The Human/Soul Partnership #1 

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The history of the human race records how smart we can be and how destructive we can cruel....sublime.

 Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Modern Mystic.

 I'm here to continue to explore Spiritual Ideas with you.... Ideas to make our everyday lives more meaningful as we weave humanness and Soulness together into a wonderful, creative partnership. 

While most of us identify with a Supreme Being, we have much less understanding about our own Soul Identity. Our Soul Purpose isn’t clear to us....our human purpose isn’t clear to us...and the Idea of a human/Soul Partnership is unknown to most of us....

It is still a mystery to most people that Souls are the Extensions of 'God' (wherever They happen to be) and as such, Channel the Energy of the Supreme Being. We haven’t figured out that Soul Energy is the Energy of God at work in each one of our human bodies.   

For the human us to be able to participate consciously in the Grand Plan of Life, we first have to know about our Soul Connection to that Plan.

 At which point, we are then able to begin fulfilling our human/Soul Purpose.

That Purpose is to bring Light to the Earth and expand the Soul Spark of Light while doing it. Minute by minute, if we’re getting it right, we’re expanding God’s Essence in small or great ways, bringing to Earth the “Quality of Love” needed to insure the Peace and Freedom so long absent from this Planet. For the sake of the peaceful future of mankind. ...let’s all “get it right”...and today, join together in saying.


At all times, if we’re getting it right, we’re living our lives in Harmony with the Purposes of Infinite Intelligence. The Soul is the Mind, Heart and Hand of that Infinite Intelligence.....and the human body provides the physical mind, heart and hands needed by the Soul to do the Cosmic Work of Earth.

 If we’re getting it right, we know ourselves to be a human/Soul Partnership. If our lives feel empty, and we seem to be going nowhere....if Life has no Spiritual meaning, we can be assured that somewhere, sometime, somehow we put a wall between ourselves and our Souls....between ourselves and God.

 By our own, free will action, in some way we distanced ourselves from the Soul Spark, leaving the Body without Higher Direction, Help or Purpose. Our Soul hasn’t gone anywhere....but waits patiently, trying to communicate with the human mind or heart....waiting until the human being is ready and willing to accept the Re-connection.

Then the Soul’s Journey can continue. 

The Great Teachers of mankind have come periodically to help the Soul and human being reconnect....I’ve always thought that was part of the 'Mission of Jesus'....and that the “born again” feeling people talk of, whether through the Teaching of Jesus or Others, is the human experience of Reconnecting with their Soul Self.....the deep religious feeling may be the ecstasy the Soul feels as it is, again, allowed to continue its Mission on Earth. I sense that there are many such reconnections, many re-commitments to God, as the Soul Spark works Its Way back to Its Source.  

Now, let’s take a few moments to get as quiet as possible...Again, today I encourage you to pull all your Energy in around you....any that is not serving a good purpose it all back to you and seal it inside your aura....we have no idea how we leave our Energy scattered everywhere we go and around everything we do.

 So see it all magnetized back to you to serve you now. Reinforce that Wall of Powerful White Light around your aura....around all your Energy....see it protected...See yourselves standing in blazing Violet Light in the center of your Special Quiet Place, which is always filled with Christ Love and Peace.

 You might like to see Angel Wings outside the Wall of Light, completely sealing you off from anything that might try to disturb you. From now on, live in this place of silence and's a place where you and your Energy will always be safe and nurtured.....

Now, we'll wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God

Seeing Opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

And invite Light to stream forth into our Hearts and Minds

That we may become  Channels for that Light and Illumination and for Peace to descend to Earth.     

 Now: Our topic for the next several talks is the human/Soul Partnership and we'll be focusing on getting a 'sense' of the importance of fully understanding this very practical Partnership.   

Today we are, not only at a unique turning point in the history of humanity, but also at the “fast forward” point of expansion of the Soul Flame. That expansion naturally occurs as we give recognition to this Flame, realizing that it (the Flame) connects us first to our personal 'Higher Bodies of Light', that is, to our Holy Christ Self and I AM Presence, but also simultaneously to all Higher Levels of Godness.

The 'Soul Flame' is the Christ Consciousness Aspect of the Three Fold Flame anchored in the heart....It is the 'Higher Mind' which says 'I AM'.

The Flame, anchored in our Hearts is intended to provide the Balanced Action of THE ENERGIES of the Godhead....the LOVE, WISDOM AND POWER of the Universal I AM Presence.

 The Consciousness (Mind) within the Flame is the Source of all God Instruction, Protection, and Supply of every good thing that is available to give the human/Soul Partnership everything needed for the unfolding of that Life stream on Earth.

 The human mind needs this Spiritual Information and Instruction, if it is ever to know about the Christ Flame anchored in the Heart and if that Flame is ever to be activated within the human.Soul process....

if ever it is to be given the chance to make the difference as the Soul strives to change the ungodly aspects of human nature into the those of the Spiritualized human being.

 We also need Inspiration if we are to confidently walk the path between all the dire prophecy and the hoped for peaceful transition between the old patterns and the New Patterns even now being lowered into the atmosphere of Earth.

Thus, we have our Christed Soul Flame anchored in our hearts, connected directly to all levels of Godness above.....which, as I've already indicated, includes our own Holy Christ Selves and I AM Presence.

 Part of our human Awakening Process is realizing that when we speak to that Flame within us, when we say

Flame, within my heart, Expand and Light my way”,

 we are speaking to 'God' in all His Heavens.

Again let me say that I believe that “born again” feeling is the Soul Flame expanding as it experiences its Christness. Remember: The Flame begins to glow more brightly...becomes stronger as we give It recognition

And when we are willing to try out the human/Soul Partnership, we immediately start getting acquainted with the Christ Quality of that Flame.

 For one thing we find It has a personality.....which in fact, is our unique and Eternal God Personality. As we humanly join forces with that Christ Flame, allowing Its Guidance to direct our human endeavors, we find we are often talking to It....the human being becoming the friend of the Godness within.

 Now. Take a moment and picture a Flame glowing in the area of your hearts.

It’s there. Talk to that Flame. Become its friend. Its confidante....its Partner.

 Minute by minute, keep the Vision of that Flame in the background of your thoughts as you invite It to expand....

to expand and Light the Way of the human you....

to expand and heal the Way of the human you....

to expand and unite you with your Soul partner....

to expand until human and Soul Energy are one Christ directed Unit.

Then we walk the Earth as Spiritualized human beings. Each one of us expanding that Christness, that flame until it becomes huge......truly becoming 'Representatives of God' on the physical plane. 

Today the world....the whole world, appears to be in a crisis mode....a changing evolving mode. Grave sacrifices may be ours to make as we focus our Life Energy on both the human and Spiritual needs of the Planet.

In working for Peace and for Freedom today, it appears much may depend on a few. 

Fortunately, Life offers us opportunities to serve in both human and Soul areas of expertise....and these are special times....times when if we are ready to wake up from a long Spiritual sleep, we can reach out and begin to touch the Invisible Realities. These times, coming as they do at the end of a Cycle, are unique in the opportunities they offer us to grow both humanly and Spiritually.

 We have laid out for us information never before offered to the people of us important choices to make. Through all the technological advances and modern philosophical thought, the people of the Planet are being given Information. Some are voluntarily making the choice to stay in old, even ancient life and belief patterns.....some still very much alive on Earth....

While others are stepping forward, into the new Millennium, replete with New Spiritual Information.

 Each individual....each Nation is even now being asked to choose Freedom and Compassion....or to continue with the old inhuman and warring ways of the past.   

I believe that what I call the “non-god” mentality will never be voluntarily open to changing direction. I think the whole purpose of this mentality is to bring down' to the lowest possible denominator, the Souls of God.

The people of Earth are under attack today,

 And many people, foolishly or blindly, have accepted the lies of the non-god mentality. They knowingly or unknowingly, talk and walk the 'dark path', looking for outer world validation and human reinforcement. Many good people should know better, but are too Spiritually weak to resist the dark energy. 

But cycles move, times change and this is, after all, a 'God Drama'....and these times demand that the ugliness that has crept into the 'Drama' must go.

 So center stage now, those who are choosing to go forward with 'God' at this time. They are already experiencing and expanding the Loving, Peaceful Energy that they have generated as well as that which is flowing onto the Planet from the Higher Planes.

 This High Powered Energy is beginning to cover over the darkness....and those who have dared to dream the Dream of Peace are beginning to believe that a world wide peaceful mentality can be The Reality of the twenty-first century. 

And it will be a Reality, if each one of us does our part to stay centered and focused on our Spirituality....taking our minds off the old material non-gods....putting our minds on peaceful, nurturing relationships. And working in all and any ways, to serve the Purpose of Goodness and Godness in behalf of the people of this Planet. 

This Essay which I called, THE HUMAN/SOUL PARTNERSHIP, was written originally to help me think through some of the old as well as the new, evolving Spiritual Ideas. I was always very interested in the old patterns, trying to understand them even while I was studying Spirituality within “the modern Christian models”.

In my historical search I was looking for repeating patterns.... particularly for Themes that I felt should run through Spiritual Thinking of all ages. I was looking for the one Cosmic Theme which if found and understood would reveal Life to be a natural Mystical Experience.

I found many themes which recur....and sure enough the one that was universal was the Belief in Invisible Life of one kind or another....a Belief in God in some form.

In many cultures Beliefs about the afterlife became obsessions. Most cultures have Ideas and concerns of many kinds around personal immortality and there are many rituals that repeat from one culture to another that address the people’s beliefs that there is some Part of Themselves that Does Not Die. Elaborate ceremonies historically were performed for priests or kings and others of importance....though, rarely for the common folk.

 But interestingly history shows how, slowly over thousands of years, that concern about personal immortality began to spread to whole populations ....eventually being taken up by religious organizations who began to perform specific rites for the dying and dead. This ritual was and is meant to protect and help the one who has died, helping the Soul to progress onto the Spirit Planes. In our day, many people believe in some level of immortality and most churches address this Belief.

So knowing that, the next question was, “what part of us did the ancients....and those not so ancient....think was immortal”?

 Certainly not the physical body....everyone knows that decays....although certain groups still think the body must be preserved in certain ways to assure the immortality of some aspect of our lives “that cannot die”.

 And all kinds of rituals and descriptions exist trying to pay respect to part of us is that “can’t die and must be preserved”.

 And thus I found references to what I call  “Soul” being used over and over in Spiritual literature....never described twice in the same way....and never with the same understanding....and that set me on a search to find a better way to explain “that part of us that cannot die and is worth preserving”.

And I finally settled on the term Soul...a term known to almost everyone, even though few have defined it in a way that entirely makes sense.

 My conclusion was the part of us that cannot die, the part that leaves the body at so called death, is the Three fold Flame of God, that Flame anchored in heart which withdraws when the physical body 'dies'.

 I call It Soul.  On the day the physical body dies....that Flame, large or small withdraws.

Previously I told you that I believe our Souls to be Immortal Sparks of Conscious Godness. This Flame, anchored on Earth, is the Connection to all Greater Godness, above in Heaven. It illumines and empowers the body with Cosmic Energy....everywhere from great Empowerment to just barely.

 The size of that Flame has depended on Soul Activity over the many eons of time in which It, the Soul Spark, has existed. How great It grows will depend on the Its Activity of the present and future. 

In earlier programs I have spoken of ONE BASIC TRUTH . And yet there are so many various religious ideas....many so different from my sense of That Truth. One can assume all the 'variations on the Theme' have stemmed from humanity's efforts to interpret the Nature of that Truth of the ONE MIGHTY POWER that today we call God that we believe is RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING THAT IS....

A COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS capable of dividing Itself....and endlessly expanding Itself. 

'The “form” Godness takes as it gives Life to the physical body, is that Part of us that “does not die”...the Soul that so many search for.

At a preordained time, we Souls entered human forms, especially prepared for that purpose....and thus we began the Soul Journey through the dense Energy of the material plane....beginning human/Soul Partnership.  

We Souls have Journeyed to many places through many cycles of time. On Earth it has meant that both the human and Soul Minds were gradually evolving over the ages, until we find the Partnership as it is today.

The great need of the hour is for the Partnership to begin to function at a even Higher Level of Spirituality in order to accomplish the Cosmic Growth, Body and Soul, that must happen at this time as we exit one cycle and enter the next. And this means that humanity has to Awaken from its long sleep and become aware of the Soul Power that gives the body Life. Then it’s time for the Soul to be allowed access to our human lives.

I realize that these ideas are new to many...a little too mystical. But I believe that if we can begin to open our minds, we may find important Ideas that can help us in our present Life situations....personal and national. Many people are afraid to talk about these new Ideas....certainly many are reluctant to “go public” with cutting edge Spirituality. Relationships and careers are often at stake.

I’m dedicated to trying to explain our Purpose, our Godness in as many ways as I ways and words that anyone can understand.

 How can we ever have Peace on Earth until that Power we call 'God' can be understood by the smallest both the least and most educated of minds.   

Fortunately the daily life of most of us has always included some level of Spirituality....and today there’s a tremendous amount of Inspirational Information available, encouraging us to become aware of Life from both the human and Spiritual standpoints. In case we think the Information Age just accidentally happened, we might want to consider how fortuitous this accident is in Light of the Information Needs of the moment.

From many sources we are being given Information about the awakening PROCESS. In our day it’s taking shape...and over the next few years Perceptions of WHO WE REALLY ARE will gradually develop, gradually evolving us, Body and Soul, into a working Partnership that can handle the problems of Earth...helping to shape the incoming civilization.

 We are facing tremendous change in the way human life is to be lived. In the future the Soul will be in charge....the human will do what it was designed to do....namely, channel the Soul Energy onto the Planet through the works of head, heart and hands. 

Let’s play a game again.

And use our imagination to think back to what it might have been like in the early days of Project Mankind. The human being as we know it today did not yet had a lot of evolving to do before it was even ready for Soul occupancy. And Souls, having only experienced the Universe in Spirit Form, we can only wonder how much They may have known as They began making Their Way through the dense vibration of this Planet.... in a physical body with a brain that very likely knew little about anything Spiritual. So we wonder about how much early humans understood about their Soul Partners.

 I like to think about it....and wonder how it all began. Let’s think  logically, how it had to have begun ages ago, as Bits of Godness were 'spun off'....each unique....each a miniature of the Source. And then think about how far 'Project Soul' has come over hundreds of thousands of years.

Think about how, little by little, the human brain and consciousness has been developed and the Soul Mind and Consciousness has expanded that today the human/Soul Experience has become quite sophisticated.

Meanwhile, the Soul, whose Journey this is, still has much work to that can only be done through the human experience.

 The Soul’s continued growth is dependent on the willingness of the human partner to expand its horizons.

 We, who are becoming Spiritually “aware” know this. Many people, today, recognize that WE ARE BEING SHOWN HOW TO INTERNALIZE LAWS OF GOD, PERHAPS NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT OUTSIDE OF RETREATS OR TEMPLES OR MONASTERIES.

 Many people are studying the Information coming through NEW SPIRITUAL ORGANIZATIONS developed specifically to spread the understanding of the more mystical Cosmic Laws.

 And those who can see the Worth and Truth of the New Teaching are being asked by Ascended Teachers to stay the Course and consciously walk, talk, and obey the Laws of God WITHIN EVERYDAY NORMAL ACTIVITY...never fearing ridicule or scorn....serving, with whole heart, an Evolving Process that is bringing about necessary and wonderful Planetary changes. 

Many people are afraid of change, but change is here.

 And many are afraid of Spirituality in any form. There are those who think being Spiritual in any meaningful way, is to give up a normal human Life....and nothing could be farther from the Truth. 

For expanding the Invisible Power side of our Lives helps us to expand, simultaneously, the visible....suddenly Life takes on a new vitality....begins to make sense....we begin to live with a Purpose....and we live more fully in any constructive way we choose.

Choosing a Way of Life that includes a 'Sense of Personal Godness', helps us give up thoughts, feelings and actions that get us nowhere, humanly or Spiritually. The Christed Soul side of our Life grows only in the Light, thus, the dark side of us has to go.

 So there is nothing to fear....nothing to “give up” except the bad habits that most of us would like to get rid of anyway. It means accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative in everything we do, think, feel or say. There is always a tremendous practicality to Life, whether we are working on the human us, or allowing the Spiritual sides of our Natures to develop.


There’s a lot that can be safely written about how to improve the human us. Writing or speaking about Spirituality can often pose problems in as much as there are so many varying and very personal religious points of view. So it’s hard to discuss anything having to do with Spirituality without stepping on someone’s toes....but I am trying. 

As we end one millennium and enter another, there is much going on in the field of religious and Spiritual philosophy. For a number of years, the organized religions have been busy explaining and sometimes, re-thinking, re-writing some of their particular conclusions about man and God. The debates go on and on and’s generally denominational nit-picking around definitions and ritual or around Biblical interpretations. 

Arguments and power struggles continue among the faithful over the meaning of a single word or phrase.

There is endless interpretation and mis-interpretation about man and his purpose. And endless arguments around ideas of Soul....what it is/where it is/is it mortal or is it immortal, everyone indulging in a different Definition of Soul and the Nature of God....

definitions that usually fit personal levels of understanding and get mankind as a whole nowhere. 

And anyone listening to me, finds that I, to, have had to find definitions that fit my personal Level of Understanding....for me they have had to be humanly workable definitions....ones I can understand, and identify with and use in my daily life. I have always needed Truth....a Truth that I can operate at this level of that takes me to the next level.  

I’ve read and listened to hundreds perhaps, thousands of Ideas about Who and What God is, and heard the endless debates over such matters as what God’s Name is and what His Purpose and Attributes are....finally coming to the conclusion that human beings, anciently and currently, have actually made DEBATING SPIRITUAL ISSUES THEIR RELIGION....ENDLESSLY DEBATING ISSUES THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF AGREEING UPON....DISAGREEMENT BEING THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES,





 However there is Divine Justice. And in the Age that is dawning, those so long asleep and those who have been denied the Truth and Comfort and Spiritual Strength are not forgotten. Divine Justice flows on those Spiritual Winds blowing across the lands that bring the Knowledge of




As for the old controlled religions: I believe it’s time for them to tell the  Truth....especially the Truth that would solve the biggest controversies that revolve around the One we know as 'Jesus'.

It's time to give the Real Jesus back to the people to whom He came simply and openly.

It’s time we know Who He was as a historical person....

it's time to let Him speak individually to each one and let each heart interpret His Message.

 It’s time to end the controversy around His Ministry and let His Words speak for themselves.

 He said “I will never leave you....I Am with you always.







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