We Are Life 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be, and how destructive we can sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 


 As we study all the Information we have on Earth, including all the Holy Books, we know it has all come through human Beings.....some of whom have lived deeply Spiritual, powerful human lives.....either as great Teachers or as the humble Servant as in the case of Mother Theresa of Calcutta. In each and every case, 'God' is doing, on the Earth, for the Earth, what can only be done through the willing, loving cooperation of some human being,

 someone who allows his Soul to lead the Way.

 The human/Soul Partnership, must by its very Nature, produce works of Beauty....and there is no reason to believe, that this Partnership of man and God, if given the chance, won’t produce the Freedom and Peace so longed for on this Planet.

The Peaceful 'Ways of God' seem difficult for the human mind to accept. Our human minds can’t scientifically explain 'God' or fathom the 'Mind of God'....and so many in our current masculine, mentally oriented society have turned their backs on the entire Concept of  Universal Godness...and 'thrown the baby out with the bathwater', as the saying goes. The Process of 'Feminization'...a Way of Living that includes the Energy of the Heart is underway....and will finally open the heart chakra of the masculine side of Life, allowing men to begin to 'feel God', each in his own unique, individual way.

There is no mistaking the 'heart feeling' of Love. That's God!

Now the 'Peaceful Ways of God will be felt....and the human mind will join in.

As I seek words to describe our Mystical, and logical Relationship with 'God', it is always in the Hope there may come Spiritual Healing and a Raising Activity through those words. As well as Inspiration for the human/Soul Work that has to be done on Earth....the Sacred Work needed to fulfill God’s Promises of Freedom and Peace for all on this Planet.

May those Promises of Freedom and Peace be fulfilled through every country. America is reaching out to share the Vision of Freedom with Others around the world.

Won’t you join me today in saying,



In 1999 I wrote a series of 13 programs for

 KEST AM Radio in San Francisco, California, again built around previously written Essays. I called that series


One of those programs was entitled simply...

We Are Life....

Today I’m going to repeat as much of that Essay as time permits. 

But first, we need our Quiet, for the next few minutes, let’s slow down the work of our hands and minds....and let our Holy Christ Self take over, allowing It to fill us with good Ideas....and with whatever Information we need to make the rest of our day work well for us.

Then, we’ll reinforce the Wall of Protecting Christ Energy around us, everyday adding more Light....everyday filling It with more Peace and Love.

For these few Blessed Quiet Moments, we leave behind all worrisome thoughts and feelings....and shut out any pressure.

This is a healing place....a place to heal and strengthen all that is our current Life. 

Now...we'll wrap ourselves in the Blazing Heart Light of God

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves 

   We open our minds to the highest Information Channels

and invite Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels for Light and Illumination....

for Peace, Healing and Love to descend to Earth.

 The last several programs focused on Healing....on healing every aspect of our lives....and that covers a lot of territory. And my remarks raised some issues among you, regarding the traps of mass merchandising as it pertains to our water, food and medical care....and even entertainment was asked about....”How do we keep the mind and body strong and well, when faced with so much garbage?

This was the way one of you phrased it?

So let’s talk about this a bit more....about how we protect and promote the healing of our Energy and what we can do to keep the physical body strong and well, mentally and emotionally. 

Let me put the final touch on those Ideas this way.

 Bottom line to everything we are or are not.....

Everything we wish to be or wish not to be.... is this.

Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, we will have full control over our lives as soon as we understand and live according to the Spiritual rule that says:

We create our lives minute by minute by the combination of everything we do, think, feel, or say....

followed by understanding that we, then, are totally



 Now much cannot be changed overnight....but all 'change' must be begun sometime, somewhere and by us.

 Now if we lived in another time or place we might have some difficulty in effecting personal change or in exercising our responsibility.

 But, we Americans and many in other lands, live where it is still possible to make personal choices. And so, if the Lifestreams (people in charge) running our Municipal Water Systems are sending us water not fit to drink or bathe in, generally we have some choice at least as to  whether or not we will drink it....though I realize, not everyone can afford to exercise that choice.

  It would  be nice to think that if enough of us stopped using impure Municipal Water, we could put that Public Utility out of business or in some way, force the issue of clean water. I realize that is easier said than done....and yet we have a responsibility to our own Life to do what we can.

It falls to us to look after our own health. In America it is possible to win these kinds of battles, peacefully, through the ballot box.

Regarding food:

If the mass growers, and processors and merchandisers of the food we eat, continue to engage in practices that compromise the food value or purity or safety of the food we need to eat in order to maintain the physical body, then we have to find ways around that.

 Some of us can find another market....we can patronize those who sell and provide only the least compromised foods or the best food available. And we can keep on asking for better, until our food is fit to eat and does more than fill us with empty calorie and chemicals.

 And until the health of our bodies reflects the quality of the food we have put in them.

Healthy bodies do not have broken immune systems.

 Of course, if health is our goal we can’t continue to eat junk.

Again, we are always responsible for whatever is happening to us. We absolutely must accept that as a 'given' and go on from there whatever the circumstances.

We are the ones who let our bodies get sick....sometimes medical advice fails us. But again we can read and think and we can figure some of this out for ourselves.

 Such as, doing only those things that we know will keep us well.

We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives....every minute of our lives. And if we didn’t create the problem in this embodiment, somewhere along the line of our other life experiences, we have to have set Energy in motion, that is responsible for causing whatever we are experiencing today.

That is a Cosmic Law of Energy.

 Now, I know that’s hard for us to is easier if our problems can be blamed on someone else.

What I call the 'left hand path' knows this....and uses human weaknesses to get control of us and to feather their own nests.

 And way back, the Truth of Personal Responsibility, Body and Soul, was twisted or taken out of an Original True Teaching that I believe was always part of the human experience...Teaching that was old, ancient before the time of the One we know as Jesus, but was re-introduced again to the mass of people through this Great Being two thousand years ago....and is being brought forward again in our time.

And government and church officials of old....and still today, wanting to keep control, kept and still keep the Teaching of Personal Responsibility out of the Bible....and probably out of other Holy Books as well.

 During the last thousand or so years, the 'controllers' of our lives substituted the concept of evil and original sin (over which we were told we have no control) as the reason for our suffering,...and I'm confident they thought and think that 'mankind will never move ahead, for the Soul is trapped forever, having been directed, Body and Soul, onto the wrong path'

 Clever fellow, those of the left hand path! 'Keep mankind bound forever with lies and dis-information' they say. 'Then they will continue to be our slaves, our bread and butter'. And it's been 'job security for them' into our time!

 And then, not casting all blame on the Devil...for much of mankind today knows of what I speak....the fact is that many of us still don’t want to accept responsibility for what is happening to us.

 Making it easier for church and government and industry to have people dependent on them.

Think about it!

 Our 'dependency' is 'job security' for millions of people the world People of God we have created and allowed and now we reap.

 In fact, we people demand certain things be done for us...and to us, some of which isn’t good for us or just isn't working. And if anything is to change in this picture, it is we, who have to get our heads on straight....look at what what we are doing to cause or allow these problems to enter our lives.

And many for the most part, still haven’t a clue.

The Answers lie in our human/Soul Partnership that can know all things. We are not without Answers. We just have to want Them and learn to access Them.  

I want to pursue this subject of Responsibility from another perspective.

When 'Jesus' came two thousand years ago, it was to help us change our dependency on outmoded Ideas of that time. And as we  study His Message carefully, we find not only the 'updated Ideas of Brotherhood, but also the Message that teaches Personal Responsibility.

 He spoke to us of Universal Power, of the existence of Supreme Beingness, when He spoke of God....telling us that 'that Power' in the form of Christness existed within each human being....that it had to be used....had to be activated....we find this Instruction in His references to the Father....saying, “of myself (my human self) I can do is the Father, my Christed Self (God) that is the Doer”.

 He showed us how that Christ Power was to be used to create and heal. And told us we could all create and heal as He did. He said then and it is as true today that we had to observe the 'Laws of God' and we had to Live in loving and charitable relationships with our fellow man.

That in doing so, the Powerful Christ Energy would expand within us, and would finally absorb us into Itself.....we would be 'resurrected'.

And the human/Soul Partnership would become one with that Great Cosmic I AM Energy, and we would be able to invoke into our daily lives, the Power of our own I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self....

and do those things He did that we still think are Miracles. 

He told us, among much other Information, that He’d been sent to show us the Way.... do you remember He said “I AM THE WAY”.

“I AM the Open Door”...

”I AM the Door that No Man Can Shut” ....

Or we can say ,




When he used the words I AM He wasn’t talking about His Physical Self ...rather He was prefacing those statements and many others, with the Spiritually Powerful Words, I AM....the Words that activate the Power of 'God' at our point in the Universe. 

I have always believed He was sent to deliver that specific Cosmic Instruction for the Piscean Cycle with the God-Hope that much that has transpired since could have been avoided.

For the Jesus Message brought in the next Lesson in Soul Evolution....the gist of which was to Love One Another.

 We were from then on, expected take care of each other....

expected to begin treat others as we would prefer to be treated.

I sense the Jesus Message wasn’t sent as a request that we might want to start loving one another....

rather I think 'God' sent Jesus to us  with another Commandment. ...and we were then and are now expected to honor It and obey It.

And it becomes our Sacred Responsibility to do so, once we know the Law. And we and the whole Planet suffer the consequences of non-love if we don't.


No one forces us to hate, which is what non-love is. It is hate in one degree or another...small hate or big hate. It is all non-love.

Jesus graphically demonstrated His Message...telling us and showing us what we were capable of doing....and becoming.

.And He said, “greater things than these will you do”.

But with all the new Knowledge and Power that would develop as we began to live the Law, came Responsibility.

 We were told to be careful because we do reap what we sow.

 And it is only logical to believe that if we are to be safe in this world, we must sow only Love....which is the Highest Vibration, the most productive Sacred Energy of the Supreme Being.

The Jesus Message taught us was

the Practicality of Love and of Responsibility.

 It was a Message given to all people, everywhere on this Planet.

 Jesus came to people or sent disciples to people all over Planet....and there is historical evidence to back up that statement. Jesus and the Message do not belong to any one religious group or people. He brought in Cyclic Instruction that was and is meant for the whole world...yesterday and today.

The whole world needs to wake up and start implementing The Message, if Peace on Earth is to be realized. If the Planet and people are to be spared much agony and despair!

 It is the only Way! 

 So as we look out over our complex world, we have to remember that we have been given the tools, physical and Spiritual, to work with....and we are Responsible for using them.

Our total lives are our responsibility....

We are Life and all things are possible for us.

And expected of us!

  So in 1999 I recorded an Essay and called it simply


I began it as today,

 "Welcome again to the Modern Mystic....I’m here to share my thoughts....let me begin by again reminding my listener that the definition of Mystic is....”one who seeks a one on one relationship with God”....and an Essay reflects the opinions of the writer or speaker. 

I want to begin this talk with several personal statements of a philosophical, Spiritual nature. 















These statements sum up my feelings and thoughts about our 'human condition' and our Relationship with Supreme Beingness. By all the Laws of Nature we have to be Small Increments of Divine Life,

 We have to be Life that is experiencing Itself through smaller units of Itself....

and the Smaller Unit on Earth is the embodied Soul

 who is a 'bit of Godness' experiencing Itself being human.


And that answers for me for the time being the question,

 “who am I?”.

For now I can say,


At the first dawning of that Concept, we invariably say, WOW....that’s a powerful thought....I’ll have to think about this.

However, why does this surprise us? We are accustomed to saying “We are Children of Almighty God”. What is the difference?

Except that now when we say “I AM God-in-action within the human/Soul Journey” we have taken the next responsive and responsible step to understanding the human/Soul Partnership,

for it is within that Partnership that Conscious, Creative, Cosmic Activity of Body and Soul takes place. 

  Currently we tend to or prefer to see ourselves as children being taken care of, rather than as adults with responsibilities.

Much of humanity is trained today to think that someone human or Divine is going to take care of them or come and rescue them from all their problems.

 But there is much we aren’t taught yet....about how practical Life is....both human and Spiritual....and that if we’re going to get anywhere in this world, as human or Spirit, we have to take it step by practical step. And we have to do it. 

We all experience the modern efforts made to educate us, humanly. So far there is no organization that sufficiently educates us about our Divinity, our Soul. That even though there are many avenues to provide religious training and information.

 However, things are changing as we keep saying...

So let’s speak now of the Twentieth Century Teaching that is now revealing to us our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence....

teaching us that when we say I AM we are activating not only Spiritual Power within us but, also that Almighty Power above us....and we do this consciously and unconsciously, day in and day out. 

Religion has taught us that 'God' refers to Himself as “I AM THAT I AM”....and that's something very interesting to ponder. We know that Jesus prefaced many of His positive statements with that name of 'God', 'I AM'.

Let's take an example. When he said,

 “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”

He knew that He was setting into motion

the Power of God that would force a Resurrecting Activity in His Life.

 He wanted us to know that if we used that Statement or any Statement starting with the words, I AM we also would expand Powerful Christ Energy flowing within our lives.....

and we would create according to our Command to Life.

 For we do create whatever we declare to be, 

by combining the words I AM with any thought, feeling or action...

and we create, most powerfully, with the 'spoken word'.

We can listen to our conversations, 'hear' our thoughts, think how we express our often do we begin by saying I AM this or I AM that....and then, think about what words we use following 'I AM'. 

Thinking about this brings us to the Realization of the Existence of what can only be BASIC ESSENCE OR ENERGY OR SIMPLY, PURE UNIVERSAL POWER....another name for Universal GODNESS that flows within us, giving us the Power to create that which we declare to be.

Something has to account for all the 'form' we see on Earth and in the Heavens. Thus, we need to know what responsibility, we, the human/Soul Partnership has as it plays its Part in using and expanding this Essence....this Energy....this Power....this Basic Godness.

Let's think now, about how we expand Godness in Quality and Power as we use It.

 How we can constructively, consciously set It to work in our lives to solve the problems of our lives...

or problems in the Life of the Planet.

 And how we can be of use to 'God' and the Higher Life of the Heavens.

First, there’s a lot we need to know about ourselves.

We need to know that Godness flows within us....a State of Being I describe as Soulness. We are working Souls....embodied in physical bodies. In our most useful, efficient State on Earth, we are a human/Soul Partnership.

 Man and God working together on Earth.

 It helps us to know that we have this Grand Purpose. 

My personal sense is, that our 'bottom line Purpose' has always been to Channel Light onto this Planet....

to be Channels for God Light and Creativity to flow as It is needed.

Thus there are the varied Life Experiences of the many Souls embodied here at any given time.  

At the human level, as we are learning, we have to take these Ideas on Faith....

There are those who say a Belief in God is enough, an end in itself....that there’s no need know anything more than that nor to do anything more than simply acknowledge God....just Believe and Faith....and in that single process, achieve all there is to achieve of Eternal Life.

But what I wish to stress here, is that while Believing and Faithing are steps along the Way, we mustn’t stop there, for if we do, we will be following a passive Spiritual Route, which fails to serve the Greater Purposes of 'God' and fails to allow the Soul to access those Higher Ascended Spheres of Knowing in the Process of Becoming the Great Masters of Light that we are all destined to become.

Remember the Words of Jesus:

'That which I do, you shall all do, etc....'

 In our thought Process here, the most important and first Truth offered is that WE ARE SOULS, SPARKS OF ETERNAL LIFE. 

But that Life/Energy must be worked if It is to be expanded...and we achieve that expansion of Godness wherever we are by being all we can be day by day.

 There are passive Spiritual systems....and at a glance it is seen that they are usually peaceful systems, but it also would seem that their followers advance very little, humanly or Spiritually. In justification of those systems, perhaps occasionally, a Life experience of quiet contemplation may be just what a busy Soul needs from time to time.

However, my vision of God, either as a Single Idea  or as the Ultimate Power, radiating out into the whole Universe, does not show me a passive 'God'. I see 'Godness' as Active in many forms,

as ever expanding Creativity throughout the Universe.

 I see 'God Essence' as Energy waiting and wanting to be used....wanting to be worked.

 I see our human/Soul Partnership as the Catalyst that activates all that Creativity using that Divine Essence to do it

So let's think about this Knowledge of God and what we are learning about ourselves, and how we are to use it as human beings. If we’re doubtful about this whole “Soul Idea” let’s ask some questions....

like, how much Creativity does the human mind, all by itself, possess? Is it any more than the average smart animal?

 If it is MORE, then where does the additional Intelligence or Creativity come from? And the answer to that question invariably leads the discussion to a Supreme Being and that often includes the consideration of 'Soul'.

 And questions like: Is there or isn’t there something called a Soul.

 If so, the question becomes 'what exactly is a Soul'....where is it mortal or is it immortal? On and on.

 After years of thinking about it, for me it came down to finally accepting the Idea of embodied Soulness,

 believing completely in the Eternal Existence of myself,

 now manifesting on Earth, as a Spark of God Consciousness embodied in a human short, a Soul.

And eventually realizing that I, the 'Soul' was the Partner of the human-me on this Journey.

Which actually is the Journey of the Soul.

 That realization answered many questions for me.

. And thus was born my Concept of the human/Soul Partnership. 

So let’s talk about this. We can see how the human body has been developing over the ages, step by step, becoming a better vessel for Soul Life. And we can expect it to evolve more as it continues to be the Instrument through which more 'Godness' of Higher Vibration comes to Earth. 

And we’re told that the Soul Essence, as it leaves the Holy Christ Body is a Frequency Higher than the Energy of the Earth or physical body. It has to be lowered (in frequency) to enter the body and that this is done by allowing It to flow first through something like a transformer (in electrical parlance)....we call it a Chakra or Energy Center just above the physical body which acts as a transformer, lowering or raising Energy to accommodate the vessel into which it is flowing.  

Intuition provides an Idea of how Souls began as Small Increments of Light....having a separate evolutionary Pathway from other Life Forms, such as the Angels who rarely choose to embody....we are told that some Angels have taken the Soul Path and have and do now walk the Earth and some have transcended this plane (Ascended) and are now Great Beings of Light.

And all of us, once ascended back to the I AM Presence, are also described as Angels.

 At any rate, with the passage of eons of time and because of the way in which we are able to expand God Light, there are in the Universe today, Souls of very great Light and Power.

 And there are, by comparison, some still very tiny Sparks of Light.

Where are we on the Soul Scale?

 Well, most of us are somewhere between those two poles. 

But what happens next?, As the human accepts the Idea of a Soul Partnership and the Partnership progresses, we, Body and Soul, wake up ....and as a Partnership, begin to live our Lives in an expanded human and Spiritual mind-set.

We find we are naturally placing more of our focus on God/good, and thus begin to draw more Energy of that High quality into our lives.

 Life is really very mathematical and very predictable.

 What we send out will always return to us clothed in more of the  quality sent out.

This is why we talk of watching our every thought, feeling and action and especially our spoken words....for we constantly qualify or color or change our Energy by what we think, feel, do or say.

 So back we go to the subject of vibration and what happens to original God Energy when we use It.

 What have we created by our use of Pure God Energy as It flows into the physical form? What have we set into motion?

 Something always has to happen. Energy directed by any Conscious Mind, has to go where it’s directed, charged with the quality (love or hate, etc) of the thought, feeling or action(s) of the sender.

 And It always has to return to the sender, because the 'sender' is Its owner.

 It returns bearing the same Quality, expanded,  Much can be said on this subject another time. 

Let us think now about how our Energy, consciously directed for good purposes, returns to us, clothed in Greater Good. We want to see how it raises the Vibration of our physical body....and expands our combined human/Soul Consciousness.

Until, one day we, each man and woman begins to realize and function in Conscious Partnership with the Guiding Soul Mind....Body and Soul ultimately fusing, as it were, until we have what I have been calling the Human/Soul Partnership.

We have the beginning of the God-man or God-woman.

 We now have human emotions and intellect integrated with the Higher Knowing and Love of the Soul.

 Knowing this, can there be any doubt of the value of acknowledging 'Godness' in our daily lives. What more do we have to know to be convinced that a human Life, with the Life-giving Soul Essence constantly expanding within it, is the difference between the brightest day and the darkest night?        

 What it boils down to is this:

In order to progress as individuals or as a Nation or Planet, the human mind must accept the Idea of a human/Soul Connection and soon that one will begin to catch glimpses of the 'Godness within'.

 As for the Soul, it’s a matter of patiently waiting for the human partner to allow God Direction in its life....

patiently waiting for the human to willingly engage in the human/Soul Partnership....which means the human having to give up autonomy of its means the individual must bow the knee....and begin to pay attention to the Small, Still Voice within...responding to the Soul Voice calling out, trying to make it's Partner aware of the Soul’s Desire to share in the Journey.

 And perhaps, the Connection finally happens when, one day, the human  begins to sense and then experiences the Love and Encouragement of the Christed Soul. And chooses to open Channels of Communication to allow the human/Soul Partnership to become a Reality.

 Those Channels of Communication must be opened if' God' is to have any say on Earth.

And the human/Soul Partnership must become a Reality,

because IT IS that Channel of Communication.

As we watch the people of the Planet, thrashing around, trashing each other.... growing less and less peaceful in many areas, the state and the fate of the embodied Soul and the Planet, itself, depends on





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