physical life....striving to control the ebb and flow of our lives, working for and expecting there to be, safe havens.

In time, the combined Knowledge of our Human/Soul Minds and Hearts directs our work here.

Be aware that the primary focus for all of us today is Service....Cosmic Service. We are here to be the Hands and Feet, the Mind and Heart of the Great Beings Who direct this System of Worlds. We are Their Emissaries and Partners here. They are enabled to work with us through our Willingness to serve God here. Thus, we become Channels for Their Light, Their Consciousness to flow onto this Planet. 

Understand that our hearts are Chalices into which the Greater Life pours the Spiritual Graces here, inspiring and enriching everyone who has a receptive mind. Through our Love of God, we draw the Joy of Life into the Life of the Planet....and begin to turn around many of the destructive activities engaged in by people today. 

Joy, flowing upon the Peaceful Currents of our Life, enters the lives of people everywhere.

This is what finally puts an end to ancient greed....

Joy ends all desires to control others....

Joy, flowing on Peaceful Currents of many Lives, flowing into the lives of many people everywhere, is the Answer to all our human problems....

allowing many minds to open to the Understanding of the 'God Intelligence' that acts naturally within all Life everywhere. 

And Heaven doesnít need to be a Place apart from us while weíre here....

or more accurately stated, we do not have to be apart from Heaven.

Heaven is, among all other things, a State of Mind....and if we are feeling Heavenly about our lives, itís because weíve living in an Energy of Joy, which is an Energy of Higher Frequency. We are drawing Light and Love and Joy into and about ourselves.

If we will imagine the Higher Heavens, we can begin to access them through our daily work, as each day we are focused on Fulfilling our Divine Plan, which is Godís Great Plan. We are taking our focus away from the cares of the world....even from our own small cares, which sometimes can seem mighty. We are placing our attention on Joy and imagining where Perfection exists as a normal Way of Life.   

We are not the only ones who think about Greater Life and Perfect Heavens, for listen again to what St. John wrote talking  ďabout a new heaven and a new earth...He  wrote....Ē.for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there was no more sea....And I, John saw the Holy City....the new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of HeavenĒ....confirming our Ideas of Heaven and that we are not the first to Dream the Dream of a Heavenly City. Of a Golden, Spiritual Civilization.  

Our dreams of Heaven are ancient dreams....they exist in our Soul Memory....they are our God Dream of Divine we transport to Earth and are intended to translate into Life on Earth. We have in our Soul Memory Banks Ideas of Heaven and Earth Unity. We have Ideas of Prophetic Spirit, of Divine Revelation. It is part of our Soul Lives here....allowing us to know about Life and Its True Course according to a remembered Cosmic Rhythm. We remember a kind of constructive World Order that allows the Creativity of God to flow on Earth.

There is the Remembrance of a lost Primeval Harmony.

 Yes, the Soul remembers the Ancient Dream of Divine Order and knows It has the Responsibility for making that Dream come true on Earth....the Soul knows Divine Order is the Way of Life in the Incoming Aquarian Cycle. 

It wasnít until I wrote a workbook I called Beliefs many years ago, that I discovered these Soul remembrances....only then I didnít know them as such....I just called them ďintuitionĒ....and wondered how I knew what I seemed to know and thought I imagined much.

 Even in these Essays....I often write Information that is new to me. So after years of wondering where it all came from, Iíve come to understand the many Ways in which we can all access Knowledge that is already part of's there when weíre ready for It....when we need It. 

And so Iíve gone far-a-field today in my thinking about how WE TAKE CONTROL OF OUR LIVES. I understand that the lives of most people of the Planet today are anything but simple....there is so much diversity, so much choice and lack of choice and so little agreement among all the levels of society. The scenario I laid out in the beginning of this talk requires letting Divine Know-How come into our lives....and possibly invoking a Bit of Divine Intervention for good measure.  

The problems of our society are not only terribly complex....but are the end product of thousands of years of the mis-use of Godís Pure Energy. Just think of all the wars....all the hatred and terrible cruelty people have inflicted on each other in the goes on today. All that discord in all that Energy has to be forgiven and purified before anything New and Clean can be lowered onto the Planet.

The amount of Energy to be cleaned up and purified is far too big for the human-us alone. This is where Godness comes into the picture in Its many Forms....And this is where all our evolving Spirituality comes into the picture. The human Soul Partnership must become a Reality. Because only then is there a Prayer that everything impure can be made Pure.

All Answers exist in God. All Ways of doing anything and everything exist in the Mind of God. Today we are Spiritually Awakening and putting on the Mind of God.  

If we are sincere and faithful Seekers after Truth we are consciously building today a better future for humanity tomorrow....and for all time to come.

Most of us are living normal, busy, productive lives, and that very normality can serve us in Ways that serve both Body and Soul. We are capable of Knowing that in that Combined Way, Body and Soul, we more effectively serve not only our Divine Plan but Godís Greater Plan.

 If we are sincere Seekers, we are living for all that is Beauty and Goodness and Lives that place us within the Vibration of Love....knowing that Vibration evokes loving responses from those we contact....knowing fear cannot penetrate our Consciousness when all our actions are honest and righteous.

If we are sincere Seekers we are staying focused on the Christness of the Universe and on expanding the Christ Nature of our Souls...always working to fulfill Godís Expectations of us.

In this way, we constantly draw forth the Cosmic Christ Light

that serves us here....and serves God everywhere....

as we take Responsible Control of our Lives. 




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