The Human/Soul Partnership # 3    

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  The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

I come again to speak for the need to focus our attention on Peace and Freedom....and for the need to control those aspects of the human-us that can be cruel, even as we work to encourage our sublime Natures.

 I hope to shed some Light on both our humanness and our inherent, interior, ever present Spirituality.... and to suggest it’s time to develop an integrated, Body and Soul Partnership and set It to work to solve the problems of our lives and the problems of this Planet. 

It is as we get a sense of our True Identity that we understand there are constructive ways to work ourselves out of the chaotic warring, fighting situations that exist on this Planet....putting and end to warring in families, in government and churches and among nations.

And it is only in ACTIVATING OUR putting to work the INFORMATION WE CURRENTLY HAVE ABOUT WHO WE REALLY ARE that we have a fighting chance to stop the on-rushing animalistic, ungodly activity engaged in by many today.

 Short of that, civilization as we know it today, may not survive. There are 'forces' at work' throughout the world, that do not have 'freedom or peace' as part of their agenda. We, in America, don’t know what Life would be like without Freedom and Peace.

But if intelligent people do not begin shifting the focus away from human nonsense and move to a more Spiritual way to live, many in the world may very well get to experience Life without either the peace or freedom they have come to expect.

 It’s time to work seriously for Peace throughout the won’t you please join me today in saying....


Years ago when I was sorting out all the conflicting ideas of man and God....trying to reconcile what churches were teaching and what people were believing about “man on earth and 'God' somewhere, way off in His Heaven”, I was finding some level of that 'Godness' I sought so present within me and at work in my Life....seeing It at work in so many ways.

There was a Voice that had always guided and directed me.

Who was that, I wondered?

Was It my Guardian Angel?

But my Father suggested that I think of that Voice simply, 'as God'....the 'God' of the Big Picture.

As I grew older I searched for greater Understanding and discovered all the many definitions of God. And then I discovered the Idea of Soulness....and that led me to begin to think of the Voice as an Invisible Soul Partner helping me through the human maze. I came to believe in the Idea of an illusive Soul that many were trying to define.

 At any rate I began thinking of my Invisible Voice as my Soul Helper and eventually, in all my thinking, writing and talking about it, came to realize this Relationship as “the human/Soul Partnership”.  

So in these Essays as I talk about both human and Spiritual Peace and Freedom for the people of this Planet, I do it from the standpoint of realizing WHO WE REALLY ARE. And speak about us from the Realization that each one of is an human/Soul Partnership.

Today I wish to pursue some thoughts about our history....about our progress and Purpose, Body and Soul. 

There is so much we don’t know about either human or Spiritual life. To start with, many historical facts are hidden from us, having been lost through passage of time. And others just seem to be hidden. Why?  I can only guess. From the human side some of the reasons seem to be political and economical. From the side of Spirit, perhaps it’s because the human mind isn’t ready or deserving to know more.

 Perhaps, we aren't 'deserving' because most of us treat human Life so lightly. Our Greater Purpose eludes us and our history has never been important to us....and thus, those of us, satisfied with 'creature comforts' have rarely ever searched beyond what is visibly in front of us.

 Whatever the reason, there are Mysteries, wonderful Mysteries, within Life, all around us, both human and Spiritual. We live our lives within ancient Mysteries.

 But now, we are experiencing a 'sense of change' which carries with it a sense of progress....of moving forward. There’s a feeling, even an excitement, that the time has come when what has been hidden so long. is finally going to be revealed.

 Somewhere in The Bible we read about the “rocks crying out”....and today archeology is examining those rocks and they are revealing hidden records of our human and Spiritual History. And without a doubt much has to be revealed to modern society if man is ever to “know himself” through knowing his history.

And so some of it has been preserved not only in rocks and ruins but carried across time in literature, in art, in architecture, through myths and traditions and rituals of widely differing cultures, in religious practices and within sacred, often secret societies found in every culture.

 Today bit by bit, information is emerging....first of all giving us a better sense of the past two thousand years. But also giving us glimpses of an ancient past, revealing it to be full of tangled myths and history that goes back for thousands and thousands of years. When I let my mind play with these stories of ancient times, I wonder if the information that is emerging is describing the early history of the first human/Soul Partnerships.....or perhaps of a specific ancient group.

 Is all this Information erupting on this Planet getting us ready to acknowledge how old we Souls really are.

 Is it showing us some of the great things we’ve done in the past....offering us encouragement? As we can begin to see our Soul History in a bigger picture, we can fit bits and pieces of the puzzle together, getting a glimpse of remarkable human/Soul activity as far back as we can find it.

 And there is so much of our grand history yet to be known....and if we will let our 'God Nature' rule, there is nothing that will not be revealed to us and nothing constructive we cannot do. There are stories in metaphysical literature about wonderful Golden Ages, when we lived beautifully....when the human bowed to the Wisdom of God and let its Soul Partner take the lead. We can again dream and work toward the next Golden Age. And we will succeed if we will choose a Golden Way to live our lives. 

 Several years ago when I described to friends my interest in writing and airing this series of programs, the consensus of opinion was that it would be a waste of both my time and Energy....

that only those who were already in sync with my conclusions about Life would listen.....

that it would be the old story of preaching to the choir.

 I was assured by friends that humanity in general is satisfied with the current ideas and stories of their Origin, that people are, generally, satisfied with modern life....for many it is good....and it appears that very few care about a more Spiritual approach to living. And fewer than that care to know more about WHO THEY REALLY ARE....

I was told that people in general would laugh at the Idea of a HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP and Its duties and responsibilities.....

that the comfortable people of today liked being able to believe in little or in nothing. Their destiny, if they had one, would take care of itself.

 “Give up this Idea”, I was told, “it’s a waste of your time. Nothing you can say will change the way the world is”.

 I watch the morning news and see the terrible things some people do to others....and still I can’t accept the Idea that intelligent people don’t care about the Spirituality of Life. Some possibly don’t....but I believe that most do. And many are looking for a Spiritual Rationale that makes sense of both daily life and as well as of all of the varying Ideas of 'God'. I believe that 'thinking' people are ready for more Truth about Life. 

We people really do need to know. Not knowing WHO WE ARE allows us to fall prey to all kinds of destructive ideas. Today these ideas come packaged in many ways....many as the “isms” of the day, ..socialism....fascism.... communism....all kinds of cultism....many as entertainment....many in activities that clothe themselves in religious and political pretension.... destructive ideas come in many ways.

 Those of us who follow the Spiritual Concepts of the Great One we know as 'Jesus', cherish the Inspiration of Brotherhood He brought to Earth, and we ask what went wrong with that Message of Love.

 How was that Message of Brotherly Love so twisted and by whom or by what force, so twisted that it translated into all the bloodshed, all the hatreds and bigotry among people, all the religious Wars, the Inquisition....all the really strange, cruel events of the last two thousand years right up to the present day. As I study history, I think, 'how could we be so blind'.

 I have wondered what in the world is behind all the fighting and killing....all the destroying of people and the many cultures of the last thousands of years. Something is directing all this hate and destruction... all the confusion. Who or what is it that doesn’t want a Golden Age of Peace and Freedom for the people of Earth. And who or what is responsible for persuading the human-us to turn our backs on the Direction coming from our Souls....when did we give in to the mis-use of free will, Body and Soul?

 When did it all start? And what can we do about it now? I have spent years looking for answers.

 And no I have never thought we are merely sinful human creatures....I do think that our human nature has been betrayed by 'experts' who have led us to think the human doesn’t need 'God'.

Meanwhile the 'indwelling Soul', so long ignored by the human, waits to take its rightful place alongside its human partner.

 Without a doubt we have a powerful negative force on the Planet that works to oppose or works in opposition to the Spiritual Force.

Perhaps this is a natural force meant to provide a necessary resistance between Earth and Spirit. Perhaps it’s that, but perhaps it's more.

It’s an Idea too big to go into here....

I bring it up only because it seems to translate, in our time, into an almost sinister human drive for power in all areas of Life....made possible by abandoning The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule, made easier by the artificial creation of 'money'....or the creation of 'artificial money'...held in place by an economic system of 'promises to pay'...and a political system of lies and chicanery.

Today and perhaps forever, it has been and still is, what I call “the human power and money beast”, that works against the Spiritual Power on the Planet.

 I feel sure this 'force' is an accumulation of energy soiled by human greed and hate and disdain for anything Spiritual....that is what we face is the same monstrous situation that destroyed Golden Ages of the past and is even now trying to destroy the present civilization.

 As far back as we have records, we read of despotic and abusive power in the hands of a few arrogant people....who are these individuals whose whole purpose in life seems to be to manipulate and control and 'milk the life' out of their fellow man.

It is difficult for humanity to defend itself against abusive power. Our American Constitution was meant to 'even the playing field' make it possible for the 'little people' to have abundant and free was an effort by some of mankind to put an end to abusive power, at least in America and to some degree it has.

 But, all is not working well in America at the moment as people are forgetting what it means to be an American....having forgotten that to be an American means self determination guided by a set of legal concepts meant to protect the citizen from the abuse of government or ecclesiastical 'power trips'.

This strong....what shall we call it an 'anti-God force'....What ever it is, there is a disturbing influence we all feel at work in the world keeping people confused...often using the media to disseminate half truths and is a 'way of manipulated activity' that keeps the average one of us scrambling to keep up with the next technological development or economical or political scheme. And we people, have little peace in our lives and individually have to figure out how to make our lives work within those ever shifting boundaries.

 And as we’re constantly busy re-inventing our human lives, we have little time left to think about, let alone pursue, our Spiritual Goals. Many have given up finding a more Spiritualizing way to live. Most have never dreamt the Dream of a Golden Age. We are overly educated in the ways of the human being and 'underachievers' Spiritually. Which seems to be the way 'the manipulators' have planned it.

 Meanwhile few realize or believe that the human-us was originally programmed to need Spiritual Direction. And unfortunately no one has yet taught us that we are to get that Direction not only from the Greater Godness Authority of the Universe but, much closer to home, we were and are supposed to be getting direction on 'how to live life'  through the 'God Spark/God Consciousness' anchored in our hearts.

The indwelling 'God Consciousness or Soul Mind' was (and is) always intended to give Direction to the human/Soul Journey. The human being was never intended to struggle alone on this Planet.

If we allowed our Souls to give direction to the Journey, we would be led away from human affairs that warp our minds and keep us from seeing the Golden Dream.  

 Well, there are Ways to succeed in this Game of Life....

One Way is to find a few minutes everyday to involve the Power and Intelligence and Consciousness of God in our lives....doing it simply by giving Recognition to the Flame in our Hearts....Asking that Flame to expand and Light our Way. Always expressing Gratitude for knowing about our 'God Connection'.

That Flame is our Powerhouse.

 It provides the Cosmic Electricity that 'lights up our lives'. Do you recall that statement that “we are given each day our daily bread”.....

We have little Realization of all that means. But one part of the meaning is that we are designed to go to the Well (to our Christ Self) every day....

We are to make sure our Electrical Circuits are wide open every day, so that the Power needed for that day’s human/Soul’s Effort is flowing in balanced fashion into the four Earth bodies, giving us the strength, the intelligence, the kindness, the patience to live these lives well.

We do need help with our human lives....

We need the loving care of our Souls.

Do you realize that the human us looks everywhere for Love....struggles with all kind of relationships

and all the time the Love we crave is right within us.

 The Love we seek is the Love of our Souls....the 'Love of God'. And it has always been right there within us.... blazing away.

And this is the Power of the morning trip to the church, or the moments of meditation, or the time taken to read the Bible or any other Inspiring work....

all this and whatever else we wish to add to our Communication with 'God', empowers us.

 It all combines to keep us connected to our Power....which is the Supreme Power of the Universe.

 Every time we think about the Energy that flows into our lives, acknowledging and accepting that High Frequency Power in our lives, we have to that degree additionally Spiritualized the human process.

We have brought together, mixed and integrated, those Powerful Pure Energies, which the heart feels as Love, into our overall human Energy....and we have raised the vibration of our entire bodies and immediate Energy fields.

We have raised the vibration of our whole lives.

In each of these Essays, I am taking a few minutes to encourage the strengthening of the Connection to the Source of our Power...

Each week we’ve drawn God's Protecting Power,

 asked for the 'Christ Light' to flow in and around us....

each time feeling It more intensely....absorbing It into our lives

 and letting It flow out around us as a Blessing to all we contact.

 Let’s do it now:

We’ll quiet our minds....take a few deep breaths....sit or stand tall ....hands at our sides or in our laps....relax our

Now see any scattered Energy being magnetized back into our Aura to serve us now.

Then visualize a solid Wall of Dazzling White Light Substance surrounding this Quiet Place we’ve built for ourselves ....

see Sparkling Energy of many colors flowing around us and in through the layers of our Aura...and out into the world around us....

 Now we'll wrap ourselves in the Illumining 'Heart Light of God'

Seeing opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We'll open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite Christ Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become a Channel for Light and Illumination and Peace

 and Love to descend to Earth.

 Love, unselfish Love always raises the vibration of our Energy. The Energy we feel as Love, is the Highest Vibration....the Vibration of Supreme Beingness. 

Working with exercises that involve visualizing our body's electrical systems are helpful to the understanding of how this Powerful Energy flows within us. This is where all the knowledge of Chakras and Energy centers is helpful. This type of information is important to each individual’s Understanding of how their four Earth bodies and Soul Energy work together. This knowledge is vital to our well being and survival in a world of many challenges. And it takes the use of the combined human/Soul Minds using all the Knowledge we can accumulate, to guide us safely through....whatever we’re doing ....humanly or Spiritually.   

If we are to survive what I call “the human craziness at work on this Planet” well as all the natural phenomena that is a part of the bigger Life of the Planet....if we are ever going to build our Golden Age, we have to play the Game of Life the way the Cosmic Beings laid It out.

 This is where our Belief System has to kick in.

Part of the Process is believing that there are powerful Invisible Forces working for us well as the same powerful Energy working within us.

 It’s learning not to be blinded nor persuaded against this Idea by appearances of the physical world. The hardest thing we do as human beings is not letting ourselves be sidetracked or hoodwinked by the human appearances.

This takes some strong Believing....and constant vigilance.   

 I've spoken before about the need to rethink our education system, not only in this country, but all over the world.

 There’s much being taught that not only isn’t useful, but may be harmful to our Spiritual growth. For one thing we need to put science back in its proper place. Science, in many fields, over the past hundred or so years has raced ahead of what the average mind can make use of....let alone understand or accept, and is playing a major part in confusing human issues.  

In the area of Peace on Earth, Science, which once offered prospects for making human life easier and better...and indeed it has in many ways....has ended up developing new and more terrifying ways of destroying human life.

 And while it has become a 'new religion' to some, for many others it is a cruel and bitter deception. For it has not contributed to the humanizing of our lives. And makes no effort to play a part as a Spiritualizing force to help us produce the peaceful society we long for. The current educational process fills the human brain with much useless information....some of which undermines the human/Soul Partnership.

Science makes no pretense about serving Spirituality.   

Thus, it seems to me that our present educational system

 with all its misinformation

and the present day “head in the sand” attitude of organized religions, have both been instrumental in dealing the death blow to the Soul’s Dreams of Peace. The pendulum has swung too far to the human side.

 And not too long ago scientific research was seen as a means of discovering and revealing God’s perfect Plan for mankind and the Planet.

Once Science had been inseparable from Philosophy. It was one of many ways that mankind was attempting to interpret and reveal man’s place in the Universe. Science attempted to understand the Cosmic Laws by which both man and the Universe functioned. In those days, Science was not a law unto itself. Then along came a modern group of what appear to be 'atheists' and for many years now religion and science have been at each other’s throats.

And humanity has been caught in the middle, forced to choose between humanism and Spirituality ...and the result has allowed the non-god force to successfully, systematically separate many human beings from their Beliefs in a Supreme Power and in a personal indwelling Soul Partner.

 Societal patterns move very slowly in comparison to technology. Thus a normal mind-set, for most of the last two hundred years has been totally at the mercy of Scientific technology.

The human mind hasn’t been able to keep up with it...and the modern educational machine has enabled the non-god factions to spread false or useless ideas, while removing Spiritual Information that might have kept children anchored to their real Source of Power.

All this is today added and abetted by what governments want, by what religions want

helped along by the liberal TV anchors and powerful national newspapers. There is a constant spewing forth of non-god ideas....which we hear and assimilate into our lives.

There seems to be no end to human distraction....much of it obscene and all of it keeps us from focusing on the Truth of our Lives.

 Fortunately this is becoming obvious to many people.

 So as you know, I’m here to speak for and about our Spirituality....

trying to keep it simple and practical...

and when I talk about keeping our focus on Spiritual Ideas, this isn’t something only Mystical or truly is practical. For what we call 'God' is the Source of the High Frequency Power that provides 'fuel' for the human body.

What I call 'Soul' is the 'Spark of God' that is planted in the heart of each one of us, automatically creating a human/Soul Partnership and that Partnership is connected to all Power above ....first to the Holy Christ Self and then to the I AM Presence above that....and from there to all 'Godness' beyond that. 

As the Higher Frequency of Greater Godness is lowered to Earth, Its rate of vibration is slowed down so that It can enter the material plane and body. The natural Energy of the Earth Plane and the material body vibrate very slowly in comparison to Heavenly Energies. 

Take a journey back in time with me.

Imagine....imagine a Universe evolving to a well orchestrated Plan. This Plan is big....big in time and scope, and we are probably not more than a Speck within it

, And there really is no way for us to get a picture of Grandeur of that Plan from our small, sharply focused perspective. We simply have rely on what is taught to us and then use our imagination and Intuition to get a sense of it. In the main, we just have to be willing to believe it. 

So, somewhere in the dim mists of what we call time, this Planet was created....Life forms were introduced and allowed to evolve here....perhaps much in the way scientists evolve life in a test tube.

 Some of those forms worked....some didn’t. At a certain time, a very special form was introduced to the Planet.....a form being developed to house a Spark of the Universal Creative Force. Imagine Powerful Beings designing a physical body that could accommodate a High Frequency Spark of the Mind of God.

 Please take time to think about this, because when that Idea works for you....all else begins to fall into place.

 That is a key piece to the puzzle.  

Now, having said that....are many of you are right out the door?

 I hope not. But to go on....

Life here is one of many Dramas unfolding in the Universe....mankind is but a player in one of those Dramas....and though we would like to take the credit for what we think we understand and discount what we can’t understand, we aren’t writing the script. We do however, sometimes misplay our parts and bring the wrath of the Show's Producer down upon our heads....but the Cosmic Show will go on with or without us....and we can be a part of it, based on the script, or we can write ourselves out of the play.

The “we” referenced here, is the Soul us....

 a Spark of that Christed I AM Mind

stepped down in voltage and embedded in a physical body.

Again, take time to let your human mind play with this Idea....the 'Soul You' already knows all of this. Which is why we get glimpses of so called Mystical Ideas.

 The Soul Spark of Cosmic Mind (the eternal 'us') is always trying to educate the human mind. And always trying to work with the human process, regardless of what we’ve been told to the contrary.

 Every human body has a 'Spark of Light' in it, or it couldn’t live....

and the Soul embodies for several Purposes, One being Its own Evolution.

What is the Process of embodiment....well, I sense it starts with the decision of when and where, time and place.... and who the Soul will be as a human being. After all that is decided by Greater Beings Who work with each Soul...a physical body is designed.

 Souls with little or no experience of Earth or Who have special needs or work to do here, may have to depend on what is chosen as best for them by their Guides, Who are responsible for assisting the Soul Evolution Process.

It is said that as we mature, we (Souls) have more say in that Process. 

Te Spiritual Change we feel and believe is happening at the present time, is bringing with it the Permission of the High Lords of Life to allow this Information to be given to the whole world....and today with the help of archeology, we are being taught about our past....and with computers spewing out endless Information, we people are learning new facts about ourselves and about the Spiritual Worlds.

We are finally able to live our lives with or without getting involved with old controlling religions....many of which are locked into dogma set in concrete....ideas which no longer serve a modern educated people. It is time for ideas to evolve....

Today we are being given everything we need to help us build our Golden Age...assuming we are willing to think beyond the current, manipulated view of Life. It’s all starts with Believing. And there is ample evidence to confirm human and Spiritual Ideas that I focus on here ....much, much more to be learned beyond that.

 My hope is to open minds to the Idea of a human/Soul Partnership....of a Partnership of man and 'God' now able to work together on Earth. I want to help you think about these help you Believe you can mix the human and Soul Energies together and make yourselves Powerful Instruments for good on this Planet, quite simply as you go about your daily tasks. 

And whatever the GRAND PLAN AND SPECIFIC LEVEL OF GODNESS responsible for our being is inconceivable that we, the Soul have been here or are here now without having the ability to access what I believe must be inherent and specific Spiritual Knowledge about our Cosmic Heritage and our Purpose,

It’s inconceivable that we do not have the Support of Legions of Beings created for the express Purpose of guiding and guarding us and our very important work here. For what ever reason, much of what we know is still screened from our memories....but perhaps this is the time in which we are to remember ....when the veils are to be removed from our eyes.

 Perhaps this is the time that we are to see our Uniqueness and to experience and express our human/Soul Individuality. But we need Information and we need Guidance to walk the Path leading to an Understanding of the human and Soul Goals.

 It helps to have a deep Belief in the Special Spiritual Purpose of the human adventure ....

always seeing the human/Soul Process as one....not two separate Paths....a close working Partnership of the human and Spirit Sides of Life here on Earth, two Minds working toward building a Heaven on Earth...

.creating the New Jerusalem

 in a Golden Age of Peace and Freedom for all.

 And yes, it can happen!




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