Taking Control of Thoughts and Feelings

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime?  

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

Once again I come to share more practical Spiritual Ideas with you.

 Today I was thinking about how periodically there are times in our lives when situations force us to take a deep Inner, Spiritual but, practical look at ourselves. How it is often the difficult situations we face that force us to look for and find in ourselves those Ideas and Values that, in the long run, really matter.

 How often in the depths of despair or great need, do we begin to think about and care about WHO WE REALLY ARE.....

About who and what 'God' is....

What Life is really all about.

 This is where we often get the first sense of the human/Soul Partnership....where we first begin to understand how the human/Soul relationship is meant to be working.

 Working, not only in our lives, but how it is meant to further 'God’s' Visions for a peaceful, productive Planet Earth....a place where people have the hope of reaching the zenith of their potential, either as human beings or as evolving Souls.

 I found a definition of “zenith” that fits the bill ....quote “that point of the heavens vertically above one” while our human endeavors move us Soul level we are connected to and interacting with “that point in the heaven vertically above ourselves”....thus forming that ancient symbol of the cross....a human/Soul Partnership. 

If we are getting it right, at all times we are ready to direct all our efforts, visible and invisible, into fulfilling God’s Dream of Peace for this Planet. Thus this program is dedicated to the Ideal of the Prince of Peace.... and to all who work to make Peace a Reality... now shall we add our voices to Theirs and say:


In the Crawford household, our mornings start out with the customary procedures that set our lives into motion for that day. This always includes feeding and caring for fish, birds and cats, making our beds, having breakfast together, cleaning up dishes, etc.

It may mean putting a load of clothes in the washer and taking a load out of the may include any number of household chores we can cram into our mornings....may even include some gardening. And that part of our day ends when we head off to work.

 For me, these days have the additional effort required to write and record these programs....with the occasional diversion of guests which often are grandchildren, who visit during a school break.

 My life also includes giving direction to and often working with a young man who comes to help me in my garden.....which is one of my favorite places...and today, while covering some of the above territory, I was also spending a few hours with one of those grandchildren who are growing up too fast.  

But why am I telling this story? Because it illustrates the pace of our overly busy modern wonder the Invisible Side of our lives is neglected. Thus, many of us have a very great need to consciously take time to relax. To occasionally and deliberately take time to quiet our Energy during our busy days.

I often become very aware of this....realizing that my wheels are  spinning at every level of my Being....mentally, emotionally and physically and often Spiritually. And I realize this is how most of us live our lives, most of the time.

And it’s no wonder we have heart attacks and encounter the medical and emotional situations that indicate that our physical lives are breaking down.

We do tend to overwork and stress all the machinery of our lives. We become 'distressed'....dis-eased'. We over-stress and mis-use our Energy. And discomfort, at some level of Being, results. 

Realizing this, as often as I can remember to do it, I take a few minutes to center and ground myself.....using the same exercises I talk about every week....

Mentally I enter my Quiet Place....this morning I looked out upon a grassy field where gentle breezes were moving through the tall waves on the ocean. I find it easier to quiet my Energy if I get caught up in the beauty and simplicity of Nature.

So today, as we take this moment to quiet our thoughts, and feelings...perhaps stop the work of our hands.... I share with you the sight from my kitchen window of a gentle breeze playing over a field of green grass and purple lupine.

Now let’s add to that a picture we can hold in our minds of Rainbow Rays, visible or invisible, weaving their Patterns of Peace, Harmony and Mastery throughout all the aspects of Life.....visible and invisible.

 Let’s bring those scintillating Rays of Light into our homes....our businesses....let them spiral through our entire Life...seeing those colorful Rays interpenetrate every cell of the physical body and all the Energy that is our entire Lifestream. Those beautiful Rays of Light are now filling that Quiet Place we’ve created around ourselves.

 Now, we call all our Energy back to us....see It strengthened and purified as it passes through those Rainbow Rays....and we reinforce the Wall of Pure and Powerful White Light around all we have pictured. 

We might want to use a time like this to affirm....

”I AM completely at Peace in this moment of Cosmic Quiet.....

I Am taking this moment to fill my Life

with the Love, Wisdom and Power of my Indwelling Christ Soul”

and continue by wrapping ourselves in the Blazing Heart Light of God

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves.

Opening our minds to the Highest Information Channels

as we invite the Christ Light of our I AM God Presence

to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds.

We are becoming Channels for that Light and Illumination,

for Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.


I have titled this program

 Taking Control of our Thoughts and Feelings.

And I want to begin, by again thinking about both the human and Spiritual Aspects of our inherent responsibility for everything we do

 and for everything that happens to us....

believing that adopting that Concept, that Law of Life,

 helps us accept our Life as it unfolds day by day,

 while also making Life a more personal adventure.

 Which is exactly what it is. 

We’ve already discussed some of this....but let’s consider a point we haven’t covered....namely, that when we take responsibility for the results of our thoughts, feeling and actions, we stop blaming some else. And/or we aren’t feeling like a victim.

Those are two very common negative habit patterns we do well to avoid.

Blaming others

and self pity

always retards both our human and Spiritual Growth.

 In all situations we encounter, the Rule is to move on “accepting responsibility for our lives” move forward  beginning with focusing our attention on raising the vibration of our Energy,

We do this by learning how to purify and expand our Energy,

thus getting It ready to be used more Creatively now and in the future.

 Sometimes it seems that “bad things”

are happening to us....and it can be hard to accept the Idea that every experience, pleasant or unpleasant, is something we created or allowed to or agreed to experience.

 It can be hard to accept the Idea that every experience can move us forward, often toward some as yet, unknown goal. Only in retrospect will we see that. This is where we quietly accept responsibility for whatever is happening.... acknowledging a human or Soul mistake or inadequacy, using the experience to grow at all levels of Life.

 Accepting responsibility allows us to look at stop hiding from stop wondering who or what is to blame for those aspects of our lives that seem difficult or unpleasant. If we are honest with ourselves, those are the times that wake us up and sometimes, force us to look at ourselves.

 And in that State of Mind, we are willing to look for answers and reasons....and this is where we begin to grow up. 

As for questions and answers about Life in general....Almost everyone copes with difficult situations. This is not unusual. Every life contains many learning experiences. And we don’t always get it right the first time. Are we counting the results of trial and error, as bad things happening to us.....rather than learning experiences?

 In time we learn to live our lives in ways that allow us to correct old issues and get us ready for new situations.

Beyond the 'old', and at seemingly regular, well defined intervals, await 'new' experiences, where our lives take on new aspects that have nothing to do with what we are individually doing. Each twelve months is a growth interval....each twelve year cycle is a growth interval....and so on.

 Again, perhaps only in retrospect, can we see how information comes to us ,getting us ready for each new experience. Or that it is the new experiences that force us, Body and Soul, to periodically take stock of our lives and gives us opportunities to make some changes.

 An experience that changes the patterns of our daily lives doesn’t have to be traumatic.....but it will usually be one that gets our attention....and has the potential to move us in new directions....especially if that is our Divine Plan.

Those I have talked to about this phenomena that I call “events that signal impending change”, have told me, 'something happened that dramatically, turned me onto a new Pathway'

.....physically, mentally, emotionally or Spiritually. 

 I have had this experience a number of times in my life. Later, in retrospect I would realize I had been (forcibly) turned aside or away from a major portion of my normal life pattern of the time.....which only later did I realize were finished....although at the time of the event I didn't know that....and without the event I might not have known how to effect the change needed.

Also, and this is very important, for it will happen for everyone, at some point in our human lives, we find ourselves being offered the opportunity to focus on the Spiritual side of our lives.  

More books are being written to describe how one day, 'everything changed'. And the people telling these stories, generally say they suddenly find themselves serving a wider, Grander Purpose.

 They tell of awakening and moving into a more Spiritual Way of thinking and feeling about Life. Suddenly they make dramatic Life style changes.

 We all know how over the years we come to many forks in the us choices. Which choice we took yesterday, has determined today. Which choices we make today, determines our tomorrows And perhaps, our future for a long time to come.  

And this brings us back to needing to know we are responsible for everything that happens to us....and that much that 'just happens' is often for our good.

Knowing this grounds us, it humbles us....

but it also begins to give us control of our lives.

For now we begin to analyze our thoughts, feelings, actions. And especially our spoken words.

We watch how our minds work...we get in touch with our feelings, and watch how we act out those feelings. We listen and 'hear' the words we speak. We come to realize how it is that we are the sum total of everything we have ever done, thought or felt and how all of it has gotten us where we are today.

 If we practiced the piano yesterday, we may be pianists today. If we loved yesterday, we are loving and being loved today. If we ever injured someone by our thinking, feeling, action or spoken word, perhaps we are experiencing that injury in some way.

 When we can rationalize our behavior this way, we are ready to move to Higher Ground....ready to upgrade our Energy.

Next comes the 'clean-up step....we start by ceasing all actions we know don't serve us....we ask Forgiveness for mistakes that caused 'lack of harmony' in our lives or the lives of others.

And use the Spiritual Ways given to us to clean up, purify and raise the vibration of our Energy into a Higher Frequency....while raising our slower human consciousness into one of Higher Christ Consciousness.

 Here is an affirmation that is powerful. Everyday we can say:


This attitude and this Command to Life, will jump start the clean up action of our lives. For no matter what we’ve done or not done, the Spiritual Path always starts with accepting responsibility and invoking the Forgiveness of God. And then, we forgive ourselves and are truly repentant.

Our motives must be unselfish. All our thoughts and feelings are clearly discerned by Those Higher Beings Who wait to help us. We can never fool the 'God side of Life'. Our Energy defines us....the colors in our aura clearly reveal our state of mind and character. We fool no one but ourselves. 

So getting back to the question “why do, what seem to be bad things, happen to good people”....that is, to people who have no visible shortcomings. We can only understand this if we think in terms of having created 'bad' situations over many 'life experiences'....and the Energy colored by some of those 'experiences' is still within our Lifestream. It still has to be dealt with.....or it will continue to 'deal with us'....thus, the accidents, illnesses, economic and relationship problems, etc. If we can accept and understand this Concept, we can then figure out that we have a responsibility to 'Spiritually' the impurity out of our Energy.

We are always working with Cosmic Law....

which is completely mathematical and logical.

We always get to experience the good and bad results of our use of God’s Pure Energy. If we have lowered Its vibration, by our thoughts, feelings, actions and spoken word....we have but to raise It back to Its Original State and go on from there. But the clean up can often feel like pain or distress of some kind....for we get to experience some of torment and pain we may have inflicted on Life somewhere, sometime....a million years ago or yesterday. 

A few more words on the subject of 'change' that relates to what we’ve been saying. The Piscean cycle is ending. All Piscean Energy has to be cleaned up, purified and raised, getting It ready for the incoming Energy of Higher Frequency of the Aquarian cycle.

 This Raising Process will affect all our lives. Life will be easier for us if we accept the evolving situations, try to understand and cooperate and if possible participate.

 Thus, many New Dispensations have been given to us the past one hundred and fifty years. We’ve been given Cosmic Instruction and taught new ways to think, to live and to purify our ways to transmute and raise the vibration of our Energy.

One way uses those Rainbow Rays I’ve spoken of....particularly, the Violet Ray, which has a very high (electrical) frequency. This Higher Frequency dissolves any sticky dross that may be covering the atoms of the physical body. All impure substance clinging to the atoms of our body affects the Quality of our Energy.

  Spiritual Help is available

and we can have as much of It as we wish as we begin to live more Spiritual lives. As our Guides see we are sincere and are ready as the saying goes, “ to go and sin no more”, Information and people seem to magically find us....Answers to our problems appear.

Now, we take our attention from our problems and focus our attention on allowing those “Answers” to work for us. We can begin to sense what our tomorrows will hold, just by looking at how we are living our lives today.

 Life is very practical and predictable. That being the case, we just consciously watch what we do....never allowing our human nature to get out of hand...or justifying our negative actions, thoughts and feelings.  Everything we do comes back to bless us or haunt spades.

If not today....then tomorrow!  

So, with all that as a preface, and assuming we desire to upgrade our lives, Body and Soul, let’s look at how we can TAKE CONTROL OF OUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS and see if we can’t begin to give a happier or more productive direction to what our tomorrows will hold.

We’ve talked about the consequences of our spoken easily we can cast a shadow over Pure Energy...or darken our Energy even more with the vibration of thoughtless words. But what caused what thoughts and feelings from others caused us speak words we often wish had never been spoken. We will look at this from the standpoint of what causes us to speak or act....and then see how much we may be to blame for what causes others to 'sin'.

 Much human action is  “re-action”....which is why we were taught to count to ten before we say or do something we will regret later. I think we often react emotionally, without thinking. Most people aren't in touch with their feelings....and have never even thought about disciplining the mind and emotions. We aren't taught that in most cultures today.

Consider how we feel about criticism....think about our instant, often hurt or hateful response in reaction to criticism.

Think how we feel about any unloving attitude of family and friends....what emotion 'lights up' with their acceptance or rejection of us...think how we feel when we are being treated in a judgmental way by others.... and think, how our reactions to those situations often determine the course of our lives.

Then think how what we do, say or think causes the identical reactions of our family, friends and we help or hurt those who come our way by our thoughts and feelings.....or help or hurt even those at a distance at whom we cast our love or aspersions.

Every loving thought or feeling is a Blessing.

Every critical thought or feeling poisons both our lives and the life of the one we judge.

 Without a doubt many situations get our thoughts and feelings working overtime. When someone says something we disagree with....or that offends us, our mental and emotional Self lights up. Energy pours through us, our face becomes hot ....and if as we feel that first flush of angry energy, if we don’t stop and think....we invariably begin to send out feelings and thoughts of anger and hate.

 What does that do to our Energy field. Well, it colors It with streaks of red...the color of anger. Remember:  Energy as it flows into our bodies is clear and pure. If we have reacted to a situation in anger, feelings or that Energy is no longer has become reddish and muddy.

Every emotion has a color or vibration connected with it.

So if we really care about others as well as about ourselves, we will become more conscious of our thoughts and feelings....and we will begin to monitor and discipline them. And we’ll soon see the many instances where we fall short of keeping our Energy quiet and harmonious. What is happening is that the Soul level (of us) is helping the human 'grow up'.

 This is the State of Mind where we begin to be aware of our multi-dimensional selves. We soon learn that there is a lot more to us than we ever realized....that we are acting out our lives physically, mentally, emotionally as well as taking into consideration the Soul Aspect of ourselves....we are indeed multi-dimensional. 

So let’s review this.

Souls live human embodiments in four human or Earth dimensions....having a mental, emotional and physical body as well as the Spirit or Etheric Body which is connected directly to the Higher Spiritual bodies. The Energy of the mental and emotional vehicles interpenetrates the physical form....we are layers and layers of Energy. 

The Etheric Body is connected to the Holy Christ Body which is connected to All Above. It’s what I call a Spiritual Connector....connecting the mental and emotional layers into the physical body. The Soul energy flows through all the physical and is connected to all levels of Godness above by what is called a Silver Cord....this is the Stream of Energy coming directly from out the Cosmic Heart of Creation.

 This Energy passes through many step-downs in frequency along the Way....finally finding its way into our hearts. So from the human standpoint, until we get a sense of how we’re put together at those mental, emotional, physical and etheric levels of Consciousness, it’s hard for us to recognize or realize the necessity of being aware of the activity going on within all of those levels of Being.

 Because....and this is the all levels of Being there is always Creation going on....and the human/Soul Partnership has to consciously direct all activity, from both the physical side and from the Soul side....staying in conscious control of all we do, say, think or feel....for all those activities create something.

 And if we don’t stay in control, we get pulled along by the general currents of Energy around us....floating along with no hand on the tiller. And that can be dangerous. 

Earlier when I was discussing the consequences of the careless spoken word, I quoted from a book called “The Holy of Holies”, Now see what this author has to say regarding the thought process....

He says, “ Every human being is the product, the exact product of mind”. And I always add to that "feelings"....for, in my mind, they have equal power for good or otherwise. 

He says, “From the first cell of our body....all is the result of thought”

Further: That Health, disease, strength and weakness....youthful appearance....marks of old age....are only the resultant effects of thought.” 

He says, “Peacefulness or worry, wisdom or folly, wealth or poverty, vitality or decrepitude are simply the reflections of mind....the results of thinking” 

He uses the word “thinking”, connecting it with intellect and the mind....but he goes on to add the dimension of heart....and this is where feeling comes in. 

For he continues by saying “As a man thinkest in his heart, so is he! The things we dwell upon in our minds with affection and take to our hearts in fear or love are the things that are finally built into our characters and constitute the material from which we construct the castles or hovels in which we live....”

 Perhaps, how we feel about Life is more powerful than how or what we think about Life....feelings are very powerful. And we have only to look around and see the different feelings people have about Life. Some so positive and compassionate...some so negative and hateful. 

In discussing the consequences of our spoken word we said that no one forces us to speak....we do it of our own free will.

Accordingly, our minds, under normal circumstances, are entirely under our own control....and we consciously or unconsciously permit thoughts to enter our minds.

We have to exercise our God Free-Will and decide what thoughts or feelings will remain in our minds and what use we will make of them. If this sounds simplistic....then realize that we have the personal power and ability to drop from our minds anything we don’t want to be there. We can let go of sad, unhappy, judgmental's always our choice.

 We can drop out any and all negative Ideas....all discordant, inharmonious or fearful thoughts....we can let go of everything we think will not make us a better human being....a more evolved Spiritual Being. Remembering that we affect every level of our lives with every breath we take. And often the lives of others if they do not know how to protect themselves from the outside world. 

So what are we thinking....and it wouldn’t hurt to know why we are thinking whatever it is that is rolling across the screen of our minds....and something is going on there all the time, until we can control our thoughts....and just try not thinking....really not thinking....for as little as a minute or two. And our’s as important to be aware of the subtle nature of our feelings....asking ourselves if we want to have certain feelings as part of our lives.  

In our Quiet Times, we can put the Rainbow Rays around any thought or feeling that needs to be re-worked. If we have a thought or feeling that is hurting us...we can first imagine them, either one, the way we wish it had felt....then mentally hold the actual thought or feeling in your hands and see the Light work its Magic on it....just hold that thought or those feelings in the Rays of Light.


The Violet Ray is the most active, powerful frequency for cleaning up our Energy.

Finally, see those thoughts and feelings, coming clean, bright with Light, just the way we wish they had been in the first place. Now, and this is so important, let go of everything in your mind about any that is hurtful....empty your mind and your feelings,

empty everything that doesn’t serve you into a Violet Flame Trash Bin....

And Move on. Never look back.

 Once you’ve taken the steps to clean up a situation, for Heaven's sake, MOVE ON. And this is where Control of our Thoughts and Feelings is tested. We find out if we can forgive and’s always a choice! Life is full of choices.

 It is also full of perfect Hope, glorious Love and an ultimate Destiny that transcends all our human frailties....and all our human dreams.  

It can never be overstated that peace and harmony and compassion are the keys to the control of our human/Soul lives.

 So for our own personal evolution, we must work with all our might to quiet our emotions, and to cast any angry, revengeful or hateful, self serving thoughts into the Violet Fire....and ask that the unthinkably cruel or obscene actions of some of God's people be smothered in Violet Fire Peace and Harmony and Compassion. For those to whom this Idea of using a Powerful, Invisible Flame to burn the ugly human dross from God's Energy seems strange or far fetched, can you tell me of any other human way that has ever worked to establish Brotherhood? Isn't it time to end end obscenity?


Some individuals have thought that God’s Will is entirely contrary to human will and desire....but, for me, this is not true. 'Human will' can be destructive....but as that 'will' is Spiritually educated it becomes filled with enough Sense of Understanding, that man finally seeks the Soul Partnership from which a sense of Unity with God's Will develops. 

Accepting every day as a Gift of Life is the Way that allows us to use our talents to do our part in the overall scheme of human life, doing whatever the Higher, more Evolved Life needs done here. We have within our human/Soul Power the Ability to change every wrong condition in our lives and the lives of everyone on the planet if we care to accept that Mission. As we come to understand our responsibilities for our actions, and work to correct conditions we have created, we should never let our Hearts be troubled by human conditions.

 Remember: Fear keeps us bound.

 Personally, I love thinking and feeling that LIFE IS GOD/GOOD.



I see 'God’s' Living Artistry.

We can all Get It Right if we seek Divine Justice that leads each Soul to its own Immortal Destiny. Putting aside any emotional pressure of fear, we simply Love Life, all Life and accept the Idea of our Immortal Existence.....watching as Greater Understanding of Cosmic Law unfolds within us...realizing that each small Spark of Soul Life will in time be expanded into a Larger Flame.

 Glorious human and Spiritual Opportunities are out there for daily Discovery. While there is much for Body and Soul to enjoy in the physical world....there is true magic, yet to be experienced  in 'Gods' other worlds. And there is no need to struggle...the fullness of Creation is ours for the asking.

 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you”.

 This advice contains the Formula of our eternal Covenant with God. If we are still struggling in any part of our lives, we can easily change our focus....and seek first, the Kingdom. If we are doing that, then each day is providing all that is needed to make our lives pictures of Peace and Harmony and Compassion.

 This is as it should the Father gives freely to all who ask.... that they may receive all that is necessary for Life to be lived beautifully on this Planet and elsewhere.