Healing # 1 

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   The history of the human race records how smart we can be,

and how destructive we can be....

how sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 


 I'm here to share Ideas....Ideas that allow us to think about our Spiritual Natures and examine the Purpose of our human and Soul Lives.....

Ideas to help us turn our lives onto avenues of greater Peace and Perfection....surely we all want that.

Ideas to free us from so much unhappiness, illness, family tragedies and pain. There is so much pain in this world....there is so much unpleasantness in the Life of good people, world wide. There must be Answers. And so we’ll look for those Answers. 

Some of my Ideas may be new to many....

but none are threatening to any current Belief Systems.

Much of what I believe about 'God and Man' comes to me from intensive study and from an Intuitive Inner Sense about Life. I devoutly believe that knowing WHO WE REALLY ARE will make such a difference in our lives...and perhaps is the only way to make a difference in our lives.

And especially as we look for new Spiritualizing Ideas to replace or implement human ideas that (I believe) are false or incomplete....and as such are destructive to our progress.

You’ll hear me repeat certain Spiritual Ideas over and over in these programs, REMINDING YOU OFTEN




 I have dedicated this program to the PRINCE of PEACE

and to all those who labor long and hard for Peace and

 Freedom in His Name on this Planet.

So won’t you please join me now, as together we say


In each of these programs we’ve paused to take a few minutes to strengthen our Connection to the Source of all Power.

 It’s important to know that we do strengthen it most Powerfully when we stay connected to the Idea of The Supreme Beingness of the Universe and acknowledge our Connection to that Power

 and finally when our human minds open to the Mind of our Christ Self and in doing so create our human/Soul Partnership.

And from that more dynamic mind-set we, human and Soul, draw more Cosmic Protecting and Nurturing Power into our Lives and into the physical world than is possible from just the human effort.

 Our 'Power' comes to us through the Ray of Golden Light that is constantly flowing into each one of us, directly from the Heart of Almighty God.

Today let’s begin to develop this Thought Form.... 

Picture if you will, a great Golden Sphere at the Center of the Universe.

Picture magnificent Light Rays of all colors blazing out from that Sphere of Golden Light.

Picture countless Waves of Life Force rippling out from that blazing Center.

Picture our Universe as one of those Waves.

Picture our planet absorbing that Golden Light and all those Rainbow colors

Now picture a Ray of Golden Light, as it shines on its way to the Earth, entering the 'Spark of God' that is our personal 'I AM Presence'....this 'Body of Light' stands just above the physical body.

 Then picture that Shimmery Ray flowing from the 'I AM Presence' downward into the Light Form directly above you....

that is your 'Holy Christ Self'. 

Picture that Fiery Christed “Light of God that never Fails” flowing from the Christ Body and entering the physical body through the Crown Chakra at the top of your head ....

see it flowing into your body, expanding the 'Soul Spark' that we have been taught to call 'The Unfed Flame' that is anchored in the heart of each one of us. 

Picture that Golden Light expanding within the Heart Chakra, moving out into all the Energy Centers, spreading out into every cell and into all the Energy of our four Earth bodies.  

Picture yourself, Body and Soul becoming a blazing Sphere of that Golden Light here on Earth....

as it is done in Heaven, so it is done on Earth.







Now with all that in the forefront of our minds, let’s again take a few deep breaths....sit or stand tall....hands at our sides or in our in any scattered Energy,

 See It drawn back to our auras to be purified with Violet Fire

and recharged with the Cosmic Christ Love of the Heart of Jesus...

Now all our Energy is ready to serve us here and now.


Then, we visualize that solid Wall of Dazzling White Light surrounding and filling our aura...

within the Pure Energy of our Aura is Quiet Place we’ve built for ourselves....

Picture now, Energy Sparkling with many colors encircle the Aura and then flow through the Layers of Auric Energy becoming part of the all the Sparkling Colorful Energy flow out into the world to Bless those around you. 

Today, we'll wrap ourselves, enfold ourselves in the Pink Flame of Illumination from the Heart of God'

Again seeing that Opalescent Light spiraling within and around us.

We are opening our minds to

the Highest Information Channels  

And inviting that 'Cosmic Light of God that Never Fails'

to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may each become empowered Channels

for Light and Illumination,

for Peace and Love and Healing to descend to Earth.

Now we’re ready to focus on Many Ideas about Healing,

 personal, National and Planetary.

 And I'll start by saying again, how just Believing in Powerful Healing Ideas can jump start the Powerful Cosmic Healing Process at every level of our lives.

 If we could see 'Healing' within the many levels of Life, I think we would see It as a long, on going, Spiritual, never ending Process of Planetary Evolution of which we are a part.

However, my effort here focuses on simple explanations that can work for us at this physical level and describes some of the present day Healing Modalities within the human/Soul Journey. 

Let me begin with some metaphysical, mystical reasoning as follows:.


We are part of that ALL-NESS....

and there are Those Greater Beings Who are Responsible for Directing and Assisting us at the Soul Level of Life.

They know, and we carry within us, the Knowledge and Details and Reasons for our being here.

While as yet, we have to take these Reasons on Faith, we can, if we will, Believe that our human lives have a Divine Purpose.....a very practical Divine Purpose.

 And we can Believe that the 'Spark of God' that is placed within the human heart at the time of conception, has within it all the Information or Consciousness of the Higher Mind....all that is needed to guide the human journey.

 We can begin to Believe the 'human journey' is really the 'Journey of the Soul'....

that it is the Journey of a small 'Bit of Godness' come to Earth, to experience and expand Life on this Planet.

That will begin to expand our thoughts on these Ideas.  

Then if we can take the position that we don’t have to 'see it' to 'Believe it'.....if we can turn off the scientific part of the mind that wants “proof”, we can enter the Magical World of Spirit as it expresses Itself through our personal activities, day by day.

 For me, proof exists in the Miracles of my own the Information that pours in as I ask for Understanding.

Beyond that, proof of mankind’s activities and Spiritual Beliefs, exists in the thousands of years of ancient information of which we have bits and pieces. It exists in ancient memories. 'Proof' is stored in what we call, Akashic Records....records which are not visible to the human eye....but which can be seen by the Spirit/Soul Eye.

 What I look for as I study history are the Threads of Information that shed Light on the Spiritual Interests and Beliefs of older civilizations....

actually of any civilization of which we have records.....

wanting to know whether people of other times and places had an interest in, or a Belief in, the Invisible side of Life and if so, how did it manifest.

 What can be found is that indeed, people of all times, appear to always have had some kind of understanding or Relationship with a Deity Figure. There is documentation of this for all ages past.

Mankind’s preoccupation with the Spirit side of Life has evolved and changed over the ages, but always, we find some Idea of Godness playing a part. The so-called 'primitive human mind' sensed a Higher Hand at work in the Life of the community and individuals. Early people on the Planet, using an intuitive, Inner Sense knew there was something more to Life than met the eye.  

So coming back to our time....

and the feelings we have of impending change.

Today many people are re-acting, without knowing why, to a heightened Sense of Life speeding up and changing all around them. There are those who are responding to some Higher Level of Mind, accepting It as being part of their overall 'thinking process' without quite understanding that 'Process'. Certainly many are reaching for New Levels of Spiritual Understanding and Realization.

And with good reason.

Spiritually we have turned the page in the Book of Life. We are at the beginning of a new Spiritual Chapter wherein we are 'players' in a new Approach to Life.

There is a New Wind blowing....and this New Wind is blowing away the fog of old religious Ideas that for thousands of years have kept man’s attention focused on his human sinfulness, rather than on Ideas of his Interior Godness.

Today the fog is lifting....and people are beginning to accentuate the positive aspects of their human natures....not in human pride and arrogance, but in a sincere desire to fulfill the duty of the human being to be the most perfect vehicle possible for 'God’s use' here on Earth.

I believe that Mankind is ready to bring the Spirituality of their human/Soul Partnership back into their daily lives.

I think people are longing to know WHO THEY REALLY ARE and BEGIN TO LIVE BASED ON THAT INFORMATION. 

And if I were to editorialize on the insanity and misery of the past two thousand years, I would say those unhappy conditions are proof enough of what happens when we are focused on the all too evident human “sinfulness”....for in taking that attitude, mankind has magnified sinfulness....reaping the whirlwind of more and greater sinfulness....more and greater insanity and misery.

Just study the history of the past thousand years.

 See how all the so-called sinfulness has escalated.

And then, ponder what might have been

 and what could be now the results of allowing

 our Souls to Magnify the Lord in all areas of our lives.  

But we are making progress.

 For during the past several hundred years, many people have responded to the New Teaching that stresses looking away from the negative aspects of their often unpleasant “humanness”.

Many have started to work to affirm positive human values and to call forth the God/Soul values into the human/Soul Journey.

Today many people are refusing to identify with human sinfulness....not denying it, for it happens, but turning away from the old condemning religious rhetoric. Many people are searching for a New Way to Believe....a new and more positive way to think and to live.

Just visit a bookstore and see what’s being written to help people find that New Way. Information is constantly being updated to provide the evolving New Spiritual Realization, giving mankind a new Hope. The Soul now has a fighting chance of getting the attention of its human partner.

 Now in this discussion about Healing, I will keep the concepts simple. The needs of our unique human and Soul Selves, determine what we each need to know and do....and to get into a discussion of Healing in broad terms, I will begin this way.

 I believe that we come fully equipped, humanly and Spiritually, with everything we need to live well in every part of our lives. When we discuss healing, we talk not only about the physical body, mind or emotions that get sick or distressed.....but any part of our lives that can come apart at the seams ....either as a new, original cause.... as in something we did today or recently or coming from old records. And where there seems to be no good current reason, we can assume we are dealing with Energy of past actions (from ages ago?) that may be returning to us for redemption or to be re-worked.  

Remember, we create our lives, breath by breath.

And Body and Soul, we are responsible for everything we do....

for everything that happens to us....

and I know this statement will bring up many questions....

and I think this is where Spiritual Faith and human trust, together with the Christian Concept of 'meekness', which I translate as 'humbleness', comes into play in our lives.

 Because, for us not to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives, is to suggest that perhaps the Grand Plan isn’t working....or that the High Power directing the Plan, is in some way remiss or responsible for our problems....

Our small human minds have strange ways of self-justification.

 And we have to be careful 'what we think' and 'who we blame'.

 And many people continue to say that 'High Supreme Beingness or Godness' is responsible for the existence of both “good and evil”.....

which can be true only to the extent that we admit that the Pure Power provided for our use, was poorly used, not by 'God' in His Heavens but by us embodied on Earth.

And further admit that we (the Soul) are responsible for lowering the vibration of that Pure Energy ....thus causing our human and Soul problems and consequently the Planet's problems.

All of which now has to be resolved by us....

doing this by raising the vibration of all the Energy we are using now or have ever used in the past.

Ultimately we have to return all Energy to its 'God Source'

 as Pure as it originally came to us.

So there are those, who don't understand this,

 who are always 'mad at God' or mad at someone....for everything that happens to them or to others....

which on the face of it, is ridiculous.

 Understanding that we have to accept 'responsibility' for all that occurs in our Lives is where the first increment of healing has to occur.

Nothing 'good' can happen for us

 if we are blaming 'God' or someone else for our problems.    

It is a Process, a growing Realization that in some way, for some reason, which may or may not be immediately discernible to us, if difficult things are happening to us, we are some way, we are responsible .

 We have to Understand that we, singly or as a group, have in the past, somewhere, sometime in our long history.... we set or helped to set, some Energy in motion, creating certain predictable results which we are now experiencing.

Thus you can see, there is sound rationale, if we care to accept it,

 for how, indeed, we do create the circumstances of our lives.

 And what isn’t generally known is that this Energy....all Energy....must run its course back to Its Source.

 If it is now less than 'Godlike', then sometime, somewhere we will  have to take Spiritual Steps required to clean up that Energy. We have to purify it first and then recharge It with Love ...

We have to transmute any negativity with which we have clothed that Energy, using a 'process of transmutation' that allows our present Energy to gradually vibrate with a Higher and Higher Frequency and Purpose.

 Then at a certain 'rate of vibration' everything we call distress or disease simply disappears....for it can’t be expressed in the Higher Vibrations.

An important part of the Healing Process is to ask to be forgiven by all Life that may have been hurt by anything we, the human being, has ever done.

Again, herein lies the importance of knowing ourselves as a human/Soul Partnership for from that combined Perspective we can more powerfully  Petition Forgiveness.... for we are activating the 'Higher Christed Level of Life' which then reaches into all Higher Planes of Godness.

In this way we go to work, Body and Soul, to make amends for anything we have even done to dishonor God or hurt mankind or the Earth. This action, this attitude of Mind and Heart also demonstrates to the Guiding Powers and our own Holy Christ I AM Self that

'now we understand'....

now we are serious about Life.

And what is it we understand? Let's describe it this way:

When we use, poorly, the Energy that beats in our hearts and gives Life to our physical body, we have, both Body and Soul, committed a transgression of the highest sort....for knowingly or unknowingly, we are showing total disrespect for 'Godness' in one of Its many Aspects.

Not wishing to do this, we then realize the importance of consciously watching all we do, all we think, feel or say every moment. It is a minute by minute process of policing our actions....always using  Life as a Precious Gift from the 'Highest Source'.

 And no longer being willing to mis-use It.

Now, regarding the well-being of the physical body. Let me indulge in some mystical sense I have of the human-us.

 Do you remember in an earlier program I talked about an Intuitive Idea I had of Divine Beings, engaged in designing our physical bodies?

 This intuition led me to imagine that First Body....I’m speaking now of the one we call 'Adam'. That led me to speculate that the Original Body, whenever and however it evolved, and I am assuming that Higher Hands were initially involved, it is reasonable to expect that it was designed to be perfect in all its parts.

In my thinking it seemed to be a perfected prototype of a human form that could withstand the stress and strain of whatever the embodied Soul would have to face as it made its way through the human experience.

And that Perfect Body would also, in time, have to be able to hold the even more Powerful Light, the more Powerful Energy that would flow into It and through It. It would have to be a vessel strong enough to withstand the Powerful Energy of the Cosmic Christ that would, in time, flow through It to raise the Vibration of both Body and Soul but also the Planet. 

Now many of us we believe we are descendants of that Adamic man and woman....

and while perhaps the Perfect Body has had to undergo certain modifications....and much human behavior has covered over or distorted the appearance of that 'perfect pattern', still if we are descendants of Adam, then our genes carry the Original Design for that Perfect Body,

 which means to me that our bodies are always 'capable of being Perfect' and 'are always trying to cast off the conditions inflicted upon them by the human being....

our bodies are capable of returning to the Original Design'.

At basic gene level, humanly we are always trying to be

the Perfect Person....

which explains the intuitive Perfect Pictures in our minds.

Therefore, we have only to believe in that Idea of Perfection'.

That will let Perfection begin to manifest in all matters pertaining to our physical bodies and entire lives ...

we simply let go of any old pictures we have ever had of ourselves and of our body as being less than perfect.

For, I believe that is where all healing of the physical body begins....

where all healing of everything that is Our Life, Body and Soul, begins.

It starts with our Belief Systems....

 And manifest from pictures we will hold of ourselves....And as those New Pictures begin to replace all the old pictures we have ever had of ourselves as being less than perfect, we will experience greater well being.  

 We have to Believe that these bodies are specially created,

 specially designed to be the Temples of the 'Most High Living God'...

 and that we Souls are those Christ Sparks housed within the Temple we call our physical body.

 And we have to Believe that we have,

 built right into us, a 'self-healing mechanism'.

 And that all our Healing takes place within a State of our

 human/Soul Self Realization that ignites the

 Interior Machinery of Self-healing.

This in turn, starts the Healing Process of all the Energy

that is our physical Life. And should make us so aware

that there's more to our Life than these physical bodies.

 So if 'Believing in Ourselves' is the next step, how then, do we begin the process of this 'believing'?

 First of all, it is a personal matter of 'wanting or desiring' to believe”.


Desire jump starts all activity in our lives,

 whether human or Spiritual, visible or invisible.

 Desire leads us to begin to think and pursue lines of information that lead to fulfilling our desires.

I often look to the past as a way to look for Patterns of human and Soul Growth to see how people of other times fulfilled desires to know more about their Lives.

 For example, we have information in literature, art and architecture, in myths and stories about the ancient civilizations, that shows us that for thousands upon thousands of years people have believed in Powers they could not see. Leading us to believe that 'anciently' there must have been much thinking and perhaps some teaching regarding the 'Invisible Part of Life'.

  Now in our time we have New Teaching that affirms or reaffirms that there can be no permanent or complete healing of mind, body or emotions without the involvement of our Spiritual Natures.  

Over the last century there has been much Spiritual Teaching revealing more Truth about our human/Soul selves.

We are told about the Legions of Angels who were created expressly for the Purpose of Guiding and Guarding Souls as they go about Their Evolution. We now know about the many Great Souls, who have Evolved out of this third dimensional level into the higher Planes and Who continue to work with those of us who are yet embodied on Earth. 

In talking about our place in the Heavenly Scheme, it helps understand that each one of us has an individual Contract with, with 'God'.

 As this sense of WHO WE REALLY ARE takes hold, we awaken to that Cosmic Reality. The details of that Contract are to be found in our Divine Blueprint....the Design that details WHO WE ARE IN GOD’S EYES and what our particular, unique Purpose is in the Greater Scheme of Life.

It is that Blueprint that guides and determines the Route the human/Soul Partnership is to take....thus there are Guidelines to help the Soul do what It came to Earth to do. 

Now if all that Invisible Life is there to help us accomplish our particular tasks....our Divine Plan....then we can deduce from that, that we are never alone and will never be abandoned.

 And certainly one of the times we can feel abandoned or alone is when we face an extraordinary illness or physical disability. And never more so than when the medical experts we rely upon, have to tell us there is nothing more they can do for us.

From then on we truly are on our own.

 If we have developed the Close Relationship with our Soul or have a 'working' relationship with 'God', in any of the many ways that Relationship can exist, we then ask for and know we will be given Direction to solve any problem.

 Then, if the human being will allow it, the Soul will take the lead and endeavor to walk the Partnership out of those difficult and deep Valleys into the next phase of Its Life. And the 'next phase' may be on this physical side of the Veil or in one of those Heavens. 

Either way, the Soul always knows the it is connected directly to the Highest Power....and when we put our human-selves under the control of our Souls, we are always led in the Direction of our Divine Plan fulfilled.

 And you ask, “How do I know if my Soul is leading the matters of health or anything else....?”

The sense of Soulness-active-in-our-lives gradually develops.

 It’s there to some degree for everyone all the time....more or less depending on the individual's acceptance.

But when we actively, consciously pursue the Connection, we begin to have what can only be described Mystical Experiences.

  I describe some of my own experiences and hope they bring some Enlightenment to this subject of 'Soulness-in-action'.

 My most memorable experience came in a time of great pressure, when I was thrashing about looking for Answers to a difficult health problem, even while having to deal with other situations that seemed to spring up simultaneously as well.

 Throughout it all, I was asking for more powerful Guidance.

I knew Light/Help had to be coming in all around me because I was invoking It and expecting It.

 I became aware of feeling something very like 'Angel Wings' around me. This was to became a familiar sensation....the gentle pulsing of what I called 'The Breath of an Angel'.

And I learned that if I could get quiet enough, I could easily merge with that Angel Energy, our two Energies becoming One.

The movie  “Michael” resonated with me....although it’s a little different 'take' on Angels, but if you’ve ever felt the Presence of Angel Energy, you will enjoy the Archangel of that story.

For me Angel Energy is a particular kind of 'hushed quiet'. I wish I could find words to describe it. But it was within that Heavenly Quiet, many years ago, I finally experienced the Sensation of recognizing what I believe is the Presence and Personality of my 'Christed Soul Consciousness'.

One day in that Angelic Silence, someone identified Herself

saying:  'I AM your GOLDEN GODDESS SELF'

and in that moment I realized the human/Soul/Christ Connection.

 I say that very straight forward and calmly today....but for quite a time after that, I walked around in a Spiritual Daze, reliving that moment and of course, wondering if I 'got it right!'.  

And over the years as I’ve worked to strengthen that human/Soul Partnership, I’ve enjoyed finding what I believe to be, my Soul Personality being reflected through the human-me....even seeing an image in a mirror on several occasions of what I thought might be the likeness of the Soul Partner.

It’s been a Spiritual Process of realizing that the 'Spark of Light' that lives in our hearts, not only brings 'Health' (and all that is good) into the human body, but brings it enfolded in our unique 'Soul Personality and Consciousness.

Our 'Soul Personality' is not duplicated anywhere else in the Universe and whenever we are in the Universe, we are the same personality, forever. I realized now unique we each are. And that that Uniqueness is Immortal. And the are Angels surrounding each Soul all the time, Their Job to protect that 'Unique, Bit of Immortal Godness'.  

As we get into healing our physical bodies and lives....we get into healing all the wounds of hate in our lives coming in around any relationships we have ever had....and we have all had many....and that extends into the Life of the Nations and the Planet as well.

 We have to accept the Responsibility for the part we are designed to play in the on going Creation within the Universe. Our current 'job' is to help with the Healing of this Planet in any way we can

 which always starts with first healing ourselves....

mind, emotions, body and Soul.

And the more we know about ourselves as Body and Soul, the more likely it is that we will find the Answers to Healing all those areas of our lives....for now we have two minds to work on it, the human and Soul, both focused on finding Answers.

 And once we develop a deep Belief in the special, Spiritual Purpose of the human/Soul Adventure....and we know the Process of Body and Soul to be One Journey....not two separate Paths, we now see Life on Earth through the eyes of this close working Partnership.

 We see the physical and Spirit sides of Life as a single unit of two minds working toward building a new Heaven on Earth.

Two minds creating the new Jerusalem

in a Golden Age of Peace and Freedom for all!

 And yes it can happen....

It will happen as we heal....

As we accept our responsibility to heal the world.... 

As our Soulness awakens within the human us....

the Partnership draws more Christed Energy into our physical lives

to Energize and Heal us at all levels of our lives. 

And to instruct and illumine our minds.

 We have learned to call to the Flame within our Hearts,

 To say:

“Flame within my Heart, Expand and Light my Way,” ...

and in that Way we are invoking Illumination for our Journey.

  Within that Flame we have, right within ourselves,

every bit of Power, every bit of Wisdom, every bit of Love ....we have

everything we need to live perfectly beautiful lives here on Earth.

We have right within us

enough Power and Wisdom and Love to Perfect the world

 if we care to accept that Mission....

It is One of the Reasons we are here.

And we do it by letting more of 'God’s Light'

shine into and through our daily lives.

 It is that simple!