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The history of the human race records how smart we can be.... and how destructive we can sublime.

Why so cruel? How so sublime? 

Hello, everyone, Welcome to the Modern Mystic. I'm here again to continue sharing Spiritual thoughts and Ideas that speak to our all being 'links in the Great Chain of Ensouled Humanity', all individual, unique Souls animating these physical bodies...

thus, creating the human/Soul Partnership.

 Today the great need is to understand how everything we do has an effect upon all Life, human and Spirit.... how today the great need is to work for an Awakened and Enlightened human/Soul Partnership.

It is time for each one of us to reach out to help anyone who comes our way in need of help....each one of us caring terribly about our fellow humans and Souls....

each working to further the Ideal of Brotherhood,

and doing it, Knowing that we are each a 'working part' of the Greater and Infinite Life of the Universe.

In order to change our human way of looking at Life we need Spiritual Information. Then we have to be open to that Information.

Once we know what to do, we then have the Responsibility to use that Knowledge to fulfill both our human as well as our Sacred Soul Purpose.

 Today securing Peace and Freedom for the Planet is the Sacred Work of our time. To that end, Powerful New Information is now being anchored here for our use. We have but to find it, and choose to use it.

Two thousand years ago, One we know as 'Jesus' opened the door to Freedom and Peace on Earth....some progress has been made in the past two thousand years but there is yet much to do.

Itís time to do our part....time to stand up and say:...


The thoughts for this program came from an Essay I called simply, ďRealityĒ.

But before we begin, letís take this moment to visualize around ourselves, Body and Soul, our Bubble of Silence, all surrounded by a Wall of Powerful Blazing, Crystal Clear Light.

Today, letís add inside that Wall of Light, a spiraling Violet Flame....spiraling around our four earth bodies, spiraling up to and beyond our Holy Christ this way we have added the Violet Flame to the radiating Christ Love we've already established here.

Now let that Sacred Fire spread out beyond us to all we hold near and dear.


We can put everything and anything in the Light. We can hold everything in the Luminous Presence of a Master Being or Angel which is the Light and Essence of that Being ....where it will be permanently protected.

We can see that Universal God-Light expanding out

 to enfold the entire Earth and all the people.

 We can see the 'Light of God that Never Fails' ending

all 'lack of Love' EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET.

Now, again we'll wrap ourselves in the Heart Light of God....

And see that pure, opalescent Light spiraling around ourselves.

We open our minds to the Highest Information Channels

As we invite Christ Light to stream forth into our lives

That we may become Channels for

Light and Illumination and Peace to descend to Earth.

I began the program today, by saying that we not only need new information to progress in any endeavor, but that we have to be open to that information....we have to be willing to learn....we have to be willing to change.

This is true of all our schooling....of all the processes we go through to learn. Today we are learning itís time to change some of our thinking about man and God....time to change our ways of living on this Planet....

It's time to change the way we treat each other.

We have to be willing to give up some of our human self-interest. We have to be ready to care about each other, at least as much as we care about ourselves. If we can do this, in time, we will put pleasuring' our human selves second to simply serving Life in whatever form we encounter It.

In examining modern life....and probably ancient life as well....the Reality is that most people tailor their lives to fit what they consider their needs, often to the exclusion of the needs of anyone else....including often, close family members.

 The focus of the average one of us is almost exclusively on what WE like and donít like.

The Element of caring about others, rarely enters the picture at the humanistic level. A great many modern people, men and women and children cannot relate to caring about anyone or anything but themselves.

And for the most part, most individuals havenít a clue as


A sad commentary in this age of 'massive education'. 

 Now, today, modern mankind is being asked to focus on Peace...on Peace and Freedom for all.... without which no progress, human or Spiritual can take place.

 Meanwhile people the world over, 'chatter', in small groups and in great World Councils, almost incessantly about Peace.

A few wonder why Peace remains such an illusive ingredient in our lives....wonder why every home isnít a peaceful home....why every business, isn't a peaceful prosperous business....why every country isn't a peaceful country, prosperous country.

And while many are talking....aimlessly in circles....others are busy building massive warring capability with which to either threaten and/or attack their neighbors, while causing others to build war machines with which to protect themselves from those who pose a threat to Peace.

 It is a vicious circle....a well thought out plan by those who benefit greatly from mankind's ability to wage war on one hand and the necessity of others to defend themselves. 

The Reality is that most people, whoever and wherever they are, donít know what Peace really is....or how Peace can become the norm in their lives, especially when so much of daily life is lived by most people of the world in a warring, jungle where all the unpleasant aspects of human behavior are considered normal....

where lying and cheating is okay in international business, in the world media and in private life everywhere....

where so-called 'religious' violence caused by ancient ethnic hatred is okay....

where abusive behavior among men and women....wives, husbands and okay....

where governmental abuse, universally

and 'planned' economic debacles and wars are okay.

In most societies today these attitudes are acceptable norms....the daily fare of many on this Planet.

Business success means the survival of the fittest and strongest,

and sadly, often of the most cunning and clever and 'evil'.

Many schools have ceased to 'educate'....opting instead to focus on social issues....many teach Darwin animalism in place of the Spiritual Dignity embodied in mankind. Schools have become places where nothing that is Spiritualizing is allowed.

In those places where today's ungodly educators have complete control of school curriculum, what is taught and what is tolerated justifies any animalistic behavior of mankind.....its desires....and its cruelty.

So, today's human reality revolves around modern mankind justifying its actions. Most people the world over have chosen to accept the humanistic brainwashing and are content to see themselves as animal evolutions....for now, to those brainwashed people the daily warring, jungle animal mentality appears normal....they have accepted it as 'normal'. It seems natural and thus, is okay.

 Fortunately there is a growing group of people who are awake, Body and Soul, who do not see themselves as 'evolved animals'. They see themselves, first and foremost, as Spiritual embodied Souls at work here on Earth. They see themselves as a human being and Spiritual Being all rolled up into one package....a human/Soul Partnership 

In America we have more churches per square mile than anywhere in the world. One might conclude from that, that we are the most Spiritual people on earth....and perhaps, judging by the Way 'God' uses Americans to help others, we may be....or certainly could be....

BUT if we are, it appears in many quarters to be a momentarily 'arrested or confused Spirituality'....

one that stops short of preparing the human being to live a Spiritualized life....

one that stops short of revealing the True Nature of God

and the True God Nature of each one of us....

one that stops short of identifying the 'Spark of Light' embedded in every human heart as the 'Bit of Godness' that is each one's 'working Soul Partner'....

 one that stops short of revealing how it is we are as human beings, a separate, special species....very different from the jungle animals.

Todayís Spirituality stops short of teaching us how the Knowledge of our Soulness automatically teaches us the difference between ourselves and the jungle animals....

stops short of telling us that the Spiritualize Life is the Reality.

For a very long time, True Spirituality has been 'deleted' from most minds, by organized, predigested and humanly defined religion and by atheism (animalism), in this country as well as elsewhere. 

Fortunately, everyone has an opinion about him or herself as a human being and many think about what they should or shouldnít be doing....most people have some ideas about a Supreme Being....or lack there-of, as the case may be, so all that is lacking is a definitive idea about WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

So let's think about that.

Whether we admit it or not, we all have a deep desire and need to know more about the Spirit side of our lives.

Whether we admit it or not, we long to know more about Universal Godness and how all Its Aspects fit together here on Earth.

 Many of us believe in and think itís time to start a search for our personal Spiritual Self....

think it's time to see ourselves as more than the struggling human being...

think it's time to get to know the Real Us ....the enduring Us....the Immortal Part of Us that doesnít die when our physical body dies.

  Is it possible we could soon begin to see ourselves as


 and then see the Soul as the Consciousness, or Higher Mind within that Spark ....

is it possible we could soon see 'Soulness' at work as an integral part of every human life....the part that would like to Light our human Way....IF THE HUMAN US WILL JUST ALLOW IT. 

Get a picture of this in your mindís eye.

We, Body and Soul, a Divine Partnership, riding the waves together, parting the seas, serving man on Earth and God in His Heavens

. What wonderful visualization!

We, Body and Soul, a dynamic duo!

This is Reality....



But, where do we start, how do we start to convince ourselves that this is so?

Well, for a starter, we can begin to put aside negative concepts of the human us. Simply stop believing all the critical, judgmental 'gobble de gook' about what human life is or isnít, as imagined or programmed for us, by our religious, scientific and other modern experts.

 They don't have all the answers....we know that by looking at the state of the world....and we can certainly chart our own course. We couldn't make any more mistakes than they do!

 It is obvious that what they are ďbelievingď about us...about our human sinfulness....our animal natures....isnít working...obviously it isnít working for us....look at the state of the world!

Maybe, it works for them for it keeps us under their negative control....but it is not good for us.

 We only have to look at whatís going in our lives and in the lives of most of the people of this Planet and examine for ourselves the philosophy of the current educational and religious or irreligious communities to see the dangerous nonsense they're teaching and preaching isn't working except for the 'devil'.

So maybe this is the time we start examining our lives....start looking at our thoughts....analyzing our feelings and start asking ourselves why we are doing and feeling any particular way....perhaps it's time to simply take time to analyze our actions and reactions to see where 'we' may be the problem. 

Much of what we will find out about ourselves will be very first that can be discouraging if weíre trying to find the more Spiritual aspect of ourselves. But itís part of what we have to do as we try to get control of our actions....we are going for a Life with no more fighting with the wife/husband and/or more depression and anger and hate....aren't we?

Rather it's always working for the Peace we long for.

 I clearly remember earlier years when life got hectic and sometimes frightening....and I didnít always keep it together, slamming a door or two....yelling at children.... anger....fear....frustration....

but thankfully there was always the Desire to stay connected to God.  

Sometimes I even yelled at God....saying things like, ďI just canít get this life is really a messĒ.

So as is the case for most of us, I found my human nature hard to manage...finding it obstreperous and willful at time....

and I thought of God, happy in His Heaven and there I was on Earth struggling, struggling, struggling....for you see, then, I hadnít yet learned to recognize the closeness of the Soul Self in my daily life. I didnít know accessible It's Help was every minute of every day.

I didn't know I was struggling far too hard....didn't know it isnít all that difficult to develop this perfectly natural human/Soul Partnership.

But first we have to know that It exists.

 And that Information is one of our missing 'Instructional links'. 

However in most of us and even in the worst of us, that 'Spark of God' is always continuing to try to 'shine through our human fog', trying to help us get it right. And in the beginning, from time to time, we do see and get a feeling of 'whatís right''s a matter of hanging onto those bits of Soul Energy as It touches us. 

We all know that 'Persistence' is the key to anything we wish to achieve....and so if weíre sincerely looking for that ďSpiritual part of usĒ, we work very hard to hang onto and cultivate the 'Higher Qualities' as we glimpse Them flowing in our lives....

saying, ah-ha, thatís what Iím looking for....

thatís how I want to feel all the time....

that how I want to behave, all the time..Ē 

Now weíve got something positive to hang our hats on....weíve found that little bit of extraordinary Goodness that has managed to shine through our normal actions.

In time we recognize that Itís the Real-us, the Soul us, trying to get a word in edgewise, as the saying goes.

Then, itís up to the human us, for humanly we have the choice to believe that we have a Spiritual Identity.

And we start by choosing to believe there's a Part of us that never dies. That then leads us to believe in our Core Spiritual Selves. And from there we begin to see something in ourselves that is a 'Spark of Powerful Beauty and Energy'. And finally to give It a name.

 When the time of Recognition came for me, I called my Spiritual Identity 'a Bit of Godness' and saw It as having been spun off millennia ago from some Greater Godness. And because it felt appropriate, I called It 'Soul'...a part of the Christ Self that exists and works within in a physical body.

 Thus I came to see 'Soulness' as a Small Part of Major Supreme Beingness. Now I felt I could say WHO THE CONSCIOUS PART OF 'ME'  REALLY WAS.

And there are at least a million descriptions and definitions of 'Soul'. I finally had had to come up with a definition that worked for me and this is one of the ways I still check myself to see which one of my ďtwo levels of Self Ē is at work in my Life at any given moment.

In checking we can always separate the ďtwo selvesĒ by what they say....

Our human self says, ďI have a SoulĒ....

The Soul-self says, ďI am a SoulĒ.

 As much as possible we want to stay in the Soul mode or mind-set.

  Now letís play a game.

Letís imagine ourselves as small Soul Sparks. Weíve been evolving for countless ages in the many far flung regions of the Universe where we gradually develop our personality and gradually realize our special Purpose and Destiny.

OK....letís imagine that one day....again, millennia ago....the Supreme Being called us into HIS or HER Presence and asked us to go on a Mission. If we agree to that Mission we will have to leave the Heavenly Spirit Regions.

Imagine....we Spirit Souls are being asked to embody and work out of human vessels, on a Planet called Earth....there to become the Driving, Directing God-Force and Intelligence. We will have to figure out and carry out all that will transpire on Earth.

 We must choose, of our own Free will, to go to Earth. We arenít being forced or sent. We understand that we will be wearing that heavy, human Earth Body, and we will be doing the Work 'God' has in mind for the evolution and 'evolutions' of that Planet. 

Now imagine we agree to do this. And for millennia, some of us, many of us, have been coming in and out of embodiment on Earth....wearing out one Earth Suit after another as we learn the ropes here.

We Souls are growing in the same time the human body is being evolved on Earth into a more Perfect Instrument for our use. Part of the evolving process has been teaching the human what the Soul Journey is all about....and gradually letting it, the human, make some decisions.

Remember, we (the Soul) are developing a working Partnership with our human vehicle. Weíre learning to be at home in the material fact, after a time, some of us are getting too infatuated with the material world....and we are beginning to forget our real home and Purpose.

 And unfortunately, some of us let the human mind become too powerful....sometimes arrogant....until finally one day, the human partner thinks it doesnít need its 'God Soul' anymore. Doesn't need 'God' anymore in any context.

It, the human, can do it all by itself, thank you very much....

and we, the Soul are pushed aside.

Then, when we try to give advice and help, we arenít listened to. And there we are, (the Soul is), trapped in a physical longer having the ability to control what that human does.

How, now do we get our humanís attention again....for we must get that humanís attention....that human is our responsibility for it is the vehicle we have helped to develop in order to work on Earth....and it has locked us out of its life....'"help', We, the Soul cry, ' me!" 

Yes, that is the Soul crying out to 'God' for help....and that is the State of the Relationship most Souls have today with the physical body they have helped to design for Their use on Earth. The Soul struggles always in the hope that It can gain and keep the attention of the human partner so that working together, the Soul can then get on with Its Mission.

Remember: All Souls have a Mission....and each One of us is working on a Divine Mission all the time whether we know it or not....and that often in addition to whatever other work we are destined to do as we play our part on Earth....either as human Being or Soul. 

So, in this program I go over and over some of the basic Spiritual Ideas on which I have built my Life....on which I would stake my life....believing that if we can change the way we think about ourselves

....from basic human to 'basic Spiritual'

....we can change the way Life is lived on Earth.

 Many feel that basic consciousness is beginning to change....witness some of the Inspirational programs on TV, some getting top rating, programs about Angels and Miraculous happenings....movies about reincarnation...historical programs about ancient views of Man and God...I think we may say that many of us are waking up from ďa long, fitful, human sleepĒ.

 I, for one, long to see people energized and enthused about redeeming the planet, Godís Way....

Enthused about bringing order into our current social, economic and political situations, Godís Way....

I long to see people focused on personal and national Freedom and Peace for all....

Focused on seeing problems solved through seeking a Spiritual Answer rather than relying on the old unreliable human answers.

Personally, Iím ready for the end to the terrible suffering that has been inflicted upon the people of the  Planet as the human mind and means have been used to solve problems.

  Itís time to bring God into the Act.

 Itís time to raise the Vibration of the Energy of this Planet.

Until now most of us have thought of ourselves only as human beings, now we are feeling the responsibility to 'bring God' back into the human/Soul Act....and the human hasn't known how to do this.

Many still don't know that the human-us was never intended to do anything alone....that from the Beginning, the Soul was to be the Director of Life on Earth.

And now we are talking about Spiritual Work that can only be done through the combined efforts of Body and Soul, working together, joining together in Unity with other Aspects of 'Godness'...physical man and 'God' in the Form of the Soul Spark, now working together on Earth.

We are learning that by these Efforts, we can raise the vibration of Energy here, not only of our physical and Soul Bodies, but of the very air we breathe and everything that exists in this physical world.

 We can raise Energy here to a State of Purity in which no 'evil' of any kind can exist.

 This is the way we are to solve our problems...

It is by setting aside all faulty humanness of every kind. 

This Concept of Soul Expansion is basic to God's Program for raising the Vibration of the physical Earth to that of a Place of Higher Spiritual Vibration. The Cosmic Plan will re-create another 'Garden of Eden' here if/when the Energy of the physical plane is 'raised/speeded up' and purified.

This will be the place where Enlightened Soulness can continue its Journey in the future.....a place where the vibration is high enough and pure enough so that 'evil' (that which is less than Christ like) cannot exist here. A place where all the pain and suffering of the human being will be unknown because the vibration of pain and suffering is very low.

 I call that something worth working for. 

So, as I see it, we are all involved in an on going COSMIC PLAN for this Planet. We are the complement of people/Souls designated for this Planet. The implementation of the Divine Plan for the Planet and for us requires our Awareness and Understanding. 

The Planet desperately needs help today. The vibration of the Energy is slow and sluggish....Life in many forms here is sluggish, heavy, often unpleasant...the atmosphere is full of dirty human consciousness that has soiled God's Pure Energy.

We need to introduce more Cosmic Light into the Energy Stream of this speed it up. This is done by each one of us as we let our Light shine and as we ask 'Greater Godness' to blaze more Light here. 

But it is really up to each one of us.

 What we do, minute by minute, by our thoughts, feelings and actions, affects the vibration of the Energy here...of our bodies and lives....of the lives of everything and everybody that is connected with this Planet. We can foul the energy or we can make it shining and bright....

itĎs one of those choices I talk about...

and, we have to believe that any Cosmic Plan for this Planet can only be implemented through each one of us.

For we are the Channels for 'Godness' to flow to the Planet.



I want to say again that the Energy of Peace is a very high vibration, while that of hate, in all its forms, is a very low vibration. And again ask the question, ďWhat prevents Peace from being the normal way of life on this planet?Ē....

And suggest, again, the answer to that question lies in the human greed that rules the planet.

War is commercial. And Peace is not.

It's time to recognize that the constant warring that goes on among and between people and countries is job security for millions of people. It has been this way for quite some time....may it not always be so. 

Those who understand this situations, in all its subtle and not so subtle forms know that the focus must always be on personal Inner Peace if we are to have Peace on the Planet and in our daily lives.

And for a number of good reasons....but none so important as that, it is True Inner Peace that gives us the strength to withstand the onslaught of the godless ideas (evil) and activities to which we are exposed every day of our one form or another.

As we focus on Peace, we work very hard not to be a part of the problem.....learning to quiet our own warring human desires and actions while we and Consciously awaken our human to an interest in Spiritual Ideas....especially in Peace and Freedom.

Then with our human at Peace, the Soul-mind can take control and give some Direction.

If we will allow it, the Soul will take the lead in directing the daily activity of our lives, leading us to a Spiritual State of Mind we can now hardly imagine....and with it comes an understanding and an appreciation of just how extraordinary this human experience really is.

It is only in a PEACEFUL STATE OF MIND that we find our God Identity....

that we recognize WHO WE REALLY ARE, Body and Soul.

 It is the Soulís Journey....the human is only the helper....

It's time to put the horse back in front of the cart.

Now, one more time...what I call my Mission/Vision


Itís been awhile since I mentioned this singular experience that brought me to the point of 'taking pen in hand' to think through my Spiritual Belief...and then finding a way to take those Ideas farther out. 

Late one night about many years ago, while reading a book in which the writer was explaining certain mystical ideas around the 'Person of God'....and using very complicated theological terms to do it....I found myself reading and re-reading certain passages, finally thinking,

ďfor Heavens sakes, what does all this mean?Ē

My normal process has always been to turn to the Higher Mind to help solve problems and to get answers....and so  I found myself saying, ď'God', does it have to be this difficult to understand You?Ē

 I put the book down and went to sleep. 

Several mornings later, I sensed a Presence in my room....I glanced up and saw what I call ďa Luminous Presence of JesusĒ.

 Speaking out loud I spoke to Him, asking Him what He wanted me to do for I also sensed He had some Work for me.

His answer flowed back on a large Thought,

 the gist of which was this singular Message. 

ďGoĒ He said, ďGo to my Christians


At that moment as the Vision faded, I had no Idea what He was asking for....or if and when I figured that out, if I could do what He asked.

However I had been doing some causal writing....jotting down thoughts and ideas for quite some time, trying to sort out theological and religious Ideas....trying to figure out Theologians were actually trying to tell us.

 Iíd been studying and applying some of the Newer Spiritual Thinking much of my Life. It always had seemed to me that a time might come when I would be asked to share those Ideas. 

Now all those questions have been answered about how to 'go to my Christians'....for here are my Thought, available to the world, just as I bring Them through from Great Beings like 'Jesus' and as they come through my own Christ Mind....which is the Way all can access Truth.

Some of these Ideas may not only be new to many...but, perhaps too metaphysical....too mystical...too far out of the mainstream thinking of our day....but in looking for answers, we have to open our minds to new ideas.

 I was reluctant to 'go public'....but, believed I would be guided to the right words....and that my Pathway would be directed.

And so I am trying to keep these thoughts and Ideas as simple as possible, believing there is no way to correct conditions on Earth until people know WHO THEY REALLY ARE.... and I'm dedicated to trying to explain our 'Godness' in ways and in words that anyone can understand....believing that itís time to explain the 'Power we call 'God'' in Ways that be understood by the smallest child, by the least as well as the most educated of minds.....believing itís time to give the whole and true Teaching of 'Jesus' to all the people.

Itís now time to let Him speak individually to each one....and let each heart interpret His Message.

 Itís time for the Truth about about Who He Was as a physical being and Who He is as an Ascended Being of Light....

it's time to stop the controversy about His Ministry....and let His Words speak for Themselves.

Anyone can ask for and listen for His Voice....remember, He said, ďI will never leave you....I am with you always....Ē

 We have but to listen for Him

and believe in His Desire to help us.

 And we do not need anyone telling us how to do that.

Itís always our choice.



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