Healing # 3 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be, and how destructive we can be....

how sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 


 Iím here to continue exploration of Ideas that address our human-ness and our Godness.

These Essays may sound like a Sunday sermon. Perhaps thatís not all bad. However, I mean them to sound like a 'wake up call'....a 'Call to Action' for everyone. 

As we listen to the evening news....hoping for the best as we interact with foreign countries....paying attention to the economic scene in America....and the fact that it is now reported that 1.5 billion Americans declare bankruptcy each year. We know itís time to begin to examine some of our current economic patterns coming in around very questionable money management skills at high government and corporate levels of management.

Itís time for the caring citizen to wake up and begin to understand the underlying purpose of America. Itís time to 'consciously' take back  the management of the return it to the Vision the Founders had for the country....a country free and longer tied to national and international 'special interests' whose only interest is control of the financial activities of the American people.   

I suggest itís time to live our lives from the very practical and Spiritual Perspective of letting our 'Inner Sense of Being' lead us back onto Paths of Personal and Economic Freedom as a first consideration.

If we do not wake up and begin to protect Life as we know it here in America, we may lose it. And getting it back will be much more difficult than preserving it now....

so together, letís enfold America in our Love, as we say


Now again, as we do each week, letís take a minute and get as quiet as possible... picturing in our minds the peaceful place we have prepared, in which we now live....

Again we reinforce the Wall of Steely White Light around ourselves. And call in more Christ Love and Peace and Ascended Master Healing.

As always we draw around ourselves the Loving Heart Light of God

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling within and around our physical selves

We open our minds to the highest Information Channels

And invite Christ Light to stream forth from the Highest Heavens

 into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become Channels

For Light and Illumination, for Peace and Healing and Love

To descend to Earth.

Today the focus will be on physical healing.

but first to philosophize a bit....

 For years I hesitated to step forward with my Ideas, believing that the Highest Truth I know at any time is only a small Part of the Whole Picture....and Iíve been cautious about teaching others from that limited viewpoint. 

Over the years, my personal effort has been to move myself from one level of Truth to the next....using the intuitive inklings, the hints that have been given through other guide me to the next and greater levels of Truth, which seemingly, are always rising on the horizon.

There is so much to know. 

My personal experiences have given me a chance to prove certain levels of Belief and though I believe there is ďmuch moreĒ, it may be thereís something I can say that can be helpful to Others on the Path.

 So taking all that into then becomes your choice to accept or use what works for you....remembering always that each journey is unique and valid.

I've learned not to worry about Ideas I donít understand or agree with...sometimes, Truth comes other times, it 'hits us over the head'!

I, but offer you samples, tidbits to ignite your interest...or validate your Inner Promptings.

Itís up to each one to go out and find the whole loaf! 

Each Soul has opportunities, human and Soul, and today, as never been experienced before, we have more opportunities to grow both humanly and Spiritually than at any previous period in the worldís history.

So I urge everyone to take advantage of every learning opportunity. From the Mystical point of view take what is offered by anyone whose Spiritual Ideas attract you....seize each opportunity to grow out of the old human nature....the old limited concepts about who you think you are or are not....

and begin to grow into the new level of Christed Consciousness.

 Yes, take advantage of any opportunity to grow Spiritually.

There is no right or wrong way to find God in your Life...

.or to awaken your human/Soul Partnership.

It all begins with your Desire to know more and to Be more

....and that Desire will lead you to what is right for you.        

 Today we are a people being educated, for the most part, into thinking that we can live without God in our daily lives....and sometimes itís hard to find a Spiritual God in our Sunday sermons.

 But there is wonderful writing and teaching, old and new, available for individual study. Just let your Desires for a more Spiritual Life lead you to the Teaching thatís right for you.

 I recently read a book about the Life of Mother Theresa of Calcutta. I was very inspired and I was taught by reading that book. It had concepts that worked for me....concepts that strengthened me. I thought then of my Belief that Godness expands on Earth through what can be done through the individual human being.

 As I was reading the book about Mother Theresa I knew I was being inspired by an Enlightened human being, who had allowed her Soul to lead the Way and who was expanding Godness on Earth. In my mind there was no doubt that the human/Soul Partnership that was Mother Theresa, was fully activated and producing works of Goodness and Mercy among those needy people of Calcutta. 

The Invisible Aspects of God get hidden from our sight. And yet there was Mother Theresa, visible and pure and practical....and we didnít have any problem understanding her Compassion through the works of her compassion. Or her sense of the how we saw her expressing her sense of the Divine. We saw God at work through her works....that was real enough to us.

The only reason the Ideas of God are difficult to understand is because weíve been conditioned to think we have to see some thing or some Being identified with the sign reading ďfrom GodĒ.

To Believe it or prove it, we have to see it.

Compassion and Love are intangibles ....

They exists only in our feelings. And to give us credit, the human mind does try to grasp the intangible Spiritual Ideas....but is often working without sufficient information to realize that God....or Godness... is not known through the intellect....but through a Feeling in the Heart.

 We know Godness through the Sacred Flame in our Hearts.

We feel that Flame in our hearts and we feel God. And if we think weíve never felt what we would describe as God....perhaps it is because weíve let our Flame burn low and perhaps we never have felt God.. And perhaps, thatís why itís so hard to understand Universal Concepts of Godness.

 But it is never too late...for wait....we can in a minute begin to expand that Flame....remember how we can say:


We can picture a tiny Flame growing brighter and Its Glow spreading out throughout our entire body and in time creating an immense Energy Field around us.

If you do not remember anything else you hear me say,

if you only remember this Powerful call to the Godness that lives right within your body,

 one day it may save your life....

and if given recognition, will raise you to any Spiritual Heights desired.  

We have thousands of interpretations and descriptions of 'God'. No two no two of us are alike, each experiencing 'Godness' in our unique, individual ways.

In these programs, I have been describing my vision of our Mystical, one on one, logical, practical Relationship with God. Itís been hard for me to find an easily understood, Spiritual language with which to do this....for at the moment, there is no one Spiritual Language on Earth....remember the Tower of Babel....perhaps thatís when the confusion and diversity began.

At any rate, if what I say interests you, I invite you to listen and try to get the gist of my meaning without trying to decipher all the words and phrases you may not be familiar with....

and donít worry about what you ďdonít getĒ...for when we truly seek 'God for Godís sake'....ďall else is added untoĒ as we are ready for it.....and that includes ďunderstandingĒ tailored to our circumstances.   

This is a time when many are seeking Spiritual Understanding....and many are still seeking outside themselves.

I would have you include the 'Experience of Knowing' the Godness within, through Knowing your Soul Connection. Our Souls are the Source of the Sensations we feel of Holiness, of Goodness, of Loveliness, of all the beautiful 'feeling's of Life. 

Every time you feel Love for some part of Life....every time your eyes well up with tears at the sight of the beautiful things of 'God' on this are experiencing 'God-Love' flowing in and expanding Itself through the Spark of Soul, that is anchored in the human heart.

  That is the Work of the Soul....and it is Sacred Work.

 Incredible Knowledge of all kinds has become a part of our modern lives. What was once unknown or secret, is now offered to the whole world. Scientific Information....Sacred Information is now being permanently anchored here for our human and Soul use in our efforts to help this world....a world that appears, at times, to be coming apart at the seams....everywhere we look, world wide. 

I am an American and today I see our immediate concern for this country must be the re-awakening of the practical rules of self sufficiency and all the basic rules of economics. And in this year of 2001, it may be that a great many people are about to learn some of lifeís economic lessons the hard way....not only in America but all over the Industrialized world.

My Hope is soften the landing for any who will trust in the Mystical Inner Teaching of the Kingdom of God as it intimately relates to our every day people courage and a Quiet Place to rest if their human lives temporarily falter.

 Life as it is now lived, almost everywhere on Earth, may be seen in the future as nothing but a bad dream, for there will come a time when there will no distinction between Spirit and matter....

and we will all know WHO WE REALLY ARE....

and each Soul will speak for the kind of Freedom and Peace that can only happen when everyone does know WHO THEY REALLY ARE....

and all will support the work of the Prince of Peace and all Others of the Ascended and Angelic Hierarchy Who come from far reaches of Heaven to Teach us basic Truths of Freedom and Peace....of Brotherhood and Love.

Without which neither human nor Soul can progress. 

Now there are those listening today who may not have heard my theories about WHO WE REALLY ARE and wondering what I mean as I use that expression, so here they are again.

First, it appears to me that from the beginning of earliest Spiritual Thought on Earth, there has been only one Basic Truth

and that Truth is,

there is only one High Power responsible for everything that is.

History shows us that mankind has often fought against this Supreme  Power and called It by many names and in our time, many of us call this Truth....this Power....this Supreme Beingness, 'God.'  

I see this 'Godness' as the all pervasive, Eternal Energy Activity of our Universe. I believe it is the Universal Cosmic Consciousness....and is capable of dividing Itself....of individuating Itself....of expanding Itself. endlessly. 


 radiating out from a single center.... filling all space.

 There is no void empty space. 

All form is the CREATION OF THE MIND OF GOD-IN-ACTION. The form 'Godness' takes as It gives Life to the human body

 I call Soul. 

Therefore I see all 'Soulness' as basic 'Godness'....the Soul being a  Spark of Divine Power and Consciousness.'

 If that is so, then 'Soulness' has all the Powers we ascribe to 'God', being a small UNIT OF BASICS PRIMAL GOD CONSCIOUSNESS projected out into the Universe to be the HEAD, HEART AND HANDS OF GOD-IN-ACTION ANYWHERE IN THE GREATER UNIVERSE. 

The highest 'God level of Soul' is each oneís I AM PRESENCE.

This is the immediate Source of all Energy that flows into the physical body.  

Between this Cosmic GOD PRESENCE and directly above the human body is the CHRIST BODY.

It is that Christ Level of Greater Life to which Jesus directed our attention. This is the HOLY CHRIST SELF and it was to this CHRIST SELF, THAT JESUS went for His Answers.

 Each of us is a Soul.

 Each Soul has a CHRISTED BODY that we ultimately 'put on' to become the CHRISTED BEING. This Resurrection Process can take place on Earth or in the Heaven Planes.

 Jesus came again to demonstrate these Truths to mankind. In talking about His so-called Miracles, He said, ďof human self....I can do none of these things that look miraculous to you. But it is the FATHER, MY I AM Presence and CHRIST SELF, working through the human/Soul Partnership that does this WorkĒ.  

I propose these Ideas about our individuated Soulness, as follows:

 WHO WE REALLY ARE is an Immortal Spark of God Light projected into the Universe, out of the Heart of a Great Being, that many call God.

From this Original Spark came the Soul, fully endowed with God-Power and Consciousness. When appropriate a Soul embodied in a human form specially prepared for that Purpose, and thus, began the initial Soul Journey through the dense energy of the material planes. 

This Process of Soul Expansion began ages ago....itís Purpose was then, and is still today, to raise the Vibration of the physical Earth, while allowing each individual 'Spark' to evolve and in time become Itself, a Great God!.

My 'reading' of the Spiritual Evolution of our time is this:

The COSMIC PLAN today is to create again a fifth dimensional Garden of Eden here on a purified physical plane. This will be the Place where unascended, enlightened Souls will continue their Journeys in the future. What we call the 'fifth dimension' is a Plane (known as Heaven) where the Energy vibrates fast enough, making it impossible for 'evil' as we know it today, to exist. This will be a Place where all the pain and suffering of the human being will be unknown. 

So, speaking of pain and suffering, now is a good time to get back to the subject of Healing. And Iíll begin this way....reading from several pages of an Essay I called THE MANY ASPECTS OF HEALING. 

In this Essay I was thinking out what I was beginning to see was needed to care for the physical body....I wrote....

ĒToday, it is reported, that we (America) are statistically, among the least healthy nations on the Planet.

 I find that amazing that health eludes us as we so willing try out everything put in front of us by the experts who manipulate our health. We live in a time of expensive and expansive medical and psychiatric involvement in our lives.

That sad statistic stands in spite of an overwhelming amount of medical intervention ostensibly meant to help us keep or regain our health....

in spite of the overwhelming increase in drug therapy and immunizations from cradle to grave....

in spite of the work of incredibly huge multi-national and international bio-technology organizations who would have us BELIEVE IN THEM....HAVE FAITH IN THEM....

as they spend billions to discover the means, and the processes of re-engineering or copying our genetic material....

trying to replicate or improve on Nature....which is only another way of saying....

while they play God with our lives.....

all the while they rake in our money in the name of healing and health.

 And, then they tell us that our Nation is one of the least healthy Nations on the planet!

Who is to blame!

In the last two programs on Healing we spoke extensively about the need and ways to keep our Energy healthy.

Today, I would like to talk about what we people need to do have a fighting chance of having healthy bodies.

 So here are a few more comments from the Essay on Healing....and they will be as controversial as my thoughts on Spirituality. But they are for those of you who sense something is not going right in the basic ingredients of our human lives....

and you sense correctly....

Life isn't going right or well in much in of America today. And we all need to know this and we need to begin to take some action to protect our lives. 

We speak now of water.

I have read that our bodies are 75-80% water....and that Americans drink little or no water, preferring sodas. So, for good health, we are told that we need first clean water....four to eight glasses of clean water every day. And it is suggested by the experts that we invest in a good water filter for our drinking and cooking water. Or buy good bottled water.

 Better yet, if we can afford it,

 buy a good distiller and distill our own pure water. In that way we will have what is currently thought best for our bodies.

 Perhaps I should add here, that since an illness many years ago, we have nothing but distilled or reverse osmosis water in our house. Further it is suggested that every house should have a filtering system through which all the house water that no one is bathing in water full of the chemicals forced on us by government such as the new forms of chlorine and fluorides. Some chemicals appear to be necessary....but some are not....and even the necessary ones are becoming more toxic. I refer here to new types of chlorine being used in most water purifying plants today.

 The people of America are never told how destructive some of these substances are to their brains and bodies. The fluorides that are supposed to help teeth, are poison....and we have been told and our government knows they are poison. Old and new tests and other information confirm they are poisoning us....but still they are in our water. There is much that can be learned on that subject. And 'God' alone knows what else is in our water. And we all know that we are told not drink the water of other countries we travel in for fear of becoming very ill....the water in America hasn't reached that stage yet....but it is getting close. We still drink water from the taps....but in many communities we would be healthier if we didn't. 

 So to be on the safe side, since this is one of those questions of 'who should we believe'...we should, to whatever degree it is possible, not drink water as it comes from most local sources without checking it out....and I was shocked by the recommendation to avoid bathing in it if it has the new type of chlorine in it, because our body absorbs the poisonous chemicals through the pores, especially while relaxing in a tub of warm water.

Itís time for every concerned person to find out as much as possible about the water supply they are subjected to....and it takes digging deep. And information is not right out there. Authorities are not offering all the Truth.

There is much being written on this. Donít take my word for it. And of course, only a few are in danger of 'dropping dead' from the chemicals in municipal water....but chemicals mandated to be put to our water, add to the chemical burdens the body carries and in time can contribute to making us ill....very ill. The movie, Erin Brockevitch was alerting us to what can happen to our water.

 Each one of us has to learn to take care of ourselves, because it seems governments wonít, powerful industries wonít....even local water and electrical companies wonít.

 If we are going to be well, physically and mentally, emotionally  and Spiritually, we have to take charge of our lives.

And in this day of information....

we have no excuses for not, at least, searching for the Truth.

Now food.

 To the degree that it is possible, all processed food should be avoided.

I know....I know! Ninety nine percent of everything in a super market ....almost everything that we like to eat, is processed. Processed to the point where it is guaranteed not to spoil for long periods of time.

 Only something that is dead will not spoil.

 And dead food does not nourish a live body.

 All processed foods are full of chemicals....and sugar and salt....none of which our bodies were designed to handle in the quantities in which we get them today.

I have very skeptical attitudes about all of this....listen:

It seems to me to be a really diabolical plan, deliberately designed to make sure that America continues to be the least healthy nation on the Planet.


Well for starters: Sick people are job security to whole industries of health providers, national and international. Think about it! Think of all the money made by millions of people because individuals don't know how to stay well. 

And shouldn't teaching 'health' be one of the jobs of the Educational system....which in most countries, perhaps all a government mandated system. Pardon me....but isn't this the place to educate children and parents in the art of eating. Who is falling down on the job here and why is it allowed?

Today itís hard to talk people into changing a diet that has always included all the goodies....cakes, pies ...all the breads made with bleached white flour....all the wonderful candies....made with refined white sugar....sugar....sugar....all the soda with the chemicals.

Intelligent, but very ill people canĎt seem to force themselves to change their diets. I have watched people I love and respect go through tortuous medical procedures, suffering the agonies of hell....

and go right on eating junk....and die.

I truly donít understand this. 

And so now, this and much more is known about processed food in our now what do we eat?

 Thereís a problem finding anything fit to eat in modern nations of over abundance....isnít that ironical? Thank you, science! But it is true!

Even fresh fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with pesticides....meats and all milk products are full of hormones, viruses and other chemicals. With small exception, everything we buy to eat has some level of chemical or other interference attached to it.  

And this being so, there is no way to get away from it entirely.

Our hope is to find some stores that are trying to supply safe food....and we can begin to grow some of our own food....but actually, most of us canít.

So to begin with, we must become aware. With thoughtful choices of foods we can eliminate the worst of it.

Or we can get ready to sign our lives over to the exploding HMO industry...

these are people who simply love the way we eat....

simply love the way we let them fill us full of vaccines

and take all their destructive pills and potions. 

In other programs Iíve talked about the part we foolish humans play in being ďjob securityĒ in many areas of our lives. Do you doubt for a minute, how many jobs we guarantee to millions, by the way we the junk we put into our bodies....or allow to be put into our bodies.

Our bodies not only were not designed to be able to withstand dirty energy....

they also were not designed to be fed polluted chemical garbage.

 And when they are, our immune systems break down and we get sick....and we die....but first, we suffer a great deal at the hands of those to whom we entrust our bodies for the healing we are hoping for.  People become poor! While the medical industry becomes rich!


And when I was younger and naive....I thought if people responsible for our dirty water and 'chemicalized' food knew the damage they were doing to the public who trusts them, they would stop....

'Of course, God, they would stop. They would want to find a better way.'

 Now I know better and believe that there are people entrenched in governments, National and International, whose job security requires that they support those large corporations, National and International....corporations, who lie to us, who poison us and foist a fake health care system on us and finally, who take our money and laugh all the way to the bank....aided and abetted by the advertising in the media at all levels.

Iíve come to believe there are truly evil people, blind people occupying places of Government and corporate trust, who are unaffected by the suffering of people who are dying because of their immoral and greedy actions.

I suspect that factories, all over the world, that make chemicals, have full employment.

I believe there is a special place in hell for all immoral, greedy people who do irreparable harm to their fellow men and women....and especially to the children of the world !

 We must wake up and begin to take care of ourselves.

So I am serious, serious, serious when I talk about taking our lives back....

and letting the human/Soul Partnership give us direction. For in the same way that most organized Religious Direction has failed us Spiritually, human technology has also failed us. And I believe much of it is 'mis-used' for greedy purposes

 So at the same time weíre calling for Light to come into our bodies to clean up our Energy, we must ask for the Information and Direction that allows us to deal with everything in our modern lives that seems to be trying to wipe us out.

...and we have to begin by eliminating as much as possible, anything on our plates that will destroy the cells of our bodies

 if we eat it or drink it.

 And the information is there....itís not as though we donít have information to help us live well and healthy lives.

We do. But as you have heard me say so many times....


And always we are dealing with the desires of both human and  Soul....we are two Beings rolled into one...

.but both have to be dealt with singly and simultaneously....if we are going to be well and strong at all Levels of Being.

 Itís a big Responsibility....ahhhh....thereís that word again....Responsibility.

And itís  difficult to be told the Truth, because for the most part, we donít want to hear it.

But I suspect that knowing the Truth of all areas of our lives has always been necessary....has always been a matter of Life or death. 

Now letís end this program with some inspiring, beautiful thoughts about Life. I recently came upon these words in a book....

 A Master Teacher was speaking and she said....

ĒOpen the door to your heart that the flood tides of Love might descend and unfold the petals of your heartís flower. The Flower of your Heart is often tightly closed because the Sunshine of your Love has not fallen upon it and the drops of Gentle Mercy from your Consciousness has not watered it with the Dew of Immortal Life. The opening of the Flower of the Heart is important....for ere the Christ Light might manifest within you, that Flower and its perfumed Essence must be ready to carry His Light and Love and Power to all people."

 Man, directed by his Soul, was intended to be that Love and simply by remembering this, We can be that Love.

 Each one of us has a truly loving heart....

if we will just remember to be loving....

and remember to express that love....

and remember to be compassionate...

.and remember to carry our brothers and sisters if they need to be walk with then if they need comfort....

if they fear to be alone.

 If we remember these words....

Ēthat even as ye have done it unto the least of these My brethren,

 you have done it unto Me....Ē