The Human/Soul Partnership #2

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

We continue our discussions about Life....human and Spiritual, Body and Soul....taking a look at the many aspects of WHO WE REALLY ARE....looking at ways to make our daily experiences more meaningful, both humanly and Spiritually.

 Today all over the Planet, people are still fighting, dying, starving, hating and killing each other.

Today, if our lives are tranquil....

if our bills are paid....if our bodies are well....

if our children are staying out of trouble....

in a word, if we are happy....we need to know that we are in a very, very small minority....even in America.

 And Americans in general, think that the more disruptive, even violent political, economic, and religious conflicts, such as are happening all over the world, canít happen here.

 Oh, if only that were true!

The study of history shows violence to be no respecter of person or place. Disruptive conflicts CAN happen anywhere there are people who do not respect each others freedom...anywhere there is a lack of Brotherhood....indeed, any one of us can fall victim to human arrogance and conceit.

 If we want to go on living in peaceful Countries, we need to understand human issues that undermine individual Law and Order....ideas that are aimed at taking away individual freedom of choice. We people have to learn how to protect ourselves and our families and our Countries in this time of political and social unrest.

There is a growing menace, worldwide, that has been speaking, loud and clear for a number of years. We have to have ears to hear and eyes to see and we must be willing to stand up and fight, if necessary, for Freedom....or lay down and become pawns and slaves of unspeakable evil that knocks at the door. That is our current choice.

 We can begin to lay the foundation for 'Another Way', which will, in time. be Godís Way....and it starts with each one of us.

In addition to becoming aware of the forces that shape life on the Planet, individually we can work for Peaceful relationships in every area of our lives. We can stop all personal fights, thus, we can stop all 'hating'....hating, in small and large ways, is the source of the violence exploding all around us....hating accumulates and become the godlessness that fuels all wars.

Wars are the merely the conflagrations of human hatreds.

 Hatred is all that is less than Godness

 So Peace has to begin with the Desire and Actions of each individual, ....that Desire alone opens the Door to the Help of Higher Forces.

 If we do not figure this out....Civilization, the world over, is once again, going to fail.

Barbarism never went wears many is a non-god force that will never give up trying to control and rule God's People wherever they are.

Protection is in knowing who we really are, Body and Soul and using that 'knowledge' to call forth God-Help....which waits to be invoked.

Our only security comes through our vigilance and determination to be free people.

With all that in mind, will you join me now in saying



We can let 'peace begin to expand through us' by taking this moment to quiet our Energy....and do this many times a day....

as many times as we can think to do it....making the effort to find time to do it....

Individually we will all be healthier and live longer and better if we will find the time to occasionally slow the work of our hands and minds and emotions....if just for a few moments.

When we turn off the human mind and look Godward, in whatever way we do that, the Higher Mental or Christed Soul Mind can come in and flood us with Its Pure Energy....and fill our minds with Its Good Ideas...with whatever we need to get on with each day.

Now letís focus on reinforcing that

Wall of Powerful, Protective, Peaceful, Loving Christ Light around ourselves....

allow our Quiet Place to overflow with Love....the Love of the Christ...

Let this be a place where we can shut out the ordinary pressure of our lives.

This is a Healing Place....

where we can take any issues that need to be healed, and in that Quiet we place in the Hands of our Holy Christ Self any issues...and then take our minds completely off of them.

 Be so aware that the minute we think of problems, we reinforce them with our Energy. We must control the use of our Energy. It starts with controlling our attention. 

As soon as a non-god situation shows its face, immediately put it all in Higher Hands. Never focus on negativity. Never look back. See only Perfect Solutions. Stay in the Light.

Now, as we wrap ourselves in the Healing Heart Light of God,

As we see that opalescent Light spiraling within

and around our entire Lifestream

Our minds open to the highest Information Channels

And we invite the Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ to stream forth

 into our Hearts and Minds that we may become Channels

 for Greater Light and Illumination and Peace

 and Healing that dissolves all the wounds of hate

to descend to Earth.

Now to continue talking about the Human/Soul Partnership:

Weíve said that to progress in any endeavor, we not only have to have new information, but we have to be open to that information, and take it and use it.

 This series of programs has two main purposes. The first is to help us understand WHO WE REALLY ARE, BOTH BODY AND SOUL

 and the second is to discuss ways to stop the non-peace at work on the Planet through activating God Power that comes from


Surely, there are enough of us, dismayed by the violence throughout the world, who are ready to make a Herculean Effort to help Peace become the norm at all levels of Life.

If there is a Desire for it, there are ways, tried and true, that people can live together constructively and well, Body and Soul, on this Planet. There are many and varied Avenues of Spirituality available to the people of Earth....something for every Level of growth, Body and Soul....there are inspiring Spiritual Ideals within most cultures to enhance and moderate busy, daily lives.

We just have to start thinking that way....we're on the right Path if we have set aside a period of time in each day to let Our Christ Light fill the human self....if we let the Soul Self have some of the say!

And it has to help if WE HAVE EVEN AN INKLING OF WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul, because that Knowledge, combined with a little bit of Intuition and 'elbow grease', helps us create rewarding ways to live our lives.

 But where do we start to solve the seemingly ancient unpleasantness still rampant in the modern world? Well, first of all we have to understand that we are dealing with old issues....and call to God for Solutions....and those Solutions may or may not be worked out in the physical sense....since we are dealing with 'Energy' that is highly charged with every imaginable godless idea the human being can come up with.

Then, leaving all that to the High Powers, our job is to address what can be solved by us....and to begin with, much mischief and misery would end if all of humanity had some constructive work to fill its days and to put a roof over its head and food on the table. So 'jobs' are what are needed on the 'Body' side of the Partnership Equation.

And then, how about a little more focus on morality?

 Morality is civilizationís first line of defense against all the outrageous behavior the evening News programs display on TV ....and that we read about every morning in our newspapers.

 It's easy to get very wrapped up in all the international terrorism, the killing, the accidents, and natural disasters.

In America we are horrified by the murderous rampaging of youthful school killers ....and we ask, ďhow can educated, supposedly civilized  people do these things to each otherĒ....

And people world wide seem not to see the glaring absence of morality teaching of the young or morality practice of many parents in our modern, so called, civilized world...where people rarely talk about morality....and those few who do are mocked....

and the violence and generally unruly mob-like behavior of people all over the world makes one wonder if anyone remembers the advice to ďLove one anotherĒ.....the ultimate Morality, Body and Soul. 

Today in America, we are particularly concerned about the violence in our schools. 'Government' and educators have forgotten or refuse to believe the obvious, assuming they are not deliberately engaged in destroying the Liberties upon which this country was founded....

Namely.....that human beings without the Moral Direction to 'love one another', have been killing each other for as long as we have written record. And we have ancient skeletons that indicate that killings went on before humans were capable of reading or writing.

When we read of horrible killings, such as the Columbine situation, we have to ask ourselves why it is that only some modern people do things like this while others don't? We ask, 'What is the difference between people who kill and people who donít?'

This much we can say.

We are all born into the world with no more Knowledge of Morality than the ancient humans, who apparently thought nothing of cracking each other over the head as a way to solve their problems or perhaps as a road to a better life or more probably, as a way to enslave a brother.

 Is it too naive to suggest that if we are fortunate enough today to turn out any better, morally speaking, than those people of the past or than those who take to killing, wherever they do it today, whether as individuals or as it because somewhere, sometime, probably in our early childhood, we were taught some really simple concepts of Morality?

You know, as simple as  ďdo unto others etcĒ.

 I know this is very simplistic....

or at least, I will be told that it is....

People of earlier generations remember seeing the Ten Commandments prominently posted in courthouses....most of us had them in our us at least the benefit of reading

ďThou shalt not kill!Ē....

And allowing that Commandment to become (at least), a suggestion as a constructive way in which we could live our lives

and understanding that 'thou shalt not kill,

meant we did not kill anyone for any mattered not what his social position, his politics....his religion....

and considering all the ill will among the several major religions and all the killing of the past....we especially were taught not to kill for religious reasons.

 I wonder how many people today, forty and under, have even seen a copy of the Ten Commandments?

Or know what it is.

 Or where it came from?

 And this is not to say that this list of Spiritual and social rules is the total solution to mankindís problems....

for if it were our problems would have been solved thousands of years ago...but it was a great step forward in its day

.and it continues to serve mankind, adding strength and conviction to our Ideas of Morality and decent living, especially among people who wish to adhere to God's Commandment about 'killing'..

 I canít remember when I last saw a copy of the Ten Commandments in a public place. And would it help if the terrorists could read those 'rules of civil conduct'.

Today in America there are increasing numbers of liberal thinking people for whom Morality means nothing. How can that be in a country built on those Principles of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Humanity....

 What 'force' is it that is trying so hard to jeopardize the American Freedoms to live and worship however we chose?

What is happening to old fashioned Spirituality? Who is it that is promoting atheism and acting out godlessness in countless ways....leaving the door wide open for 'ancient godlessness' to come in and eventually try to take over?

I sense that because the Belief in a Supreme Authority...the Belief in 'God', has been 'watered down' or completely deleted from our modern lives, Spirituality' no longer plays a strong role in many lives. And most affected is Christianity. The many aspects and levels of Christianity allow for much freedom of expression....

It is that freedom that is being attacked by the Spiritual negativity and the degeneration of values....the first of which shows up an lack of Morality.

If one does not Love the Supreme Being and respect the Laws of that Being, what is there to keep the 'brainless, clueless' human being from doing what comes natural to the 'animal nature?

This has been the trend forced on us by those who control the 'thinking' of our time. But how and why do they want to do this?

 During the last one hundred years the moral breakdown didnít just accidentally happen. In America I have watched this occur as part of what seems to be a systematic undermining of Spiritual Norms at many levels of our society.... government....religions.... social, but the most flagrant effort to undermine the morality of the people of this country has been happening within our schools....

with the purpose, (I believe), to destroy the family structure where moral values through Faith in a Supreme Being is taught.

Current curriculum includes programs tht seem deliberately designed to counteract any Morality taught to children by their parents. Iím told we now have what are called mandatory ďvalues clarification programsĒ to be carried out by schools respecting the philosophical content in what is being taught.

 What in the world gives the National Education Administration (NEA) the right to set themselves up to clarify established Christian philosophical and moral values? 

And one has to wonder if the thrust is against Christianity. And wonder what the religion or Spiritual preference is of those who are writing the laws for all citizens of this country. Perhaps we should ask these people to 'clarify' their motives. And perhaps they should excuse themselves when it comes to rewriting Christian morality.

Why would Moral Principles of thousands of years, need any clarification by public schools administrators....moral principles which (hopefully) are being taught, within homes by parents or outside the home by religious organizations.

And by what right do those in charge of the National Education System decide which Spiritual Expression of Morality our children will learn or not learn while in school? Who is choosing which religious expression is ok?

Is it that educators today are not capable of teaching morality....not capable of explaining or understanding the underlying need to teach Morality to children using such tools as the Ten there a 'conspiracy' at some level of government to wipe out the Christina Teaching of Love and Brotherhood? Love and Brotherhood have become one glaring 'missing ingredients' in human life....all over the Planet. Who is responsible for that?

 One wonders why Christian Principles are taboo in today's schools in America....while Jewish and Islamic songs and prayers and values of other cultures can be taught. Who 'clarifies' and dismisses the value of Christian songs and prayers and culture in our schools?.

Just what part of ďthou shalt not killĒ is offensive to those who would control the Christian expression of Love of God? What is it that needs to be clarified? And for whom? Who is it that is brainwashing the American people....who is destroying our Christian heritage?

Again I ask...What is it that any decent, God loving person can't understand about the criminality of killing each other, or the immorality of lying to each other or stealing from each other....or cheating on each other....Or any other criminal, animal act that the Christian Message defines as immoral? 

My impression of what I saw my children being far back as forty years ago.... was that they were being taught that they had the right....indeed the necessity...of creating their own version of Morality.

Now, this might be okay if they lived alone on a isolated island....

I was shocked when I heard our sixteen year old daughter say, ďMom, there is no such thing as right or wrong....itís just how it works for you. How you see itĒ....

Wow, that was news to me.

 ďHoney, where did you hear that?Ē

ďAt school. In our sex education class, MomĒ. WOW! 

Again I ask, 'Who and what has been responsible for introducing into our schools the Idea that a ďdo it yourself moralityĒ was going to benefit or change or civilize the human brain or Being? Or that it would benefit the child?

Or is that what 'they' had in mind?

The brain begins its life as a clean slate....

a clean hard drive....

someone has to write something on it.

Today most children have no morality software installed on their hard drives....

for you who are still computer shy, let me say it this way....

Apparently, in view of the murderous activities of some children

and general lack of concern for each other by most....

it would seem that our children arenít being taught,

 in homes or in schools, enough Spiritual values or social graces

and manners, clarified or otherwise, to make it possible for them to live together ....

to go to school together....

or to work together peacefully....

It certainly isn't keeping some of them from wanting to kill each other! 

First as children. Later on as adults.

Certainly the problem is bigger than our schools....

but it is one important place to start to begin to turn around

the social and Spiritual ignorance of our day.

 Assuming the increasingly Liberal Supreme Court will allow it in America!

Further the time is long overdue for parents to examine and fight to correct their childrenís school curriculum, where corrections are needed

It is no secret that academic pursuit of any depth is seriously lacking in most curriculum. When put side by side with curriculum of other Western Cultures, American children are being shortchanged by the social engineering programs put into effect over the past fifty years.

 So far the liberal, godless program is winning.

Is that what God wants from Governmental educational policies wherever they exist on the Planet....policies that obviously do not promote Spirituality or good citizenship....polices that do not produce loving homes and environments for either parents or children.

 What can we do if we do not agree with what can only be called 'atheistic values' being instilled in our children.

First we have to understand the issues and see what has to be done to effect the ballot box and at school board meetings where we can see 'who' is doing 'what' to our children and to their education.

This has nothing to do with espousing one religion over I see it, none of them are doing a very good job of teaching 'morality' at the present time. However one of them does have the underlying Principles of promoting the value of the Brotherhood of all mankind....Love thy neighbor.....that seems to be lacking as a basic Idea in other philosophies.

However it is a matter fairness....of allowing, even insisting upon, an 'even playing field' for all religious and philosophical thought in our schools.

 We are seeing Christianity, not only not being allowed any expression in our school systems, but are sensing its systematic destruction as a force for good in our schools. We must ask 'to what purpose"? And by whom? And those of us who wish to live in a Christian Nation....I, for one, wish to live in a Christian Nation....we must, as voters and as parents and as concerned citizens, we must insist on having a voice in what our children are being taught. If we are wise we will insist on throwing out unworkable and economically wasteful and outrageously non-god programs...such as the drug prevention and sex education programs...and a lot more. Children need a broad, Spiritual education on one hand. And a deep personal relationship with the God of their Being, on the other.

 Parents and citizens, in every country, must take a hand once again, in teaching children the basic values of right and wrong....simple basic values that will go a long way in allowing us to live as a peaceful society....and putting an end to criminal activities in the name of religion....or race....or whatever people choose to fight over. A strong honest system of police protection should be the right of every citizen of every country.

 And there exists on this Planet many fine Spiritual disciplines....

we have choices as to what Words we will use to define morality....

but there should not be choices as to what 'morality' is.

There is only One Morality, one of Brotherhood and individual Freedom

....One Truth....One Supreme Being....

And if people do not wake up soon and accept that Idea, world wide,

 some of those people may soon never wake again as citizens of Earth,

for someone whose 'morality' is different....

who doesn't' believe in individual freedom

 may have just shot them

 or blown them up when when they weren't looking !!!!

We have serious problems on this Planet....and all of them can be solved with the addition of simple Spiritual Morality added to our Lives.

Which is why the Supreme Being asked One of His Evolved Sons to descend to Earth and remind the people here two thousand years ago, that it doesn't take more guns or dollars to live decent, peaceful lives. It just takes Love and Compassion and Consideration for each one's inalienable 'rights'.

 Again this is not advocating what is called 'religion here'....religion is personal....a choice for each individual....this is advocating the Teaching of practical Moral Information and a Social Philosophy that guarantees the right of everyone of us to live safely....


Our children have a right to moral, personal training in 'basic responsibility' toward their fellowmen and women...

they have a right and the necessity to know


 And until they have that understanding, neither they nor we are safe.

Our insistence on the teaching children 'values' may fall on deaf ears, as many parents themselves do not exhibit moral values in their lives. We can make some small excuse and say today's parents are also victims of the past fifty years of inadequacy in the field of teaching...that they also had educations lacking in 'morality teaching'....that their educations were also full of atheistic psychobabble. My experience has shown me that many parents do not see the wrong being done to their children. They, themselves are lacking the ability to judge right from wrong.

 And if they don't care, why should we, you may ask? Well, first of all I take seriously that responsibility of being 'my brother's and sister's keeper'.... I care when I see my brothers and sisters being destroyed mentally, emotionally and physically by the socialistic, atheistic educational system embraced by much of the world during the past fifty or more years. It has been devastating in Christian America.

If atheism worked and if we were all better people without God in our lives, it might be a different story. But looking out on the world today, I can't say that people are more humane, more caring, more intelligent and compassionate in their dealings with their fellow men and women. Atheism isn't working. It never has. 

Well! This is a long opening to continuing on with the subject of....

Our human/Soul Partnership....

but the points being discussed underscore the 'value' of knowing

 even a little about WHO WE REALLY ARE....

Think how different Life on this Planet will be lived when we all view this Relationship of Body and Soul as a Partnership of man and God working together on Earth...

Think how it will be when we understand our Souls to be 'Bits of Basic Primal God Consciousness'.....

when we acknowledge that the 'Soul part' of us is Immortal

'A tiny Being of Light and Love'....

and know that all Souls are all here to do the work of 'God'.....

that all Souls are meant to live wonderful creative Lives as human beings, as well as using this experience to evolve Soulness.

Embracing and expanding simple morality means letting 'Godness' back into our lives and the lives of our children and the Life of the Planet.

It means we aren't killing each other or taking advantage of each other.

Sure, we can go on and choose the bumpy inhuman route.

 But we are free to choose the combined human/Spiritual Route

which opens up such vast and wonderful opportunities ....

and none of this is rocket science.

Please think about this:

The ugly part of the Human Experience is not going to straighten itself out with more Civil Rights Laws, more Hate Crime bills and more legislative, legal stuff that sets people against each other requiring another 100,000 police on the streets to keep us in line. And people who hate America and Americans are not going to succeed in terrorizing or destroying this country. God will not permit it....the destroyers will destroy only themselves.

In America we have a system of fair laws, which if heeded will hold us together in a law abiding society....if we choose to live peacefully together.

 Laws are easily formulated....but can only be fully implemented by choice of hearts and minds. We donít need anymore laws. We need a change of heart and mind.   

Iíve spent a lifetime puzzling over these simple concepts...wondering how we can be so smart and how we can be so destructive...really, so asleep sometimes to simple realities.

Iíve wondered what it will take to finally wake us up and cause us to realize that all hate, all cruelty, all unfairness to any part of life just plays into the hands of those who hate any Idea of God....plays into the hands of those who serve a cruel agenda...and finally destroys the hater.

When we accept that kind of behavior, in our personal lives or national lives we clearly indicate that either we are asleep to Reality or that we haven't a clue about the Spirituality of the Universe

How easily and thoughtlessly we denigrate the 'God Plan of Creation' when we can't see either our own Specialness or the very special Spirituality of every other individual.

Beyond that aspect, it is obvious that there is a group of people on the Planet who hate freedom....who hate humanity...the cruelty we see speaks for itself.

How else do we explain the 'people in charge' who do everything possible to keep decent people from teaching their children that Spirituality is not only practical, but necessary if one is to adopt an intelligent, honest, honorable, caring approach to Life ....if one is to be free to use their human smartness....and express Spiritual Compassion in working to create a more successful life and a better world for all concerned.

 Only 'evil' likes and benefits from chaos'. It seems there are those who plan chaos. And sleeping humanity pays for it all. And suffers needlessly.

 One of the least understood of the great Mysteries of Life

 is how our human obtuseness boomerangs back directly into our own lives ....

for that is exactly what happens ...

sometimes quickly, sometimes taking a long time....

but always 'human stupidity' which can be defined as 'the ignorance of or lack of concern for God Laws',

 exacts payment from us....

hopefully we are the only ones who suffer from our conscious or unconsciousness transgressions of Law, human or Spiritual....

However, if in our transgressions, our intent was hateful....

if we used Cosmic Energy with evil, hateful intent,

 those transgressions are magnified ten thousand fold....

that means before the debt is paid, we may be required to repay ten thousand fold with the future time and Energy of our Lives, somewhere, sometime...often producing, in the process, more resentment, more hate, more cruelty, and certainly more misery,

first for us and then for others before we 'get it right'!.

 Which eventually we must do....we have no choice but to 'get it right' with God. That is the Law.


Ignorance is no excuse in the Eyes of the Law...humanly or Spiritually.

Without frightening them, our children need to be taught the Laws of Life regarding Cause and Effect....

they need to understand at an early age that

good draws good to them....

that evil will destroy them.

It is our parental obligation to teach these Laws to our children. 

As a general Rule of life,

people who are focused on Peace as their personal Way of Life,

are always looking to weed out the negatives in their lives.....

knowing thereís no way to stop cruelty, hatefulness and ugliness

on this Planet except to stop it at its source.

 We, human beings, are that source.

 One day we will accept that as the Truth of our human lives, and then go out and willingly ďsin no moreĒ.

And not just to make our lives better, which it will,

but because we plan to never again be a source of pollution of Godís pure Energy. We will stop harming Life in any way.

This is the reason we hang plaques outlining Ten Basic Commandments in our schools....the reason we allow Spiritual Expression in our schools.

This is the reason we begin to watch every thought, feeling, action and every word that comes out of our mouths. Why we work to expand 'goodness' in our lives, knowing this expands Godness everywhere.

 So you see, there are very good, powerful, practical and Mystical reasons for knowing WHO WE REALLY ARE....and then acting like we fully comprehend the Mystery of the human/Soul Partnership.

 There are very good and practical reasons for living our lives in that mind-set. All real Spiritual Growth begins at the human mind level....and takes off from there.   

And then, if we truly want Peace and Freedom,

 for ourselves and all others,

we begin to Desire it with all our hearts.

Interestingly, it seems as though The Desire for Peace and Freedom is elusive. It is another of the missing ingredients in many human lives and in a major way, in the Life of most Nations.

 Peace and Freedom are Spiritual Concepts that flow freely from the Godhead....They are concepts of the heart and mind....the understanding of which has to be desired.

 It is the Soul that desires Peace and Freedom.

And not many individuals have activated their Soul Connection, yet. 

One of the great challenges of the human mind is to accept intangible Spiritual Concepts which the mind knows exists, but which it refuses to acknowledge because it is bound by the rule of accepting only what can be seen or touched.

 A human/Soul Partnership, is an intangible Concept,

an Idea that can only, at the moment, be realized within our minds....

and then only, through our willingness to Believe.

 So, Peace, another intangible, depends on our willingness to Believe in it....

And to take a stand and let the Spirit Part of our lives lead the human us to Peace on this Planet.

Until then, the hating and killing goes on because the animal nature sees no wrong in killing or hurting.

 In some cases it glories in it. 

 It is yet to be understood by many that neither the Body nor the Soul,

 are 'stand alone, isolated bits of Life'.

 The Soul is the 'Spark of Highest Mind' that gives Life to the physical body.

It is a small Unit of Energy Whose Purpose is to give the Supreme Being another Way to expand and extend Itself.

 The Will of God is expressed through the Soul. It is one of the 'Expressions of Life' in which the 'Christed Consciousness' of the Supreme Being is expanded on Earth.

Let me say once again that what I call Soul is the' Key to the linking of Earth and Heaven'....each Soul using a physical body to Channel Heavenly Light to the Planet and thus raising the vibration of the Energy of the Planet.

There is no doubt in my mind that it was always intended that the human mind would be under the Direction of the Higher or Soul Mind. Or that if we feel disconnected from Life, possibly weíve ignored the 'Intuition or Soul Voice' giving us Direction.

Which may be why we so often 'get it wrong'.

 The Soul Mind is ultimately responsible for planning, governing and working out the human/Soul itinerary. The outcome is assured if God, working through the Soul, can get the attention of the busy human being. 

Now letís recap.

As we begin to desire Wisdom, and before we can receive the Intuitive Information, the Soul may have to make enormous effort to regain control of our brainwashed human minds. Iíve wondered whether the study of psychology reveals the Soulís battle to get back into the driverís seat....revealing how the human tries to hold onto its power.

Perhaps in many psychiatric situations we are seeing the struggle between the two levels of Life, causing the terrific mental struggles in some people. It may be the cause of diseases like Alzheimer's....all mental problems may be the struggle between the Soul and the entrenched human mind. 

The Soul sometimes gets Its chance to enter into the scheme of human life and have some say in the Journey when a human, usually a suffering human, is given a glimpse of in the Near Death Experiences. This often blows open the human mind which is now ready to listen and respond to Soul nudging and direction.

 Itís always.... 'are we listening'....'are we on the lookout for New Information'....'are we willing to try out new Spiritual or human Ideas' that feel right for us.

Are we ready to Believe that, consciously or unconsciously, we raise or lower the Vibrations of Planetary Energy with every human thought, feeling or action which includes our every word. We absolutely must be aware of this fact....our human and Spiritual fortunes rise and fall on believing this and making it work in our daily lives.

Then itís about not being afraid to get out of our's taking time to look at all the different 'Ideas of God and Life', here and beyond and finding one that works for us. Thereís such a lot to experience if weíre not afraid to venture forth in search of new Spiritual Adventure.

 Finally remember, no two people see or experience God exactly the same way....I think we only can see or experience God through and according to our personal unique as much as each one of us appears to be





 If that is true....

and whether it is or not, if we could just AGREE that it might be true....what harm would it do?

It is a place to start in our Peace Project. We can start, agreeing that all of us are wonderfully Cosmic....

everyone with a Cosmic Purpose unique to us.

Our human vehicles may have many different talents, strengths, weaknesses....

but this is to be expected and only incidental to the human/Soul Project.

As we can begin to see ourselves from the Soul Perspective rather than our normal human outlook, the Partnership begins to make a lot of progress in any project we undertake.

And for our first project...

our number one priority....

 we all agree to stop hurting each other for any reason....

we will stop the arguing and religious hair splitting....

we will reclaim our lives from all the experts....

from bankers and politicians and other greedy, power hungry humans.

 And weíll start teaching our children the Meaning and Purpose of their Lives.

That will end most, if not all of the pain and strain of childhood.

 Children suffer so much more than adults have any surprises me that we donít remember the stress of our childhood. Even if childhood isnít traumatic, itís difficult....we are learning so much at so many levels. Surely, we parents and teachers can remember how much effort we put into growing up.

 I remember how much I didnít know and needed to know, particularly in the area of socializing with other children. My parents had no idea how uncertain I was in so many ways.

I remember how much reassurance I needed, how I needed to know that I was getting it right....because when we are children (and even as adults) we arenít always sure what to do or if what we are doing is right or well received.

And children who havenít been given some Spiritual Reasoning about Life, starting early in life....and it doesnít even have to be a lot....

are totally at the mercy of their immature human natures.

 And human nature runs rampant the first twenty odd years of our lives. And as children we have to figure out a lot of it by ourselves learning through experience...and sometimes we make a lot of mistakes.

 Oddly and sadly, we often fail our children in ways we never realize. Thus children, perhaps more than anyone else, need to know how to look to Higher Authority for comfort and Inspiration....where else will they get it?

Our children need a lot of help. And I think many of our modern children are getting a raw deal. 

 Iíd like to suggest that we tell our children that the 'Sense of Spirit'

 they have of themselves, is a tiny 'Bit of their Godness'.

Letís tell them that they are Souls living in a physical body.

When they are very young they often see and talk to their Christ Self....and to other Invisible Life forms, often Angels Who guide and guard them.

 Letís tell them that they have both a human mind and a Higher or Soul Mind....and that these two levels of Life are supposed to work together ....helping them and giving them Direction as they grow.

 Let's be sure they know that they are never alone.

 Letís describe to them the Concept of a human/Soul Partnership....and teach them that they are directly Connected to all the Godness of the Universe.

 Meanwhile today we see children killing children.

 What has gone wrong here? Think about the life of the average child....

what he sees and hears....

what heís expected to know and how heís expected to act....

not just by his peers....

Think of all the different expectations of adults who then fail to teach and explain concepts of right and wrong.... think of the Love and Compassion never given....never received.

There is so much we could teach our children that would preclude their ever being in a position to want to or be able to harm any other part of Life.

 That would preclude their ever ending up in prisons for the whole of their lives.

 Do those of you who are reading my words feel the same sorrow I feel when I think of prisons full of defiant, frightened children, who will never have a chance to live a free and peaceful life?

It breaks my heart.   

Thanks be to 'God', today we are living in the midst of dramatic changes....soon those changes will bring new ways for people to live and relate to each other.

 May those Changes come quickly!

In the midst of all those Changes, many are taking heroic steps forward ....many are awakening to the Spirit of Love and Goodwill, which is another way of saying, 'Awakening to God'..

 This is happening because of the Higher Frequencies of Light and Energy that are flowing onto the planet from the Cosmic Planes. These frequencies are more intense than ever before....and they will continue to become brighter for some time to come.

 As the Earthís 'auric field' is charged with this Higher Frequency Light humanity is entering into Its powerful raising and healing frequencies

 ....thus, automatically putting out the fires of hate .....

healing the wounds of hate.

 We can all awaken to new Dimensions of Light (Higher Consciousness) within ourselves and learn how to develop and use Spiritual Insight. It's free for the taking....

This is a time when (if we choose) we can 'reconnect' with Energy of the Higher Dimensions.

The Creative Intelligence of the Universe is bathing this Planet in a Greater Intensity of the Love Flame than ever experienced before.

Mere words cannot describe what is happening.